24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 2 - 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. - full transcript

When Grimes demands money in exchange for the list he seized from a safe box in Bin-Khalid's compound, Carter must go back to his roots to help obtain the money.

Six months ago,
US Special Forces
launched an assault

on the compound of
Ibrahim Bin-Khalid,

killing him and eight members
of his terrorist organization.

Bin-Khalid's people found us.

Where is it?

The strongbox that belongs
to Sheik Bin Khalid

taken from his
compound the night

your squad came
and killed him.


We're blown. The whole squad.

Grimes and I are
the only ones left.

Three people had
access to our new names.

The Directors of CIA,
NSA and CTU,
which is now Keith Mullins.

You're the one who chose me,
as your replacement.

You need to trust
me to do the job.

Rebecca, what is this?

Is Rebecca
having second thoughts
about giving up her career?

You're gonna make
a great First Lady.

Maybe part of her
doesn't want you

to win and have
everything change.

You're overstepping.

I think Amira's
gonna do something.

violent, here at the school.

Drew saw our messages.


He thinks you're planning
an attack at the school
with someone.

He doesn't know it's with me.

What are we doing here?

I'm getting you safe.

Isaac's not on anyone's books.

He's got guns. He's got men.
He can protect you.

You think because
he's your brother

he's just gonna
forget what happened?

There is
something inside that box

and they're after us,
so where is it?

What is it?

It's a list. Sleeper cells.

These codes go out.
They launch attacks
all over the country.

Where's the chip?
Government wants this list,

they're gonna have to pay up.

Please don't do this. Ben?

Rebecca, it's Carter.

Ben got away.

Please tell me
you're still tracking him.

We were.
He left the construction site,
heading east,

but we lost him on 13th.

I found out why
Bin-Khalid's people
wanted the strongbox.

there was a flash drive

containing a list
of sleeper cells

that Bin-Khalid set up here,

along with all the codes
to trigger their attacks.

It looked like 15,
maybe 20 cells,

but I didn't have
the list for very long.

He said he'll sell
it to the terrorists

if we don't give
him what he wants.

I'm still waiting to
find out what that is.

Do you believe
he'd really do that?

He's angry, and he's unstable.
I do.

We'll keep
looking for him here.

Let us know if
he makes contact.

Yeah, I'm headed over
to 13th.

Keep looking for Grimes.

I'm going to talk to Keith.

what the hell is going on?
Have you lost your mind?

Keith, listen to me.

No, let me out of here, now!

I can't do that.

Not until I know
if I can trust you.

Trust me?

Because I'm the one
who's acted
completely out of bounds?

The Ranger squad
that killed Bin-Khalid
was attacked this morning.

Four of them were murdered,
and their families.


The Rangers were living
under new identities

that only three
people had access to,

the directors of CIA,
NSA and you.

And you think I gave them up?

No. I don't.

But I have to be sure.

I wanna clear you,
but I need your help.


I wanna get into
the CTU's subnetwork.

To find out
who accessed
the Rangers' files.

To do that, I need
your director's override.

My override?

Once I identify the leak,

I can track them
back to
the people behind this.

Keith, killing the Rangers
is only the beginning.

These people are
planning attacks
against this country.

I have no way of verifying
what you're telling me,

but, what,
I'm supposed to give you

access to the system?

Why would I make all this up?

Do you really think I
wanna be doing this?

I'm supposed to
be with my husband,

Keith, helping him
with his campaign.

give me the damned override
so I can get you out of here

and get back to my life.

The override key is
in the personal
safe behind my desk.

The code is 206207.

Thank you.


Look, I'm not gonna hurt you.

The man who gave
you this jacket,
did you see which way he went?

Where did you serve, man?

I was in Afghanistan,
Yemen, 75th Infantry.

"Rangers lead the way."

That's right.

The man you're looking for
ran towards that fence,

near the railroad tracks.

Thank you. Thank you.

Mullins' override got me
into the subsystem,

but I still need
to parse the locks.

Andy, will you be able
to find the leak or not?

Yes, but I don't know
how long it will take.


Ben went into the storm drains
at 1st and Pierce.

The city doesn't have
any cameras down there.

And there are literally
thousands of exit points.

Yeah, Ben knows that.
He's been doing this a while.

This is him.

I'm gonna join you in.

Listen, Ben barely trusts me,
so he can't know
you're on, okay?

Understood. Andy, run a trace.

Ben, talk to me, man.

I want $2 million.

Not enough for what
I've been through,
but it's the most I can carry.

Ben, you know I can't ask
the government for
that kind of money.

This is not
an official operation.

It's not my problem.

You get me the money,
or I'll call Bin-Khalid's men.

I took one of their phones
at the construction site.

Please, Ben,
listen, you're strung out,

and you're not
thinking straight.

Eric, I've never been
more clear in my life.

Show up at the 7th Street
metro station with
my money in one hour.

An hour...
you gotta give me more time.

For the government to find me?

No, you show up
on-time with the money,
you get the list.

If any of those
things don't happen, Eric,

I will sell the list
to Bin-Khalid's people.



there's no way I can get my

hands on that
much cash in an hour.

Not as a private citizen.

There's nobody
in the government you can ask?

No one who'd
even entertain it.

And in any case,
the request would
go into the system

and alert the leak.

Okay, okay.

I have an idea.
I'll get back to you.



So you can change.

Or I could get you
something else if you want.

No, thanks.
All right.

Isaac is everything all right?

You seem... I don't know...

It's been a rough year.

Other people
wanting what's mine.

You can always
get out, you know.


Look, I got a deal
about to go down
with some Dominicans.

Right, they're gonna move
my product on the North Side.

That'll put me back on top.

I'll be all right.

Yeah? What?

How's Nicole?

She fine,
like I said she'd be.

What, you call to talk to her?

There's no time.

Listen, I need a favor.

I need money.

How much money
you talking about?

Two million, in cash.

How about I throw
in a Ferrari, man?

I'm serious, Isaac.

Don't matter if you are.
I don't have it.

Is there anyone else you know
who might have the money?

Well, ain't nobody
got more money than the cops.

So, try them.

They busted a big
heroin deal last week.

I heard they seized 100 kilos
and the money for the buy.

They got $4 million in cash.

All right,
so where would the cops
be keeping the money?

I wasn't being serious.

Where, Isaac?

It's at the main
precinct on Third.

It's probably in
some evidence lockers,

but, look, ain't no way
you getting it out of there.

Yeah, we'll see about that.

No, look. Listen, listen.

That money is surrounded
by 100 cops, all right?

All kinds of
security down there.

I got no other options, man.

So Nicole was right.


She, um, said you've
been having issues
since you got out the Army.

That you're not happy.

She told you that?


She thinks you miss
what you was doing over there.

All the fighting and killing,
or whatever.

That you need it.

Yeah, well, that's
not why I'm doing this.

You sure about that?

Tell yourself
whatever you want.

But going into
that police station
is a suicide mission.


Be careful, Isaac,

'cause it almost
sounds like you care.



Police found three bodies
near the train yard.

From the description,
it sounds like
Malik and his team.

What about their targets,
Carter and Grimes?

Two men were seen
fleeing the area.
They could be anywhere by now.

Keep monitoring
police networks.

Find Carter and Grimes.

The Americans probably
have the list by now.

Your operation's failed, Jad.

You failed.

So what are you saying?

We should go back home?


We have men and weapons.

We move now, pick a target,
and launch our own attack.

We're here to finish
what my father started.

I respect you as his son,
but you are not
a soldier like him.

Your father fought
the enemy from caves

while you were
studying at Oxford.

But I'm here now.

Like my father always wanted.

You've told me
you loved my
father like a brother.

Prove it now.

Help me get the list
and launch the sleeper cells.


Mr. Harris called
me into his office.

He wanted to talk to me
before he went
to the principal.

I had to tell him
about the text, okay?
I had no choice!

It's not what you think.

Amira, you were planning
an attack at the school.

Please. Please, Drew.

Let me at least
try to explain.

After we broke up,

I was lonely.

I went online,
started talking to
this guy from back home,

a friend.

But he didn't
like this country.

I started saying
that stuff because I

thought it was what
he wanted to hear.

Just to keep
talking to someone.

But it wasn't real.

Not for me, Drew.
Never for me.

None of it?

Please, Drew, you know me.

And you told all of
this to Mr. Harris?


And I showed him all
the texts from Kasim

where I'm telling him
never to contact me again.

I thought what he was
talking about was crazy.

So, what is Mr.
Harris gonna do?

He say he'll
tell the principal
that he believes me.

That we see what
happens from there.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I know you only did this
because you care for me.

And it's made me realize

that I feel the same way.

Can we talk later?




I told him I was texting
someone from Chechnya,

that it was over.

That I explained
everything to you
and you believed it.

Did Drew believe it?

I think so, yes.

What if he told someone else?

I think we should
wait until we're sure.

You need to finish
mixing that explosive.

My brother says we could be
activated at any time.

If we get the code,
we must be ready to go.

Are you there?

I gotta go.

Carter, this is crazy.
You'll never get
out of there alive.

Just tell me if the money's
at the police station,

Your source is right.

Metro PD made a drug bust
in Southeast, DC.

Recovered a little
over 4.6 million in cash.

Can you tell me
the evidence lockers are?

Yes, first floor,
next to Dispatch.

But they're covered
by two surveillance cameras.

But I'll hack in and
put them in a loop.

Create a blind spot.

You can do that?

Welcome to our world.

Before you do anything,
give us some

time to see if we
can find the leak.

How long is that gonna take?

Twenty minutes, 30 tops.

No, no. It's too long, okay?

Grimes is expecting this money
in half an hour.

Then we'll
bring CTU into this.

Take our chances
Mullins isn't the leak.

We can't take that chance...


Everything that's happening,
it's on me.

Eric, that's not true.

I should've benched Grimes
on the Bin-Khalid raid.

Rebecca, he was messed up
before the mission, okay?

He started talking crazy about
this conspiracy,
that conspiracy.

I just...
I should've reported it,
brought it to you,

but I covered for him.

I tried to get
his head straight.

We all missed it.

Now my men are dead
because of Grimes.

And now he has the list.

And if anymore
people get killed...

You can't put
this on yourself.

Are you gonna help me or not?

Even if I do,
how do you expect to
get into the station?

In the back of a patrol car.

You're gonna let
them arrest you?

Look, I'm a black man standing
on the corner of
Third and Decatur.

Trust me,
it won't be that hard.

Just be ready to take care
of the security cameras, okay?

I'll call you when I'm inside.


Drop the bag.

Where the hell you going?

Just walking.

How about you walk over there
and put your
hands on the wall?

Whoa, whoa, Paul, Paul!

Come on, easy.

Pat him down.

Hey, come on,
you're gonna break his arm.

I said pat him down.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy,
all right?

His gun,
get it and kick it over here.

Hurry up.

All right. All right.

All right?

Get in the car.


We're taking a little ride.


All right, gentlemen.

Hi. How are you?

How are you?

Thank you for coming.
How are you?


We should talk to the staff
about Rebecca not
being able to come.

So we'll all be
on the same page.

I'll get right on it, Senator.

I'm glad you could make it.

We got those CEOs to blink.

But, trust me, in November,
we're gonna have
'em on the run.

Hey, Cathy.

Don't you worry, I promise,

I'm gonna push that
through even if I have

to haul that committee
into chambers myself.

Appreciate it.

Quite a turnout here.

Thanks for hosting this, Dad.

My son, the least I could do.

You know,
I would still be picking out

his ties if he
would just let me.

Somebody needs
to dress this boy.
You know what I mean?

What's going on?

That look.
What look?

The look, right there,
the one you get
when you're worried.


When you're done
with the House Committee,

why don't you come on inside.

I'll be in the library
with your uncle, okay?


I got to meet with the FCC.
They didn't
know what hit them.

Thanks so much for
coming. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help.
I really appreciate it.

Pleasure. Thank you.

I'm making a breacher charge.

The last one I
used blew the hinges
off a metal door in Kandahar.

I need you to get
me through security
into your police station,

and then into
the evidence lockers.

Narcos seized a ton of heroin
and cash last week.

That's what he's after.

Listen, I don't
expect you to believe me.

But if I don't get that money,
a lot of people are gonna die.

Look, I'm sorry.

I didn't wake up
this morning thinking

this was gonna
happen to me either.

I don't wanna hurt anybody,
but here's the deal.

You're gonna do what
I say, when I say it.

You're gonna rob the station?
That's crazy.

Yeah, I keep hearing that.

we can't let him do this.
I wanna talk to him.

To try to change his mind?

he gonna do what he gonna do.

You know the man you married.


I'm out of here soon as I get
a location on
the Dominican deal.

But, uh, I'll leave a man
behind to watch you.

And Aisha can get
you whatever you need.

Aisha doesn't seem
too happy I'm here.

Well, me and Aisha been
having problems for a while.

Yeah, well,
maybe I'm making things worse.

Nah, it's not you.

With Aisha, nothing's
ever enough for her.

She helped set up this deal,
but as soon as it's done,

me and Aisha, we're done.

What you looking for?

I won't know until I see it.

I know what you want.

Because you and me,

we want the same thing.


Why are you
worrying about Isaac?

He treats you
like a little bitch.

He is still running things.

What if he wasn't?

What if I said I got a way
for you to get what's yours?



okay, I had enough of that
when your mom was alive.

Come on.

If this is about
Rebecca not coming,

we were able to
tweak the speech.

No, no, it's not about that.

You asked me to do
a little recon for you

with some of my
old media contacts.

one of them came through.

Tipped me off
about an attack ad

the Gage campaign's
gonna release next week.

whatever Gage throws at me,

Nilaa will be
able to handle it.

The ad's about her, son.

John Donovan says he
will defend America.

But look who works for him.

His campaign manager,
Nilaa Mizrani,

the radical Parkland Mosque

which applauded
terrorists and prayed
for the death of our troops.

John Donovan called Mizrani
his own right hand
and a good friend.

But with friends like these,

can we really
trust John Donovan
in the White House?

Paid for by
Gage for President.

It wouldn't be the first lie
coming out of that campaign.

We checked it out, John.

There are photos
that prove that she

was there during
her sophomore year.

Show me.

This doesn't make sense.

She was young.

Yeah, still...

Well, son, I don't know
what else to tell you,

except, she's a liability.

John, bottom line is
you will not win in November

if you have a campaign manager

who prayed for the death
of American soldiers.

The North Pines Mall, crowded,
five miles from here.

Minimal security.

What is this, Kusuma?

We can still do what
we came here to do.
Strike back at this country.

I've chosen a target.

One attack won't
change history.

Activating my
father's network will.

We are not going
to stay and wait
for the Americans to find us.

If we don't act now,
we'll achieve nothing.

You're coming with us.

I'm not going anywhere.

And neither are you.

Kusuma, I am Sheik
Bin-Khalid's living son.

Only God will
decide when I die.

Now, put your gun away.
We have work to do.

You shouldn't be here.

Yeah, well, you hung up on me.
I was worried.

Hey, what's wrong? Hey!

Look at me.

You need to finish
mixing the explosives.

Have you forgotten
what these people did to you?

What they said about you
with those other students?

Have you?


They destroyed your marriage.

And now, they're trying
to destroy your career.

No. Amira, please stop.


I knew you were lying to me.

Oh, my God.

He was the one
you were texting?

God, Amira! You are sick!
You are a sick bastard!

I'm gonna tell...

Get the door. Lock the door!

If I catch even a whiff
of you dog
whistling these guys...

You got it?


Everything like I told you.

Get out and open my door, now.


Andy, he's inside.

We ain't letting
you out of here.

Hey, Paul. What you got?

Vagrancy and resisting arrest.

That's not a good
way to start the day.

Come on.

Will I get my phone call?
What's going on?


That domestic you
rolled last week,

one with
the broken collarbone?

What about it?

IA is all over it.

They want
a statement from you on tape.

After we process this guy.

Bates can take care of it.

I want this cleared up now.
In my office.

Let's go! Are you deaf?

Come on!

You watch
yourselves with this one.

Process him,
then get back here.

Okay, feeding in the loops.


Open it.


Here, you, tie him up.

Take this thing off my back.

When I'm done. Sit down.

Sit down!

You keep doing what I say
and you walk away from this.
Sit down.

Make transcripts
available to the press,

and if anyone asks about
Rebecca Ingram's absence,

just refer them to me.


Can you excuse
us for a moment?

Gage's campaign is releasing
an attack ad tomorrow

about you.

About you attending
the Parkland Mosque.

The Parkland Mosque?

I didn't go there to pray.

It made me sick
that some
crackpot imam was spewing

that kind of
hatred and violence
in the name of Islam.

I went to tell everyone there
he was
distorting our religion.

And you can prove that?

Even if I could,
the damage is done.

But it is the truth.

I wanted to tell you. I did.

I guess I just
convinced myself
it happened so long ago,

no one would ever find out.

I'm sorry.

I will draft my
letter of resignation
and explain how...

I won't accept
your resignation.

It's true,
you should've told me.

But it's also
true that I wouldn't
be here if it weren't for you.

As much as I
appreciate your loyalty,
I can't let you do this.

If we get ahead of this,
we can minimize the damage.

Who knows, maybe even turn it
into an advantage.

Gage will just keep playing
the national security card.

Rebecca could
help us out there.

You'll still take a hit.

Well, the hit I can take.

It's not swinging back,
that's what bothers me.

Standing up for the truth,
the way you did,

it's what I've
been telling the

American people I'm
gonna do for them.

That's why I'm in this.

I don't know what to say.

Just stop trying to
argue yourself out of a job.

What's up?

Royo, it's me, Aisha.

It's about the deal.

Isaac ain't gonna
bitch out, is he?

You said this was happening.

He's still in, but listen up.

I know you ain't
down with the split,
never have been.

Maybe I can do better.


Money ain't
coming in like it was.

That's why I reached out
to you in the first place,

put this deal together.

If Isaac don't make it
back from this meeting,

wouldn't be a lot of tears.

You still there?

I'm here.

Well, I'm still listening.


Okay, he's got it.

Oh, no.

Locke signed in downstairs.

He was just bumped up
to Head of Field Ops.

He has a debrief
scheduled with Mullins.

You'll have to stall him.

I don't work
here anymore, Andy.
It has to be you.

You can do this.

Hey, Tom.
What's up?

Keith asked me to
tell you to submit

your debrief in
writing this time.

He always
debriefs me in person.

Yeah, but he and Rebecca
are still going
over case files.

I guess it's
taking them longer
than they thought.

Okay, thanks.

Tom? I texted you.

About getting together to,
you know, clear the air.

There's no air
that needs clearing.

We have nothing to
talk about, Andy.

Agent Locke, can I
talk to you for a second?

Sorry, who are you again?

I've been here two weeks.

I don't think Andy told you

the truth about
Director Mullins.

What are you talking about?

Something really
weird is going on.

I've been trying to reach him
for the last 45 minutes.


Where are you?

I need more time.

Right. So CTU can track me?

So I can get the list,
and you can get the money.

I am trying to help you here,

but you've got to
give me some room.

How much longer?

Thirty minutes, 45 tops.
I have the money.

All right, but if you're not
at the 7th Street train
station in 45 minutes,

I'm contacting
Bin-Khalid's men.

No, Ben, listen...

What's that?

The subroutine
search we were running,

using Mullins'
override to find the leak.

There's a hit on
whoever accessed
the Army Rangers' identities.

They used a CTU
director's code.



How is that possible?

Can you see where the file
was accessed from?


A computer in your husband's
campaign headquarters.

The IP address is scrambled,
but let me see if I can...

Got it.

The computer
the Rangers' identities
were accessed from

belongs to Mizrani,
first name, Nilaa.

My husband's campaign manager.

We were pulled offline.

I can't get
back on the server.

They know.

They cut our outfeed.

I'm not looping
the evidence
room feed anymore.

Carter, we're shut down.
You need to get
out of there now.

we're running an operation.
If you shut us...

You're not running anything.

Nothing happens till I confirm
what the hell's going on.

Lock them in interrogation.
Now. Go, go!

Keith, listen to me.
You're making a mistake.

Go, go! Move! Move!


Rebecca, can you hear me?

Can anyone hear me?