68 Whiskey (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Close Your Eyes and Jump - full transcript

The gang heads deep into Taliban country to recover the lost quarter of million dollars. Colonel Austin makes his final push against SecCorp.

the United States Military

honors the extraordinary heroism

of Private Second Class
Anthony Petrocelli.

Four enemy combatants
dressed in the uniforms

of the Afghan National Army
drove up to attack our base.

When an injured combatant
attempted to detonate

the explosives
hidden in their vehicle,

Private Second Class Petrocelli
eliminated that combatant

before his finger
could hit the detonator,

saving the lives of himself
and others.

Group, attention!


Hey, hero, hold up a sec.

What do you guys want?

To congratulate our good buddy.

Yeah, first piece
of hardware, kid, congrats.

What do you guys want?

No, we mean it, man.
Proud of you.

Gee, thanks, guys.

We do need you to do us a favor.

Look, we have a requisition form

from Colonel Austin's office,
and we just need you

to take it to the armory...
Colonel Austin?

And use it to
procure us some weapons.

Colonel Austin asked for me?

Not really. It's coming
from Corporal Durkin.

Colonel Austin
knows nothing about this.

Why can't you guys
just do this yourself?

We could, but it
might arouse some suspicion

being that we're medics and all.

But as an infantry soldier...

Decorated infantry soldier.

It wouldn't attract
any unwarranted attention,

you know?

I am a private second class now.

We know.

So I'm no longer gonna fall

for your side hustles
and schemes.

Later, guys.

There's money involved.

And you just bought
a brand new car, right?

Tell me what you're gonna do
with the weapons,

or I'm not checking them out.

Okay, look...

We've located a bag of money.

Bag of money?

Big bag of money.

Doesn't belong to anybody.

How can it not belong to...

Stop asking
all the smart questions.

It's located in Taliban country.

Could get real dangerous.

Hence we need the gear.

This is pretty heavy-duty gear.

Well, it's a pretty
heavy-duty mission.

And you need a warrior,
and that is what I am now,

a decorated warrior.

No kids allowed.

It's too dangerous.

I am coming with you guys.

Sorry, kid.
For your own safety.

How many Bronze Stars
do you guys have, huh?



that's what I thought... none.

So unless you bring me along,
I'm not signing out shit,

and you two
can fight the Taliban

with your witty back-and-forth.

Okay, Rambo,
get Durkin to organize

a flyaway security team.

I can handle it.
I sure fucking hope so.

Now go get that gear.
We gotta take off soon.

Like lightning.

You sure about this?

Got no choice
but to be sure about this.

Kid's the only one
we can trust besides Durkin

when we need her
to cover for us at the base.

Fine, but the kid stays
with the bird.

Doesn't get in our way
or harm's way.

I got news for you, amigo.

It's all harm's way on this one.

How long have you
been standing there?

A while.

What do you want?

To talk.

I'm busy.

The only reason
I threw that fight

was 'cause I thought
you and Roback

were fucking each other
behind my back.

Can I come in?

Take that as yes.

You hurt a lot of people
when you threw that fight.

That was sort of the point.

So you're here to gloat?

I'm here to ask you a question.

Were you fucking Roback
behind my back

the entire time
we were together?

You asked me that already.

I'm asking you again.


Glad that turns you on?

You not lying to me
anymore turns me on.

And now that you're
being honest with me,

I wanna be honest with you.

I still wanna be with you.


Because you're
the only thing out here

that makes sense to me anymore.

We were talking about
building our life together

I was excited
by the possibilities.

Didn't even think
that was conceivable for me,

but it turns out,
when it comes to you,

I'm not dead inside.

I really have to go.

When things
were good between us,

they were very good.

Try to remember that.

Since we might
actually die today,

I finally told
my parents about you.

Oh, shit.

How'd they react?

As expected,
they were very upset

that you're not Catholic.

I'll convert.

But also, as expected,
they were very thrilled

that you are a U.S. citizen,
so I'll convert.

Assuming that we survive this,

your parents'll grow to love me.

Oh, yeah?
Is that usually what happens?

Moms love me for some reason.

Dads... not so much.

Not a mystery.

Oh, what you got
in there, an ICBM?

Ah, basically.

Thank you, Corporal Durkin.

So what do I gotta do
to get my Silver Star?

Not go out
on unauthorized missions

to retrieve $1/4 million
of U.S. taxpayer money

for your own personal gain.

So, look, before we take off,
I wanna give

anybody who wants it
the chance to back out.

Stepping in
some pretty serious shit here,

so if you're having
second thoughts,

or you just like being alive
and smelling the roses,

now's the time
to step off the bird.

The bank I owe will not
let me step off the bird.

The lawyer I need to pay

will not let me
step off the bird.

The loan on my 6.2 liter
supercharged Chevy Camaro

will not let me
step off this bird.

I'm not stepping off
because I like y'all.

Besides, none of you know
how to fly this thing.

Kid, that's where
you're sitting?

For your first time?


I got it.

Think this is the first time
I actually know

why I'm in Afghanistan,

why I'm putting my life
on the line.

Clarity of mission.

But why I still gotta end up
having to put

my life on the line
for everything?


Nothing in life gets handed
to people like us.

People like us,
we gotta reach out and take it.

Amen to that.

We're gonna hit the LZ
in two mikes.


Let's rock this shit!


We're gonna have to
protect this kid,

make sure he doesn't
do anything stupid.

This day was
gonna be tough enough

without having to babysit.

No shit.

I'm gonna try to put us down

as close to coordinates
as possible,

but y'all might have
some walking to do.

Need you to hang back
in the rear with the gear.

It's the most important job.
Need you to look after Crash.


Happy to babysit.


Fuck that!
I am coming with you guys!

All right.

Hang back.

You can be the caboose.

Caboose is loose.

Head down, eyes up, Private.

We're in Taliban country.

Hey, I got you on radio.

If I get spooked, I'm going
into a holding pattern,

so let's try keeping contact
at all times

so I can touch down
when you need me.

Don't worry.
We'll be in touch.

Hey, halt!

Open the fucking gate.

I have orders to not let

you SecCorp guys leave the base.

And I'm ordering you
to open the fucking gate.

You don't have
authority over us.

Let us out, boy.

He's not your boy.

He's a corporal
in the United States Army.

You can't keep us here.

I can do whatever I want.

Let us out.

No can do.

What's he gonna do, sir?

Something stupid.

Have your men raise the gate.

Don't think that's a good idea.

Well, I don't pay you
for your opinions.

I pay you to do what
I fucking tell you to do.

Afraid I can't do that.

Oh. God damn it.

Raise the gate.

Your men best stand down.

Sounds like good advice to me.

All right, get back in the fucking trucks.

You're gonna be sorry
you went up against me.

Already sorry.

You'll be getting a call shortly

from the Under Secretary
of Defense.

I suggest you take it.

You and I'll deal with
your insubordination later.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

Let's turn this convoy around!

Admire the way
you stood up to Jennings.

He loses this war,
he's gonna make sure

this all comes down on my head.

That's what makes it
cause for admiration.

Think I'm starting
to figure out your type.

And what's that?

Crazy suicidal heroes.

What are we gonna do
with all that cash?

I was actually thinking
the same thing.

Like, where are we
gonna hide it?

Where we hide everything...
In our lockers.

Then how am I gonna
get it to my folks?

You can mail it to 'em.

And pray that it gets there
without being opened or stolen?

Assuming it gets there,
what are they gonna do

with all that cash?
Can't take it to a bank.

They record any deposit
over 10 grand.

There's a kid
in my infantry unit

that steals weapons
from the armory,

takes 'em apart, and sends
the pieces home one at a time,

then put 'em back together
and sells 'em for top dollar.

To collectors?

Nah, mostly to gang members.

We could do the same thing.

He says the packages
always get back home.


Once we get the money home,
we deposit it

a little bit at a time.
It's not that complicated.

We're getting closer.

To what is the question.

This is it.

I don't see any money.

Thank you, eagle eyes.

Let me see that.

It's gotta be here somewhere.

I don't see anything.

Let's spread out and search.

If it's not here, we're fucked.

Considering where we are,
even if it's here,

we're fucked.

Are we rich yet?

Just keep an eye on, kid.

We're in hostile territory.

Son of a bitch.

That does not sound
very triumphant.

What are those?

These are the tracking bands

that held
the stacks of cash together.

Whoever found the money

definitely knows
how we track it,

took the bands off.

Great, someone found
the money before we did.

Didn't count
on them being smart.

Only counted on us being dumb.

You hear that?

What was that?

Get down.

What the fuck
are you doing, Private?

Stay down, shut up.


9 million goats in Afghanistan.

Not every one of 'em is Boz!

This one is!

Kid wants to believe
it's Boz, let him.

Who the hell is Boz?

It's the kid's battle buddy.

Oh, army won't take Mexicans,

but they will take
a fucking goat.

All right, there's no cash
to be found here.

Let's get back
to the fucking bird.

Our asses been hanging
out here long enough.

Hey, Boz doesn't look so good.

He's probably just hungry.
It's hard out here for a goat.

Now come on, kid, let it be.

Oh, shit.

Oh, poor Boz... he's sick.


Just wipe it off.
Let's go.

It's money.

Are they hundreds?

They were.

Great, the goat ate the money.

Insult to fucking injury.

I doubt the goat found the bag,

took the tags off,
and then ate it.

Somebody's got that cash.

Taliban got the cash.

Can't be far.

Actually, it can be far.

What if Boz found the people

who found the money
and started eating it?

If he found them once,
he can do it again.

So you're suggesting
we engage the Taliban?

I'm not saying engage.

So what... we knock on doors?

Tell people we lost something
and thank 'em for returning it?

But it might not be militia.
They might just be a family.

Yeah, who I'm sure would be
just as attached

to the money
as if they were fighters.

We've come all this way.
The money could be close.

I'm not ready
to give up just yet.

I am.

The more time we spend out here,

the more dangerous it gets.




I think it's time to give up.

Not you too.

This is going
from foolish to suicidal.

I tried.

You did.

Guess we're all screwed.


no one I'd rather
be screwed with... than you.

That's the saddest,
sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Yeah, that's me.

Let's go, kid.

So, if you don't mind my asking,

who is this harlot?


The woman your husband's
leaving you for.

You know, I didn't ask.

You don't give a shit, do you?

Afraid not...
I mean, I do, and I don't.

I just want him to be happy.

He's a great guy
but just not my type.

What's your type then?

I have no fucking idea.

My God, it's terrifying.

I have no idea who I am
without a husband and two kids

back home waiting
for me to return.

It can be
an emotional safety net.

He's gonna want custody.

Does he deserve it?

Oh, God, yes.
I'm a terrible mother.

I doubt that.

No, I am.
And I really don't wanna go

back home and try to be
a good one.

But I am scared
that when I look down,

I'm not gonna want any of this.

Any of what?

The army, medicine, everything.

It's a real possibility.

Jesus, you're supposed
to talk me off the ledge

not back on it.

Says who?

Go on, get on that ledge,
breathe the fresh air...

jump if you want.

Coming back empty handed?

All we found was a goat.

That's a damn shame.
Let's load up and take off.

Whoa, hold on there partner.

Yeah, it's not gonna work kid.

Boz is coming with us.

No, he ain't.

Oh, I think that he is.

I'm not getting in the bird
with a filthy animal.



Where the fuck you going?

Goat might be leading us
to the money.

The goat might be leading us
to the place where he shits.

Look, I didn't come here
to go back with a goat,

but you're welcome
to stay on the bird.

Damn it.

This ain't getting any easier.

We'll be right back.

Should I answer that, sir?

Let it ring a few times first.

With pleasure, sir.

Colonel Austin's office.
Yes, one moment.

Yes, Mr. Secretary.

Yes, I did.

I have good reason to believe
they're en route

to conduct a mission that would
have them commit high crimes

including breaking
Geneva Convention rules.

Yes, I believe I can back it up.

Yes, I realize
there are consequences here,

and I...

This is it, Corporal,
final showdown.

Jennings vs. Austin.

Only one of us
is gonna be left standing.

Now, do me a favor
and get Major Holloway

and Sergeant Roback
in my office right away.

Sergeant Roback...

May I ask why, sir?

This pissing contest
I'm into with Jennings,

it's moved our timetable way up,

so I need to get
my ducks in a row

so I can file this report ASAP.

I believe Sergeant Roback
is out on a mission, sir.

What mission?

I'm not entirely sure,
but my best guess

would be saving lives, sir.

All right,

the minute he lands,
have them both in my office.

Absolutely, sir.


Ah, fuck.

this is Guardian 6-Alfa.

Alfa Romeo.

I don't know
where the fuck you guys are,

or what the fuck you're doing
but you need to hurry it up

because Guardian 6
wants to see you right away,

and I'm not sure how much
longer I can cover for you.

I have full confidence
in your ability

to buy me more time,
6-Alfa, over and out.


Those are probably
the guys who took the money.

Then again, they might not be.

That's why we gotta find out.


I don't know.

We gotta make 'em leave somehow.

Hey, time to put
Durkin's goody bag to some use.

How 'bout this?

That'll work.

You gonna take 'em all out?

Not my style, amigo.

Are you kidding me?

You've been carrying the whole
belt around for one round?

It's all I could find.


Probably only bought us
a couple of minutes.

How do you know
they're all gone?

We don't.

Just asking.






What now?

Search for the cash.

I didn't see 'em
bring it with them.

It's gotta be here somewhere.

If they were
the ones who found it.

There's nobody else
around here for miles.

What exactly am I looking for?

Small, camo duffel.

$1/4 million fits
in a small, camo duffel?

And even enough room
for another 1/4 mill.

You'd think that much money
would take more space.

Everybody thinks that.

Come on, come on.






Mission not accomplished.

Now we really need
to get out of here.

Come on, man, it's here
somewhere, it's gotta be.

We checked everything.

And once those fighters
realize it was just a grenade,

they're gonna figure out
who shot it

and where it came from.


It's okay, son.
We're not gonna hurt you.

I don't think
he's all too worried

about that right now.

Also not so sure
he speaks English.


Petrocelli, lower your weapon.

He's gonna get 15 off
before you can get one.

We're not here to kill people.

It's okay.
It's okay.

I'm gonna grab something, okay?

It's okay.
It's okay.

Shh, shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh, shh.

That thing is useless.







Guessing his family's dead.

He was probably conscripted
by the Taliban.

He's not here by choice.

That makes all of us
at this point.



Okay, let's get back
to the bird.


What about the money?

There is no money.

What does he want?

I don't know.
Maybe he wants to come with.

Tell him no.

We're just gonna leave him here?

Ain't got no choice.

What's he trying to tell us?

Holy shit.

Good job.

Don't ever
fucking doubt me again!

Do you hear that?
I'm doubting you!

Grab the boy.

Grab the boy?

They come back,
they see the money's gone,

they're gonna kill him.

Let's radio Crash,
let him know we're ready to RV.

What the fuck you doing?


Crash, we need you.

In a holding pattern.
You gotta give me a few.

We don't have a few!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Take cover, kids!

Get down!

Can you see them all?

I got three.

It's okay, Boz.

Boz is hit!

It's you that's been hit.

Oh, shit.

Oh... oh, shit!

Calm down, I got it.

Am I gonna die?

Now would be a good time
to let go of that goat.

6-Alfa, this is Romeo.

Talk to me.

Can you still track
the GPS on those money bands?

Roger that.

Do it now!
Send fire!

On its way.

You are literally a lifesaver.

Sir, we just received
this fire mission.

We have eyes
on confirmed Taliban.

There's a team on the ground.

Advise the pilots
it's danger close.

Why isn't any of this
on my radar, Corporal?

Spec op, sir.
Colonel Austin's orders.

We have a pair of fighters
five mikes out.

Steel on target.

Thank you, sir.

Jesus, that was close!

Oh, shit.

Are we gonna die?

I hope not.

Sorry we brought you along.

I'm never gonna get
to drive my new car.

Have you ever been laid?


Then I would mourn
the loss of that

much more than a fucking car.

If we get out of this,
I'm gonna fucking get laid.

As long as
it's not with the goat.

Oh, my.

Oh, way to go, Grace!

Get down!

Hold fire!
I say again... hold fire!

Sir, call off CAS.

Aborting Zulu.

Come on.

Is the kid okay?

He'll live.

Don't you get a medal
for being wounded in combat?

Yeah, but this isn't exactly
sanctioned combat.

Let's get our asses out of here

before this kid hits puberty.

What'll happen to him?

No idea.

Anything's better than fighting
and dying for the Taliban.


It ain't Boz.

It's probably Boz.

He still stays behind.

No! I already said good-bye
to this goat once.

Corporal Buckley
would never forgive us

if we left Boz behind to get
eaten by wild boars again.

This goat is the real hero.

He's the one
who led us to the money.

I would give him my Bronze Star

if I wasn't so sure he'd eat it.

Colonel Austin's
waiting for you.


What happened to him?

I was cleaning my rifle
when it went off.

How was that?

Could use a bit more pizzazz.

At least you guys
are still alive.

Thanks to you, Corporal.


Oh, yeah.

Who's he?

Oh, Roback and I
are thinking of adopting him.

Excuse me?

She's kidding.
It's an orphan LN.

We didn't wanna
leave him behind.

Half kidding.

Colonel Austin
really needs to see you.

Okay, just let me
get the kid to the OR.

I'll be good.

Now, Sergeant.

This is serious business, folks.

We're accusing SecCorp

of killing
Corporal John Buckley.

We're accusing them of poisoning

a friendly village's
drinking water.

We're accusing them
of fear and intimidation

to clear that town,
and, in the process,

assault on a major
in the U.S. Army.

I'm sure there's more stuff
we could throw in there, sir,

but it's a good start.

Sounds pretty good to me, sir.

Didn't ask you.

Yes, sir.

Hopefully, this is enough
for the government

to open an investigation
into their dirty dealings,

but know this...

When this report gets filed
and it goes public,

SecCorp is gonna come at us
with everything they got.

And they got everything.

Now for the moment of truth.

Who's gonna go next?

At the risk of losing
career and family.

Well done, Major.

Show me you got what it takes.

Outstanding, Sergeant.

Doing what's right can lead you

to some pretty hard places, sir,

so I guess don't look down,

close your eyes, and jump.

That was very evocative.

Thank you, sir.

God be with us.


I think I finally get you.

I hope that's good and not bad.

It's a little of both.

So it's all here...

Minus the four grand Boz ate,

but that should be enough to
cover your mom's medical bills.

We finally pulled this off.

Can't believe you actually
came through this time.

There's always
another way, amigo.

That should be enough
to cover Petrocelli's car loan.

And that should be enough
to engage the service of

the finest immigration lawyer
money can buy.

Thank you.

Of course.

If SecCorp makes good
on their threat to you,

you're gonna need
a lawyer too, so...

I'd rather just use it

to get my mom and sisters
out of Hemet.

I love how good you are
to your family.

Well, you're my family now too.

That was nice.

It was.

Sorry, I wasn't
quite prepared for that.

It's nothing.
It's nothing.

We should talk about this.

No, there is nothing
to talk about.

A husband wants
to kiss his wife.

I mean, there's nothing
wrong with that.

That's great, really.
I'm happy for you guys.

No, there's nothing
to be happy for.

You don't need to pretend.


Yeah... that you're
okay with this.

I am okay with this.

Well, you shouldn't be.

'Cause you... you don't
deserve this.

Sasquatch and I may try to
make another go of it anyways.


Hardly think you're
in a position to judge.

No, I just... Sasquatch?

Why do you give a shit?

I don't.

I think you do.

No, I don't.

You really covered
our asses out there.

We owe you big-time.

Yeah, well, to a point.

What does that mean?

gonna have to take the fall

for ordering an air strike
without proper authorization.


Probably me.

No, that doesn't work for us.

Doesn't work for me either,
but there you go.

We can't let that happen.

Someone's gonna have to
take the fall.

What the fuck
are you doing here?

Was not about to let you
take the rap for Durkin alone.

Pretty fucking serious
charges this time.


Well, suddenly not being up
against it for a moment...

I didn't know
what to do with myself.

You might regret this one.

I'm glad you're here, amigo.