24 (2001–2010): Season 7, Episode 19 - Day 7: 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. - full transcript

As grief and loss begin to overwhelm Jack and those he is close to, a double-cross goes undetected, a canister of toxic gas is in enemy hands, and a surprise death occurs.


We need a medic!

The bioagent is more virulent
than we thought.

All we're doing
here is just

masking the symptoms.
I understand.

There's something
you may want to consider.

What's that?

A possible treatment

using stems cells from

a genetically-compatible donor.

I saw your file.
It says you have a daughter.

I don't want my daughter
involved in this.


Agent Walker told me
that there's a chance,

a small chance
that I could help you,

and you don't want me to.

I'm dying,

and whatever small
chance there is

to stop that
from happening,

it is not worth the pain

for me to let you sit there
and watch me die.

Jack, Hodges has
13 Python missiles

armed with the bioweapons.

He demanded
that I recall the planes,

or he would launch.

Tony Almeida is still
inside Starkwood.

He believes he can gain access
to the fuel depot,

and lay a series
of explosive charges,

and take the missiles out.

What do you think you're doing?

You're gonna take me down
to the fuel tanks.

You're too late.


(alarm sounding)



Jonas, we've taken out
your missiles.

It's over,
and you're under arrest.

You can't even begin to
imagine what you're up against.

What are you talking about?

You'll find out.

Agent Moss, this is Davis
at Auxiliary Gate Six.

I have a Starkwood op
in custody.

He was carrying a canister
of the bioweapon.

Are you sure?
I'm looking at
it right now.

One of the
Starkwood ops--

he's got a canister
of the bioweapon.

So I need you to close
down all access roads,

and alert perimeter
units and Metro Police.

Janis, get me
D.C. Metro.

I'm gonna pursue
from the air.

Let's go!

Come on!




I'm okay.

Tony! Tony!

Oh, God. Oh...


(muffled groan)

(groans and gasps)

(phone ringing)


Patricia, Matt.

I just got off
with Secret Service.

You're cleared with White House
security at the south entrance.

How soon do you think
you'll get there?

Uh, within the half-hour.

Do you have any more information
why Hodges was arrested?

They didn't give me a lot.

Jonas was in some kind

of policy meeting
with the president,

and things got out of hand.

That's when he requested
his favorite attorney.

I'm flattered.

I'll call you
after I've spoken to him.

(door closes)

Hurry it up.

Janis, we just got
an ID on the suspect.

One of Starkwood's
security cameras

picked him up leaving
the compound; he was
carrying a backpack.

Robert Galvez, two-year
Starkwood employee,

former special forces.

Relay that information
to Larry-- he needs to
know who he's tracking.

I've been trying.
He's not answering his comm.

How far away is backup?

They're still a few minutes out,
but Agent Park's teams

have secured a
four-block perimeter.

The bioweapons canister
is secured within the cordon.

Get Galvez' picture
and description out

to Tactical and
distribute department wide.

- Got it.
- And keep trying Larry.

To all units,

I'm uploading a photo
of the suspect

to all units' PDAs.

His name is Robert Galvez.

Be advised

he has advanced
military training,

so proceed with caution.

Roger that.





(phone ringing)

Almeida? Almeida, are you there?

Are you in a secure location?

I'm holed up in a storage yard
near the projects on Jefferson.

But I just spotted a patrol.

I think I better keep moving.

No, don't.


The FBI's got the entire
perimeter locked down.

And they know who you are.

They have a picture.

Which means the search teams can
ID you on sight.

Just stay put
until I can get a read

on their search protocols,
and I'll guide you out.

I should have never have let you
talk me into helping you.

I promise you,
that canister you stole for me

is worth a lot of money
to the people I'm working for.

Hell of a lot of good that
money's gonna do me in prison.

Just shut up and do
what I tell you to do.

Guard the canister, stay put,
and wait for my call.

(siren blaring)

(tires squeal)

(siren stops)

We've got agents down.

Get a med team
out here now.


Almeida, can you hear me?

What happened?

Where's the suspect?

He ambushed us.

Did you see
where he went?


I don't know.

Renee, I just got confirmation

the Tac Team has arrived
at the scene.

Do we have a
20 on Larry?
Not yet.

Excuse me,
Agent Walker.

I know you're busy.

I just came to say good-bye.

Good-bye? Where are you going?

Back to L.A.

Um, I don't understand.

You're not going through

with the treatment
to help your father?

I mean, it's his only
chance for a cure.

I know that, and so does he.

But it's a slim one,

and he believes

it's not worth taking, so...

If he's going to die,
he wants it to be on his terms.

Yes, but can't you
change his mind?

I would think you'd know by now

that no one can change
my father's mind

when it's made up.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry
that I put you in this position.

No, don't be.

I'm grateful to you,
Agent Walker.

My father and I got to say
a lot of things to each other.

I wish I could have said more,

but I don't want
to cause him any more pain.


Agent Park is on the phone
for you.

I need to take this.

I understand.

Good luck.

This is Walker.

Agent Moss is dead.


Apparently, he was killed
in an ambush by the suspect.

The chopper pilot, too.

Tony Almeida's been shot,
but he's alive.

I've got medical personnel
working on him now.

Agent Walker?

Do we have any lead on Galvez?

No, but the area's
been cordoned off.

He couldn't
have gotten far.

We're setting up an operations
base here on the scene

to coordinate the manhunt.

How do you want to proceed?


You're the ranking agent
in charge now.

Maintain the perimeter.

Begin a south-north sweep.

I'll chopper out a team and
meet you there as soon as I can.

Agent Walker, I have more
than enough personnel.

You don't need to be involved

in the search.
Yes, I do.

Keep me posted
if you hear anything.

Yes, ma'am.


He was killed in a shootout
with the suspect.

Oh, God.

I need you to brief the
White House on what's happened.

Call Dr. Macer and have her
deploy a HazMat team

to the perimeter line.

Assemble a team

to chopper
out with me.

I'm so sorry.

Someone's going to need
to notify Larry's ex-wife.

Probably shouldn't be me.

It's okay. I'll take care of it.

All right.

We've debriefed on hours
8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

pertaining to the CIP recovery
and the capture of Ike Dubaku.

Now, Mr. Bauer,

maybe you'd like
to take a break.

No. We need to finish this
while I still can.

Let's go.

Now, according

to your earlier statement,

it was about this
time you received

intel regarding the imminent
attack on the White House.

Tony Almeida provided me
with the intel,

but we did not know

the White House was
a target at that time.

And who was Mr.
Almeida's source?

He was interrogating
a mercenary.

Did Almeida give
you a name?


Yeah. Sorry.

Car... Cardiff. He said
his name was Vincent Cardiff.

Did you yourself
question the source?


He didn't survive
Tony's interrogation,

but he was the one
who provided us with the intel

on the upcoming attack.

But we did not know

that the White House was the
intended target at that time.

We did not know the White House
was the intended target...

Mr. Bauer?

You sure you don't want
to take that break?

Um, I'm repeating myself again.

I'm sorry.
(knock at door)


Here's the data file

you asked for, sir.

Tom, we need to move.

Agent Walker's got
our assignments.

Excuse me.

We're not going to lose
control of this situation.

I know that most of you are
tired, working double shifts,

but I need each and every one
of you focused and alert

if we are going
to locate the suspect

and secure the bioweapon
canister that he's carrying.

While I am out in the field,

you will pass
all pertinent information

out of this office
through Janis.

Let's get to work. Adams,
you and your men are with me.

Renee? Renee?

I'll meet you
at the helipad.

The bioweapon's
still out there?

We have it contained.

Wait a second.

Wait a second.

Just tell me what the
hell is going on.

A Starkwood operative
by the name of Robert Galvez

got away with a canister
of the pathogen.

We have him trapped inside
a perimeter a mile or so

from Starkwood's compound.

Is Larry in command
of the perimeter?

He was killed
in a firefight.


Tony was injured.

He's at the scene
with the advance team.

Larry's dead?

We have two agents down.

Yes. I have to go.

You're lucky.
An inch to the left,

the bullet might have nicked
your splenic artery.

You need to get yourself
checked out at the
hospital, sir.

Yeah, I can't do that
right now.

Let me get you something
for the pain.

No, I, I need to keep
my head clear.

Sweep 9, this is Mobile Command,
what's your status?

Mobile Command, this is Sweep 9,
Southeast grid 211 clear.

Moving on.
Copy that, Sweep 9.

Sweep 7, what's
your position?

Clearing 214. Nothing so far.

No sign of him?

Don't worry.

We'll find him.

You should get some rest.


...this is Mobile Command,
status check, over.


Yeah, they're sweeping

north, clearing grids.

You've got a clear path

on Jefferson all the way up
to 12th and 13th Street.

That should be the last sector
they're searching.

Judging by their progress,

it'll give you
about 30 minutes.

Should be plenty
of time.

Time for what?

You still got that
C-4 I gave you?

Yeah. I got it.
All right.

I want you to find
a structure,

a store, warehouse,
something big enough

where they have to
enter and search.

We need to draw as many of them
into the building as possible,

then blow it.

You want me to blow up a couple
of dozen FBI agents?

You got a problem with that?

They're still gonna have
the perimeter locked down.

I don't see how doing this

is gonna get me out of here
with the canister.

Yeah, I've got that worked out.

(engine whooshing)

Jack, what the hell
are you doing?

I'm going with you.

You're ill.

If my condition interferes
with your operation,

I will stand down.

I give you
my word.

You want keep arguing
about this,

waste more time? Fine.

I'm not getting out.

(propellers whirring)

Good morning.

Good morning.

Ms. Eames.

You're Jonas Hodges'

That's right.

They told us
to expect you.

I just need you to
place your thumb

against the glass.


Okay. Sergeant Cadden
will escort you

to the holding area.

Thank you.

How could this man have
gotten out of Starkwood

with a canister of
the bioweapon?

No one's sure.

But he's already murdered
four people.

Including Larry Moss.

The FBI has
tracked him

to a nearby residential

They've sealed
off the area

and are conducting
a thorough search.

Mom, this man Galvez is
a Starkwood operative.

Clearly, Hodges is
behind this.


What do you mean,

As Hodges was
taken away,

he said it wasn't over.

He alluded to others,
called himself

a small cog in a very large
machine that I wouldn't

be able to stop.
He was ranting.

That doesn't mean he wasn't
telling the truth.

We need to find out what
Hodges knows about this.

I want him taken to the FBI
for interrogation.

He's a sociopath, Mom.

He's not going to talk.
He's going to want

to make some kind of deal in
exchange for his cooperation.

Mom, you're not
considering that...


You know what this man is,
what he did to Roger.

Just get him to FBI.


Mr. Hodges.

Your attorney's

here to see you.

Well, it's about damn time.

(clears throat)

We're going to need
some privacy.

You're a little taller than her.

But it's

a good look
for you.

Hello, Jonas.

I'm not going to ask
how you got in.

But I'm

definitely interested in how
you're going to get me out.

Jonas, you're in a very

difficult position.

And your actions today
have put everyone else

in a very difficult

Oh, I see.

I've upset the cart, have I?

Everyone's bent out of shape.

Well, where the hell were they

when the government came
after my company?

When Senator Mayer and his
subpoena-waving goon squad

were trying to ruin me
and everything I've built?

You would have been
protected, Jonas.

You and Starkwood.

But you jeopardized
the plan.

That bioweapon that you
developed for us was

not intended for personal use.

The consensus

is that you've had
some sort of...

psychotic break.

Well, the consensus is wrong.

Coming from you right now,
that's not much comfort.

I want to talk to them.

Get some form
of communication
between us.

I want to talk to them.

I think it's a little late
for that, Jonas.

You've brought undue attention
by showing your hand.

Exposing yourself.

And I'm sure you
could understand

their concern that you may,

in fact, expose the others
as well.

How can I do that?
I don't know who they are.

You know enough,
and they need
to be certain.

I think we can agree

that there's no reason
for your family

to pay for your

Is that why you're here?

To threaten my family.

On the contrary.

I came to guarantee your
family's safety.

If you do the right thing.

This will induce

cardiac arrest, and leave
no trace in your system.

A natural, dignified death.

Without you to

the case against
you and your

company will be difficult,
likely impossible,

preserving at least
some small part

of Starkwood's legacy
of patriotic service.

Which I know is very important
to you.


Party's over,

We're moving him
to the Bureau.

My client has invoked his right
to silence and to counsel.

No one speaks to him

unless in my presence,
is that understood?

In some countries they'd
have shot him by now.

Process him out.

Step out of the cell
and raise your arms.


(phone ringing)

I met with him.


I'm quite certain
he understands our terms.

They're transferring him
to the FBI for interrogation.

Will that be
a problem?

Hopefully, it'll just
pressure him

to resolve the situation
sooner rather than later.

I'll be happy
when this is behind us.

Have you heard
from Almeida?

He called in before
I met with Hodges.

Has he secured
the canister?


He's your guy.
Better not screw this up.

Tony's been the one bright spot
in an otherwise dreary day.

I have faith he'll come through.

(phone ringing)


I found a place to set up.

It's an abandoned
apartment building

just shy of the north
perimeter line.

1297 Rincon,
corner of 12th.

Yeah, I see it.

Sweep teams are
just entering

three sectors
to the south.

You've got less
than 20 minutes.

That doesn't give me much time.

No, it doesn't,
so maybe you

should get off
the phone and get to it.

(phone beeps)

I lost two partners
in a row.

Early on.

I couldn't handle it.

I guess that's why
over the last ten years,

I've pretty much worked alone.

It's all right
for you to be feeling

what you feel.

And if you can't
do this tonight,

that's all right, too.

Just don't try
and pretend

like you're not feeling

That's how you make a mistake.

Please, Jack, don't
tell me what to feel

and don't tell me
how to feel it.

Agent Walker.

(Renee murmurs)

He's over there.

Where is he?

This way.
You okay?

Yeah, I got lucky.

The bullet went
straight through.

Didn't think
I'd see you out here.

I'm only here for

You do not have
to do this.

Show me.

Cover him up.

I'm sorry about Larry.

How the hell did this happen?

It all went down
pretty fast, I mean...

We were ambushed before we
got out of the helicopter.

The chopper pilot
was hit first.

I was unarmed, so
Larry laid down cover

so I could get clear.

I don't remember a lot, but
I definitely heard auto-fire.

As I was tagged,
Larry came over

to help me out and
that's when he was hit.

I blacked out after that.

But I'm pretty sure Larry
saved my life.

Larry was hit
with heavy ordnance.

Shotgun rounds, armor piercing.

You were obviously hit
with something smaller.

I treated Mr. Almeida.

His wound was consistent
with a nine millimeter.

JACK: You sure
it wasn't a .45?

Not likely-- the entry
was too small. Why?

Because you have spent
.45 casings in evidence.

Galvez had access to the weapons
inside the FBI vehicle he stole.

He probably switched
in the middle of the fight.

That many weapons?

In the time frame that
you described the ambush?

It doesn't add up.

Okay, so what
are you saying?
Someone was with him.

Like I said, it all
happened pretty fast, but...

I mean, I didn't
think so.

I guess it makes sense.

One man didn't do this alone.
He had help.

I'll tell Park
to alert the field.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.



Did I wake you?

Who could sleep after
what happened today?

How did it go with your father?

Sweetheart, what is it?

What happened?

He's dying, Stephen.


He was exposed to something.

Like a biological agent.

It had something
to do with the attacks

that took place earlier today.

Kim, honey, I'm so sorry.

Um, isn't there anything
that they can do?


I'm coming back home.

Don't you want to stay?
Don't you wanna

be with him as long as you can?

My presence,

with what he's
going through right now,

will only make things worse.

Did you at least, um,

did you tell him about
his granddaughter?



I couldn't, Stephen.

I couldn't bring
myself to tell him

I wasn't the only person
he was leaving behind.

Telling him about Teri
would've only made it worse.

I'm gonna try
and get on the 7:10.

If I do, I'll be
back in L.A. by 9:00.


You can always leave later,
if you change your mind.


I love you both.

We love you, too.



(over comm):
Mobile Command, this is Sweep 9.

221 is clear.

Copy, 9. Proceed to 224.

Why has that area of the
grid not been cleared?

Sweep 3, why have you
not cleared 219?

Mobile Command, we're
encountering some resistance

from neighborhood residents.

They're not happy about
their homes being searched

without a warrant
at 2:30 in the morning.

I'm concerned about their
safety, not their happiness.

Whoever is helping Galvez
may be providing him shelter

in one of those houses.
If those civilians are

interfering in that sweep,
arrest them, but get that

area cleared.
Do you understand?



Excuse me...


(groaning, shuddering)


It's an antiseizure medicine.

I should've used
it earlier.

Jack, what are you
doing out here?

Why don't you go back to FBI
medical and let them treat you?

There is no treatment.

There's no cure.


I'm sorry.

I didn't know.


Why are you in the field?

Agent Walker just lost
her partner, Tony.

I thought I could help.
I owe her that much.

Agent Stoller to Mobile Command.
Code Yellow.

Go ahead, Agent Stoller,
this is Mobile Command.

Are you reporting a Code Yellow?


I have a confirmed visual

on the target suspect

with the canister.

Repeat, confirmed visual

of suspect and canister.

Agent Park, may I?

Agent Stoller,
this is Jack Bauer.

Is Galvez with someone?

Agent Stoller?

He's alone.

(static crackles)

Copy that.

What's his 20?

Entering an abandoned
apartment building

on the south side

of Rincon and 12th.

I am in pursuit.

Try to maintain a visual
and wait for backup.

Do not engage
until we get there.

Copy that.

PARK: All primary units
respond to 12th and Rincon.

Suspect sighted entering

a building with canister.

Code Yellow.
Agent Park?
I want a secure net

around the building,
agents at all exits and I want

sharpshooters covering each of
the four exposures.

Yes, ma'am.


I can't.

It's all right, I'll be fine.

I'll stay back,
I'll watch operations.

You be careful out there.

I still think Galvez
has a partner.

You watch your back.


You served with the
27th in Pakistan.

Two tours, sir.

Did you, by any chance,
encounter any Starkwood units?


There was a force
protection team

attached by my C.O.

They fought with you.

Yes, sir.

Side by side.


How would you rate
their professionalism?

Their performance under fire.

Thank you, son.

Just made my day.

(doors banging)

(ignition turns)

All right, let's go.

Our orders are
to deliver the prisoner

to the rear entrance at FBI.

The White House wants
to keep this low-key.

(raspy breathing)



(tires squealing)

This is Sergeant Cadden.

Prisoner's in severe cardiac
and respiratory distress.

We are rerouting

to West Arlington Hospital.

Need emergency
medical team standing by!

Go, go!

(sirens wailing)

Assemble the teams.
You got it.

Agent Stoller, this is
Agent Walker, do you copy?

I copy you, Agent Walker.

What is your position?

East stairwell between
the first and second floor.

Suspect with canister

has moved to the top floor.

Do you have any indication
that he's not alone?

Negative. Not at this time.

All right, stand by.
We're coming to you.

Agent Stoller puts the suspect
somewhere on the second floor.

However, there's no guarantee

that he's the only
hostile in the building.

Therefore, we stick to SOP,
clearing room by room.

Agent Park and I will lead
two teams, East and West.

Check your weapons
and headsets.

We move in 60 seconds.

All right, you heard her,
you guys are with me...

Mobile Command, this is Walker.

Go ahead, Agent Walker.

We're about
to enter the building.

Have HazMat teams on alert, in
case the canister gets breached.

Copy that.

How you holding up?

Better, thanks.

(phone rings)
Excuse me.

This is Bauer.

Mr. Bauer,
this is Agent Mizelli.

Sorry to bother
you with this,

but I need to follow up on
something from our debrief.

Agent, this isn't a good time.

Some new information has come
to light, and I need

to clear up a discrepancy.
What discrepancy?

You told me Tony Almeida's
source on the White House attack

was a man identified to you
as Vincent Cardiff?

Yeah, that's right.

Is there a possibility
you misremembered the name?

No, I don't think so.

Are you sure?

You yourself have voiced some

concern about your own acuity.

Hold on.

What is this here?


Agent Mizelli, I'm
gonna have to get

back to you.
Locator codes

for all units'
radio transponders.

Are they in real time?
Yes, sir.

Can you do
a map overlay?

It'll take a minute.
Get it done.

What's going on, Jack?

I'm not sure yet.



(computer beeps)

Right there, there's
Stoller's transponder.

He's not even
in the building.

Agent Walker, this is Jack.

Get your men out
of the building.

It's a trap.
Jack, what?

Stoller's not even in there.
Get your men out now.

Code Blue.

Repeat: Code Blue.


Agent Walker, Agent Park!

Get us a vehicle now!

All perimeter teams,
this is Park.

Agents are down.
Report to 12th and Rincon.

We need assistance.

Negative, negative,
disregard that order.

Maintain your

I repeat, maintain
your positions.

Bauer, what the hell
are you doing?

They are trying to pull you
off the line.

You leave a hole
in that perimeter,

we are going
to lose the canister.

Tell your men to stand fast.

Medivac is on its way.

Get them in the air now!

Jack, I'm going in.

Agent Park.

Agent Park.

How many men
are unaccounted for?
Still assessing.

There were at least 30
of us in the building

when it went up.
And Agent Walker?

I don't know.

Renee, this is Jack.

Do you copy?

Renee, this is Jack.

Do you copy?

Damn it.



You got the canister?


Let me see.

Hurry up, we need
to get moving.

Let's go.




Are you okay?

Yeah, but he's
not breathing.

We need a medic!

They've got him.
I want to get you out of here.

Come on, let's go now.


How'd you know
it was a trap?

Stoller's transponder was
outside of the building.

They were trying to thin
our ranks, create a diversion.

Has the cordon
been breached?

No, I told the men
to maintain their positions.

The perimeter's secure.

It's almost
like they knew, Jack.

They would have needed time

to wire this building
with explosives.

This was the last sector
we were due to search.

You think they knew
your sweep patterns?
They must have.

Oh, my God.

Jack, what is it?

I'll meet you back
at your vehicle.

Hey, you want me
to take him?

No, I got him.

They need your help inside.

Agent Mizelli.

This is Bauer. You said you
wanted to talk to me

about Tony's suspect
Vincent Cardiff.

Yes, yes, thanks for
getting back to me.

Listen, uh, you told
me that he expired

during the course of Tony
Almeida's interrogation.

Yeah, that's what
Tony told me.

Well, it
can't be him.

What are you talking about?

Vincent Cardiff was picked up

over an hour ago by Customs,

trying to cross
the border into Canada.

Are you sure?

Look, I'm positive, I've got
his arrest report right here.

Cardiff's alive.

Were there any signs

from his interrogation--

physical violence,
abuse, anything at all?

Nothing's indicated
on the report.

That's why I was asking if maybe

you had mistaken
the name Almeida gave you.


Here you go.




(taps twice)


We need to talk.


What's going on?

I told you earlier today,

if you were lying to me
I'd kill you myself.

What the hell
are you talking about?

Cardiff, Vincent Cardiff--

you said he was killed
during his interrogation.

Yeah, so?

He's alive and well, in custody,

and he's showing no signs
of physical abuse.

Explain that.

All right, look,
Jack, I'm sorry.

Cardiff knew
that by spilling that intel,

he was going
to get himself killed,

so I cut a
deal with him.

I told him I'd
let the FBI think

he was dead, so he could
walk away and disappear.

I thought it was just
a meaningless lie.

You and I have been doing this
long enough to know

that there is no
such thing as a meaningless lie.

How are you involved
in this?

You're not making
any sense, Jack.

That intel was good.

Without it you'd have never
been in the White House

to save the president.

What is your involvement?!

You're not thinking straight.

How were you shot?

Does Galvez even have
a second man...

or was it just you?

Just stop and listen
to what you're saying.

It's insane. It's paranoia.

Now, why don't you put
the gun down?

Don't you move!

The toxin is starting
to affect your judgment.

That's what's happening.
You can see that, right?


Is this what you're looking for?

(garbled breaths)

I never wanted
to hurt you, Jack.

(choked rasping)

I told you to stay out of it.

But you wouldn't listen,
would you?

Can we get some help here?
This man's having a seizure.

Stand back, please.

Go get my bag
and call Dr. Mason, stat.

(choked rasping)

(siren wailing)

I don't see anything.

The wound must be posterior.

Sir, I need to turn you
on your side.


Put it down and
keep driving. Now!