24 (2001–2010): Season 2, Episode 3 - Day 2: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. - full transcript

Jack sends out a warning that CTU is the target of a terrorist attack. After leaving CTU an hour earlier Director Mason personally checks on a lead regarding the nuclear bomb and finds the place where the bomb was made. Kate Warner tries to avoid Reza and gets further proof connecting him to terrorists. Lynn Kresge attempts to tell President Palmer about the impending attack on CTU but NSA Sub-Director, Eric Rayburn, keeps her from doing so.

Just got off a conference call
with NSA and Division.

There's a nuclear bomb, under terrorist
control, somewhere in Los Angeles.

It's set to go off at some point today.

George, where are you going?

- Bakersfield.
- Why?

- I don't have to tell you.
- You're trying to get outside the blast radius.

Sir, we have a serious situation.
Taking time out to coddle the media...

Once the rumour mill starts, we've got two
problems. We don't need mass hysteria.

My sister is getting married today, Ralph.

We have to establish whether or not there's
a connection between Reza and the terrorists.

A passport would be ideal.

You'll be dropped
three blocks from the salvage yard.

We haven't seen Wald come in yet.

That's Eddie Grant,
one of Wald's main go-to guys.

- You haven't changed much, Jack.
- What's your point?

I'm short a man and I'm on a schedule.

What are we doing?

Today we're turning a government building
into a cemetery.

- What building?
- The CTU.

Kim. Take my keys
and get her away from here.

Kim, stop the car. I will kill you.

Stop the car, Kim. Do not do this.

I need you to come over here. Right here.
Wait for me. I'm gonna go get some help.

Tell me where my daughter is, Kim.

Megan? Megan?

Megan! Megan!



Megan! Megan!

Have you seen a little girl? Nine, blonde hair?

I'll be fine, OK? I'll be fine.

You are Gary Matheson?


About time you got here. Where you been?

We just got the call five minutes ago, sir.

You're reporting a child abduction?

It's my daughter. She took my daughter.

Describe the suspect for me.

I can do better than that. Her name is...

Could you stop, please?

Her name is Kimberly Bauer.

- She works for my wife and me.
- I need a description, sir.

- Mason.
- It's Tony. How far out of the city are you?


I just got off the line
with Steve Lawler from District.

About what?

LAPD made a vehicle match
with somebody on our watch list.

- He wants you to check it out.
- This is coming out of LAPD? Come on.

Lawler doesn't trust their judgment,
so he wants you there.

Plus he knows it's on your way to Bakersfield.

I know you're headed out there
to follow up on a lead,

but Lawler wants this checked out.

What's the address?

Before you go to your press conference,

Rayburn wanted me to give you
this updated damage projection.

These casualty figures are higher.

They have all but ruled out dirty bombs
and conventional weapons.

They feel that we are actually
dealing with a nuclear bomb.




Get away from her! Get away!

Where did you go? I told you to wait.


I was looking for you.

Oh, God. OK, OK.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. It's OK. It's OK.

You're gonna take that building down
with three charges?

It's all in the placement, Jack.

- Did you guys spread those fuses?
- Yeah.

What made you target CTU anyway?

Why are you asking so many questions?

- I just wanna know what I'm getting into.
- Nobody asked you to get into this.

The time comes, all you gotta do is keep
your eyes open and we'll do the rest.

Whatever you say, Eddie.

- Yeah.
- Dad.

- Did you get my message?
- Listen to me...

- I left it on your phone about an hour ago.
- I lost my phone. Gary flipped out on me.

Can you find it?

- Find what?
- Your phone.

I'm in trouble. I need you to come get me.
I can't go to the police with this.

- Where are you?
- I'm at a payphone on Spring Street.

- What's the number?
- Dad, I want you to come get me.

I can't do that.

Why not?

Why don't you go to Carol's?
I'll call you there.

- Aunt Carol's?
- Yeah.

- She lives in San Jose, Dad.
- I know where she lives.

Dad, you're acting really weird right now.

Just go there.
And for once do what I ask, OK?

- Who was that?
- My girlfriend.

I asked her to pick something up for me.
She just doesn't listen.

Tony, Jack Bauer's daughter on line five.
She sounds pretty freaked.

- Kim, this is Tony. You all right?
- I just spoke to my dad. He's acting strange.

- He pretty much hung up on me.
- He's on a job, Kim.

Since when?
I just saw him a couple of hours ago.

Maybe I can help you out.

It's messed up. I have the police after me.

- Why?
- I didn't do anything wrong. I've just been...

Kim? Hello, Kim?


Kim? The connection's messed up.

Tell me where you are
and somebody'll pick you up.

- I can't stay here.
- Can you find a way to CTU?

Yeah, I guess so. I can take the bus.

Do that. When you get here
I'll help you straighten everything out.


Come on.

There's noise on all the phone lines.

I tried a filter and I can't get rid of it.
It may not be our system.

Today of all days.

Call the phone company, and switch
all priority calls to wireless protocol.

- You trying to knock out their phone lines?
- Don't bug me. I'm working.

We're causing some interference
so the phone company sends out a crew.

Maybe you could go out to the road, Jack.
Keep an eye out.

Sure. No problem.

- CTU operations. Go ahead.
- Hello? Is this CTU? Can you hear me?

Hello? Damm it.

- Northwest Regional.
- This is Jack Bauer from CTU.

- I need to speak with the president.
- Who is this?

It's Jack Bauer.
Priority access code 7117A. This is urgent.

- Hold, please.
- Please don't put me on hold.

- Lynne Kresge.
- I have a Jack Bauer for the president.

- He has a clearance code.
- Put him through to me, please.

- Mr. Bauer, this is Lynne Kresge.
- I need to speak with the president.

I'm terribly sorry.
He's with the press corps right now.

Mr. Bauer, hello?

CTU's phone lines are down.
I need you to get them an urgent message.

What is it?

CTU, Los Angeles, is going to be blown up
within the hour. Wald's group is doing it.

- Is this the nuclear bomb?
- No, it is not the nuke.

But you need to evacuate CTU
and you need to alert a bomb squad.

- There are at least three charges on the...
- Jack.

All set, Jack.

I applaud Governor Schulman's efforts
to protect Oregon's endangered species.

His work with the Natural Resources Defense
Council has created a new paradigm...

Wald's crew is planning
to blow up CTU, Los Angeles.

It is a non-radiological attack,
and it is happening within the hour.

- Where'd you get this?
- Jack Bauer.

They wanna cripple CTU's investigation,
divert attention away from the major strike.

- I agree.
- Has Bauer contacted CTU?

He couldn't get through.
Phone lines are down.

- Somehow we have to warn CTU.
- No, we don't.

- We can't.
- What are you talking about?

If Wald's crew fails,
they'll think somebody tipped off CTU.

They'll figure out it was Bauer.

Are you seriously suggesting
we just let these people at CTU die?

- Jack Bauer gave specific instructions.
- Why isn't he stopping them?

Because he knows
he's gotta keep his cover intact.

He knows if he's exposed he can't get to Wald
and we lose our only chance to find the nuke.

- This is the president's decision.
- He's telling the press it's business as usual.

We've already detained Ron Wieland illegally.
We can't muzzle the entire press corps.

- We still have to tell the president.
- We will. When he's in a position to hear it.

- It will be too late by then.
- Lynne, this is my call.

I don't work for you.

- Jenny Dodge.
- It's Lynne. I need to speak to the president.

- He's in a press conference.
- I don't care. This is urgent.

- I want to speak with him now.
- OK. I'll try to get to him.

Hey, look at this.

Someone cut the chain.

Get on the radio to Dispatch
and have them send security.

Who are you?

Don't move. Don't move!

What's your name? What's your name?
Look at me. What's your name?

- Cam Strocker. Is that your name?
- Yeah.

Cam, look at me. You wanna live, Cam?


- Cam. Cam. You wanna live?
- Yeah.

This is what you're gonna do: call your boss,

tell him you need an on-site systems check
at CTU headquarters.

Got that?

Can you do it? Can you do it?

That's a good answer.

It's Eric Rayburn from NSA.

Mr. Rayburn? This is Tony Almeida.

I understand you're the ranking agent on site.
Is that correct?

- Yes, sir, it is.
- Then I need you to execute an order.

Of course.

I want you to copy and transfer
your database onto our server,

anything related to the nuclear threat.

- Did you hear me?
- Yes, sir, I did. May I ask why?

It's precautionary, given
the extraordinary threat we're facing today.

- But I would like it done sooner than later.
- How soon?

By 11.

The earliest I could get that done is by noon.

- You have until 11.
- Sir, that may not be enough time.

Then you probably should get started.

Thank you, sir.

- Paula.
- Yeah.

- I need to pull you off your SIM analysis.
- I'm almost done.

I want you to sort and send data to the NSA
server, everything relevant to the nuke, OK?

- When do you need it done?
- Right now.

I'm gonna have to generate
a fresh encryption code.

- I'm gonna need to use Mr. Mason's office.
- Just do it, please. Thank you.

Tony, what's going on?
First the phone lines go down

and then NSA puts in a rush order
for us to transfer all our data on the nuke?

He says it's precautionary.

Then he would have issued
the same order to every other agency.

- Look into that, would you?
- Yeah.

How you doing? George Mason, CTU.

Arroyo, LAPD. Barber made a vehicle match
from the alert you guys put out this morning.

- Have you checked inside?
- We were about to.

Our captain made us stand down
until you got here.

Relax, Sergeant. I wanna be here
even less than you want me here.


What's this?


You OK in there?

We got a man down in here.

Get out of the building!
Get out of the building!

Call Hazmat and have them
set up a quarantine.

I think we got a hot zone.

You OK?


Does your mom cry a lot?

I don't have a mom.

Where is she?

She passed away.

But you have a dad, right?

Do you make him mad?


I always make my dad mad.

No, when your dad gets mad,
it's not because of you.

- But he always says it is.
- Well, he's wrong.

I promise you he's wrong.

Everything's gonna be OK, Megan.
I'm never gonna let him hurt you again.

You know the drill.

How's it going?

- I'm doing a system check and line repair.
- Let me see your work order.

My office just called a few minutes ago.
They spoke with McKendrie.

He says you got
some serious noise on your lines.

- Let me see your ID.
- Sure.

You're doing fine, Cam.

Isn't he, Jack?

Yeah, he's doing great.

- Is the back open?
- It's just my crew back there.

I still need to look.

Go ahead. It's open.

- There's a lot of you.
- It's a big job.

It's all clear.

All right. Go ahead.
Have your IDs ready for security up ahead.

This isn't a bank.
There's nothing to steal here.

- We're not stealing anything.
- Then why are we here?

We're taking back our country.

From who? Who are you people?

Jack, tell him who we are.

We're patriots.

Kate, it's for you.
Some guy named Ralph Burton.


So who is he? A new boyfriend?


Why can't I ever get
a straight answer out of you?

Can you just give me the phone?

- Hello.
- Kate.

Did you check
the passport information I gave you?

I'm afraid it confirms that Reza Naiyeer
has had contact with Syed Ali.

What does that mean?
Are you saying Reza's a terrorist?

The authorities need to determine that.

- Authorities? What authorities?
- I had to alert homeland security, Kate.

Are they gonna arrest him?

I'm not sure yet, but until I hear from them,
please keep this to yourself.

I have to tell my sister.

You can't tell her or anyone else about this
until you hear from me again.

- I don't believe this is happening.
- I know it's hard, but just try to act normal.

My sister is marrying someone
who works with terrorists

and you expect me to act normal?

You could endanger yourself and your family
if you let on that anything is wrong.


Yeah. I understand.


- Come with us.
- Not right now.

My cousin Sanjar just arrived. We wanted you
to meet him before he headed to the hotel.

- I can meet him later.
- You'll probably recognise him.

- He was at Stanford the same time you were.
- He's cute.

No, really. No! I said no!

Kate, what is your problem?

I'm sorry, Marie. I just...
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

What did you mean?
You've been acting really weird all morning.

What is it, Kate? Tell me, what's going on?

You're my little sister.
And I love you so much.

And... I just want you to be happy.

That's it.

Well, then, be happy for me, OK?

That'll make me happy.

Because this is gonna be
the best day of my life.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- No crying.
- I'm sorry.

- I'm getting married.
- I know. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Jenny.
- Yes?

I told you I need to speak to the president.

I have to draft a statement
anticipating the nuclear event.

- Why haven't I heard from him?
- He's on camera.

I told you this was urgent.
You should have slipped him a note.

I did. I'm sure as soon as the president
can extricate himself, he'll call you.

Let's get those portable units in here now.

Looks like this lead turned out to be real.

Some kind of lab where
they may have assembled the nuke.

- Based on what?
- They found radioactive material.

What kind of radioactive material?

They're still doing field analysis on it.

Was anyone exposed?

All of them in the bag.

They're putting us through decon now.
Precautionary measure.

We have three dead bodies. I'm gonna
send you photos and fingerprints on 'em.

See if they match anybody on our watch list.

- Your phone, sir.
- I'm gonna have to get back to you.

George, look,

NSA ordered us to send them
our case database.

Paula's already on it, but I sense they're
keeping us out of the loop on something.

Standard procedure.
They're consolidating data from all agencies.

That's just it.
We're the only agency they've asked.

Sir, the phone.

Tony, I gotta go. Call Chapelle.

Tell him what you just told me.
See what he can find out for you. I gotta go.

- George, you sure you're OK?
- I'm fine.

I need all your clothes off.

You're not even gonna buy me dinner?

Check him over at hoses.

Easy, guys. I like my skin.
Try and leave some on.

Did you finish exporting
those files to Division?

No, it's in process now. As soon as they
finish uploading, I'll send an encryption key.

Paula, are you all right?


I was a little nervous before, but Tony said
everything's probably gonna be OK.

I grew up in LA, you know.

My whole family is here,
my friends are here.

So if this bomb goes off, that just means
all of a sudden everyone's gonna die?

No. No, not necessarily.

It depends on a lot of things.

Yeah, that's probably right.

Well, I should check the upgrade.


Are you gonna be OK?

I guess so. I'm really scared, but
there's nothing I can do about it, right?

It's fine, Michelle.

- You gonna kill me too?
- Not today.

Just relax. Just relax.
I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm trying to stop this thing.
I need your help.

Two cars over there's a large grey SUV. I want
you to hide under it and wait until we go.

After we've gone, I want you
to take this back into the building.

Go to security, ask for Tony Almeida.

It'll show him where all the bombs
are located. He'll know what to do. Now go.

What are you talking about, man?
Who are you?

I'm a government agent. I'm undercover.

You work for the government?
And you let them kill Danny?

- It happened before I could stop it.
- You son of a bitch!

Listen to me. Listen to me.

I'm sorry about your friend. I am.

But we are in a very serious situation, so you
better get your ass under that car right now.

These guys'll be back in a minute.
If you're still here they will kill you.

I won't be able to stop them.
Do you understand?

The lives of everyone in this building
are at stake right now.

So, please, get that message
to Tony Almeida.

Come on, go.

Where's your boy, Eddie?

Jack? Jack?


What happened? Where's the guy?

Look at me. Jack.

What happened?
Jack, look at me. What happened?

- I don't know.
- Where's the telephone guy?

I don't know. I was looking out
like you asked me to,

and the next thing I know
you're slapping me in the head, Eddie.

What are you telling me, Jack?
Are you saying you let the son of a bitch go?

- I didn't tie him up.
- Are you saying it's my fault?

Do you believe this guy? He walks in
off the street, breaks Dave's ankle...

Back off! Back off.

Shut up. Jack, get in the front of the van.

Get in the front of the van. We got seven
minutes until this building goes down. Get in.


My name's Kimberly Bauer.
Tony Almeida is expecting us.

OK. He'll take care of you.

- Where are we?
- Don't worry. We're safe here.

- How much time have we got?
- Four minutes.

Unless the phone guy
already pulled the alarm.

Leave it alone.

The press conference ended five minutes ago.

The president was supposed to call me
the minute, very minute that he...

What are you doing?

It was you. You told Jenny
to keep the president away from me.

I spared the president
from a no-win situation.

The people did not elect you
to make that choice, Eric.

- It's too late.
- Maybe not.

- Get out of my way.
- Don't do this, Lynne.

You do not want me for an enemy, I promise.

- Are you threatening me?
- Just giving you some strong advice.

What's going on?

Jack Bauer called. He said that
Wald's crew is planning to blow up CTU.

It's a non-nuclear strike,
which suggests that it's a secondary target.

- When?
- We're not sure. Bauer got cut off.

- Have you called CTU?
- That's what we were debating.


Right now Wald is our only thread to finding
the nuke. But Bauer hasn't got to Wald yet.

If we stop Wald's crew, they may realise
it was Bauer that turned them in.

In the meantime,
I'm having CTU transfer their intel

so our only losses would be
infrastructure and personnel.

Those losses are unacceptable.
Contact CTU immediately.

Yes, sir.

- Think I'm making a mistake?
- I do, sir.

Tony. That guy over there,
he's asking to see you.

He claims he was taken hostage
by these men that wanna blow up CTU.

He said there are bombs planted here,
here and here. I'll have a squad check it out.

- Order an evacuation.
- We don't know...

This is why NSA wanted us
to transfer over our database.

They knew we were being targeted and
didn't say a thing. We have to evacuate now.

Everyone, listen up.

This is Lynne Kresge. I'm calling
to tell you about a possible threat to CTU.

We just found out about it.
NSA knew about this a half an hour ago.

- That's why Rayburn wanted our files.
- Right now get your people out.

I want you to go down this hallway
and calmly clear everyone out.

- What's going on?
- We're evacuating.

- I'm looking for Tony Almeida.
- I'm sorry. We've gotta go right now.

35 seconds.

I need you to move a little faster.

No, leave your things behind!

- What are you doing?
- I'm almost done with the encryption.

- Leave it! There's a bomb!
- We can't lose this data!

Would you leave it? Come on!

Let's go! Come on, hurry! Hurry!

- We did it, Jack.
- Good job, Eddie. Good job.

We're too late. CTU was just hit.

- I want Mommy.
- I know.

It's OK.

You're clean.

Then why so grim?

The tests are back from the field analysis.

The substance you inhaled is...
well, it's plutonium.

Based on the particle size, atmospheric
saturation, length of time you were exposed...

Cut to the chase, Doctor.

Your radiation exposure level is high.
Definitely lethal.

How much time do I have?

Could be as much as a week
or as little as a day.

I'm sorry.