24 (2001–2010): Season 7, Episode 20 - Day 7: 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. - full transcript

A shadowy group of powerful people decide to stage another attack as Jack rues trusting the wrong person, Jonas seeks asylum, and the CTU servers boot up.

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24 - Season 7
Episode 20

Previously on 24 ...

You want me to blow up
a couple of dozen FBI agents?

You got a problem with that?

Agent Walker, this is Jack.

Get your men out of the
building-- it's a trap.

You got the canister?

Clearly, Hodges
is behind this.

I want him taken to
the FBI for interrogation.

He's a sociopath, Mom.

He's not going to talk--
he's going to want

to make some kind of deal
in exchange for his cooperation.

- Mom, you're not considering that.
- Olivia...

You know what this man is,
what he did to Roger.

I've upset the cart, have I?

That bioweapon that you developed

for us was not intended
for personal use.

I think we can both agree

that there's no reason
for your family

to pay for your mistakes.

It will induce
a cardiac arrest

and leave no trace
in your system.

We are rerouting
to West Arlington Hospital.

Have you heard from Almeida?

I called him before I met
with Hodges.

Has he secured the canister?

- Soon.
- He's your guy.

He better not screw this up.

I have faith
he'll come through.

Why don't you go back
to FBI Medical

and let them
treat you?

There is no treatment.

There is no cure.

It's almost like
they knew, Jack.

They would have
needed time

to wire this building
with explosives.

This is the last sector
we were due to search.


What is your involvement?

You're not thinking straight.

The toxin's starting
to affect your judgment.

- Now, why don't you put the gun down.
- Don't you move!

I never wanted to
hurt you, Jack.

I told you to stay out of it.

We get some help here?

This man's having a seizure.

The following takes place
between 03:00 A.M. and 04:00 A.M.

Mr. Bauer, you should be
feeling better already.

I'm giving you five CC's
of intravenous pendopamine.

It'll de-constrict your muscles.

Just hang in there.

Don't talk.
Your vocal cords are in spasm.

What the hell happened?

Tony Almeida found him
in full seizure.

What about the medication
pack you gave him?

He wasn't carrying it.


Mr. Bauer,
please don't speak.




I don't ... I don't understand.

He's... second man.

Jack, what...
Put out an APB.

How do you know this?

Do it!

Attention, all patrols
and perimeter teams,

this is Alpha One.

I'm issuing a priority APB
on Tony Almeida.

Approach with extreme caution.

He's colluding with Galvez

and should be
considered hostile.

All units who engage the suspect

should do so
with extreme caution.

Ok, You really need to give
yourself more time to recover.

Here's another med pack.

Make sure he doesn't lose it.

I need to go tend
to the other wounded.

All right, tell me what
the hell is going on.

Tony was working with
Galvez all along.

He used us, all of us,
so that he

could get to the canister.

So, wait, what
are you saying, that...

Tony killed Larry?


They must have
ambushed him

as the chopper
was setting down.

Tony stayed behind so he
could monitor our search,

set the trap
and make sure Galvez

could get beyond
the perimeter.

Oh, God.

I'm so sorry.

This is my fault.

I vouched for him to you,
to the president.

I made a terrible,
terrible mistake.

I felt that something was wrong.
Things weren't adding up.

I just...

I just wanted to believe him.

Alpha One, this is Agent Kilner.

Alpha One-- go ahead.

Agent Walker,
I'm at checkpoint Delta.

I've got two agents dead,
shot point-blank.

Their vehicle is missing.

Okay, he's made it
past the perimeter.

Tracking on the vehicle has been
disabled-- position is unknown.

Widen the perimeter,
and keep looking for Almeida.

If we lose him,
we lose the canister.

Copy that.

You're not gonna find him--
he's gone.

We need to phone the president.

Let's go.

You made it.

You sound surprised.

After Bauer called you out,
I wasn't sure you would.

You don't have to worry
about Jack Bauer.

He's not gonna
be a problem.

So, where is the canister?

Where's the money?

Hey, that was our agreement.

Money first.

There you go.

It's all there,
wired into your account.

You can check
it if you want.

I want.

Everything okay?


So, where is the canister?

Right here.

So, what are you planning
on doing with it?

Not really your
business, is it?

You gonna sell it?

You don't want to do this.

Hey, who's the damn buyer?

Where's the canister?

Where is the
damn canister?!

One of the marines
that was guarding Hodges

noticed he was trying
to swallow something.

He intervened, got
him to the hospital

before the poison could
be completely ingested.

So, he'll survive?

Yes, ma'am,
but the doctors

are surprised he
pulled through.

That's because they never met
the son of a bitch.

How did Hodges get this poison?

We suspect from a woman
who claimed to be his attorney.

Claimed to be?

She was an impostor.

DC Police found the body
of Hodges' real attorney

about five minutes ago.

We're still trying
to determine

how she managed to
breach security.

Madam President, Agent Walker
and Jack Bauer.

- Put them through.
- Yes ma'am.

This is President Taylor.

I'm here with Tim Woods.

Madam President...

Have you secured the canister?

I'm afraid not, ma'am.

Our suspect escaped
beyond the perimeter.

I was told that the area
was locked down.

What happened?

He had help, Madam President.

From Tony Almeida.


Yes, ma'am.

He was working for us.

It only appeared
that way.

Apparently, he was
pursuing his own agenda,

trying to get his hands
on the canister.

Madam President, I know
I vouched for him.

All I can tell you
right now

is that I was wrong
and I'm sorry.

Now that we know he
has the canister,

do we have any idea what
he intends to do with it?

No, not yet.
Or where he is?

We're all hands on deck here, sir,
regrouping to develop leads.

I may have one.

As Hodges was taken
into custody,

he yelled at me
about some larger group

that would continue on
after his arrest.

Something that I wouldn't
be able to stop.

What do you think
he meant?

Well, all I know for sure

is that someone doesn't
want Hodges to talk.

Shortly after he was arrested,
Hodges was visited

by a woman impersonating
his lawyer.

She apparently gave him
some kind of lethal drug,

because ten minutes later,
he tried to commit suicide.

Tried to commit suicide?

Oh, he's still alive.

Jonas Hodges was
completely unrepentant.

Now, this suicide attempt
must have been coerced.

Well, obviously,
they're holding something

over him, most likely
his family.

If that's the case,
Madam President,

we need to talk to him.

Jack, even after everything
that's happened today,

I will not allow any kind
of coercive interrogation.

Madam President, that
won't be necessary.

- He'll talk.
- How can you be sure?

Because we can offer Hodges
something that he needs.

And what's that?

Proof of death:
We can convince the people

that wanted him dead
that they succeeded.

It's the only way Hodges
can protect his family.

Madam President, right now,

he's the only lead we've got.


I'll assume that
was necessary.

Don't start with me.

I'm not in the mood.

All right.

Mr. Galvez decided

to hide the canister from me,

so, uh, I had to find out
where it was.

We've got a
delivery to make.

Shall we go?

No, I don't think we should.

They're expecting us.

Yeah, well, the way I see it,

they're gonna take this canister
that I sweated blood for

and sit on it for six months.

Not sit on it.

They're gonna use it
to make more pathogen.

We had 27 canisters...
Now we have one.

Yeah, and I say one's enough.


the government's reeling.

The FBI is stretched thin--

scrambling, making mistakes.

Another attack today
is all we need

to push this thing
right over the edge.

This is no time to pull back.

I say we take that canister,

and finish the job off today.

I don't disagree with you

but it's not
our decision to make.


Then run it by your group

or your gang or whatever
the hell they are.

But they'll know one thing.

You finish your enemy off
when he's down.

You don't let him
get back up and reload.

I guarantee you,
this thing's gonna be

a hell of a lot harder

to pull off six
months from now.

And you can say what
you want about Jonas Hodges,

the fact is,

he gave us an opportunity today.

Let's take it.

I'll contact the group.


What did she say exactly?

Only that she needs to see you

and that it's urgent.

I heard rumors
about the FBI operation.

I'm sure your mother
will fill you in, ma'am.


Is it true the
FBI perimeter was breached?

I'm afraid so.

The canister is now
outside the cordon.

What are we doing
to get it back?

Tim, would you
excuse us for a moment?

Of course.

What is it?

I need you to call
the Attorney General

and draft a witness protection
agreement for Jonas Hodges.

Witness protection?

You can't be serious.

Less than an hour ago,

Hodges tried to kill himself.

And we all believe that
he must've been coerced.

By whom?

You remember his rant--

that he is a cog
in a larger conspiracy,

that there are others
who will carry on.

You think they're the ones
who took the canister?

Well, we need to find out.

Which is why we need
to get Hodges to talk.

Olivia, we feel
confident that he will

if we can assure him that
these people will believe

that his suicide attempt
actually succeeded.

We need to make
him disappear.

Which is why I need
the protection agreement.

There is no other way
he'll talk.

Designate him an enemy combatant,
then treat him like one.

We don't do that.

Not in this administration.

And it's not as if he's
getting a free pass.

He'll be under
federal supervision

for the rest of his life.

Oh, yeah, on a hundred acre
ranch in Colorado!

This man murdered your son!

My brother.

Not to mention hundreds
of innocent civilians.

I don't need you
to tell me what he's done.

Apparently you do.

Olivia, stop it!

What would Dad say?

I bet you're afraid to ask.

I said stop!

Do you think that
this is easy for me?

You think it doesn't
tear me apart?

I'm Roger's mother.

But I am also the President
of the United States

and I placed my hand on a Bible

and swore to protect and defend
the Constitution.


are my Chief of Staff.

I need you to act like one.

Now, Jonas Hodges

is at the FBI, and Jack Bauer
will be there shortly.

I need an agreement drafted.

Do that please.

The plan is

an attack today
this morning

during rush hour
using the bioweapon

that Tony Almeida retrieved
from Starkwood.

You should have each
received a data pack

when you logged on to this call.

Please open it now.

The attack will be attributed
to this man,

Jibraan Al-Zarian--

whose body will be left
at the scene.

The evidence trail
implicating him

will include fabricated e-mails,

phone records,

and a large wire transfer
to his account

via our favorite Yemini bank.

I'm looking
at the briefing materials

and I'm not seeing how this man
is actually connected

to any terrorist group.

He isn't.

As previously discussed,

there are considerable
tactical advantages

to using an innocent.

But what about
his unpredictability?

Al-Zarian has no agenda
of his own.

He'll in fact be easier
to control and manipulate

than a real terrorist.
So what are

the casualty estimates?

Page three describes
the casualties estimates

as well as secondary effects.

- As you can see, we've listed...
- Hold on.

Forget about what casualties
may or may not be.

We're talking about launching
a new operation

in the next few hours.

Without any planning.

And with only one canister.

The plan for this operation
was already in place.

We'd just be accelerating
the timetable.

We were going to have six months
to prepare.

There's no way to pull it
together in a few hours.

I believe there is.

With the support of this group.

Support for whom?

This Tony Almeida
we barely know?

And what about postattack plans?

How's this group going to end up
where we need to be?

I agree. How we handle
ourselves politically

in the aftermath of this event

is just as important
as the attack itself.

It always has been.

In your opinion,

is there time then to achieve

all our objectives
in the current scenario?

Not with the same level
of certainty.

Or anonymity.

That's right.

Well, then, maybe it's,
uh, definitive.

What do you mean?

There's no downside to waiting.

There's a huge downside
to going in unprepared.

Things go wrong,

we're looking at exposure--

for all of us.

No, no, I still don't see it
that way.



I've listened to your comments

and there's wisdom

in what I've heard.

But there's also wisdom in
something I haven't heard.

Jonas Hodges was a loose cannon,

and the group
is well rid of him.

But, in his lunacy,
he did us a favor.

He did half our job for us.

More than half.

He pushed this country
to the brink.

You don't get many gifts
like that.

I say we take it.

We have a quorum,

I'd like to call
for an immediate vote.


How'd it go?

Take a look.

We're a go.

Where's Hodges now?
Down the hall.

We've set up a medical
suite in Secure Z.

And the death certificate?


As far as the world knows,
he's molding on a slab

at the coroner's.
Keep it that way.

No one knows he's alive

unless they have to.
No, just the ambulance driver,

the medical team
and three security.

All trustworthy.


Are you sure he's up for this?

I know what happened out there.

Medication worked.
He'll be okay.

I'm not talking
about the seizure.

I'm talking about
the Tony Almeida situation.

What about it?

His former partner betrays him,

he tries
to have you all killed--

Jack must have some feelings
about that.


Yeah, I think it's what's
keeping him going.

Listen to me.

Listen to me.

Is anyone listening?

I know you're watching.

I see the cameras!

I know you're watching.

Do you realize
what you people have done?

You didn't save me,

you killed my family!

You killed my family!

You killed them!

Killed them.
How long

has he been conscious?
Ten minutes.

He's been talking about
his family ever since.

Biometrics are over here.

Cardiac, respiratory,
plus dermal infrared.

We'll know if he's lying.


the president is
monitoring this.

Sergeant, I'm asking you,

soldier to soldier,
let me have your firearm.

I'll use one...
one bullet on myself.


Relax, Mr. Hodges.

You're already dead.


Who are you?

My name is Jack Bauer.

And right now,
I'm the only chance

your wife and children
have to stay alive.

Explain that to me.

The people that wanted you dead
don't know you survived.

Tell us who they are,

and we'll keep it that way.

The President has agreed
to provide you with a death

certificate and witness
protection in exchange

for actionable information.

I can't watch this anymore.

If you refuse, it'll be released

to the press that you are alive
and in our custody

and that you're cooperating.

We'll let your friends
take care of the rest.

My family is innocent.

The president would never
allow that to happen.

She doesn't have
the stomach for it.

You might be right about that.

But make no mistake
about it, sir.

I do.

Trust me.

Do your family a favor.

Just tell me who you've
been working with.

I am--

I was--

part of a larger group
of like minds.

You mean, other companies
like Starkwood.

I mean people who can
protect this country

better than any
government ever could.

There are hundreds of private
military companies

in this country, we're talking

tens of thousands of people.

But only a handful

with the guts and the vision
to do what was necessary.

And what is that?

The plan was to launch
simultaneous attacks

early next year.

Multiple cities.

So the public would finally see

that the government
can't protect them.

They'd demand drastic measures
and we'd step in.

How would you justify that
to the American people?


Offload the blame.

We were going to supply
the enemies

that want to destroy
this country.

Muhammed this,
Achmed that.

From sleeper cells the
apologists say don't even exist.

You of all people

should understand.

Understand what?

I watched the Senate
hearing yesterday,

and I was disgusted
with how you were treated.

You should be regarded
as a hero,

not a criminal.

I broke the law.

You were following

your instinct to protect
your country, just like me.

Mr. Hodges, I need the names

of the people
that you are working with.

I have spent my entire life
protecting this country

from enemies large and small.

I created Starkwood
from the ground up.

And the government
used us to great effect.

And now they think
they can just throw us away.

Are you telling me
that this has been

about protecting your
contracts, about money?

I tried to tell the politicians
how vulnerable we are,

and they wouldn't listen.

So we decided to show them.

By attacking your own country
with a biological weapon?

By killing innocent people?

Yes, a few innocent lives
would be lost,

but only to save
the greater number.

Having the courage
to make those hard choices

gives us a lot in common,
Mr. Bauer.

Let me explain something to you.

You and I have absolutely
nothing in common.

All that you have done today
is create a scenario

by attacking your own country

that has made you valuable again.

Today has been nothing short

of a desperate grab for power,

and it has failed.

You have failed, and unless

you want me to go public

with the fact that
you are still alive,

you are gonna
give me the names

of the people that
you've been working with.

I-I don't have them.
I want the names.

I don't have any.
I want the names!

I don't know any!


Patch me through to Amy Meyer
at the Washington Post.


Amy, it's Jack. I have
a statement I need to make.


Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
Give me the names!

I swear... I swear
I don't have them.

This whole project was...
was based on anonymity.

We never met in person.

Everything was handled through
an intermediary, a woman.

She never told me who she was.

She never told me her name.

I never asked her.

The same woman
that gave you the poison?

Yes, yes.

Amy, I'm sorry.
Something's come up.

I've got to call you back.

You tell yourself
whatever you want.

You are a traitor.

Witness Protection
was your promise.


Madam President,
did you hear everything

that Hodges had to say?

Yes. Is any of it even credible?

All of it is.
Biometric monitors here indicate

that he was telling the truth.

Whoever they are,
this group just went

through an awful
lot of trouble

to get their hands
on that last canister.

It seems very clear to me
that their plan is still on.

You mean another attack?
Yes, ma'am.

I think you should proceed
under the assumption

that they might
strike immediately.

Hold on.

Hodges said some
time next year.

No. Hodges said
that was the plan.

Given the chaos
that he created today,

the smart strategic move
would be to act right now.

Now, I believe the canister
is still in this area,

so we're gonna have
to alert Homeland,

have them start identifying
and raiding targets.

Hodges said
that the plan was

to enlist parties
with terrorist ties.

At this point, I think that
might be our most solid lead.

Madam President, I
agree with Agent Walker.

We need to make
an immediate threat assessment

with focus on all known
terrorist activity.

The fastest way
for us to get that information

is to gain access to the CTU servers

that have been sealed as a result

of Senator Mayer's investigation.

I'll have them
recommissioned immediately.

And consider the resources
of this government

at your disposal, Jack.

Thank you, ma'am.

I need those servers
right away.

They're in DOJ evidence
lockers on the third floor.

I'll have I.T.
break them out.

Okay, good.

We have a new shift
of analysts coming in,

if you can tell them
what you're looking for.

No, we don't have time.

We need someone
who already knows the protocols.

I'll take care of it.

Just get me those servers.

Who is it?

Hey, it's me Jack.

Jack, where the hell are you?

The FBI headquarters.

I've been trying
to reach you all night.

No one will tell me anything.

Is it true about Bill?

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

What happened?

He was killed during
the White House siege.

Chloe, you should know,

Bill sacrificed his life
to save the president.

Listen to me.

This threat is not over.

We believe that there's going

to be a biological attack
somewhere in the area.

I need your help to stop it.


I need you
to reconstitute the CTU servers.

They were seized
when the CTU was decommissioned.

I don't have access to them.

You will
by the time you get here.

Who's doing this?

We don't have all the players.

I'll fill you in with as much
as I know when you get here.

I'm sending a car
over to your hotel.


Send a car.

Thank you.

Morris, wake up.

What? Are you speaking
to me again now?

I have to go.

I need you to take Prescott
and get out of the city.

- Why?
- I just spoke with Jack.

There's going to
be another attack.

This time, it's biological.

Okay, then we'll all get out
of here together.

I can't.
FBI needs me.

But the last time
you worked for these people,

they arrested you.

I know.

But I'm the only one that can
get the servers back online.

Well, I'm not gonna
leave you here.

Not with the possibility
of a biological attack.


I'm the only one
that can do this.

And Jack needs me.

And I just need for you
and Prescott to be safe.


I'll see you
back at home.

Just... be careful.

I will.

All right, before we
begin, everyone make sure

you have your updated
briefing packets,

and the latest
CDC abstract.

Jack, whenever
you're ready.

Thank you.

I know many of you have lost
friends and colleagues today.

I have, too.

Unfortunately, the time to mourn
these brave men and women

is going to have to wait.

'Cause, as many of you
are already aware,

we are facing the threat
of a terrorist event

somewhere on the
eastern seaboard.

We don't have specific intel

as to the time table
of this attack,

but we do have
reason to believe that

the people that are behind this
will want to strike immediately.

Excuse me.

Tim Moran, field ops.

Who are the people behind this?

Right now, we only have
two confirmed suspects.

Tony Almeida

and the woman
he's been working with.

We're still trying
to identify her.

The assumption is, the two
of them are part of a broader

conspiracy as outlined
in your briefing material.

And the nature of the attack?

All it says here is biological.

The actual pathogen is a prion
variant, designed to attack

the central nervous system
and ultimately destroy it.

Do we know what the target is?

No, not yet.
We're also unclear

on the specifics
of the delivery device.

Well, what leads do we have?

Right now,

we are solely working
off an operational theory

that the people
that are behind this

will need
to manufacture evidence

in an effort to offload
the blame for this attack

to either another group
or an individual

with terrorist sympathies.

During the ensuing panic,

these people will move in
and seize power

under the guise of creating
and maintaining stability.

So, our job here is
to look for traces

of that manufactured evidence.

How exactly?

Pattern searches of suspicious
financial transactions.

Keyword intercepts
of existing wiretaps,

websites and e-mails.

And data-mining all

NSA and CIA intelligence

on jihadist activities
over the past six months.

Excuse me.

Not only is that type
of blanket surveillance illegal.

We don't have the capacity
to pull it off.

The search algorithms

simply don't exist.
Yes, they do.

- At CTU.
- Those servers were decommissioned.

Not anymore. They're here.

We're in the process
of installing them now.

Well, what does that make us,

Last I heard,
the Bureau was

a federal entity
bound by federal statute.

Janis, do this or I will find
someone else who will.

I do not have time to argue.

I'm not arguing.
I'm asking.

Moving on.

- I've got her from here.
- Thanks.

- Jack.
- Hey.

Thanks for coming.

You look like hell.

Are you all right?
I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

Maybe a little tired.

Did you get the report
I sent you?

Yeah. I read it
on the way over.

- It's terrifying. How real is this?
- Real.

We're getting access to
the CTU servers, right?

They're coming online now.

Shouldn't I be supervising this?

Look, there's something I need

to talk to you about
before we get started.

There's no easy way
for me to say this.

But Tony's been responsible
for these attacks.

That's not possible.

He was using you
and Bill all along.

He's really been working

for a group
of private military firms

trying to destabilize
this country

in an effort to seize power.

So far today,

his actions have cost the lives
of hundreds of people.

But he's threatening
thousands more.

It doesn't make any sense.

I know he was devastated
over Michelle, but...

Chloe, he's not your friend.

The Tony that you knew--
he doesn't exist anymore.

There has to be a reason.

A reason for what?

Bringing down
two passenger planes?

Trying to ambush
25 federal agents?

Chloe, he tried to kill me.

He betrayed us all--
you, me,

and Bill,

and right now
our only responsibility

is to stop him.

Now, I need to know
that you can treat him

as an enemy combatant,
that you are with me on this.

Okay, I'll do
whatever you say.

No, I need to know
that you are with me on this.

I'm with you.


Let's go.

His name is Jibraan Al-Zarian.

27 years old.

He's a day laborer at
Cabrera Granite Construction.

Immigration status?


His visa expired
as of January.

Ties to any
extremist groups?

No, none, but there's
definitely anger there.

Both parents were killed

in a U.S. air strike
by the Pakistani border.

He was 11 at the time.

Fits the psych profile.

Bit of a loner,
a mystery to his coworkers,

and we build the rest.

What about the family?

One younger brother, who he's
pretty much raised on his own.

It's perfect, huh?

Though it is doubtful

that anyone sleeps very well
in D.C. tonight,

a certain calm has now settled
over the streets of Capitol Hill

after an unprecedented series
of terror attacks

left people all over the country
shaken and demanding answers.

In her speech, President Taylor
went a long way...



Pour yourself
some orange juice.

I'm not really very hungry.

Sit down, eat
some breakfast for once.

It's unhealthy not to.

What are you doing up anyway?

I, uh, ... couldn't sleep.

Listen, uh, I want you to come
home straight after work today.


No dillydallying.


Just in case.

In case of what?

These attacks, this terrorism--

it's all over the news.

Okay, it's not a good day
to be a Muslim.

Jibraan, Muslims had
nothing to do with it.

Doesn't matter.

Nobody cares, believe me.

Most of the guys at my work
think I'm Puerto Rican anyway.

It's about time.

Come in.

Excuse me, Ms. Taylor.

What is it?

The attorney general asked me
to check in with you.

He is waiting
to sign off on a document

I was told you were reviewing.

Anyone happen to mention to you

what this document is about?

No, ma'am.

No, I imagine they wouldn't.

It's a secret,

highly classified.

Not that I give a damn.

It's a get-out-of-jail-free card

for Jonas Hodges,

the bastard responsible
for my brother's death

and so many others.

I don't understand, ma'am.

Mr. Hodges died in the hospital.

I wish that were the case,
but no,

and once the A.G. signs this witness
protection agreement, Hodges is going

to live out his days in
comfort and anonymity

while my brother lies in
his grave in Arlington Cemetery.

Does that sound like justice
to you, Aaron?

No, ma'am, it does not.

And yet my mother saw fit

to reward this monster
for his cooperation.

Well, I'm sure it was
a difficult decision

for the president to make.

Not difficult enough.

My mother may be
able to live with it,

but I'm not sure I can.

Ms. Taylor, I have seen
the guilty walk free many times.

I understand your anger
and frustration,

and I am genuinely sorry.


tell the A.G. I've
reviewed the agreement

and we can move ahead.

Thank you, ma'am.

Is there anything else
that I can do for you?

Other than kill Jonas Hodges, no.

I'm sorry, Aaron.

I didn't mean that.

I was just venting.




It's Olivia Taylor.

Did I wake you?

Well, as a matter of fact, yes.

What time is it?

Almost 4:00.

Actually I didn't expect
to catch you at home.

I thought you were
in Florida

doing opposition
for the Gainor campaign.

No, that didn't
really work out.

Why not?

Let's just say that my methods
were a little hardball

for the governor's taste.

So... what can I do
for you, Olivia?

You heard about the attack
on the White House?

Yeah, I watched your mother's
address to the nation.

Really impressive.

She continues to
surprise, doesn't she?

Listen, Martin,
I need your help.

Can we meet?

- Now?
- Yeah.

Well, what's this about, Olivia?

I can't talk about
it over the phone.

Well, it's the middle
of the night, you know?

Y-You got to do
better than that.

We were in a dive hotel bar in
Atlanta right after we picked Hayworth

to be the running mate
on the ticket.

There was an issue
regarding his abuse

of a certain prescription drug

and a local reporter who
couldn't be persuaded

to shut up about it.

I remember
you turned to me and said

there was no problem

that couldn't be handled
or eliminated.


Well, I was drunk.

You were serious.

You know, you're right.

We shouldn't be talking
about this over the phone.

How soon can you be
at the White House?

How's 15 minutes sound?


You done with that yet?

I'm not familiar
with these commands.

Oh, you don't want to boot
the subnet with server two.

It has a faulty bus that
we weren't able to fix

before you guys impounded it.

Well, maybe you'd
like to take over.

Only if you want it to work right.

I don't like this either.

- Is there a problem?
- Yes, there is.

I'm not comfortable
doing this.

I agreed to it,
but I don't like it.

What exactly aren't
you comfortable with?

Uh, well, the Bill of Rights
being violated, for one,

so if you're going
to be doing anything

grossly illegal, please...

We'll make sure we notify you
so you can leave the building.

Hello, Big Brother.

Look, if you think your need

to complain is more important
than the lives of the people

that are counting on us,
go whine somewhere else!

Jack, it's okay.
No, it is not okay!

President David Palmer
recommissioned these servers

because he felt it was
vital to national security!

President Palmer
made the call!

Is that going to be
good enough for you?!

Answer me!


There's something
really wrong with him.

He said
President Palmer.

He meant Taylor.

He said it twice.

What is this now?

Probably a fuse.

Here, you do what
you can to finish up.

I'm gonna go check the box.





Keep your mouth shut
and no one gets hurt.

- Who are you? What do you want?
- Shut up!

What did you do to my brother?

One more word,

I put a bullet in your brain.


You understand?!