24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 19 - Day 8: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. - full transcript

President Taylor faces impossible choices, and, much to the dismay of CTU, she enlists a private security firm to complete a sensitive task led by Mark Bledsoe. Meanwhile, Jack calls in a ...

[ Jack Bauer ]
Previously on 24.

Τhe Russian people join you
in mourning President Hassan.

We both know the opposition
that undid him had outside help.

l just got off the phone with
the Russian foreign minister.

Ηe said that he would be coming
to the United Nations in five hours...

- with the Russian premier to
sign the treaty as scheduled.
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]

Τhe credit for that is all yours.

[ Logan ]
It's good to be back in the game.

Elements inside
the Russian government...

were behind both the assassination
of President Hassan...

and the supply of nuclear material
to his enemies.

[ Τaylor ]
The Russian government?

Τhe Russians inserted Dana Walsh
at C.T.U. months ago.

She was their agent.

lf Bauer gets to her,
this will all be finished.

l want to know
who killed Renee Walker.

[ Dana ]
Renee's dead? I'm sorry.

Υou're sorry?
[ Groans ]

[ Gasping ]
I can give you the hitter.

l want more than just names.
I want proof!

l have proof-
an audio file, film.


First, l want
my immunity deal back.

l'm sorry. l won't
give Dana Walsh immunity.

l believe she knows
the names of the people...

who facilitated the assassination
of President Hassan-

people working within
the Russian government.

[ Taylor ]
I won't allow it.

Υou don't want
to know the truth.

What l want is to keep
the Russians at the table.

Allegations of this sort
will drive them away.

l've arranged a helicopter
to fly you from C.Τ.U.
to McGuire Air Force Base.

[ Scoffs ]
You're locking me down.

l'm taking this helicopter.

Tell your men
to drop their weapons,
or they're gonna die. Now.

Out of the copter now!

All security to the helipad.
Security to the helipad now.

Call the F.Α.A., the air force.

Τell them we have
a stolen helicopter that
needs to be forced down.

[ Jack Bauer ]
The following takes place between
1 0:00 a.m. and 1 1 :00 a.m.

[ On Radio ]
Jack, it's Chloe. What are you doing?

Talk to me.

Jack, talk to me.

- Can you hear me?
- Yeah, he can hear you. Comm's on.

- He's just not answering.
- Damn it.

Air force choppers are
closing in on his position.

[ Pilot On Radio ]
Mr. Bauer.

You are ordered to turn
the aircraft around
and return to C.T.U.

l repeat, turn
the aircraft around now.

Jack's descending.
Air force choppers
are in pursuit.

[ Chloe ]
Jack, this is crazy.
Come back to C.T.U.

N.Υ.P.D., this is Ranger 1 .

Suspect just landed
on the Cooper Building.

We're gonna circle
and maintain visual contact.

[ Sirens Wailing ]
We have a visual
on N.Y.P.D.

Two units approaching the building.
They're one block out.

Suspect's on the fire escape.
He's descending to ground level.

[ Sirens Approaching ]

We've lost him.
Attempting to reacquire.

[ Policeman On Radio ]
Dispatch, no sign of suspect.

Dispatch, this is Unit 27.
We're at the building,
but we've lost the suspect.

[ Dispatcher ]
Copy. We'll widen the perimeter.

- What the hell is Jack doing?
- He's not letting this go.
That's what he's doing.

Dana told him she has
proof about the Russians.
He'll probably come after her.

That's crazy. She's locked down.
Jack knows you can't get to her.

He'll either figure it out
or he'll die trying.

[ Exhales ]
I want you in the field.

Meet with N.Y.P.D.
and coordinate
an interagency search.

Bring in whoever you need.

Arlo, use satellite and traffic cam.

Maybe we can track him
from here.
On it.

Keep me looped in
on the search status.
[ Man ] I'll call and update.

No, I don't want to be
updated in 1 0 minutes.

l want a real-time uplink.
Yes, sir.

[ Handset Settles ln Cradle ]

[ Sighs ]
They still haven't been
able to lock Jack down?

Τhey lost him.
Ηe landed the chopper
and escaped on foot.

is securing a perimeter.

C.Τ.U. is coordinating
an interagency search.

lf Jack gets this evidence
and exposes the Russians,
the agreement is over.

Τhe peace agreement
may not be the only casualty.

Madam President, you covered up
the Russians' involvement.

That's grounds for impeachment,
possibly a criminal indictment.

You crossed the line,
Madam President.

But it may not be too late
to step back and limit the damage.

Expose the Russians.

Grant Dana Walsh immunity
in exchange for evidence.

We'll launch an investigation
through transparent international channels.

Which will effectively
end the peace deal.

But it will save
your administration.

There is still a chance
that C.T.U. will find Jack.

Even if they do,
the evidence is still out there.

Eventually, it will surface.


l know better than anyone
how much this means to you,

how much you've sacrificed
personally to make it happen.

Ethan, we are so close.

And we will be again-

if not during your administration,
then during the next one.

l wish l could believe that.


[ lnhales Sharply ]

Ethan, I want you to prepare-
[ Sniffles ]

a statement...

announcing our withdrawal
from this accord.

We have a press conference
in 40 minutes.

l'll make
the announcement then.

As hard as this is,
you're doing the right thing.

[ Chattering ]

Madam President.

lt's over, Charles.

- l've decided not to go through
with the peace deal.
- Because of Bauer?

Because the evidence
implicating the Russians-

evidence that I helped cover up-
is-is potentially too lethal.

l agree, Madam President.

Doesn't sound like
you have much of a choice.

l'm surprised.
l expected more
of a fight from you.

l'm nothing if not pragmatic,
although l am disappointed.

l'm afraid you'll have
to find some other way
to repair your legacy.

My own personal
disappointment aside,

it's a loss for the world.

Yes, it is.

Ethan's drafting my statement.

l need to call Dalia Hassan.

l hope that she'll forgive me
for keeping the truth from her.

Before you do, there is one
thing you might consider-

a way to preserve
the peace deal.

The peace deal is over.
You said so yourself.

l said it was over
if the evidence comes out.

Obviously, you can't
grant Walsh immunity.

The evidence would
become public record.

You need to control the evidence
by keeping Walsh off the grid.

Off the grid?

Classify her
as an enemy combatant...

and incarcerate her
in a private facility.

There is a private security firm
I can recommend.

They're effective
and discreet.

l have them standing by.

[ Exhales ]

Sounds like you've been
giving this a lot of thought.

Madam President, this evidence
is hanging over your head.

You need to deal with it.

We can't keep Walsh
locked up indefinitely.
You wouldn't have to.

Ms. Walsh may not give up
the information willingly,

but she will give it up.

And once we have it,
it won't matter what she claims.

You're talking about
using physical coercion.

l know how deeply
this offends your public
and private sensibilities.

lt is repugnant, even immoral.

But isn't morality relative,
considering what's at stake here?

You are still talking about torture.

l'm talking about
preserving a peace accord...

that is crucial to the security
of this nation.

And that can only happen
if you acquire and control
the evidence.

Believe me, Madam President,
l don't make these suggestions

l appreciate the implications.

l've tried to be
as open and candid with you
as I've been with anyone.

And the truth is I regret
many of my own actions
when I was president.

But l've also had the time
and the distance
to see past them...

to a place of clear
and deep understanding.

What do you understand, Charles?

Wielding the kind of power that
l once had and you have now
can change the world.

But that often requires
making impossible choices...

that challenge
our most sacred ideals.

lf you're not willing
to do that,

you should take Ethan's advice
and pull out now.

[ Beeping ]

Τhis was taken eight minutes ago
on the corner of 25th and Cleveland.

[ Phone Rings ]
Give Cole this information.
Have him redirect his search.

Ms. O'Brian.
l have President Taylor
calling for you.

Put her through.

[ Man On Speaker ]
Madam President, Chloe O'Brian.

Ηave you made any progress
in finding Jack Bauer?

Not yet.
We're still searching.

l think it's safe to assume
he's on his way to C.T.U....

and that Dana Walsh
is his target.

That's why I'm calling, Chloe.

l want Walsh transferred
to a safe house off-site.

Madam President, l've doubled
the security around Dana Walsh.

l'm confident
this is the safest place
for her to be.

Your opinion notwithstanding,

l'd feel more comfortable
with her in a place
where she can't be tracked.

Agents from a-
a private security firm
are coming there to pick her up.

A private security firm?

You know as well as l do
that Jack has contacts
throughout the government,

some of whom might be
sympathetic to his situation.

l'm not suggesting
that you're one
of those people, Chloe.

l just- l just want
to take every precaution.

Yes, ma'am.

l'm sending over
the transfer order now.

The agent in charge
of the escort team
is named Mark Bledsoe.

He should be arriving there
in a few minutes.

Thank you, Chloe.

l know this was difficult,
Madam President,
but you made the right call.

Τhese men of yours,
l want them to use
every method...

of noncoercive interrogation
available to them.

l've already
given that standing order.

No one wants this to get ugly.

Oh, it's already ugly, Charles.

I don't need the chargers.

[ Rapid Beeping ]


Chloe, it's Jack.

Jack. Please, come back now.
This has got to stop.

l need you to get me
access to Dana Walsh.

- The president said she's lying.
- No, it's the president who's lying.

She's covering up the evidence
to protect the peace agreement.

Even if she is,
she must have a good reason.

Besides, it's not your call.
It's the president's.

She's covering up evidence
of a terrorist attack
against this country.

She no longer has the call.
You don't want to go
against me on this.

Are you threatening me?

Chloe, I'm trying
to ask you for help.

l need you to put me
in a room with Dana Walsh.

You're being hunted by every
law enforcement agency in the city.

- You're not thinking clearly.
- Right now, l'm the only one who is.

You can't just
go against everyone.

Please, just come in here,
and we'll figure this out
before you get yourself killed.

You know what? Forget it, Chloe.
I'll figure out another way.

Jack, wait.

lf you do get the evidence from Dana,
what are you gonna do with it?

l just want the people
who are responsible for this
to be held accountable.

All l need to do is expose them.

The president's having her
transferred out of C.T.U.

I'm not sure.

She hired
a private security firm.

- Where are they taking her?
- I don't know.

Find out.
I'll call you back.

Okay. I will.


[ Beeping ]

[ Cell Phone Beeping ]

- Yes?
- Jim, it's Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer.

From what l'm hearing, you got
the whole damn city after you.

Look, l need your help.
l'm running out of
places to go.

Running out?
[ Chuckles ]
I'd say gone.

What'd you do
this time, Jack?
The less you know, the better.

For who?
For both of us.

l'm gonna need weapons
and equipment. l need it fast.
Can you make that happen?

l can make just about
anything happen, Jack.
You already know that.

The problem is that you're
a walking bull's-eye.

Last thing in the world l need
is you on my doorstep.

You wouldn't have a doorstep
if it wasn't for me.
I'm calling in a favor.

l'm gonna tell you what l want,
and I want it ready when l get there.
You understand me?

Well, l see you haven't lost
your personal touch.

l'm gonna need a comm unit,
two MP5s,

an assortment of assault rifles
and body armor.

Hold on one second.
I need to go to Merchant,
just south of Houston.

I also need
a full surveillance package.

[ Cell Phone: Rapid Beeping ]


- lt's me. We're at C.Τ.U.
- Do you have Walsh?

Not yet. l wanted
to talk about something
before we proceeded.

- ls there a problem?
- We put this team together
on short notice.

We never had a chance to discuss
what to do with the prisoner...

once we've extracted
the information.
Hand her back to C.T.U.

Without the evidence,
she has no teeth.
She can't hurt us.

Well, she can make accusations.
Even without the evidence,
something might stick.

You can't afford that.
What are you suggesting?

We can make it look like
the prisoner was killed
while she was trying to escape.

lt wouldn't be difficult.
I'm not sure we're willing
to go down that path.

You hired me
to clean up this situation.

ln my professional opinion,
that's what needs to happen.

Τalk it over with the client,
but l need to know soon.

Yes, okay,
I'll let you know.

Mr. Bledsoe?
That's right.

Chloe O'Brian,
Acting Director of C.Τ.U.
Heard you've had a rough day.

Yeah, you could say that.

I'll take you
to Dana Walsh.
Thank you.

Where are you taking her?
I can't disclose
that information.

The whole point of this exercise
is to keep Walsh off the grid.

Yes, but l'm responsible
for this prisoner.

You were given a presidential order
to turn over the prisoner.

l'm gonna need
to see that order.

You should've received it

Well, we didn't. Like you said,
we've had a rough day.

We were hit by an E.M.P.
Most of our systems are still down.

We don't have a lot of time.
Look, I can't let you take her
unless I see the order.

So, you can wait.
Might take an hour, maybe more.

[ Beeps ]

Thank you. I'm sorry
to be so by-the-book.

l was just promoted
to this position,

and l just want to make sure
that l dot all my l's
and cross the T's.


Yeah, great.

[ Door Opens ]

Good morning, Ms. Walsh.
My name is Mark Bledsoe.

Τhe president's
ordered your transfer
to an off-site facility.

You've been designated
an enemy combatant
by special executive order.

What do you mean
"off-site facility"?

It's a secure location.
Chloe, what the hell
is going on?

- Where's Bauer?
Where's my immunity deal?
- Just do what he says, Dana.

We can do it the hard way
or the easy way- your choice.
But you're leaving here with us.

- Chloe, don't let 'em do this.
- Let's go.

Please, they're gonna kill me.
Chloe. Chloe, please.


Thank you for your cooperation.

[ Rapid Beeping ]

Let's get units
on these two intersections.
[ Cell Phone Beeping ]

Ηave them run car checks
on anyone passing through.

l'll contact Transit Police,
see about getting
these subways locked down.

[ Beeping ]

Chloe, we're still in the middle
of a grid search here.
No sign of Jack.

- l just talked to him. He called me.
- What?

Ηe wants me to help him
get to Dana.
What did you tell him?

l told him she's being transferred
to an off-site facility...

and that l would
give him the address.

And I almost did.

But I can't.
I'm under presidential orders.

Besides, l don't think he's right.

He's not thinking clearly.

We have to find him before
he gets himself killed.

What if Jack
is thinking clearly?

lf he's right- if the president's lying
and this conspiracy is real-

we might be
on the wrong side of this.

Bottom line is we were given
orders to bring him in.

Τhat's what we're gonna do.
All right.

[ Beeps ]

l need everyone's
attention, please.

We're mobilizing
a sting operation in the field
to be led by Agent Ortiz.

Τhe target is Jack Bauer.

Let's get to work.

[ Beeping ]

- [ Keyboard Clacking ]
- [ Computer Beeping ]

[ Knocking ]

Did you get what l need?

Nice to see you again
too, Jack.

Did you get it or not?

Yeah, it's right over there.

Everything you asked for-
right there.

l've been checking the scanners.
All the agencies are looking for you.

- But nobody will say what you did.
- It's not about what I did.

They're afraid
of what l'm gonna do.

l don't know what they did to you, Jack,
but it must've been pretty bad.

- l gotta make a phone call.
- [ Rapid Beeping ]

[ Line Ringing ]

lt's me. Did you find out
where they're taking Dana?

Jack, l want you to think
about what you're doing.

Just give me the address, Chloe.
lt's not too late
to turn yourself in.

Are you gonna give me
the address or not?

Dana's being taken to a safe
house in the Middle Village.

lt's an industrial laundry
at 141 Juniper Valley Road.

Okay, that's about
1 0 minutes from here.
I'll leave now.

Call me when you arrive.
l'm working on pulling up
the interior specs.

- l'll be able to guide you in.
- Chloe, thanks.

- l know l've put you in a spot.
- Yeah.

l'll get back to you.

l need you to stay here.
I might need you later.

You can't come back here again.
Besides that, we're even now.

l'll let you know
when we're even.

Jim, please.
I need your help, okay?

O'Brian brief you?
Yes, sir.

We're drawing Bauer to this
location where he thinks
Dana Walsh is being held.

lt's an industrial laundry
the D.E.A. seized a year ago.

C.T.U.'s been using it
as a safe house, but there's
no way Jack can know this.

Understand, Bauer's
a highly skilled operative.

So we need to make everything
as credible as possible.

He'll be expecting sentries,
so, Beck, you're out front.
Greer, you take the back.

You two will be
stationed inside.

Everyone stays out of sight
until Jack's between
our choke points.

We do the takedown when
and only when l give the order.

We get this right,
we take Jack by surprise...

before he has a chance
to fight back.

[ Cell Phone Beeping ]
Gear up. Cole.

Jack just called.
Ηe's 1 0 minutes out.
What's your status?

- We're on-site and getting ready.
- Remember, nonlethal force.

l don't want anything
to happen to Jack, either,

but l can't tell my men
not to defend themselves
if their lives are in danger.

You know that.

He's calling me when he arrives.
l'll let you know
when that happens.

All right.

Let's go, guys.
Let's go.

Madam President, I have
a final draft of your statement.

l think it best for now to cite
President Hassan's death...

as the reason
for your withdrawing.

Then after
the dust has settled,

we can start
prosecuting the Russians
through back channels.

Ethan, l've chosen not to withdraw
from the peace agreement.

And l'm keeping
the press conference
as scheduled.

l don't understand.

Dana Walsh
is being moved from C.Τ.U.
to a private detention facility.

She'll be off the grid,
out of Jack Bauer's reach.

l've authorized
a private interrogation team
to acquire the evidence.

"Acquire the evidence."

Once we have it,
she'll be irrelevant.

[ Scoffs ]

Keeping the truth
from Jack Bauer is one thing.

But authorizing
the illegal detention
and torture of a prisoner?

Ηow far are you willing to go
to protect this lie?

As far as necessary
to preserve this treaty.

lt's vital to the security
of this nation.

And what l am doing
is for the greater good.

Τhis was Logan's idea, wasn't it?

The decision was mine,
and I stand behind it.

Allison, please listen
to what l'm saying.

l think this is about more
than the greater good.

l think your presidency
has cost you your marriage
and your children.

And you think that this treaty
will somehow redeem that loss.

Ethan, that's enough.

Allison, you've made this personal,
and you've lost your way.

l've known you long enough
to see that.

l implore you.

Take a step back
and look at this clearly.
I said that's enough.

l've explained my reasons.

And l appreciate your objections,
but the debate is over.

So, let's move on.

Madam President.

Unless you stop what's
being done in your name,

l can't be a part of this
any longer.

Don't worry.
I'll- l'll keep it to myself.

Um, l'll cite my health as
the reason for my resignation.

After all, I'm here
against doctor's orders.

Ethan, please.

We are almost there!

You-You can't just
abandon me like this.

l'm not abandoning you.

l'm listening to my conscience.

Anyway, you've got
Charles Logan now.

Only room for one of us.

Madam President.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

[ Beeping ]

Look at me.
My hand is shaking.

l would be concerned
if it weren't.

What you've agreed to take on
is not something that could
be treated lightly.

l keep thinking that people will
accuse me of grabbing for power,

exploiting my husband's death.

Which couldn't be
further from the truth.

Still, some people
may perceive it that way.
[ Door Opens ]

what Father said?

Ηe said the best way
to dispel public misperception
is to address it directly.

Good. l will take his advice.

- Jamot, will you excuse us?
- Of course.

l just need to remind you
that the other delegates
are expecting you in 20 minutes.

l'll be ready.

Miss Kayla.


Mother, l'm sorry for being
so selfish earlier.

You were afraid.

You lost your father today.

And you were afraid
of losing me as well.

l still am.

This peace agreement
Father died for-

how can so many people
be so violently against it?

Some people are so invested
in their fear and hatred that...

peace is the most
threatening thing
they can imagine.

Chloe, you still there?

I'm at the site.

- l only see one man out front.
- I found a schematic of the building.

There's a side entrance
to the north of the loading dock.

l got it.

- lt looks like it's out of
the sentry's line of sight.
- According to the schematics,

there's an enclosed room
at the southwest corner of the building.

- That must be where
they're keeping Dana.
- Copy that.

Chloe, l gotta go.
I'm moving in.

Cole, he's going into
the loading dock entrance,

heading toward
the takedown point.

[ Cole ]
I see him.

Ηopkins, Lee.
Jack's moving into the building
and headed toward your position.

- Stay sharp.
- Copy that. We're ready.

[ Τapping ]

[ Grunts ]

Chloe, it's Jack.
I got a visual on the room.

No hostiles in sight.
I'm gonna try and grab her.

- Be careful, Jack.
- Copy that.

- Cole. He's almost
at the takedown point.
- Copy that. On my way.

Ηopkins, we're moving in.

[ Switch Clicks,
Buzzer Buzzes ]

[ Motor Whirring ]

Son of a bitch.

- Put your weapons down!
Put your weapons down now!
- I can't do that, Jack!

Cole, tell them to put
their weapons down,
or I will kill him!

- [ Cole ] Put that gun down now!
- Put your weapons down now!

Put 'em down!

Put 'em down!

Tell your men to get down.
Do it.

Get on the ground.

Cole, slowly advance towards me.

Kick the guns
over in my direction.

Get out of
my line of sight.

- Ηow did you know?
- I know Chloe.

You're gonna call C.Τ.U.
You're gonna tell her
that her plan worked...

and you've got me locked down
and ready for transport.

- Put it on speaker.
- [ Rapid Beeping ]

[ Line Ringing ]

- Chloe, it's Cole.
- Cole, go ahead.
What's happening?

We've got Jack.
He's locked down.

ls he okay?
He's fine.

What about your men?
They're all right.

l know l should feel relieved,
but l just feel worse.

Like you said, Chloe,
it's for his own good.

l'll talk to him
when he gets here.

[ Beeps ]

- Lock your men down.
- What are you planning on doing?

Lock 'em down!

[ Beeping ]

[ Wrist Ties Zipping ]

- All right, Jack. What now?
- Follow me.

Take a seat.

You're why l'm here, Cole.
I knew Chloe would send you.

You're the only reason
l risked it.
What do you want with me?

l need you to help me
gain access to Dana Walsh.

l know you well enough
that I know you don't want
to be a part of this cover-up.

And right now, President Taylor
wants the peace agreement
to move forward so badly...

she's willing to lie about
the Russians' involvement
in today's terrorist attack.

And l can't let that happen.
How can you be sure
the president's lying?

Because she told me
to my face!

She said the agreement was
more important than anything the
Russians could have done today.

Why the hell do you think
she came down to C.Τ.U.
to talk to me?

She didn't want me to get
the evidence from Dana.

She wanted to shut me up
and lock me down.

Damn it, Cole, your hands
aren't clean in this.

You protected Dana
while she was operating
for the Russians.

You lied for her,
which enabled
the Russians...

to provide nuclear materials
to Hassan's opposition.

They facilitated
his assassination
and, what,

you lost four of your men
today, right?

l am giving you an opportunity
to make this right,

to make the people that
are responsible for everything
that happened today accountable.

You got a decision to make.

- What if you're wrong?
- I'm not.

Look, l can't do this
on my own.

Your call.

Chloe says she's in a safe house
a few miles from here.

We'll notify C.Τ.U.
about your men
within the next two hours.

Right now, it's imperative that
they think I took you hostage.

Get up!

[ Male Reporter ]
We've been hearing speculation...

that Dalia Hassan will be making
her first official statement...

as the provisional head of state
of the lslamic Republic of Kamistan.

Earlier, we spoke
to a U.N. official...

who confirmed that under
the I.R.K.'s constitution,
[ Knocking ]

- Ms. Ηassan would have the
authority to sign this treaty.
- Ethan.

l, uh- [ Clears Τhroat ]
I heard about your resignation.

l'm glad to see you're
putting your health first.

We all just want you
to get well.

l'm leaving because of you,

because of what
you've started here.

You've deliberately
played this out...

to maneuver the president
into a corner.

l brought the Russians
back to the table.

But you didn't tell her
how you were doing it.

She didn't ask...

because she knew it was
best for her to preserve
her own deniability.

The president knows
exactly what she's doing.

She's smart.
She's smarter than either of us
ever gave her credit for.

l see. So, uh,
you just provided counsel.

That's right.

Well, let me counsel you.

Stop this cover-up
before it's too late.

This peace is no good.

There's too much blood
on this treaty for it ever to hold.

We've both been
in this game a long time,

and we both know damn well
that every treaty ever written
had blood on it!

Not like this.

You got Allison
so far into the woods...

she'll never be able
to find her way out.

She wasn't like you.

Wasn't like any politician
I've ever known.

That's right.

She's finally
got some teeth.
You listen to me.

lf she suffers for this,
l will come after you
with everything l have.

You're threatening me.

l'm warning you, Charles.

- Do you need to sit down?
- I'm fine.

Well, then, if you don't mind,
Allison will be taking
the podium any second now.

[ Reporter On TV, Indistinct ]

Get some rest, Ethan.
You need it.

[ Gasping ]

You told Bauer
you have evidence.
I need to know where it is.

Come on, Miss Walsh.
You know the deal.

The sooner you tell me,
the easier it'll go.

Please, l have got
nothing to tell you.
There is no evidence.

lf that's the way
you want to play it, fine.

[ Whimpering ]
No! No!

Ladies and gentlemen,

no questions will be taken
until after this morning's address.

Madam President,
l want to thank you
for your thoughts on my speech.

Τhey were very helpful.
I'm glad.

My husband would have been
grateful for the support
that you have given me.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the President
of the United States.

[ Camera Shutters Clicking ]

My fellow Americans,
and friends in foreign lands,

l speak to you this morning
with a heavy heart.

The brutal and cowardly murder
of President Omar Hassan...

was a blow to every civilized
person in the world...

and a stark reminder
that the pursuit of peace...

sometimes comes
with a steep price.

President Hassan
understood that,

yet still had the fortitude
to pursue a better tomorrow
against so many odds.

I join with the American people
in mourning him...

and every other innocent life
that was lost during this crisis.

But let it be known
here and now,

their sacrifice will not
have been in vain.

Peace must and will prevail,
no matter the cost.

No matter the cost,

no matter the compromises.

We have waited too long
and worked too hard...

to allow this opportunity
to pass us by.

And that is why,
in Omar Hassan's name,

l am choosing to move forward
with this historic summit-

one that was made possible by
the shared hopes and ideals
of the l.R.K. leadership...

- [ Muffled Scream ]
- and will continue
under its new leader,

a woman of unparalleled
courage and grace...

who has been chosen
by her people...

to carry on the mantle
of her late husband-

Dalia Ηassan.

[ Applause ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Crickets Chirping ]