24 (2001–2010): Season 1, Episode 3 - 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. - full transcript

With analyzing the key card jack realizes that Nina Myers is the one who is betraying from inside of CTU.On the other hand Palmer has gone to meet one of his men and talk to him about the phone call that he had.Kim and her friend has noticed that they are being kidnapped so they try to getaway but in the end a car hits Janet and the men took Kim away.Ira Gains get mad when he hears that Brigette wants more money to reveal the transponder,but Mandy makes a deal with him so they kill Brigett after getting the transponder.Jack talks to Nina and they get sure that she is not the one breaking from inside...


Bauer, 4-3-9-3, CTU.

Okay, we're on it.

Get back to me as soon
as you've got a match.

- Bauer.
- Jack, I talked to her.

What did she say?

She and Janet went to some party.

So, you gonna go pick them up?

I don't know where she is,
she didn't tell me.

- What?
- Well...

I don't know, maybe I'm being paranoid,
but she sounded... different, I dunno...

She told me that she loved me before
she hung up.

That's not Kim.

Well, she's knows she's going
to get grounded.

She's just trying to reduce the sentence.

Yeah, you're probably right.
How are you?

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, um...

Listen, is that guy York still with you?

Yeah. He's gonna take me home now.

Don't you think you should
wait by Janet's car?

Who knows what kind of shape the girls
will be in when they get dropped off.

No, Alan doesn't seem to
think that's necessary.

Why don't you put Alan on the phone?

Teri, just put him on the phone.


Alan, my husband would like
to speak with you.

- Hi, this is Alan.
- Alan, Jack Bauer.

I can't thank you enough for helping
us out with this.

I'm just glad the girls
are with each other.

Me, too. Look, I'm stuck at work.
I'm in a bit of an emergency.

- Yeah, Teri said...
- I'd appreciate it...

...if you wouldn't mind hanging out at
the store and waiting for them to return.

The thing is, I don't think they're going
to be back for at least a couple of hours.

The thing is, Alan,
it's a pretty rough neighborhood.

And I would hate for there to be a
problem when they return.

Sure, we'll stay.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You've got to be kidding me.
We had a deal, Mandy.

You promised to deliver Belkin's ID for
$1 million, now she wants to double it?

I apologize. She doesn't know
how this works.

This is your fault! You involved
an amateur in our business.

If I'm such an amateur, how...

I'm just trying to get us more money.

There is no money.

Not anymore.

Ira, don't turn this into something
else. I will fix it.


No, we don't have it yet.


No, of course.

I will get back to you as
soon as we're ready.

Talk to her. Explain what I do.

- I will, but our deal stands.
- Take care of it!

I need to get out of here, my friend.

It'll just be a little longer.

We've been getting death threats since
my husband announced his candidacy.

What is different about this one?

Well, I'm not privy to that
kind of information.

All I can tell you is that my
unit is only called in...

...when the threat becomes more serious.

Then why did you let him
walk out on his own?

We will find him, Mrs. Palmer.

I know. I'm sorry.

We're grateful to have you here.

He's not down in the lobby.
I looked everywhere.

Keith, you shouldn't be leaving the suites.
Let these men do their job.

Look, there's an all-night coffee
shop a couple of blocks down.

I bet he just wanted to be by himself.
I'm going to go get him.

No. Keith, Keith.
You're not going anywhere.

Secret Service knows this city
a lot better than we do.

- Mom, I'll be right back.
- No.

I'm sorry, son. We need you to stay here.


We treat a threat on a candidate's life
as a threat to the entire family.

We need to protect you as well.


Your father's going to be fine.


I need an update on the Bauer girl.

Everything's copa.
We're just waiting for you.

I'm running a little late.

We're not going anywhere.

That's right, you're not.

She's in a lot of pain, man,
I think you broke her arm.

You think so? Should we take
her to the hospital...

...to get some X-rays?

Gaines is running late. Gonna smoke
another "J." You want one?


My arm!

Try not to move.

Dan, please. She needs to see a doctor.

At least give her something, man.

I'm not wasting my stash on her.

So, what, is Dan the boss and you
have to do everything he says?

I thought I told you!

Don't press me, man.

I should've never used you.

You're going to give her that?

Want me to take away the pain, or not?


Hey, this is a private lot, homie.

You got to pay to park here.

I see.

And you're the attendant?

That's right. It's going to cost you.

$100. So give it up.

You're that dude! Palmer!

- No, that's not me.
- Yeah, it's you! Damn!

Dude, this guy's running for president.
I seen him on TV.


Yeah? Yeah, yeah... yeah!

What you going to do for
me, Mr. President?

See, that's your problem.

You want everyone else to do the work.

What are you going to do for yourselves?

See, man, all y'all,
you all got the same rap.

Keep going like this...

...and you'll be dead in five years.

Man, like you know my life.

More than you think.

Yeah, yeah!

CTU. Myers.

- Hey, it's me.
- Jack, where are you?

I'm about a block away.

I need you to print up a hard copy of Tony's
passenger breakdown. Put it on my desk.


Wait there. I wanna talk to you alone.


Great, I'll be there in a minute.

Okay. Bye.

Keep working.

Has Division responded
to the two dead agents?

Yeah. They're picking them up now.


- Anyone we know?
- Someone we know.

I'm afraid it was Richard Walsh.

I'm sorry, Jamey,
I know what he meant to you.

What is going on? Does this have
anything to do with Palmer?

That's what we got to find out.

Look, I don't have time to
go into all the details...

...but I've got to put you
in a very difficult position.

You're the only person I can trust.

What do you mean?

Walsh said that we've got a problem on the
inside. He told me to talk only to you

This is the keycard I sent you.

On it is pertinent information
to the hit on Palmer.

How long is it going to take to
pull all the data off of it?

Depending on the kind of encryption,
it could take hours.

Palmer's day starts at 6:00.

I need it before then.

One more thing.

I need to be absolutely certain that it
was Nina's computer that burned that card.


Because if it was, she's dirty.

I'll need a few minutes alone
at her workstation.

Fine, you got it.

Did you cut yourself?

Yeah. What are you working on?

I gave Nina the passenger list, I was just
cross-checking everything else we got.

Good. I'll be down in a sec.

Will you tell me why
you were at Dunlop Plaza?

I had a meeting with Walsh.

- Is that the passenger list?
- Yes.

Anything unusual?

There's one red flag. A man in first class.

His information is inconsistent. I'm
trying to piece it together now.


I don't want to tell you
how to do your job...

...you leave without letting me know where
you are, you hold back information.

How can I help you without you letting me?

Do you think that it's possible...

...that someone from within the
agency is behind the hit on Palmer?

Anything is possible.

Do you have a lead?

No, not really.


Why do I feel like you're
not telling me the truth?

Jack, if you've got something, share
it with me, I'll work it up with you.

No, I'm...

I'm just thinking out loud.

Okay, fine.

Anything else?


Actually, there is.

Are you seeing Tony?


Is it serious?

What is this, Jack?

What do you want to know, am I over you?
Why are we talking about this now?

I'm trying to understand why he's
been giving me a hard time.

I can't answer that for you.

Hold on.


I confirmed that the file on the keycard
definitely came from Nina's computer.

Okay, thank you.

It's Division.

They want the passenger breakdown.
Please send it to them.


By the way, your wife called.

- Bauer.
- This is Data Services.

You called in a thumbprint for an ID match?


We checked every database we have.

Nothing. Either this guy doesn't exist, or
his identity has been wiped off the record.

Thank you.

It'll be better for both of us..

Better than what, Bridget.? Where is the ID?

Look, This is not some secret
I'm keeping from you.

This is for both of us.

Do you want to get both of us killed?

They hired you to blow up a plane.

Another $1 million doesn't
mean anything to these people.

You're wrong. Money is the only
thing that these people care about.

You know he can't hurt us.


Nobody can hurt us.

$1 million for you...

...$1 million for me.

Don't you like the way that sounds?


We are going to do this your way.


- Okay, let's tell him.
- No.

It'll be better if I do it myself.

You're always looking out for me.

I know you're just helping.

What happened?

Do you remember anything?


We were at the furniture
store, dancing. Where's Dan?

Dan broke your arm.

- Dan likes me.
- Yeah? Look at it.

Come on.

Listen to me. This is serious.
We're being kidnapped.

We need to escape. Can you walk?

I guess.

Okay. Come on.

Get ready. When I say go, we go.

Go where?

Just stay with me, okay?

You've got to understand this, okay?

We could die if we don't get
out of here. Hold my hand.




No! Get back here!

We've got to get them!

- Go get them!
- I am!

This is your fault! This is what
I was talking about!

Shut up!

Get back here!

We've got to get them. They cannot get away.

This is good work.
Keep me informed. Thank you.

Shut the door.

Are we saying Nina's a traitor?

We're not saying anything.
We need to know more.

Until we find out, should I shut
down her confidential access?

No, that'll slow everything down. There's
got to be an explanation for this.

Right now, what I really need
is the data off of that card.

Aren't we obligated to seal off her
channels with this much evidence?

Look, you were seeing her, weren't you?

That is none of your business.

I think in this case it is.

Yes. Yes, when my wife and I were
separated, I was seeing Nina.

- Did you tell her anything you shouldn't have?
- No!

I don't think so.

I trusted her with everything that
was coming through here, but...

Fine, shut down her access.

Okay, what's she working on?

747 passenger breakdown list.

Good, it's not a secure socket.
She won't know.



Don't worry. I won't say anything.

Thank you.

We gotta get them!

Hey, get out of here.

Where'd they go?

Forget it. Come on, man. Don't...

Hey, come back.

You just cost me $50.
You're going to pay for this!

What up?

See two girls run past here?

- Yeah, I seen 'em.
- Which way'd they go?

- Who are they?
- Did you see them or not?

They went down Central.

Check it out.

I'll look around here.

- Yeah?
- It's Gaines. How's it going?

Everything's fine.

Change of plans. We're going
to meet at a new location.

Just let me know. I'll meet you there.

- We need to get to a phone.
- No, you need to pay up!

Is this real?

Thank you very much.

What couldn't wait until morning?

Kingsley? She called me about an hour ago.

Said she had some new information.

David, you got me out of bed at
2:00 a. m. What did she say?

She said the Gibson boy,
the one who raped Nicole...

...didn't commit suicide.

That he was... thrown out of a window.

So, he was thrown out of a window.
Who cares?

She said it was Keith!

She's going to publicly accuse
my son of murder.

Ok. There's a couple of ways to handle this.

It's a lie, Carl!

It's dirty politics,
and I won't stand for it.

My family had to live through
that nightmare years ago.

I won't put Nicole through it again.

And Keith couldn't...

This bastard Hodges waits 'til the primary
so you don't have time to respond.

I don't care what day it is. It's a lie...

I know, but we can't pretend that
day isn't important.

I'll put a lid on Kingsley, at
least until the polls close.

We win the primary, then take it from there.

No. We've got to find out who's sourcing
this and get them to recant.

I'll figure out where this is
coming from and I'll cut it off.

But, David...

We go back a few years.

You have your principles,
you don't compromise. Blah, blah, blah.

That's why I love you, but you knew
the gloves were going to come off.

They are off.

That's why you have me.

Go back and forget about this.

I'm on it.

I can't let them throw my son to the wolves.

David. I'll take care of it.

- Is that you?
- Yeah. You better get lost.

I'll call you in an hour.

It's okay, fellas.

I'm fine.

Damn it.

Let's go back to the front
and wait for them to leave.


They're not on Central.

Just keep looking! We gotta find them.

I'll take the side streets. They're
around here somewhere.

- We've gotta find them!
- Okay.

You're in my space.

I'm sorry, we'll leave.

Is there a phone around here?


What are you looking for?

Wanna score some dope?

We need to get rid of those guys.
Can you help us get to a phone?

You want me to help you?

What are your little designer jeans worth?

And those kicks, another $125?

You want to trade places
with me for a while?

Want to turn tricks while I snuggle with
your daddy in the Hollywood foothills?

Go away.

We've been kidnapped.

I don't know... Her arm is broken.

Those guys are still out there.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Is there any other way out
besides the front door?

- But if we could just...
- But nothing. Get out!


How long have you been playing me?

Playing you?

Playing me!

What are you doing?

Why don't you tell me about this?

Tell you what, Jack?

Skip the "I don't know what
you're talking about" phase.

You loaded this card with intel.

I wanna know who you're working for
and who you smuggled this card to.

You're delirious!

- Who are you working for?
- I work for you.

Who are you working for?

- Who are you working for?
- I work for you!

Whoever programmed this card is
involved with the hit on Palmer.

This came from your computer.

I don't care where it came from.
I didn't do it.

And I can't believe that you think I did.

There it is. $1 million in your account
in addition to what we already agreed on.

Now, where's the ID?

Let's get it.

No, just the three of us.

And why do I trust you?

Because you want the ID.

I'm going to miss you, Mandy.

- How's your arm?
- It's okay if I don't move it.

Then don't move it.

I know you're in here.
I can smell your perfume.

Where are you?

This is starting to piss me off!

He's going to be ready.

I'm telling you.

No, I saw him work out
yesterday. He looked good.

He's going to be ready.

Excuse me.

I'll call you back.

You looking for something?

Can you help us? These guys are after us.

What guys?

I'll pay you whatever you want.
Just get us out of here!

Let's see the money.

I don't have it on me. When you get
us home, my parents will pay you.

Whatever you want.

Sorry, I run a cash-up-front business.

What's your name, sweetheart?


Can't we just use your phone
at least, please?

Come here!

Go! Run! Take the phone and run! Go, go, go!



It's cool, man.

Is this right?


They just posted a memorandum.

Richard Walsh is dead.

That can't be. He was just here an hour ago.

That's what it says.

Oh, my God.

Can you find out what happened?

Jack's got me working on something.

All right. Can you open up a socket on
my terminal? I'll check it myself.




I need you up here now. Do you have it yet?

Almost. Another couple minutes.

As soon as you're done, come up.

Thank you.

That job this summer. You in?


Okay, Jonathan, you're done.

I had no choice.

The keycard was definitely programmed
from Nina's computer.

The log-in time was 10:14 p. m.

Looks like the next 20 minutes were
spent gathering data...

...and another seven to burn
it into the keycard.

Log-out was 10:41, January 14.

It goes on to specify
which files were accessed.

If you want more details,
there's about two screens...

Wait a minute.

- What was the date?
- January 14, a few months ago.

Second weekend in January, Jack.

That's all I got.

Thank you, Jamey.
That's all I need right now.

That was the same weekend that we
were in Santa Barbara together.

Someone from this office
hacked your log-in code.

They're in your system.

You were way off on this one, Jack.

- I'm sorry, Nina..
- How could you?


This is Tony Almeida at CTU.

Look, you better get down here right away.

Jack Bauer needs to be
relieved of his command.

- Hello?
- Mom, you've got to come get us!

Kim? What's wrong? Still at the party?

There was no party. They made us say that.


These guys. Listen, we're in
North Hollywood, behind...

Platt's Auto Body! Platt's Auto Body!

Kim, they're coming!

- You got to come now!
- Kim!

What's going on? Teri?

- 911 Emergency.
- Listen, my daughter's in trouble.

She's in North Hollywood,
behind Platt's Auto Body.

It sounded like someone was chasing her!

Come on, Kim!


No, look at me.


I told you to chill.
Why didn't you listen?

Let go of me! No!

Shut up!

- Let go!
- Come on.

What about her?

Forget her, we got what we need.

- Come on!
- No!

Keep moving!

Shut up.