666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 2 - Murmurations - full transcript

Jane finds that the wall of the Drake are infested with birds. She calls in an exterminator. She is also having nightmares where she finds a door in the Drake's basement. When she goes in, she enters a lovely bedroom - with a dead man lying on the floor. She's dreaming about a murder that occurred in 1956. A long-time tenant, Danielle Tyler, has a role to play in it all. Henry is put in a difficult position when he learns of Gavin's next big property deal. From information he has from working in the mayor's office the land is contaminated. Meanwhile Louise and Brian receive compensation for her accident in the elevator.

Previously on
666 Park Avenue...

Nice digs.

We have an interview.
Henry Martin, Jane Van Veen.

For the manager position.

Mr. Doran likes to approve
every tenant himself.

Obviously, whatever you guys
said won him over.

She's how we get Henry.

What happened
to the previous manager?

Why would anybody
ever want to leave this?

I'm Louise.

I think you met
my husband Brian.

Kind of nerdy cute.

Hey, honey,
come meet my new assistant.

Brian, this is Alexis.

Can you believe it?

She lives right across
the street, actually.

Washer number three is leaking.

Anything else I should know?

Well, there's a thief
in the building.

I'll keep an eye out.

I like your necklace.

It's not right what you do.

What I do is fulfill needs.


Oh, my God. Aah!

You signed
a binding contract.

Now it's time to settle up.


[ Patsy Cline's
"You belong to me" playing ]

* bom, bom, bom, bom *

* see the pyramids
along the Nile *

* bom, bom, bom, bom *

* Watch the sunrise
on a tropic isle *

* bom, bom, bom, bom *

* just remember, darlin' *

* all the while *

* you belong to me *

* bom, bom, bom, bom *

* see the marketplace
in old Algiers *

* bom, bom, bom, bom *

* send me photographs
and souvenirs *

* you *

* belong *

* to me *

Wait. I-I don't understand.

Barlow used to live here,
now he doesn't.

It's not that complicated.

No, I mean, why didn't he
tell me he was moving out?

Well, you've been here,
like, a week.

Why would he tell you anything?

Because I'm the new manager.
I'm supposed to get told.

And besides, people don't
just up and move like that.

I mean, there's paperwork
to fill out, I-I-I think.

Mr. Doran took care
of the paperwork.

He and Barlow, they got close

after the guy's wife took
her high dive off Bellevue.

This right here,
this is just a...

it's a favor for him,
all right?

Sure. Great.

Where's all this being shipped?


Help me, uh, count the boxes.


What'd you get?

Uh, 23.

Me, too.

I got a lot of work
to do on this place.

Gotta resurface the floors, redo the kitchen...

Install new fixtures,

and we should really look at
some of those sconces as w...




All right. I'll be down
in a minute.

The, uh, party planner
and her entourage

have arrived.

It's gonna be quite the soiree
tonight at the Dorans.

I'm looking forward to it.


Oh, sorry, Tony.
You weren't invited?

Oh, no, actually, I, uh,
I got a prior engagement.

Oh. Yeah.

Right. Yeah.

Of course.

All right. Take it easy.

Aah! Aah!



Tony, Barlow's apartment,

there are birds in the walls.

Uh, it's an old building.

Probably lots of things
in the walls.

They flew right out of the wall

and broke through
a window upstairs.

We gotta call an exterminator.
This is serious.

Yeah, yeah, look, look,
I got one elevator down,

and it's making
my life miserable.

I need it fixed today.

Yeah, yeah, it's the one
that almost ate that lady.

Yeah, that one. All right.

I sent Louise flowers
from all of us, by the way.

Of course you did.

This is the exterminator
we use.

You're the resident manager,
you call.

Thanks, Tony.
I'll take care of it.

You know, Tony, uh, by the way,

I didn't take the job
from you, okay?

Mr. Doran hired us.

Oh, I know that, Jane.


Oh, Nona, hey.

What's up?

You mentioned that there's
a thief in the building.

I... well, it looks like
I'm the latest victim.

Oh, no.

Yeah, uh, my...
my grandmother's necklace.

It's irreplaceable.

I'll keep an eye out.


Hey, Jane.

Don't mess with the birds.

They're part of the Drake.

Hey. Just talked
to the doctor a...

here. What are you doing?
Let me help.

All right. Let me help.

I'm not an invalid, Brian.

No, but you're still
on the mend.

Mending is really boring.

You gotta stop complaining.

You know, the doctor thinks

that you only have to be here
a few more nights.


That is not a long time

for a girl that got crushed
by an elevator.


Honestly, babe, uh,
a collapsed lung

and a concussion
are really serious.

So are some of
the bills we have.

I can't get out there
and land a job

until I get out of here.

You still have that one gig.

Actually, they said they weren't
gonna hire me again.

That's ridiculous, Lou.

You were in an accident.

Oh, they know. They sent those.

Look, they're
vindictive fashionistas

who were inconvenienced.

Yeah, it sucks.

will you get the nurse?

My Vicodin's wearing off.

Yeah, sure.

I'm back.

Alexis, thank God.

Oh, thank you.

Now this
is how you save a life.

How are you?

Uh, I'm fine.

Is that stuff
from our apartment?

Almost forgot.

Here you go. Here's your key.

I'm late.

I know. I'm sorry.


Wow. You look stunning.

Hey, thanks
for getting the wine.

Of course, of course.

So you wouldn't believe
this guy in the wine shop.

He was trying to push
an $800 bottle of wine on me.

Have you ever heard of
Chateau Monique? No.

Yeah, well, he couldn't believe
I hadn't heard of it either.

But you'll be happy to know,

I held firm on a bottle
of Merlot for 20 bucks.

That's what the Dorans use
in their salad dressing.

I'm gonna
hop in the shower.

I'm funny.

How was your day?

What, you didn't get my text?

The one about you
being attacked by birds?

That wasn't
an autocorrect mistake?

No. I got, like,
Tippi Hedren attacked.

They flew right out of the wall

of an apartment upstairs.

It was crazy.

And I still can't figure out
where they came from.

Did you provoke 'em?

No, I didn't provoke them.

I know how you are, Jane.
Get in the shower.

I love you.


Jane, Henry, there you are.

I'm sorry we're late.
It's my fault.

Oh, Olivia, this is amazing.

Here. Uh, for you and Gavin.

Oh, how thoughtful.

Help yourself to a drink.

The bar is straight ahead.

Uh, Adriana. E-excuse me.

I love your dress.

Uh, what do you want to drink?

Uh, something with vodka,


Uh, Henry, this is Danielle.

She lives in the building. Hey.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

Hi. The Sushi's excellent,
by the way.

Oh, yeah?

I was just telling
your lovely wife...



Not your wife?

Yes, lovely.

Uh, no, not married.

Oh, well, not yet.

I can tell Henry is a keeper.

Well, I like to think so.

Thank you, darling.

Thank you.

Go on in, take a look.

32 stories tall,
just off the West Side highway

at 43rd street...

condos and office space.

Looks impressive. It will be.

It's just a steel frame now.

These guys are in some kind
of financing squeeze.

They're desperate to get out.

The Alpern development group.
You probably heard about it.

Alpern, yeah,
it sounds familiar.

I'm picking this project up
for a song...

lands, construction costs,
air rights... all of it.

Uh, if... if you don't mind
me asking,

what's a song go for
these days?

$100 million.

That stays between us.

Uh, yeah, of course.

Hey. There you are.

I was just inside
talking to Gavin.




Can you believe this view?

I could get used to it.


Well, enjoy it while you can.

We turn back into pumpkins
at midnight.

You've met
our new building managers?

Oh, hi, Gavin.

You caught me staring.

Yes, they're very nice.


You here with someone?

Like a date? No.

I find that hard to believe.

It's not for lack of trying.


"Finding love makes it worth
the pain of searching for it."

Someone said that to me once.

They never tried
Internet dating.

Mm. Actually, I'm going out
with someone tomorrow night.

Magic could happen...
In theory.

There's a restaurant
in the flatiron district

that's very romantic.

I'll call the Ma?tre d'.

He'll take care of you
and your gentleman.

That's nice, Gavin.


Never hurts to stack the deck.



I think I left the clothes
in the dryer.

Why not tomorrow?

Because there's a thief
in the building.


[ The Flamingos ]
* Are the stars out *

* shoo-bop, shoo-bop *

* tonight? *

* doo-wop, shoo-bop *

* I don't know if it's cloudy
or bright *

* doo-wop, shoo-bop *

* I only have eyes *

* for you *

* dear *

* doo-wop, shoo-bop *

* the moon may *

* doo-wop, shoo-bop *

* be high *

* doo-wop, shoo-bop *

* but I can't see a thing *

* doo-wop, shoo-bop *

* in the sky *

* I only have eyes *

Oh, my God.

I got 15 minutes
to get downtown.

Have you seen my black socks
anywhere, babe?

Yeah, did you check
the, uh, laundry basket?

Um, I... did I? Of course.

You know, I'm thinking red

is a really nice contrast
with the green skin tone

you have going on this morning.

Yeah, well, for the record,
I feel much worse on the inside.


All right. I love you.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I forgot to mention, I, uh,

kind of invited the Dorans
to dinner tomorrow night.

I'm sorry. You kind of what?

Look, Jane, it's not like
we can afford to take 'em out.

And you're an amazing cook,

Oh, Henry, I have to cook
for billionaires?

Fine. If you want me
to cancel, I will.

I'll just tell 'em I was drunk.

You so totally owe me.

I so totally owe you.

I hate to, but I'm gonna late.

You're the best.

One elevator is still down.

We're just waiting
on final inspection.

Well, use the freight elevator
if you're in a hurry.

Yeah. All right.
Have a good day.

15 calls, same question.

Hey, Tony, uh, you ever
hear about a murder

that happened at the Drake?

A murder? Um... Uh, no, no.

There's been a few suicides
over the years,

and a bunch of...
bunch of accidents.

You know, one guy...

one guy actually fell out
his own window.


But, uh... But no murders

that I can recollect, no.


Why do you want to know
about a murder?

J-just wondering.

You're kind of creepy,
aren't you?

What? No.

Yeah, you are. I can tell.

Your guy's here.

I'm the exterminator.

No kidding.

Want to take a look?

It's an old ventilation shaft.


It's not on any of
the drawings I have.

This kind of brick here...

part of
the original construction.

Look down.

Oh, my God.
There's hundreds of them.


Biggest nesting murmuration
I've ever seen in a building.



It's what you call starlings.
Collectively, I mean.

You know, like, uh,
a gaggle of geese,

a kit of pigeons,

a murder of crows.

There's lots of names
for birds.

My personal favorite...

an exaltation of larks.

That should keep 'em
in the hole.

So, uh, what do you think?
Can you get rid of 'em?

Shouldn't be a problem.

I'll kill 'em all.

Jane, hey.

Brian, hey, uh, we're having
a small ventilation issue

in the building.

Uh, we're checking apartments
on every floor. Can we...

Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.

Great. Do what you gotta do.

There's a couple of birds
stuck in an air shaft.

It's nothing.


You good? Mm-hmm.


So, uh, so how's
Louise feeling?

Uh, bored to death.

You know,
but other than that, better.

Good. I'm gonna visit tomorrow.

She'd love the company.

You know, Brian,
your apartment is... is so cool.

I love the photographs.

Yeah, that's all Lou.
She's got the style.

My contribution is the, uh,
messy area... there.

So how's the play coming?

I-I thought I closed
those curtains.

Mm. Yeah, lots of, uh,
lots of distractions, huh?

Uh, I-I, uh,

I keep them closed
when I... when I write.

Looks good here.

Wall's solid.

Okay. Uh, Brian,
thanks for everything.



All right. Uh, see you around.


If they ventilated
down this far,

the air shaft should be
behind this wall.

Yeah, except there's no way
to access it.

There is.

Someone covered up
a door right here.

A door?

Hey, you ever consider,

whoever covered this door
with concrete

might have had
a good reason to do it?

There could be
a lot of reasons.

I still want you
to demo that wall.

Let me grab my tools.

[ New Alley Corp ]
* play me *

* Baby, don't stop now *

* we're taken in this far *

Excuse me. Check, please.

* Love is like music,
a magical union *

* that trills and moves *

* let's lose our restrain *

Let me buy you
a consolation drink.

You were right. It's...
it's very romantic here.

It's not a good place
to sit alone.

Alone seems to be a running
theme in my life lately.

I'm having a drink with
a friend. Come and join us.

I'm gonna go home.

Well... he was hoping
to meet you.

One drink.

One drink.

Hi there. Frank Alpern.


Pleasure to meet you. You too.

Join us for a drink?


You gonna kill the birds?

Jeez. You scared me.

You shouldn't be doing that.


I'm just helping 'em
find a new home.

You're gonna make them upset.

You know, uh,

I don't usually work
with an audience.


Oh, my God.

Thank you so much
for getting me lunch.

You're welcome.

Uh, so you're, uh,
you're feeling better?

Better. Honestly,
it could've been so much worse.

I mean, if Brian hadn't
been there...

I-I know.

I mean, you're lucky, I guess.

They ever figure out
what happened?

Uh, well, we had the elevators
inspected yesterday.

Um... but they couldn't
find anything wrong.

All the safety mechanisms
seem to be working.

So what does that mean?

Clearly, there's an issue.

I-I'm gonna talk
to Gavin about it.

That thing was possessed.

I swear, it felt like
it was trying to kill me.

Someone else
is gonna get hurt, Jane.

It's gonna happen.

What's this? A... a lawyer?

He's a personal injury

He thinks I have a real case.

You're gonna sue Gavin?

I'm strongly considering it.

I'm missing out on work.

I've... I've lost a lot of money
because of this accident.

I don't know.
We have some serious bills.

I-I'm sorry, Louise.

I-I probably shouldn't get
in the middle of this. Uh...


Anyway, I should probably go.

Um, I gotta go
to the grocery store

then home to cook dinner, so...

Oh, just you and Henry
tonight, huh?

Yeah. Yeah, just me and, uh,
me and Henry.



God, I'm sorry.


Where are you guys off to
all dressed up?

Oh, someone has
a big night out.

It's an excuse to go shopping.

I kind of
met someone last night.

Well, that's great.

I'll let you know
what happens.

When you see
what she's gonna be wearing,

I'll tell you
what's gonna happen.

Fingers crossed.



What the hell?

"The victim, Edward Paxton,

"a longtime resident
of the Drake,

"was found murdered
in his home.

The killer remains at large."

Hey, babe.

Hey, the Dorans are gonna
be here any minute.

Uh, start chopping.

Did you get my text?

Um, yes.

So, yeah, what,
you... you had a dream

someone was murdered
at the Drake, and it came true?

No. Well, yes.

Okay, I-I found an article

about a guy who was
killed here in 1956.

And it turns out it was

the same guy
that was in my dream.

But I had the dream
before I read about it.

Explain that to me.

Memory is unreliable,

and our brain
mixes things up all the time.

Nope, not mine
and not about that.

Okay, so you're clairvoyant.

So answer me this...

am I getting fired?

Okay, what?

I shouldn't even
be telling you this.

It... it sounds like you should
be telling me this.

Okay, so the other night
when we were at the Dorans,

Gavin showed me
this building that he's buying.

It's $100 million.

Oh, my God. They're gonna hate
my pot roast.

Babe, focus.

Sorry. What?

Okay, so I found out at work
that the building sits

right next to
an old industrial lot.

It turns out that lot
has soil levels

of arsenic and chromium
that are off the charts.

What does that mean?

What it... it means,
it's a toxic wasteland.

So if Gavin closes the deal
with the, um...

Oh, with the...
with the Alpern group,

I mean, he's screwed.

Like he's $100-million screwed.

Well, then you gotta
tell him, Henry.

Yeah, babe, I have to tell him,

and then the leak gets traced
back to me, and I'm done,

and we're back in Indiana.

Okay, what are you gonna do?

I-I don't know.

I'm gonna pretend I know
nothing about what I know

for the next two hours,

and then quietly freak out
after they leave.

Maybe inviting them over
wasn't such a good idea.


Hi, Gavin.

Hi. Welcome. Come on in.

Come on in.

Make yourself at home.

Something smells delicious.
Mwah. Mm.

For you.

Oh, Gavin, thank you so much.


Chateau Monique.


Our favorite.

What the hell
are you looking at?

Oh, knock it off. Damn it!



Get off me.


Oh! What the hell
are you doing?

Get outta here.

You closed the curtains.

I wanted to see you.

How did you get in here?

You know how.

Made a key.

You've been watching me
from your window.

I know you want me.

You need to leave.

Right now.


Yeah. I want you to leave.

Jane, you are an amazing cook.


Oh, thank you.

I know pot roast screams
'50s housewife,

but I've never had a complaint.

There's nothing wrong with
being a little old-fashioned.

This is delicious.

Mm. You should tell them
who taught you how to cook.

Would I know the chef?

Probably not.
Uh, it was my grandmother.

Uh, I always helped her cook
Sunday night dinner growing up.

Uh, she was convinced
that cooking a proper roast

would help me find
a proper husband, so...

You want to talk about

Well, it would've worked on me.

Speaking of husbands,

what are your plans together?

Well, uh, sure.

E-eventually. Right?

How long have you two
been together?

Mm. What is it... Uh...

Like four...

uh, almost five years.
Yeah, five years.

You know, it's something
we've... we've talked about,

but we're...

Not in any rush.

Oh, I wouldn't wait too long.

Men like Henry get snatched up

pretty quickly in this city.

It's a jungle out there.

No, that's not true. Come on.

I'm serious. He was jealous.

He did not just keep
forgetting to bring my drink.

Jealous and passive-aggressive?


maybe he was just a bad waiter.

Nah. I saw the way
he was looking at you.

Oh, really?


Mm. Well...

What way was that?

Kind of like I am right now.

So what happens now?

Do you want me?

Tell me.

I want you.

So Jane discovered

an interesting bit
of history today

about the Drake.

Is that right?

Yeah, apparently,
there was a... murder

in the building
back in, uh, 1956.

Did you know about this?

Well, I'm old,
but I'm not that old.

That was long
before my time at the Drake.

Uh, the victim was a man
named Edward Paxton.

They never caught his killer.

Sounds terrible.

Where did you get this paper?

This looks like
an original copy.

Oh, uh, at the... the library.

Oh. Fascinating.

I love a murder mystery.

It happened
at the Drake.

Where exactly?

Uh, apartment 7g.

Who's in that apartment, honey?

Our friend Danielle Tyler.






Sometimes, like...

With the birds in the walls

That door I keep seeing...

I know it sounds crazy, but...

I feel like the building's
trying to tell me something.

I don't know what it is yet.

Wait. I hear it.

It's saying good night.

Good night.

What are you doing?
Where are you going?

I gotta get home.

Please stay with me tonight.

Don't. I thought we were both
gonna be adults here.

What does that mean?

It means,
my wife is gonna kill me

if I don't get home tonight.

Come on.
Don't look at me like that.

You knew what the deal was.

I never took off
my wedding ring.

You didn't have one.

I looked.

I did.

I know I did.



I gotta go.



[ The Flamingos ]
* My love must be a kind *

* of blind love *

* I can't see anyone *

* but you *

* shoo-bop, shoo-bop *

* doo-wop, shoo-bop *


I loved you so much.




Please help me.

I don't... I don't know
what happened.

Looks to me like Frank Alpern
got what he deserved.


He was a cheat.

Tried to screw me over
in a deal

that he knew was bad.


And what he did to you,
leading you on like that...

I don't blame you
for getting upset.

On the contrary.

I was counting on it.

But I-I didn't kill Frank.

It's the price we pay

for the thing we want the most.

I didn't kill him.

Do you remember Edward,

your first love?

Told you he was in love
with another woman.

He broke your heart.


And Carlos...

Who betrayed you the same way?

No, oh, it's not...

And Michael...

Oh, no.

Who used you?

And Dominick?

No, it...

And all the others...

No, no. Through the years?

No. It's not true.

It's not true.

Oh, come.



I'll take care of the mess.

And when you wake up
in the morning,

I promise you,

you'll feel like
a brand-new woman.

Mr. Doran.

Morning, Gavin.

Good morning.

I thought you would
be interested to know

that we closed the deal
with the Alpern group

late last night.


Although I can't imagine
anyone wanting to live there

given how toxic the lot
next door is.

But you already knew that,
didn't you?

Look, Gavin, I c...
I couldn't say anything.

I wanted to, but, uh...

you did the right thing.

You're not upset?

That you didn't abuse your
position to curry favor with me?

The world is full
of temptations, Henry.

People with integrity are rare.

Well, I'm still sorry,
for what it's worth.

No hard feelings.

I flipped the property
this morning

to a Chinese investor
before the news broke.

I cleared $20 million.

You had an ace up your sleeve?

I always do.

All right. Well, I, uh,
I better get to work.

Enjoy the day.

It's gonna be a hot one.

Guess you were right.

I knew he wouldn't bite.
He's a stand-up kid.

So he passed your little test.

Mm-hmm. He's perfect.

He's a boy scout, Gavin.

No, no.

He is going to be a hero.

Mm. Bye.

Oh, you're gonna end up
putting me in the hospital, Lou.

I'm not getting back on
that elevator.

Brian, why are
all the curtains drawn?

It's like a cave in here.

No, let me help you.

I don't want you
to strain yourself.

Is there mail?


Oh. Wow. All this?

I was only gone a few days.

Bills, bills, more bills.

What's this?


Who's it from?

It's from, uh, Gavin Doran.

An apology. Guess he knows
I'm gonna sue his ass.



Gavin just gave us $300,000.

I'm feeling better already.

That's great.

His supervisor suggests
we look for him

at the bottom
of whiskey bottle.

Great. That's helpful.

Yeah. I'll find you
another exterminator.

Thank you.

That's not necessary, Tony.

Those birds never bothered
anyone before.

Have the wall in
Barlow's apartment closed up.

Just leave them alone?

They've probably been nesting
there for 50 years.

The Drake is their home, too.

Oh, well, then, I'll, uh,

I'll take it off my list.

I-I should probably
get back to work, though.

But thanks, Gavin.


And, Jane,

you might want to take care of
that mess down in the basement.

Oh, okay. I'll...
I'll get on that.

Good morning, Jane.

Danielle, hey.

How was your, uh,
your date last night?

Go figure. He canceled.

Oh, I'm sorry.

His loss.

That's right.
Anyway, I gotta run.

Can we, uh,
can we catch up later?



Tell Henry I say hi.

She's sweet.


Lucky to have found
someone like Henry.

"Finding love makes it worth
the pain of searching for it."

I think I've heard that
before, somewhere.


I hope it's true.