24 (2001–2010): Season 2, Episode 7 - Day 2: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack boards a plane with Nina Meyers and several FBI agents because they have to meet a contact in Visalia,California who has info on the bomb's location. Nina tries to escape after meeting...

[ Man ]
Previously on 24.

- Reza's parents are here.
- [ Mrs. Naiyeer ]
Where is Reza?

Men from the government
are here talking to him.

Who wired that money into
Syed Ali's accounts?

Bob Warner,
Marie's father.

Come with me, please.

- What did you tell them?
- The truth.

How did you get in here
without my authorization?

- [ Sherry ]
I need to talk to you.
- You're not my wife anymore.

It's not about us.
Then what?

There are members of
your own administration
allying against you.

That's why
I came here today.

Megan, I need to get you
out of here, because
I want you to be safe.

Come on.

I called all the departments.
Your daughter's not with them.

- [ Gary ]
Then where the hell is she?
- [ Screaming ]

Give her to me, Kim.

We need to get
out of here.

- Get his car keys.
- Nina killed your wife. I don't
want you anywhere near her.

[ Jack ]
My goal is the same as yours:
to stop this bomb.

- Who is the man at Visalia?
- The man at Visalia
is Mamud Faheen.

He's the only one who knows
where the bomb is.

The team's assembled in Visalia.
We'll have tactical
and field units.

It's all right, Ed.
It's all right.
Just take it easy.

[ Gun Cocking ]

[ Man ]
The following takes place
between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

[ Plane Engine Roaring ]
[ Speaking, Indistinct ]


Jack drugged Miller
to get me alone.
Tell Mason.

Is he in the van?

He's going to come to
in about 20 minutes.
He'll have a bit of a headache.

- Here's the command authority.
- I owe you, Doug. Thank you.

No problem.
[ Incredulous Sigh ]

Get in the plane.

Agent Bauer.
Rick Phillips, F.B.I.

Agent Harris and myself will be
your transits into Visalia.

We'll act as reinforcements
once we're on the ground.

So we're clear here, Jack-- I
know what you did to Ed Miller.

Rick, right?

Do yourself a favor.
Stay out of this.

Do your job.
Get us to Visalia.

My job is to make sure
this runs smoothly.

That means keeping her safe.

Consider me your new chaperone.

[ Jack ] I need two lines
of communication set up
through C.T.U.--

one for mobile,
one for the translator.

- It's gonna be tricky. Their
phone lines are still sketchy.
- It's already done.


[ Marie ]
Way to go, Kate.

You broke his
parents' hearts too.

I'm so sorry, Marie,
but I don't know what
these government people found.

And believe me, I wish they
hadn't have found anything.

But aren't you curious?
Why are they asking Dad
questions now?

Because you started
a witch hunt in our family.

No, Marie. It's because Reza
is connected to some bad people.

Maybe even terrorists.
You're out of your mind.

We're not going to put our heads
in the sand, Marie, or this
could end up hurting Dad.

We're not gonna let that happen.

Come with me.

What did you tell them, Reza?
What did you accuse
my father of?

I didn't accuse him of anything.
It's his company, not mine.

What's that supposed to mean?
You're pointing your finger
at him to cover yourself!

- Kate!
- Stay out of this, Marie!
- Don't talk to her like that.

Now, you listen to me.
I have done more for your father
than you will ever know,

and all I've ever gotten
from you is suspicion
and resentment.

And you know what?
I'm sick of it.

Well, I'm not the one
that connected you
to a terrorist.

No? Then who did?
Because I don't know
any terrorists, Kate!

-All I know is that you paid for
someone to dig up dirt on me.
-Well, apparently, he did.

No, he didn't,
because all he found out
was stuff about Bob, not me.

So, if anybody's
guilty of anything,
it is your father.

Don't make this
about my father.
Just stop it.

- Don't you dare!
- Stop, Kate!
Both of you, stop it.

Nice work, Kate.

Well, why don't you just
call me when you get that?
[ Man ] I'll have it for you.

- [ Man ] Is 4:00 too late?
- No, that's good for me.

[ Man ] I'll talk to you then.
Yeah, good.
All righty. Bye-bye.

[ Phone Beeps ]

Well, if it isn't
the chief of staff himself.

- Mike! [ Laughing ]
- Sherry.

You look beautiful,
as always.

What are you doing here?
Did David ask you to come here?

Uh, no.
I just showed up
on my own.

So... how have you been?

Fine, Mike.
Just fine.

Yeah. Well, you know,
it's been a challenging year.

But what is it
they say?

We, uh, learn
from our mistakes...

and grow from
our misfortunes.

Have you, uh,
told that to David?

[ Chuckles ]

I don't think he's ready
to hear that yet.

Not now.

But he is waiting for you,
so why don't you just go on in?

[ Men Chattering ]
I'll see you later,
I'm sure.

Here you go, sir.

You don't speculate,
don't say anything.

- We simply don't know where
he is. That is our position.
- [ Jenny ] Yes, I understand.

All right, all right, good.
Thank you.
You're welcome.

[ Phone Beeps ]

Sir, we have to talk
about Ron Wieland.

What about him?
Does anybody know we
have him sequestered?

Well, no,
but Jenny just got a call
from Wieland's production crew.

They haven't seen him
in the last four hours,

and pretty soon they're gonna
figure out the last person
they did see him with was you.

Then leak a story.

Mike. Good to see you.

I got here as soon as I could,
Mr. President. Hi, Lynne.


I spoke to Armus.
He brought me up to speed
on the Wieland situation.

I did some research.
Found out there is precedent
for the executive branch...

taking action against the press
at times of national crisis.


So, when you say leak a story,
what kind of a story? What--

Make it appear as though
Wieland went to Portland...

for the rest of the day
on a personal matter.

Armus can arrange that.

It's a Band-Aid, but it'll
get us through the day.

- Talk to Armus.
Put it in motion.
- Yes, sir.

[ Door Opens, Shuts ]

I saw Sherry on my way in.

Should I attach
any significance to that?

- It was her decision
to come here.
- That's what she said.

But I have to tell you,
I'm surprised you're
allowing her to stay.

For the time being, Mike.
Just for the time being.

Let's go to the O.C.
I'll bring you up to speed.
There's a lot to cover.

You want to send
that on to Division?
[ Woman ] Yes, sir.

[ Overlapping Chatter ]

Mr. Mason.

I just got off the phone
with Ed Miller.

How's it going
between Jack and Nina?

He doesn't know.
Jack drugged him and got
on the plane without him.

- Please tell me you're kidding.
- Sloan's bringing Ed back now.
What do you want me to do?

They're on a plane to Visalia.
There's nothing anybody can do--

Except hope that
his impulse for revenge
doesn't cloud his judgment.

"Cloud his judgment"?
You mean like drugging
one of our agents?

What can I say?
The guy's a little crazy.

That's why I didn't
want him here
in the first place.

But he gets results,
and we need some
pretty big results here.

[ Sighs ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Sighs ]

Just because Sherry tells you
that there's a conspiracy in the
government arraying against you,

that doesn't make it true.

But if it is true,
it will affect every aspect
of our response to this bomb.

Sherry was right about
the military evacuation
of Los Angeles.

That's specific information.

She still has
well-routed sources.
But a conspiracy?

Don't forget where
she's coming from.

She may have her own agenda,
Mr. President.
I'm well aware of that, Mike.

She's on a tight leash.
I want to find her source.

Let me look into
this so-called cabal
against you.

If there's any substance to it,
I'll uncover it.

Right now, the country
needs your attention
on the situation in L.A.

- Start with Stanton.
- Stanton?

The head of N.S.A.
conspiring against the
president of the United States?

Aside from
the enormous implications
if that were true,

hasn't he always been
an ally to you?

But he's also
Eric Rayburn's boss.

It's not inconceivable
that Rayburn could be doing
Stanton's bidding.

Those two have always been
on the same page, Mike.

That's not enough
to indict Roger.
I know.

That's why I want you to
check him out. I'm hoping
you can prove me wrong.

I'll talk to Roger as soon
as I settle in, see if
I can get a read on him.

Thanks, Mike.

How long till we land?

About 10 minutes.

[ Radio Transmission,
Indistinct ]

How far is Faheen
from the airport?

I'll tell you when we land.
Can I have some water?

We're fighting the clock here,
Nina, so you better start
talking to me.

How far is Faheen
from the airport?

We need her to cooperate,
Jack. Threatening her
isn't gonna help.

Fine. Get her changed.

I need her to look
like a civilian.

Come on. Let's go.


She doesn't leave my sight.

[ Beeping ]

[ Man On Phone ]
But it's workin' out, right?

Well, why don't you
come by and see? We're--

It's not the Ritz Carlton,
but it's working for us.
Okay. I'll come on down.

[ Phone Rings ]
I gotta go.

All right.

Jack's about to land
in Visalia.

- Have they got a location
for Faheen out of her yet?
- No, not until they land.

- Stay on it.
I'll be down in a minute.
- Right.

[ Sighs ]

Double espresso
for the lady...

and it's hot.

[ Cash Register Clanking ]
Out of three,
and five cents is your change.

[ Cell Phone Rings ]

[ Mason ]
John, it's your father.

Hello? You there?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I'm here.

Look, I, uh...
I know it's been a while.

Two years.
That long?

that's my fault.

Look, John, I'd really
like to see you today.

- I can't.
- It's important.

Dad, listen, uh--
[ Scoffs ] You can't just
call me out of the blue...

and expect me to jump,
because first off,
I don't really want to see you.

- Even if I did, I can't.
I'm busy.
- Look, I know I screwed up.

I understand if I'm
not your favorite person
in the world right now.

But can you just set that aside
and do this one thing for me?
I need you to come to C.T.U.

You know where that is, right?
I can't do it today. I told you.
I'm in the middle of something.

Just tell me
what's goin' on.

I need to see you, John.
That's what's going on.

You know what? You're not
listening to me, Dad. I'm in the
middle of something right now.

I'm gonna have to call you
when I have a chance.

[ Dial Tone ]

[ Seat Belt Clicking ]

Get up.

[ Man Shouting, Indistinct ]
[ Man ]
Bring it in now.

[ Indistinct Shouting
Continues ]

Let's go.

I'm Agent Dockerty.
Jack Bauer.
Agents Phillips and Harris.

We're all set up.
All we need now is a location.

Where we going, Nina?
What's the location?

- It's a thrift store
on North Collins.
- What's the name?

Crescent Collectibles.
What's our transportation?

Three teams, three vehicles.
They're waiting for your orders.

Crescent Collectibles
is in the De Anza district.

That's not too far from here.
We can set up base camp
here at the airport.

Do it. Take her.

What do you want
to do with her?
She stays with me.

Why? Keep her here.
My guys will watch her.
She'll be out of the way.

I'm gonna use her.
Use her how?

You'll see.

All right, everyone.
Thank you.
[ Man ] Thank you.

- Roger.
- Mike. I heard you were here.

I understand the president
handed Eric Rayburn
his walking papers.

Well, Eric messed up.

The president was
right to dismiss him.

Still, he fired
someone you appointed.

It takes character
to support that.

I've got a nasty workload today.
You'll have to excuse me.

the president wants me
to insert myself into your day.

Well, that might be difficult.
I'm moving a mile a minute here.

I understand. I'd like to have
a look at any paper you have
on the most active leads.

Let me play catch-up.
All right.

I could use a little help
in the civil response area.

I'll be working up here in four.
Get me what you got.

Update me.

Well, C.T.U. Los Angeles
is yielding the most
promising leads.

They raided a warehouse
this morning
within city limits,

and they found weapons-grade
nuclear material.

Langley is using
satellite playback as we speak
to determine who was there.

A suspect was killed?
There was a shoot-out.

What's this?

Well, apparently
Jack Bauer is still involved
in the investigation.

But I thought he was dismissed
after he completed
this morning's assignment.

No. He's heading the team
that's tracking
Mamud Faheen.

And Nina Myers, the woman
you granted immunity to
this morning?

She's helping them.

Jack Bauer and Nina Myers
are working together?
Yes, sir.

I believe
he volunteered.

[ Phillips ]
What's the time divisibility?

[ Dockerty ] From the time
we break in until we get him
secured we estimate 30 seconds.

What about going
through the roof?

We're looking at
the building plans
to see if it's viable.

It's not. He'll have
sensors on the walls
and foundation.

If you go in through the
front door, that'll give Faheen
enough time to commit suicide.

If he's so willing to die,
why'd he leave Los Angeles?

He doesn't want to be
collateral damage,

but that doesn't mean
he won't give up his life
to protect the plan.

We can't afford
to take a chance.
We need this guy alive.

Gas canister?
It won't work. He knows all
our protocols and he's prepared.

How does he know
your protocols?
She gave them to him.

Doesn't matter.
Nina, you're going in.

He knows you.

- He also thinks I'm in prison.
- You better make him believe
you got out.

The day his bomb's supposed
to go off? He'll know I'm lying.

You're a good liar, Nina.
The only way he's gonna know
is if you let him.

We need 30 seconds.
He is going to put
a bullet in my head...

before I can say "hello,"
and then he's gonna turn
the gun on himself.

We'll make sure he doesn't
turn the gun on himself.

[ Beeping ]

How's it looking?

Good. We've got all
the channels open. We're
just waiting for the feeds.

Do we know what dialect
of Arabic Faheen speaks?

Yeah. Nina gave us
the information.
[ Man ] Mr. Mason.

Tony Almeida's on the line.

- Yeah, Tony.
- Naiyeer's starting to talk.

He says that Bob Warner's
the one that had dealings
with Syed Ali.

Of course, Warner claims
he doesn't know anything
about it.

Bring 'em both in.
We'll separate 'em
and turn up the heat.

Are you giving me the okay
to arrest these people?

If they don't come willingly,
that's exactly what I'm doing.
On what charge?

I don't care
if it's jaywalking.
Just bring 'em in.

- Okay. You got it.
- [ Phone Beeps ]

What's going on
with my father?
Give me a minute, please.

I need you to
get Bob Warner.

We'll finish this up
at C.T.U., okay?
Got it.

Reza, I'm gonna need you
to come with us.

Come with you where?
Back to C.T.U.

- For what?
- Further questioning.

I'm not going
with you anywhere.
[ Chuckles ]

Look, I'm not arresting
anybody... yet-- but I will
if you force me to.

Now, you're coming with us
either way.

How we do this
is entirely up to you.

Just do what the man says, Reza.
Don't argue with him.

Bob, I haven't done
anything wrong.
He can't arrest me.

Reza. Reza, please.

Do this for me.


Then I'm coming with you.
No, we can't take
you with us, ma'am.

Then I'll follow you.
You've ruined my wedding day.

I'm not going to let you
separate me from my fianc?.

Right this way.

Call everyone. Explain the
wedding's been postponed, okay?

[ Whispering ]
I want you to call Larry,
and tell him where I am.

Dad, Larry's a tax attorney.
Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter.
He'll know what to do.


All right.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door Shuts ]

Good afternoon.

Ah, you two haven't been
formally introduced.
Lynne Kresge, Sherry Palmer.

It's lovely to meet you.

Mrs. Palmer.

Um, Mr. President,
there were a few guidelines...

from Director Stanton
that I wanted to go over
with you in this meeting.

Okay. Let me just break
the ice here.

Lynne, I have invoked
executive privilege...

and have granted Sherry
a provisional
security clearance.

I see.

This meeting's about
the possibility of people
inside this administration...

who may be organizing
against me.
A-Against you?

David, um, maybe you should,
uh, bring Lynne up to speed...

on where we are
with Roger Stanton.

Mr. President?
Lynne, I'm sorry. Things have
been happening too fast today.

Our problems are compounded
by the possibility
of a dissenting faction.

And you think that Roger
might be a part of that?

It's possible.
If you don't mind
my asking, sir,

what led you
to this hypothesis?

It troubles me to
articulate this, Lynne,

but the ambassador's
helicopter accident solved
a lot of Roger Stanton's issues.

Sir, those issues were
shared by many others--

I'm so sorry to interrupt,
uh, David,

but there's something else
that you probably don't know,

and that is
that Roger Stanton has
been having secret meetings...

with the minority leader
in the Senate,

and Eric Rayburn...

has been in attendance.

Well, actually, Sherry,
I am aware of those meetings.

They were trying to forge
a bipartisan base
in order to stop...

questionable allocations
that were being made
by the Armed Services Committee.

And, sir, the only reason
I did not brief you
on this earlier...

is because the vote
is not for another two months.

But I have very detailed records
if you would like
to take a look at them.

This doesn't solve
any of our problems today.

We've got to avert
a disaster,

and we can't do that
if our own people
are working against us.

Now, I need to know
that Roger Stanton...

is supporting
this administration.

I'm already working
alongside Roger.

Lynne, I'd like you to keep
track of your conversations
with him as well.

Now, I've put together a list
of people on the Hill...

who might be able
to help in this matter.

Thank you, Mike.

[ Beeping ]

[ Taps Keyboard ]
[ Beeps ]

[ Chime Tone ]

[ Tapping Phone Keypad ]

[ Line Ringing ]

L.A. Investigations.
Paul Koplin speaking.

Uh, hi, Paul.
This is Kate Warner.
Is Ralph Burton there?

No, I'm sorry, Kate.
Ralph's not here.

Can I help you
with something?
I need to talk to Ralph.

Well, he left for the day.
You know, he works for me.
I'm familiar with the case.

Is there something
I can do for you?

I need some help.

I have to get into
my father's private records.

Lynne? Lynne.

Can I have a sec?

I, uh, know that you're
uncomfortable with me taking
some of these tasks from you.

After all,
I'm not officially
on David's staff.

Mrs. Palmer, my discomfort
has nothing to do with you
being on his staff.

My only concern is to protect
and to serve the president.

I need to know the people
around him are competent.
I simply don't know you.

Well, you seem like
a pretty smart woman, Lynne.

- So let me explain
something to you clearly.
- Mmm.

David did not get here
by himself.

He's had competent people
around him his entire life.

you're one of them.

Not necessarily the best,
just the most recent.

So have some respect
for those of us
who put him into office.

We just might be able
to help you.

Fair enough.

[ Door Opens ]

- Be careful, Sherry.
- [ Door Shuts ]

I need Lynne.
Don't turn this
into a competition.

I understand.

I just...
need her to know...

that I'm not just around here
as window dressing.

I'm sure she
got the message.

I'll behave. Promise.


you don't have
a lot of friends here today.

In fact...
it seems like every time
I turn around,

somebody's advising me
to send you away.

Then why don't you?

Because you may be able
to get information
that nobody else can.

[ Jack ]
Okay. Slow down.

As soon as we get a positive
I.D. through your camera,
we'll be in within 30 seconds.

This is it. Get out.
Get out!

[ Jack On Radio ]
All teams on alert. Nina is
in play. Nina is in play.

[ Man #1 On Radio ]
This is Team Two.
We've got her.

[ Man #2 On Radio ]
Roger that, Team Two.

Stay on frequency one.

[ Bell Rings ]

can you read me?

Copy, Jack.
Okay, she's in.

[ Jack On Radio ]
We're moving into position now.

Is there something
I can help you find?

I need to see Mamud.
I'm sorry.
I don't know any Mamud.

Tell him Nina
is here to see him.


Wait here, please.

[ Speaking Arabic ]

[ Man Replies In Arabic
Over Intercom ]

[ Arabic Continues ]

[ Tires Screech ]

[ Man On Radio,
Indistinct ]

Come with me.

all I've got is static.

There's nothing on my monitor.
What's going on?

She's leading her through a door
into a hallway.

Against the wall.

Hands in the air.

Now it looks like they're
checking her for weapons.
[ Woman Speaking Arabic ]

[ Static Crackling ]

- What are they saying?
- She said they thought
she was in prison.

- Nina said she escaped.
- [ Arabic ]

Now they're taking her
into another room.

It looks like the one
off the east exit.

[ Gun Cocks ]

[ Arabic ]

[ Arabic ]

[ Nina Speaking Arabic ]

[ Continues In Arabic ]

Who is she talking to?
I can't tell.
The target's still in shadow.

Well, what are
they saying?
She said, uh--

She's explaining
who she had to pay
to escape from prison.

Jack, should we go?

No, not until I have
confirmation that it's Faheen.

[ Audio Transmission
Stops ]

- My audio just went dead.
- Yeah, I lost mine too.

- Okay, that's it.
Everybody, go.
- [ Phillips ] Okay. Let's go.

[ Agents Shouting,
Indistinct ]

[ Shouting, Grunting ]


I have it clear!
Stand in position!

Come on! Sweep! Let's go!

Stand in position!

Go, now! Go, go!

Faheen's unconscious.

She's gone. Nina's gone.
Secure the building.

This is Phillips.
We need medics
at the east entrance.

[ Beeping ]

[ Rapid Footsteps ]

[ Gun Cocks ]
[ Jack ]
Drop it.

[ Nina Panting ]

We're just leaving L.A.
right now, Aunt Carol.

We'll probably be another
four or five hours.

Okay, we will. Bye.

[ Phone Beeps ]

[ Siren Whoops ]

Damn it.
Oh, you gotta
be kidding.

Just play it cool.

We're in a stolen car.

Your license
and registration,

Did I do something wrong?
You were speeding.

- Registration too.
- Um, this is my boss's car.

I'm not sure
where he keeps it.

I'm sure it's
in here somewhere.

I think this is it.

Here you go.

Okay. I'll be right back.

[ Coughs ]
[ Overlapping Chatter ]

What the hell are you doing?
Anything else I can
do for you, George?

No, Ken.
I got it from here.
Got it.

I'm sorry, John.

Hey, I told you I needed
to see you, right?

What happened here?
Never could get you to
watch the news, could I?

If you're looking
to bond here, Dad,

having your son arrested
probably isn't
the best way to do that.

I don't have much time, John.
Things are happening here.

I, uh...
I can't go into it fully.

- You could never go fully into
much of anything, could you?
- It's my line of work.

That's just something
you should look into if you
decide to start a second family.

That's not gonna happen.

Look, I understand
if you're angry.

I'm not angry, Dad.
I don't care.

I really just don't understand.
What are you trying to do here?


I got this bank account
that's, uh--

Nobody knows about it.

It's got a couple hundred
thousand dollars in it.
I want you to have it.

There's the...
number for my bookkeeper,
who I've already spoken to.

He's gonna be transferring
money to your account.
Let me get this right then.

You bring me here to tell me
you're giving me money?
What'd you expect me to do?

Did you expect me
to give you a hug?
I don't want your money.

Well, then,
give it your mom.
I'm sure she does.

The thing is,
I'm not gonna be
needing it, so--

Yeah, why is that?

Why is that, Dad?

Listen, you don't
bring me here,

offer me a small fortune
then not tell me
what's going on.

I'm dying, John.
[ Quietly ]
You son of a bitch.

[ Gasps ]

Is it cancer...
or something?

Something like that, yeah.

Look, John.

Something bad is gonna happen
in Los Angeles today,

and I need you
to leave town.
Leave now?

I want you to go to Phoenix.
Stay with your mom for a little
while, yeah. I mean it, John.

It's dangerous to be here.
I can't explain it to you.

But you just have
to go, okay? Just go.

Dad, listen.
I don't-- This doesn't--

Damn it.

You're a good kid.
I hope I didn't
mess you up too bad.

You all right?
[ Clears Throat ]

Get out of here,
all right?
Can you just--

[ Shouting ]
Just get out of here, okay?

Oh, God.
[ Sobbing ]

[ Police Radio Chatter ]

We can't let him
take us back to L.A.
I know.

Why is it taking so long?

You say this is
your boss's car?

- Who's the little girl?
- Oh, I'm her au pair.

Her what?
She baby-sits her.

I wasn't talking to you.

I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna let you get off
with just a warning this time.

But you slow down.
All right?

Yes, Officer.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Hold up.

You want to step out of the car
and open up the trunk?

Step out of the car
and open up the trunk.

- [ Miguel ] Oh, my God.
- Put your hands on your head.
Lay on your stomach.

I don't know anything--
Get down, get down!
Get down!

- Get out of the car!
Keep your hands on your head.
- I don't know anything.

Get out of the car, please.
Lay down on the ground.
What's going on?

- I said,
get down on the ground!
- Carla!

- Oh, my God! He killed her!
- What's happening, Kim?

Come on.
On the ground.
Megan, get back in the car.

Put your hands
behind your head.

Stay there. Cross your legs.
Stay there. Stay still.

Officer in need
of assistance.

[ Beeping ]