24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 21 - Day 8: 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. - full transcript

While delegates review the peace agreement, Jack searches for evidence of Russian involvement in the day's tragedies, covered up at the highest levels. Ex-President Logan is desperate to neutralize Jack.

I'll be right back.

Renee. Renee!

Come on.

You said you had a video file
implicating people...

who were responsible
for Renee's murder. I want that file.

- Tell me where that file is now!
- It's in a safety-deposit box.

- Where?
- First Unity Savings.

I had nothing to do with Renee's death.


You never give up, do you?

Bauer may have Walsh,
but he can't have the evidence yet.

Still got a chance to stop him.

I'm not the only one who can prove
your government conspired...

to undermine the peace process.
- You expect me to kill Bauer?

You have the covert assets here
to do the job.

Maybe I do.

- But I don't have resources to find him.
- CTU does.

And the man in charge
of the search now reports to me.

We got him.

I'll find out where they're holding him.
Take him out while he's in custody.

Freeze, police!

Do not move.

No! Aah!


tell me what I can do.


This is Walleki. I'm on scene.

You got that guy from the bank yet?

- Just bringing him up, captain.
- Right.

Name is Cole Ortiz.
ID says he's with CTU.

You were with this woman at the bank.
You care to tell me who she is?

Her name is Dana Walsh.

Shot twice at close range.

A lot of powder residue around
one of the entries, like an execution.

Thank you, Mund. Get him to CTU now.

The hit on Hassan is all arranged.

Bazhaev and his people are taking care
of everything.

Well, I'm pleased to hear it.
You could have just as easily called...

... to tell me that.

I wanted to know
if you've spoken to your superiors.

Told them that I'm out
after this goes down.

I told them what you wanted.

He feels the same as me.

We have too much invested in you
to let you walk away.

You should be focused
on getting the EMP device into CTU...

... not on your boyfriend, Ortiz.

He's my fianc?
and I told you to leave him out of this.

I warned you to stay away from
him, but you didn't listen.

And now you think
you have feelings for him?

You think you love him,
going to marry him?


I am.

And if you have a problem
wrapping your brain around that fact...

... maybe I should talk
to your boss in Moscow.

You talk to no one but me.

We're done here.

Don't contact me again
until Hassan is dead.

- Yeah?
- Hey, it's me. I sent you a DAT video file.

Okay. I got it.

It's uploading right now.

Get me an ID of the man in the video.
I'm coming in hot.

Whatever you do to protect your systems
from getting flagged, do it now.

What about the woman?
You need an ID on her?

She's dead.
I'll see you in a few minutes.

All right.

Jack Bauer's last known location
was First Unity Savings Bank...

where police responded to a 911 call.
Apparently from Dana Walsh.

She's dead now.

Bauer killed her.

Cole Ortiz, who is known
to be aiding and abetting Bauer...

is being brought here for questioning.
I need everybody...

not committed to the U.N. Task
to devote full attention to finding him.

I want cameras routed
through facial recognition...

all phone calls monitored.

You don't have the bandwidth,
you steal it from other tasks.

If you think you have a lead,
you bring it to me immediately.

- Any questions?
- Why did they go to the bank?

Dana had evidence of
Russian involvement in Hassan's murder.

Maybe that's where she was stashing it.

There's no evidence.
The president dismissed this.

Well, she went to the bank
with Jack to get something.

Yeah, what she got was an explosive
device that made possible her escape.

It was her plan all along. Look.

Jack Bauer can't accept the fact
that Dana Walsh was an enemy agent...

working with the I.R.K. Opposition
to Hassan's government.

His grief over Renee Walker's murder...

is causing him to create this fantasy
about a Russian conspiracy.

The simple truth is he's lost it.

And he's a danger to himself
and the community.

So let's stop second-guessing
the operation and find him.

Something is seriously wrong here.
Pillar's ignoring the key questions.

The questions he is answering,
no one's asking.

- What are you getting at?
- Jack's right.

This is a cover-up and Pillar's involved.

That evidence was at the bank.
Jack has it.

You don't know that.

It's all speculation.
It may be just like Pillar says.

Until I know otherwise, I got my orders.

- I'm clear.
- Well, you weren't kidding.

You said you were coming in hot.

All police scanners are talking about you.

They said you shot
and killed some woman.

Construction site, East Side.

Was that the same woman in the video?

- Yeah. Did you ID the man?
- No.

I'm not going to either...

until you tell me what is going on,

You saw the video.
Dana Walsh is a Russian operative.

She facilitated the assassination
of Hassan...

and the bomb attack that would've
wiped out the entire Upper West Side.

I don't wanna know about what
happened today. I don't care.

I wanna know why you're on your own,
why everybody's after you.

Because the president
tried to lock me down.

- Why?
- She's trying to cover up...

the Russian's involvement
in today's attack.

- Then why didn't you disappear?
- Because I can't.

Listen, I wanna help you, Jack.
I really do.

I need you to be straight with me.
Tell me exactly what's going on.

The Russians took something from me.

Her name was Renee Walker.

And they killed her inside my apartment.

And I need to make them pay.

All right.

Actually, I did ID the guy.

There he is. Pavel Tokarev.

Primary operative, Russian intelligence.

Where is he?

I don't know exactly. He's in the U.S.A.

- Came in a month ago on diplomatic visa.
- Diplomat.

And I tried to access the
Russian database in the embassy.

He didn't show up in the consulate.
He could be anywhere, Jack.

To keep everything quiet,
they'd have to be a small unit.


I think I've got an idea.
Get me a secure line.

I didn't expect you'd still be here.

Fact check called.
There are items left on the Hassan piece.

Abby can follow up on it for you.

I know. I just...
I need to make sure it's right.

I know what he meant to you.

It shows in this piece you wrote,
what a great man he was.

You've done him justice.

I hope so.

- Miss Reed, there's a call for you on 3.
- Thank you.

Let me know
if there's anything you need.

Thanks, Gary.

This is Meredith Reed.

- Miss Reed.
Who is this?

My name is Jack Bauer.
Don't say anything. Listen.

The people you think are responsible for
killing Hassan were not working alone.

They were being funded and managed
by people inside the Russian government.

How do you know this?

I have proof of this. A video file made
by a Russian agent working out of CTU.

It explains everything
that happened in the last 24 hours.

Have you contacted the authorities?

I can't. I'm being set up,
just like you were yesterday.

I need to get this evidence to you.

The third floor
of Turner's Department Store.

Do you think you get there
in the next 20 minutes?

Miss Reed,
yesterday I helped clear your name.

Right now I need you to help clear mine.


Of course I'll help you.

I wanna know the truth
as much as you do.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.

Take a seat.

Where's Bauer?

I don't know.

You're in some trouble here, Cole.
I assume you're aware of that.

Luckily for you, I'm in a position
to make all that go away.

I reviewed your record. You've had
an exemplary career up to now.

You're Pillar.

That's right. Jason Pillar.
I've been asked by the president...

to oversee the effort
to retrieve Jack Bauer.

- Madam President?
- Yes.

So you're a part of the cover-up?

Oh, I see here you served in Fallujah.

I spent two tours in command
of a marine unit in Baquba myself.

We're both soldiers.

So when the commander in chief
deems a course of action necessary...

to national good,
it's not our place to question it.

The truth is we're on the same side.

We both want what's best
for our country.

Bauer doesn't care.
He didn't give a damn...

about what happened to you, as
long as it served his needs. He used you.

So let's start over.

Do you know where Jack Bauer is?

Probably somewhere with the evidence
you guys keep saying doesn't exist.

You really don't wanna be playing
with me.

- What?
- Good news. We may have a line on Bauer.

We intercepted a call.

Last chance.

You don't take it,
there's nothing anyone can do for you.

Take him to holding.

Arlo got a cell-phone-intercept report
off of NSA's ECHELON.

Keywords: Hassan, Russian government,
Jack Bauer.

- Did Arlo hear any of the conversation?
- All he's got are the data handles.

- He's processing the voice matrix.
- Sure it's Bauer?

Not yet. The other side of the call was
a phone registered to Meredith Reed.

She's the reporter CTU arrested last night
before the first attempt on Hassan's life.

Rumor has it she was his mistress.
If Bauer was gonna reach...

she would be an excellent choice.
- Arlo, stop.

Tag and lock the intercept download.
Send it to Eden's system.

- She'll take it.
Not necessary...

I said I want Eden to handle it.
Thanks, Arlo.

They were
being funded and managed...

... by people inside
the Russian government.

I have proof of this. A video file made
by a Russian agent working out of CTU.

It explains everything
that happened in the last 24 hours.

Have you contacted the authorities?

I can't. I'm being set up
just like you were yesterday.

I need to get this evidence to you.

The third floor
of Turner's Department Store.

Think you can get there in 20 minutes?

- Jack Bauer.
Yes, sir.

We confirmed the voiceprint.


Take it to the press.
That's his next move.

Appears to be.
Reed's connection to Hassan...

means she'd be highly motivated
to help him.

He hasn't shown her anything yet?

- No, sir.
- Which means...

we don't know
what the evidence actually is.

Well, it will be in our hands
soon enough.

This is a major opportunity
to make everything go away, sir.

Bauer and the evidence.

I've dispatched the Russian ops team.
They'll be in position well before the meet.

You'll deal with local law enforcement,
to make sure Pavel has room to move.

We're deploying N.Y.P.D.
Away from the site.

We'll still need your guys
in and out quickly.

- Understood.
- Jason, this is...

This is a major break you've got,
a major break.

Thank you, sir. We'll shut this down.

I wanna stay on top of this personally,

So will you let me have Pavel's number?

Can you make this room less public?

- You wanted me?
- Yeah, the call you intercepted.

The one that Pillar hijacked.

- Do you think it was from Jack?
- Can't be sure.

Program hit on keywords
Hassan, nuclear, Bauer...

but all three have been in the news.
- But the call was to Reed's cell phone.

She's a journalist
with an interest in the story.

Plenty of people could be calling her.
It doesn't have to be Jack.

Okay, then explain this.

Cell-intercept report comes in here.
Two minutes later...

Pillar downloads the conversation
into a segregated server...

surrounded by firewalls like
I've never seen. Then what does he do?

Call one, call two, call three.

- Who did he call?
- I don't know.

They're outside of CTU.
They're all completely masked.

So the question is this.

If the call was nothing,
why are they hiding it?

If the call was Jack, then why haven't
they dispatched CTU SWAT team?

Why haven't they alerted N.Y.P. D?

Arlo, they're in on the cover-up.
Look at them.

And what's worse is they're planning
on taking Jack out.

- Why? Why would they wanna do that?
- Because he knows too much.

He's got Dana's evidence...

which proves Russian involvement
in Hassan's assassination.

They can't let him go public with that.
I have to find him.

And I need your help.


How do you wanna do it?

I'm gonna talk to Cole.
He spent the past two hours with Jack.

He must have some idea
what Jack's up to.

Pillar's got Cole monitored.

You can't get in there
without being seen.

We'll create a loop
and graft it into the security feed.

Other problem. They added an extra
layer of oversight to our system.

The second I try to move beyond my
clearance, I get an on-screen warning.

They're watching
everything we're doing.

Okay, fine.

We use this, create a mobile hot spot.

That way we can work off our own net
without Pillar breathing down our necks.

Got it.

Setting up alternate network now.

We're up.

Okay, I'm restricting access
to you and me.

How long will it take you?

I can only give you 90 seconds.
Anything more, somebody will notice.

Okay, text me when you're set up.

Fredericks, McDermott was injured
in the EMP blast.

Collect the night-shift timecards
and take them to my office.


Like, now.

Yes, ma'am.

We put a loop in security feed. I've got
90 seconds, so straight to the point.

I need to find Jack.
They're gonna kill him.

- Who's gonna kill him?
- Pillar and whoever is working with him.

- Tell me where he is.
- I got no idea.

You were at the bank with him.

Hey, what Jack says and what he does
are two very different things.

- He's trying to expose the cover-up.
- He doesn't give a damn.

He's taking out anyone
who was anywhere near Renee's death.

Starting with Dana.

She gave him the evidence
and he killed her anyway.

She took the gun out.
She was probably shooting at him.

He shot her point-blank.
He executed her...

just like she said he would.

There are no good guys here.

Jack, Pillar.

They end up killing each other,
maybe it's the best thing.

No, Jack's my friend.
If I can find him, I can talk him down.

These people are just gonna kill him.
I need you to be on my side.

Everybody wants me on their side.

Who am I fighting for?

If we can get to him,
we can expose the cover-up.

You just stay here and feel sorry
for yourself. I'm gonna go find him.


Look, it's not much,
but Jack's gotta be with someone.

- Who?
- I don't know. I never saw him.

Jack showed up
with weapons and comms...

so he's got to have
a contact in the city.

- You wanna find Jack, find his supplier.
- Thanks.

- Arlo.
- You got out in time. You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.
I know what Jack's doing.

Pull up his files, get his known
associates in the tristate area.

- Anyone he's worked with in the past.
- Okay.

In the next half hour, the man
who has widely been acknowledged...

... as the vital third partner
in the peace process...

... Russian President Yuri Suvarov,
will touch down at JFK.

He'll be ferried into Manhattan
by helicopter and then to the U.N.

- Yes.
- Pavel, update, please.

My team is in position.

Any sign of Bauer?

Not yet.

I need to know.

What about the woman?

The woman?

The journalist, her disposition.

Miss Reed is aiding
and abetting a terrorist.

She's a serious threat
to both of our countries.

Do what you have to.

I see from Ethan's notes that
we still have not completely resolved...

the issue of site access
for the inspection teams.

I believe it was resolved.

President Hassan agreed the inspectors
would have right of passage...

over our entire country.

- But he exempted schools.
- Only primary schools.

Omar didn't think 10-year-old children
would be building nuclear missiles.

Of course. I remember now.
I do apologize.

Are you all right, Madam President?

It's been a long day.

I'm fine. Thank you.

Madam President.

Excuse me for a few minutes.
There's someone I need to see.

Of course.

- Where is he?
- He's in the conference room, ma'am.

Thank you for seeing me,
Madam President.

I have good news. We've located Bauer.
He has the evidence, but...

Charles, you assured me
that that wouldn't happen.

Please, let me finish.

We know exactly where Bauer will be
and when...

and we have an operation underway
to reacquire him as we speak.

Believe me, this is good news.

Let me know as soon as it's resolved.
I need to get back to the negotiations.

Just... There's just one thing,
Madam President.

We are three hours away
from the signing of the treaty.

Isn't it time for my role in the process
to be officially recognized?

I was thinking some kind of
announcement to the media...

perhaps by your press secretary...

or maybe even by you yourself,
Madam President.

It was, you'll recall, our agreement...

that I would have a public face
on this historic day.

I believe I've earned it.

I will talk to my press secretary.

She will make the announcement
in time for the 1:00 news.

Thank you very much, Madam President.

We have contact.

Target heading
to third-floor escalator.


I see her now.

We have eyes on Reed.

Reed is confirmed.

Units 2 and 3, Reed is approaching you.

Confirm contact.

Reed confirmed.

Approaching the meeting place.

Any sign of Bauer?

Where is he? He should be here.

No sign.

- Pavel, do you see Bauer?
- Not yet.

Unit 1, report.

We have no visual of Bauer.

Jason, where are you going?

There he is. He's heading up towards...

- I lost him.
- Units, Bauer is on the third floor.

Do you see him?

- I do not have him.
- He's there. We see him.

Get your eyes open, damn it.

I have not seen him.

- Got him.
- Bauer is approaching from the southwest.

He's got a brown leather jacket
and jeans.

There he is.

Pavel, he's in view.
He's closing in on the cafe.

You should have a clean line on him.

Pavel, if you have a shot, take it.

I've got him.

Put it down.

Everything's all clear up on the top,

Copy that.

Come with me. Do exactly what I say.

All units, target is in the open.
Take him out.

I repeat. Take him out.

- Stay here. Don't move.
- Okay.

- Don't move.
- All right.

Get down!

Move. Move.
- Okay.

What the hell just happened?

He knew it was a trap.

Don't let them out of your sight.

- We lost him.
- Just keep looking.

Those people, who were they?

Russian operatives.
You have any problems?


Let's move.

Jason, tell me.

I'm afraid I have bad news, sir.

All of Pavel's team is dead
and Bauer has Pavel.

He was ahead of us from the get-go.

He must have anticipated that we'd use
ECHELON and he put out keywords...

knowing the listening stations
would pick them up.

He played us. He knew we'd use
off-book resources to deal with him.

He used that journalist
to draw them out.

Now, sir, I hardly need to tell you
that the situation is grave.

Pavel knows everything.

He ran Walsh, he set up the Russian ops.

If Bauer gets Pavel to talk...

But at the moment, sir,
you still have complete deniability.

President Taylor made all the decisions.

I think the time has come for you
to distance yourself from this mess.

It's regrettable, sir, deeply so,
but I believe it's what's best for you.


Twenty minutes from now...

the president's press secretary
is going to make an announcement.

She will say I've become part
of the president's team...

and I have been indispensable...

in bringing this peace process
to a successful close.

May I say that that is a bad idea?
You need to distance yourself.

You keep using that phrase.

What does distance myself mean?
Do I just slink away?

This isn't your fault.

There were circumstances
we couldn't have anticipated.

Well, then, we find Bauer
and we neutralize him.

We are public now, Jason.

We're committed.

And I have worked... We.

We have worked too hard
just to throw this all away.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, sir, but Pavel...


Pavel is a good soldier. He won't talk...

whatever Bauer does to him.

I, uh...

I put you at CTU, Jason, for a reason.

They have huge resources.
You have intelligence and tenacity.

You use those capabilities.

Find Bauer.

Yes, sir.
I'll head down to the scene myself.


Keep me posted.

He wants to move forward.

Does he understand
what actually happened?

Yes, but he says we still have options.

I need to know you're with me on this.

Yes. Yes, I'm with you.


I'll clean up the scene, remove all trace
of the Russians, get on Bauer's trail.

I'll take CTU SWAT with me.

Tell N.Y.P.D. To put a perimeter
around the store.

- No one goes in or out.
- What reason do I give them?

National security. Anyone gives you
a hard time, invoke the White House.

Any luck with Jack's associates?

No. Even discounting dead people
and from foreign countries...

it's still gonna take hours.
- Narrow it down.

I just picked up a 911 call
from Turner's in Midtown.

There was a shootout, people killed.

I managed to get into the store's
security system.

Oh, my God.

That's Jack.

- They're trying to kill him.
- Yeah, that plan didn't go so well.

I tagged the footage five minutes before
to five minutes after the shooting.

If we run facial recognition
on the camera feeds...

We can match it to the database
of Jack's associates...

find out who he's working with.

Thanks, Arlo.

No problem.

Copy the camera footage to my screen.
I'll send you half the personnel files.

We're clear. Let's go.

Let's go.

Empty your pockets right now. Here.

Take a seat.

We'll be safe here for a while.

Jack, we don't have much time.

Take off your coat. Now!

Those people you killed,
you were ready for them, weren't you?

- You knew they were coming.
- Yeah.

So you...

You knew they'd be listening
to our phone call.

Isn't that right?

You used me to draw them out, right?

- That's right.
- I could have been killed back there.

You weren't.

Now, pick it up.

I said pick it up!

What about the evidence you
said you'd tell me? Was that a lie too?


The evidence is on this memory card.

When you see it, you'll know it's real.

Take it.

My partner is gonna take you somewhere
to show it to you.

I'm sorry things had to play out like this.
I didn't see another choice.

What are you gonna do?

Put your hands behind your back. Now!

- Don't do this. You don't wanna do this.
- Take her to the storeroom.

No, I'm not going anywhere.

Please, you cannot do this.

The evidence I gave you doesn't tell me
how Walsh was involved.

He will.

- Come on.
- No. You cannot do this this way.

Sit over there.

Springfield, M1A Rifle.

.308 round.

You know, about four hours ago...

I had a friend of mine...
Very good friend.

Named Renee Walker,
was killed by a rifle just like that.

Go to hell.

You first.

The hit on Hassan is all arranged.

Bazhaev and his people are taking care
of everything.

You talk to no one but me.

We're done here.

Don't contact me again
until Hassan is dead.

To be honest with you...

Renee Walker was more
than just my friend.

But you already know that, don't you?

Because you saw us in the bedroom
of my apartment.

Now, you're either not very good
at what you do...

or you wanted her to suffer.

Because with that rifle from that range,
it was an easy kill shot.

But instead...

you shot her right there...

2 inches below her heart,
so she would bleed out slowly.

I watched her gasping for air...

as the blood slowly filled her lungs.

She died in agony, which is exactly
what I'm gonna make you do...

unless you tell me
what I wanna know.

Start talking to me!

You wanna know I killed your girlfriend?

Yeah, I kill her.

I kill your bitch! I did it!

Please. Please, you've gotta stop him.

He needs answers
and he's gonna get them.

I can use this. There's enough.
I don't need any more.

Tell him I don't need any more.

You're not going anywhere.

Move aside. Move. Move.

Please step back from the bodies.
This is now a CTU crime scene.

I need all weapons and documents
you found on these people.

This is all we got, sir.
None of them had IDs on them.

This is the man we're looking for.

His name is Jack Bauer.

Now, you need to spread out
and check every floor and every exit.

He has a hostage with him,
so he wouldn't have gotten far.

Bauer is armed
and extremely dangerous...

so if you don't wanna end up
like these people, shoot on sight.

Let's go.


There you go.

So why don't we start this again?

I already know
that you killed Renee Walker.

What I wanna know...

is the name...
- Uhn! Uhn!

Of the Russian pig
inside your government...

- Uhn! Uhn!
...that gave the order.

Give me a name and I'll end this quickly.
I give you my word.

You think you know about pain?

You don't know anything yet.

Give me the name of the person
inside your government...

who wanted Renee Walker dead!

Give me the name!

Who gave the order?

Who inside your government
wanted Renee Walker dead?

All you gotta do is give me the name!

You people are so stupid.

Renee Walker was no threat to you.

Her work was finished. She was done.
We were out.

All you had to do was leave us alone.

Why couldn't you just leave us alone?

I want the name of the person
who gave the order to pull the trigger!

Who gave the order?

- Now!
- I did it on my own!

You're lying. You're nothing.

You didn't have the authority.

I want the name! Give me the name!

My name is Pavel Tokarev.

This isn't working.

Damn it!

Where's the SIM card for your phone?

Where's the SIM card?

Where did you drop it?

All right.


You dumb bastard, you swallowed it.

You swallowed it.

This is for my friend.

What do you got?
- This side's clear.

There's another service hallway. Check
all. Make sure they're locked down.

You guys, I want you up there.
Get on the third floor. Do it now.

You've reached the number...

... of President Charles Logan. We can't
take your call. Leave your number.

We'll get back to you
as soon as we can.

We're running out of time
Where's the second port I asked for?

- Arlo.
- What? Right. Second port.

- Why isn't it up already?
- I'm sorry.

What's wrong?

We're ignoring a presidential order
and committing treason, Chloe.

I know what we're doing.

- And that doesn't bother you?
- Of course it does.

That's reassuring.

Look, it's the only choice. I'm committed
to doing whatever it takes...

to help Jack expose this conspiracy.

Even if it means
going up against the president?

I did it before and I survived.
So will you.


Okay, Pillar gave us permission
to steal bandwidth.

So he won't know
what we're allocating it for.

I'm opening up the socket.