24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 18 - Day 8: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. - full transcript

President Taylor's envoy to the Russians persuades them to return to the peace table, but at what cost? Jack goes to CTU to interrogate a nearly-forgotten traitor, and the President decides to talk to Jack there.

[ Jack Bauer]
Previously on 24.

Someone needs to take the reins
of the I.R.K. government,

someone who believes in
the same ideals and principles
as Omar Hassan...

and who shares his strength.

[ Dalia ]
If it is the will of my people,

l will take my husband's place
at the peace conference.

Did you find him,
President Taylor-
the man who killed my father?

Samir Mehran. Yes.

He was badly wounded,
but he'll live to stand trial.

[ Man ]
I took care of him.

So there is
no connection to us.
We're in the clear.

Maybe not.
There was a woman there
who might have recognized me.

What woman?
She may be C.T.U.

l'm not sure,
but I've seen her face before.

Once again, Mr. Novakovich,

you're giving every indication
that Russia has no interest
in this peace accord.

I don't understand
how you can believe that
installing Hassan's widow...

will alleviate our concerns
about the instability
of the I.R.K. government.

l have close friends in Moscow.

Do you honestly think
your relationships
can change their minds?

Let's just say
l'm going to be able
to exercise some leverage.

Jack thinks
that someone inside of C.Τ.U.
is working for the terrorists.

I spoke to Hastings.
He cleared me through, Jim.

- [ Beeping ]
- Stay where you are and keep
your hands where I can-

[ Chloe ]
She just entered
the parking garage.

- [ Grunts ]
- Who are you, you lying bitch?

Don't move.

- [ Glass Breaking ]
- [ Body Thuds ]

Renee. Renee!

- [ Gunshots ]
- [ Glass Breaking ]

- Come on. Come on.
- [ Coughs, Gasps ]

You were on the phone with her
right before she got shot.
What were you talking about?

Samir Mehran was given a lethal injection
at the scene of his capture.

Renee thought she recognized one
of the E.M.Τ.'s from her days
undercover with the Russian mob.

l- l gotta get back to you.

l'm sorry.
She didn't make it.

[ Crying ]

[ Jack Bauer]
The following takes place
between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

[ Woman On P. A. , Indistinct ]


Sir, l'm so sorry,
but we need to move her now.

Sir, are you the husband
of the deceased?

- No.
- WelI, we need to contact
her next of kin.

Can you help us with that?

Do you know where
her parents live?

Are they alive?

l-l don't know.

Sir, are you gonna be all right?

l don't know if these will fit.
I got them from an intern.

Thank you.

[ Crying ]

[ Cell Phone Rings ]

[ Beeps ]

Jack, l heard about Renee.
I'm so sorry.

What can l do to help?
Tell me who did this.

You told me earlier Renee thought
she recognized someone...

at Hassan's crime scene-
an E.M.T.?

[ Exhales ]
Let us deal with that.

We have everyone here
working on it.

Don't try and handle me,

Not now.
Who did she see?

She thought
she recognized somebody...

from the Russian mob,
Red Square.

Bazhaev's group?

l want to talk to him.

Like l said, l'm already on it.

Ηe's in custody
somewhere, Chloe.

l brought him in myself.
Where is he?

There's something
that you need to know.

Division replaced Hastings
with me.

Τhat means l'm responsible
for what happens to Bazhaev.

l know you're upset about Renee.
So am I.

But Bazhaev's our only lead.
l need whoever taIks to him
to be in complete control.

l don't think
that's you right now.

l won't interfere
with your investigation.

You think you can stick to that?
I give you my word.

Chloe, l'm gonna ask you
one more time. Where is he?

Ηe's in federal court downtown.
He's being arraigned right now.

[ Kanin ]
Plan was for this chamber
to be full by now.

Ethan, what in the world
are you doing here?
You should be resting.

- Doctor said it was my call.
- Ethan.

l'm fine.

l was thinking,
Madam President-

our discussion about
enlisting Charles Logan-

It's done.
You've contacted him already?

He's on his way
to talk to the Russian
foreign minister.

[ Scoffs ]
That was fast.

The Russians were about
to announce that they were
pulling out of the talks.

l didn't see a lot of options.

So, what's his angle?

Madam President,
you said he's on his way
to talk to Novakovich.

[ Scoffs ]
Ηow does he intend
to get the Russians to stay?

l assume he uncovered something
in his business dealings with them.

- But you don't know what it is?
- Not exactly.

Madam President,
he's operating in your name.

Shouldn't we find out?

l agreed l wouldn't.

"Don't ask, don't tell"
was the price
for Logan's cooperation.

[ Chattering ]

[ Logan ]

Mr. President.

The Russian people join you
in mourning President Hassan.

His death was... a tragedy
for all peace-loving nations.

You can save your platitudes.

- You want the truth.
- Why not, for a change?


l assume President Τaylor
sent you here...

to bring my country
back to the bargaining table.

She is going to be disappointed.

President Τaylor
lured the whole world here...

with the promise that
Hassan had united the l.R.K.,

that there would be peace
for the first time in decades.

Well, now it is clear that was a lie.

There was no unity even with Hassan,
and now that he is gone-

His widow, Dalia,
can pick up the mantle.

Not in our estimation.

Hassan was undone
by his own opposition.

Ηow could his widow possibly
succeed where he failed?

'Cause we both know
the opposition that undid him
had outside help.

Nuclear threats,

assassination plots against
a heavily guarded head of state-

Τhis was not some third world
malcontents lashing out.

This was a highly
organized effort...

orchestrated by a major rival
to the United States,

a rival convinced
that their best interest...

was to stop the peace process
by killing Hassan.

- lf you are insinuating-
- Insinuating, no.

l'm saying it was people
inside your government-

first among them, you.

That is an outrageous accusation.

lt's a fact for which l have proof.

l don't believe you.
Well, that's your right.

But l'll tell you this.
You don't want to test me.

Because what l have,
I will share with President Taylor...

if you and l fail to come
to an understanding here.

[ Waiter ]
Espresso, sir.

At this point, President Taylor
knows nothing about any of this.

l didn't see what good
could come out of inflaming...

the situation
between our countries further,

not without talking to you first.

And now l have.

Τhe president's expecting me
at the U.N. I need to go.

And what will you tell her?
What l would
like to tell her...

is that Russia is back at the table
and her peace process is on track.

But if neither of us hears from you
before l get there,

l'm afraid
what l'll have to tell her instead
is the unvarnished truth.

Sergei "Bazayoff."

Bazhaev, Your Ηonor.
We'd like to waive reading.

[ Judge ]
I'm sure you would,
given the charges here.

I can tell you right now,
I'm gonna deny bail.

Judge Ruffin, Sergei Bazhaev
is a businessman with
deep ties to this community.

- [ Judge Ruffin ]
He's a foreign national.
- That's true, Your Honor,

but he has lived in this country
continuously since 1985.

His entire family
lives here.

ln fact, several members of his family
are represented in court today-

his wife, daughter-in-law,

for whom, incidentally,
he is the sole means ofsupport.

[ Judge Ruffin ]
According to the charges,
he's their sole support...

because he killed the boy's father,
not to mention the other counts-

trafficking in nuclear materials,
assassination, conspiracy.

Like l said,
I'm gonna deny bail.

I'm remanding him
to Marion immediately.

[ Whispering ]

Your Honor,
may l have five minutes
with my client, please?

Fine. You have five minutes.
Court will recess for 30 minutes.

[ Bailiff]
Clear the courtroom, please.

My client would like to have
a word with you.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

lf you touch my family,
I swear to God, l-

You're not really sitting in the right chair
to be making threats.

Who shot Renee Walker?

l don't know that name.

She was a former F.B.l. agent.
Approximately six years ago,

she worked undercover
in your organization.

Earlier today, she recognized
one ofyour men as Red Square.

There is no Red Square.
Not anymore.

Let me explain myself.

Τhis agent, Renee Walker-

l considered her
to be my family.

So take a long,
hard look into my eyes...

and realize
that I will have no problem...

taking out each member of yours...

before they even get home today...

unless I get the information l want.

Whoever killed her
had nothing to do with me.

Enjoy your time at Marion.

l'll tell your wife
and your daughter-in-law
you said hello.

Wait. Wait!

lf I tell you,
they'll kill my family anyway.

We'll provide them with witness protection.
I give you my word.


The Russian government.
They're behind it, not me.

Everything that happened today,
all of it, was them.

Who inside the government?
I don't know.

What do you mean, you don't know?
You're talking about 1 00,000 people.

l need names.
I don't know names.

Τhey never let me get close.

The woman working with them
arranged everything.
What woman?

Τhe one they planted at C.Τ.U.

Dana Walsh.

[ Man ]
Sir, let's go.

You promised.

[ Beeping ]

[ Exhales ]

Nerve-racking, isn't it-

l only saw Novakovich's face, sir,

but you definitely had his attention.

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]

lt's the president.

- [ Clears Τhroat ]
CharIes Logan.
- Charles?

Yes, Madam President.
I just got off the phone
with the Russian foreign minister.

You did?

And what did he say?

Ηe said that the two of you had
a very interesting discussion,

and that he would be coming
to the United Nations in five hours,

with the Russian premier,
to sign the treaty as scheduled.

[ Mouths Word ]

He also said the credit
for that is all yours.

Oh, uh- He was in the mood
to be convinced, Madam President.

Mr. President,
Ethan Kanin here.

So you're back on your feet.

And l'm curious.
What did you say
to the Russian minister...

to convince him to come back
to the peace talks?

l told him that peace
is in all of our interests.

I'd like to know how you did it.

Madam President, those-
those details are for me alone.
That was our agreement.

Am l right?
Yes, you are.

So, Ethan, um,

let's not do anything to-
to sully our victory.

And it is a victory,
for all of us.

It's a good feeling,
isn't it?

Being of service
to your country.

Yes, it is.

I'll see you
at the U.N. shortly.

[ Phone Rings ]

[ Jack ]
Hey, it's me.

Bazhaev's family just left the courthouse.
They're gonna need witness protection.

I want you to pick 'em up
and bring 'em in.
What did he say?

Ηe said the people
who were behind Renee's murder
weren't Russian mob.

Said they were people
inside the Russian government.

Ηe claims that Moscow is behind
everything that happened today.

l thought the l.R.K. opposition
was trying to stop Hassan.

No, he said the Russians
were just using them.

Ηe didn't have time
to explain why they don't want
the peace accord to go through,

but he did say
something important.

Ηe said Moscow's main contact
on the ground was Dana Walsh.

Dana? You believe that?

Τhat would explain how
she managed to breach C.T.U.

Anyways, l'm on my way in.
I want to talk to her.

l'll set it up.

Cole, l need your help.

Jack's on his way here
to interview Dana.

Dana? What about?

According to Jack,
she's some kind of agent
with the Russian government.

He says they're behind
everything that happened today,
including Renee's murder.

Listen. If Dana knows
who killed Renee,

or Jack thinks
she's in any way responsible,

there's no telling
what he might do.

Jack respects you.

You might be the only one
who can deaI with things
if he gets out of hand.

l know this is difficult for you,
but during the questioning-

Yeah. I'll be there.

lt's good to be back in the game,

even if it is
through the rear entrance.

President Τaylor's
worried about her image.

Ηuh. Believe me, I of all people
understand that.

She can't keep you
hidden away forever, sir.
[ Cell Phone Ringing ]

Τhat's right. Credit given
where credit is due- publicly.

That's our deal.

[ Logan Exhales ]

[ Jason ]
Right. Okay.

No, no. Believe me.
The president
will be grateful to know.


Who is that agent?
I want him reassigned.

Sir, that was one of
my contacts at Justice-

- You hear me?
- Yes. l'll take care of it.

But we have
a more immediate problem.

Jack Bauer.

[ Mouthing Words ]

[ Exhales ]
What does he
have to do with any of this?

He was just downtown
at the federal courthouse-

the arraignment
of a Sergei Bazhaev.

Bauer got to him
behind closed doors
and got him to talk.

Ηow much does this Bazhaev know?
He knows about Dana Walsh,

the mole the Russians
planted at C.T.U.

l know who she is.

Bauer's headed to C.T.U.,
presumably to talk to her.

Sir, my sources tell me Walsh
hasn't given up anything
about Moscow's involvement,

not yet, but she knows enough
to bring everything down.

lf she gets
in a room with Bauer-
Obviously, that can't happen.

We need to stop Bauer
before he talks to her.

Τhat won't be easy.
Ηe may have
a personal stake in this.

he was asking Bazhaev
about a Renee Walker.

She was shot dead
in Bauer's apartment
less than an hour ago.

- Sir, this could easily get out of hand.
- [ Chuckles ]

You may need
to ask President Taylor
to intervene.

What are you suggesting-
that I tell her the truth?

lf she finds out what the
Russians have done, she'll be
furious I kept her out of it.

[ Sighs ]
She might back out of our deal.

Sir, you really need
to stop Bauer now.

l don't see any other way.

You have to talk
to the president.

Bauer torpedoed
my presidency,

tried to ruin me-
almost did.

Τhere's no way
I'm gonna let that happen again.

[ Pushes Button ]

[ Exhales ]

Thank you.

Dana Walsh ready?
Yes. l'll take you to her.

l'm so sorry about Renee.
I don't even know what to say.

Dana know I'm gonna be
interrogating her?

No. I didn't want
to give her a heads-up.

Jack. l'm sorry about Renee.

- l have to leave the cameras on, Jack.
- You think I'm gonna kill her?

l wouldn't blame you
if you did.

lf I wanted her dead, Chloe,
she'd be dead.

I'm just gonna wake her up
to the idea of it.

Open the door.

What do you want?

l want to know
who killed Renee Walker.

- Renee's dead?
- Yeah.

That doesn't make
any sense. lt-

lt must have been a mistake.

No mistake.

l'm sorry, Jack.


You're sorry.

[ Grunts ]
l want to know
who the shooter was.

- [ Gasps ]
- l want to know ordered it!
I want names! Now!

- Stop him.
- Let it play, Chloe.

[ Dana ]
You hit me,
and you get nothing.

You think you get
to make demands here?

[ Breathing Heavily ]
I can give you the hitter,

the man behind him,
all the way up to the top.

l want more than just names.
I want proof!

I have proof.

An audio file, film.


First, l want my immunity deal back.

Soon as l start talking, l'm dead.

Your move, Jack.

lf you lie to me,

l'll find you, no matter
where you try and hide.

You understand that, right?


[ Beeping ]

We've had such little good news
these last few hours,

l wanted to tell you
right away.

Τhe delegates
have voted unanimously...

to accept you as
the representative of the I.R.K.
at the signing of the treaty.

l'm pleased.

Τhank you for all your efforts.
You're welcome.

There is one proviso, of course.

Τhat my own country accept me
as signatory of the treaty.

l know you've had
very little time to pursue this.

Jamot and l
have been making progress.

ln the next hour,
our constituent assembly
will vote on the issue,

but as we've already received
pledges of loyalty from most
of my husband's coalition,

l believe we have
a good chance of success.

Dalia, we might
just make it yet.

- We might.
- Madam President? Mrs. Hassan.

- Uh, l need a word.
- Excuse me.

Logan wants
to speak with you.
About what?

He wouldn't say,
except that it's urgent.

Ηe's waiting in your office.

[ Male Reporter]
Following President Hassan's death,

the expectation was that the delegates
to the peace conference...

would have to pack up
and go home,

but the latest rumors coming out
of the U.N. are pretty sensational-

that Dalia Hassan might be
stepping into her husband's shoes.

In fact, there are already
street demonstrations
taking place in Kamistan...

in support of
Dalia Hassan's candidacy.

Mr. Logan,
the president is here.

Thank you.
[ TV Sound Mutes ]

[ Clears Τhroat ]

Thank you for seeing me,
Madam President.

Ethan said you wanted
to speak with me.

Um- Can we have
the room, please?

[ Door Closes ]
What's this about, Charles?

Jack Bauer.
He's out of control.

He's already pressured
a-a Russian mafioso
in federal court,

and now he's on his way
to question a woman in custody
at C.T.U.- Dana Walsh.

Why does he want to talk to her?

Ηe thinks she knows who's behind
the, uh- the shooting of a Renee Walker.

Agent Walker?

She's dead?

- How did this happen?
- That's still being investigated,

but in the meantime,
what l'm saying is
Bauer needs to be stopped.


You're going to
have to trust me.

What we need to do right now
is lock Bauer down.

You better tell me exactly
what's going on.

Oh, Madam President, l-

l won't do a thing
about Jack Bauer until
you tell me the truth.

Elements inside
the Russian government...

were behind
both the assassination
of President Hassan...

and the supply of
nuclear material to his enemies.

- Τhe Russian government?
- Why do you think
they're back at the table?

Because I threatened to expose
their role in today's events.

You knew about this
and you didn't tell anyone?

- l was trying to protect the president.
- Protect her?

You've compromised her-

Why didn't you
say anything before?

l told you that l had leverage
with the Russians.

Y-Y- You must have understood
it was significant.

Significant, yes!
Evidence of a sex scandal,

some kind of
financial malfeasance-

Not this, for God's sake!

lf I find that you were
in a position to prevent anything-

Absolutely not. This information
came to me only very recently.

From whom?

- l can't tell you.
- You will tell me.

l can't, Madam President,
because i-it would do no good.

My sources would plausibly deny
even knowing me.

Τhe Russian involvement-
that's what Jack Bauer is about
to bring out into the open?

lf he taIks to Dana Walsh, yes.

The Russians inserted her
at C.T.U. months ago.

She was their agent.

lf Bauer gets to her,
it'll all come out, and then-

and then this-
this will all be finished.

lt's finished anyways.
You think the president...

wants anything more
to do with the Russians
after what they've done?

Yes. Yes, you do,
Madam President,

because you are looking
at the bigger picture,
the greater good.

Ηow can you call
any of this good?

Because it is good,
an undeniable good,

a peace
that's escaped the world
for generations!

That's what you're
on the verge of achieving.

Do you really want
to throw it all away?

Do you really think
Dalia Hassan...

will sit down at the table with the people
who murdered her husband?

Who says she has to know?

Believe me, l know
how hard you worked for this,

how you sweated and prayed,
the sleepless nights- I know.

The power to make a difference-

that's why we came into politics.

Ηow few of us
get to achieve it,

but you have.

You so nearly have.

Ethan will tell you
to make a stand.

l applaud his-his moral clarity,
but then he's on the sidelines.

He can afford it.
That's enough!

ls the situation ideal? No!

Far from it,
but you have a real chance...

to make the world
a better place.

Don't listen to this, Allison.

lf the treaty's
not signed today,
it's not the end.

You can build a better peace,
with honest partners.

"There is a tide
in the affairs of men,

which, taken at the flood,
leads on to fortune."

What the hell does that mean?

Τhe president knows.

It's from Julius Caesar.

lt means "Now or never."

[ Knocking ]

Madam President.
I have Jack Bauer for you.

- Where is he?
- He's at C.T.U.

He wants to talk to you
about an immunity agreement
for a Dana Walsh.

l'll have to call him back.
Yes, ma'am.

Madam President,
there is no choice here.

But there is a choice,

and unfortunately,
only l can make it.

- l'm going to C.Τ.U.
- To do what?

To see Jack Bauer.

[ Beeping ]

- Did the president call back yet?
- Not yet.

Jack, are you sure
you want to do this
to yourselff?

We can take it from here.
Τhe minute Dana's immunity deal
is back in place,

we can roll up the names,
close this out.

l need to see this through.

Excuse me. Τhe president's
on the phone, line 3.

She asked for Chloe.

[ Beeps ]
Madam President.

Ms. O'Brian,
I'm on my way to see you.

- You're coming to C.Τ.U.?
- Yes. l'm almost there.

l need to talk to Jack Bauer.
Make sure he doesn't leave.

Yes, ma'am.
[ Beeps ]

Let Security know
the president
will be here any minute.

- She's coming here?
- Τhat's what l just said.
Have them standing by.

- Why's she doing this?
- She said she wants to talk to you.

- Why didn't she just
talk to me on the phone?
- I don't know.

You should probably meet her
in Hastings's office.


Madam President.
Welcome to C.Τ.U.
I'm Chloe O'Brian.

Thank you, Ms. O'Brian.
Is Jack inside?

Yes, ma'am.
Right this way.

l want to say how grateful l am
for all your efforts today.

We've taken
some pretty hard hits,

but we've managed
to keep ourselves in the game.

Τhe peace process is still alive,

and I am counting on
your hard work...

and your vigilance
to keep it that way.

l know you won't let me down.

Thank you, Ms. O'Brian.
I'll go up alone.

- Hello, Jack.
- Madam President.

l am so sorry
about Agent Walker.

- l gather she meant a lot to you.
- Yes, ma'am.

Which makes
what l'm about to ask
so very, very hard.

[ Sighs ]
Please, Jack.

l need you to stand down.

l-l'm sorry.
I don't understand.

l do not want you
to question Dana Walsh.

Madam President, the information
that I can extract from Dana Walsh...

is not limited
to the murder of Renee Walker.

l believe she knows
the names of the people...

who facilitated the assassination
of President Hassan,

people working within
the Russian government.

That is pure speculation.
Then grant her immunity.
Let me question her.

- lf she's lying, you lose nothing.
- I'm sorry.

l won't give
Dana Walsh immunity.
I can't.

Τhe peace process
is back on track.

Dalia Ηassan will represent
her country at the signing.

Τhe Russians have accepted her
and have undertaken to support the treaty.

Madam President,
the Russians have been
trying to destroy the treaty.

You can't trust them.
You don't know that.

Τhe information that l have
came from Sergei Bazhaev,
and I believe him.

lf you let me
question Dana Walsh,
I can prove it to you.

No. l won't allow it.

You don't want to know the truth.

What l want is to keep
the Russians at the table.

Allegations of this sort
will drive them away.

What if the allegations are true?

lf I keep the Russians at the table,
I can bring peace...

to a part of the world that has known
nothing but war for generations.

That is the greater good
that I am working toward,

and to achieve it,
there have to be sacrifices.

With all due respect,
Madam President,
these people gave nuclear weapons...

to terrorists who were willing
to obliterate half of Manhattan.

You don't know that!

And I'm telling you,
we have to move on.

Even Ηassan's widow
has picked up the torch...

and is continuing
the peace process.

Does she know the Russians
helped murder her husband?

Do you think she'd be willing
to sign that treaty if she knew?
Have you even told her?

That's enough.
Have you told her?

l said that's enough!

Τhis peace treaty is in the
interests of the United States
and of the world.

That makes it a good in itself,
and certainly more important
than your desire for revenge.

Madam President,
l don't want revenge,
I want justice.

And I want peace.

lf there were another way,
I would take it, but there's not.

Τhat's my decision.
Do you understand?

Do you understand, Jack?

Yes, ma'am.

l've arranged a helicopter
to fly you from C.Τ.U.
to McGuire Air Force Base.

[ Scoffs ]
You're locking me down.

You'lI be debriefed there.

Good-bye, Jack.

l'm sorry.

l had them gather your things.

What happened up there?

What do you mean?

l mean "nothing."
Nothing happened.

[ Beeping ]

[ No AudibIe Dialogue ]

[ Taylor]
What I need is a meeting
with Dalia Hassan...

to coordinate our response
to the likely questions.

Will you set that up?
Thank you.

I'm leaving C.T.U. now.
I'll be with you in 10 minutes.

- Τhey said you wanted to see me?
- Yes.

Dana Walsh
is to remain locked down
until further notice.

No one gets access to her
without my express permission.
Is that clear?

l guess.
What about Jack?

Jack is going
to McGuire Air Force Base
to be debriefed.

He didn't seem
very happy about that.

He was disappointed
that l wouldn't grant
Dana Walsh immunity...

in exchange for her testimony.

But Dana knows who's responsible
for everything that's happened today.

She is a sociopath.
She'll say anything.

And the last thing we need right now
is a bunch of unfounded allegations...

derailing the peace
that we've all worked so hard for.

Do you understand, Chloe?

We're having a press conference
at the U.N. in two hours...

to present Dalia Ηassan
as the new leader of the I.R.K....

and to announce that
the peace talks are still on track.

What we need C.Τ.U. to do
is to make sure security is airtight.

Yes, ma'am.

Τim Woods
speaks very highly of you.

When the situation
got out of control,

he was quite adamant
that you were the one to take over.

l'm surprised
he even knows who I am.

lt was a pleasure
to meet you finally, Chloe.

Thank you.

Cole, we're gonna be back
on U.N. detail.

- What's happening with Dana?
- As of now, nothing.

- What about the immunity agreement?
- There isn't gonna be one.

- Why not?
- Τhe president says
that Dana's a lying sociopath...

who will wreck
the peace treaty.

- What's Jack say about that?
- I don't know.

He's being choppered
to McGuire for debriefing.

What the hell's going on?

Τhere's gonna be
a press conference soon,

and the president needs us
to guarantee security.

You'll need to get
your teams ready.

Okay. Fine.

[Arlo ]
So Jack's being taken away
for a debrief?

About what, may I ask?

[ Man ]
Director O'Brian,
this is Falcon One.

Touching down at C.T.U.
Copy that.

Security personnel en route
to the roof with Jack Bauer now.
Roger that.

[ lndistinct ]

Mr. Bauer. Agent Winnick.

The White House has instructed me
to escort you to McGuire
Air Force Base for a debrief.

[ Radio Chatter]

Ηeard a lot about you, sir.

l'm sorry we had to meet
under these circumstances.

There's no reason to be sorry.

l'm taking this helicopter.
Tell your men to drop their weapons
or you're gonna die.

Do it!

- Arlo, pull up the audio.
Something's happening.
- Coming up.

Put your weapons down now!
I will kill him!

All security to the helipad.
Security to the helipad now.

Τhe hell is going on?
He's gonna steal
that helicopter.

We have a hostage situation.

Out of the copter! Now!

[ Man On Radio ]
He hijacked the helicopter.

Hold your fire!
Lower your weapons!

Give me your walkie.

Jack. Please land
the chopper now.

Jack, you know I have to call this in.
The air force will force you down.

This is a bad idea.
Land the chopper now!

Call the F.A.A. and the air force.
Tell them we have a stolen helicopter...

flying west over Manhattan that needs
to be intercepted and forced down.

Yes, ma'am.

[ Beeping ]

[ Crickets Chirping ]