24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 11 - Day 6: 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack's search takes him to the home of an old enemy, while a bomber slips into the White House.


As someone who has alienated followers by choosing the unpopular course,

I suggest you tread carefully among your people.

They will come after you.

I need you to authorize clearance for someone to get inside the bunker.

Once he's inside, he'll carry the ball.

You mean, kill the president?

- We have a cover.
- A cover? Who?



You're trying to make it look like he did this?

This is tom lennox.
I need to speak to the ranking secret service agent on site.

carson wondered if you were playing us.

He said that he didn't want to bring you into this, but I defended you!

Nothing justifies the killing of a president.

The delivery system software was programmed for five high-priority targets.

Because of your carelessness, we are now down to three.

More than enough for our needs, gredenko.

I don't want to be exposed like this any longer than necessary.

Do you think the authorities know we're working with fayed?

If they don't, they will soon.

Bill, it's jack.

I've got the correct address for gredenko's safe house.

Turner's team will be there any minute.



Buchanan, there's no sign of gredenko or anyone.

now you talk.
That was from gredenko.

You tipped him off.
Now over half my team is dead!

It wasn't gredenko on the phone.

Those aren't his men!

- Who sent them?!
- Your father!

He has my son!

Take a look out the window.
The adjacent roof.

Jack: Dad, it's over!

There is no empire to protect.

There's no legacy left.
I'm the one you want.

You let josh go, I will surrender.

You could have had it all.

What are you waiting for?

Do it!

- Who am i talking to?
- It's charles logan, jack.

You must have exhausted all your options to find gredenko.

Come and see me.

And come alone.


Go ahead.

We're on our way to the rendezvous.

We've arrived.

Is the shipment there from nevada?

No, they are behind schedule.

But they'll be here any moment.

How soon can you deploy once we arrive?

It will take us two hours to assemble the delivery system and run diagnostics,

another hour to secure the payload.

That's longer than I'd hoped.

Listen, we are working with the best technology.

It can't be rushed.

Just remember, without us

you'd be delivering your payload in weeks instead of hours.

I haven't forgotten.

It seems necessary to remind you now and then.

I'll be glad when we no longer have to deal with these people.

They are living in the dark ages.

And they act like they own the world.

I'd much rather be fighting them.

If we succeed today, we'll never have to.

The arabs and the west,

they'll destroy each other.

The ambassador just arrived, mr.
President. He's in the waiting area.


Will tom lennox be joining us?

I spoke to reed pollock.

He says mr. Lennox is briefing the speaker and minority leader.

When tom's finished, tell him I want to see him, please.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Ambassador.

It's good to see you again, sir.

Mr. President,

first allow me to express my country's shock

and deep regret over the devastating attack in california.

- Thank you, sir.
- Of course.

Any assistance you may require, you need only ask.

I'm asking you now, sir.
That's why you're here.

I believe you know hamri al-assad.

Mr. Ambassador.

I have never met mr. Assad in person,

but I know him by reputation.

His organization has carried out repeated terrorist actions against my country.

Your own policies precipitated those actions.

That's your justification for killing innocent people?

You and I define innocent in different ways.

My own deputy lost his seven-year-old son in one of your bombings.

That is how I define innocent.

We are not here to air past differences.

Then why are we here, mr. President?

At our last meeting, I informed you that we were in contact with assad.

You told me it was a positive step toward peace.

And I meant it at that time, but I must confess,

after the last attack, I didn't expect to see you in the same room with him.

And I'm not so sure I care to remain here either.

It is no more pleasant for me, your excellency.

Would you give us a moment?


Assad is here because of the attack.

To be frank, sir, we have three more nuclear weapons loose in my country in the hands of terrorists.

We didn't know that.

In less than one hour assad is going to go on national television and issue a statement.

It will be a global appeal to extremists.

Now, he's going to urge them to put down their arms and engage in peaceful netiation with the west.

and engage in peaceful netiation with the west.

Now, we are hoping to compel someone to come forward with any information regarding those nuclear weapons.

A petition like this coming from assad?

- It could have a profound effect.
- We're counting on that.

What do you need from us?

I want a public statement of support from your prime minister.

And I want it to follow right on the heels of assad'S.

Mr. Assad is a polarizing figure in my country.

A public endorsement of him could have grave political consequences for the prime minister.

Then you tell your prime minister that we have a carrier group operating less than 25 miles off his shores.

My advisors are pressing me hard for a military response,

so if we are attacked again,

I won't be able to hold them off.

This is sounding like an ultimatum, mr.

It's not an ultimatum, mr. Ambassador.

I'm merely pointing out the fact that neither the prime minister

nor I have the luxury

of worrying about political consequences on a day like today.

I am putting my presidency on the line, so please,

stop handing me excuses.

Get on the phone and make this happen.

Nadia, what's the status?

Turner's team just completed their second sweep of the house. But the results were negative.

If gredenko was using this address, he did a really good job cleaning up after he left.

There was one operating land line.

Morris is checking on the router to see if there's any recent activity.


- Morris?!
- Yes.

- Any luck on the land line?
- No. I mean, not yet.

They must have used an inverter to stack their calls

'cause I can't get any records out.

Mr. Buchanan, jack bauer's on the line.

Go ahead, jack.

Bill, I'm near the airport across the street from the grandmont hotel.

I know. What's going on?

It's complicated.
Are the units dispatched?

We have two units on the way to the grandmont. I'll have them meet you.

Okay, I want you to contact lapd.

Have them set up a five-block perimeter around the hotel.

They need to locate my father and take him into custody.

- Your father?
- He's involved in this.

I'll debrief you as soon as we've got time.

Were you able to pick up anything on gredenko?

The glasgow street house was deserted.

We're processing it for clu but so far we've come up empty.

We can't be sure gredenko was even there.

I think I might have a lead.

- What is it?
- Charles logan.

- Logan?
- I spoke to him.

He says he has information on gredenko.

How the hell did you trace this to logan?

Through my father. Bill, I need you to get me a helicopter that can take me to him.

He's at his retreat in hidden valley.
He's under house arrest.

House arrest? How was that possible?
He was involved in the murder of david palmer.

He brokered a closed-door deal.
He plead guilty to obstruction of justice.

The public never even knew of his involvement in aiding terrorists or david palmer's assassination.

- Give me that helicopter.
- We have one in the area.

Shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to have it rerouted to your location.

Thank you.



What happened?

My father escaped.
I don't know where he is.

He might be in the area.
I want you both to go back to ctu.

Josh, I know that there's a lot to explain, and I promise you when this is over,

you and I are going to sit down and I will talk you through what happened.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

- You're not coming with us?
- No, gredenko wasn't at the house.

I need to follow up another lead.

- Take these people back to ctu.
- Yes, sir.

Josh, get in.


thank you.

Thank you for saving my son.

He reminds me of you.

You can see it in his eyes.

Marilyn, please, you have to go.



Sign in, sirs.

We'll need to process you again, mr. Carson.

Of course.

- What's your occupation?
- I'm a policy analyst with the stanton institute.

State your business here.

I'm here to consult on civil defense procedures.

At the request of tom lennox.

Test, one, two, three.

: Test, one, two, three.

- Thank you, sirs.
- Thank yoU.

Thank you.

We've got a problem.
Tom lennox tried to warn secret service about us.


I stopped him before he was able to alert anyone.

But I had to restrain him.

You said that lennox was on board with the plan.

I thought that he was. Either he's changed his mind or you're right and he's been playing us all along.

Regardless, we're gonna have to deal with it.

Son of a bitch.

We've got to move him.
I'm going to need this space.

Get me some tape.

Let's go, over here.

Sit down, hands behind your back.

We're going to have to take care of him.
Make it look like a suicide.



Listen, eliminating president palmer is for the good of the country, all right?

It's the only way to get him out of office.

Killing tom lennox only benefits us.

- We don't have any choice.
- Listen. Tom lennox is a very smart man.

Now I think that once vice president daniels is holding the reins,

and enacting the policies that lennox himself created,

we can convince him to keep quiet.

I'm not gambling my life on lennox's good judgment.

Look, it's a risk, but it is a risk that I'm willing to take.

We're not cold-blooded murderers.

We're just trying to save our country.

Either way, we do not have time to resolve this now.

Assad goes before the cameras within an hour.

You said it would take 25 minutes for you to assemble this?

25 to 30.
Then you better get started now.

If we're going to frame assad for the assassination, then this bomb has to explode when they're both together.

then this bomb has to explode when they're both together.

We're never going to have a better chance than now.


Yes, melinda.

I'm still waiting for the briefing stats that tom promised me.

Well tom just e-mailed them to you.
They should be on your screen by the time you're back at your desk.


By the way, is tom in his office?

Uh, no, no.

Um, no, tom is down in conference B.

He's meeting with some policy analysts from langley.

I just came from conference B.
Secret service is meeting in there.

Well, they must have switched to another room, then.

Listen, I'll try to track tom down for you.

what is it, morris?

I have to uplink these traffic vectors to the homeland sub-net.

I've been trying, I've been trying and it just won't go through.

- Check your S. I. P. Adapter.
- What about my S. I. P. Adapter?

You've specified the wrong slot assignment.

Oh, what an idiot.

Thank you.
That'll work.

Did you call your sponsor?

I'm getting tired of you giving me the third degree.

Yeah, well, I covered for you.
I didn't tell anyone you took a drink.

I didn't take a drink- I spat it out.
I told you.

- You promised me you'd call your sponsor.
- And I did.


We had this long talk.

I feel a lot better, really.

You're not acting like iT.

Why don't we install a breathalyzer at my work station?
Will that satisfy you?

I just want to make sure you're okay.

I helped terrorists arm a nuclear bomb today.
I'm not going to be okay for a long time.

That doesn't mean to say I can't do my job.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to swap out this server port.

Where's morris?

He's swapping out a server port.

He's supposed to be checking on gredenko's landline.

Well, he's juggling a lot right now. Being short-handed, we're all trying to pick up the slack.

Now, I'm wondering if it's more than that.


Look, he's been tortured. He's under a
lot of stress. Maybe he should be pulled.

Yeah, he's a little upset, but he's still better than 90% of the tech people we have around here.

We need morris on the floor.

All right, chloe, but I'm keeping my eye on him. If I see anything else I don't like, I go to buchanan.


Hi, this is jeannie. I'm not here right now, but please leave a message and the time of day you called and I'll get back to you.

Hi, jeannie, this is chloe o'brian.
You don't know me, but I'm morris's ex-wife.

Could you call me back as soon as possible?
It's important.

I'm at 597-3781.
Thank you.


jack will be arriving at logan's estate any moment.

I want tac teams on alert and prepped for redeployment.

- Yes, sir.
- We're out of leads.

Let's hope jack can get something from logan.

Could we have a moment, please?

Must have been hard for you to find out about your father's involvement in all of this.

I'm not here to talk about my father.

Dmitri gredenko- what do you know about him?

I know gredenko supplied fayed with five russian tactical nukes,

one of which exploded this morning in valencia.

One of which you managed to disarm, so that leaves us three we need to recover.

That's correct.

I get regular intelligence updates.

And I still have my sources.

So you need gredenko to find fayed.

- Can you help us?
- Yes, I can.

But you want some kind of plea agreement.

You're unbelievable.

I don't blame you for thinking that, jack.

But I want you to know that I'm not the same man that I was two years ago.

Just as you're not the same man who was dragged away and thrown into a chinese prison.

I've changed.
I've had time to think about what I did.

I have reconnected with my faith.

So, no, I don't want a pardon.

And I wouldn't accept it if it was offered to me.

- What do you want?
- Nothing.

I want to give you the information you need with no conditions.

I'm listening.

I never dealt with gredenko directly,

but I know how we can find him.

- How?
- Through anatoly markov.

He's the russian consul general, here in los angeles.

Ctu contacted the consul general as soon as we saw gredenko's name on the list.

He denied any knowledge of his whereabouts.

Markov's lying.

He's been the liaison for gredenko for years.

Liaison for what?

For business concerns looking to acquire the products that gredenko provides.

No, don'T.
Don't make the wrong play, jack.

Now if you go down official channels, you'll end up in a hopeless maze.

Markov has friends in the highest levels of the russian government.

They can protect him indefinitely.

If you want to access what he knows right now, you need to go through back channels.
you need to go through back channels.

- What back channels?
- Me.

I'm your best chance to get the information you need in the time frame you need it.

- What are you proposing?
- That I speak to markov myself, in person.

- Why would markov talk to you?
- Because I have leverage.

Markov was involved in the conspiracy that put me where I am today.

I didn't give him up.

But he knows I still can.

I don't trust you.

If you want to find gredenko, maybe it's time you started.

go ahead, jack.

President, thank you for taking my call.

You said it was urgent.

I think we have a way of finding gredenko.

It was my understanding that we lost gredenko.

Are you telling me we hava new lead?

Yes, sir.

Mr. President,

the lead is charles logan.

- Logan?
- Yes, sir. I'm with him now.

He claims that his administration had dealings with gredenko, and that he has a contact that will lead us to him.


Aanatolyotoly markov- the russian consul in los angeles.

When we learned about gredenko, jack, I placed a call to the consulate myself.

- Now that's a dead end.
- Not according to logan.

He wants to meet with markov in the consulate in person.

He says that's the only way that we can get the information we need.


logan is under house arrest.

That's why I'm calling you, mr.

We need an executive order granting logan a temporary furlough.

Do you realize what you're asking me?

Logan was behind the assassination of my brother.

Sir, I would not be calling if I didn't think this was necessary.

I don't trust this man, jack.

This could be some maneuver on his part to gain his freedom.

I think we need to take a chance on him,

and I will enter the consulate with logan as part of his security detail.

Besides that, I think he's after something else.

And what exactly would that be?


Jack, I have no desire to facilitate any kind of redemption for charles logan.

President, right now I think he's the only way we're going to find gredenko and the bombs.

Put him on.

He wants to talk to you.

Hello, mr.

I want to hear it from your lips.
Tell me why I should agree to this.

Because you need me, mr. President.
It's as simple as that.

I can speak to the russian consul myself.

Yes, sir, you could do that, but with all due respect, you'd be wasting your time.

I have a prior relationship with markov that... we can exploit.

Again, with due respect, sir, I have more experience dealing with people of markov's character.

You mean criminals like yourself?

I know how he thinks, and that's an advantage you can't afford to ignore.

I want you to know that if this is some kind of move to escape custody, i will commit the resources of my administration to hunt you down.

i will commit the resources of my administration to hunt you down.

I can assure you, mr. President, I have nothing like that in mind.

Several years ago, I was in the same situation, and I...

reached out to your brother for counsel.

David helped me successfully navigate that crisis.


He did.

And you repaid him by killing him.

I would like to do for you what your brother did for me.

I would like to help you get through this.

Don't make the mistake of assuming this represents any kind of forgiveness on my part.

I understand that, mr. President, but I hope over time to earn your forgiveness.

Put jack on the phone.

Yes, mr. President?

I'm granting the furlough.

- Just make it count, jack.
- I'll do my best.

Thank you, mr. President.

This isn't easy for you, is it, jack?


The possibility I may not be the same man you've hated for so long.

You're late.

Did you have any trouble?

We had to bypass a vehicle inspection in riverside.

Other than that, we had a smooth trip.

Let's have a look.

Open up.

The U. S. Military has spent millions to develop this drone.

Today american taxpayers will get a demonstration of...

what their money has produced.

According to charles logan,

anatoly markov, the head of the russian consulate in los angeles, has information on gredenko.

Logan and bauer are going to see markov now.

I want comm locked on any communication outside and possibly inside the consulate.

Morris, are you still the lead on decoding diplomatic communication leaving the consulate?


I want you to hand that over to chloe.


Because of what you've been through today. I'm not sure you can handle it, and we can't afford any mistakes.

Look, I'm perf...

chloe, I want you to take over morris's workload on the consulate.

- Hold on a second.
- It's okay, morris.

No. No, no, it's not okay.
It's-it's not okay. I...

I'd like to say something to everyone.

I'm very sorry that I gave the reprogramming device to fayed.

If I could take it back, I would, but I can'T.

And if you don't think I can do my job, mr. Buchanan, then I should leave.

But i can do my job.

Okay, morris.
Give your task full priority.

Thank you.

Mr. Buchanan, I have to disagree with your decision.

I'm sorry, morris, but I just don't think you're ready.

Your objection is noted, nadia.

My decision stands.

You're wasting your energy.

And you're distracting me.

The president's gonna die.

There's nothing you can do about it.

People are starting to ask questions about tom's whereabouts.
Are you on schedule?

I told you the bomb would be ready in 30 minutes, and I meant it.


- is there a problem?
- No.

You can't go soft on us now, reed.

No, it'S...

it's just starting to hit me.

What we're about to do.

My god...

we're killing the president of the united states.

We're trying to save this country.

That's all you need to think about.

Chloe, look at the function prototypes on morris's report.

- What's the problem?
- Take a look.

You mean the missing sectors?

Yes, the missing sectors.

Did buchanan make a mistake by reinstating morris too soon?

The pentagon put a file lock on these items. I told him we could back-fill them later.

It's not gonna be to anyone's benefit if you're covering for him.

I'm not.


Morris, I need you to tell me the truth.

Have you been drinking?

I just had a couple of beers, love.
I didn't think anyone would mind.

Don't be sarcastic.
Your data merge is incomplete.

I had to cover for you.
I just told nadia...

whoa, wait.
What was incomplete?


Oh, for crying out loud, these sectors are irrelevant.

I only fill them in when I file my final report.

You know that nadia wants these completed.

Nadia only wants to prove to buchanan
that she was right and that I shouldn't be here.

No one is out to get you.

Look, even I know that I shouldn't be here.

There's a big part of me that wants to go home,

crawl into bed and forget this day ever happened.

But I'm staying, because ctu needs me.

"he brought me out of a horrible pit,"

set my feet upon a rock...

and established my goings. "

One step at a time, charles.

One step at a time.

Logan's almost ready-
we should be able to get to the consulate within 45 minutes.

What have you got on markov?

We ran his name through the interagency sub-net.

He's a career diplomat.
Assigned consul general in '96.

Prior to that, worked in the ministry of foreign affairs for the russian federation.

No red flags from nsa, interpol or cia.

As far as they're concerned, he's clean.

out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock
and gave me a firm place to stand. ps27:5;31:8

Jack, what if logan isn't telling the truth?

We're out of options-
I have to trust him.

You know, we have no jurisdiction at the consulate.

Just make sure you have teams ready in case logan's lead pans out.

All right.

- O'brian.
- Chloe, contact the highway patrol.

Have them clear a ground corridor from logan's estate to the russian consulate.

Yes, sir.

- hello?
- Yeah, hi. This is jeannie.

- You left me a message?
- Yeah.

- Thanks for getting back to me.
- So, what can I do for you?

Look, I know you talked to morris earlier,

and that this is probably way out of line and against your confidentiality agreement,

but it's just, I'm really worried about him.

I- I'm sorry, I haven't spoken to morris since
I left the program three years ago.


Sorry to bother you.

- Have you seen morris?
- No. I'm sorry.

- is morris down there?

I haven't seen him. XXXXXXX

- Morris?
- Chloe?

Morris, what are you doing in there?

- What? Wait.
- Open the door! Open the door!

What the bloody hell is going on?

I called your sponsor, jeannie.
She said she hasn't talked to you in three years.

Are you out of your bleeding mind?!

I trusted you-
I put my job on the line for you.

- You lied to me.
- I didn't lie to you.

- Yes, you did.
- I didn't lie to you-

jeannie's not my sponsor anymore; ted is.

- Ted?
- Yeah. Remember ted with the hair?

He's my sponsor.
I called him just like I told you.

Check if you want-
I'll give you his number.

Not now!

I don't know what to say.
I was worried about you.

Marching into a men's room isn't worried, it's obsessed.

Now, I appreciate your concern.
I love your concern.

But, darling,

you have to take a look at what's going on in your head.
It's not pretty.


Mr. President.

From the attorney general, sir.

The executive order authorizing president logan's release.

Thank you, melinda.

The communications director wanted you to know
that they'll be ready for an on-camera rehearsal with assad in five minutes.



Have we heard from tom lennox?

No, sir. I've been trying him.
There's no answer at his office.

Find him.
I want him present for assad's statement.

Yes, sir.


I'm gonna take that off of you, and I'm gonna clean up that cut,

but if you try to call out, carson will kill you and I cannot stop him.

Do you understand?


you have got to put a stop to this, reed.

No, Mr. Lennox.

When this is done and the president is out of the way,

I think that you will see things differently.

I think that you will see that this is...
better for our country.

No, you're going to destroy this country, reed.

You're just as bad as fayed.

No, no.
There must have been a moment when you were onboard with this plan.

Were you playing us from the beginning?

Were you?

Or did you change your mind along the way?

I need to know.

Then know this.
I was against you from the start.


...very disappointing.


Yes, hello, melinda.

Oh, yes, I'm just with tom right now.
He's just finishing the briefing.

You know, I-I understand.
I will let Mr. Lennox kn right away. Okay?


The president is asking for lennoX.
We've gotta move.

I'm almost done.


- It's armed.
- Okay.

this is the detonator.

Press 6-2-4-enter, and a signal will activate the bomb.



Once the signal's been sent,
it'll take 15 seconds for the chemicals to intermix.

The kill radius is only ten feet.
Make sure palmer's inside it.

You sure you can do it?

I'm the only one who can get close enough to
that podium without attracting attention.

I can do this.

all right, everyone, rehearsal's up in five minutes.
Please notify the president.

excuse me, could we have some water for the podium?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

The president is traveling.

Before we continue, I would just like to express my appreciation.

You're taking a great risk, Mr. President.

You and I both are sharing that risk, sir,

and maybe that, in and of itself, is something of a victory.

I just hope that someone will listen to our appeal.

You sound skeptical.

The people we're trying to reach,
they abandoned the political process a long time ago.

All we need to do is create a foundation...

to build on.

The rest will follow.

- Reed.
- yes, Mr. president.

This is hamri al-assad.

Mr. Pollock is our deputy chief of staff.

- How do you do?
- Hello, sir.

If you wouldn't mind getting comfortable behind the podium,
I'd like to speak to reed for a minute, please.

Of course.

- Mr. Al-assad?
- Yes.

Would you like to review the teleprompter copy before you rehearse?

That would be fine.

I've been trying to reach tom for the past hour.

Is there something I should know?

Something you should know, Mr. President?


I know how tom feels about this address,

but i was under the impression that he put his opposition aside

and was working with me to make this policy succeed.

Well, I-I'm sure that th's a valid impression, Mr. President.

Then he'll be here.

Yes, sir, he will, he will be here.


you try that again and I'll kill you, you understand?

I should kill you anyway.

With the president dead, nobody's going to think too hard
about why his chief of staff hanged himself.

Here we go for rehearsal.

I'm gonna go and check on tom, Mr. President.

I'll give you a seven-second countdown.

The last four seconds will be silent.

All right, here we go in seven...



what is this?


Move, Move...
Sir, please XXXXX

Fan out.
Find him.

Got him!

Code 5 in sector three.
The citadel has been hit.

Send a medical team.
I repeat, citadel is down.

Send a medical team now.