24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 1 - 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. - full transcript

When an attempt on U.S. Army Sergeant Eric Carter's life is made after his return home from a mission to kill terrorist leader Bin Khalid, he discovers that he and his fellow Rangers' identities have been compromised.

It's your brother.

Hey, babe.

How was work?

It was good. I escorted
some CEO to the airport.

I helped another one's wife
get home safe
from some charity event.

You know, just helping
the one percent
breathe easier.

Fix you breakfast?
Just coffee, thank you.


I thought you
stopped taking these.

I did, for a couple of weeks.

So... What's going on?

I mean, you said
you were ready.

I know.

Listen, it's been
six months, Nicole.

I get it, hasn't been easy,
living in hiding,
changing your name...

Eric, I'm fine.

- Okay, I'm just...
- I'm just worried you're not.

You're barely
eating or sleeping.

I hear you outside,
punching that
bag at all hours.

What do you want from me?

Seriously, what...
Just tell me, what do
you want me to say?

I just... I think you
still need more time.

You gotta get past
everything that happened
to you over there.

I'm okay.

Are you?

Things are good.

They're good.
All right?

We got a future here.

We should start
acting like it.


I'll make you coffee.

And pull hard
copies of everything
we put together on the Haddads,

including ground recon
going back six months.

Thanks, Andy.
I'm already late.
My husband's gonna kill me.

She's cutting it close.
Maybe I should call.

She'll be here.

I just sent you some changes
for the fundraiser's speech.

Uh... Let me know
what you think.
Yeah, will do.

We're gonna have
a lot of eyeballs on it.

There she is.

I was beginning to think
this was gonna
happen without you.

You look beautiful.

You're just saying that.

I may be a senator
but I would never lie to you.

Sorry, I'm late.
I was pulling case files
and lost track of time.

Case files?

I have another
transition meeting
with Mullins.

I thought you
were done with those.

We didn't get through
everything last time.

So, I'm gonna
have to go directly
to the fundraiser from CTU.

Don't worry.
I won't be late.

They're ready for us.

I know how important this is.

Did the Hallowells confirm?

We're still waiting to hear.

Yes, right here.
Thank you.

- I'll reach out.
- Senator, over here.

People with that kind of money
tend to move in herds.

Thank you.

But we'll need them
to get to the White House.

Not that this'll hurt.

You're gonna make
a great First Lady.

Come on.

I want this to be your moment.

Go ahead.

Love you.

Good afternoon.

Six months ago,
US Special Forces
launched an assault

on the compound
of Ibrahim Bin-Khalid,

killing him and eight members
of his terrorist organization.

It is
my distinct privilege to award
the Congressional Gold Medal

to the woman
whose tireless efforts
made that victory possible.

Former National Director
of CTU, Rebecca Ingram.

Thank you.

Thank you, Senator.

This is such an honor
and so humbling.

I'd like to
acknowledge the many

dedicated people at CTU,
whose hard work made
this operation a success.

And the Army Rangers,
six heroes who risked their
lives to stop Bin-Khalid

from carrying out his threat
to attack this country.

You know, my boss said
he'd let us use
his cabin up in Riverwoods.

Maybe we should go
out this weekend.

Take some time,
for ourselves, you know.

Or we could do that right now.

Eric, I got to be
at work in an hour.

You can call in sick.
No, I can't.

Yes, you can.
I just got this job.

I cannot lose it.

Is that so?


Just call in sick.


Government screwed us again,

what are you talking about?

They're supposed
to keep us safe.
Bin-Khalid's people found us.

Whoa, Ben, Ben, slow down
and tell me what's going on.

Two men showed up
where I was crashing.

They asked if
anyone had seen me.

That can mean anything.

They were
showing around a picture
of me, in uniform.

They know who I am.

Are you sure?

Yes. I'm not making this up.

Those guys,
they tore
the place apart.

You gotta call CTU.
You gotta get them on this
before these bastards find me.

Ben, I need you
to calm down, okay?

Don't tell me to calm down!

This is happening.

Get somewhere safe
and I'll deal with this.

Tell me how I can reach you.

You can't.

What is it now?

He said
Bin-Khalid's people found him.

What else is new?

What are you doing?

I'm signaling the squad.

How? I thought you weren't
supposed to have any contact
with each other.

That you just made
an exception for Ben?

We don't have contact.

The army, they set this up.
It's a double-blind alert.

So, you're actually
taking Ben seriously?

Just being safe.

The guys'll signal back
that they're okay and...

I'll find Ben and I'll
get him cleaned up.

Eric, how many times are you
gonna send him to rehab?

You're not his
squad leader anymore.

What is it?

They're not responding.

You just sent it out.

They just have to tap
the screen to confirm.

Well, maybe they're
not near their phones.

All of them?

Nicole, get to the attic. Go.

What is it?
Go! Get to the attic. Go!

Eric, what is this?

They jamming us.
I'm going for a gun.

No matter what
you hear, no matter
what happens, you stay there.

Okay? Don't make a sound.

Don't move!

Search the house.

I've put the case files
in the conference room.

And congratulations,
your speech was great.

We watched it on C-SPAN.
Thanks, Andy.

Where's Basheer?
Oh, Mullins let him go Friday.

Yeah, brought in someone new.

Who is so not as qualified.
We're talking
two-year college.

I'm sure he had his reasons.

I mean,
you were tough, honestly.

Sometimes I wanted
to bitch slap you,

but at least
you had our backs.


Rebecca. Hey, congratulations.

Oh. Thank you.

Part of me
thought you'd cancel.
Be off celebrating.

How's John?

Oh, campaigning, 24/7.

I don't know how he does it.

I've gotta make a fundraiser.

We should get started.

I'm so not qualified?

You know,
for your information,
not everyone needs

to go to Stanford.

Okay, that was
a private conversation.

Okay? And how did you
even know I went to Stanford?

You told me two
minutes after we met.

You know,
my cousin was Edgar Styles.

And I should know who that is?

He was one of
the best analysts
CTU ever had.

He taught me more than
you could have ever
learned at Stanford.

Where's your wife?

She's at work.

Her car is in the driveway.

A friend of
hers picked her up.

Listen, I know why you're
here, so just... Just do what
you have to do.

I want the strongbox.


Where is it?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

The strongbox that belongs
to Sheik Bin-Khalid

taken from his compound
the night your squad came
and killed him.

I never saw
anything like that.

Your men, Stuart, Jackson,
Gettys, Calburn,

they didn't have it.

That's right.

We killed your friends,
and their wives,
and their children.

That leaves you and Grimes.

And you're going to tell me
which one of you has it.

Where is it?

Where is the strongbox?

I don't know.

I'm not convinced.

Last chance. Where is it?



Back inside.
Someone is in the house.

Uh, take this!


Nicole, are you okay?

Are you okay?


You did good, okay?
You saved our
lives but we gotta go.

We gotta go!

Come on.
Come on. Come on, let's go.

Let's go. Let's go. Come on.

Okay, good.
Let's move on to
the Haddad network.

I'm up to speed
on the Haddads.

I just need to make sure
nothing's overlooked.

No, understandable,
but I'm on it.

I noticed you made
some personnel changes.

Where I thought better choices
were available.

Better than Basheer?
He is the expert on
extremist social media.


You're the one who chose me,
as your replacement.

I mean, you need to
trust me to do the job.

You're right.

Running CTU, it's like a drug.

Hard to come down from.

So, maybe you're just
not ready to let go.

The party asked John
to run four years ago.

He said no, because of me.

He knew I
couldn't track Bin-Khalid

and work on his campaign
at the same time, so...

I promised,
once we got Bin-Khalid,
it was his turn.

I'd be there for him.

Sorry, I need to take this.

Uh, yeah, yeah, no worries.
Just find me when you're done.

We're blown.

The whole squad.

Bin-Khalid's people found us.

They have our new names
and three of them just
broke into our house.

Listen, I took them out

They killed
the rest of the squad.

Grimes and I are
the only ones left.

Oh, my God!

Your... Your wife,
is... Is she...

She's with me.
But you need to know,
this isn't payback.

They're looking for
a strongbox

they said one of us stole
from Bin-Khalid's compound.

I don't know why
and I don't know what's in it.

Bin-Khalid was planning
an attack on US soil.

Maybe this strongbox
is part of that weapon
or intel on a target.

Whatever it is,

Ben must be
the one who took it.

Why? Why would he do that?

The war really messed him up.

I was covering
for him at the end.

Do you know where he is?

No, he's paranoid.

He... He started shooting up
and he lives off the grid.

I'll have Keith Mullins
try to track him down.

No! No, three people had
access to our new names.

The Directors of CIA,
NSA and CTU,
which is now Keith Mullins.

I've known Keith for years.

I can't believe
he'd give up the squad.

But he did have access.


Then it could be him
and I'm not gambling
our lives on that.

Listen, you need
to help us find Ben.

I don't know where he is
but I have the number
that he called me from.

It's probably a burner.


I'll try to
figure out some way
to run a geospatial.

All right, I'll send
the number to you now.

And then I'll
need to get Nicole
somewhere safe.

I can't help you.

And the police and the FBI
are in the same network
that's been compromised.

They're not an option.

Call me when you find Ben
and I'll... I'll recover
the strongbox.


Nicole, there may be
an attack, baby.
I need to do this.

This is Rebecca's problem.

Why does it need to be you?

Because, right now,

I'm the only one I can trust.


Ah, where have you been?

You know how many
times I've called.

We just got in.
I forgot my phone.

Amy, listen,
there's people after me.
They may come after you.

It's not in my head,
I swear.

You... You need
to go get Mom.
Get outta town.

Get out of town
and go where?

I know people
in Chicago.

I'll meet you
at the bus depot
behind Union Station.

Train leaves in an hour.


I'm here.

I... I know I haven't
been easy to deal with,

that I've put you
through a lot...

You and Mom are
all that I have left.

Please do what I'm asking.

Okay, Ben.

I'll see you there.

He wants me to meet him
at the bus depot
behind Union Station.

Thank you.


Let's go.

You promised you
wouldn't hurt us.

Did you get my text?

All nine of them, yes.

Okay, you need to talk to me.

Amira, I'm worried about you.

Drew, you need to
leave me alone now.

Okay? This isn't
any easier for me
but please, just stop now.

Okay, Amira, Amira. Wait.

Drew, get out of my way.
Wait, wait!

Please get out...
Get off!

Get off me!

That's enough.

Drew, in here.


Give us a minute.

I don't care
how upset you are.

You can never
get physical.

Now, what's going on?

It's between us.

Not after what I just saw.
Start talking.


I think...

I think Amira's
gonna do something.

Bad, violent,
here at the school.

What does that mean?
Why would you say that?

Because she's been
texting this guy.

I don't know his name,
but it's all of
this terrorist stuff.

Terrorist stuff? What...

Yeah, about the struggle,
about destroying
the American oppressors

and how Amira is
going to prove herself.

I... I know this is crazy,

but I'm starting to think
that's why she came here from
Chechnya with her brother.

To do this.

Do you understand
how serious this is,
what you're saying?

Yeah. That's why I've been
trying to talk to her.

What are you gonna do?

This school has a policy
about this kind of thing.

I have to take it
to the principal.

Yeah, but Amira's gonna know
that I said something.

There's nothing I
can do about that now.

If you're right about her,

someone needs to intervene.

Take your seat.

Hey, what? What's going on?

There's been an attack
against the Army Rangers
who killed Bin-Khalid.

I just confirmed.
Four of them are dead.

Their families, too.

Andy, I need
geospatial tracking
on a burner phone.

Independent and undetectable
by anyone at CTU.
Can you do that?

Why undetectable?
Does... Does Mullins
not know about this?

Only Director-level personnel
had access to
the squad's identities.

Including me and Keith.

Wait a minute.
Are you saying...

What are you saying?

I'm saying that
it's possible that

Keith gave up the rangers.

So we need to do
this in secret.

But what if you're
wrong about this?

I'm not.

And what happened
to those rangers,

it's just the start
of something worse.

There's some kind
of attack coming.

Ready to dive back in?

something just came up
with John's campaign.

Is there an office I can
use for a little while?

Take the conference room.

Thanks, Keith.

What are we doing here?

Eric, what is this?

I'm getting you safe.

Hell, no. Eric, what is this?
Listen. Listen.

Nicole, I can't take
you to the police, okay?

I can't take you to the FBI
because Bin-Khalid's
people are in the system.

You and me left all
this for a reason.

This is the only thing
that makes sense
to me right now.

Isaac's not on anyone's books.

He's got guns. He's got men.
He can protect you, Nicole.

And he's still family.

You think because
he's your brother

he's just gonna
forget what happened?

Eric, let's go.

Let's go!


Looks like you
had a rough morning.

What the hell you doing here?

I need your help.

My help?

Damn, boy,
you got a pair on you.

Some things I
did in the service
are coming back around and...

Some people are
trying to kill me.

What's that got to
do with me though?

These men are terrorists,
Isaac, and they're gonna
kill a lot of people.

I have to try and
stop them...

First, I need to make
sure Nicole is safe.
So I need you to protect her.

Great. So go
ask your government.

I can't.
Why not?

'Cause someone
in the government is working
with the terrorists.

See, I've been
telling you your whole life,
you can only trust your own.

Look at you. Look at you now.

Just tell me, okay?
Are you going to take
care of Nicole or not?

Hold on, hold on.

So, you're gonna
come here like this,

after you stole my girl
and ran off to play Boy Scout?

Fight for your country
after what it
did to the old man!

And did to us.

See, what I should do
is bury your ass
right here and now.

I get it, Isaac.
I get it. Okay?

If I was in your shoes,
I'd do the exact same thing,

I'd feel the exact same way.

If you're not
gonna do it for me,
do it for Nicole.

So now you're going there.

Isaac, please.



No one can know
where she is, okay?

These people after me,
they're serious.

So am I.


When Grimes called you,
he was at Church and Newberry.

We'll track him
forward from there.

All right. I got it.

I'll head that way.

I'll contact you as
soon as we locate him.


Listen, Nicole...
I know.

You need to do this.

Just be careful, Eric.

Yeah, baby, I will.

I will, okay?

I will. I love you.

Okay, go. Go.

Come on.

Okay, I've tracked Grimes
forward in time using
archive satellite footage.

I just rerouted
a metro area drone
to his current location.

And you're sure
that no one at CTU
can detect we're doing this?

Please, I wrote
the countermeasure myself.

All right,
Grimes is getting on a bus.

Can you ID the bus?

Doing it.

Adding drone coverage and
generating a 4D environment.



Grimes just got on
the number 13 bus,

heading east
towards Union Station.

Call me when you know more.

Andy, stay on him.

Yeah, sure.

Hey, hon.
We're headed over now.

I got good news
about the Hallowells.

Listen, John.

There's a situation at CTU.
I can't make the fundraiser.


I'm sorry.
I know how important this is.

Rebecca, whatever's
going on over there,
it's not your job anymore.

I promise,
as soon as I can explain...

No. No. I, uh...
I want you to explain it now.

I can't. Not over the phone.

Okay. I'll... I'll figure
this out on our end.

I love you.
I love you, too.

She, uh, can't make it.

John, we built
the event around
Rebecca getting the medal.

The donors are
coming to see her.

Well, I guess
I'm gonna have to be
more charming than usual.

They will get to meet
her at another event.

Look, I maybe overstepping,
but I have to ask.

Is Rebecca
having second thoughts
about giving up her career?

Maybe part of her
doesn't want you to win
and have everything change.

You're right.
You're overstepping.

Let's just use
the Boston speech, Nilaa.

even though the chemical
properties were unknown,

chemists addressed
the question

of how to separate
plutonium from uranium.

In 1942...

With limited
quantities of plutonium
available to the laboratories,

the team under
Charles M. Cooper

developed a lanthanum fluoride
process for separating...

I got your text.
What's going on?

Drew saw our messages.


He thinks you're planning
an attack at the school
with someone.

He doesn't know it's with me.

So what
did you tell him?

I told him...

Not to do anything until
I talk to the principal,
buy us some time.

I'll tell him I need
to speak to him alone.

Try and talk him out of it.

Your brother's gonna
want us to do more than...

Well, I'm not going
to tell him.

What are you going to do,
if you can't
talk Drew out of it?

Then we will do
what we need to do.

David, David,
everything's going to be okay.

We're in this together.

We stack like this.

You all right?

You need anything?

Nothing you got here, Isaac.

I meant something to eat.

I'm sorry.

I appreciate you taking me in.

Even though you look like
it's the last
place you wanna be.

It's not that.
Then what?

Trust me. You don't
wanna hear about it.

'Cause this is
about you and Eric?

Look, I've been
over you a long time.

All right?

I think I can handle it.

Eric hasn't been right
ever since he got back.

And at first I thought it was
because of everything

he'd been through out there,
that it was PTSD
or something, but...

After seeing him kill
those two men today,

I realized
it's not PTSD.
He misses it.

He needs it.

The life he says
he wants with me,
it'll never be enough for him.

All I could tell you is this.

Eric was fine here,
working for me.

All right?

He took off 'cause of you.

I guess he wanted you
to have something better.

And that part I get.

Royo's man called. Deal's on.

All right.

I'll check on you later.

You are unbelievable.

She's my brother's wife.

Like that would stop you
starting up with her again.

Don't get crazy, all right?

Now, listen, don't be telling
anybody she's here.
You understand?

She's under my protection,

Now, tell me you understand?

I understand.

Yeah, go ahead.

Carter. Grimes just got off
the bus, behind Union Station.

Getting there.
Just keep tracking him.

He keeps looking around.

He really is paranoid.

Except he actually
is being watched.

Stay with him, Andy.

Check it out.
This is crazy.

A Rebecca Ingram
is in our system.

Uh, how would you know that?

She's using a countermeasure
that's real grade school.

Grade school?

I'm running my own sigma code
that saw right through it.

And she's accessing intel
she doesn't have
clearance for.

Who's qualified now?
Score one for
Brooklyn College.

I gotta let Mullins know.

Uh, hold on a second.
Uh, there's gotta be
an explanation.

She can tell it to Mullins.

Did you hear all that?
I gotta shut it down.

Not until we lead
Carter to Grimes.
Where is he?

Somewhere in the train yard.
He's out of sight right now.

Here comes Mullins.

Carter, where are you?

I just got to the train yard.
Where's Ben?

He's still on the move,
but Keith Mullins knows
that I'm logged in.

He's gonna shut me down

whether he's the leak or not.

You can't let that happen.
Listen, if you
don't get me to Grimes,

Bin-Khalid's people will get
whatever is in that strongbox

and God knows
what will happen.

Rebecca. Rebecca!

I just got a report
you're on our system?

It was an emergency.

I needed to crunch
polling data for John.

Polling data?

Analyzing public database.

It's for an ad-buy
that needs to get
done right away.

Please. My analyst says
you're accessing metro area
satellites and drones.

What are you doing?
You're running
some kind of op?

I'm shutting you down.
Excuse me.

Rebecca, what is this?


Grimes just entered
a maintenance shed.

Fifty yards
southeast of your position.

I got it. I'm moving in.

There's no mistake?

You're certain?

We'll let you know
when we have Grimes.

My brother is dead
and Carter is missing.

How far are we
from the bus depot?

Less than two minutes.


Ben, it's Eric.

I know you're here.

What are you doing here?

How'd you find me?

Where is it?

What? Where is what?

The strongbox that you took
the night of the raid.

Where is it, Ben?

What are you talking about?

Stop. Stop.

The rest of
the squad is dead, Ben.

Their wives, their kids.

people killed them
looking for it.

But why? It's money.

It's some jewelry.
It was Bin-Khalid's stash.

So, you thought
it belonged to you? Huh?

You know what this
war did to me, Eric.

I was owed.
I know, Ben.

I know that this country
let you down.

But there is
something inside that box

and they're after us,
so where is it?

Where is it?
It's in my backpack.

You... Hey!


What is that?

What is it?

It's a list.

Names, numbers.

Activation codes, these are...

Sleeper cells,
people Bin-Khalid recruited.

A lot of them, living here.

These codes go out.
They launch attacks
all over the country.

Who are you calling?

They're here. They're here.

What? I was gonna meet her.
Come on!

Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go!

Get out of the way!

Go! Move! Go!




Where is it?

Don't come after me.

You won't find me.


Ben, tell me where you are.
Where's the chip?

Just listen.
If the government
wants this list,

they're gonna have to pay up.


You heard me.

Ben, listen to me.

Just bring back
the list before
Bin-Khalid's people find you.

Maybe I'll find them, huh?
See what they're
willing to pay.

No, Ben.
Ben, you won't do that, okay?

You wouldn't do that.

I'll do what I have to.

I meant what I said, Eric.

I'm owed.

I'm your friend!
And I've always
looked out for you.

So please don't do this.