13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Acceptance/Rejection - full transcript

[theme music plays]

[Clay] The year is 2161.

Earth is an arid landfill.

Desolate, polluted.

[distorted screeching]

[thrilling music plays]


[Clay] Only a precious few humans
holding on.

The Earth is under attack
from a sentient robot army.

Invaders from the Andromeda galaxy
planet of Rycon Seven.

They're just shooting
that fucking thing everywhere

to see who goes running.
It's really not nice.

-Zymorx, for fuck's sake, get down.
-Why? You don't care if I die.

No, I don't, but if you get scoped
before we're ready to blow back,

you'll get us all killed.

You're not really gonna
take the fight to them, are you, Perce?

'Cause it's suicide.

And what are we down to?

Couple of squads?

So it's suicide, and it's murder.

-The alternative is we wait to die.
-[Zymorx] We're all waiting to die.

The alternative is fall back,
retreat, fight another day.

Yeah, your Ryconian friends
would like that if we ran.

They're not my fucking friends.

Talking about you.

Who are you really fighting?

Set it up, let's go.

[Clay] Zymorx is a sentient robot.

A Ryconian,

but with a manufacturing flaw:

they accidentally made him
with a conscience.

Or so it was said.

Percy never believed it.

You're not cold.

I am lately.

Feel cold. I feel heat.

[Percy] So...

do you miss her?

It's how I know what hurt is. [sighs]

You gonna forgive her?

For leaving?

[motorcycle approaching]

[Zymorx] Hey!

[robotic growling]


[rider sighs]

[rider sighs] Fucking tin cans
blocked up the river,

so I had to go through the shit swamp!

[exhales deeply] Hello, boys.

I'm back.


Oh, thank God.

[interference distorting]

[Clay] The robots harvest
full-grown adults,

so all that's left to fight them
is an army of children.

[man] Please help!

[Clay] Fighting an inhospitable world
that took away their childhood.

We were on the forward line.
Their scout robots are so fucking fast!

[Percy] Fuck! Hey. Get him up! Come on!

-Pull him back. Here we go.

-Hey, he needs a medic.
-He needs a priest.

Get me a goddamn medic! That's an order!


[pained groaning]

[Percy sighs]

-There is so little we can do.
-I sent him out. I'm not letting him die.

[Clay] Having to become adults
before their time,

-trying to take their world back.

You're gonna be OK, all right?
You're gonna be OK.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have sent you out there like that.

-I'm sorry. But I felt like I had to.

I'm sorry we have to make decisions
like this at all.

[breathing heavily] Hey. Come here.

I'm right here.

[Clay] Sending their friends
into battle...

I'm right here.

...and watching them die.

[electric sparks sizzle]

[distant grinding and rumbling]

-[shotgun cocking, shot reverberating]

[Clay] I've had some version
of that same dream for days and days.

I've sent a young soldier out to die.

I realize I've done the wrong thing.

[police radio chatter]

[Diaz] So you boys heard there was
an operation, and wanted to warn Tyler?

-Yes, sir.
-That's right.

What led you to believe
Tyler was buying illegal guns?

I found photos of guns in his backpack
during the active shooter drill,

printed from the internet
like he was gonna buy.

I was... scared.

And that was the only reason
you had to suspect him?

It was.

He didn't tell you why you had to
drive him to the station Christmas Eve?

No, but I was worried about him.
He was in trouble.

And you thought you'd warn him.

-[distant siren approaching]
-Yes, sir.

He's our friend.

[Bill] Tyler was an informant,

and he assisted us
with a number of operations.

[door opens, closes]

We traced a bag-load
of illegal guns to him.

Deferred charges in exchange for his help
getting guns like that off the street.

Jesus Christ.

It was Deputy Standall's idea,
and a good one.

Look, Tyler put himself in harm's way
to help us,

and we should be grateful for that.

All of us, our entire community
is safer because of his sacrifice.

Yes, sir.

-Can we talk to him?
-[Diaz] No.

Not just yet.

[Clay] I was dreaming of war,

and then a sort of actual war broke out...


...at school with everyone.

[Clay] Where've you been?


-You all right?
-You all right?


are you using?

[chuckles lightly]

Clay, man. [inhales sharply]

If I were you,
I'd get my own shit together

before worrying about anyone else.

[door slams closed]

[Clay] Things were just,
like, primed to explode.

And then they did.

[knocking on door]

Hey, baby girl, just checking in.

Any word from Columbia?

Uh, no.

No, I think they really enjoy torturing us
to the very last second.

Yeah, I'm sure it can feel that way.
You got this, honey!

And I was gonna wait,
give this to you later, but...

I think you need it now.

Dad! [chuckles awkwardly]

-[chuckles proudly]
-Thank you.

[Clay] Jessica got rejected
from her top three schools.

-I'll see you tonight.
-See you.

[Clay] It wasn't the interview.

She took her SAT the first time
two days after Bryce got probation,

and she took it the second time
a week after he died.

Even good news about college
can freak people out.

It's the future.

What... What is happening right now?

[Clay] We're all afraid of the future.

[Carolyn giggles]

Well, heaven's sakes, open it!

I got in.

-[Carolyn squeals excitedly, giggles]
-[Bill laughs] Yeah!

[Bill and Carolyn cheer]

That's fantastic, right?


Yeah. It's... It's great.

I just, uh...

I feel like I shouldn't
let myself get too excited.


[stutters] We'll do whatever we have to.

It's OK to take a few loans!

Yeah, no, I know, it's just...

I mean, you think things are OK at work?

Buddy, things are great at work, OK?
Why wouldn't they be?

Can you honestly tell me
you're not worried about the future?

Look, buddy,

everybody worries about the future,

but everything's gonna be OK.

Trust me?


What's going on?

-Justin got a letter this morning.
-Holy shit! Uh...

I mean, sorry.

-Don't be sorry.

But please open it, or Lainie will.

It's taken everything in my power
to stop her.


Uh... "Dear Justin..."

[chuckles incredulously] I... I got in.

[Lainie] Yes!

Way to go, kiddo.

That's fantastic!

[Lainie] We are so happy for you.
You have done so, so well.

And yours is coming, I know it.

And you're doing so great
with Dr. Ellman, and...

We should celebrate, huh?
Medgie's for dinner this weekend?

Or we could treat the boys
to something special?

I, uh...

I hear there's a Gordon Lightfoot concert
coming to town

that all the kids are talking about.
When is that?

[both] Uh...

There is?
I... I'm... I didn't know about that.

That's a great idea.

I'm surprised you guys love him like I do.

♪ Sundown you better take care ♪

♪ If I find you been creepin'
Down my back stairs ♪

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I didn't hear about that.

[Lainie] No? We'll think of something.

[Matt] Come on, dig in!

-I used a new technique with the eggs.

It's a touch of cream.

Hey, how do they know
about Gordon Lightfoot?

It's gotta be a coincidence, right?

Maybe he is playing a concert.

When has Gordon Lightfoot
ever played Evergreen?

I don't even know
who Gordon Lightfoot is!

They probably just heard us
using it out loud.

Uh, I mean, they just wanna connect.
They don't know anything,

or they wouldn't be talking to us
about going to college.

You going to college.

You're going to college too.


Jesus, just chill out.

Let's go.

[Clay] There was this whole feeling
that bad shit was about to happen.

[suspenseful music plays]

[Bryce] I wish you the best, Jess.



It was in the darkroom last night.

Envelope with my name on it.

Was it from Tyler?

I don't know.

Uh, but we don't even know
if Jessica ever heard it, right?

I think she must have,

and she sent Justin to take care of Bryce.

You think she could do that?

Clay and Ani have been fucking with me...

and making Alex break up with me
to cover for her.

No way!
She wouldn't do anything like that.

-I know you think you love her...
-I don't think, I know.

And I know she didn't do
anything like that. Not her.

[door opens]

-We gotta use our heads...
-[door closes]

...and not our hearts.

Is that what you're doing?

I mean,

do you want revenge for Monty...

or for yourself?

[door opens, closes]

[Clay] People's lives are unstable.

Good morning!

I will be out of your hair very soon.

I promise.

First of all, I have very little hair.

And second,
this is your home as long as you need!

That's how we do.

Well, I wish I could earn my keep.

Get that one out of bed and to school
on time, that'd be enough for me.

-[Tony] I'm not a fucking child!
-Then stop acting like one!

[Tony] I have a fight tomorrow!

Because you're a stubborn child
with a fucking death wish!

Seriously, stay.

You're the only one that he listens to.

I'll see you later.

All right.

[door opens, closes]

I'll make breakfast!

Is it a keto day or a no-carb day?

Today is a fasting-till-one day.

-The day before a match, you don't eat?
-I eat a lot, just after one.

Stanford University.

Holy shit, girl!

You must have, like, what,
like, a dozen of these now.

Nine for nine!

And not one of them anything close
to a full ride.

[inhales sharply]

You could take her money.

It would be the most fair thing.

Would you take her money?

I mean, it's not just about me.

You have to stop worrying about them now.

You and me, we do for Clay,
for Jessica, for Alex,

for all of them, without question.

But what happens to them
if the shit comes down?

And what happens to us?

They have parents who are citizens.

It's different for us.

Tell me I'm wrong.

So what?

You drive away?

Leave Clay standing on the curb?

He's your ride-or-die.

I don't know.

He showed up for Tyler, but...

[inhales deeply]

I don't know him anymore.

[ominous music plays]

[distant laugh echoes]

[Clay] The whole school is, like, on edge.

[indistinct chattering]

[Clay] Has been since the lockdown.

[indistinct sounds distort]

-[Bolan] No!

[scream echoes]

[breathing heavily]

[Clay] And it feels like

the things that were starting to crack
a little bit before...

are now falling right down on our heads.


[Diego sighs]

-Luke saw you with Foley last night.

So what?

We hang out a little. We're friends.

[inhales slowly] Why didn't you tell me?

I don't need your permission.

You've been blowing me off. [sighs]

His mom fucking died last week.

Shit. I, um...

I... I didn't know.

I'm just trying to be supportive.

And that's it? Just friends?

You know, because Winston thinks
you've been playing me all along.


Like maybe we're getting too close
to the truth about Bryce.

That's insane.

Was that the whole reason
you were with me?

You've just been protecting Foley
all along.

He's a friend. He didn't do anything.

He's a fucking junkie, Jess!

A black hole.

I don't wanna see you
get sucked down with him.

Hey, I won't, OK?

I promise.

[Diego sighs]

[Foundry] I don't think you understand
the severity of the situation, Zach.

If you don't get your grades up,
you'll have to repeat senior year.

I know you don't want to be here
longer than you have to.

I don't know. Liberty's a pretty lovely
and idyllic place.

Any kid who can use the word "idyllic"
while being a smart-ass

should not be failing out.

So I don't graduate.

That's OK.

So what's the rest of that plan?

Do you find, in general,
that plans make any difference whatsoever?

-Like, they ever turn out?
-I do.

Sometimes they don't, but...

the only guarantee of failure is
to have no plan at all.

Well, I heard Walplex is hiring,

and there's always one of Evergreen's
many fast-food establishments.

Uh, do you think that...

that I'm management material?

Right, come see me
if you decide to give a shit.


I'll see you at the drive-thru.

Sounds about right.

[Clay] Tyler finally came back to school.

And you'd think that'd be a relief.

It wasn't so much.

Did he know anything about Spring Fling?
Anything at all?



Alex's dad convinced Diaz
that I wasn't violent,

just a misguided kid
who liked guns too much,

and who could help the department.

So where have you been
for the past week?

I had to be deposed
and go in front of a judge in secret.

I needed a break from school...

and from my friends.

-[Tyler] No, man, I told you.

I told you that
the guns would only trace back to me,

and that everything would be OK.
They wouldn't let me tell you the truth.

We're so sorry.

They dropped my charges.

Seriously, they... they trusted me.

You said from the beginning
if we trusted each other,

everything would be OK.

I did.

Shit got complicated, Ty.

But it's not, actually. It's...

I mean, all you have to do is
have faith in your friends, right?

You two taught me that.

Or did you forget?

[Clay] Tyler was so angry.

But, I mean, everyone was angry.

It was like the fuel waiting for the fire.

Things are only getting worse.

They're putting cameras in locker rooms.
That's gotta be violating some law, right?

-Then they'll change the laws.

It's a fucking police state.

Jess, can't you talk to Bolan?

You guys,
I haven't totally been honest with you.

At the beginning of the semester,

Bolan asked me to give him my input
on the security measures...


...and to give him updates
on how people were reacting to everything.

Wait, so you've been helping him?

I just... Look, I wanted to help
make the school safer.

I swear, he never told me about the drill
or... or any of this stuff!

But you've been lying to us.

I'm sure that Jess was just doing
what she thought was best.

It's not... [inhales deeply]

...always easy
to know exactly the right thing to do

when you're trying to protect people.

Is there anything we can do?

I've already tried talking to Bolan.

He doesn't listen to me anymore.

Maybe this is all bigger than us.

Maybe we've got no power here.


Story of my life.

[door opens, closes]

Tony, that guy is a Nazi.

He's got "white power" tattoos.

-So I feel like he's here to kill you.

So I won't let him.

I don't know, Tony.

I let you host this
so that you can keep an eye on me.

You taught me to fight!

Why don't you want me to fight?

Because I think you're doing it
to get yourself hurt.

What if I'm trying to win?

You have a knockout
and two decisions, Tony.

-When is it gonna be enough?

I have all of this shit in my life...

that I'm afraid of.

That I can't fight back against.


This is the one fair fight in my life.

What if it isn't fair?

It's fuel to the fire.

[Caleb] Is it?

Or is it one more secret
that you're carrying alone?

[clicks tongue]

[referee] OK, gentlemen, come on in.
Let's go.

All right, I want a good, clean fight.

You got it?

You got it?

All right, touch gloves.

Fucking faggot! You die today.

Back to your corners. Let's go.

-[bell dings]
-[crowd yells encouragement]

[Tony groans, grunts]

Go back!

[pained groaning]

Hey, hi.


You're supposed to be at work.

They... But they told me
that you don't work there anymore?


They also told me you got fired.


Yeah, whatever.
[chuckles, inhales sharply]

I saw you with Diego today.

In study hall.

You actually like him. [chuckles]

That's bullshit.

Tell me you don't.

'Cause I can... I can see it.

Think he's, like, hot, or whatever,
and I'm a fucking mess. [laughs]

I don't fucking think that at all, Justin!

Well, I am.

And I'm not gonna get better, so...


Better to be with him than to, um...
[clicks tongue]

...sit around and wait for me to OD.


So don't OD!


Get the fuck...

outta here.


I didn't ask you to come looking for me.

I came to the fucking alley
for a fucking reason.

I'll always come looking for you.

[exhales slowly]

That's fucking pathetic.




Go, Jess.

Go fuck Diego!

[Jess sobs lightly]


[Jess continues sobbing]

[exhales slowly]

Remember what you're fighting for!
Remember it!

[Clay] Because, like, there comes a time
when enough is enough...

[coach] This is where you get up!

[Clay] ...and you have to stand up
and face up and fight back.

[coach shouts encouragement]

This is it!

[referee] All right. Look at me!

-You all right? Can you go?

-All right, let's go. Fight!
-[coach] Take it to him, Tony!

Take it to him!

[boxer grunts]

[boxer groans]

[crowd whistles, shouts encouragement]

-That's it!

[bell dings]

[crowd cheers]

-I love you.
-I love you.

-[Caleb] You did it!
-I love you.

-I need to not get hit as much.
-Yeah, you do!


Hi, great fight.

-Thank you.
-Listen, my name is Jack Ross.

I'm the assistant boxing coach
at the University of Nevada.

We've seen you fight a couple times now.
Are your folks around?

Uh... they don't live here.

I'd love to meet them sometime.
We'd like to offer you a scholarship.

-For fighting?
-[Ross chuckles]

Yes, sir. Now, I know right now,
you gotta get a shower, get a meal,

but give me a call.

I'm in town for another day.

Well, how about that?


I'm not saying I don't care,

I'm saying I don't know
if now is the best time

-to be going to some stupid...
-[Lainie] It's not stupid!

And we made a commitment to do this,
for them.

Is it for them, though?
Or is it really just for us?

[Lainie sighs] Um...

You wanted to see us?

Yes, uh,
we are on our way out for date night.

Why so many date nights lately?

And... and what commitment did you make?

Oh, we're committed
to keeping the romance alive.

Here is some money for pizza.

And we are actually running late,
so be good.

-Yeah, you too!
-[door opens, closes]

That was weird, right?

They're probably going to a weird meeting
of their sex cult.

Dude, why would you put that in my brain?

Sorry, it's date night. [snickering]

They've been on
a half dozen dates this year

and never look
like they're enjoying them.

Maybe that's why they keep going.

Maybe it's to keep the magic alive,
you know?

Oh, my God, dude, I'm just saying,

maybe it's not a date at all.

[suspenseful music plays]

[door opens, closes]

[indistinct chattering]

[Foundry] And thanks
to all of your incredible support

and fundraising over this past semester,
we've had tremendous success

with a number of new,
innovative security practices.

Thank you.

Tonight's focus
is on your kids' online lives.

We know many of you have downloaded
Dave's apps to read emails and texts,

follow online activity,
geotrack your kids,

but if you don't have the apps yet,
uh, just talk to Dave after our session.

And, uh, he can also, uh,
link you into their laptops,

webcams, solutions for your home.

Anything you need.

What's really great about these apps

is Dave and his team
can aggregate the data,

which will keep us apprised
of trending topics,

hot button issues.

Really, everything that your kids
communicate about.

Of course, we recently completed

a successful active-shooter drill
here on campus,

which has, uh, made us more prepared

to respond quickly and effectively
in an emergency.

-[Matt clears throat]
-Yes, question.

Yeah, uh, that drill gave my son
a nervous breakdown.

How can you say it was successful?

No, there were a small number of students
who were upset by the drill,

and we did have follow-up counseling.

He wasn't just upset! He ended up
in a psych ward, pissing his bed!

-[Lainie] Honey!

He wouldn't want us sharing that.

[Foundry] We weren't gonna do questions
until the end.

So, they had a parent meeting.
I really don't think it's such a big deal.

They have complete access.

They've been watching everything we do,
tracking every move we make.

If all they know is that we've been
talking about Gordon Lightfoot,

how much do they actually know?

Look, I don't think
they've cracked the code yet,

but they have a fucking security team
working on it.

They could be listening right now
for all we know!

-Clay, I think you're being paranoid.
-I think you're being stupid!

Look, you escaped from a mental hospital.

How do you expect anyone to trust you?

You're still with Diego.
How do we trust you?

You're the one who wanted to meet.

Look, we have to get everyone together,
or you do.

[Jess] Who's left?

Justin's not speaking to me, Zach's done.

I mean, Alex? Ani?

Ani moved out,
and she's been meeting with Miss Walker.

Alex saw her.

[Clay scoffs]

We are so fucked.

[Caleb] And everything is paid for?

Here's the offer letter.

Full tuition, housing, meals,
and a stipend for expenses.

[door opens, closes]


-Tony, Coach Ross was just...
-Coach Ross was just leaving.

-Tony, maybe I can talk you through...
-There's nothing to talk through.

I have responsibilities here.

I can't go to Nevada.

If he could have more time
to think about...

-I don't need to think about it! I...
-[Ross] Of course!

Talk it over.

The offer holds for 30 days.

Thank you.

I'm sorry to have wasted your time.

It's a real pleasure
watching you fight, Tony.

I hope you'll continue fighting
in the right rings.

[door closes]

So, wait, is this for real,
or is it just Clay being crazy?

It was a parent meeting.

Yours were there, my dad was there.

Clay says that they have everything.

[Alex] Jesus.

Fuck. Um...

I heard Diaz talking to my dad
the other day,

and it sounded like
he's gonna reopen the case.

Why didn't you say anything?

I'm saying something now.

Maybe Clay's right.
Maybe we should call a meeting.

I tried. Turns out I've pissed off
everyone in my life,

so I guess this is the meeting.

Well, makes sense.

It always has been you and me.

What should we do?

I don't know.

You know, I couldn't figure it out.

Jess choosing you over me.

I mean...

you're a joke on the field,

you're obviously a shit boyfriend.

So what does she see in you?


Um, I don't really have time
for this shit right now.

But then I heard the tape.

What tape?

That Bryce made for her.

She's protecting you, isn't she?

Because you did it.

You killed him.

You really don't know
what the fuck you're talking about.

But if I were you,

I'd keep my fucking mouth shut.

I'm gonna get the truth.


How, exactly?

I'll beat the shit out of you
if I have to.

Though, something tells me you won't last
as long as your boy Zach did.

[chuckles lightly]

[tense music plays]

[both grunt]

Hey! Enough! That's enough, break it up!

You, back to class.
You, up against the locker!

-Me? Why just me?
-I said up against the locker!

What the fuck, man? We were just talking!

-I said back to class!
-What the hell?

Another fucking Mexican kid
starting a fight?

-I'm Dominican. What the fuck?
-You can't say shit like that.

-Get off him!
-Back off! Hey!

[students gasping]

-[Diego] Oh, shit! Don't shoot! Please!

Put the gun away.
I'll do what you want.

Back up. Back the fuck up!

Up against the locker!
Against the locker, hands spread.

[panicked gasping]

Come on. He didn't do anything, man.
Let him go!

-[yelling] Let him go!
-Hey, what the fuck?

[Jess] Hey!

-[Justin] Jesus!
-[Jess] What the fuck?

[students exclaiming]

Oh, this is fucking unbelievable.
This is fucking typical.

[boy] They don't care!

There are innocent people
being treated like criminals.

I'm told they were fighting.

Oh, that's bullshit!

And it's not just them, it's all of us!

-[students] Yeah!
-[Jess] Presumed guilty? No charge?

No due process?

[Bolan] All right, people. Folks!

-[whistling, applause]
-[Bolan] Hey, please.

The situation is being addressed.

Let's get back to class.

[students murmuring]


Do not make matters worse.

Get back to class.

No. We're not going back to class.

Clay, I promise you we will get into this.

Diego's being released,

the officer will be disciplined
if appropriate...

[students booing]

...and we will address the situation
according to...

-Fuck that! Enough is enough!
-[students shout agreement]

Fucking right.

All right, I understand your point
without all the inappropriate language.

Fuck you, motherfucker.

[students exclaiming]

We're together on this.

Everyone get back to class right now,

or there will be consequences.

Bring it on.

We're not afraid.

[rousing music plays]

We're finally doing something.

Doing what, exactly?

[students laugh, murmur approval]

[Bolan] Hey.

[stuttering] Turn around.

No. [stutters]

No, turn around! The both...

-[girl 1] Yeah!

What do you think you're doing?

I believe it's a walkout, sir.

[boy 2] Woo!

-Thank you, Mr. Down.
-[girl 2] Bye!

Just to be clear,
I don't actually have a plan.

-I'm kind of following your lead.
-Me? I thought I was following you.

No, I...

Hey, you guys gotta figure something out,
because, I mean, everyone...

Yeah, it's, uh... it's kind of a thing.

[students exclaiming indistinctly]

[daunting music plays]

-[boy 1] Come on!
-[girl] Stay behind me, man.

[boy 2] Come on. Hurry up, man!

We shouldn't be going out there, right?

-It's a bad idea?
-No, total waste of fucking time.

When has a bunch of people walking out
actually ever accomplished anything?

Actually, I feel like, historically,
it has accomplished things.

I feel like I'm letting Jess down.

Why? Jessica can make plenty
of stupid noise on her own.

Jesus, Zach. Aren't you tired
of pretending to be an asshole?

[chuckles lightly]

Aren't you tired of being afraid?


Then let's make some noise.

But let's fucking do it right. Come on.

What the fuck are we doing?

Are we just gonna stand here,
or are we gonna do something?

I say we break some fucking heads!

[students] Yeah!

Or we could use our heads,
cut the power to the school,

maybe light some shit on fire.

[students] Yeah!

-Let's hear what our president has to say.
-Shit, I thought you took off.

Had to make a stop at the cave. Go!


Hey, everyone!

There's a lot we can disagree on,
but I know we can agree on one thing.

We're pissed off, am I right?

[students] Yeah!

'Cause shit has got to change around here,

so let's make damn sure it does today.
You guys with me?

[students] Yeah!

[boy] We need a fucking chant!

[girl] Yeah!

Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

[all] Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to...



I love this.
And we're so gonna get busted.

Ah, not more than I already am.

My life is fucked forever, so...

You know it's not, right?

So you're not gonna play football.
That's, like, the least thing about you.

Because, really, I'm smart and kind,
and I have people that love me?

Well, yeah.

[chanting in distance]

[siren approaching]

[Zach] Oh, shit!

[Zach] Woo!


["Black and White"
by Parquet Courts plays]

[students chanting] Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

We're asking for the removal
of all SROs on this campus

and all security measures.

That means no more cameras,
no more metal detectors,

no more Stop the Bleed demos,
and no more drills!

We want our school back!

It's more complicated than that.
We're complying with state laws.

Laws designed
to help these kids stay safe.

Then the laws are bad,
and you should break them.

When the videos from today
hit the Internet,

you want the world to know
you did nothing?

[students chanting] Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

Hey-hey, ho-ho,

SROs have got to go!

♪ But the bold strokes crack so quickly
And it's often that I wonder why... ♪


-[breathing heavily]

♪ How can I want something more
Than a new hell in which to fry? ♪


They'll find us in here.


♪ There's a sinful sort of side
Of being so contained ♪

♪ A bit like being lost ♪

♪ Stumbling through the background
Like a small town loner ♪

♪ Quietly a-whisperin' my thoughts
Into my cupped hands ♪

♪ Folded and monk-like,
At least that's what I've always said ♪

I mean, I guess we have their answer.

Jesus, how do Bolan and Foundry expect us
to go back inside with all of that there?

They don't want us
to go back inside anymore.

-They want us out of here.
-[microphone feedback]

This is the Evergreen County
Sheriff's Department.

You have two minutes
to vacate the premises

or you will be forcibly removed.

Two minutes!

Look, I mean, I'm...

I'm ready for a fight,
but, Jess, they have guns,

and we've got nothing.

That's not entirely true.

They've trained us for this moment.

Tell us, what's the plan?

[Jess] Tell everybody...

when they start in...

[Tyler] Tony? Hey!

Tony? Where are you going?

Ty, I can't. I'm sorry,
not with this many police officers here.

You know I have a record.

No, I know!

Time's up.

[tense music plays]


Officers, please proceed.

-[boy] Let's go!
-Stand your ground!

[boy] Let's fucking go!

[truncheons banging shields]


["The Modern World" by the Jam plays]
♪ What kind of fool do you think I am? ♪

[students yelling, clamoring]

♪ You think I know nothing
Of the modern world ♪

♪ All my life it's been the same ♪

-Yeah, baby!
-♪ I've learned to live by hate and pain ♪

♪ It's my inspiration drive ♪

♪ I've learned more
Than you'll ever know ♪

♪ Even at school I felt quite sure ♪

♪ That one day I would be on top ♪

♪ And I'd look down upon the map ♪

♪ The teachers who said I'd be nothing ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

-♪ This is the modern world ♪

♪ That I've learned about ♪

♪ This is the modern world ♪

What is it?

It's my fucking file.

What does it say?

-Evergreen Sheriff!

Fuck. Go, get the fuck out.
Go out the back way!

-Come on.

Why are you with me and not with Charlie?

Go find him.

-[banging continues]

[officers grunting]

[fatalistic music plays]

-[banging on door]
-[Diaz] Yeah, that's it. That's it.

[yelling, clamoring]

[Estela yells] No! You get your hands...


I'm out of ammo! What do we do?


We fight. Come on!

Fuck you!

Jess! Jess! Hey, hey, hey! Come on,
you can't get arrested, you know that!

You have to protect yourself, Jess!

You gave up on yourself, Justin.
I don't care anymore!

-Hey, fuck you!
-[Justin] Jess, don't!

-[Jess cries in pain]
-[Justin] Asshole!

Fucking asshole!

[thrilling music plays]

[man] Hey!

-Get the fuck off of him!


[music fades, distorts slightly]

[students scream]



[breathing heavily]

Hey! Hey, hold on!

Don't run away from this.
Listen! Listen to me!

Look, they're gonna try to make us think
that we're the problem,

but we are not the problem!

We go to the school
that they built for us.

We live in the society
that they made for us,

and shit is broken!

Shit is wrong!

-[students shout agreement]
-And they can't fix it. They won't!

So it's our turn now.

We're gonna make it right
if we have to burn it down and start over.

So I say fuck it all!

Fuck, yeah!

We're fighting. Who's with me?

-[Clay] Fuck it all!

-Fuck it all! Let's go!

[exciting music plays]

[all yelling]

[girl screams]

[yelling, clamoring]


-You all right?

Thank you, man.

Hey, why couldn't she get arrested?


Why is Jessica the one
that couldn't get arrested?


Jesus, it's her.

[exciting music plays]


Run. Go!


Hey, hey! I know this little punk here.

You go, help someone else, all right?
I got it.

You stupid...
You realize how much trouble you're in?

-That's strike three, right?

Yes! I did my research
when I took the job.

Or did you think I actually thought
your name was pronounced Padilla?

-You're gonna let me go?
-If I do, you gonna go back in that fight?

As long as my friends are in it, yeah.

I would've said the same thing
when I was your age.

Don't make me regret
calling that college scout.


Now, go before I change my mind.

And, hey, Tony!

Live to fight another day.

Yes, sir!



Char... Charlie!

Charlie, hey.

Wake up!

-Wake up! Charlie, come on. Come on!
-[flames crackling]

Charlie, get up. Come on.

Fire! Fire!

Everyone! Move!

Jess! Get down!

[blast reverberates]

[Ellman] And the police never found out
who destroyed the principal's car?


Clay, you've told me a number of times
that I'm the only person in your life

that you can be completely honest with
right now.

Is that still true?


Totally, yeah.

Principal Bolan reached out to me.

Before he decides on discipline,

he wanted to know about your progress.

Your state of mind.

I can speak to him in a limited way
about our work...

if you give me permission.

He showed me this.

[Clay] What the hell?

[Ellman] If you tell me
you don't remember that,

if you look me in the eye...

and tell me,

I'll believe you.

[ominous music plays]

I don't remember...

at all.

[exhales slowly]

Then we have a problem here.

[Clay] The fuck?

[Alex] Who did this?

[Jess] No fucking idea.

-[Jess] Fuck off, asshole!

We're scared enough!

[Foundry] Anything you want to tell me
about the cameras?

Who might've seen fit to destroy them?

Fire! Fire!

[breathing heavily]

I, uh...

I... It...

I think you've been keeping secrets
from everyone, from me,

and most damaging,

from yourself.

[whispers] Yes.

[Ellman] Are you ready
to let those secrets out?

[tense music plays]


[ominous tone reverberates]

["Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot plays]

♪ Sundown you better take care ♪

♪ If I find you've been creepin'... ♪

[Jess reads text]

♪ She's been lookin' like a queen
In a sailor's dream ♪

♪ And she don't always say
What she really means ♪

♪ Sometimes I think it's a shame ♪

♪ When I get feelin' better
When I'm feelin' no pain ♪

♪ Sometimes I think it's a shame ♪

♪ When I get feelin' better
When I'm feelin' no pain ♪

♪ I can picture every move
That a man could make ♪

♪ Getting lost in her lovin'
Is your first mistake ♪

♪ Sundown you better take care ♪

♪ If I find you've been creepin'
'Round my back stairs ♪

♪ Sometimes I think it's a sin ♪

♪ When I feel like I'm winnin'
When I'm losin' again ♪

♪ I can see her lookin' fast
In her faded jeans ♪

♪ She's a hard lovin' woman
Got me feelin' mean ♪

♪ Sometimes I think it's a shame ♪

♪ When I get feelin' better
When I'm feelin' no pain ♪

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.