666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

A young couple, Jane Van Veen and Henry Martin, are looking to move up the ladder in New York City and are successful in becoming the resident managers of a swank Park Avenue apartment building, the Drake. They can't believe their good luck - they get a beautiful apartment and the job is part-time, so Henry can keep his job working in the mayor's office. Building owners Olivia and Gavin Doran welcome them, though it is quickly apparent that Gavin at least has the ability to influence people in a very particular way. When Jane finds a mosaic in the basement, she begins to the history of the building. Meanwhile, Gavin has plans for residents Brian and Louise Leonard.

♪ Let me know you're here... ♪

(music continues over radio)

Wow, dollar Lemon Drops,

and all of Westchester
shows up.

Yeah, never underestimate
the power of cheap booze.

And a hot, new,
Ivy-educated bartender.

You want me to close for you.

(chuckling): Yes!

Okay, maybe a little bit.

All I have waiting for me
are LSAT practice tests.

You're the best!
Your fortune, Dolly.

Thank you. Now,
I am totally gonna

hire you if I ever get arrested.

Or divorced.


(chuckling): Bye.

(lights buzzing)

(bottles clinking)


(animal squeaks)


(starter clicking)

What? No.

(starter continues clicking)





(line ringing)


Hi, Mom.

I'm like AAA but
with outerwear.

Would you put that on?
It's freezing out.

I'm so sorry I dragged you
all the way out here,

but the good news is
I made a lot in tips.

Enough to cover

Eh. Books for, like,

one class.

Already a lawyer like Dad.

You're just lucky
I was on call.

He would've killed you.

That wasn't luck.

You always come running
when I need you.

What are these
guys doing?

Hey! We're closed!

Hello, we're closed!

We're good here!

Get in my car.

Get in my car.
Get in my car!

Now! Go!







Please, please, please.



Please, please.


(growling, men yelling)

(growling, men screaming)

(low snarling)

(sirens wailing in distance)

(low snarl)

(running footsteps)

(sirens continue wailing
in distance)

CATHERINE: Everyone told me
it was a wild animal--

a coyote, a bear.

That this thing
I thought I'd seen

was just the result
of my concussion

or post-traumatic stress.

You know, the men who'd killed
my mother were beasts.

I believed them...

...until now.

♪ ♪

(siren chirping)

(siren chirping)

Hey, Detective,
what you doing?

Just give me five.


Hey. Sorry. Ooh!


you know my boss
hates his wife,

which means he never
wants to leave work,

which means I don't get to...
Which means you didn't get my text.


At first your job
was kind of a turn on.

Now it's kind of a
drag. Like tonight,

if I want to smoke pot...
Look, you can smoke pot.

I don't care.



Sorry, Cat.

It's just been
stressing me out.

That's what you texted me?

We got to bust.

You know what, Z-babe?

This wasn't working
for me either.


That guy's got
pot on him.


(phone ringing)


You should've tased him.

"Kind of a turn on."

So what, he was in it
just for handcuffs?

Don't guys know they
just remind us of work?

Tess, he didn't ask
for the cuffs.

(sighs) You have a blind
spot for douches.

See, when I date a douche,
I know he's a douche, which is

why I'm on a man cleanse.

Good, 'cause you can be my date
to my dad's engagement party.

Special Crimes.

911 got a call off her
cell at 8:32 tonight.

No recording.

Blunt trauma to the head.

No wallet,

no ID, no hotel key.

Robbery homicide?
And leave behind

a Louis Vuitton? You know
how much these things cost?

No, and not every robber
knows their Louis Vuitton.

I knew it was a Louis.

Regardless, it's
a pretty public

place to rob and kill someone.
And this is a five-star hotel.

Okay. Then can we get
some five-star service?

Maybe take a look
at some security footage?

Yeah? Oh, great.

An injured woman
walks into a hotel,

no one even blinks.

You got to love New York.

So where is our bad guy?
That we don't know,

but we did ID the vic

off cell records--
Ashley Webster.

Not a hotel guest.

Hey, boss. Google says
she's executive editor

at Couture Bleu Magazine.

She have a husband?
Boyfriend? Lesbian lover?

Yeah, husband-- Alex Webster.
Big fashion photographer.

They're, like, a
Page Six power couple.

So, where is Mr. Powerful now?
Haven't been able to track him down.

But CSU did lift
prints off a button.


Get me the results.

AFIS got a hit,

and it's not the husband.

Guy's name is Vincent Keller.

What are his priors?

None. Looks like
he's military.

He's dead.
Specialist Vincent Keller, MD,

New York City.
Killed in Afghanistan

by enemy fire, 2002.

The rest is redacted.

So, how do a dead guy's prints

end up on a fashion
editor's buttons?

I would say talk to
his family, but look,

next of kin,
they've all passed, too.

MD. He was a doctor.


ER resident, St. Benjamin's.
'99 to 2001.

Okay. Let's find
some colleagues.

See if they know something.

TESS (distantly):


(normal voice):

Yes. Let's do it.

Dr. Keller.

'Course I remember him.

Most of these residents
come in cocky,

thinking they know

Keller wasn't
like that.

You know he lost his
brothers in the towers?

No, we didn't.

Yeah, he was here that day.

Kept waiting for 'em
to be brought in.

Never came to work after that.

That's why he enlisted.

So, you haven't seen him since?

For detectives,
you two don't know very much.

No, we know he's
supposedly dead.

Supposedly? There's a plaque in
the lobby with his name on it.

You remember anyone
he hung out with,

someone he would've
reached out to?

Keller wasn't
exactly social,

but he did have a roommate.

"JT Forbes,
medical researcher."

This is where he lives--
a chemical plant?

Researcher-- maybe
he works from home?

Yeah, or it's a meth lab.
Just my type.

Oh, a little
Zeke rebound?

You can make out in that.

This'll be condos
in two years.

Guy needs
a new decorator.

JT Forbes?


Mr. Forbes, open up.

(rock music playing
in background)

JT Forbes?

I'm Detective Chandler.

This is Detective Vargas.

Uh, this isn't about that
speeding ticket, is it?

'Cause I'm gonna pay.

No, we're here
to talk to you

about a former roommate,
Vincent Keller?

Vincent Keller?

Vincent Keller.

It sucks, you know?
What happened.

(turns off music)
So young.

So, I'm assuming you haven't
heard from him recently?

Like voices or...?
No, like him.

His fingerprints just
showed up at a crime scene.

Oof. Sounds like you need
new fingerprint guys.

Or is there any reason
Mr. Keller might want people

to think he's dead?
Maybe he was in trouble...

He was in Afghanistan.

Of course he
was in trouble.

A woman was murdered

in the Stanwyck Hotel
last night.

Maybe you read about it?

Think we could
take a look around?

Uh, listen, I'd love
to help you guys,

but I gotta take off.

Bio-chem class to teach.

Okay, well, let us know
if you think of anything.


Did you clock the stairs?

Yeah, too bad creepy digs aren't
grounds for a warrant.

But, you know, maybe

if you hook up
with him...

Or you break
your man cleanse.

(footsteps approach)

What the hell did you do?

That was her.

♪ Beauty and the Beast 1x01 ♪
Original Air Date on October 11, 2012

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Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Do you want a beer?

No, no, I don't
want a beer.

I want you to tell me
what the hell your prints

are doing at
a crime scene.

Look, a woman was in trouble.

Trouble? Trouble,
trouble how?

I mean, did you...?

No, JT, I didn't hurt her.

Well, congratulations
'cause now we've got

her at our door.

Yeah, well, I didn't know

it was going to be
her case, did I?

Her case. Wh-What...

Have you been
keeping tabs on her?

Vincent, you
broke every rule:

no interacting with anyone,
no entering a building...

Yeah, I know what the rules are,
okay, I made them.

It's been years,
all right?

It starts to feel
like a prison in here.

What prison has a flat screen
and an Xbox?

And if it's so hard

for you, why'd you stop
helping with the antidote?

Yeah, because you know
what the definition

of insanity is, JT?

Doing the same thing
over and over again

and expecting
a different result, okay?

That's why.

All right,
this is it, JT,

this is my life.


All I'm saying is,
if Catherine Chandler

starts asking

alerting Muirfield
that you're alive...

we're both
dead men,

and I don't mean "on a
piece of paper" dead.

I mean dead
like dead dead.

(siren chirps)

Evan, please tell me
that you have something.

I've got a pair of Louboutins
in an evidence bag.

What size are you?

You are so callous.

Okay, so the head wounds
are too superficial

to have killed her,

but she does have signs
of low oxygenation.


No ligature marks, but
she does have some rash.

Possibly poisoning?

But here's the weird part.
I can't take

much more weird.
Bruised sternum,

cracked ribs.

You see that from
CPR sometimes.

So, after the killer left,
someone tried to save her?

Why wouldn't they
have stuck around?

That's your job.

Oh, I did find a hair.


Way to bury the lead.

Um, keep me posted.

Hey, what are you doing
tomorrow night?

I've got premiere tickets.

Free movie, open bar.

What, that flight
attendant on layover?

Permanently transferred
to Dallas.

By you or by the airline?

Well, it was coming up
to three months.

I may have pulled
some strings.

(phone beeping)

Our vic's husband surfaced.

Always the husband.

See, this is why I
stick to three months.

Yeah, well, in this case, our
prime suspect is a dead guy.

I've never seen him before.

And you were
at your studio all night?


I'm sorry to have to
ask this, Mr. Webster,

but anyone who
can confirm that?

The security guard.

Oh, and, uh, I have the proofs
that I was developing.

Were you at a club as well?


No, I was
at a fund-raiser.

I dropped in there

on my way to the office.

Did she go with you?

No, no, she had to work.

She just landed
a big promotion.

She started out
as an intern there.

Time-stamped from last night.

Mr. Webster,
that promotion--

you think it would have
earned her any enemies?

You'd have to ask
her assistant Emily.

You have a sleeping bag in there?
I probably should.

It's a 24-7 gig.

I mean, it was.

But, Emily, was anyone jealous
of Ashley's promotion

or up for that job, too?

Maybe the beauty editor, but...

The beauty editor?

Chloe London.

She thought that she
deserved the job,

but, I'm sorry,
Ashley was the fashion editor.


DNA just came in.

Can I talk to
you for a sec?

So who is it--
Vincent Keller?

It's corrupted.

Oh, you're kidding.

Thing is,

you know how you're always
talking about your mum's case?

Not always, but...

Evan, you're making me nervous.
No, no.

I just wanted
to give you a heads up.

The mass spectrometer's
probably just dirty.

Cross-species DNA.

♪ Your ancient threat ♪

♪ I can hear it
from the garden ♪

♪ I can see it coming ♪

♪ I can see it come
for miles... ♪

A little Zeke rebound?

You can make out in that.

(phone ringing)


Hey, nice catch with JT's car,

except I just woke up
three of his students.

All confirm he was teaching

Molecular Cellular Methods 2
that night.

Yeah, I'm here.

I don't see you.

Creepy warehouse-- I was up
early, thought I'd check it out.

No, that's what
I'm telling you--

there's nothing to check out.

I'll call you later.



I've got a warrant.

Mr. Forbes.


Mr. Forbes.

Mr. Forbes?

Mr. Forbes.

I know you're up here,
I can hear you.


He's teaching class.

I need you
to step out

where I can see you.


I'm not going to ask you again.


You're Vincent Keller.

You look pretty good
for a dead guy.

I did not kill that woman.
And I didn't mention

a murder,

but since you
brought it up...

...why were your prints
at the Webster crime scene?

Look, I was out driving.

I saw her collapse.

She hit her head,
she needed help.

So you followed her
into the hotel?

I tried
to resuscitate her.

You gave her CPR.

You're a doctor.

She had been poisoned.

How would you know that?

(phone buzzing)

Your phone.


has tox come back
on the Webster case yet?

Our telepathy is working.

Positive for lethal doses
of nicotine.


I just gave you cause of death.


that's great.

I got to go.

I'll see you at the cinema
at 9:00, yeah?

Yeah, sounds good.

(phone beeps off)

How'd you know

she was poisoned
if you didn't kill her?

I have a good
sense of smell.

You can smell poison?

Look, I did not
hurt her, okay?

But you were a witness.

Look, I need your help.

There was hair found
on the body, matches DNA

from an old murder case.

That night
did you see anything?

Why do you have that?

I need to know

why you have that.

TESS: Catherine.

No one can know
I'm here.


Why does everybody need
to think you're dead?


you know I did not
hurt that woman.



We're not done here.



It's all clear.
What the hell are you doing?

You were right,
there's nothing here.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Hi, this is Detective
Catherine Chandler, NYPD.

I need to speak
to Special Agent Hernandez.

Transferred when?

Joe's waiting for an update.

Two minutes.

Okay, then who can I speak to

about a case he covered
nine years ago?

All right, nicotine, when
ingested, kills in seconds.

Security footage
is longer than that,

so it must have been absorbed
through her skin,

in which case it can take
two to four hours to work.

So where was she during
that period of time?

We checked her date book,

hard drive-- no appointments,
she wasn't at work.

Great, great, great,
so we are nowhere.

I can't wait to
tell the DA.

How's our dead vet fit in?

♪ ♪



(normal voice):
Dead vet--

how's he fit in?

He doesn't.
Well, you were

suspicious enough
to execute a search.

Dead, not dead--

this isn't an identity case.

We need to focus on finding
the source of the poison.

Ashley was
a fashion editor.

You want to
kill her,

you probably don't do it
with window cleaner.

Then, what do you do it with?

Do you really think Ashley

was poisoned by something that
came from the beauty closet?

Ms. London, we're trying to
figure out what happened,

and since you're
the beauty editor...

That is a hair product,

not a body lotion.

Does everyone
get their samples

from the beauty closet?

If they're nice to me.

They sign them out?

And log it.

Do you have any idea
how much these stuff costs?

So Ashley Webster being
promoted over you,

doesn't sound too nice.

Okay, we're done here.

Ms. London...

I don't mean to be rude,

I have an editorial meeting
that started five minutes ago.

This is Ashley's office.

It's the executive
editor's office.

Oh, so you got that promotion
after all.

Not the way I wanted it.

Look, I may not
have loved Ashley,

but I didn't kill her.

(knocking on glass)

Now if you'll excuse me,
I have an issue to get out.

I trust the two of you
can find your own way out?

Yeah, we sure can.

It's Ashley's stuff.

Pregnancy test.

There's two missing.

So Ashley was pregnant?

Autopsy wouldn't have caught
it if it was early enough.

Husband didn't seem
like he knew.

Maybe it wasn't his.

So maybe she was cheating,

husband found out?

(phone ringing)


This is Special Agent
McCleary, FBI.

You called about
a contaminated DNA sample

linked to the murder case
of Vanessa Chandler?

Yeah, I was hoping
we could meet up?

(man speaks indistinctly
over P.A.)

Detective Chandler.

Agent McCleary.

I appreciate you doing this.

Hope it wasn't
too out of your way.

Well, I wouldn't want
to be the reason

you were late for
your son's birthday.


Did you bring it with you?
I did.

The analysis
looks corrupted,

but the numbers
are identical.

Well, we'll take a look.

(blade snicks)


(Catherine cries out)


(man cries out)

(music playing through earbuds):
♪ Just call me angel ♪

♪ Ah, ah ♪

♪ Just touch my cheek
before you leave me... ♪

(both groaning)



(pained grunt)

(growling, Catherine gasps)

(blows landing, grunting)


(man screaming)

(gun clatters)


Hey, I know you're down here!

Come out, come out!


Come out here!

I know you're here!
I know you can see me!

(horn sounding)

(horn blaring)

You're him.

So, are we gonna
talk about it?

You need to keep
this clean and dry.


One of my favorite techniques.

How about a drink?

Can you drink?

Not such a good idea.

Maybe not for you.

Look, my roommate is home...

Hey, I-I-I promise
that I will be quiet.

It's just...

three people did just try
to kill me, and, uh...

you killed two of them.

I think we got beer.


It's just a hobby.


Um, yeah, my mom, she...

she used to have this
stuff lying around, too.

She's the one,

nine years ago.

So, um,

what happened to you?

Did someone do this to you?

(faint voices echoing)

I should've asked questions.

(faint voices echoing)

Any word
from your brothers?

They're still trying
to get everyone out.

(echoes): They're still trying
to get everyone out.

But I was too angry.


So you enlisted.


(closing door echoes)

Once I got over there,

I was tapped.

They told me
that I had the chance

to be part of something great,

that I could make
a difference.

It was called
Operation Muirfield.

They told us they were
vitamins, antibiotics,

steroids that would protect us.

What were they?

Like I said,
I should've asked questions.

All I know is that
they changed our DNA.

(automatic gunfire)
They made us stronger,

faster... better.

They heightened our
reflexes, our senses.

That's why you could
smell the poison.


But something went wrong.

Anytime the adrenaline kicked
in, we became monsters.

They couldn't stop us.

We couldn't stop us.

So they gave orders
to shut it down,

to eradicate us all.

(chopper blades whirring)

(men shouting)


How did you survive?


(wry laugh)

So... all of this...

for an antidote.

It doesn't work.

You've just been
hiding out here?


JT's the only one I can trust.

Except you, you go out there
and you save people.


you do.

You saved me,

and you tried to save
Ashley Webster.

I guess it reminds me
of who I used to be.

A doctor?


You should probably
leave now.

Vincent, that night
nine years ago,

why were you there...
I already told you more than I should.

That agent on
the platform

was from Muirfield, okay?

You're on their radar.

Vincent, does this have
something to do with my mom?

I don't know anything
about your mom.

I'm sorry, okay?

But you can not come back here.

It is too dangerous
for the both of us.

No, I just...
Just go.


TESS: There you are.
I've been calling

and calling you.

Were you with Zeke?

That glow.

What glow?

The sex glow.
It's all over your face.

I don't have a glow.

I'm just excited.

I found the murder weapon.

Evan said he went
through everything.

It's what's not here
that's important.

Look, the sign-out sheet.

Ashley signed out

four products
the day before she died.

Our guys only found three.

Killer probably took
the fourth.

So someone put poison
in Ashley's

True to Color Blonde?

Hey, Evan,

any way to tell
if that nicotine

was absorbed through
Taylor's scalp?

I'll check her hair follicles.

You do realize that I waited
for hours and hours last night?

This one
stood me up.

Oh, my God,
the premiere.

Movie was lousy.
Good swag bag.

Then I got called into here.

My guys found these
in the power couple's bed.

Oh. Bedbugs?

That rash I showed you
was actually bites.

Since these things
are little bloodsuckers,

they carry the DNA

of whoever's been rolling around
in those sheets.

Your vic wasn't

It was the hubby
that was stepping out.

Can those mini vampires
tell us who with?

Sorry, ladies,
we're not open yet.

Actually, I'm
Detective Chandler,

and this is
Detective Vargas.

TESS: Alex's proofs from the
night his wife died--

that was you.

You were having
an affair with him.

Alex told me
not to say anything.

He said it would just make me
look guilty,

especially 'cause
of the prenup.

What prenup?

If he cheats,

he loses everything.

But I didn't kill her, I swear.

It's not just this hostess.

We have bedbug DNA...

...from four other women.
I'm eating here!

Alex Webster had
access to the poison,

and he had motive-- the prenup.

Except there was no prenup.

I just read the forensic
accounting report.

If he wanted out, all he had
to do was file for divorce.

Now, if you will excuse me,

I have some FBI nonsense
to deal with.

(clears throat)


What's going on?

I don't know.

Bodies from the subway.

VINCENT: The agents
on the platform were

from Muirfield. You
are on their radar.

It is too dangerous
for the both of us.

Don't see you guys
out here very often.

What's the occasion?

Just following orders,

Of course, we're gonna
need to take that back.

Of course. Just making sure
you're not stealing our case.

Detective Chandler.


Oh, my God, you scared me.

You're the one snooping
around my place.

Hey, some military guys
just showed up.

They took the agents
from the platform away.

You didn't talk to them, did you?
No. I asked them

what they were doing,
and I came straight here.

Yeah, well, you shouldn't
have done that.

I wasn't followed.
I needed to warn you.

Look, you need to leave.

No. Listen to me. Look,

I lost my phone
on the platform.

What if the Muirfield people

have it, and they know
about you?

This is why you have to
stop all contact with me.

What about my mom?
I know what it's like

to lose someone you love,
but you need to move on.

You can't tell me
to just move on!

Well, so what? You'll solve
your mother's murder,

exact justice? Trust me,
it does not end well.

Well, I'm gonna
take my chances.

You don't get it, do you?!
No, I do!

You can't tell me everything,
and that's fine.

I don't need all the answers,
but last night--

that was the first time
since my mom died

that I haven't felt crazy.

(inhales deeply)

You are crazy
showing up here alone!

I could kill you in less
than a second! Now go!



CATHERINE: Last night,
I realized that I was

thinking about your
wife's case the wrong way.

Sometimes things
aren't what they seem.

You can't tell
who the real monsters are.

I didn't kill my wife.

We just spoke
to a woman

you're having an affair with,

and I have DNA
that proves

there are at least four others.

You made every

one of your women
fall in love with you

and think that the only thing
standing in the way

of their fairy tale ending
was some pretend prenup.

Mr. Webster,

I don't think
you killed your wife.

But you are the reason
she's dead.

I need a list of names.

Everyone you slept with
during your marriage.

You owe it to Ashley.


Are you looking for Chloe?

I'm her new assistant.

Actually, Emily, uh,
we want to talk to you.

CATHERINE: Look, we appreciate how
helpful you've been, but

you forgot
to mention one thing.



Alex Webster-- you were having
an affair with him.

TESS: The missing pregnancy
tests-- we assumed

they were Ashley's, but
you used them, didn't you?

That's why you had
saltines in your purse.

I don't know
what you're...

The sign-out sheet.

I'm pretty sure
if we showed this

to an expert,
they'd confirm that

this was you signing out
Ashley's True to Color Blond.

No. Uh, Chloe ran the closet...

You wanted us to
think it was her

so that you could run off
into the sunset with Alex.

But there was no prenup.

That's impossible.

He lied. Just
like he lied

to all his women,
including the one

that he was with the night
that you killed Ashley.

I'm not even pregnant anymore.

I lost it.

You tell us where
the bottle is,

we'll make sure that the DA
knows how remorseful you are.

(distant siren wailing)

Are we okay?

You've been having
secret conversations,

you executed that search
without me,

and my brother's investigating
the subway case...

he found this
on the platform.

What were you doing
on the F train?

All right, just forget it.

Just know I'm here,
no judgments,

you ever want to talk.

Hey, it's Devil and Prada.
Nice work.

Hey, as long
as I get to be Devil.

So I'm not letting you
celebrate your big case

alone at your father's
engagement party.

What's the dress code?

Evan, you don't have
to do that.

Oh, come on. Free
drinks, and I'm assuming

your vapid stepmother
insisted on a good caterer.

You're just doing
this out of...

Charity. Yeah,
poor little single girl.

Did Tess tell you about Zeke?

No, Joe did.

How does Joe know?
(laughs) I don't know.

But I wouldn't ask him now.

He's just found out

the department has to shell
out for a new spectrometer.

Yeah, I took a look
over some old cases.

Six more samples,

all with the same
corrupted DNA.

Six. Really?

Yeah, so I guess
we'll see what's what

once we get our
new spectrometer.

Maybe you weren't
so crazy after all.

Right there.
What are you gonna do?


(footsteps approaching)





Did I miss something,

JT, you mind?


Just, you look...

I have an engagement party.


Look, I know you're gonna
try to kick me out. I get it.

I-I get what it's
like to hide out

and push people away 'cause
you don't feel deserving.

Do you know why I keep
asking about my mom?

Because I'm the reason
that she's dead.

If I hadn't left the stupid
vanity mirror open...

But, Vincent,
I just found

six cases of you

trying to save victims
around the city.

You're not a monster.

I would know.

There are a lot of guys
out there that are, but...

You saved my life.


Catherine, wait.

You're not the reason
your mom's dead.

They were tracking her.

I'm not sure why,
but it wasn't your fault.


CATHERINE: Sometimes it feels like
everyone's moved on,

but they all miss you
in their own way.

♪ And the arms of the ocean
are carrying me... ♪

Mom, there's not a day

that goes by
when I don't think about you.

The good news is...

I know now I'm not crazy.

I was saved by a beast.

He didn't get there
in time to save you,

but he's still out there.

And I have a feeling that now,

we're going
to have to save each other.

♪ Never let me go,
never let me go ♪

♪ Never let me go, never
let me go ♪

♪ Never let me go,
never let me go... ♪

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