13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Episode #4.9 - full transcript

[theme music plays]

[Clay] So, yeah, there was a riot.

I blew up a car, and it did some damage.

[Alex] Charlie, wake up.

Charlie, please. Wake up.

-[Alex] Charlie, come on. Please.
-[groans] No.

Come on, my folks are up.
You gotta sneak out.



-You sleep like you're dead.

I like sleep. [inhales slowly]

I like sleeping next to you.

Yeah, me too.

[Charlie chuckles]

Someday, maybe we could do more
than just literally sleep together?

Yes, we will someday,
but right now, you gotta go.

Or I could stay and meet your parents.

[scoffs] Yeah, or we could meet your dad
and the entire Liberty High Booster Club,

-of which he's the president.


You mean touché?

No. I don't know that word.

[both laugh]

Just get out. Go.

[Clay] The real damage it did was
put Dean Foundry on the warpath.

[Zach] I don't know why
I raised a bat at the police.

[sighs] I was out of my mind.

Destroying all my personal possessions
wasn't enough to work it all out?

You went through your file,
and you took one thing out:

the letter from Coach Kerba.


I, uh...

[inhales deeply, sighs heavily]
I don't know.

[Foundry] Some students last week
had legitimate grievances.

Some were just venting anger,

but I don't really think it's me
that you're angry at,

is it?


Justin, hey. Justin, come on,
we cannot be late for our first day back.

-Come on.
-Shit, that's today?

[Clay] Yeah, school was closed for a week,

but we still have to make it up
at the end of the year.

And apparently, there's a whole...

investigation into what started it,

what you and Diego were fighting about.


Hey, are...

Are you OK?

-Yeah, I have the flu or some shit.
-The flu?

Or some shit?

I haven't used in days.

-You told me you would stop.
-I did, I...

I mean, this... this...

It's just what it must be.

-Look, I just need some sleep.

Justin, I'm not saying
I've got my own shit dealt with, but...

do you need to go back to rehab?
Or, like...

My folks could get you, I don't know,
they have addiction doctors...

-I don't wanna spend more of their money.
-We should do something.

I don't want them to know I relapsed!

Clay, just give me a minute
to get better again, OK?

[labored breathing]

Yeah. Of course.

Do you need anything?

You should go to school.

[Clay] We all still had these secrets
that might be exposed.

-[door opens, closes]
-[Foundry] We can't expel everybody,

or suspend everybody, so it's important
we... identify the instigators

and those responsible for the most damage.

Hmm. Is that why
you suspended Zach a week?

Who instigated your involvement?

What were Diego and Justin fighting about?

A student mentioned
hearing them talk about a tape.

Well, my involvement was instigated

by an oppressive police state
trampling on students' rights.

Really? In the Marines,
I did a tour on the Korean DMZ.

I'll tell you about a police state

[Clay] And then, things got worse.

So your response to all of this is just...

[scoffs] ...more punishment?

The police have deferred prosecution
pending our investigation,

so we need to find out
who did what, and why.

Hey, look, punish me, fine,

but don't cancel prom.

That's not fair.

Jessica, a group of parents managed
to get a county judge

to issue a gang injunction
against the students at Liberty.

We can't have a prom.

That's insane.

Yeah, no, it wouldn't have been my choice
on how to proceed, but there we are.

You can help me...

if you can let me in on a secret:

why Justin and Diego
were fighting in the first place.

Why Clay Jensen's
destroying security cameras.

What's really going on here?


What's really going on here...

is that we're gonna have a prom.

And I'm gonna fucking dance

like I don't have a care in the world,

and for one minute, just one,

I'll be free from all of this shit.

And I wish I could promise that, Jessica.
I truly do, but I can't.

I don't need you to.

I'll make it happen.

-[Caleb] You could be dead right now.

-[Tony] But I'm not.
-Or in jail.

-But I'm not.
-You literally cheat death

-in a bullshit pro-am match.
-I did not cheat death.

-I got knocked down once.
-By a white supremacist,

and then you escape with your life
only to go join a riot and assault a cop.

Winn talked him down,
he's letting it go, so...

I don't know
why we're rehashing this right now.

Nevada needs to hear from you, Tony.

Or not hear from me.

Why are you so hell-bent
on destroying a really good future?

I have a garage to take care of.
That's my future.

You weren't arrested last week,

so what else is it, Tony?

-What are you not telling me?
-Don't you have to open the gym?

[Clay] We couldn't just wait
for things to cool down.

There were people
who didn't want that to happen.

They bring the riot in here?

Uh, no. I think someone searched it
while school was off.

Looking for what?

Uh, girls. Can you give us a minute?

[sighs] A whole week.

Not even a text.

I was grounded.

No screens.

So, uh, if I look at your phone,
I won't see any texts to Justin?

Uh, you won't look at my phone, and no.

Yeah, he sure was protective of you.

Sure didn't want you arrested.

Probably just wanted you arrested more.

You're... you're playing this so cool
when it can go really bad for you.

What exactly do you think
you're threatening me with?

I think you know.

[laughs derisively]

That's funny.

I gotta tell Justin.

Don't you fucking laugh at me.

[Diego breathes heavily]

[tense music plays]

I'm on my way to Foundry.

Maybe I'll talk.

So talk.

[Ellman] And what is it
you're afraid the dean will find out?

I'm sure he knows about the car.

I haven't told anyone yet
about the cameras or the graffiti

or all the things I did to my friends,
like, on the camping trip.

I... I've only told you.

Do you think the dean might already know
at least some of those things?

Maybe. I...

-Do you want to tell him?

Do your friends know?

No. I don't think so.

Do you wanna tell them?

You think I should?

I'm not saying that. I'm asking you
what you think you should do.

[sighs, inhales deeply]

[Ellman] Clay,
we broke through last week.

Unlocking the secrets you've been keeping,
the trauma you've been suppressing,

that's the key to dealing
with the anxiety and dissociation,

but I don't think
we've begun to really work on that trauma.

I think there's too much
you're still not talking about.

I keep secrets.

For sure.

[clicks tongue]
And I keep secrets from my friends,

but also for my friends.

[Ellman] I hope we can talk
about more of those secrets,

but maybe you could start
by talking with your friends.

Jesus Christ, Clay.

You're gonna destroy us.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't in my right head for a long time.

Foundry's interviewing
every single person.

He's gonna find out
why Clay's been doing all that shit.

So what?
So, they interview us all one by one.

[slaps thighs] We just lie.

I mean, we all know how to do that.

I got pretty good at it.

Might not be the answer,
speaking from experience.

-They talked to Diego today.
-And you have Diego handled, right?

Here's the thing. Diego's on to us.
So is Estela, so is Winston.

Foundry heard the tape,

and now he's interrogating
the whole school, starting with Diego,

and who knows what he said.

They're only doing this
because of the parents.

My dad told me
all the Boosters have been calling him.

They asked for an investigation,
and the school caved.

So we are dead.

What if we got our parents
back on our side?

But they have, like, computer stats
on how much we lie to them.

How do we get them to trust us now?

Tell them the truth.


Uh, I mean,
you don't tell them all the truth.

You never tell them everything,
but you just tell them enough.

Enough that's true
to make them trust us again.

-We're in a war here.
-[Charlie] Yeah, and we're losing.

We get 'em back on our side,
we might have a chance.

We ask them
to help us stop an investigation?

[Charlie] Not directly.

First, we get them on our side
by confiding in them,

and then...

we ask them to help us get back prom.

It's like a bait and switch.

Ease off the police state
so we can get back prom,

and the investigation quietly goes away

before they put it all together.

And they're gonna believe
that we care about prom?

I actually do.

Yeah, so do I.

Yeah, me too.

[exhales] Tell our parents the truth.

[chuckles] This might be
the riskiest thing we've ever done.

[door opens]

-[Clay] Bye, Charlie.
-See you, man.

I'm sorry...

for whatever you think I did with Diego.

But you pushed me away.

You wouldn't let me help you,
then you gave up on yourself

again and again.

You're the one who left.

I was trying to make my way back to you.

But you were so angry with me.

-You broke my fucking heart!

I think your heart was broken
way before you met me.

[Clay] I don't think
we really cared about prom,

but if we could get our parents
back on our side, it sure would help.

So just to be clear,
you're not fans of Gordon Lightfoot then?

I didn't even know
who he was before this, Dad.

We didn't know
you'd start... singing his songs.

Alex Standall is obsessed with this song

"The... Wreck of Edward Fitzgerald."

Edmund Fitzgerald.

It's a classic.

Uh, but the point here is
that you've been lying to us.

[Justin] Not lying.

Just not...

telling the truth.

[Clay] What about you?

You lied about
putting those tracking apps on our phones,

and you paid for all that security
and those drills.

Did you forget to mention that
while I was strapped to a gurney?

Clay, we never meant for that to happen.
We were trying...

We thought...

somehow those things
might help keep you safe.

[Lainie] We're your parents.

If you won't tell us
what's going on in your life,

we still have to know somehow.

What about just asking us?

[Lainie] We ask all the time!

I think you know that's gotten us nowhere.

That's fair.

OK, so... new deal.

If you're really worried about my safety,
about keeping me alive,

we have to trust each other again.

We have to talk.

We'd like that.

Although, at this point,

it seems that you know more of our secrets
than we do of yours.


The vandalism at school,

the broken windows,

Bolan's car,

I did all those.

Dr. Ellman thinks
I may have been dissociating,

because I don't remember any of it.

And I'm... I'm...
I'm working to integrate my trauma,

to live with it rather than shut it off.



[sighs heavily] I've, um...

I've been using again.


[Justin] And I got fired from Monet's
for stealing money,

and I... I stole...

a few things from you guys,

a watch and a necklace...

to buy.


[Justin] I'm not using right now,

but it's been pretty rough this time.

Do you need to go back into treatment?

I hope not.

I'm gonna just...

I think I need a few days to...

rest and clean up, and, uh...

I'm gonna start working the steps again,

I'll pay you guys back.

[Matt] Justin, you need to know
we are here to help you through this,

but, boys,

these are both...

much bigger discussions.

[Clay] Yes,

and... and we will have them,

but, um...

we just... we need your help on something.

We want to go to prom.


kid... [exhales slowly]

...what's the news
that requires a public meeting?

Start another riot?

No. [chuckles]

No, it's nothing like that.

Uh, it's...


So, yeah. Um... [sighs]

I'm not...

one hundred percent straight.

I'm not any percent straight.

I'm bisexual, I guess,

and I like people for people,


I have a boyfriend currently.

[chuckles lightly]


What do you mean, "yeah"?

[dad] I mean,

I love you...

so much.

Always have, always will,

and you make me so proud.

By not being straight.

By being yourself.

But wait, wait, wait,
what did you mean by "yeah"?

-Did you know?

I could sense
that you were figuring something out

about your sexuality.


Just... watching you, living with you.

But, like, what?


Well... no self-respecting
middle school quarterback

is that big a fan of Eli Manning.

He has two Super Bowl rings.

-He got them almost by accident.
-And he never gives up.

A good quality when you throw
more interceptions than completions.

How are you doing this to Eli Manning?
You said you loved me.

I do, and in the eighth grade,

you had Eli Manning wallpaper
on your phone.

-He was a very good quarterback.
-He was shirtless.

He's very handsome.

He absolutely is.

[both chuckle]


You didn't think
this was gonna change anything?

[Charlie] Well, you never know.

I mean,
we don't always talk about everything.

Since Mom.

I know.

We'll get better at that.

You know I love you like crazy,
though, right?

[chuckles lightly] Yeah.

Which, uh, is good,

because I need a favor.


How'd I know?

[Charlie chuckles]

Ah, I'm gonna miss these meetings
when you're off at college,

far, far away.

Here's the proposal.

I'll take full responsibility
for the riot.

You suspend me as long as you need to,
but you don't expel me.

The police charge me

with instigating a riot,

and they drop all charges on anyone else,
especially Justin and Diego.

You know
that'll destroy your college admissions.

[Jess chuckles] Maybe,

and you know
that the police response was excessive,

and YouTube and Twitter are both
heavily agreeing, and you know that too.

I have a number of parents,
including my father, the colonel,

and Mrs. Achola, an immigrant,
prepared to ask why students of color

were disproportionately singled out
in the questioning.

-Do we know that they were?
-[Jess] Do you really want to count?

Mrs. Jensen is in court today,

asking that the injunction be lifted
on all school-sanctioned events.

The Booster Club's agreed to chaperone.
The president is writing you a letter.

All we need is
for you to sanction the prom

and drop the investigation,

and tell the venue
that we're not actual gang members.

Hmm. Do I know that's true?


I'm gonna start calling you Gary, OK?

You've said from the beginning
of this year that you wanted to help us,

to keep us safe, protect us.

Help us have the best
high school experience we could have.

Well, I suppose that's...

fair to say.

[Jess] Things got messed up for all of us,

but if we cancel prom,
then messed-upness wins.

Let's not let it win.

And prom and graduation
will go off uninterrupted?

With the class president
giving a speech at graduation per usual.

Vetted by the administration per usual.



Give me 24 hours. [exhales slowly]


Thank you, Peter. [Carolyn giggles]

[Peter] Hey.

-There you are, boys.
-[Bill] Hey, guys.

[Carolyn] I don't believe Peter and I
have met our dinner guest tonight.

Uh, yeah. This is Charlie.

Charlie St. George, the new quarterback.

Yep, um, and...

uh, also,

he's my boyfriend.

Well, good to see you again, Charlie.
I hope you like steak.

Yes, sir.

You're dating the fucking quarterback?

-Peter, language.
-[Peter] That's awesome!

Charlie, you're sitting here, man.

Come on,
we gotta talk about Liberty's offense.

-Come on.
-Good luck, Charlie.

-[Charlie chuckles]
-Hey. First of all, man, here.

-You OK?
-Yeah, no. I...

[Peter] It's not working.

I don't know. I thought this would be
a bigger deal, somehow.

Well, is he good to you?

Does he make you happy?

[Peter] All right? Good.

Then you do play action. Three-step drop,
hit the quick passes on the corner route.


A lot.

Then it's a very big deal to me.

[chuckles lightly]

[Clay] Maybe prom could change the subject
once and for all.

[upbeat music plays]

We got it.

-Prom is on.
-[girl 1] What?

-[girls squeal]

-[girl 2] I'm so behind.

[Ani] What?

Oh, well, it's not like I'm going.

Another big victory, and I'm the loser,

yet again.

You know, I'm just gonna quit politics
and marry rich.

Yeah, that'll go well. You know,
rich people, in general, are aces.


Look, why don't you just go with me
to prom?

Oh, no. No.

We're not doing
the whole pathetic friends thing.

OK, so let's do
the fucking not pathetic friends thing.

-Jessica Davis.
-Oh, my God.

You and I have fought like lovers.

Now, I've talked sex with you
more than I have with any man.

-I believe I had a crush on you

since the first time
I saw you going mental

at a student council meeting.

[Jess chuckles]

So will you, not as friends,
not as girlfriends,

but as you and me,

will you go to prom with me?

What are you doing?

-♪ You're just too good to be true ♪

-[girls giggle]
-♪ Can't take my eyes off of you ♪

-♪ You'd be like heaven to touch ♪

-♪ I want to hold you so much ♪
-[Jess chuckles]

♪ At long last... ♪

OK, OK, OK! Fine, fine, fine. Yes!

-[Ani] Yeah?
-I'll go to prom with you.

You have a really good singing voice.

Oh, thank you. You know, I expect a limo.


["Love Me Like The World Is Ending" plays]
♪ This is the first day of the future ♪

♪ And all I want is you ♪

♪ I wear a pair of socks you left here ♪

♪ But I know, I know, I know ♪

♪ Nobody could ever fill your shoes... ♪

You know, I had everything
sorted to a specific plan,

but I was a different person back then,

so now,
all my sorting criteria have changed,

and I have to reassess everything.


you think maybe you're a little OCD?

[chuckles] A little?


[Estela] She's so beautiful.

That's Hannah Baker, right?


Yeah, she was very beautiful.

She was also... She was really nice to me
when most people weren't.


would you, um...

[exhales nervously]

Uh, would you ever want
to go to prom with me?

Prom? [chuckles]

As in, like... like, senior prom?


No, right, yeah.

No, that's...

-You probably feel, like, really weird.

Hell, yes!

I'll go to senior prom with you.
Are you kidding me?



Yeah... Yeah. Cool.

Cool. Yeah.

Let's do it.

Well, that's just creepy.

-[door closes]

-Coffee and doughnuts.
-No time for a break, but thank you.

-Come on. Come have a doughnut.
-I will when I have time for a break.

Why can't you take a break now?

Because I'm in the middle of this rebuild,
and if I stop now, I have to clean up,

and I lose a half an hour.

Well, I'll feed them to you,
piece by luscious piece.

OK, this is a place of business,
and since when do you bring doughnuts?

Well, I was talking with Ani
about things, about us.

She's living with us.
She's entitled to an opinion.

And she helped me figure out a way
to show you that whatever you decide,

whatever you do in life,
I love you and I support you.

So you brought me doughnuts?

[Caleb] Special doughnuts.

Javi, guys.

Doughnut time.

What are you doing, man?

Well, you gonna say yes, bro?

[Alex] I'll be home at, like, 5:00.

I have my service hours from the riot.

They have me cleaning out
the old math book room.

So, bye.

-You can't have candles in here.

This is a book room.

Oh, they're prop candles.
There's no live flames.


OK, if I say yes, will this all stop?

Yeah, that... that's the point of it.

[Alex] So...

[inhales slowly]


-Yes, Charlie.

Yes, Charles Hayden Brixton St. George.

I will go to prom with you.

[chuckles lightly]

[funky music plays]

I just...
I feel like I should stay home with you.

Dude, it's your senior prom.

Are you sure you can't come
for a little bit?

Charlie got an eight-person limo.

Is it somewhat gay
that you're going with the two of them?

OK. A, so what if it were?
Would you love me any less?

And B, it's actually
sort of the opposite of gay

because Alex asked me to tag along

'cause I think he's afraid
Charlie's gonna make a move.

Mm. Yeah. He is super known for his hands.

So, there you go.

[Justin] Yeah, no,
I don't really feel like it,

and I can't manage
to give a shit about the whole thing.

[clears throat]

Jess is going with Ani, right?


[Justin] What about, um...


With the football guys, all solo.

Diego's got no date?

I thought you didn't give a shit?


come on, just go.

[coughs, groans]

[horn beeping outside]


Dude, I'm worried about you.

Yeah, I'm worried about me too.

[Clay] If you need anything,
Dad's in the house.

[door opens, closes]

[dance music plays]

-[Charlie chuckles]

This is...

a lot.

I'm actually borderline impressed.

Yeah, Jessica Davis does not fuck around.

No, she doesn't.

Oh, my God.

You all three should get married.
As a poly thing?

I don't mean that
in any sort of insensitive, assuming way.

I just think you all three look adorable,

and I never say that about Clay.

-That is true. You don't.

You guys look great.

You should be prom queens.

Not a chance. They always vote
for whoever the football team wants,

and that is definitely not me.

Well, the monarchy is
an outdated establishment anyway.

And besides,

I think we have some competition
for the hottest couple right here.

I only came because he made me.

I'm trying to get him to act his age
because you only get one high school prom.

Well, you get two, apparently.

Well, let's fucking enjoy it.

Shall we?

Hey, guys! What's up?


We're all at the same table
down that-a-way.

I ate all the dinner rolls
'cause I gotta get some food in.

This is Presmella.


-[Presmilla] Hi!
-Going to the bathroom

to do coke.

That is a true story.


Is she...?

Did he bring...?

That is definitely a hooker.

You don't need to get my chair for me.

I'm getting your chair.
It's what people do.

OK. Thank you.

Looking sharp, everyone.

Food is great, by the way.
Chaperones ate early.

Deputy Standall,
it's good to see you, sir.

-We, uh, promise to behave.
-[Alex] Wait, we do?

-Well, you won't even dance.

Wait, kid, you won't dance?

There's no teaming up on Alex, OK?
That's the rule.

Clay, it's good to see you here.

Yes, sir.

Hey, thanks for your help with...

uh... all that

after, you know, everything at school.

[Bill] Hey, no help from me.

Sheriff Diaz is really looking out
for you kids.

When he says shit like that,
it almost always goes wrong.

Foundry's right over there.

Does anyone feel
like we're still under surveillance?

[indistinct chattering, laughter]

Can we talk?

Sure. We can talk right here

in front of my friend Ani.


I don't want anything bad
to happen to you.

[Jess] I don't either.

I love when we agree.

I miss you.

Oh, and we stop agreeing.

Um... I, uh... I came alone tonight.

And you'll leave alone.

We had something, Jess.

We... We have something,

and if you don't want
to tell me your secrets, that's OK.

I'll protect you.

We having fun yet?

They're serving the main course.

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Diego was just going back to his table.


[Jess sighs]

[dance music plays]

Ooh! What is up, sexies?

-Where's Bismillah?

Oh, yes. Bismillah,
that's, uh, "Bohemian Rhapsody."

-You can see my confusion, though.

-Where is she?

Bathroom, again. She goes a lot.

Zach, you brought a hooker to prom,
and she's probably a drug addict.

She is an escort who is escorting me,

and she drinks a lot of water
'cause she doesn't eat, so she pees a lot.

That's your idea of a good time.

[scoffs] Is this?

You guys are sitting here
like it's a fucking funeral.

Aren't you gonna try
to convince yourselves you're having fun?

I put a lot on the line for this,
and I'm going to have a good time.

If it kills you.


[Alex] Are we ever gonna feel OK?

Like, normally OK, ever?

I haven't felt normally OK
in a long, long time,

but I'm going to find ways to be happy.

[jocks laugh]

[sighs] I don't see that happening for me.

He should be here.

He should be alive.

He'd be drunk.

He'd be choosing his next victim

and making you feel poor and lame
and not a man.

I'm not a man.

That's bullshit.

He didn't deserve to die.


No, he didn't.

But neither do we.

And this, this isn't fucking living.

He ruined our fucking lives,
all three of us.

So, no, he didn't deserve to die,
but we deserve to live.


if you'll excuse me...
I'm gonna go dance with a whore.

["Over Here" by Mk. Gee plays]

♪ 'Cause you're there, I'll be over here ♪

♪ Don't know how to call you
So I disappear ♪

♪ I probably can give you what you want ♪

♪ I'm just too...
Don't know how to be confident... ♪

-[Caleb] You look lonely.
-And there's all this extra dessert here,

and today is definitely a cheat day,
so, hello, cheesecake.

So, Clay,

how's the night going?

-I'm having a good time.


I mean, everything's burning
so brightly tonight, and I just... I'm...

Look, I'm trying to take it all in.

I'm trying to burn it all into my memory.

I'm... I'm a high school senior, you know?
Like, I...

There have been moments
these past few years

when I forgot about high school
altogether, and I just...

I mean, it's been a crazy ride...

and... and horrible,

but also...

kind of amazing.

I have lived and felt alive
in a way that I never thought I would.

I've had friendships
I never thought I'd have.


I love you, man!


You love dessert.

[Tony] Shut up.

I'm... I'm just trying to be here now...

before it's gone.

[record scratches]

[dance music plays]

So you're here with Jessica.

As a date...

or bodyguard?

Why? Do you have an assassination planned?

I know she did it.

[Ani] Hmm...

Interesting guess,

but wrong.

-She had a motive.
-[Ani] Yeah.

He raped her.


So he deserved to die.

No, I'd rather nobody died.

Two people did. The case is closed.
Why not leave it there?

Why didn't you?
You're the one who found me, remember?

-Excuse me?
-[barman] Yeah?

Two sparkling, please.

-[barman] You got it.
-I have enough to prove it.

And you can't stop me.

I can't.

I know that.

Doesn't that make you afraid?


Why'd you do it? Why'd you cover for them?

You weren't even a part of it.

I was, though.

And I'll tell you this.

I came to this town,
and I got to know all of them,

and they were fucked up and messy

and human,

and I loved them right away.

And there may come a time for you
where you have to make a decision

about whatever information you do have,
and there will be no perfect answer.

I promise you.

I'm certainly not telling you what to do.

All I can tell you
is that I did what I did out of love.

["The Good Side" by Troye Sivan plays]

♪ I got the good side of things ♪

♪ Left you with both of the rings ♪

♪ My fingers danced
And swayed in the breeze ♪

♪ The change in the wind
Took you down to your knees ♪

♪ I got the good side of you ♪

♪ Sent it out into the blue ♪

♪ The people danced... ♪

I never could have done this,

dance with you.

I think you could have.

I loved you.

You didn't even know me.

And I never would have let you love me.

I didn't let anyone.

But I didn't even get a chance to try.

I miss you.

You miss your idea of me.

Listen to me.

Live with the living.

♪ I got the good side of life ♪

♪ Traveled the universe twice ♪

♪ So many thoughts I wanted to share ♪

♪ But I didn't call
'Cause it wouldn't be fair ♪

♪ But I got the good side of you ♪

♪ Found arms to fall right into ♪

♪ I know how it looked wasn't the plan ♪

♪ And someday I hope
That you'll understand ♪

♪ I sympathize ♪

♪ And I recognize ♪

♪ And, baby, I apologize ♪

♪That I got the good side ♪

♪ The good side of things ♪

-♪ I'm sure we'll meet in the spring ♪

♪ Catch up on everything ♪

-♪ I'll say I'm proud ♪

♪ Of all that you've done ♪

♪ You taught me the ropes
And taught me to love, but I... ♪

[dance music plays]

Just one dance.

-What language do you need "no" in?

[Alex] What the fuck?

Oh! What the fuck? Do not disturb.

-What the hell are you doing?
-Zach, that girl is barely conscious.

-[slurring] I'm fine.
-She's fine.


We need to get her coffee and a Lyft.

-Jesus, Zach, you're a mess.
-[Presmilla moans]

[Presmilla] Thank you.

Be better.


[dance music plays]

-[music stops]
-[students whoop]

[Jess] All right, Liberty High.

The votes are in.

It's time to announce
the prom king and queen.

[students cheering]

[Jess] Votes tabulated by the chaperones,

and you know it's secure
'cause it was overseen by Dean Foundry.

[students cheer]

[Jess] Thank you.

Holy shit!



The prom king and queen are,

or... king and king,

or I guess queen and queen.

You know, it's whatever they prefer.

Your prom royalty,

Alex Standall and Charlie St. George!

[raucous applause, cheering]


Where are they?

Here! We're right here.

-What is this? Why did this happen?

-Was this you?
-Secure vote.

I told you, it's whoever
the football team wants every year.

[Jess and Charlie chuckle]

So, who wants the crown,
and who wants the tiara?

I think I'd like the small one.

[both chuckle lightly]

-[girl] Aw!


-[boy] Yeah!

You deserve to be happy.

[chanting] Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

-[Luke] Ah!
-[students cheer]


["Would You?" by Richard Swift plays]

All right, King Charlie, King Alex,

it's time for your first dance
as Liberty High School royalty.

[cheering, whistling]

Your Majesty.

♪ In the town where I grew up ♪

♪ I met a girl ♪

♪ She was lovely enough ♪

♪ I said to her ♪

♪ Would you like ♪

♪ To fall in love with me? ♪

♪ Oh, tell me, girl ♪

♪ Would you like to... ♪

Are you sad?

Right now?

Some part of me will always be sad.

And another part of me is happier
than I've ever been before.

I think...

I think I'm in love with you.

I'm confident you are...

...because I know I'm in love with you.

-[students] Aw!
-♪ Would you like ♪

♪ To fall in love with me? ♪

♪ Oh, tell me, girl ♪

-[students] Aw!
-♪ Would you like ♪

♪ To fall in love with me? ♪

♪ Now, tell me, girl ♪

♪ Would you like ♪

♪ To fall in love with me? ♪

♪ Now, tell me, girl ♪

[DJ] All right, Liberty,
it's time to join your kings,

and make this a night to remember!


["Carry On" by Tkay Maidza plays]

-Fuck it. We're dancing.

I am so proud of those two boys,

and now I realize
I'm a little bit jealous,

which means
I'm still in fucking high school.

-Yeah, I hear that.
-We're fucking dancing.

All right, then.

Oh, no, no, no.
We're dancing too. Come.

[Jess grizzles]

♪ All these people popping round
I swear I need an Adderall ♪

♪ But I won't let them witness
It's enclosed what I think ♪

♪ Teacher keep on questioning
And pointing out my novice ♪

♪ Now they jamming to my jingles
Like they're on a ice rink ♪

♪ Rocking jeans from Crossroads
And reading out the Cosmos ♪

♪ If they're looking like an issue
Wipe them off the windshield ♪

♪ Nothing left to lose
I'm stepping with the same attire ♪

♪ And I know you feel the heat
Because I'm nothing less than fire... ♪

[Clay] Yeah, we cared about prom.

Who knew?

I think we could feel that it was, like,
not an ending and not a beginning.

A moment suspended in time
where we weren't one thing or the other,

when nothing was expected of us,

nothing was lost.

We were just there.



[music continues]

["Best Part"
by H.E.R feat. Daniel Caesar plays]

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Eh ♪

♪ You don't know, babe ♪

♪ When you hold me ♪


♪ And kiss me slowly ♪

♪ It's the sweetest thing ♪

♪ And it don't change ♪

♪ If I had it my way... ♪

Go. Dance with him.

-Go on.


♪ You're the coffee
That I need in the morning ♪

♪ You're my sunshine in the rain
When it's pouring ♪

♪ Won't you give yourself to me ♪

♪ Give it all ♪

♪ I just wanna see ♪

♪ I just wanna see ♪

♪ How beautiful you are ♪

♪ You know that I see it... ♪

I love you more than life.

Don't love anything more than life.


You better hold me,
and don't ever let me go.

Yeah, OK.

♪ Best part ♪

♪ It's the sunrise ♪

♪ And those brown eyes, yes ♪

♪ You're the one that I desire ♪

♪ When we wake up ♪

♪ And then we make love ♪

♪ It makes me feel so nice ♪

♪ You're my water
When I'm stuck in the desert ♪

♪ You're the Tylenol I take
When my head hurts ♪

♪ You're the sunshine of my life ♪

♪ I just wanna see
How beautiful you are... ♪ 

Are your feelings mixed like mine?

I don't know what that kind of love is.

I've never felt it.

Sorry. I...

Don't be.

I know where I stand.

Look, when we were together,

I wasn't ready for a relationship.

I didn't know how to be in one.
Still don't.

You know, I think you have this ideal

of what a girl should be,

and you pushed me away

when I turned out
to be something different.

But the truth is
no one could ever live up to that ideal,

and to be fair,
I don't have a fucking clue

how to be in a relationship either.

How to love someone
without... having to take care of them.




Good friends.

["Give Yourself a Try" by The 1975 plays]

[students squeal, cheer]

All right,
those two have had their moment.

I'm getting in on this.



I would have thought
you'd be here with her tonight.


[Lainie sighs]

You all look so handsome tonight.

All grown up. [chuckles]

[stutters] You have to know, Clay,
when your dad and I look at you,

we still see the little boy
who... needed us every day


kiss an owie or...

to fix a bike.

-There were a lot of bikes.

There were.

Yes. [chuckles]


["Give Yourself a Try"
by The 1975 continues playing]

Hey, Mom.

Would you like to dance?

I would love to dance.

Thank you.

Oh, shit. Act innocent.

You two looked great out there.

Um... thank you, sir.

Yeah, never would've happened in my day.

Two prom kings.

It wouldn't have happened.
Something to see.

Yeah, it was, uh...
unexpected to us too.


There you are.

Guys, this is my husband Josh.
That's Charlie St. George, Alex Standall.

Well, congratulations.

-Thank you.

-[Josh chuckles]
-All right, enjoy the evening, you two.

Be good.

Foundry's gay?

Mind's blown.

["True Feeling" by Galantis plays]
♪ Feel you through and through ♪

♪ Ooh ooh-ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh-ooh ooh ♪

♪ It might get hard
When you're growing older ♪

♪ But I'll be here
And I'll be your shoulder ♪

♪ I can see it now ♪

♪ I can see it now... ♪

[Clay] As the night got later,
we just kept dancing and dancing

like there was nothing else.

Like it was the end of the world.

[tense music plays]

Like it was the end of the world.

Somebody help!

Somebody help, please!

[students call for help]

Back up!

[mournful music plays]

[Clay] And it was.

[ominous tone resonates]

[music stops]

[Alex reads text]

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.