24 (2001–2010): Season 2, Episode 6 - Day 2: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack takes charge of the Nina Meyers interrogation after she demands a Presidential pardon. President Palmer not only has deal with the crash of the ambassador's helicopter but also the return of Sherry who informs him there's a conspiracy in the White House against him. Tony steps up his interrogation of Reza.

Roger, it's good to see you.

I'd like to talk to you about this meeting.
I don't trust the ambassador.

It's possible that his country's
supporting Second Wave.

We want to prevent this incident.

We need access to your files.

I want you to monitor
how they use our intel.

It's the ambassador's chopper.
It crashed just after takeoff.

- There's a man who needs to talk to you.
- Who is he?

He's from the Counter Terrorism Agency?

I told you, I do not know a Syed Ali.

Then how do you explain that his name
is in your personal computer files?

There's a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.
Do what I tell you. Go now.

Miguel, get over here.

There's a nuclear bomb in the city.

- Let's get outta here.
- Not without Megan.

George, I got to Wald. I found out
who commissioned him to take out CTU.

- Who was it?
- It was Nina Myers.


Nina killed your wife.
I don't want you near her.

I have to grant her
a shadow asylum.

That sounds like a pardon, sir.

She has information
that could help us find this bomb.

- What is it?
- They're gonna let her go.

I know you were exposed to high levels
of radioactive materials this morning.

I wanna know what your plans are for Nina.
I want the case. I know how she thinks.

If you don't do this, I'll tell District
about your condition. They'll replace you.

Palmer just signed the pardon.

So, as soon as it gets here,
we'll start the interrogation.

- Nina's file.
- I don't need it.

The president's here.

Mr. President...

Mr. President, can you give us any
details about the helicopter crash?

- Who was on the aircraft? Any survivors?
- Is it related to the bombing in LA?

We can't disclose information
about the crash

until the families of the victims
have been notified.

But I promise you, there will be
a careful and thorough investigation.

- Mr. President...
- Let's go.

We will be putting out a formal statement
as soon as we get those issues resolved,

and I ask everyone to refrain
from speculation until that time.

No one besides Jenny releases
a statement on the crash.

No names, no speculation.
And keep the lid on tight.

Absolutely, sir.

Hello, David.

How did you get in here
without my authorisation?

We were married for many years. Many
people respect that, even if you don't.

I need to talk to you.

We have nothing more to talk about.
You're not my wife any more.

- It's not about us.
- Then what?

Not here. I need to be alone with you.

You know what?

Even if I were interested in what
you had to say, today is impossible.

You shouldn't have come here.

- It's about your administration.
- What about it?

- Just give me five minutes.
- I don't have time now.

Did you order an evacuation of
military personnel out of Los Angeles?

Who told you that?

Five minutes, David.

Wait here.

I'll call you.

Do we know about the military
moving personnel out of LA?

No. Sir, you specifically requested
there be no evacuation.

- Check into it.
- I certainly will.

You're doing business
with a known terrorist,

and you sit there with a straight face
and tell me you don't know what's going on?

I grew up in London. I'm marrying
an American girl, a Protestant.

So, if you're going to racially profile me,

you should at least get it right.

You ever hear of the
Finsbury Park Mosque?

It's considered to be one of
the main recruitment centers

for Islamic terrorists in the West.

Our main targets are European Muslims

with western educations, passports,

and the potential
to blend into western society.

And do you know where
that mosque is located?

Your hometown... London.

So tell me, Reza,
how's my racial profiling going now?

I want a lawyer.


- Did they find the black box yet?
- Not yet, Mr. President.

How could something like this happen?

I don't know. I've opened a multi-agency
investigation. NTSB is on the way.

Lynne, schedule a call
with the prime minister.

- Yes, sir.
- I wanna talk to him before rumours start.

But I'm afraid they may not be far from
the truth. This was not an accident.

I'm thinking along
the same lines, Mr. President.

The prime minister may not have been happy
about the ambassador's cooperation with us.

There's another possibility, Roger.

I'm not following you, sir.

- That we did it.
- Correct.

That hardly seems likely.

The ambassador took classified
information back to his government.

- You both thought it was questionable.
- And if we were talking about it here,

you can bet there are others back
in DC who feel even more strongly.

Set up an independent investigator.
Let's find out exactly who was in the loop.

Yes, sir.

OK, this is it. Here we go.

I'll show her this,
I'll let her start talking.

Then I'll get you the stuff
she doesn't want us to know.

The last time I let you interrogate
somebody, you shot him through the heart.

I'm letting you do this,
but I hope I'm not making a mistake.

No mistake, George.

All right. Good luck.

Let's keep this simple.

If you wanna stop the bomb,
I need to be on a plane to Visalia now.

Did you pick Visalia for a reason, or would
anywhere outside the blast zone work?

- My contact is in Visalia.
- Who is it?

The only person who can
tell us where the bomb is.

I'm not gonna tell you who it is
till we get there.

Fine. Then you can sit here
and wait for the blast to hit.

Stop wasting time.
I have the president's signature.

I'm here. He's not.

And I'm not gonna make a move
until I believe you're credible.

I'll only get the pardon if I stop the bomb.
Why wouldn't I do everything I can?

Because you're worse than a traitor, Nina.

You don't have a cause.
You don't believe in anything.

But you would sell anyone out
to the highest bidder.

So stop wasting my time! Gimme a name!

Don't even bother, Jack.

If you lay a hand on me,
you'll be taken off the case.

You're just gonna have to follow my lead.

Tell me everything I wanna know,

or I swear to God, I will hurt you
before I kill you and no one will stop me.

- Do you understand?
- Jack, let her go! Now!

- All right, you're done. Get outta here.
- Why?

Why? Because you've lost it! That's why.

Right now she thinks she's
won the lottery. She's in control.

You want her to tell the truth,
take that away.

By killing her? That'll work.

By giving her someone to answer to,
someone to be afraid of.

She has to believe I'd be willing to put
my revenge over finding this bomb.

- And you're telling me you're not.
- George, it had to look like that.

Look at me. There's no emotion here.

Now look at her.

- What would your next move be?
- You need to let me go back in there,

show her that I have the power
to do anything I want to her.

- If I let you go back in there, you've got...
- All I need is five minutes.

Just don't let anyone in that room
and raise the thermostat ten degrees.

Are you gonna let me have five minutes?


Thank you.

In the latest update,
we have Mr. President requesting...

We need to talk.

I told you to leave.


I'm not leaving.

I'm your sister,

and you can stay angry with me,

but we need to figure out
what we're going to do.

Do about what?

The wedding.

We may have to cancel.

That would make you happy, wouldn't it?
Isn't that what you wanted all along?

No. Not the marriage, Marie.

Just the wedding.

We can't do it today.
Let me help you take care of it.

You are always pretending
you wanna help me.


I dropped out of school when Mom died to
take care of you, to keep this family together.

So you'd have an excuse
for not having a relationship.

"Dad needs me. Marie needs me." Now I don't
need you any more, you can't handle it!

- I made sacrifices because...
- Then stop! Mom died a long time ago!

So get your own life and stay outta mine!
We are not cancelling this wedding!

She's not in intensive care or
the east wing. She's gotta be up here.

How much time do we have to this nuke?

- I don't know.
- What if Megan doesn't wanna come with us?

I don't know.

That's him.

Mr. Matheson?

The MRI confirmed that the pressure on
the brain was the result of the concussion.


That we won't release her until questions
about the sources of her injuries are resolved.

Of course. Listen, I just wanna
do what's best for my little girl.

Good. I'll check in on her
at the end of my rounds.

And, Mr. Matheson, no cellphones in the
hospital. They interfere with the equipment.

Of course. Sorry.

Daddy, are you still mad at me?

No, sweetie, no. Everything's fine.
Daddy's just tired.

You need to get dressed, OK?

- Mr. Matheson's office.
- Chelsea, it's me.

Do something for me. Book me two seats
on the next flight to Mexico City.

- But you have a meeting...
- I know. I'm asking you to cancel it.

- What about your five o'clock?
- Cancel everything.

Who is the man in Visalia?

Who is the man in Visalia?

Mamud Faheen.
The man in Visalia is Mamud Faheen.

That's not news! We've got his name!

But you don't know where he is. I do.

- What's the history of the relationship?
- He introduced me to Wald.

So Wald could buy the schematics
for CTU and blow it up as a diversion?

I didn't know it was part of a plan
to detonate a nuclear device.

Then why are you so sure
Faheen's involved?

I heard hints that he was involved
in something in Los Angeles.

Something substantial.

Where is he in Visalia now?

I'm not gonna give you his location
until we get there.

If you could get to him, you wouldn't need
me. My deal would do me no good if I'm dead.

Get me Visalia.


Sherry was right. An evacuation of
military personnel began about an hour ago,

which means it is well under way.

- Do we know where this order came from?
- Yes, we do, sir. Roger Stanton.

Countermand the evacuation.

All forces already moving are to
return to their bases immediately.

Yes, sir.

Roger. My office, please.

Janet? Hi, this is Lynne. I'm gonna need
contacts for the following bases:

Point Mugu, Camp Pendleton.

I got word that military resources
were being moved out of LA.

- Yes.
- On your order.

Yes. I was implementing the plan.
I assumed you authorised it.

No, I told Rayburn not to
trigger any evacuation.

I should have double-checked everything
Rayburn told me before I took any action.

Mr. President, it's inexcusable.
I take full responsibility.

We'll worry about that later.

I just told Lynne to countermand
the evacuation order.

- Make sure it happens immediately.
- Right away, sir.

Can I help you, Mr. President?

Yes. Tell Sherry I'll
meet her in 20 minutes.

You know how much
Daddy loves you, don't you?

And you know how sorry I am that
my little angel ever got hurt, right?

Listen, pal, we're leaving now, OK?

So if anybody tries to talk to you,
you just... you don't say a word. OK?

Just pretend you're asleep.
You can do that, right?

- OK.
- OK.

Mr. Matheson?

There's a call for you.

A call?

- You can take it at the nurse's station.
- Why can't I take it in here?

Because we don't have phones
in the rooms unless you order one.

You stay there, OK?

Megan, don't move.

- Looks like she'll be fine.
- OK.

- OK? Just running a few other tests.
- Is it gonna be much longer?

The phone's right in there.

So let's go take a look, OK?

- This is Gary Matheson.
- Mr. Matheson?

- Yeah, who is this?
- This is Trey in Accounts Receivable.

Our computers crashed, and we lost
a lot of your billing information.

So if we could just go over it again...

- Can we do this another time, please?
- No, we need it now, sir.

I can send someone up
to your daughter's room.

No. What do you need?

- Hi, Kim.
- Hi, sweetie.

- Listen, do you trust me?
- Yes.

I need to get you outta here.

All I can tell you is I'm doing this because
I love you and I want you to be safe. OK?


Come on.

- The expiration date?
- It expires March 2007, OK?

Great. Now if we could just
go over your billing address.

You know what? I'll come down later.

Mr. Matheson?


- My daughter's gone.
- Did you try the bathroom?

- Yes. She's not there.
- She might have been taken to radiology.

Well, find out where she is.

Yes, of course.

Dr Shapiro, 2262. Dr Shapiro, 2262.

- Where are we going, Kim?
- I told you, you have to trust me.

I just got off the phone. Come on.

I changed my mind. I don't wanna go.

My daddy's gonna get really mad, and then
he's gonna hurt me. I don't wanna go.

We need to go because
your dad is hurting you.

And your mom is trying to
stop him, but she can't.

He's gonna keep hurting you
unless you leave with us.

That's the only way anyone is gonna
stop him. Do you understand me?

Your daughter's not with
any of the departments.

- Then where is she?
- I'm trying to figure that out.

- Did you see anyone near her room?
- No! Call security! Find me my daughter!

Megan, I need you to
breathe and calm down

and stop crying, so we can leave now. OK?

Come on.

I miss my mom. I want my mom!

I know. Come on with me. I know.

Look out for a nine-year-old girl with
blonde hair, striped top and blue jeans.

I've got Third Street, west door covered.

In there.

Just got a team on the ground in Visalia,
and more coming in from Fresno.

Division's loaned us some men,
so I'm sending Miller along with you.

I can handle her myself.

That's not what I'm worried about.

Do you think I'd sentence millions to death
just for the satisfaction of killing her?

I'll do my job.

I'm just sending Miller along
to make sure of that.

You should go be with your family.

You should get on a plane.

- I'll call you when we're in the air.
- Yeah. Good.


How did you find out about
the military evacuation?

I made some phone calls.

Just following up on a rumour.
I can't tell you any more than that.

You will tell me more,
and I will not ask you again.

I am not a member of your staff, David.
I am your wife.

Ex-wife, and you will tell me because
the safety and security of this country

is more important than your power plays.

You know, despite everything
that's happened, I love you.

- Oh, please.
- No, I always will.

Whether you want to believe it or not,

everything that I have done has
been in your best interest.

If you won't give me
a second chance at your heart,

let me help in the ways you know I can.

And I can't help you, David, unless you
give me some idea of what you're facing.

I was able to find something
your own staff couldn't find.

I didn't have to warn you.
I came here on my own accord.

Terrorists have planned
a strike against Los Angeles.

NSA thinks it'll be today.

What kind of strike?


Oh, my G...

Oh, my God.

Talk to me, Sherry.

Come on.

I got the information about
the military evacuation

from someone inside
the defence department.


A high-level staffer. He's in the loop.
He owed me a favour.

But there's something more important.

He also told me that there are members of
your own administration allying against you.

They want control of your presidency.

That's why I came here today.

Who, Sherry?

People who disagree with your policies,

who want to impose their
will on the country.

There have been deals made under
the table, David. Back-room promises.

Now, I can keep digging, find out.

If you want my help.

If I accept your help, it won't be about us.

It'll be about doing
what's best for the country.

Sweetheart, you can call it
anything you want.

I'll get you a secure line
and a private place to make your calls.

Then I'll come to you
as soon as I find out more.

This had better not be
one of your manipulations.

The stakes are too high.

- Dad?
- Hm?

- Reza's parents are here.
- I'm on the phone to your grandmother.

I'll be right there.


You're here!


- So nice to see you, Kate.
- Come on in.

Thank you. The house looks beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

Well... you must be tired.
Let's go into the living room.


So, how is everyone holding up?

Not too bad.

Where is Reza?

Um, well, there's a small problem
we're dealing with.

What kind of problem?

Um, some men from the government
are here talking to him.


- It's a criminal investigation.
- I don't understand.

- It's very complicated.
- Kate, what is going on?

- It would be best if Reza told you himself.
- Told us what?

They're talking to Reza about his possible
involvement in terrorist activities.

- That is absurd!
- This must be a mistake.

- That's what they're trying to find out.
- You see?

Your country, you talk about tolerance,
you talk about freedom,

but you treat every Middle Easterner
like terrorist!

No! No, of course not.
I'm sure it'll all get sorted out.

- Rima, Hassan...
- Bob, do you know about this?

They just showed up about an hour ago.
I know nothing else. I'm sorry.

Don't worry. I'm sure it's nothing.

Wait for me in the parking lot.

If it's more than ten minutes, it means
they caught me, so take off without me.

You can't let them.
We are gonna leave all together.



Thank you.

Are you OK to walk by yourself?

Yeah? Good girl.

Hey! Hey!

I got a male Hispanic, early 20s,
running out with a computer monitor.

Hey, come on!


Go that way!

So, Ed, how are ya?

Don't bother, Nina.

I'm here because I have to be,
not because I'm your friend.

You're here because they think, after I help
stop the bomb, Jack will try to kill me.

Which, of course, he will.

And what if you can't stop him?

I mean, no offense,

but, Ed, let's face it,
you're no match for Jack.

You're just not that ruthless.

So he manages to get around you
and pull the trigger. What happens then?

Because of the pardon, he knows if he
kills me, he'll spend the rest of his life in jail.

Jack, if you have some way to
shut her up I'm not thinking of...

Of course, Jack's mind is thinking
"That's not such a bad deal."

Small price to pay to avenge
his wife's death.

But what about his daughter?
Is he thinking about her?

She's already lost one parent.
If he kills me, she'll have no one.

Jack knows I'm right.

He should just use me to stop the bomb,
and then go home to Kim.

She needs you, Jack.

- I didn't transfer that money.
- You transferred it into that account.

I didn't!

Then you better tell me who did,
or I'm taking you in!

Why are you doing this?

Friends of mine...

who were doing their best to protect
the citizens of this country

were murdered today... probably by
the same people you're funding!

That a good enough reason for you?

I told you before...

I don't know anything else.

Your parents.

All right, stand up, Reza.

Place your hands behind your head.

It's a shame. It's gonna break their heart.

I have to walk you right past them.

And they're gonna see
who their son really is.


I confirmed the transfers,
but I didn't make them.

I was just covering the records.

I didn't want him to get into trouble.

Who? Who are you covering for?

Come on, who transferred that money
into Syed Ali's accounts?

Bob Warner.

Marie's father.


- What's the matter?
- I don't feel very well.

Come on, Miguel.

Get away from us!

Give her to me, or I will make sure
you go to prison for 20 years.

- I know how she got hurt.
- That was an accident!

Like Carla's bruises?

- It's OK.
- Miguel...

Let's just get outta here.

Get his car keys.

- Reza.
- Sweetheart, angel.

- You OK?
- Yes.

- They know I didn't do anything.
- Oh, thank God.

- We can get married today.
- I don't know, sweetheart.

Mr. Warner.

Could you follow me, please, sir?

- What does this have to do with me?
- Just come with me, please.

What did you tell them?

The truth.

- The truth? What do you mean, the truth?
- Please, my parents are very upset.



Yeah. OK.

The team's in Visalia.
We'll have tactical and field units.

We have confirmation that they're in place?

Probably in the air.

We'll have air traffic, um...

Air traffic priority?




It's all right, Ed. It's all right.
Just take it easy.