5ive Days to Midnight (2004): Season 1, Episode 4 - Day 4 - full transcript

♪ ♪

Previously on "5ive Days to Midnight"...

It seems someone wants to hurt me.

We have the top homicide investigator.

That means murder.

I shot this from Claudia's gun.

Claudia's got a gun?

And a husband that she's been on the run from

for the last two years, Roy Bremmer.

Professor, we need to talk about my wife. Her real name is Angela.

Three times I find her, three times she disappears.

This time, if I lose Angela, I'm coming after you.

You're going to die on Friday. The physics demand it.

Nonsense. What's happening, Pop?

We're gonna do exactly what Mandy Murphy did,

only better. We're gonna get far away

from our oak tree before it falls.

Mandy Murphy was supposed to die underneath that tree.

(J.T.) But she didn't... she's alive and well

because I changed her destiny,

which means I can change my own.

(paramedic) We got a multi-crash coming in.

We lost her on the way over.

♪ ♪

I, John Tracy Neumeyer,

being of sound mind and body,

do declare the following to be my last will and testament.

♪ Fare thee well ♪


Everything I own, I leave to my daughter,.

Jesse Tracy Neumeyer.

I name Dr. Dan Westville

and his wife, Jan Mercer Westville

the legal guardians for Jesse,

and I also name Dan to be executor of my estate.

♪ Though I go 10,000 miles ♪

♪ 10,000 miles ♪

♪ My own true love ♪

Now Dan, this is crucial.

♪ 10,000 miles or more ♪


Brad and Chantal must never have access to Jesse's trust.


And Jesse, it's really...

It's funny, because I never really gave much thought

to what was coming for you.

For us.

♪ That long summer's day ♪

(crying) ♪ Sitting on an ivy tree ♪

♪ She's looking for ♪

♪ Her own true love ♪

(J.T.) Driving you to your first dance,

watching you graduate,

walking you down the aisle...


I can't imagine that.

♪ ♪

You know, holding... holding your newborn child...


♪ Oh come ye back ♪



♪ My own true love ♪

(J.T.) Okay, I'm trying to think,

trying to think of the right thing to say here,

the fatherly thing that's going to

help you through all those moments, but I can't.

So I'm gonna tell you this, Jess.

You are stronger than you think you are,

and you are smarter than the rest of us put together.

And Jess, I guess the biggest thing I want to say to you

is that you have a huge capacity for love

and if you give that to those who deserve it,

you'll always be okay.

♪ You've been a friend to me ♪

♪ ♪


I'm sorry.

You were never supposed to see that.

Is it real?

It seems so.

How do you know?

Well, you know, things keep happening.

The storm.

The oak tree.

People changing.

Everything that's in that file, it's come true.


So far.

But the...

the only way...

Are you saying this...

This is from the future?

Who sent it?

I don't know.

Why did they send it?

Well, you know...

I assumed it was to help me stop all of this.

But now, I think, Jess, that... that maybe it was...

it was... it was to help me prepare.

To prepare?

No, no, that's like giving up.

You can't give up.

I mean, you can't give up 'cause...

I mean, whoever sent it wouldn't have picked it out for you

unless if... unless if you could change.

They chose it for you because they knew

that you could figure it out.

Okay, okay.

We have to fight.

I mean, "us" have to fight.

You know?


You are right.

You're right.

We do, we do have to fight.

Or at least, I do.

You have to go to school.

No. Yeah.

♪ ♪

(teakettle whistles)



Can you take Jess to school?

Is she ready? Five minutes?

Not soon enough. I've got urgent business.

(locks door)

(car engine starts)

(J.T.) Now, Jess, I need you to be where I know you're safe.

(Jesse) But what if something happens to you?

It won't, it's Thursday. Okay?

Come here.



Don't expect me to learn anything.

(bell ringing)

(car engine starting)

(dog barking)

You're not supposed to be here.

Yeah. Well, I can't get away, and I mean that literally

I cannot run, so I'm gonna deal with this thing head-on.

Meaning what?

Meaning I am gonna remove each suspect's motive

or opportunity to kill me.

Carl, Brad, Roy...

Now, wait a minute.

You can't just cowboy up on a guy like Roy.

You'll only get yourself killed a day early.

So arrest him, put him in jail. On what grounds?

You know, maybe I should put you in jail

for your own protection. It sounds like I should.

No, no, listen, he would find a way to get to me.

Sikorski, someone wants to kill me, a deliberate act,

so that means I have to act first.

All right, well, we'll see you around, I hope.

Wait a minute.

You left out a suspect.


What are you gonna do about her?

She's your weakness, isn't she?

Claudia is the least of my worries.

Oh, please, don't tell me you trust her.

There's more to this than just a marriage gone bad, J.T.

There's bigger things at stake here.

And what do you mean by that?

There has to be.

Listen, if Claudia really wanted to kill me,

she's so good at hiding it that there'd be

nothing anyone could do about it.

But what you should be doing right now

is focusing on the real threat,

which is the homicidal husband.

Where is she?

It's the weaknesses that get you.

♪ ♪

(conductor) All aboard!

(horn blaring)

Okay, Roy, where is your weakness?


Charges dropped.

Acquitted again.


♪ ♪


(line ringing)

(woman) Everett Hospital.

Dr. Dan Westville, please.

(P.A. announcement) Your attention, please.

Passengers are now boarding at platform four.

Passengers are now boarding at platform four.

(engine starts)


(line ringing)


This is Angela Bremmer.

I need to speak to Roy.

Carl, we need to talk.

Maybe you could ride with me while I run some errands. I don't have much time.

You talked yesterday about a rip in the fabric of the universe.

Yes, if you don't die. What exactly does that mean?

Well... I mean, scientifically?

Do the laws of physics get repealed

if I'm still alive on Saturday?

Does gravity cease?

Does E not equal MC squared?

Well, impossible, yes, if you apply the bootstrap paradox,

but not if you include five-dimensional supergravity.

I don't know! Nobody does! The point is,

we can't afford to find out!

Yeah, well, I intend to.

Professor, has it occurred to you

that by fighting your destiny,

you could make things worse?

Hmm. What's worse than a bullet in the head?

Not for you.

For everyone and everything around you.

Where are we going?

Oh, I had a friend check my blood

against the blood found on the bullet fragment in the case,

so I'm going to check the results. That's a waste of time.

It matches. It has to. Oh, yeah?

You want to bet? No, I'm serious.

If the blood doesn't match, will you drop this whole thing

and leave me alone? And if it does?

Well, then you have to do what you have to do.

You can stay here or you can come with me

and check the results.

My name is Jesse Neumeyer. I need to see Tim.

He's the editor. It's urgent.

Jesse-bear? Come on up.

What's the occasion?

Aren't you supposed to be in school?

You know, some things

are just more important than school.

Oh. You have to tell me all about it.

I need to know what happened to Mandy Murphy's dog,

'cause it doesn't say.

Hmm. You're right, it doesn't.

Are dogs allowed at funerals?

All right.

He, uh... he said we should wait in here.

I hate doctors' offices.


In-state school doctor, nice.

You must be Carl.

Yeah, I must be.

What about Professor Neumeyer's blood?

Does it match the blood on the bullet?

We have a bet.

Carl, I'd like you to meet Dr. Fontaine.


Hi, Carl.

Carl, I had no choice.

Professor Neumeyer has expressed

a great concern about you, Carl.

No, he hasn't. He explained your condition,

and in my opinion, a 72-hour observation period

would be most beneficial right now.

How dare you?

How can you do this to us,

to the world, to your own daughter?

You lying, backstabbing, son of a bitch!

(Dan) Put Mr. Axelrod in three.

I felt sorry for you, but now?

Now you deserve what's coming!

You deserve it! Come on.

You deserve what's coming to you!

(continues shouting)

I, uh, I owe you for this one.

Well, that's good, J.T., because now I have

something to ask of you.

Anything you want.

You want to admit me for observation?

I want you to admit yourself. Oh, no, no, no.

J.T., this will be completely confidential.

The university will never know.

Dan, I know that this whole thing sounds very crazy...

I did not say "crazy." I didn't say that.

I think it's just stress.

It's the anniversary of Katherine's death,

you've got pressure at work,

and it's all coming out in this delusion

about a mysterious prophecy of your murder from outer space.

No, not outer space, Dan. It's from the...

Oh, jeez.

All right, listen, why don't you call Brad?

Ask Brad, he'll tell you.

(slams receiver)

I talked to Brad.

He doesn't know what the hell you're talking about.



Now, Dan, listen, the bullet... you saw the bullet.

The bullet, it matches the blood. J.T.,

Jan and I will look after Jesse.

You need to start reducing the stress right now.

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Yeah, that's... that's exactly what I'm gonna do.


All those Christmases in Hawaii, all those ski trips to Aspen,

they were all my treat.

They didn't cost you and Jesse a dime.

Because you refused my money!

You always had to play Daddy Warbucks!

Oh, for God's sake, spare me the lecture!

You know what really pisses you off, J.T.?

Not that I'm in trouble, no.

What pisses you off is that I'm ambitious,

that I tried to reach for the sky

and I got slammed for it, and you love that.

And you love it because you gave up reaching a long time ago.

If you needed money, all you had to do was ask.

You know what I need.

The briefcase?

The briefcase is yours.

As soon as I am done with it, you can reverse-engineer it,

sell the technology, keep the profits.

I don't care. You see, Brad,

all I care about is staying alive.

Staying alive? J.T...


You don't really believe

that I would try and kill you over this?

Be careful, he's falling apart.

(car engine starts)

We'll get everything back and more.

I promise.

Sure we will.


(line ringing)

(Bremmer) Leave a message.

This is the professor calling.

I have something for Roy.

You can reach me at 425-555-145...

♪ ♪

♪ All alone ♪

♪ Out at sea ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Drifting for days ♪

♪ ♪

♪ It's hard to believe ♪

♪ That help is on the way ♪

♪ ♪

(phone ringing)

Hello? (Mrs. Strome) Professor Neumeyer?

This is Mrs. Strome, the school secretary.

Yes, yes, is Jesse okay?

Well, that's just it. We don't know.

She hasn't been in classes today.

♪ Like the world ♪

♪ Circling the sun ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Life goes on ♪

(Jesse) Please...

♪ Oh life goes on ♪


(cell phone ringing)

Yes? (J.T.) Claudia, Jesse is missing.

Jesse? How do you know?

Now, the school called. She never went in.

I need your help. She's such a smart kid, J.T.

I'm sure she's fine.

Just stay right there. I'm on my way.

(P.A. announcement) The journey group will begin in the cafeteria in ten minutes.

Journey group begins in the cafeteria in ten minutes.


(clock ticking)

(Jesse) Dad!


Dad, Dad!

Uhh! Dad!

Why did you skip school?

It said in the newspaper clipping

that Mandy Murphy and her pet dog were killed

by the tree, but then you saved them.

Nobody could tell me if the dog died like he was supposed to.

Then it said in the newspaper about the funeral,

so I went to go and find out.

And he is alive,

which means that you can change things.

(door closes)

Did you take care of that business?

Ongoing. Fill you in? Yeah.

Okay. Are you mad at me for ditching school?

No, Jess. No, I'm not. I'm actually very proud of you.

You were brave. I mean, you paid attention to detail,

you didn't take anything for granted.

You checked everything just like a good scientist.

(cell phone ringing)

Yes? This is Bremmer.

You got something for me?


Bring it.

It's gonna have to be in a public place.

It is. 1138 Grove. Leave right now.

Okay. Okay, I have to go out.

Why? Aw, damn.

Claudia parked me in. Tell Claudia I'm taking her car.

Here, can you give those to her, please?

(clears throat) Just... just tell her.

Dad? Yeah?

I love you.

(door closes)

Damn it, J.T.

(car engine starts)


I'm changing everything, every detail.

(door opens, slams shut)

Where is that blue parka?

Oh! You are gone!


Grove Street.

The shirt...

You know...

I grew up without a father,

but I think it must be even harder

growing up without a mom.

I've always had my dad.

What would happen if he dies?

Would I ever see you again?

I don't know.

That's the mother lode, isn't it?

Hey, that's my case you've got there.

No, it isn't. Hey, hold up.

Hey, slow down! Hey!

You're J.T.'s student. You're Carl, right?

Listen, Professor Neumeyer gave that to me.

He wanted me to have it.
I don't care what he wants.

Give me that case! Give me the case! No!

Give me the case!


Let it go!


Lunatic, will you let it go?


(cell phone ringing)


(tires screeching)

(J.T.) There it is.

♪ This is what it's all about ♪

♪ Everybody let's shout bomb ticky ticky ♪

♪ Ticky ticky bomb bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb ♪

♪ It's a bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb ♪

♪ It's a bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb ♪

(bouncer) Two drink minimum.

(man) Uh, two more!

(man whistling)
♪ Get wrecked ♪

♪ Feeling the effect the diggy's ♪

♪ When you're bringing it wolf style reversing it ♪

♪ Live, get set ballers in the threat ♪

♪ In the face of a hillside a lyrical landslide ♪

♪ Bomb ♪

♪ People feel they can holler and harm ♪

♪ Bomb bomb D-I triple double G-Y ♪

♪ We'll saturate the brain from the left and the right side ♪

Right over here.

Two drink minimum.


♪ Well I got some bad news ♪

♪ Bomb ticky bomb is the beat drop a storm ♪

♪ Quickie little song you wanna sing along ♪

20 bucks.

(Bremmer) It's on me.

Roy, I have something to show you.

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb ♪

♪ Bomb ticky ticky ticky ticky bomb bomb ♪

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

(Bremmer) What's this?

This isn't real.

This is real.

This isn't Angela.


I gotta pee.

So do you.

There's something else here. You see, this file

came from a case whose materials come 50 years in the future.

Now, I know someone who can reverse-engineer it for you.

Now, that would be like having plastic...

Oh, you think it's about the money?

I know where she is.

I can take her anytime I want, but I'm not gonna do that.

I want you to give her to me.

I want you to betray her so she never thinks about you again.

Look at you, look at you!



You say you're gonna die in this titty joint

sometime before what, dawn tomorrow?

Huh? Well...

you give Angela to me before then,

or I'm gonna make it all come true.

(unzips fly)


(heart beating)




I'll be waiting for her, Professor.

(helicopter approaching)

You've got the wrong guy.


Hey, hey, hey. Easy on the suit.

(Sikorski) Get him out of there. Let's go.

I go to jail, you go down, Officer.

Shut up, Roy. I mean it.

So do I.

He's got a gun, arrest him.

No, I don't have a gun, you can search me.

(helicopter flying overhead)

(railroad crossing warning bell clanging)

(woman laughing)

(woman) I like your uniform.


What about the club? The girls want to know

if they're still working tonight.

Shut it down.

Carl Axelrod escaped from the hospital. Oh!

Your brother-in-law is down at the station,

screaming his head off that Carl stole his briefcase

and assaulted him, and it gets worse.

I sent some men over to Carl's loft and they went inside.

There's something you've gotta see.

All right, well, I'm gonna go to the house first,

because Bremmer has someone watching it. No, look.

I can post a couple of men at your place.

I need you to come with me.

You know, you're lucky Claudia called me

and warned me you were armed.

(phone ringing)


Hey, hey, it's me.

I'm with Sikorski.

Come home, please.

No, listen, I have one more stop to make

and then I'm gonna come home.

No, Jesse is...

Claudia, listen, they arrested Roy.

Now, Sikorski is gonna have some men at the house.

You'll be safe, I'll be safe, and then I'll come home.

J.T... Kiss Jess good night, will you?


(J.T.) Hmm...

(door closes)

(woman singing opera)

Assuming... constant...


Look at this.


See all this?

This is where Carl proves that the universe

will fall apart if I'm not dead by tomorrow.


♪ ♪