5ive Days to Midnight (2004): Season 1, Episode 5 - Day 5 - full transcript

Someone wants to kill me!

It's a deliberate act, and I have to act first!

Meaning what?

I am gonna remove each suspect's

motive or opportunity to kill me.

Carl, Brad, Roy...

(Sikorski) You forgot a suspect. Claudia.

Do you want to kill me? No.

And, in my opinion,

a 72-hour observation period

would be most beneficial right now.

I had no choice.

You lying, backstabbing son of a bitch!

You don't really think I would try and kill you over this?

You've got the wrong guy! Uhh!

He's got a gun, arrest him.

I don't have a gun, you can search me.

(Sikorski) Carl Axelrod escaped from the hospital.

Professor Neumeyer gave that to me.

He wanted me to have it. I don't care what he wants.

Give me the case! No!

(Sikorski) Your brother-in-law is down at the station,

screaming that Carl stole his briefcase.

And it gets worse.

I sent some men over to Carl's loft.

There's something you gotta see.

(J.T.) This is where Carl proves

that the universe will fall apart

if I don't die by tomorrow.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

If I wanted to present this as evidence, where would I start?


Yeah, you're the only one who understands it.


And I might be dead by sunrise.

(man) Opening 14.

(man #2) Let's lock it down.

(distant buzzer)

(indistinct chatter)

My name is Jay Simpson. I am an attorney.

I represent Roy Bremmer.

(indistinct police radio chatter)

(phone ringing)

Where are you?

(J.T.) Are the police there?

Yeah, they got here about ten minutes ago.

When are you coming home?

Is Jesse asleep?

Of course not.

(J.T.) We're leaving now.


(Sikorski) The physics, I get.

It's what you asked him to do.

But, uh... why this?


So he can make sure that I die the way I'm supposed to,

down to the very last detail.

What do you mean there's no green Jeep Cherokee?

Well, Mister...

I called, I checked.

I have a confirmation number. You guaranteed it.

That's why I came all the way out here.

Right, it's... it's not back yet.

It's supposed to be back, but it...

(truck horn honking) Guh!

How about a free upgrade?



I need this car...


Do you understand?

(rain pattering)

You want me to take you back to your car?

No, it's at the Buck Naked. It's Friday.

I'm not going anywhere near it.

(engine starts)

(tires screeching)


(woman) Bradley?

What the hell is going on down here?

What are you doing with that gun?


What are you doing?

Oh, my God, look at your head.

What happened to your head?! What are you...

Bradley, answer me! What are you doing with that gun?

I am trying to keep my marriage together

and to ensure our future!

Which means I've gotta get that case,

and I've gotta get it right now!

(distant dog barking)

(indistinct police radio chatter)

(man) Hey, Crabtree.

You gotta stay awake.

(cat screeching)

(screeching continues)

(cat howling)

"Stefani" is the most idiotic name.

"Stefani" is for retards.

(approaching car, distant siren)

That's good!

Is this all your luggage, sir?

Yes, it is.

(woman) Oh!

Excuse me!

Excuse me! Here, I'll get it for you.

Thank you so much, sorry. Oh, God, excuse me!

Excuse me!

I just need to get my coffee.

You're not supposed to do tha... ooh!

(man) He's still got my co...

Look what he did to my luggage!

(cat purring)

Hey, you gotta get back to your post.

What are you doing?

(cat screeching)


(weakly) Claudia?



♪ ♪

(door creaks)

Claudia! Claudia!

There's somebody downstairs.

No, it's just the guards, honey.

No. No, they're gone.

The guards are gone.

Damn it.

(phone beeping)

Okay, um, listen to me.

What's your best hiding spot?

Uh... (muffled crash)

Um... okay. Jesse... think.

It's in the back of my dad's closet.

There's a tiny crawlspace. Okay.

You're gonna go in there,

and you're not gonna come out

until I tell you to come out, okay?

Okay. Be very quiet, all right?

Okay, shh.

♪ ♪

(floorboards creak)

(footsteps ascending stairs)

♪ ♪

(door creaks)




(man and Claudia grunting)

(glass shatters)


(Roy) You hurt me.

You wanted to hurt me.

(glass shatters)

(grunting, whips extension cord)


(Roy, singsong) Little girl...


(breathing heavily)



♪ ♪

(distant dog barking)

Sikorski, there's no one out front.

Stay here.

(police radio chatter)





Jess, Jess!

(distant) Jesse!

Damn, he's dead.

(distant dog barking)

(J.T.) Jesse!






(distant) Jesse?

(door squeaks)




They're gone!





I've got two officers down.

Repeat, two officers down.

I need backup and a coroner.

Ask about Claudia and Jesse!

APB on a forest green Jeep Cherokee.

Driver, Axelrod, Carl...

No, no, it's not Carl!

Male Caucasian, age 25.

He wouldn't be there!

There'd be no reason for him to have them.

It's got to be Roy Bremmer.

He's in jail.

Yeah, I know, but just ask 'em!

He's in jail! Ask them!

Is Roy Bremmer still in jail?!

(radio static)

Give us the answer, Phil.

(radio static)

(woman) He's gone.

His lawyer had him kicked.

(distant dog barking)



(car horn honks)

(car horn blares)



(faint police radio chatter)

APB, I want an APB on a black Cadillac STS,

owner Roy Bremmer, license...

935 F-V-F.

935, Frank-Victor-Frank.


Copy that. All units...

I can't even keep my own daughter safe!

I'm trying to save my life.

License 935 F-V-F...

Look what I've done to hers.


(static burst)


(distant thunder rumbling)

What in the hell?

♪ ♪

(water dripping)

(muffled traffic noise)



♪ ♪

(mutters) What in the hell?

Oh, my God.

(police siren wails)

(faint police radio chatter)

(man) This is Unit 28 heading east on Baker.

Black STS in front of me.

License match?

Affirmative. All right, stay with him.

Do not attempt to engage or apprehend. Let's go, let's go.

Is that clear? Affirmative.

Come on, come on, come on.

I'm going to deal with this personally.

(tires screeching, siren wailing)

(sirens blaring)



Shh, shh, shh.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

(whispers) Shut up.

♪ ♪

You shouldn't have hurt my hand, Angela.

I tried to contact you to give back what I took.

Oh. Uh, what did you take from me?

The quitclaims.


Roy, just let Jesse go.

Drop her on a street corner, she's got nothing to do with this.

When... when did you start wanting to have babies?





Give me an ETA.

(man) We're less than a minute to the Huron intersection.

(woman) One-Charlie-David, be advised crossing 24th.

(man) Copy that. Unit 27 heading eastbound on 33rd.

(Sikorski) Do not apprehend. I repeat, do not apprehend.

Follow the suspect. Copy that.

(woman) All units be advised.

Suspect's vehicle heading northbound on Broadway...

(tires screeching)

Seal the perimeter around 44th and West Boulevard.

(tires screeching)

(woman) Be advised, they're coming right at you.

Don't get 'em killed.

Here they come.

♪ ♪

(distant sirens)

Stop it right there! Stop it right there!


Now put your hands up!

Put your hands up in the air where I can see 'em!

It's not Roy, it's his dick lawyer.

Get out of the car! Get out!

Get out of the car! Get out!

Get out of the car right now! Get out of the car!

All right, all right!

All right, all right, all right!

Where's Roy? Where's Roy Bremmer?

I have no idea. Get an idea!

Where is he? I don't know where he is.

No, no, don't... don't do it!

He's not worth it.

Bremmer took this man's kid.

You're an accessory. I don't know anything...

Get him out of here, guys.

I am not a criminal!

I'm an attorney!


I know where they are.

So do you.

(tires screeching)

♪ ♪

They're under the front seat passenger side in a folder.

(Roy sighs)

(gun cocks)

Roy, just let Jesse go.

You can do whatever you want with me, but let her go.


(screams) No! No, no!

Don't, don't!


I'll do whatever I want.

It was there. I put it there yesterday!

Shut up!

We'll just go inside...

and wait for your boyfriend to bring them.

Come on, little girl, come on.


One big happy family.

(siren blaring)

Why would he go back there?

Because I showed him the file.

He knows where I'm supposed to be.

There's no way you're going into Buck Naked today.

I'm gonna handle this.

I'm calling a SWAT team from Seattle.

No, no SWAT team.

There was no SWAT team the first time.

Jesse didn't die. Claudia didn't die.

Let's keep the variables to a minimum.

You're sounding more and more like your buddy Carl.

Maybe he's on to something.

Yeah. You.

(dispatcher chatter)

(door squeaks)



Are you scared, my little sweetheart?

Are you scared?

That's a good thing to be scared,

because that means you're gonna listen to me.

Listen to me carefully. Look at me, look at me.

Good girl.

I want you to be very quiet, okay?

'Cause otherwise, Daddy is going to get hurt.

We don't want Daddy to be hurt, do we, hmm?

Good little girl.

Angela... I said don't move!

It's okay, it's okay.

Hmm? Whew. Heh.


You be a good little girl, okay?

It's gonna work out fine.

Shh, shh.

(door squeaks and latches)

Everything's gonna be okay.

Uh, give me a gun.

(chuckling) No way.

No, come on, g-give me a gun.

I need a gun.

(Roy) What were you thinking?


You don't steal from Roy Bremmer.


(lid squeaks)

I wouldn't trust this outside of ten feet.

(whispering) You know...

they've been laughing at me behind my back.

"The man who couldn't find his own wife."

(whispers) Oh, yes.

All right, now, if the shooting starts,

I want you to stay as low to the ground as you can.

And don't shoot me.

(door creaks)

♪ ♪

Kiss me.

(spits) Ooh!

(clock ticking)

♪ ♪


Come on...

Let's call your boyfriend, huh?

Huh? (gasps)

Look at you.

You're a mess.

(clock ticking faintly)

♪ ♪

(cell phone ringing)


(cell phone ringing)

(whispering) Dad...

(loud click)

Jesse! Je...

Put the gun down!

Put the gun down now!

Put the gun down now!

(Claudia) Shut up! Shut up!

(overlapping shouting) Shut up, just shut up!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up, all of you!

Claudia, are you okay?

I'm fine, I'm fine.

Where's Jesse? She's safe.

She's safe, she's safe.

She's safe if you give me back what you stole from me.

I didn't steal Claudia.


You think this is all about Angela?

It's never just about one thing.

(Claudia) J.T., there were papers in my car,

under the front seat in an accordion file.

They belonged to Roy.

What the hell are you talking about?

You play dumb like that

and your little girl is gonna get hurt.

All right... J.T., don't, don't!

He won't hurt Jesse.

Yes, I will! No, he won't!

Jesse! Shut up!



You said you wouldn't touch the girl, Roy!

Where's Jesse? We need to know now!

(muffled) Dad!

Okay, okay.


You give me the quitclaims, I give you Jesse.

The... the what? The qu...

He doesn't have them, Roy.

He doesn't even know about them, I never told him.

Never told me what, what?!

I don't want them anymore!

All I want is you and Jesse.

I tried to give them back...

(Claudia and Jesse scream)


(Claudia gasping)

(Jesse) Dad!

Jesse, Jesse!

(screams) Dad! Dad!

I'm coming, Jess! I'm coming, I'm coming!

(Jesse) Dad!

I'm okay, just go. I'm all right, go.

Congratulations, Angela.

You just inherited $12 million worth of property.

Is this what you've been holding out for?

I found 'em in your car last night,

in that brown accordion file.

That's when I knew it really was my week.

Now, with Roy dead...

you're free to... sign them over to me.

You, you're just a damn...

I prefer "opportunist" myself.

Your weakness is Claudia.

Mine is $12 million. You can't do this.

Watch me.


(tosses pen on table)

Sign the quitclaims...

or I shoot your boyfriend.

No, you won't.

You can't pull the trigger.

I saw you yesterday. You had a clear shot at Roy.

You don't have the balls.


Or the bullets...

in case you do have the balls.


Like I'd give you a loaded gun.

Uhh! Ohh! Gah!

Uhh! Claudia!

Hold on, hold on!


(Claudia whimpering)



(J.T. grunting)

Where is it, where is it?

Where is it, where is it?

Is this what you're looking for?

It must be weird having everything come together

just like it's supposed to...

no matter what you do.


What about Jesse?

Jesse is what you got out of today.

Come on.


(J.T.) Claudia?

(bottle clatters)

I'm not going to insult your intelligence.

You don't make it. Neither of you.

Roy kills you two, I kill Roy.

I'm a hero.

And I want you to know it's going to haunt me,

but for $12 million worth of real estate,

I'm prepared to live with my pain.

Don't sign, Claudia. What's the point?

The point is, Jesse makes it.

Her signing the quitclaims over to me

makes sure Jesse has a future.

The same future she was gonna have.

How do I know you're not going to kill her anyway?

Don't give me a reason to.

I'm so sorry.





(sobbing quietly)

Now, where are you supposed to be?

Come on.

(Claudia crying)

You gotta do it, J.T.


Maybe Carl was right.

(J.T.) Carl wasn't right.

Roy wasn't here, Claudia wasn't here.

Jesse wasn't here.

Well, then, maybe everything you did this week

only made matters worse.

It certainly made me richer.

(whimpering) Get in!


(clock ticking)

(gun clicks)

(Claudia gasps)

(engine revving)

♪ ♪

(Claudia sniffling)

♪ ♪

(cocks rifle)





Run, Jesse!

(tires screeching)


(tires screech)

(wipers humming)

(wheel squeaking)

(Claudia whimpering)


I got her, she's here!

(tires screeching)

(steam hissing)

(weakly) Ohh, God...

J.T.! Dad!

(mutters) All right...

(buttons beeping)

(computer bleeping)



(electronics zapping and sizzling)

(Sikorski) What are you gonna do?

Throw it at me?

(circuits zapping)



That bullet's 50 years old.

♪ ♪

You're still gonna die.



(gunshot) (Claudia and Jesse scream)

(electricity zapping)

(Claudia gasps)

(circuits blowing)



I'm sorry, I can't stop now.

Carl, you... you gotta stop...

(Carl) This has to happen.

No, Carl, it doesn't have to happen.

I know, I know, I'll go to jail, all right.

Carl, Carl, listen to me! Listen to me.

It's just damn physics.

Physics is the fabric of life.

Yeah, I know. Carl, have a look at that.

What's that? It says "Sikorski/Bremmer."

Why does that say "Case Closed?"

Where's the other report?

(J.T.) There is no other report.


Come here, come here, sweetie.

Come here. Okay, okay...

(beeping, circuits blowing)

What is that? Where is the other...

You okay, you okay?

That's the cop that arrested me.

Is that Bremmer?

(Carl muttering)

Look at that, it's just like the other report...



(Carl) Consistent, causal loop, that's where I am.

Or I'm in a parallel universe, that's what it is.

Oh, my God, this is just like the original...

It's perfect.

This is...

Professor Neumeyer, you don't die!

I like this version better.

(Carl) Well, am I in this one?

No, I'll be in... let's go back

to the beginning and start at the start.

(chuckling) It comes around right on folded paper.

Oh, it's beautiful, it's beautiful.

This makes perfect sense.

(electricity sizzling)

(buzz buzz)

Professor Neumeyer?

(Jesse) Is it over?

(sighs) Yes.

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

The police and ambulances are on their way.

(train crossing bell clanging)

(electricity zapping)

The universe looks pretty good from here, doesn't it, Carl?

(bell continues clanging)

(train horn blowing)

This is yours!

I'll get it.

See ya.



I guess I'm not the only Professor J.T. Neumeyer

in the family.

That is, if you take the next 50 years into account.

(Claudia) Jesse sent the case.


♪ ♪

Jesse Tracy Neumeyer.


(giggling) What?

Come here.

♪ ♪