24 (2001–2010): Season 1, Episode 2 - 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. - full transcript

An assassin has stolen the ID of a photographer scheduled to meet a presidential candidate; Jack's wife searches for their daughter; Jack gets more evidence of a rogue within his unit.

Walsh isn't answering.

As soon as you reach him,
you find me.

Is this the crew list from the 747?


Should I get a maintenance
history on the plane?

No. For now, let's just assume
this was not an accident.

- Why?
- It originated out of Berlin.

It's where Walsh said the
shooter was coming from.

Break down the crew and passenger list..
..political affiliation, criminal record..

...country of origin and residence.

- Jack.
- What?

You want to tell me what's
going on here tonight?

What's going on?

Besides a 747 falling out of the sky...

...and a threat on a presidential
candidate's life?

That's right. Besides that.

Look, George Mason comes in here...

...disappears up in your office for a
half an hour, then he limps out.

What's that all about?

Tell him, Jack.

- Fine, then I will.
- Nina...

The three agents that Jack brought
down on bribery charges...

...were close friends of Mason.

He's been looking for
payback ever since.

He chose tonight to make some
pretty nasty accusations about Jack...

...as well as some other
people in this office.

In case you haven't noticed, Jack doesn't
have a lot of tolerance for criticism.

I need that right away.

I'll get you that list within the hour.

Thank you.

That was quite a story.

It's better than the truth.

Did you get the ID?


It's funny. When you came to Jack's rescue
back there with your little performance..

...it reminded me of something.

Yeah, what?

Remember that time we came into
work together about a month ago?

Lisa made some wisecrack remark...

...and you came up with this
really great B.S. story...

...an early breakfast meeting
with District Three.

I was really impressed with how
convincing a liar you are.

What's your point, Tony?

I want to know what happened up
there between Jack and Mason.

I already told you.

And I don't believe you.

Maybe I should ask Mason.

A presidential candidate's
life is at stake.

Maybe you should get back to work.

I think we need to turn right here.

There it is.



- Hello?
- Hey, sweetheart.

- Have you found the girls yet?
- No. We just got here.

Janet's car is parked out front.
I just got here.

All right. I'll wait 'til you check it out.

No, let me call you back.

I'll hold.

- Kim?
- Teri?


They were here.

What did you give her?

Nothing she didn't want.

Look, my dad is a government agent.

I thought you said your dad was dead.

He's not. If I'm not home
in the next half hour...

...he's going to be all over this.

Told you, you should have
given her a roofie.

I'm serious. You two are toast.

She's giving me a headache, dude.

- Just chill, okay?
- You chill.


- Did anyone see you come in?
- No.

- You weren't followed?
- Take it easy.

No, I'm not going to
take it easy. I'm not.

I should never have called you.

If you have evidence that someone
inside the agency...

...is involved in a plot
against David Palmer...

...then you had no choice.


It's all yours. I'm out of this.


A keycard?

Yeah, it's just a simple keycard.

The kind we use to get in
and out of the building.

I don't get it.

Normally, the magnetic stripe
has just an access code on it.

But the stripe can hold a ton of data.

On this one, I found a file filled
with references to Palmer.

What's the point?

To smuggle confidential information.

These get in and out of restricted
areas without any scrutiny.

I need you to be reachable
throughout the day.

You said after tonight I'm done.

I can't help it, Scott.

Until we defuse this situation, I
need to be able to find you.

I find out there's an agency conspiracy
to kill David Palmer.

The moment I realized what I stumbled onto,
I put my wife and kid on a plane.

I couldn't even tell them why.

I've been here long enough to know
what I'm dealing with.

It's your thing now. I'm out.


What you did took a lot of courage.

I'm asking you to hang in there
with me a little longer.

I did my part. Get someone else.

There is no one else.

You got me for another 24 hours.

Then I'm joining my family.

Yes, I know Palmer gets a lot of death
threats, but this one's got some weight.

We're overloaded.
We'll deal with it...

No, you're gonna have to make some
adjustments in your schedule.

You're gonna have to notify his advance
team, tighten up security on your end.

I understand...

Yes. I've gotta go.
I'll update you in an hour.

You'll update...

- One hour?
- Yes. Fine.


Jack. I need you.

- Richard?
- Yeah.

I'm at 2350 Dunlop Plaza. I got
two shooters trying to hit me...

...and an agent down.

Richard, what's going on?

I've got hard information on
who is behind the Palmer hit.

Isley can get there before me.

- He's in the area.
- No, don't call anyone.

We still don't know who we can trust.

Just get me out of here.

- I'll be there in 10 minutes.
- I'll be on the roof.




Hey, It's Me. What's going on?
Is Kim at the store?

No, she's not here.

I thought you said you saw their car.

We think she left with the boys.

This guy you're with, York...

...does he know either of these boys?

No, but one of them, Dan, works here.

I'm starting to worry a little bit.
Can't you get over here?

I can't. I don't have time to explain,
but some bad things are happening tonight.

Our daughter's missing I think
that's bad, don't you?

Teri, she's not missing. She's partying.
Kim's smart enough to know her limits.

Yeah? Maybe you should come over here
and see what those limits are, Jack.

What's that supposed to mean?


We're going to wait here for
them to come back for the car.

Call me when you're done
with your emergency, okay?

I will. I'm sorry, okay?

I'll call you as soon as I can.


Look, I know it seems like
we're these really bad guys...

...but we're cool, I swear.

There's just some stuff we got to do.

Go along with it,
and you guys won't get hurt.

I don't even know what you
want me to go along with.

Is this some sort of fraternity
stunt or something?

Something like that.

Fine. Whatever. I'll tell your friends
whatever you want me to...

...just let us go.

It's not that simple.

- These people...
- What people?

Dan, pull over. She's choking.

It's okay.

- She's not breathing, you idiot!
- I don't care.

- Stop.
- Get back!

Don't be a moron!

Don't be a bitch.

Brush fires set off by
the wreckage are making the prospect...

...of locating possible survivors of
Flight 221 virtually impossible.

- Has Carl called yet?
- No, not yet.

- Let me know as soon as he does.
- Okay.

It's twenty after one. Weren't
the kids supposed to be back by now?

They stopped to get pizza after the rally.

- You seen this?
- Yeah.

It's horrible.

I'm sorry I walked away before.

What did Maureen Kingsley
say to you on the phone?

It's nothing serious.

I'm overreacting to everything right now.

Today is going to be the second
most important day of my life.

And what would the first one be?

I think you know.

I still like to hear you say it.

All right.

The most important day of my life...

...was when I hit the game-winning
three against DePaul at the Final Four.

You just lost my vote, Senator.

Good night.
Don't let this get to you.

Thanks, honey.

Good night.

We already know about that. We've
got another way around security.

No, I don't want an explanation.

- I just want him in place.
- Hold on.

Gaines. Yeah, I'm finishing
up with him right now.

All right, get back to me.

Hey, Mandy.

Good. Everything put together?

It is. Just get back to me.

I'll get back to you.

- You want something to drink?
- No thanks.

They'll be ready to go by
the time you get there.

Leave now.

It's all there.

- What are you doing this summer?
- Not interested.

You haven't heard my offer.

I don't care. I'm going to
disappear for awhile. Lay low.

So when do I get the ID?



Nina, it's Jack. Is this a secure line?

No, you want me to transfer it?

No time. I need an entry code.

Entry code? Where are you?

- I needed to take care of something.
- Why didn't you check out with me?

Nina, just get me the code, okay?

2350 Dunlop Plaza, the north parking garage.


Got it.


I'm in.



- Richard, are you okay?
- I'm fine.

You said there were two shooters.

At least. Maybe three.

They look like they were ours?

I couldn't tell.

How high does this conspiracy go?

I don't know yet, Jack.

- Did you see anyone downstairs?
- No one.

- Is this the only way out?
- This is it.


- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no no.

Come here.


You look just like Martin Belkin.

How'd they do that?

Plastic surgery.

That's amazing.

You're going to kill David Palmer?

Hey, where's Jack?

I don't know.

I thought you were on the phone with him.

No, that was Division.


This is a military organization.
There's a chain of command.

I am your superior. I tell you what I
want and you don't question it, got it?

All right. I can accept that.


There's something you got to deal with.

Yeah? What?

You can boss me around
all you want here...

...but when you and I punch out...

...we're something else...


Okay, Tony.


Okay, we're clear. Give me
your tie. I want to fix this.


I should've been more careful.

They could have been following Baylor.

This was my fault.

I set it up wrong.

We were sitting ducks.

I'm sorry to put you through this, Jack.

Don't you ever say that to me.

You of all people.

I owe you my life.

Across the mezzanine there's a corridor
that leads to a service exit.

We're gonna take that
straight to the street.

My car is right there. You okay?

Good. Let's get out of here.

Take the wall.


We got to find out
who sent these guys.

I'm gonna go ID him.


It's okay.

What the hell is this supposed to be?

Give him the ID.

It's okay.

This'll be better for both of us.
I figured it out.

No, you don't figure anything out.
This is not your play.

Now, where is the damn ID?

It is my play...

...since I'm the only one who
knows where the damn ID is.

Go ahead.

I didn't find anything
useful in the back.

Work schedule. Look. Dan... Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday.

Great. Is there a contact number?

No. We can't get in the office, it's locked.

My husband might be able to help us.

How would he be able to do that?

This is Jack Bauer. Leave a message.

He turned his cell phone off.

How would your husband be able to help?

He works for the government, has
access to things. Hang on.

CTU, Nina Myers.

Hi, Nina, it's Teri Bauer.

Is Jack there?

Teri, Jack's not here.

He turned his phone off.
I wonder if you could help me.

Sure, what do you need?

I need the name and number of the owner
of a furniture store in the Valley...

...in Van Nuys, uh, Paladio's Furniture.

That's not something I should do. Can
I wait 'til I talk to Jack about it?

No, not really, um...

Nina, it's Kim.

She took off with some kids I don't know.
One of the boys, Dan, works here.

I was hoping to contact the owner.

All right, um...

Give me a minute, I'll see what I
can do. What's your number?

- Hey!
- Hey.

There you are.

Heard you guys had quite a turnout tonight.

Yeah, it was pretty insane.

I thought I heard the sound of
the young and the reckless generation.

- Dad, what are you doing up?
- How you doing?

Not enough hours in the day.

Hey, Dad.

How did it go?

Mom, it was huge.

I wish you could've been there.

Wish I could have been there, too.

I'm dead. See you guys in the morning.

Okay, good night.

Make sure you get some good rest because
they're going to wake you up early.

I will. Good night.

I love you, honey.

- So, how was it?
- Ah, Dad, it was unbelievable.

The chancellor introduces me, right?
I'm totally killing.

Just as I'm finishing, Green Day
starts to play "Time of Your Life."

- Mom, it was huge.
- Hold on.

The kids were going insane.
Girls were screaming...


What's the problem?

I got a call tonight from Maureen Kingsley.

Yeah, so what?

I don't want to talk about
it over the phone.

Okay, I'll come by in the morning.

No. We need to take care of this now.

It's hard to know with teenage girls...

...if they're angry at you or just angry.

I know.

I did feel guilty, though,
when Jack and I separated.

Separated? I didn't know.

We're back together.

I admire that.

Trying to work through
the problems together.

My ex left and never looked back.
Went home to Australia.

She hasn't spoken with Janet
or me for almost 10 years.

I'm really sorry, Alan.

- Hello?
- Teri, I got it.

Oh, great. Hang on a second.

All right, go ahead.

Nina, that's great. Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.

Okay, 'bye.

Owner's name and phone number.

You have reached the Nowrastehs.
Please leave a message.

Is anybody home?

Mr. Nowrasteh,
if you're there, please pick up.

My daughter is out with one of the
boys who works at your store, Dan.

I need to talk to you. I'm here
in your store right now.

Please call me.

My name is Teri, and my number is...

He said, "Tell your dad to reserve the
Lincoln Bedroom for us on our tour."

I'll bet he did.

Hello, Mrs. Palmer. I'm Aaron
Pierce, Secret Service.

Is there a problem?

I need to speak with the Senator.

All right, I'll go get him for you.


Where is he, Patty?

I don't know. I thought he was in there.

Palmer has left. He's exposed. Find him.

Tell me what's going on?

If he left in one of the
vehicles, it'll show up on our GPS.

Would you tell me what's going on?

We've been told to add another layer
of security around your husband.


We have a very high confidence...

...that there will be an attempt
on his life sometime today.

- Stay close, Richard.
- I'm right behind you.

I'm going to get you out of here.


Jack, listen to me.

Take this card and give it to Jamey.

Baylor said that we could trust her.

Richard, don't move. You'll draw fire.

Take the card, give it to Jamey,
she'll match it to a computer.

Find the computer, you've
got the dirty agent



Jamey, it's me.

What do you need?

Two agency personnel were killed
tonight at 2350 Dunlop Plaza.

I need you to phone Division,
get their bodies picked up.

- Okay.
- That's not all.

You know the key cards we use
to get in and out of Division?

- Yeah?
- I've got one.

I need you to pull some data off it for me.
Do you have anything that can read it?

Yeah, but if you're in your car you
can just send it to me now.

- How?
- Use your mobile scanner.

Switch it from optical to magnetic.

Hold on.

I'm sending this to you directly.

You should be able to trace this
to the person who encoded it.

Yeah, I can match the electronic signature.

Good, do it.

Come on.

What are you going to do to me?

Take you to the prom.

Come on, get out.

Don't worry, it's going to be okay.

Just tell her what you want her
to do and then she'll do it.

I said, "Get out!"

It's time to call Mommy.

Tell her you're at a party, you're sorry
and you'll see her in a couple hours.

Go to hell!

Gaines said not to hurt her, remember?


Call your mom!



Kim, is that you?



Honey, where are you?

I'm at a party.


I'm at a party.

With Janet York, right?


How did you know that?

I'm standing here with her dad.

Do you know how worried we were?

Can I talk to Janet?

Listen, Janet's dad wants to talk to her.

She went for a walk.

She'll call when she gets back.

She went for a walk.

We're okay and I'm sorry
I did this, I mean it.

I'll be home as soon as I get a ride back.

You're not going to wait for a ride back.

We'll come pick you up. Where are you?

I don't even know how we got here.


Honey, this is not the night
you want to shine me on.

- I promise you!
- Mom, I got to go.


Mom, I love you.

"I love you."

Nice touch.

Get in the van.

What happened?

I can't believe it.

She's at this party.

She said she was sorry
and that she'd be back.

- And what about Janet?
- She's fine.

What's wrong?

She said, "I love you."

She never says that.

Ok, Jack, I got a match
on the card you sent me.

Need a confidence on this?

Yes, my eyes only, send it.

- Thanks, Jamey.
- You got it.