24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 24 - Day 6: 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. - full transcript

Jack rushes toward his nephew and his oldest antagonist, as a Chinese sub and F-18s race for the same destination. Chloe faints. Can Jack find any peace?

I'm aware that your

generals are pushing you

toward a military response.

Until you have the component,

I have no choice but to continue
on our present path.

The man who has the component

is no longer working
with the Chinese.

He's offered to
trade it back to us,

and I've authorized
the exchange.

Phillip Bauer
is a sociopath.

We can't trust that
he'll give us that component

re probably on their way'
to arrest me.

They're here.

Send the kid down now.

Show the sub-circuit board

I need to verify it.

There they are.
They've got Josh.

I don't have a clear shot
without putting

Josh at risk.

Get down!

I want you to get me

the names and locations of every
offshore oil platform

within a ten-mile radius.
My father

didn't pick this location
at random.

Morris, no luck

tracing the oil leases
through the CNC server.

You okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

My God! Chloe! Chloe?

Could someone
please help me?

Darling? Darling?
Can you hear me?

Can someone please help me?!

(motor humming)

(motor stops)


I don't want to be
here with you!

We're not staying here.
We're leaving.

I don't want
to go anywhere with you.

Look, Josh,
I don't expect you to understand

Not now, anyway.

Someday, you will,
and you'll thank me for it.

In the meantime,
you'll do as
you're told.

Is that clear?


(Cheng speaking Chinese)

The submarine is on schedule.

How soon before
they pick us up?

30 minutes.

Her vitals are strong.

She's in no immediate danger.

Then why did she collapse?

Dehydration. Exhaustion.

She hasn't slept
in 36 hours.

He said I'm fine, Morris.

It's not a big deal.

You should be
at your workstation.

No. I should
be right here with you.

You should
be checking

the EPA database, to see what
oil platforms are owned

by Phillip Bauer.
Other people can do that.

If you really want
to make me feel better,

then go find Phillip Bauer.

Are you sure you're all right?

Okay, then.


Morris, is Chloe all right?

The doctor's still running
some tests, but he says

she's going to be fine.

Jack was right about his father.

One of his companies
owns a federal lease

on an oil platform
six miles offshore.
That's where you think

Phillip Bauer's keeping the boy?

Well, the platform's
been decommissioned.

Okay. Give me
the wheel, Nadia.

Let's try a thermal scan.

See if we can pick up
any signs of life.

That's awfully crowded
for a decommissioned platform.

Can you back-time the satellite
imagery a few minutes?

Okay, there. That must be
Josh Bauer arriving.

That would be 20 minutes
after he was taken.

The timing works.
Send a copy of this

to my screen, and forward
it to the White House.

Will do.

Get me Tom Lennox, please.

(phone rings)

Dr. Hastings here.

This is Morris O'Brian.

Have Chloe O'Brian's
test results come in yet?

You just left here
a few minutes ago,
Mr. O'Brian.

We're still
running those tests.

Well, when do you
expect the results?


Can you call me
when you get them?

I'm afraid I can't
release that information.

Not without
Ms. O'Brian's permission.

I'm her husband.

Ex-husband. I'm sorry,
but I can only share information

with Ms. O'Brian's family.


And reports indicate
the Russians
are setting up

an offensive
All right. Thank you.

Meaning they can attack our base
at a moment's notice.

That's correct, sir.

Sir, that was CTU.
They've just located

Phillip Bauer
and a dozen or so

on an oil drilling platform

six miles off the coast
of Los Angeles.

And he has
the sub-circuit board?

We are assuming so, sir.

I'll pass this on to Suvarov.

Maybe it'll buy us
some more time.

Meanwhile, I want an assault
team dispatched

to that oil rig.
Mr. Vice President,

if I may?

Go ahead, Ethan.

If the platform
is well-defended,

an assault team might
run into trouble.

I recommend an air attack.

Two Navy F-18's could

obliterate that platform
and everyone on it.

What about
the sub-circuit board?

If it's not destroyed
in the attack,

it'll sink into the ocean,

the salt water will
render it useless

in minutes.

Sir, we think
Phillip Bauer's grandson

is on that same platform.

Now, he might well
survive a surgical strike
by an assault team,

but there's no way
he's going to live

through this proposed
aerial attack.

We are talking about an innocent
16-year-old boy here.

None of us like
this any more

than you do, but
if the Russians attack our base,

a lot of innocent young men
are going to die.

And the truth is,
an air strike

would be the
most effective

from a political point
of view, as well.

It'll show the Russians
that we're

sparing no effort
to destroy

the sub-circuit board.

Send the F-18's immediately.

Yes, sir, Mr. Vice President.

You're gonna be
all right, Mike.

You're going
to make it.

Jack, I'm sorry.

You were following
your orders.

(phone rings)
Get the kid...

Get the kid, Jack.

I will.

Did you find my father?

Yes. We believe
that he's on a

Tomol oil platform,
six miles offshore.

Were you able to confirm
that Josh is with him?

Thermal scan shows
three people arriving
on the platform

20 minutes after
Josh was taken,

so it's highly likely
he's one of them.

Nadia, I want
to lead the assault team.

There's not going
to be an assault team, Jack.

What are you talking about?

I just got notification that
the White House has ordered

an air strike by Navy F-18s.

The Vice President thinks an
assault team will take too long.

I couldn't call those jets back
if I tried.

When is it going to happen?

In less than 30 minutes.
Look, I need

you and Bill to come back to CTU

on Aerial One
for an immediate debrief.



What's wrong?

CTU located my father and Josh

on one of the offshore
oil platforms.

There's not going
to be an assault.

They've launched
an F-18 air strike.

No one on that platform
is going to survive.

I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack, don't even
think about it.

You'll only
get yourself killed.
You won't save Josh.

Look, I realize
he's your nephew...

I'm not going to do something
because he's my nephew.

I'm going to do
something because
he's an innocent kid being

written off as some kind of an
acceptable loss. It's wrong.

Nadia has ordered
us back to CTU
in Chopper One.

I'm going to take it.

I'll fly.

You prep the weapons.

It's been a while, but I can
get us to the platform.

With any luck,
I might even be able
to get us back.

You don't need
to do this, Bill.
Yes, I do.

I don't want to live
with this one either.

Let's get ready.

You're going to need that.

We're commandeering
your helicopter. Get out.

#Fixing target coordinates.
Be in range in 22 minutes.

Sir, significant numbers
of Russian troops

have assumed
a flanking position

along the eastern rim
of our military base.

What am I to
take from that?

A tactical advancement like that
indicates imminent attack.

All right.
Put him through. Sir?

You got Suvarov?

Yes, sir.

Mr. President, this is

Vice President Daniels.

Mr. Vice President,
the last time we spoke,

you said an opportunity
had presented itself.

Unfortunately, that
didn't work out,

but there has been

a significant
new development,

and I'm asking
you to hold off

on any military
assault on our base.

For what reason, sir?

The Chinese agents who are
in possession of the component

have been tracked

to an oil platform
off our West Coast.

We assume they're there
awaiting transport to China.

I've ordered an air strike
to destroy the platform

before that rendezvous
can happen.

I realize that...

you have no reason
to accept what I'm telling you.

Not without proof, at least,
but I implore you...

Mr. Vice President,
I believe you.

Just moments ago, one
of our listening posts

intercepted a transmission
to a Chinese submarine

operating in the
western Pacific.

The point of origin is
ten miles off your coast.

And the contents suggest that
the submarine is en route

to pick up the component.
Then you know that I'm
telling you the truth.

You say you have
already launched

an air strike
against this oil platform.

Yes. That's the only way we can
make absolutely certain

that the component's
been destroyed.


we're prepared to give you
a real-time uplink

to our satellite feed
of the assault operation.

One moment, please, sir.

(indistinct murmuring)

Uh, how long until your fighters

reach the target?

Less than 20 minutes, sir.

20 minutes,

Mr. President.

Very well,

but be advised,

nothing less than
the complete destruction

of this oil platform
will give us

the assurance we require.


Stand by.

The satellite feed will
be there momentarily.

I wish you luck,
Mr. Vice President.

Yes, the Coast Guard
and the Navy

are coordinating directly.
They're patrolling a five-mile

perimeter around
the target.

Yes, sir. I'll keep
you in the loop.

What is it, Morris?

Jack's commandeered
a CTU chopper.

He's requesting an uplink
to our satellite feed.

He's on the way to the
oil platform. He's
with Bill Buchanan.

Arial One, please confirm.

Come in.

This is Bauer. We copy.

Look, Jack, I know you
want to save your nephew,

but I can't authorize
a suicide mission.

We don't need your
authorization, Nadia,

we need your help.

Those F-18s will be
within striking range

in 18 minutes.

What if we find the
component first?

It won't make a difference.

The strike team's orders
are non-contingent.

All you're gonna do
is get yourselves killed.

Nadia, it's Bill. Look,

I understand the
pressure you're under,

but you have to believe
me when I tell you--

this is the right call to make.

Morris said you need a visual
on the oil platform?

We need to know

how many hostiles
are on the platform
and where they are.

Uploading the latest

satellite capture.
Okay, you'll have it in

a few seconds.
Copy that. Send it to my PDA.

PDA? Got it.

Thank you, Nadia.

You did the right thing.

Bill, I need you to put
your comm unit in.

How should I make
our approach, Jack?

Wind's heavy out of the west.

If we fly into it and
stay low to the water,

we should be able to
catch them off-guard.

It won't buy us much time.

We'll have to engage
them from the air.

I'll hold them off
so you can land,

then we'll move in.

The radar is locked
onto the target.


We'll leave
in 15 minutes.

Please just let me go.

I can't do that.

Why not?

Because I can't.

You have a
lot to learn.

Now, it's my

to teach you. The
first lesson is...

pay attention.

(speaking Chinese)

What is it?

There's a helicopter

We need to get
to the boat and head west.

There's a locator
beacon onboard.

The submarine
will pick us up.

Here. Take the component.

I'll see about
the helicopter.

I'll join you shortly.

Once we hit the deck,
we're gonna have to move hard.

You ready to move up?

Take it up!

We're clear to land!


Don't move!

Where's the boy?
Where is the boy?!

You're too late.

Take this. Get him

up to the chopper
What are you doing?

I'm gonna make sure Josh
isn't on this platform.

We only have ten minutes!

Get up! Get up!

#Come on, Josh. Stop it.

I can't.

Of course you can.

All it takes is a
little self-control.

You're behaving like a child.

You have to learn to
control your emotions.

You must never let
them control you,

you understand?


Come on.


Target will be in range
in four minutes, 30 seconds.



I'm not going with you.

You're not gonna shoot me.

Give me the gun.



As long as you're alive, me
and my mom will never be safe.

Josh, listen to me.

I've always cared about you.


You only care
about yourself.

That's not true.

You're the reason
I'm doing all this.

Shut up!

I love you, Josh.



It's all right.
I've got him.

You can lower that weapon.


Lower your gun.

I know how scared and angry
you must feel right now.

I know. I've been exactly
where you are.

I know exactly how
you feel, but you're

gonna have to trust me on this.

You do not want
to live with the pain

of taking another person's
life, even if you think

they deserve it.

In a few minutes,
there's gonna be

an F-18 air strike
on this platform.

We need to get
out of here.

We need to get
out of here now.


It's all right.

Just give me the gun.

It's all right.

It's all right.

It's over. It's over.

I need you to get up

to the top of
the platform

and get in the
chopper now.

Go. Move!

What about you?

I'll be right behind you!

Keep going!

Get up.

Get up!

It's over.

Then finish it.


You are gonna be held
accountable for what you

have done today.

I don't think so.

You don't have time to carry me,

not if what you said
about the air strike

is true.

And you don't
want to die.

Not here.

Not with me.

You're gonna get off easy.

CTU, this is Aerial One.

My count shows the
strike in two minutes.

Negative. You
have 90 seconds

before those F-18s are
within striking range.

You need to
get off that
platform now.

Bill. Confirm.

Copy that! Stand by!

Where's Jack?
He's with my grandpa.

Get in!

Mr. Vice President, the target
is in range. Strike team

reports... missile lock.

Take it out.

Echo six-four is
clear to engage.

Echo six-four,
you are clear to engage.

Roger that.
Stand by for missile launch.

Wait! We can't leave
without my uncle!

We're not leaving. Hang on.

Jack, I'm coming
around to the south.

Meet me on level three.

Copy that, Bill. I'm on it.

Bill, I see you.

I'm on the southwest corner.

Fox One, fire.


One, please

Bill, please confirm.

Bill, this is Nadia.
Do you copy?

CTU, this is Aerial One.

We copy.

I've got Jack
and his nephew,

and Cheng in custody.

We're heading back to CTU.

We'll have a landing crew
standing by, sir.

Strike team reports multiple

direct hits.

Satellite recon
is reporting...

target is completely


Good work.

Mr. President, you're seeing
what we're seeing.

Yes, we are.

(indistinct murmuring)

We concur that the target
has been eliminated.

Then I trust you're satisfied
that the component's

been destroyed, as well.

I am.

I'm ordering the full withdrawal
of our troops

from the eastern rim of your

military base.

Good, Mr. President.

You will excuse me if I wait
until your troops

are completely withdrawn
before I order

our squadrons in the air
to stand down.

Yes, of course.

And Mr. Vice President...

I regret that the
events of this day

have brought us
to such a dangerous

and unfortunate
situation, but...

when my country's security
is threatened...

I understand, Mr. President,
all too well.

Yes, I'm sure you do.

My best wishes for the recovery
of President Palmer.

Thank you.

Good-bye, Mr. Vice President.

What the hell happened?

He fell!

Uncle Jack fell!

All right, I'm going back.

He's all right.

* *

Where are we going?

Back to CTU.

No, we can't.
We have to go back for him.

Jack's not ready to go back yet.

#You should know, sir,

we've received

the Chinese have recalled
their sub to its base in Ningpo.

Tell Admiral Smith to have one
of our subs shadow them.

I want the Chinese to
know that we're aware

of their activities.
Yes, sir.

And thank you, Ethan,
for everything.

Extend my gratitude
to the Joint Chiefs.

Mr. Vice President.

Sir, not to quash your flush
of victory here...

the actions of the Chinese
cannot go unaddressed.

We'll leave that
for another day, Tom.

Right now, I don't know about
you, but I could use some sleep.

There's just one other
outstanding issue

I would like to
discuss with you, sir.

Karen Hayes.

Sir, she's about to be
transferred into FBI custody.

Now in light of the recent

attacks, the nuke
in California,

the plot against
the President,

I just think we need
to preserve whatever...


...fragile faith the American
people might still have

in this administration.

Just let Karen and Bill resign
with their reputations intact.

All right, Tom.

Take care of that for me.

All right.

Thank you, sir.

Here's that tape recording
you asked for.




How you feeling?

Jack got the boy.
They're both safe.

What about the Russians?

They backed off.

They were satisfied that
the component was destroyed.

And Jack's father?

He was killed in the air strike.

And Cheng's
in custody.



I was talking
to Dr. Hastings.

He says the test
results are in,

but he's not
telling me anything.

He insists I talk to you.

Is it... serious?


Bloody hell, Chloe, whatever
it is, I'll help you get

through it.

No, you won't.
We're not together.

Oh, sod that.

Really, come on,

when you collapsed,
I thought something

might really be wrong.

I can't lose you, darling.


Yeah, really.
I love you.


That's good,
'cause I'm pregnant.

You mean what?

With child?

That's usually how it works.


You know...

this is a nice moment.

Let's not ruin it by saying
something stupid.

Let's just go back to work.




You've come to say


Well, in a manner
of speaking.

You're free to go.

The Vice President is dropping
all charges against you.

What about Bill?

He's being pardoned, as well.

Of course,
the Vice President's

still expecting
your resignations,

but, uh... you're free to
go live your lives

without fear of prosecution.

Is that suitable?

Yes. Yes.
Yes, it is.

All right.
Well, good luck.

I know you had a hand
in this, Tom.

Thank you.

You know, Karen,

I actually think
I'm going to miss you.


I can answer that better
after you've gone.

There's your mother.


You'll be debriefed at
a federal detention facility.

My people will not abandon me
like you abandoned Jack Bauer.

Get him out of here.

It's good to see you
again, sir.

You did good work today.
You should be proud.

Thank you.

That means a lot
coming from you.

Where's Jack?

He fell from the chopper

into the ocean
during the extraction.

He made it to shore;
he's fine.

Why didn't you pick him up?

He didn't want me to.

I don't understand.
We need to find him.

We'll never find him.
Not if he doesn't want us to.

Let him go.

Somehow it just
doesn't feel real.

But I am grateful
that she's alive.

Of course.

I'll let you know.



(door closing)

Put it down.


Are you here to kill me?


Where's Audrey?

I told you before,
you're not getting

anywhere near
my daughter...

You do not tell me what
to do anymore!

Do you understand me?

You do not tell
me what to do.

I just watched my father die...

and I felt nothing.

You know why?

Yeah, you know why.

Because that man was dead
to me years ago.

I admired you, I looked up
to you like a father.

You were the kind
of man I wanted to be.

And you took
advantage of it!

Jack, listen to me.

No! You are going
to listen to me.

Earlier today,

you said that I was cursed.

That anyone I touched...

ended up dead

or ruined.

How dare you.

How... dare you.

The only thing I did,

the only thing
I have ever done,

is what you and people like you
have asked of me.

Why didn't you try
to get me out of China?

I did try.

Not hard enough!

You had the political power.

Was the timing not right?

Was it a little
too complicated?

Or was I just
an acceptable loss?

Jack, I understand your anger...

Shut up!

You don't understand
a thing about me.

But I know you.

I know why you're angry at me.

And it wasn't because Audrey
went to China to save me.

It was because when you
told her not to,

she did it

You'll never understand
that kind of commitment,

that kind
of loyalty.

You're right, Jack.

It wasn't fair of me
to put all this on you,

to blame you for what
happened to Audrey.

I know the sacrifices
you've made.

I know this country owes you
more than it will ever repay.

I'm not interested in what you
think this country owes me.

I want my life back,

and I want it now.

Audrey's all I've got.

And you can't stop me.

In case you've

I'm very good
at disappearing.

And if you try sending
someone after us,

I'm kill them.

I'm pretty good at that, too.

Simply getting your life
back, Jack,

isn't going to change

who you are.

And you can't
walk away from it.

You know that.

You've tried it.

Sooner or later you're going
to get back in the game.

And my daughter's going
to pay the price,

like your wife did.

You son of a bitch.

Jack, I beg you,
just stop for a moment

and think.

Think, Jack.

You won't be able to take care
of her the way you want to.

Where is she?

Take me to her now.

* *

It's me. I'm here.

I know that I promised...

to take care of you...

and protect you...

But I'm at a crossroads.

Right now, the best way...

The only way...

to do that is to let you go.

I hope one day
you can understand that.

I hope one day
you can forgive me.

I love you with all my heart.

And I always will.