24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 2 - 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. - full transcript

Kate begins an investigation into Chloe O'Brian, using her informer in the London police. Chloe returns to her hacker friends and is followed by Jack, who's trying to catch Yates, a hacker who's been hacking military drones and plans to murder Heller. The military believe one of their own was responsible for the attack and the death of four soldiers. Jack is getting close to Yates when the CIA intervene.

What's going on
out there?

Got a tip that a high-value
suspect is here in London.

Jack Bauer.

The target's on the run!

Bauer stayed off the
grid for the last four years.

He didn't do that
by being careless.

He's up to something.

So you're saying that Bauer
wanted us to catch him?

He wasn't trying to get away,
he was trying to get caught.

This isn't about Bauer,
this is about Adam.

Your husband betrayed his
country and he betrayed you.

Forget finishing
out the week.

I need you to find out

if anyone in this building has a
prior history with Jack Bauer.

Okay, I'm running
the cross-check.

Take me to her now.

You were right about Bauer.

He does have a
connection with someone

being held by
Special Activities.

Jack, what are you
doing here?

Chloe O'Brian. She's one
of those free-information hackers.

She was responsible
for releasing

over 10,000
classified DOD files.

Is charged with treason.

He's here
to break her out.

Bauer! You're done. You're
not getting out of here!

Come on. Put your
hands behind your head.



Put me back
in the field.

I'm your best shot
at getting him back.

You got a signal from the transmitter
that we put in her phone?


This is Mark Boudreau.

You don't know what
Bauer did to that family,

what he did to Audrey.

I stood by her for three years.
And I brought her back.

As long as she lives,
she'll never hear

the name Jack Bauer.

The mistake that you
made in the meeting.

Mark said it was nothing.

That I shouldn't worry.

It's progressing
a lot quicker

than the doctors

It's terrifying, the thought
of slowly losing yourself.

Wait, what?

What is this?
Wait. My God.

Major Shepherd.

Sir, you need to get away
from that vehicle!

Somethings taken
control of my drone!


It's done.

Agent Morgan.

This is everything you
got off Chloe O'Brian?

there wasn't much.

Prepaid from
a stolen shipment.

Did you check
the SIM card numbers

from the rest
of the shipment?

O'Brian's group might be using
other phones from the same batch.

We can run a trace.

Yeah, usually we get the local
police to track it down.

Their procedures
can be a little slow.


Never mind. I've got
my own procedures.


It's me. Listen,
I sent you the SIM number

for a mobile phone
from a stolen shipment.

I need the numbers
from every other

phone in the same lot.

No, I've told you before.
I won't do this anymore.

It's getting too risky.

This is important, Ken.

It's always important.

What do you think your
DCI is gonna think

when I tell him
that you've been on

our payroll for
the last three years?

You'd be in just as much
trouble as I would.

You know,
I seriously doubt that.

All right, fine.
I'll do it.

But this is the very
last time.

You've got
20 minutes.

What is she doing here?

I reinstated her. Just
until we get Bauer back.

I'm putting her on this with you.

And she deserves ii.
Shes the only one

who knew that Bauer
was up to something.

Well, she wasn't that perceptive
when it came to her husband.

She might be trying to prove something.
That's fine.

But you don't really expect
me to be working with her...

I expect you to do your job
without questioning my orders.

That one.

Chloe! She's back!

My God, Chloe!


We thought
you'd left us.

What happened to you?


you look terrible.

You okay?

Three days?

Where in God's name
have you been?

Locked in
a CIA black site.



They grabbed me. I was making
a supply run on my own.

I was careless.
I'm sorry.

How badly
were we compromised?

I didn't say a word.

So they just
let you go?


A guy I used to work
with broke me out.

Told me to go
somewhere safe.

I know that
sounds crazy.

Yeah, I mean, he broke you out.
That's impossible.

Not for him.

He's a former head
of CTU, Jack Bauer.


Have to shut it down. We'll
have to shut it down.

We're moving
to another spot.


He's my friend. He was trying to
protect me.

Nobody move!


Put your hands
where I can see them.

Jack, what
are you doing?

So, you're Adrian Cross.

What is this?
What's going on?

No need to
introduce yourself.

Certainly see enough of your
name in the files we take.

Which one of you
is Derrick Yates?

I said, "Which one
of you is Derrick Yates?"

Yates no longer
works with us.

We had a clash of styles.

Then you're gonna
help me find him.

I'm afraid
I can't do that.

I'm afraid you don't
have any choice.

We always have
a choice, Mr. Bauer.

That's what this
organization represents.

Were I to help you, what would
happen to my credibility?

Your credibility?

I am not gonna
ask a third time.

Stop! Stop!
We will help you.

I promise.
I will help you.

Why are you looking for Yates?

I need to know
what he's doing,

or else I can't
begin to find him.

Two weeks
ago I intercepted intel

framing an assassination
attempt on President Heller.

It's supposed to take place
in London here today.

The only hard name I could
pick out was Derrick Yates.

I tracked it to
this organization.

Your organization.

You want that
on your hands, Chloe?

Yates got greedy.

Began selling data
to the highest bidder

like it was some sort of
auction house or something.

Also I caught him hacking
into military weapon systems.

really don't know.

I knew it was time
for him to go.

We don't do that
sort of thing.

Take direct action
like that.

We don't

We just acquire information
and disseminate it.

Nothing more.

You make it sound like
what you do is benign.

We both know
it isn't.

ADRIAN; Do we?

Get started, Chloe.
I don't want to be here

any longer
than I have to.

Pete, make sure
the others have access

to the closed-circuit surveillance
system from the London transport.

Uh, okay, which ones?
All of them.

We'll be doing lots
of back-tracing.

We may need to
piggyback servers.

Chell, pull up your facial
recognition program.

We'll use it
for the CCTV.

We're gonna be scanning for
any signs of Derrick Yates.

You were my friend.

If you wanted my help,
you should've just asked.

Hey, Bash.

How long's that junkie
bastard Yates here for anyway?

He's paying his way.
Don't worry about it.

How about her ladyship?
Is he paying for her, too?

I said, don't worry
about it.


I'm working.

You working too much.

Do you want me to send
you to the other room?

No! Those men scare me.

Why can't we go
to nice hotel?

Those scary men are
protecting us, baby.

Who from?

Speak of the devil.

Yeah? Yeah, hi.
Did you get it?

I'm watching it now.

Very impressive.

And the Americans
had no idea that

you were controlling
the drone?

No, no, no. None.

I monitored their
comm traffic for weeks

to find the perfect patsy,
plant the evidence.

Aren't you clever?

So we're still
on schedule?


I didn't hear
what you said.

Yeah, we're on schedule.

Even with the modifications
I requested?

Baby, I don't care
to be ignored.

Would you shut up?

Yeah, uh, yeah,
ifs almost done.

Is there someone
there with you?

I asked you
a question.

No. No, of course not. It's just...
It's the TV.

You haven't told
anyone else about this?

About your device?


All right.

I'll be at the arranged
place with your money.

Don't keep me waiting.

Thank God.
Greg, this is crazy.

They won't let me
talk to my wife.

Let's stick to ranks
right now' Lieutenant.

Sit down, please.

You gotta know
I didn't do this.

Just tell me again
what happened.

I was piloting
the MQ-1 Predator,

doing recon
and surveillance

for a convoy
outside Kandahar.

Major Shepherd's convoy.

Out of nowhere, the
drone suddenly banked

to the southwest.

I assumed
computer failure,

tried to abort. Systems
wouldn't respond.

That's when the missiles
armed themselves.

Missiles don't arm

That's how it seemed. It was
like someone else had control.

So "someone else" decided to
target Shepherd's vehicle

right after he revoked
your weekend pass.

The man about
whom you wrote,

"I'm gonna put Shepherd
down like the bitch he is.

"There's only so much
a man can take.“

I didn't write that

We got it off a military
posting site you frequent.

Dated three weeks ago.

You think I'd be stupid enough to
write something like that down?

People say and do a lot of
things when they're angry.

Oh, come on! You
know that's not me!

You really think
I'm a murderer?

I know four people
are dead.

Where's my flight key?

MPs took it. Check
the data on it.

It'll have all my
keystrokes logged,

back up
what I'm saying.

It's been checked.

And cross-checked with the
on-board flight recorder.

Every command came directly
from your console.

You gotta come to grips
with this, Chris.

But I can't help you

unless you own up
to what you did.

You can let the MPs know when
you're ready to talk to me.

Greg, the answer has to be
on my flight key, okay?

I've been setup. I swear to God!
Check it again!

Just, please.

They're missing
something, I know it.

that'll clear me.


I cannot tell you
how much I appreciate

your support
on this, Alastair.

I know it hasn't
been easy.


sitting down with opposition
leaders rarely is.

That's why I do it
as little as possible.

But your
presence here

I believe
will go a long way

towards securing
the votes needed

for an extension on
the lease of your base.


Mr. Prime Minister, I'd like you
to meet my daughter, Audrey.

Yes, we know each
other, of course.

Thank you
so much

for everything you've clone for the
guest list for this reception.

Thank you. I do have to give
my staff all the credit.

I'm sorry
to interrupt you,

but Mark needs to
have a word with you

when you have a moment.

I'm sure the Prime
Minister and I

can find plenty of
things to talk about

until you return.

Thank you,

Sir, we just
received word,

an American drone
fired a missile

at one of our own armored
vehicles in Afghanistan.

Four people
were killed.

It appears one of our own
pilots is responsible.

Two of the dead
were British officers.

Oh, my God.
By our hand?

Yes, Mr. President.

This incident
is gonna wipe out

the support we needed

to maintain our drone
base in Diego Garcia.

We have to discuss
the implications.

I know.

I think it's important

that the Prime Minister

hear this news from me.

Hold on.

Agent Navarro.

What is it, Navarro?

I've been
trying to reach you, sir.

There's been a situation.

Bauer escaped.

What are you talking about?
You just apprehended him!

Yes, sir. Which may have been

exactly what
he wanted.


He broke out another prisoner,
an ex-colleague of his.

It appears that
Bauer's purpose for

being in London was
to effect that rescue.

So you're saying he has no
designs on President Heller?

From what we know,
it appears unlikely.

But you can't be sure.

I mean, for all you know,
he may need this colleague

to carry out his attack
on the President.

I suppose
it's possible.

Should I alert
the Brits?

No. We have enough
to contend with.

It is on you to
reacquire Bauer.

And I'd do it quickly,

or you can kiss
your career goodbye.

Yes, sir.


No, that's not
why I'm calling.

When was the last
time you saw Yates?

Your friend's tattoo.

It's Serbian mob.

One slash for each
murder he's committed.

What the hell have
you been doing

the past
four years?

What have you
got on Yates?

on the Underground.

We're gonna start
searching block by block.

Work fast.

Why are you
doing this, Jack?

Some fantasy that if
you stop the attack,

save Heller, all
will be forgiven?

You can return back
to your daughter,

her family?

There's no
going back for me.

It's not about that. I told you
this is bigger than Heller.

No, you said that
for Adrian's benefit.

But I know you, Jack.
For better or worse.

You know Heller. You
know he's a good man.

No, I don't know that.

And you didn't
answer my question.

Why you?

I owe him.
I owe his family.

You mean Audrey.

Audrey and her dad
are part of the same

system that
screwed us both.

At least I'm doing something
to fight against it.


By leaking classified information?
Military secrets?

People are out there
dying in the field, Chloe.

Intelligence agencies
keep secrets

because what they're
doing is criminal.

You're smarter
than that.

I can see you talking,
but all I can hear

is Adrian Cross.

You don't get
to judge me, Jack.

Not after what
I've been through.

Hey, Stash,
look at this.

It's raw footage
from an embedded reporter.

What's going on?

Ifs a friendly fire
incident in Afghanistan.

There's a lot of chatter
on the military channels.

An American
drone attacked

an allied
military vehicle.

four people dead.

Pilot's saying
he didn't do it.

Says someone or something
took control of the drone.

They honestly
believe that?

Where was this
drone piloted from?

Here in the U.K.

Lower Heyford
Air Force Base.

Tracked through Milstar
satellite system?

That's the same system
Yates was hacking into.

Maybe that's how they
plan to attack Heller.

There are easier
ways to assassinate

a President than
hijack a drone.

Not if they're trying
to make a point.

This attack was
in Afghanistan.

Maybe it was
a dry run.

I think you should talk to
someone in the government.

No one would listen.

They think I'm a terrorist.
This is our only play.

We need to
find Yates.

He's in West Ealing,

hiding in
a council estate.

"Projects" as you
would call it.

- You sure?

Very good source
on this one.

Here's the rub.

The bloke who
runs the building

is a heroin dealer
named Aron Bashir.

as he's known

to his no doubt
lovely friends.

Anyway, we know
he's Yates' supplier

and a bit of
a nasty piece of work.

The address.

Thank you.

You can thank me by leaving
and never coming back.

You can't go
in there blind.

I can track the tower
block's CCTV system,

but I need
to be on site.

I can't ask you
to do that.

You're not. You're gonna
need comm support.

Get what you need.

Let me do this.

I'll get him
off our back.

Find Yates,
and this will be over.

Pull up a satellite feed,
cover us from there.

And get the van ready.

I'm gonna call
the Prime Minister.

Make a formal request to speak
to Parliament in session.

With all due respect,

I don't think
that's a good idea.

You'll be facing
a hostile mob.

Already the opposition
is intimating

that our government is
whitewashing the investigation,

that certain facts

of the incident have
been covered up by us.


Who was the drone
pilot responsible?

Chris Tanner.

How long would
it take to get him here?


I want you
to bring him here

and allow the Royal
Military Police

to interrogate him
under your supervision.

Sir, handing over an
American serviceman

to foreign

is a violation of the
Status of Forces Agreement.

Please, make
the arrangements now.

Your protest
has been noted.


This gesture
of transparency

is not gonna get you
the votes you need.

But it may force them

to hear what
I have to say.

I'm not gonna
prepare a speech.

I'm going to apologize
from the heart.

Make them realize
the threat to each

and every one of us
if we lose this island.

Sir, they do things
differently in Parliament

They're gonna respond
to honesty, Mark.

Just like the voters
during the election.

We were five points
down in Ohio

when we did that
town hall meeting.

You're not addressing

a bunch of
undecided farmers.

These are practiced
legislators who want blood.

They're gonna
shout you down.

They're gonna
call you a liar,

they're gonna call
you a murderer.

It's brutal. Especially
for someone who...

Who what?

Someone who what?

Who isn't at the top

of their game.

You don't think
that I'm up to this?

No, sir, I don't.

You didn't think
I was up to

Ohio, either.

Thanks, Mark.


I just passed General Coburn.
He looks really upset.

What is going on?

Could we have
the room, please?

Your father

wants to talk
to Parliament.

I told him he'd be
walking into a massacre,

but he won't believe me.

You've got to
talk him out of it.

Well, if he believes
that it will work,

maybe we should
let him try.

You don't understand. They're
gonna come at him from all sides.

He will not be able
to handle that.

So when you told
me not to worry

about the slip
that he made earlier,

were you just...
I meant it.

But you yourself said

that pressure can
accelerate his decline.

You know how important
this is to him.

Well, we can prepare him.
I'll help you.

We'll do a debate
prep session.


All we have to do

is get him
through this trip.

Official word
is still stressing

that the strike was a tragic
example of friendly fire...

This was you, yes?


You don't
feel bad?

Those people
were already dead.

They just
didn't know it.

After today, doomsday clock's
set at one minute to.

The whole world's
going to hell.

End of the world?

The American President's
gonna die on foreign soil.

Ironically, some might
say poetically,

killed by
American drones.

That ain't gonna go

Dominos are gonna fall, and we're
gonna sit it all out in Greenland.


Yeah. Beautiful.

Gold, ruby mines.

An economy that
doesn't depend

on the subjugation
of smaller countries.

It's perfect.
And in about

28 minutes, when we
make the exchange,

I'm gonna be able
to afford much more

surroundings than this.

But from what I know about
this bitch I'm selling to,

God help me if I don't
deliver on time,

so just shut up and let
me get on with it, okay?

No sign of Bauer yet on our
first pass of the search grid.

They found the vehicle
he escaped in

empty and abandoned.

My source at the Met
came through.

There are two phones
in the stolen shipment

that are activated and
close to one another.

You think it might
be Bauer and O'Brian?

It's possible.

Where are these
phones now?

A housing project
in West Ealing.

Look, I can't promise you
that Bauer's there,

but right now
it's as good

a lead as we've got.

All rig ht, take a
team, check it out.

Basher's building
is in the middle.


Jack, Yates isn't
gonna be dangerous,

but Basher
and his men are.

Got it, thanks.

How long is it gonna
take you to access

their closed-circuit

A couple of minutes. I'll let
you know as soon as I'm in.

Okay, I want to
test our comm units.

Testing, one, two, three.

Got it.

I assure you,

the United States government

will conduct a vigorous
and transparent

of this incident.

The Royal Military
Police will be granted

full access to
Lieutenant Tanner,

the individual
we believe responsible.

Mr. President.

Doesn't this incident
call into question

your screening

and, in fact, the entire
drone program itself?

Well, every U.S.
combat pilot

undergoes a thorough
psychological evaluation.

And I am confident
in that screening method.

Are the families of
the murdered soldiers

supposed to take
comfort in that?

Of course not.

What do you say to the children,
one as young as five,

whose fathers will
never come home again?

They deserve an answer
to that question, sir.

There's never a good answer
for a senseless act.

So you're saying,
Mr. President...

But I would help
them understand

that their loved
ones were heroes

in the truest sense
of the word.

Heroes who died fighting
to make this country safe.

Heroes whose names will
remain in my heart forever.

And to the members
of this body,

I would say,

if you withdraw
from this fight,

the deaths
of these three men

will serve as nothing more
than a call to surrender.

They deserve better.

Three men, sir?

You realize
there were four men

who died in the attack.


Who would you like to
strike from the casualty list?

None of the Americans,
I suppose.

What'd I say,

How about Captain Olson?

He only had one child,
and it was just a daughter.


I'm curious, can you name

the other British soldier
killed in this attack?

You have to
consult your notes?

He's not important enough
to remember his name?

This man who
you will

"hold in your
heart forever"?

And you can't
remember his name?

What's his name?

Damn it, Mark.

I think I have
a little work to do.

Mr. President.

Lieutenant Wilkins.
Married father of three.


He needs to know what
he'll be up against.


Looks like Basher's got two in
the front, one in the back.

You see anything
that could tell us

which apartment Yates
would be holed up in?

There are
10 floors and 200 flats.

He could be in
any one of them.

Basher would want to
keep Yates close to him.

You think you could
cut off the feed

to the camera
in the rear?

Someone might notice.

I'm counting on it.



Camera's playing up.

Bloody hell! Bash!

What are you all
standing there for?

Go downstairs and help!

Move! Let me know
what's going on.

What's all
the shouting?

Just get back in there
and lock yourself in.



I got something.

Jack, fourth floor.

Two of them
coming your way.

Jack, it's the second door
on the right.

Everybody stay calm.

I just want to talk.

Lei him go.

I take it you're Basher.

You're the one who came to talk.
What do you want?

You're protecting a man
named Derrick Yates.

Is there any chance
he can hear me

right now?


'Cause I want to
make you a deal.

What? For him?

Sorry, not really
worth it on my end.

No offense, Mick.

Not for his life.
For yours.

Look, I can tell
you consider yourself

a pretty intimidating group.

You probably think
I'm at a disadvantage.

I promise you, I'm not.

You give me
Derrick Yates,

and I give you the opportunity
to walk out of here

without being harmed.

I suggest you take it.


We're getting
out of here!


They're close.


Chloe, you're about
to have some company.

There's a convoy
headed your way.

Are you sure
they're for us?

Definitely tourists from Langley.
Closing fast.

They've been
tracking us.

Chloe, you've got
to get out.

There. Right there.

You in the van,
come out!

Last chance!
Get out of the vehicle

with your hands
in the air now!

They can't be far.

Hey! Have you seen
this man in the building?

Yeah, yeah. He's crazy.
He's upstairs.

He's got a gun.

Yates, freeze!

Bauer, put it down
and get on the ground!

Drop the weapon
now, Bauer!

Don't let them go!

Put it on the ground!
Drop it now!

I'm putting
the weapon down!

Just stop that couple!

Agent Morgan? Please,
you got to trust me.

Now, you need
to tell your men...

- He's heading down!
- Kate!

Lock down the area!
We've got Bauer!

Put the weapon down now.

Slowly, slowly.

All the way
to the ground.

Up against the car.

You are chasing
the wrong guy.

Now you seem smarter
than the rest of them,

so I'm gonna
tell you this once.

I'm trying to prevent an
attack on President Heller,

and you are getting
in my way.

Now that was a mistake.



Jack, get in!

Move over!

We got a man down!

Agent down!

Where'd you get the car?

I stole it.

I hotwired it.

Good job.

You're bleeding.
It just grazed me.

I'm fine,
but Yates got away.

Here, I got this
from his CPU.

What is it?

Design schematics,

some kind of multi-channel
override system.

There's 10 modules.

It's drones.

You were right, Jack.

This system can commandeer
up to 10 U.S. drones.

Son of a bitch. They're
planning a full-scale attack.

All the evidence is here
to alert the authorities.

They can decrypt
the data.

Okay, good.

No! No, no, no!

What's happening?

Yates embedded a self-destruct program.
It's erasing itself.

Can you save it?
Chloe, save it!

Couldn't do it. It was
erasing my hard drive.

All I have is the piece
of the schematic.

Son of a bitch.

Okay, Yates was carrying
a hard-shell case.

The device must be
in there.

We need to pick up
his trail now.

Yeah, he could be

Start with the closed-circuit
TVs from the towers.

He was headed south.

Damn it!

Are we okay?

Yeah, yeah.
Looks like it, yeah.

Just want to hang here

a little while longer.
Just to be safe.

What about your work?

It's all done. Just got
to find a new buyer.

A new buyer? Why?

Guy who chased us,
who do you think sent him?

How do you know?

Well, why pay when
you can kill me

and get the device for free?

Devious bitch.

Yeah, but it's all right.

We're still
gonna clean up.

Plenty of people want to
pay for this little baby.

Back in a minute.

Two more.

Yeah, all right.

You are unbelievable.

But I want you.


Jeez, you love doing it in
public places, don't you?

You are gonna have to actually
wait till I finish, baby.

Hi, it's me. I've got the device,
but there was a problem.

What? Someone came after us.
An American.

I don't know
who he was.

I've never
seen him before.

We barely got away.

Are you sure you're
not being followed?


But Derrick thought
you double-crossed him.

Started talking about finding
another buyer. So...

You took care of it.

That's my girl.

Come home
as soon as you can.

Mummy's waiting.