24 (2001–2010): Season 2, Episode 4 - Day 2: 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. - full transcript

CTU is attacked and faces serious casualties. After deposing Joseph Wald's domestic terrorist group, Jack learns who gave Joe the schematics for CTU. President Palmer fires Eric Rayburn after learning about a 30-minute gap between the initial warning and the CTU bombing.

- Did you check the passport information?
- I did.

It confirms Reza Naiyeer
has had contact with Syed Ali.

My sister is marrying
someone who works for terrorists

and you expect me to act normal?

You could endanger yourself and your family
if you let on anything is wrong.

I understand.

George, we need you to check out
a warehouse in the valley.

The substance you inhaled is plutonium.

- How much time do I have?
- As much as a week or as little as a day.

What's going on?

Jack Bauer says that Wald's crew
is planning to blow up CTU.

- Have you contacted CTU?
- Bauer hasn't gotten to Wald yet.

If we stop Wald's crew,
they may realise Bauer turned them in.

Contact CTU immediately.

I won't let him hurt you again.

- You're reporting a child abduction?
- My daughter.

- Describe the suspect.
- Her name's Kimberly Bauer.

It's kinda messed up.
I have the police after me.

- Can you get to CTU?
- Yeah, I guess so.

My name's Kimberly Bauer.
Tony Almeida is expecting us.

You think you'll take that building down
with three charges?

- What made you target CTU anyway?
- Why so many questions?

- We did it, Jack.
- Good job, Eddie. Good job.

The walls are coming down.

We have seven DOAs in the alpha zone.
What's your count?

Ten so far.

Fire and rescue teams are en route.



Can we get some help over here? A little help.



I need you to set up a triage.
Take Luke with you.

Luke, I've got you. It's Michelle.

Let me see that.

Paula? Paula, can you hear me?

What happened?

You don't have to speak.
Just blink your eyes if you can hear me.

We're gonna get you outta there.
Just hang tight. All right?

She's bad, man. We gotta get a crane
or a hydraulic lift in here.

We have to be careful. If we pull out
the wrong piece, it could come down on her.

We have to do this brick by brick.

That could take for ever.

All right, let's do it.

It's OK. We're gonna be all right.
You're being real brave. Real...

- Ssh, ssh, come on.
- I don't feel very well.

We're gonna be OK. We're gonna
be out of here soon, OK? All right?

Megan! Megan!

Somebody help me! Please, I need some help!

- Hold her down.
- What's wrong with her?

What's the matter?


- Megan!
- She's seizing.

- We've gotta get her to the ER right away.
- What's wrong with her?

Sir, we did everything we could do.

If only Bauer had called earlier, even a few
minutes, we could've saved those people.

Until we know more, I'd like to go over
my evacuation plan for LA. It's on your desk.

- I'll call you when I'm ready to meet on it.
- Thank you, sir.

Those people are dead because of you.

- I wanted to tell the president.
- But you didn't.

Because of you, Eric.
You made sure I couldn't get through to him.

As far as I know, Bauer never called.
You're the one who spoke to him.

- Are you blackmailing me?
- I'm protecting the president.

Lynne, whatever you know or think you know,
I suggest you keep it to yourself.

Everything in your car, I had it cleared out
and put into the ambulance.

So whenever you're ready
to go to the hospital.

- So how's it gonna happen?
- Excuse me?

You said I might be dead by tomorrow.

I'm curious to know what to expect
for the rest of the day.

Uh... There's a latent period
where you'll be mostly asymptomatic.

Even in the most extreme cases
of radiation poisoning, it can last a while.

What's a while?

Uh... up to 12 hours, maybe longer.

How do you feel now?

I wanna puke.

I can give you something
to control the nausea.

Thanks, yeah.

At least until the symptoms are more acute.

Yeah, like what?

Your hair will start to fall out.

I'm used to that.

You'll start to manifest
gastrointestinal haemorrhaging,

skin lesions,
bleeding from the mouth and the nose.


So how am I gonna die?


Your mental functioning will begin to
deteriorate and then you'll lapse into a coma...

Mr Mason.

- Not now.
- It's Tony Almeida.

- Not now!
- He said it's urgent.

It's OK.

- Tony, what is it?
- They hit us, George. They bombed CTU.

What kind of damage?

Damage reports are still coming in
but so far we got 19 dead,

20 wounded and seven missing.

We're bleeding bad here, George.
All of our intel on the nuke was destroyed.

It's on the NSA server but Paula wrote
the decryption code and she's in bad shape.

- Do whatever you have to to retrieve it.
- That's why I called you.

- Chain of command, remember?
- Call NSA systems people. Get them on it.

- I already did, George.
- Good.

When are you coming back here?

I'm not sure.

Well, the sooner the better.

Look, the truth is I may not be coming back.

- Why not?
- I'm not in a position to help out right now.

What are you talking about? Look, a nuclear
device is set to go off some time today in LA.

We lost half the people who could've stopped
it, so stop trying to cover your own ass!

Just deal with it, Tony, OK?
Just deal with it, all right?

Yeah, right.

Jack, you come with me.

All right, light her up. Let's get outta here.

Hey, Joe. It's done.

No. Nothing.

Yeah. Yeah, I can do it.

Give me the address.

Yeah, I know where it is.

All right.

All right. Out.

- Was that Joe?
- Yeah. Let's go.

- Give me the matchbook, Eddie.
- What the hell are you doing, Jack?

I'm a federal officer. You're under arrest.
Now give me the matchbook.

You helped plant those bombs
and cut Goren's head off.

I know what I did, Eddie.
Put your right hand on the steering wheel.

And very slowly,
with your left hand, pass me your gun.

You know, Jack, when Joe finds out
about this, you're a dead man.

Shut up, Eddie. Get out of the car.

That son of a bitch.

Tony Almeida's line.

- Who's this?
- Michelle Dressler.

This is Jack Bauer. What's going on?

There was an explosion 20 minutes ago.
21 casualties, the number's growing.

- Why wasn't CTU evacuated?
- There wasn't any time.

What do you mean there wasn't enough time?
Is Mason all right?

He wasn't here.

- How about Tony Almeida?
- He's helping the rescue workers.

- Fine. Can you handle a situation report?
- Yeah.

OK, go ahead.

I've located Joseph Wald.
I'm on my way there now.

- What about Wald's crew?
- They're all dead.


Just let Mason know
I'm on my way to Wald's house.

The address is 221 Canyon View Road
in Simi Valley.

OK, III send backup.

OK. Oh, Michelle, let Mason know
I talked to Kim. She is leaving the city.

- She called here too and she spoke to Tony.
- She did? What did she say?

- I'm not sure. But I'll look into it.
- OK, get back to me. Thanks.

Paula! Paula!

Is she OK?


What's up?

- Just got off the phone with Jack Bauer.
- Where is he?

On his way to see Wald.
He wanted Mason to know.

Well, Mason's checked out.
Just get the information directly to NSA.

And he asked about his daughter, Kim.

- Oh... Oh, no.
- What?

She was on her way here. Can you check the
security logs, see if she was in the building?


- Is Megan all right?
- She will be.

Her seizure was caused by pressure
on the brain compounded by a skull fracture.

But she wasn't injured in the explosion.

I know. From what I've seen, her head injury
most likely occurred before the blast.

She's had prior injuries - a fractured wrist,
several fingers that were never treated.

What are you saying?

These injuries suggest
a possible pattern of physical abuse.

You don't think I did this?
You don't think I hurt her?

I'm gonna let the police sort that out.

Bill, they're limiting access.
All we know is that a short time ago,

a major explosion ripped through
this government building in Los Angeles.

No statement has been issued
about the cause of the explosion,

although early speculation has included
rumours of terrorist involvement.

As far as I'm concerned,
this tips in favour of evacuation.

I assume you've all read Eric's report
recommending the evacuation of LA.

The CTU bombing is just the beginning.

It's only a matter of time
before the questions become rumours,

and the rumours set off a mass panic.

Wouldn't the evacuation itself cause panic?

We can do this discreetly.
We've prepared cover stories.

That's a tough sell for nine million people.

General Preston assures me that
the military can contain any civilian unrest.

"Contain" sounds like a euphemism.
Not to mention the Constitutional issues.

I don't claim this'll be a cakewalk.

There's also a practical issue
not being addressed here.

What's that, Lynne?

Our intelligence is specific about
this nuclear device being detonated today.

Your report says it would take
at least one week for this evacuation.

It's my job to protect as many
citizens of the United States as I can.

If I get even 20%of the population
outside the blast radius, that's a win.

We don't know where the bomb is.
Where do we begin the evacuation?

My staff has ranked
ten high probability target areas.

That's not good enough.

Look, I realise you've only had
a short time to prepare this,

but I have some real reservations.

Bottom line, Mr President, it protects you
politically. If the bomb goes off...

If the bomb goes off, we'll have more
important concerns than my re-election.

Do you have anything else to add?

No, sir.

Then we're done. Until we have reliable
intelligence about where the bomb is located,

there will be no evacuation.

Let General Davenlos know I'm ready for him,
and conference in Ted and Elyse.

Yes, sir.

This is Jack Bauer.
I need to speak to the president urgently.

One moment please, Mr Bauer.

I need you to confirm these reports
and get them on Novick's desk.

- Lynne Kresge.
- I have Jack Bauer on line eight.

- He insists on speaking to the president.
- Put him through, please.

- Mr Bauer, this is Lynne Kresge.
- I asked to speak to the president.

I'm sorry, he's unavailable.
Perhaps I can help.

What the hell are you doing?

I gave you a 30-minute warning
before that building was hit.

You had time to evacuate.

There were extenuating circumstances.

I did try to tell the president.

It's more complicated
than I'm able to explain at this time.

- That's not good enough.
- It's all I can offer you.

- Ms Kresge, right?
- Yes.

You're responsible
for killing innocent people. Friends of mine.

Right now you are the best chance we have
of intercepting that nuclear weapon.

- So I suggest you do your job.
- I'll do my job.

You people better start doing yours.


- I need to talk to you. It's important.
- Sure. Sure, honey. Just a second.

This wedding's gonna break me.

So, what's the big emergency?

Last month I was going over the P and Ls
and I found some inconsistencies.

If this is business,
we'll deal with this on Monday.

- Dad, it's about Reza.
- What about Reza?

I thought he might have been
responsible for the missing money

so I hired an investigator to do an audit.

- You hired someone to spy on Reza?
- I thought he was stealing from you.

And is he?

No. But something else came up.
Something a lot worse.

Come on.

Reza may be involved with a terrorist.


Apparently he's been in contact with
someone who finances terrorist operations.

A man named Syed Ali.

- What kind of proof does he have?
- I'm not sure.

You're not sure?

He only called me an hour ago. He told me
not to tell anyone, but I had to tell you.

Whatever this investigator found,
there's an explanation for it.

You hire a man to dig up dirt,
he's gonna dig up dirt.

That's how these guys stay in business.

- What if you're wrong?
- I'm not.

How do you know?

Because I had Reza checked out myself.

And a lot more thoroughly
than the guy you hired.

Kate, Reza is not a terrorist.

Look, I am a businessman, Kate.
A damn good one.

My daughters are my most precious assets.

I wouldn't let either one of you get married
without performing a due diligence.

Now, I want you to drop this nonsense and
start treating him like a member of the family.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey!

I think my cousin's
got a little crush on you, Kate.

He wouldn't stop talking about you.

- He seems nice.
- Yeah, he is.

Well, I promised Marie I'd pick up lunch.
I'd better get going.

- Let me take you.
- It's OK, I can handle it.

When you see how much she's ordered,
you'll need another pair of hands.

Really, I can do it.



Mobile 3, this is Dispatch.

This is mobile 3.

I have Tony Almeida at CTU
for George Mason.

- Sir...
- Yeah, I heard.

- Tony?
- George.

I told you to handle this yourself.

If I didn't have to talk to you again
I'd be happy.

But IT need to access the data stream
Paula was working on.

It's on your system. We need your password.

- My password?
- Yeah.


- That's with an "X"?
- How else would you spell it?

Right. Thanks, George.

- Tony?
- What?

How's Paula doing?

Not good. They're trying to dig her out,
but she's unresponsive.

Look, I gotta go.


Thank you.

Am I contagious?


Joe, it's Jack. Let me in.

- Where's Eddie?
- He's dead.

- What about Chris and Scott?
- They're dead, too. Let me in.

- I talked to Eddie half an hour ago.
- Joe, we gotta do this inside. Let me in.

Eddie said the job went off without a hitch.
What happened between then and now?

I killed them, for resisting arrest.

I'll kill you, too, Joe.
I mean it. Put it down on the table.

Put it down! On the table, now.

Have a seat on the couch.

You killed Goren.

I did what I had to to find you.

Come on, Jack. What do you want?

Who told you to hit CTU today?

What makes you think anyone told me?

Because there's a nuclear device somewhere
in Los Angeles set to go off today.

That's right, Joe.

CTU was a secondary target. A way
of stopping us from getting to the bomb.

Whoever got you to do this job,
they used you, set you up.

- You're lying, Jack.
- No, this time I'm telling you the truth.

How else do you think I got to Goren?

Come on, you're not stupid. Think about it.

Why did you hit CTU today? Of all the days
you could have, why did you hit CTU today?

You weren't just told where to hit,
you were told when. That's the truth, Joe.

So, I'm gonna give you one last chance.
Who told you to hit CTU today?

Open the door, Joe.

Open the door.

Open the door!

There's no other way outta here, Joe.

- Hello?
- Carla.

- Kim, where are you?
- The emergency room.

- Where's Megan?
- She's with the doctors.

- Oh, my God, what happened?
- She collapsed, started shaking.

The doctors said she had a seizure
because of pressure on her brain.

Where are you? What hospital?

First listen to me.

No, you listen. You kidnapped my daughter
and attacked my husband.

You know that?s not true.
It's Gary's fault that Megan is here.

The doctor said she had a seizure
because of a head injury.

- Gary threw her down and she hit her head.
- It was an accident, Kim.

Stop making excuses for him,
denying what's happening.

This isn?t your problem, Kim.

They found other things on Megan's x-rays.
They think she's been abused. I think so, too.

Carla, are you there?

Yeah, I'm here.

The hospital called the police. They're on their
way. You should be here when they come.

- Where are you?
- St Virgil's Emergency Room.

I'm 20 minutes away.

A tactical team's on its way, Joe.
There's nowhere for you to go.

The people who gave you the information
for CTU, the schematic, all the access codes,

I want you to know what they're trying to do.

They wanna destroy this entire country,
starting with LA.

Is that really what you want, Joe?

I thought you wanted
to give the power back to the people.

Isn't that what you used to say? Who do
you think's gonna be at ground zero, Joe?

You're not fighting the federal government.
We're talking about innocent people.

How many of them
are gonna have to die for you today?

A hundred thousand?
Two hundred thousand? No, I don't think so.

I think it's gonna be a lot closer to a million,
once you factor in the radiation.

Is that what you want your legacy to be, Joe?

Come on, Joe. Just open the door.

Son of a bitch!

That's the funny thing
about people like you, Joe.

You wanna blame the rest of the world
for everything wrong with your life.

The government's too big.
They're too powerful.

Well, here's a bit of irony for you.

You got all the power now, Joe.

You got all the power.
Question is, what are you gonna do with it?

You gonna let all those people die, Joe?

Damm it, Joe! You are running out of time.

We are all running out of time.

You, uh...

don't really like me very much, do you?

That's crazy.

I've been working for your father for
three years. I've been dating Marie for two.

But you and l, we never
really got to know each other.

No, no, we haven't.

So, you don't know who I am.

I know my sister loves you.

Yes, she does.

Where are you going?
It's not the way to Brent's.

I want to show you something first.


It'll only take a few minutes.

Where are we going?

I'm gonna let you in on a secret. In the
spirit of getting to know each other better.

- Where are you taking me?
- You'll find out.

- Tell me now or stop the car.
- It's a surprise.

- Stop the car.
- We're almost there.

I said stop the car!

What are you doing?

Why won?t you tell me where we're going?

I wanted to show you the house.

- What house?
- The house...

I just bought for Marie
as a wedding present.

I wanted you to be the first one to see it.

Stand back.

All right, step aside.

Let's get ready to get blood pressure.


BP's 80 over 50. Get some saline into her stat.

- Is she all right?
- She's haemorrhaging.

The girder staunched the bleeding,
but once we lifted it off, the dam broke.

Can you stop it?

If we don't get her to the ER,
she'll bleed to death.

Easy. Watch her neck there.

Come on, let's go. Let's get her out, guys.

One, two, three.

All right, easy.

All right, set her down.

Let's go, let's go.

Get a structural engineer
and get him over here now.

I have to keep people working.
What's going on?

I thought you weren't coming back here.

- I changed my mind.
- You did? Why?

I don't have to answer to you.
How bad is she?

She's bleeding internally.

- Anything you can do, you can do here?
- No. She needs surgery.

- Are you gonna put her under anaesthesia?
- Yes.

- How long will she be under?
- A few hours.

Then she stays here. Everything we have
on this nuke has been destroyed.

All we have is the database Paula sent
to the NSA and they didn't get the code.

We'll assign other IT people to retrieve it.

- She's the only one who can decrypt the files.
- We'll send a programmer with her.

We don't have time.
I need her here and I need her lucid.

I don't care what you have to do.
Can you get her conscious?

I can maybe get her BP up temporarily.

- You're out of your mind.
- Tell yourself that if it makes you feel better.

This girl deserves a chance to live.

Wake her up. Now!

Tell me we're clear.

Good. I'll speak to you soon. Bye-bye.

Sir, this is Jenny's statement
to the press about the CTU bombing.

I took a quick pass but we can go over it
whenever you get a chance, all right?

Were you ever gonna tell me?

About the 30 minutes after Jack Bauer called,
and the time you finally warned CTU.

Lynne, I am the president
of the United States.

Did you really think I wouldn't find out?

What reason could you have had
for keeping this information from me?

- Sir, I tried to tell you.
- Not hard enough.

Sir, when Jack Bauer called, you were with
the press. I tried to get a message to you.

Good. Now, after we found out
that CTU had been hit,

you still kept from me the fact
that you knew 30 minutes earlier.

Sir, you're right. There's no excuse.


After Jack Bauer called,
did you tell anyone else?

You told Rayburn, didn?t you?

And he was the one
that wanted you to keep it from me.

That's why you two were arguing earlier.

Sir, I think, under the circumstances,
it would be best if I tendered my resignation.

I'll decide what's best.

Yes, of course, sir.

As much as I appreciate the gesture,

I don't have time
to appease your guilty conscience.

But I still trust you, Lynne.

And I trust you?ll tell me
everything that happened.

What's going on? Why is she here?

- Why is Paula still here?
- It's Mason's call.

She has almost no chance
if we don't get her to a hospital now.

Yeah, I know.

- I thought Mason wasn't even coming back.
- He's back.

He's trying to revive Paula long enough to
access the information she was sending NSA.

So he's just gonna let her die?

I'm not so sure Mason made the wrong call.

I mean, Paula is the only person
that can retrieve that information.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Tony.

It's just, I'm the one that brought her to CTU.

I hired her.

This job is all she ever wanted to do.

She never even got a chance to do it.

She did.

We'd better get back to work.

Please come with us, sir.

- Come with you where?
- The president wants to see you.

Mr President.

You're out, Eric. Effective immediately.

- Sir, if this is about...
- You know exactly what this is about.

- You lied to me.
- Is that what Lynne told you?

Lynne didn't have to tell me anything.

You can't dismiss me now, sir. Not in
the middle of a crisis. You need me here.

I need someone I can trust.

I made a decision that you couldn't make.

I'm the only one who could make it.
And now 27 people are dead.

Collateral damage, sir. Regrettable but
necessary, so that Bauer could get to Wald.

Get him out of here.
Mr Armus is waiting to talk to him.

OK, Joe, this is how it lays out.

Tactical team's gonna be here
in less than two minutes.

This thing's gonna end in one of two ways.

You're gonna either be dead or you're gonna
spend the rest of your life in prison.

I'm giving you one last chance
to do the right thing.

Open the door.

I just need to know
who told you to target CTU.

Joe, I'm out of time!

Joe, open the door!

You're a son of a bitch, Joe.

Drop the weapon, Joe.

The woman who gave me the plans to CTU,
I only met her twice.

The second time Eddie took some pictures
from down the block.

Drop the weapon!

It's over, Jack.

I can't go back to jail.


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