68 Whiskey (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - No Good Deed... - full transcript

And who was Rosa's brother
named after?

- Her Uncle Arturo.
- Big mistake.

Where did the two
of you first meet?

I've never actually
met Arturo.

He lives in Oaxaca.

Oh, he meant us, honey.

Oh, sorry.

Fort Sam Houston,
AI Training.

They put us in the line
together, the first thing.

Thank God he didn't fall
for one of the guys

on the line instead of me.

All right.

We, uh, we planned
to get married stateside,

but obviously her MAVNI
status being revoked

moved those plans, so we got
married in-country instead.

And after dodging bullets
and saving lives,

here we are.

Here we are.

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

Knock off the bullshit.

Excuse us?

Just have one final question
for the both of you.

What's that, sir?

Tell me how you really feel
about each other.

Perhaps we're laying it on
a bit thick, sweetie.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Sorry, you know,
it's just this...

It's pretty nerve-wracking

and I just assumed that
you wanted to hear

- all the good stuff, so...
- Yeah.

Look, the truth is that we
love each other very much.

But being married
is fucking hard.

Hardest thing
we've ever done.

And we spent
so much time together.

We started to drive
each other crazy.

I think this is going
to take a real effort.

But we're gonna make it.

And if you're married, sir,
and you have any marriage hacks

to send our way,
we'd really appreciate it.

You know, to keep us
from killing each other.

No more questions.


It is my pleasure
as an emissary

of the U.S. State

to welcome you as a legal
permanent resident

of the United States
of America, Mrs. Roback.

- Oh, it's Alvarez.
- I'm keeping my name.

Yeah, I'm not thrilled
but, you know,

she says Rosa Roback
sounds like a skin disease.

- Yeah.
- It does.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you so much, sir.

- Thank you.
- Have a beautiful day.

It worked!
You're amazing.

- Oh, God!
- Of course it worked.

It was too fucking insane
not to work.

You're the best!

It's still gonna take three
to six months

for my Green Card
to get processed.

- What do we do until then?
- We act like husband and wife.

- And after I get it?
- Not sure.

We might have to keep it up
for a little while.

I hear they check on you once
every so often.

- Yeah, every few years.
- Yeah.

- That's a long time.
- Yeah, it is.

Now that you say it.

We really
are fucking married.


Guess it wasn't an act.


I'm gonna make you
a great husband.

And I'm gonna make you
a great wife.

- Yo!
- New recruit in the house.

I'm gonna have to rescind
my application

with your organization.


Recent events
have forced me to reconsider.

Recent events?

Turns out I'm not cut out

for threatening people
with violence

if they don't leave
their home.

It's not that simple.

Afraid it is to me.

We do important work
that I can't fully explain

until you're on the inside.

But once you are,

you'll see that there's
a purpose behind all of it.

That may be true,
but I'm still gonna have

to choose to stay
on the outside.

You realize you can't
keep the sign-up bonus, right?

All to keenly aware of that.

Is your family?

I assume they still
need the cash.

That they do.

Everyone out.


What's this?

The future.

What if you end up
hating me?

What if you end up
hating me?

We'll just have to work
super hard

to make sure
that doesn't happen.



We should be fine
as long as you keep

your expectations of me
pretty low.

Then this marriage
will thrive.

- Hey.
- How'd it go?

I'm a permanent legal

of the United States
of America!

- Fuck yeah!
- Nice!

How'd it go with you?

I hate dealing with OSI.

You know, they always
look at you suspiciously

like it's you who just
committed the crime.

Bus is loading.

Austin's getting ready
to make his move

against SecCorp, huh?

Yeah, just filed the
preliminary documents for him.

What a great fucking day.

This really that valuable?

- Depends.
- On what?

On if you wanna use
a cell phone,

power up a computer,
drive a car.

And it's all just sitting
right there

underneath the village?

Geologists think it might be
the largest deposit of Lithium

found on this planet.

Why are you telling me
all this?

Because I'm tasked with
putting the team together

to get this job done.

All those other lug heads
are just muscle.

I need brains,

and as hard as it is
for me to admit,

guys like you and Roback
are not dumb.


You know he's not getting
on board.

After he sees how good
SecCorp is for you,

he might change
his opinion on us.

But you hate him.

That I do,

but the man I work
for has his reasons.

Never gonna happen.

underneath that village

belongs to the people
of the village.

You don't think that
the Russians or the Chinese

would do the exact same thing
we're doing?

All the company that hired us
wants us to do

is clear out that village
so they can start

mining this stuff
as quickly as possible.

Sorry, but I can't do
to the people of that village

what the bank is doing
to my family.

Everyone on my team
has been guaranteed a share.

Should be enough money
to really help out

you and your family.

I'll get back to you.

I can't believe this marriage
idea of yours actually worked.

- None of you believed in me.
- Shame on you all.

Now all we have to do
is find a ton of people

to marry the rest
of my family.

Yeah, how is that going?

The only shot I have
at helping my family

is to hire
an immigration lawyer,

and they're crazy expensive.

We could use some of those
reconstruction funds

you guys keep in that safe.

- That is a terrible idea.
- Yeah, you're right.

Not gonna ask you to spend the
rest of your life in prison.

Appreciate it.

Besides, there are trackers
on those bills.


Yeah, when they fall
into enemy hands.

You know, sometimes
they distribute it

to the Taliban on purpose

just so they can track down
their locations.

Who does the tracking?

Special Investigations here
at Bagram.

I just dealt with them this
morning for Colonel Austin.

Yeah, we... we have to go.

- Come on.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- Let's go.
- We gotta go.

We're gonna miss our Chalk!

Yeah, we're gonna miss
our Chalk.

Where are you going?

We're gonna reunite us with

a quarter of a million dollars.

- Come on!
- Oh, my God.

So all the money
just fell out of the bird?

Look, it was a little bit

more complicated than that,
but yeah.

I cannot believe you didn't
tell me any of this.

- I didn't wanna relive it.
- I can see why.

- And no one wants it back?
- As far as they were concerned

we used it to secure
the morphine.

Nobody asked any questions.

That is the last time
I give you $250,000 in cash.

It wasn't a good day.

Hey, wait here.

They'll be more receptive
if it's just me.

What are you gonna tell 'em?

Hmm, that we're trying
to track down

a quarter million dollars
of government money

so we can keep it all
to ourselves.

Don't worry what
I'm gonna tell 'em.



We've been waiting for you
to wake up.

Please get me out
of this bed.

Your scans say no fractures,

but we're doing
a concussion protocol.

We'll keep an eye on you

so we can rule out
a subdural hemorrhage.

It's just a hematoma.

Hmm, that's not what
your doctor says.

My doctor?

Colonel Austin asked
for a second opinion

from a doctor with more
combat experience.

When I heard you
were chasing Purple Hearts,

I commandeered
the first bird I could.

I wanted to see for myself
that you're still in one piece.

I'm fine, Dad.

Tell him I'm fine.

The man has been performing
combat surgeries

since I was in my nappies.

He'll decide
if you're fine or not.

If you need me, sir,

I will be off pretending
to be doing something

more important.

Heard you extended
your deployment.

From who?

- Will.
- Who?

Your husband.

General Holloway, sir.

Colonel, thanks for getting
word to me so quickly.

What's the prognosis?

She should be up and about

and arguing with her father
again in no time.

Glad to hear it.

Later you and I need
to download what happened

in that village last night.

Yes, sir.


Afraid you're gonna need
to download with me too, Sonia.

She's been up there
a long time.


We should probably talk about
Durkin tonight.


No, that's between you and her.

That's the thing,
it's kinda not.

You know, it's kinda between
all of us now.


Hopefully it'll all work
itself eventually, right?

Yeah, sure.

- Hey.
- Hey, how'd it go?

- Good.
- We need to get back to base.

I gotta look up the serial
numbers of the bills I gave you

then I send those to my friend,
she looks up the coordinates,

and she tries to locate them.

If they're out there,
it'll send off the signal.

- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.

Can we trust this person?

I told her the money
was given

to some Afghan Nationals

suspected of colluding
with ISIS, so...

That's a really good story.

The truth is
she doesn't give a shit.

It's not her money
and they don't get paid dick.

Let's go.

Guess I shouldn't
be surprised.

You've always been one
to sacrifice

for what you believed in.

You have nobody to blame
but yourself for that.

Oh yeah,
throw it on the old man.

At least I was around long
enough to teach you that.

Yeah, we all used to joke
that we were raised by

a telephone pretending
to be our father.

Yeah, I should've been
home more.

Obviously, I had nothing but
pride for what you were doing.

I followed in your footsteps.

More than we can say
for your brothers.

It was easier being
your daughter.

This isn't gonna happen again.

What if it does?

What about your family?

I don't want you to make
the same mistake I did.

I can make calls.

I can have you relocated
somewhere safer.

A VA hospital close to home

where you can be
with your family.

I do miss my boys.

Say the word and I'll do it.


How'd it go with Alvarez?

She's getting her Green Card.

some good news today.

Why are you sitting here
all alone in the dark?

Hiding for my life.

Does not sound like fun.

Please turn
the light back off

and exit the way
you came in.

Not gonna do that.

You know what this whole
SecCorp thing is about?


Fucking rare earth metals.

Gonna be worth more than oil,

and apparently the ground
is lousy with it out here.


I knew there was a reason
we were fighting this war.

A lot of money at stake
for just about everybody.

Yeah, there usually is
when SecCorp's involved.

I got no other choice

but to go through
with this SecCorp deal.

I'm just working up the stomach
to tell Sasquatch I'm in.

Go ahead.
Go ahead.

Rip into me.
Let me have it.

I totally understand.

You do?

Family is more important.

It is.

I know.

Just do me one last favor

before you put
the black vest on, okay?

What's that?

Stop playing with your balls
and come with me.

Come on.

What's happening?

I'm waiting on a response
from a person at OSI.

What do they use?

Some kind of encrypted fibers
on the bills or something?

Nah, it's just the bands
that wrap the stacks,

but once those are off,
the money's gone.

What are we waiting for now?

We're just waiting.

If this works,
I'll forgive you

for letting it slip out
the door in the first place.

If this works,
you can forgive yourself

for letting it slip out
the door in the first place.

Motherfucker, you was closer.

- I was going for the morphine.
- Knock it off.

What happens if it's gone?

Then your ass belongs
to Sasquatch.

- And that's no fun, trust me.
- Holy shit!

They're active.
It's still out there.


They all have
the same coordinates.

All the money's
still together.

- Hell yes!
- Where... where is it?

- Quit breathing down my neck.
- I'm about to find out.

No matter where it is,
we're gonna find it.

Damn straight we are.

- Yeah, there's another way.
- There's always another way.

- Never give up, do you?
- The fuck else am I gonna do?

- Uh-oh.
- What uh-oh? Huh?

- No more uh-ohs.
- Where's my money?

These coordinates
would be right here.

- Damn.
- Shit.

- Fuck.
- Mm-hmm.

That's Taliban country,

Correction, it's right in
the heart of Taliban country.

Did we get
the coordinates wrong?

We didn't.

Goddamn Navy SEALs
wouldn't venture in there.

No way we'd make it in,
much less out.

What if it's just sat there
in a tree or something

waiting for somebody
to find it?

Then that somebody is gonna
be the motherfucking Taliban.

It was worth a shot.

- Fuck that.
- I'm not giving up.

- Of course you're not.
- But I am.

Gotta go see a man
about a vest.

Hey, can you give me
a little more time?

Before you give Sasquatch
your fucking hat size?

Time is something
I ain't got.


You got 24 hours.

I can't let
that man down again.

Well, it looks like
you don't have a choice.

There's always a choice.

You need to see this.

What am I looking at here,

Lab report on
the contamination

of the drinking water from
the village I was found in.

I can't understand
a thing in here.

Then I'll summarize.

The well water had extremely
high concentrations

of Polychlorinated Biphenyls
in it.

That doesn't sound good.

It isn't,
and levels this high

can cause seizures,
internal bleeding, and death.

And you think SecCorp
poisoned their water

on purpose.

There are eyewitness accounts

of SecCorp men
coming into the town

and dumping unknown substances
into the wells.

Have a seat, Major.

I'm getting ready to make
a move against SecCorp, Major.

I believe they're responsible
for the death of a Corporal

from this base named
John Buckley.

Sergeant Roback's
After Action Report

puts SecCorp in that village

the very day
Buckley was killed.

Your testimony would for sure
be the tipping point in opening

an AR 15-6 investigation
into those bastards.

Yeah, well, obviously,
I'll do whatever I can to help.

In that case,
I need to know just one thing.

Yes, sir.

Are you willing to testify
as to what you saw

and what happened to you
in that village?

Yes, sir.

I don't need to tell you
the dangers

in going up against SecCorp.

We'll both be placing

our entire military careers
at risk.

I'm fully aware of

and willing to take
those risks, sir.

I'm counting on that, Major.

I'm not gonna be able
to do this alone.

I got someone
I want you to meet.

A fix-up?

You know I'm married.
Shame on you.

You're gonna wanna
come with me.

- Where?
- Our side.

- Ooh.
- I've never been to your side.

- I hear it's pretty rockin'.
- Yeah, it is.

Heard you guys have
a juice bar, is that true?

Sergeant Roback,
come on in.

Have a seat.

I'd rather not.


- No.
- Morgan Jennings.

Executive Vice President,

- We've met.
- Why am I here?

You are here
because your name

keeps popping up
on my radar.

My apologies.

- No, none needed.
- It's impressive, actually.

I mean, we run a very fairly
tidy operation,

but you seem to have a knack
for gumming up the works.

There's a lot of money at stake
with our operations here,

and rather than having
you continue

to be a fly in our ointment,

I'd like to offer you
a position with us.

Nah, I'm good.

I'd rather keep exposing
your weaknesses

until you guys
are out of business.


Like filing an After Action
Report that accuses us

of the murder of
a United States Army Corporal?

How'd you know about that?

I run a very tidy operation.

You run a scam.

You've been trying
to clear out that town

with intimidation and force

since the day you arrived
on this base,

plus there was no other
enemy combatants anywhere

near Buckley
when he was killed

except your men.

I appreciate your passion,

but it's that passion
that makes me concerned

for the grief you're gonna
cause me if you keep this up.

Be afraid.

You and your whole
fucking organization

desecrate the only reason
I'm proud to wear this uniform.

The last American hero
standing right before me.

Yeah, if the job interview
is over,

I have a soufflé
in the oven.

Not quite!

What's this?

- I don't know.
- Take a look.

I think you'll find it
as fascinating as I did.

- Where'd you get this?
- We asked for it.

That's how it works
with police reports.

They're a matter
of public record.

- Yeah.
- He was killed by drug dealers.

But the case can be reopened.

And the lead detective
on the case, by the way,

a really nice guy.

He's ready to remember a few
key details about the case

that are going to paint
a vastly different conclusion

as to who killed your father.

I intend to be rid of you
one way or another.

Get in line.

Look, Sergeant.

Sending you to prison
for murder?

It's low-hanging fruit for us,

but we can just leave
the fruit on the tree.

All you have to do is rescind
your After Action Report

and promise to stay out of our
business here at the base.

Is that all?

I mean,
the job offer still stands.

Hell, I'll even...

I'll put you to work
alongside your friend, uh...

- Davis.
- Davis!

There you go.

The dream team
back together again.

Dream being
the operative word.

Oh, God, really?

I am surprised someone
as vulnerable as you are

would even consider
going against us.

- I know.
- It's dumb, right?

And all this
isn't gonna be good

for that sham marriage
of yours.

Don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.

Oh, it must be one
of those open marriages

because you and Corporal Durkin

haven't been nearly
as discreet as you think.

You guys don't play very nice.

It's the only way
to get things done.

Not this time.

I see a resemblance.

You're about to find out

there's absolutely
no resemblance.

Why do you have
to get involved?

I'm the evidence
of what they did,

and I'm a Major.

If I can make them pay
for it, I'm going to.

And what if you can't?

These people don't like
to be interfered with,

and they have connections that
run to the top of Washington.

- I don't care.
- I'm gonna fight them.

SecCorp will bury you
and everyone you care about.

What happened
to personal responsibility?

What happened to character?

Major Holloway!

What is it, Private?

Ma'am, we need you
at the suicide gate.

There's a problem.

I just need
to speak with her.

You're about to have
30 rounds of ammunition

in your fucking skull
if you do not step back!

Stand down, Corporal!

Ma'am, this local does not
have clearance to enter!

- Stand down!
- I'll handle it.

What are you doing here?

I needed to know
that you were okay.

I'm fine.

I should have done something
when you were injured.

I should have fought.
I did not.

It's time to say goodbye.


Goodbye, Qasem.

Goodbye, Sonia.

- Sup?
- What's this?

What you asked me
to get for you.

The latest insurgency
reconnaissance report from OSI.

The nearest recorded
Taliban position

to the exact coordinates
the money is signaling from

is just over ten clicks away.

It's not that close.

No, it's not.

How fresh is the intel?

It just came in an hour ago.


I'm going in.

By yourself?

I'm not gonna ask
anybody else to take

that kind of risk with me.

Are you suicidal?

I promised Davis
I'd do something.

- What?
- Get killed?

'Cause that's
not gonna fix his problems.

Look, according to this
report, it's easy to get

to this location,
check if the money's there,

and get back out
before anybody notices.

- Theoretically, yes.
- That's good enough for me.

You could still run
into enemy fire.

I could also not.

How are you gonna do this?

I can get an ambulance.

It's really not that far.

We're only a couple days out
from Ramadan.

It'll be relatively quiet.
I'll go then.

I can't let you do this.


You knew exactly what I'd do

the second
you handed me this.

You know, you doing
insane shit like this

is exactly what attracted me
to you in the first place.

Look, I need you
to do me a favor.


Don't tell 'em
I'm doing this.


Because they're only gonna
try and talk me out of it.

- That's a good thing.
- Grace.

Promise me.

This is for Davis
and Alvarez.

You told me that you and I
were a lot alike.


- I didn't really get it.
- I do now.

A little late, but okay.

Thank you, Corporal.

You're welcome, Sergeant.

You're not the only person
who's gone through this

in a deployment.


Well, did you tell Mom?

She knew.

So you just went back home
and everything was the same?

Nothing was the same.

We told ourselves we were
staying together

for you and your brothers.

But then when
she was diagnosed,

we realized how much
we meant to each other, and...

we just sort of fell in love
all over again.

Well, that's...

really beautiful
and horribly sad.

And I'm telling you,

your mother and I
did the right thing.

Sonia, I know Will's
a bit of a pill.

I told you that
when you got married,

but he is a good man,

and he is raising your sons
right now, selflessly.

That call you mentioned?

- Yeah?
- Make it.


24 hours is up, amigo.

Look, man, you've got to give
me a little bit more time.

- No, man.
- No, just a couple of days.

I don't have
a couple of days.

I don't even have
a couple of hours.

I can get you the money.

- How?
- I'm working on it.

Look, man,

you're the only guy I've called
my best friend

since I was in
the second grade,

but I need you
to understand

that this has nothing
to do with you.

Look, I get that.

I just wanna help you.

I need to do this.

Look, I'm sorry I put you
in this position.

You gave me a chance
with the hashish

and I fucked that up.

You gave me another chance
with the fight

and I fucked that up too.

But if you give me
this one last chance,

I promise you
I can get you the money,

but you gotta trust me.

I can't afford
to trust you anymore.

When are you gonna
tell Sasquatch?

I already did.

I understand.

I understand why you can't
put your faith in me anymore,

but I'm gonna come through
for you on this.

And when I do, I want you
to take that bonus check

and shove it up SecCorp's ass.

Nothing would give me
more pleasure.

As soon as I get back,

I'll make that phone call.

And you can go back
to your family,

and be a real presence
in your kids' lives.

Then pray Will comes down
with a terminal disease

so I can fall in love
with him again?

Let's hope it won't come
to all that.

- Yeah.
- Let's hope.

The sacrifices you and I
have made for the greater good

are more than anybody
could have asked.

I know.

Are you awake?

I am now.


What's up?

I'm worried about my family.

Hey, it's all gonna be okay.

Why do you say that?

Because we're gonna get
the money to hire a good lawyer

and we're gonna help them out.



- You seem very sure.
- I am.


I just am.

I'm gonna figure this out.


It's not your concern.

I don't like the sound
of that.

Hey, it's gonna be okay.

Get some sleep.

Good night.

Good night.

Is this what it's like
to be married?

You mean when
one of us flips out

and the other one tells them
it's gonna be okay?

It's nice.

And it is
all gonna be okay.

You'll see.

Hey, Babe,
you just caught me, but...

Sorry, I'm about to pick up
the kids from soccer practice.

- Oh, it's okay.
- I wanted to talk to you alone.

What happened?

Oh, nothing.

I, um...

Just moving too fast.

Anyway, I wanted
to let you know that

my deployment
isn't getting extended.

- What?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna be home sooner
than expected,

a lot sooner.

And I can't wait to see
you and the boys.

So get ready.

Uh, Sonia...

What's wrong?

Um, I, uh... oh, God.

I don't know how to say this,

but I guess it's best
said now like this.

Like what?

I've met someone else.




I mean, we... we've
been apart for so long.

You know, and...

I mean, what did you think
was gonna happen?

Every time I try
and connect with you,

I just feel like, um...

Did you hear
what I just said?

- Yes, I did.
- I'm sorry.

You know, maybe we should talk
about this later.

You know, you should go
and get the boys,

and, um, I will call you.

I promise.

I promise.

- Great.
- Okay.

What's so funny?

My husband is leaving me.

What the fuck you guys
doing here?

Better question,
the fuck you doing here?

Just, uh, just had
the alternator replaced

on this ambulance.

Just gonna take it out
for a spin around the base

to make sure it's all good.

- Bullshit.
- You were going for the money.

Who told you that?


Thank you, Corporal.

You're welcome, Sergeant.

Don't even try
and talk me out of this.

- We're not gonna try it.
- Stand aside.

Durkin says Taliban sightings
in the area are sporadic.

It's pretty unpopulated terrain

according to the latest
OSI intel.

I may have given them a peek
at your report.

Thank you, Corporal.

You're welcome, Sergeant.

You're one foolish son
of a bitch, Roback.

True that.

Can't let you go alone.

I'm going with you.

Yeah, me too.

And we ain't taking
no piece of shit ambulance.

We gonna take the bird.

In and out like lightning,
no questions asked.


You do this for us,
we do this for you.


Fucking think about this.

If we think about it,
we don't do it.

There's a chance we may
not find that money.

Chance we might all
get killed.

Chance we might just make it.

And we can't trust that you
won't take all the money

and just give it
to a fucking charity.

Either way, it's not for me.

You guys load up
from the armory.

I'll draw up a flight plan.

Thank you.

There's no other crew
I'd rather put my life

on the line for
except you guys.

- No other crew.
- No other crew.

No other crew.

- Don't look at me.
- I'm not coming with you guys.

Someone has to stay behind
and cover for you lunatics.

Meet you at the bird
at 0800.

- Come on!
- Come on, Captain America.