24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 1 - 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack Bauer is captured by CIA agents in London. The White House have reason to think Jack might want to harm president Heller. Kate realizes that Jack chose to get caught by her agency so he may have a hidden agenda. No one believes her though and Jack gets what he wants.


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Where are we on
real-time tracking?

Backdooring off a satellite
the Brits have overhead.

Hey, Kate,
friendly reminder.

I'm gonna need your passcodes
and decryption keys

before you clear out
at the end of the week.

Right. I'm not gonna forget

Oh, Mariana.

What's going on
out there?

Got a tip that a high-value
suspect is here in London.

Is it connected to
the President being here?

That's the speculation.



Positive ID on the target.

Thirty feet from
the south wait.

Here we go.




ERIK: Get out!

ERIK: The target's
on the run!

Go, go, go,
team one!




NAVARRO: It's him.

Jack Bauer.

All right, he's taken
Miller out. Has his weapon.

Armstrong, Cutler,
he's coming your way.









ERIK: Continuing pursuit.

He'll head for the roof.
That's the best way out.

(GUNSHOT) Target's on the move!
He's heading outside!

Well, that doesn't
make sense.

Kate, please?




Get out of the way!
Move! Move!

Damn it! Move, move!

ERIK: Target is moving west,
on his way to the river.


MAN 1: Stay where you are!
MAN 2: Rooftop!

MAN 1: Copy that.

ERIK: I got him.
He's in my sight!

On your knees!

Hands behind
your head!

ERIK: We got him.



MARK: Prime Minister
is putting pressure

on parliament to
extend their lease,

but the vote
is too close to call.

People are just not
comfortable with our

using drones for
targeted assassinations.


Mr. President?

I'm thinking
I don't blame them.

I'm uncomfortable
with the drones, also.

The ugly truth is, what
we're doing is working.

Worst-case scenario,
if we lose the base,

do we have anything new?

No other country in
the region is willing

to host an American
base rig ht now.

In part,
because the Chinese

are making it clear

that they don't
want us in the area.

(SCOFFS) Yeah, they're
spreading their wings.

Beijing just acknowledged

they have a carrier group
heading for the Mediterranean.

For the first time
in history.

It's clearly intended
to intimidate

the British
over the lease.

The Chinese Navy
are calling it

their friendship tour.

Hmm. Taking a page
from, uh, Franklin Roosevelt.


Well, FDR, he sailed
the Great White Fleet

all over the world,
early 1900s,

called it
the goodwill tour.

Basically the same thing.
Just a show of force.

I have to work
on my speech.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Thank you.

Okay. Yeah,
thank you.


Mr. President?

It was, um...

It was Theodore Roosevelt.


You said Franklin
Roosevelt sailed

the Great White
Fleet around the world.

It was Teddy.

Well, thank you, Mark.

When you retire
as my Chief of Staff,

you're gonna have a
real place on Jeopardy!


Don't worry about me.

That's an order.

Yes, sir.


All right, give me
a second. Sir.

You have a call from a
local CIA head of station.

He say what it was about?

(SIGHS) He didn't.

This is Mark Boudreau.

Steve Navarro, sir.

My station just
apprehended a man

with a multi-agency warrant
issued against him.

You're at the top
of the alert list.

Who is he?

Jack Bauer.

Are you sure?
Yes, sir.

Where was he caught?

The old Chatham
and Dominion factory

20 kilometers southeast
of central London.

It can't be
a coincidence.

I agree.

Jack Bauer is a traitor
and a psychopath

who killed two
Russian diplomats,

and came close to assassinating
their President.

And now after
all these years,

he surfaces in London the same
time as President Heller?

We have to consider
the possibility

that he is here to do
the President harm

and there may be
other people involved.

I'll be interrogating him
shortly, and find out.

We don't have time for the
interrogations you'll conduct.

I understand there are Special
Activities people on site.

Well, they have a unit
inside our facility,

but they operate
under a separate charter.

We don't share intel or
prisoners with each other.

But I can have him formally
transferred into their custody?

Yes, sir.

Great. I'll get
started on that.

Send me over
Bauer's case file

and keep his presence there
on a need-to-know basis.

Thank you.


No one finds out
Bauer's surfaced

on our end either,
do you understand?

What about
the President, sir?

I said no one.


Congratulations on apprehending Bauer.
That's a big win.


I hate to lose you, Kate.

It's not fair
and it's not your fault.

I'll let you
get back to it.

Why didn't he go to the roof?

Bauer. He could have gone to the
roof when our men were moving in.

And from there,
he would've made it

to any of the other
buildings on the block

and he'd have
gotten away.

It just doesn't
make any sense.

Maybe he didn't scout
out an escape route.

Bauer stayed off the grid
for the last four years.

He didn't do that
by being careless.

He's up to something.





Good morning.

Not for long.
Major Shepherd wants you

to call him as soon
as you arrive.

Sounded pissed.

About what?
Didn't say.

Drone holding at
19,000 feet, 80 knots.


Good luck
with Shepherd.



Excuse me.

Sir, it's Lieutenant Tanner.

You knew your mission
was to fly cover

while I escorted British
officers to their unit.

Yes, sir.

Yet, you didn't notify
their air command.

Sir, that wasn't
in your orders.

Shouldn't have to be.

Get it authorized.

Right away.

Yet another
dereliction of duty.

You're on base
until further notice.

(STAMMERS) Sir, I have a weekend pass.
My wife and I...

Your pass is revoked.



Get that file to
the Chief of Staff.

And set Bauer up
in interrogation.

But I thought Special Activities
was gonna handle that.

I want to see what
I can get out of him

before that transfer
comes through,

and those people do
God-knows-what to him.





Lock him down
in interrogation.

OFFICER: Yes, sir.

Good grab, Erik.

I'd like to
take a look at

the original intercept
from Prague,

the one that gave
us Bauer's location.


I just want to
make sure

that we're not
missing anything.

Like you thinking Bauer
would head for the roof,

when he didn't?

(EXHALES) I just want
to take a quick look.

You're not cleared
for that.




ERIK: Sir. Uh...

I thought
you should know,

Kate was asking
about the Bauer op.

She wanted to see the intercept
that helped us catch him.

Is that right?

Yeah, but I didn't
give it to her.

I just wanted to make
sure you were aware.

And that she's still being
transferred stateside?

She's still leaving
at the end of the week,

and you're still
on track to get her job.

That's not even
what I'm asking.

Yes, it is.

And instead of shoving
her out the door,

you should be
learning from her.

She was a good
field agent.

With all due respect,
how could that be?

I mean, considering
what happened...

You have a lot
of strong opinions

for someone
who just got here.

I'm just telling it
like it is.

I mean, her own husband

selling secrets
to the Chinese?

And she didn't know?

And no one knows
that better than her,

so cut her some slack
until she goes.

It's just a few more days,

you can manage that, right?


To hell with Erik.

I pulled that
intercept for you,

but first there's
something I want to say.

You've worked your whole
life to get here, Kate.

You can't let them
do this to you,

you have to fight
the transfer.

Jordan, I did fight, for two
months locked in a room

while they accused me of being
a part of what Adam did.

But you were cleared.

You deserve
to be here, Kate.

Do I really?

Because I think
Adam proved otherwise.



Did you look at this?

I brought it
straight to you.

Look at the message from
Prague police about Bauer.

You see the header?


Time stamp's
out of sequence

with the rest
of the traffic.

Which means the tip couldn't
have come from Prague.

That it was planted.

We need to
find out by who.

Well, we better
do it soon.

Bauer's about to be transferred
to Special Activities.

Once he's down that
rabbit hole, he's gone.


You able to
establish a baseline?

Not a reliable one.

His readings are so
steady, it's unnatural.

Pulse and thermal,

all completely static.

Let's see if we can
shake him up.


Steve Navarro,
Head of Station.

Listen, you've been
on my side of this

plenty of times so I'm
just gonna lay it out.

There's a long line
of people

who will make sure
that you answer for

the crimes you committed
four years ago.

All I care
about right now

is to find out if
you're here in London

to harm
President Heller.

And I'm not the
only one who cares.

There's an order
coming to transfer you

to the Special
Activities division

for enhanced

You more than anyone know
what they're going to do

to you down there.

Now, I know how many
lives you've saved.

How much the country
is in your debt.

But they're just gonna
see a man who snapped.

Who went on
a revenge spree.

Killing and mutilating with no
regard to the law or conscience.

A man who's labeled
by his country a criminal.

A terrorist.



I think talking to me
is your best option.

Tell me why
you're in London.

And I will do
everything in my power

to stop Special Activities

from getting
their hands on you.

Come on, Mr. Bauer.

Why are you here?


Jack Bauer's being transferred
down to you, here's his file.





Where's the rest of
your group, O'Brian?

Go to hell!


No! No! No!


AUDREY; Hey, Mark?

Yes, hon?
I'm almost ready.


AUDREY: Hey, is my
jewelry box in there?

Yeah. Got it.



You read my mind.

Maybe you shouldn't go
to the reception.


Well, with you looking
like that, no one's

gonna pay any attention
to politicians.

No, they're gonna be
distracted by your tie.

My tie?


We should probably
get going.

Your father's probably
downstairs waiting for us.

How's he doing?

He's doing good.

I heard he made a mistake
in your meeting.


it's a mistake
anyone would make.

The doctors said

he wouldn't be symptomatic
for another year.

Well, they also said
that stress

could exacerbate
his condition.

Trust me, he's handling the
stress better than I am.

I don't want you
to worry, okay?



Come in.

I have an update on
the Bauer situation.

Good morning,
Mrs. Boudreau.

Just, uh, want to let you
know your car is here.

Thanks, Ron.

We'll see you

Okay, I'll be right down.


Sorry, sir.

Talk to me.

The transfer order's
being processed.

Special activity
should have Bauer shortly.

I'm thinking about
what happens next,

after they get what
they can from Bauer.

Well, I imagine
he goes on trial.

That may not be the best
thing for this country.

Is there
an alternative?

He could disappear.

The Russians have
wanted Bauer's head

since he murdered
their people.

I want you to explore
the possibility

of handing him
over to them.


The President
should be made aware.

(SCOFFS) The President
has enough on his mind.

Look, you weren't there.

You don't know
what Bauer did

to that family, what
he did to Audrey.

She was lifeless,
she was unresponsive.

Under psychiatric care.

Not expected to recover.

I had no idea.

I stood by her
for three years.

I held her hand,
I loved her,

and I brought her back.

As long as she lives,

she'll never hear
the name Jack Bauer.


Just get me what I need.







Can I call you Jack?

Your options are
running out fast.

That transfer order
is coming through.

After that,
I can't help you.


I can arrange it so that you
can see your daughter again.

Did you know that
Kim had another baby?

A boy.

Any update on
the Bauer intercept?

Actually, yeah.

The intercept originated
from a local Internet cafe,

just on the other side
of town.

Did you check the cafe
for surveillance cameras?

Snake eyes on that,
but look. Here.

JORDAN: The cafe,
see where it is?

That's three blocks
from where we got Bauer.

Whoever planted that intercept
had to know our comm protocols,

and where Bauer
was hiding.

That's a pretty shortlist.

Yeah, I only know
one person on it.

What if Bauer sent
the message himself?

Why would he plant a tip he
knew would get himself caught?

And that's what
we need to find out.

Where you going?

Navarro needs to know.


What are you doing?

I need to talk to you.
It's important.

This better be good.

The intercept that gave
us Bauer's location,

it didn't come
from Prague police.

Back up. How do you know
about the intercept?

It was planted.

It originated just three blocks
from where we grabbed Bauer.

I think Bauer may
have planted it himself.

So you're saying that Bauer
wanted us to catch him?

Which explains why he didn't go
to the roof during the operation.

He wasn't trying
to get away,

he was trying
to get caught.

That intercept
could've been sent

by anyone who wanted
to catch Bauer.

We need to
ask him about it.

If we're right,
maybe he'll open up.

MARIANA: Excuse me, sir.
The transfer order.

Well, that's it, Kate.

It's now in Special
Activities' hands.

Sir, we can't
just let this go.

Get Erik over here. I want him
to take care of the transfer.

Got it?
MARIANA: Yes, sir.



Damn it!
Get that door open!

That tip from Prague was
sent by you, wasn't it?

You arranged
to be caught.

You wanted to be brought
here to this facility.

You're after
something or someone.


It's someone,
isn't it? Who?

Who is it?

Who is it?


Kate! Kate...

Get out of here
right now.

Look, he is flat
the entire session,

but when I hit him
about faking the intercept

and wanting to be
caught, he spikes.

Let's go.
It's a reaction.

It's means I'm onto something.

Bauer is here
for a reason

and we need to
find out what it is,

and what he's
planning on doing.

This isn't about Bauer,
this is about Adam.


Your husband betrayed his
country and he betrayed you

and now you're transferring
your frustration onto Bauer.

That's not
what this is about.

Believe me, I understand
how you feel.

Adam was my friend.
He betrayed me, too.

You're psychoanalyzing me
instead of listening...

Kate, let it go.

If Bauer's going to
Special Activities,

then it's a damned
good bet that's exactly

where he wants to be.

You know what?

Forget finishing out the week.
You're leaving now.

Escort her
out of here.

MAN: Yes, sir.

I'll send your
personal effects later.

You ignore this,
and you're putting

the entire building
in danger.

Bauer is a violent

Kate, I really am
trying to help you.

It's for the best.







Jordan, it's me.

Where are you?
I just heard Navarro

was having you escorted
out of the building.

Listen, I need you
to find out

if anyone in this building has a
prior history with Jack Bauer.

detainees, anybody.

Okay, I'm running
the cross-check.

I'll call you if
I find something.

Okay, thanks.

ERIK: I used to study
your missions

back in training.

You were really
something, Bauer.

Back in the day.



Dean, it's me.


I'll be right there.










Take me to her now.

Hold on.

You know who I am.

Trigger an alarm, and
I'll blow your head off.

Now open the door.



Did you do this
to her?

It's nothing
you haven't done.


Chloe. Come on.
Chloe, wake up.

Damn it.



It's all right.
It's all right. Okay.

Jack, what are you
doing here?

We got to get
out of here.

Come on. We gotta go.


You were right
about Bauer.

He does have a
connection with someone

being held by
Special Activities.

Please don't ask me how I
got into their system.

Who is it?

Chloe O'Brien. She's one of
those free-information hackers.

Sending this to your phone now.

JORDAN: She was responsible

for releasing over 10,000
classified DOD files.

Is charged with treason.

She worked with Bauer
at CTU for years.

Served time for helping
him escape the country.

Son of a bitch. He's
here to break her out.


I'm at Special Activities.

Bauer's gone.

Erik's down.

Erik and Brandon
are down but alive.

Listen, I want you to initiate
a level five lockdown.

Do it on my authority.

You don't have
any authority!

Just do n!




What the hell
is going on?

Why are we
on lockdown?

Bauer's trying
to escape, sir.

Kate's down there
right now.


Come on, Chloe.
You can make it!


I need you to take cover
behind that wall.




This way.

Stay down here.
Stay down.

KATE: Bauer! You're done.

You're not getting
out of here!

Drop your weapon!

Drop it!


Okay, now put your
hands behind your head.

Come on. Put your hands
behind your head.

Do it.

On your knees.

Where's O'Brian?


Go ahead.
You got her?



We gotta go.
Get down! Get down!





I just love this city.

You can feel the history.

I know that look.

What's your problem?

The mistake you made
in your meeting.

Mark said
it was nothing.

That I shouldn't worry.


It's progressing
a lot quicker

than the doctors

It's terrifying,

the thought of slowly
losing yourself.

Not just the memories,
but all of it.

What do you
want to do?

Right now,

I want to lock up this
treaty with the British.


HELLER: Don't say
anything to Mark.

I'll speak to him
when the time is right.




recovery protocols.

It's gonna be
at least 20 minutes

before I can try and access
local CCTV to look for Bauer.

Let me know as soon as we're back up.
JORDAN: Yes, sir.

We're laying
down a search grid,

starting with
a 10-block perimeter,

off-duty agents.

You're not
gonna find him.

Thanks for
the confidence.

Well, look at
how he planned this.

He knows our protocols, he knows
the layout of this facility,

he even knows that
Special Activities

keeps the identity of their
prisoners classified.

So what do you suggest,
we just give up?

I want everything
that Special Activities

has on Chloe O'Brian.

We track down her
known associates,

we break down the intel
for where she might go.

There's no "we."

You are not part of
this station anymore.

Can I talk to
you alone' please?


Make sure local fire and police
follow our security protocols.

And if they give
you any trouble,

remind them we've
got consular status.

Do it.

KATE: Look at what Jack did,

and he was here
for how long?

Look, we need
to find him.

So let me do it.
Put me back in the field.

You have to
understand, I am under

a microscope here,
all right?

The President's
Chief of Staff

is already all over me
about Bauer.

And I'm your best shot
at getting him back.

Look, yes,
Adam was a traitor,

and I missed it,
but I didn't miss this.

I'm the only one who saw it coming.
I got inside Bauer's head.

Nobody else did that. (STUTTERS)
Not Erik, and not even you.

And if you think the Chief of
Staff is up your ass right now,

imagine what he's gonna
do when he finds out

that you had a heads up on
this and you dismissed ii.

Kate, are you
threatening me?


I can do this, okay?
I can find Bauer.

I'm asking you to let me.

Belcheck, pull over
at the end of the block.

Chloe, Chloe, look at me.
Are you all right?


Okay, good, 'cause we
need to move fast.

Take this phone. It's gonna be
secure for at least an hour.

They're gonna
mobilize after me,

so we need to separate.

Can you get
somewhere safe?


Can you get
somewhere safe?

I think so.

Okay, good.

I will find you
on that cell phone

as soon as I'm secure.

Now we gotta go, okay?
Now come on.

You got a signal from the transmitter
that we put in her phone?


I still think you should
have just asked her to help.

I couldn't take the
chance she'd say no.

I thought you said
she was your friend.

I don't have any friends.

Let's go.



D-11-3, angels five, all clear.

Mission complete. Moving
on to next assignment.

Turning south.

What is this?

What the...
What's going on?

Oh, no, no!


My God.


Major Shepherd.

Sir, you need to get
away from that vehicle!

You're being

What are you talking about?
Targeted by who?

Somethings taken
control of my drone!

It's armed a missile
to attack!


I don't understand it
either, sir,

but you need to get
to cover right now!


Get to cover now, sir!

Sir, move, move!

No! No!





Taken casualties. I repeat,
we have taken casualties.

It's done.
Ripped By mstoll