24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 12 - Day 6: 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. - full transcript

After Logan fails to get information concerning Gredenko from the Russian Consul, Jack breaks in and decides to get it the hard way, learning that Gredenko plans to activate the remaining suitcase nukes via drone. Tom Lennox turns in Reed and Carson following the assassination attempt. Presidential authority shifts over to Vice President Daniels, whose first order of business is to enact all of Tom's extreme proposals.

How soon can you deploy
once we arrive?

It'll take us two hours
to assemble the delivery system,

and another hour
to install the bomb.

That's longer than I'd hoped.

Just remember, without us,

you'd be delivering
your payload in weeks

instead of hours.

If we succeed today,

the Arabs and the West
will destroy each other.

Were you able to pick up
anything on Gredenko?


The Glasgow Street house
was deserted.

I think I might have a lead.

What is it?

Charles Logan. Logan?

He's at his retreat.

He's under house arrest.

So you need Gredenko
to find Fayed.

Can you help us?

I never dealt with
Gredenko directly,

but I know how
we can find him.

Through Anatoly Markov.

He's the Russian Consul General,
here in Los Angeles.

I don't trust you.

If you want to find Gredenko,
maybe it's time you started.

You're taking a great
risk, Mr. President.

You and I are both
sharing that risk, sir.

We have three more
nuclear weapons

loose in my country.

I want a public statement
of support

from your Prime Minister.

And I want it to follow
right on the heels of Assad's.

A public
endorsement of him

could have grave
political consequences

for the Prime Minister.

Now, you tell
your Prime Minister

that we have
a carrier group operating

less than 25 miles
off his shores.

It's armed.

President's gonna die.

There's nothing
you can do about it.

You've got to put a stop to this, Reed.

Sir, there must have
a moment when you were

on board with
this plan.

Did you change your mind
along the way?

I need to know.

I was against you
from the start.

You're just as bad
as Fayed.

All right, here we go

for a run-through,

What is this?


Citadel has been hit. Send a medical team.

I repeat,
Citadel is down!

Send a medical team now!

I've got it.
Thank you.

Let me be clear about this
before we go anywhere.

You are a federal prisoner
under my custody.

You do not make a move
unless I tell you to,

you understand me?

You don't have
to threaten me, Jack.

I know what my role is.

I just want to be of service.

As far as I'm concerned,

you'll never do anything

that'll erase
what you've already done.

I understand your anger, I do.

But if you want
to find Gredenko,

we should leave now.

Get in the car.

(engine starts)

I haven't been outside
these gates in over a year.

I'm sorry, Jack.

You don't need me
to tell you what it's like

to be locked up.
You're right, I don't.

But I know how it feels
to be locked away

from the rest of the world.


A silence.

Plays with your sanity.

But in that silence,
you can hear

the voice of your deepest self.

And if you listen
to that voice,

you have a chance
to heal.

(cell phone ringing)

This is Bauer.

Jack, it's Bill.

Are you on your way
to the Consulate?


Before you get the,
you need to know something.

There was
an assassination attempt

on President Palmer.

He was wounded,
but we don't know

the extent of his injuries yet.

Oh, my God.

How did this happen?

Details are still coming in.

Secret Service
thinks it was Assad.


They think he smuggled
some kind of explosive device

into the White House bunker.

Bill, that doesn't
make sense.

Assad was working with the
President to stop Fayed.

That's what he said
he was doing. He wasn't lying.

He's dead, Jack.

Doesn't matter if
it was him or not.

He can't help
us stop Fayed.

Which means you're following
our only live lead.

I understand.

I'll get back to you as soon
as I'm at the Consulate.

All right.

What happened?

There was an
assassination attempt

on Wayne Palmer.

(steady beeping)

Excuse me,
Mr. Pollock.

(clears throat):
Yes. What do you want?

The Vice President
is being tele-briefed

in the conference room.

The SecDef wants
Mr. Lennox there.

Well, Mr. Lennox is occupied.

I'm covering
for him.

Dr. Welton is monitoring the medical team,

so I've asked him
to brief us directly

on the President's condition.

Mr. Vice President.

Go ahead.

We're still trying to stabilize

President Palmer.

He was hit by shrapnel,

which entered
his upper chest and neck.

He didn't suffer
any direct head wounds,

but he is unconscious.

Can you determine when he might
be able to resume

his presidential duties?

Sir, the President
was within ten feet

of a high-velocity
explosive device.

That he survived at all is...

a miracle.

Mr. Vice President,

as Secretary of Defense,
I'm the ranking member

of this committee.

And I think I can speak
for all of us when I say

we have no way
of knowing when

or if the President
will recover enough to function.

We need to proceed
under the assumption

that the President's duties
are now yours.

I'm going to be landing
in a few minutes.

As soon as I get there,

I want a full security briefing
from Tom Lennox.

Yes, sir.

We'll see you here soon.

Please submit your task profiles
to my office.

We'll reconvene when the
Vice President gets here.


Where the hell is Tom Lennox?

I believe that he's conferencing
with the Attorney General.

I just spoke with the A.G.

He's had no contact with him.


Well, then I'm not sure.

You work for the man,
you don't know where he is?

President Palmer,
uh, was expecting him

in the broadcast studio,
and he didn't show up.

Tom Lennox is missing.

Have your team sweep the bunker.

Find him.

Yes, sir.

Need a ten-twenty

on Tom Lennox.

This is a priority
request from the SecDef.

You had the clarity
to understand

how to keep this
country safe.

But the President
was an obstacle.

We did what was

Is he dead?


But he's injured badly enough

that he won't
be able to serve.

Secret Service

is looking for Lennox.

They're sweeping the bunker.

Let me handle him while
there's still time.


Look, I told
you before,

I can make it
look like a suicide.

The situation
will support it.

He was depressed after the
President rejected his plan.

No. We cannot kill Tom Lennox.

Why not?

Because we're not murderers.

What we did was necessary for
the sake of national security.

Killing Lennox is just about us
trying to cover our involvement.

Getting caught--

never part of the plan.

Don't touch him.

Or what?

Or you'll have to kill me, too.

Listen, I know
Tom Lennox.

He can be reasoned with.

So you really did it.

Only because it had to be done.

You were the one
who warned us all

that the logic
of this current engagement

would demand extreme action.

You said that for
the greater good,

individuals would
need to be sacrificed.

I wasn't referring
to the President

of the United

Sir, the President's policies
would have aided the enemy.

They may have been

but they were na?ve,
and they were dangerous,

and you know that.

Vice President Daniels
is running this country now.

He will implement
your security plan.

But if you implicate us,
it will only drag you into this.

And it will make
your security plan

that much harder
to push through.

I'm the one who tried
to stop you, Reed.

They'll never believe you.

Sir, the only way

to stop these
nuclear weapons

from being detonated
on U.S. soil

is through the proposals
in your security plan.

And all I have to do
is do nothing.


Carson has matched
the bomb signature

to a design

used by Assad's

The FBI will put this
all on Assad.

No one needs to
know the truth.

I'll know.

Sir, a guilty conscience
is a fair price to pay

for the survival
of this country.

They're coming.

Do you understand
the situation, sir?

I do understand, Reed.

I know that you will
do the right thing.


I'm gonna cut him loose.


are you all right?

Yes, Agent Lowry.

Sir, the secretary of defense

has been
looking for you.

Agent Lowry,
these men are responsible

for the attempted assassination
of the president.

I'm surrendering myself

into custody till
I can talk to the attorney general,

Welcome back, sir.

Thank you, Lisa.

I've sifted through
the latest flashes.

These are the ones you need
to take a look at.

I went over everything
on the plane.

I want to follow up
on the one from CTU.

I'll get them
on the line.

CTU | I have the Vice President
calling for Mr. Buchanan.

(two beeps)

Mr. Buchanan, I have the Vice President

for you on line two.

This is Bill Buchanan.

Sir, one moment

for the Vice

Bill, I see
from the White House flashes

that President
Palmer granted Charles Logan

some kind
of furlough.

I'm curious as to
what circumstances

could possibly
have led to that?

Logan claims he
can help us find Dmitri Gredenko,

the man who supplied
the terrorists

with the suitcase
nukes, sir.


Through the Russian Consul
in Los Angeles.

Logan believes this man
will know how to find Gredenko,

but he insisted on approaching
the consul in person.

I'm frankly surprised

President Palmer
trusted Charles Logan

to conduct any business
on the government's behalf.

I believe the president's
decision was informed

by the fact that we have no
other active leads on Gredenko.

Is Logan being supervised?

Yes, by one of our agents,

Jack Bauer.

Bauer's been instructed
to keep Logan on a short leash.

You keep me posted
to any progress.

And as soon as
this plays out,

I want him back
under house arrest.

Yes, sir.

You can come with me
into the consulate,

but I need to speak
to Markov alone.

You don't leave my sight.

Then this is a
waste of time.

Markov won't tell us
what we need to know if you're in the room.

I don't let you out of my sight.

What do you think
I'm gonna do in there,

Jack, request asylum?

If it's
any comfort,

I don't think the
Russians would take me.


You can talk to the consul

on your own, but I will be
right outside the door.

You try and move more
than 20 feet away from me,

and I will know.

I'm gonna prove

you wrong, Jack.

I'm only trying to help.

The Consul is expecting you,
Mr. President.

Follow me, please.


Mr. President.

It's good
to see you. It's a pleasure, sir.

How have you been?

Very well.

Still trying to do my best
for my country.

As much

as circumstances
will allow, of course.

Of course.

My sincere sympathies
to your people

for the tragedy
this morning.

You have, uh,

and support
of my country.

Thank you.


how can I help you?

The bomb that exploded
this morning

was a Russian suitcase
nuclear device

supplied to the terrorists
by Dmitri Gredenko.

(heavy sigh)

No, thank you.
I don't smoke anymore.

(clipping with scissors)


Mr. President,

those weapons
were destroyed

as part of
our treaty.

We're certain
of our facts, Anatoly,

but I didn't come here
to make accusations.

I came here because we need
to know where Gredenko is.

(inhales deeply)

I will ask Moscow

to try to locate him

I'm not asking Moscow,
I'm asking you.

I know that you
two close are close,

and you have been ever
since you fought together

in Afghanistan, so...

I ask again.

Where is he?

I don't know.

Dmitri and I were close
for many years,

but not now.

Forgive my lack of diplomacy,
but I don't believe you,

and I'm willing
to force the issue.

Moscow has always suspected
that someone inside

the Russian government
helped supply

the Sentox nerve gas

to the separatists
two years ago.

I have the tapes, Anatoly,

of every phone call
you made to my people.

I will send them
to President Suvarov.

You gave me your word that
my role would remain secret.

My promise is rendered

null and void by the fact

that the terrorists that
Gredenko was helping have

three more bombs.

I haven't spoken to Gredenko
for more than one year.

I will send the tapes,
you'll be recalled to Moscow,

and you will never
be heard of again.

You can send
all the tapes you like...

...destroy me many times over.

I do not know

where Gredenko is!

All right, Anatoly.

I believe you.

Please forgive
my tactics.

I'm trying
to save people's lives.

So... if you know anyone else

who might still be in contact
with Gredenko...

I will make calls.

But as far as I know,

everyone else has cut off
contact with Dmitri, as well.

Any support will be
greatly appreciated.

Of course.


Mr. President.


He says he hasn't spoken
to Gredenko in a year.

He's lying.

They're still in contact,

and he knows enough about what's
going on to want to deny that.

How do you know?

Because I've done
enough lying myself

to be familiar
with the signs.

(phone ringing)


United States has connected you with terrorists.

Are you sure?

They sent Charles Logan
to try and cause me

to give up your location.

The reason

we brought the Arabs into this
was to conceal our involvement.

Now we're exposed.

Russia is exposed.

The Americans are speculating.

They have no evidence.

If they did,
they wouldn't have sent Logan.

I don't know.

Don't worry, Dmitri.

By the time
they find anything,

it will be
too late.

All right.

Let me know
if you hear anything more.

Drive through
the front gates.

Pull over as soon as you're out
of sight of the guards.

What are you going to do?

(phone ringing)


Chloe, it's Jack.

I need you to gain access
to the DWP server.

I want you to
disable the power going

to the Russian
Consulate as soon as you can. Chloe,

you need to do this
under the radar.

How long do you need
the power out for?

60 seconds. Make it look
like a grid failure

in case the consulate tries
to contact the DWP.

I'll get back to you
when I'm ready.

Are you going
back in there?

Jack, you just spent nearly
two years in a Chinese prison

because you violated the
sovereignty of their consulate.

Now you plan to go back
into the Russian consulate

and take a chance
on that happening again?!

As nightfall approaches in the Pacific time zone,

Hazmat teams and emergency crews
in Valencia, California,

continue to search
for survivors,

while the official death toll
stands at just over 12,000.

(phone rings)

And the number is rising...


Where are you?

I'm still at the airport.

Waiting for my plane. Why?

What's up?

About a half hour ago

there was an attempt made

on President
Palmer's life. What?

They won't know the full
extent of his injuries

until he regains

There's been nothing

of this on the news.

Hasn't been made public yet.

The Vice President's
on his way

back to the White House.

He's already assumed
executive duties.

I have to go back.

You think Daniels
will have you back?

You've already tendered
your resignation.

Nothing's been processed.

Technically, I can withdraw

my resignation.

I've gotta go back, Bill.

Look, I'll call you
when I get there, okay?

All right.

Once we're settled in,

I want to go over
an annotated copy

of the Lennox proposal.

I'll need you to work up
a distribution list.

The President rejected
that plan.

What's your point?

Don't you think it might be a
little too soon to enact it?


Lisa, a Muslim terrorist
just set off a bomb

inside the White House.

If anything, we've delayed this
far too long.

Mr. Vice President.

Hello, Ethan.

What's the President's

Well, they've managed
to stabilize him.

But it's still too soon
to make a prognosis.

Something else has come up.

There's been a development
in the investigation

of the assassination

Tom Lennox has remanded
himself into custody.


What are you talking about?

Oh, just about two hours ago.

That's when Reed
first hinted

that there was a plot
against the President.

But you waited an hour before
you tried to report it.

Because there was nothing

actionable that...
just all innuendo.

I was simply trying to
wait and find out more.

By the time I realized they
were making their move,

Reed caught me trying
to alert Agent Hollister.

That's when he struck you
over the head and tied you up.

That's correct.

So when you provided
Bruce Carson's clearance

into the White House...
Wait, no, no.

No, I didn't provide
anybody clearance.

Reed stole my
clearance card.

And gave these men the
President's classified

you were just pretending.


Or maybe it's just that you
had second thoughts?

(door opens)

I would like to speak to
Mr. Lennox alone, please.

Yes, sir.

I tried to stop this, Noah.

I'd like to believe you, Tom.

But I'll leave it

to the Justice Department to
determine your role in this.

As well as Assad's.


They were setting him up.

He had nothing to do with this.

You don't know that.

It's my understanding,

you suggested that others
besides Reed and this man

Carson may have been involved.

Only because Reed
implied as much.

I was just trying to ferret out
who else might be involved.

And did you?


Then it is conceivable

that Assad may have been,
at the very least,

a willing participant
in this attack.

That makes no sense whatsoever.

Assad was a terrorist

who hated this country

and everything
it stands for.

What better way for him
to rally his people

than to martyr himself

by murdering the President
of the United States.

Don't you understand
that is exactly

what Reed and Carson wanted this
to look like and now

you're playing right into it.

I am going to address
the nation shortly,

to inform the public
about what's happened.

Until I have
all the facts,

I am not about to tell them

that Hamri Al-Assad is innocent
in this.

I see what you're doing
here, Noah.

By scapegoating Assad,

you'll be able to reverse
the President's agenda.

Get even more aggressive
with the Islamic community.

You think I don't see
what you're doing here?

It's your plan, Tom.

You outlined those
measures yourself.

I was your staunchest advocate.

What has happened
to the President

is horrific.

But if there is any good
to come from this,

it's that we now have
the opportunity

to do what we both know is

in the best interests of
protecting this country.

You're asking a whole heck
of a lot more

than for me just to maintain
silence on Assad.

The Cabinet knows that you are
the architect of the plan.

If you're not on
the face of it now,

it may raise questions.

Or have you come to believe
the President was correct

in rejecting your proposals?


I-I know it's, it's the only way
to stop these attacks.

Then you can stick
to your assertion

of Assad's complete innocence.

Or I can clear you
of these charges

and you can help me
to initiate your plan,

which we both know is

in the best interest
of the country.

Agent Lowry.

I don't want Mr. Lennox's
statement promoted

to the Attorney General until
it's gone through my office.

Yes, sir.

* *

(speaking Russian)


Have you got it?

Yeah, I've logged
onto the DWP Server.

You have a 60 second window

before the building's circuits
kick back in.

Hold on.

Shut it down now.


What is happening?

I don't know.

Something's wrong.

You check the upper level,
I check the lower level.

Got it.

(speaking Russian)

What is this?

Put your hands
where I can see them.

I don't know what he's doing,
sending you here.

Where's Gredenko?

I told him
I don't know.

We know you're lying.

Get you hands away
from the desk now!

Sit down!

You're breaking
international law.

Violating sovereignty

of the Consulate.

I don't have time
to ask nicely.

Where's Gredenko?

I-I don't know, I swear.

(speaking Russian)

I'm not sure
what's happening.

When the power
came back on,

the Consul's panic button
was triggered.

(knocking on door)

Consul Markov?

Are you all right?

I've taken the
Consul hostage

at gunpoint.

If you make any attempt

to enter this room,
I will kill him.

Do you understand me?

Find out who this man is
and alert Moscow.

(speaking Russian)

This is Jack,
let me speak to Buchanan.

Jack Bauer on line one.

What's going on, Jack?

Bill, I got a situation.

Logan's play didn't work.

So I came back
to the Consulate

to talk to Markov myself.

Before I could get any
information from him,

I was discovered.

I've barricaded myself
in his office,

but I don't know how much
more time I've got.

It's Russian territory I can't
sanction what you're doing.

I know, Bill.

I'm calling because you need
to call the White House

and advise them.

I want you

to stand down,
find a way out.

I'm not going anywhere
until Markov tells me

how to find Gredenko.

--Mr. Vice President.

The Press Secretary

is set up
for your televised address.

You'll be going live

in approximately
ten minutes.

(clearing throat):
Thank you, Lisa.

Have you finished drafting
my statement?

I'll have it for
you momentarily.

I thought you should know I
just received word Karen Hayes

has withdrawn
her resignation.

She's on her
way here now.

Do we know what prompted
her resignation

in the first place?

Officially, it was to
return to Los Angeles

to be with her husband,

but rumor has it
she stepped down

because of her opposition
to the Lennox Plan.

I see.

Mr. Vice President,

I have Bill Buchanan
on the line.

This is the Vice President.

Sir, a situation has developed
at the Russian Consulate.

What kind of situation?

Jack Bauer has taken
Russian Consul Markov hostage.

He's holding him at gunpoint
inside the Consulate.


How could that happen?

Markov denied having
any contact with Gredenko,

but Logan insisted
he was lying.

When the escort left
the Consulate,

Bauer went back
to question Markov.

That's when
he was discovered.

My God.

Did you approve

these actions?
No, sir.

Bauer acted
on his own authority.

And the questionable assumption
of Charles Logan.

Sir, Bauer has absolutely no
reason to trust Charles Logan.

(phone ringing)

Yet he was convinced enough
to take the action that he did.

In any event, he's created
a diplomatic mess.

If Markov has information that
could lead us to Gredenko... Yes.

...then extracting
it is our only chance

to stop the next nuke
from being detonated.

Excuse me, sir.

Not now, Lisa.
Sir, it's President Suvarov.


(clears throat)

Bill, I don't know how long
I can hold off the Russians.

If Markov is connected
to these nukes,

Bauer had better get
it out of him fast.

Yes, sir.


Mr. President,

this is Vice President Daniels.

I was expecting to speak
to President Palmer.

My apologies.

I'm afraid he's


Sir, I'm speaking
on his authority.

I assume that you're calling

about the incident
at your Consulate.

Let me assure you
this man is acting

on his own and not
under the orders or authority

of the United States government.

Nevertheless, this is a gross
violation of our sovereignty.

If your agent
does not stand down immediately,

my country will have no choice
but to retaliate

with the most forceful
diplomatic measures

at our disposal.

I understand your position,
Mr. President,

but before you escalate this,
you should understand mine.

We have learned that
Consul Markov is most likely

in contact with Dmitri Gredenko,
who we've linked

to the nuclear attack that took
place on U.S. soil this morning.

If that's true, we will look
upon him as a coconspirator

in the attack.

Mr. Vice President,
I deeply regret the tragedy

that your country
has experienced today,

but you must make these charges

through proper
diplomatic channels

after your agent
has surrendered.


I want to know where Gredenko
is and what he's doing.

I don't know.

I haven't spoken to Gredenko

since he arrived
in the United States.

I never said he was
in the United States.

Why don't I tell you
what we know?

We already know
that Gredenko supplied Fayed

with the five suitcase nukes.

What doesn't make sense is
why he's still involved

unless, of course,
he's doing

something else for Fayed.

That's what we want
to know.

What is Gredenko doing
for Fayed?!

I don't know.

You're gonna tell me
what I want to know

or you're gonna start losing
your fingers

one by one.

This is
your last chance.



I've got the feed.

Don't move in yet.

He's too close to Markov.

You have one of
two choices.

You can either give me
the information that I want

and I'll go pick up Gredenko,

or I can kill you.

And I'll make sure
Gredenko finds out.

And he'll panic
because he'll think

you gave him up before you died.

He'll be forced
to use his exit route.

Either way he stops what he's
doing in this country now!

The choice is yours.

How do I find

(breathing heavily)

M-Mojave Desert.

Shadow Valley.

Where in the
Shadow Valley?

I don't know.

What is
he doing?

What is he doing?!

Launching drones.


Aerial drones for Fayed.

His delivery system
for nuclear bombs.

How soon will
the drones be ready?

Two hours.

In two hours, all the bombs
will be in the air.

You son of a bitch.


(breathing heavily)




Don't let anyone near this man.

Do you understand?

--My fellow Americans...

I regret to inform you that,
a short time ago,

President Palmer was
seriously injured

in an assassination
attempt at the White House.

he is alive

and currently in
stable condition.

The prime suspect,
Hamri Al-Assad,

was killed in the explosion.

And in light of this heinous

and cowardly act, compounded
by the tragedy in California,

I will be pushing forward

an aggressive agenda
of national security,

one that will, out of necessity,

suspend certain civil liberties.

This is the price of war.

Make no mistake.

That is exactly what this is.

Have you been able
to reach Jack? No,

but my system logs confirm

he did try to call in.

Are we monitoring

in and out
of the Russian Consulate? We are,

but diplomatic
traffic is encrypted

with an advanced algorithm
that we've never been able

to crack, but...

I think I have a way
around that.

One of the computers
in the Consulate isn't

properly shielded,
so I'm picking up

a digital shadow
of their messages

before they're encrypted.

What's that?

ASCII code.

It is?
Yeah, in Russian.

I just have to load
a Cyrillic grid

and I should be
good to go.

(speaking Russian)

Oh, no.

They're saying they've got
an American agent in custody.

Forceful and decisive action
needs to be taken.

(phone rings)

And I promise you...


Sir, Morris just intercepted
some bandwidth

from the Russian Consulate.

Apparently, they
got to Jack.

What do you mean
"got to him"?

They moved in on his position
and recovered Markov.

Sir, they're holding Jack

Sir, we probably should inform

the Vice President.
No, no, not yet.

He's in a diplomatic standoff
with Suvarov.

He won't get anywhere
with a direct appeal.

So what's our next move?

Have Special Ops draw up a plan
to get into the Consulate.

I want to give
the Vice President the option

to take the Consul by force...

...and hopefully rescue Jack.

(Jack wheezing,
men speaking Russian)


(speaking Russian)


Please, you have
to listen to me. I am not

That's because your
Consul doesn't want you

to hear what I know.

Dmitri Gredenko is

for supplying the terrorists
with the nuclear bomb

that was detonated
earlier today.

Markov is working with him

against the orders
of your government.


You will get the chance
to make these allegations

the appropriate channels.

No, there's not enough time.

Gredenko has
three more bombs.

They're going
to find their targets

by way of an unmanned
drone aircraft.

With the Consul's

That is a ridiculous

He is the one who told me;
he confessed.

Under duress!

He gave me
Gredenko's location.

He told me the aircraft
would be ready

to launch
within two hours.

I know you believe me!

You know
about Markov's connection

to Gredenko.


You have to help.

Even if you are telling me
the truth,

there is nothing
I can do.

The Consul approves
all communications

to Moscow.

I don't want you
to call Moscow.

I want you to call CTU.

I want you to give them
Gredenko's location

and advise them
of the time frame.

Where is he?

Somewhere in the high desert.

The Shadow Valley.

You need to call

You need to tell them
you have a message

for Bill Buchanan
from me.

My name is Jack Bauer.

(breathing heavily)

Please... please.

I hope you are telling me
the truth.

For your sake
as well as mine.

You know I am.

Otherwise, you wouldn't
even consider doing this.

You need to hurry.


I need to speak
to Bill Buchanan.

I'm sorry,
Mr. Buchanan's in a meeting.

It's urgent!

Mr. Buchanan,
there's a man on the line

from the Russian Consulate.

He says it's urgent.

This is Bill Buchanan.