11.22.63 (2016): Season 1, Episode 7 - Soldier Boy - full transcript

The end is near, and Jake is not up to the task. Sadie scrambles to pick up the pieces, but no one knows the mission as well as Jake. Kennedy and the assassin are on a collision path - but has Jake changed things enough in the past to alter the course of events? The days are counting down as 11.22.63 draws near.

Previously on "11.22.63"...

You shouldn't be here.

- But you got the job?
- Texas School Book Depository.

You shouldn't be staying here.
You should come home with me.

- I have cancer.
- I wish you'd told me sooner.

I'm looking for my brother.


Do you realize how badly

you're messing things up right now?

I love her and she loves me,

and if you get in between me and Marina,

I will tell Lee everything
you've been doing.

Look, I was just at the hospital.

Marina was there.

- She's having the baby right now.
- What?

Bill, she was asking for you.

Is this your brother?

Yes. Yes, sir.

Bill, I'm sorry.

He's not even my fucking brother!

So what kind of odds
can I get on Rodriguez

going all ten rounds?

I guess I could do four-to-one.

I'm in for 800.

I know everything.

The man I was... was following,

I-I know now he... He's acting alone.

Will you marry me?

Come home and I'll give you an answer.

How long's it gonna take
for him to get better?

He's been like this so long.

So with the President in the room,

she... she knew that
something was coming.

Now, Mike, was there ever a moment

when you thought to
yourself, "You know what?

"I'm not gonna do it this time.

"This is the President
of the United States.

"I'm not gonna... I'm
not gonna embarrass...

Embarrass my girlfriend
in front of him"?

I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime

kind of opportunity.

And then the President...

All right.


Jake. Jake...

Jake, honey, what's wrong?

What year is it?

Maybe I should get the doctor.

You look like hammered dog shit, son.



You're not here.

I know this isn't real.

I just want it to stop.

Sometimes we don't get what we want.

Like me with you.

You've been a complete
disappointment to me.

You almost saved him,

but you had to bring
in Bill and now Sadie.

You're only thinking of yourself.

You're not the man I thought you were.


Where's Sadie?

I'm right here.

Right here, honey.

I'm right here.

- Everything's mixed up.
- It's okay.

You're awake.

You've been drifting
in and out for days.

This is an improvement, right, Deke?

Seen it in some of the boys

that get their bell rung
on the football field.

You have some memory problems.

I just want him to get back to normal.

Could be a couple of days.
Could be a couple of weeks.

But, listen, Sadie, the
important thing is

he's not in any medical danger anymore.

Just be grateful for that.

He just needs some time.

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What is JFK?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

President JFK.

Then who's LBJ?

That's the Vice President.

It's a lot of initials.

When's your birthday?

My real birthday or my
time travel birthday?

Well, I see you still got
your sense of humor.

Let's run through it again.

All right.

I thought I'd found the person

that was gonna kill the President.

He lived close to me.

- Not in Jodie, in Dallas.
- Mm-hmm.

Do you remember the address?

Was the guy I was working
with... was he named George?


Just jumbled.

It's like patches of nothing.

Names don't match faces.

You're doing better though.

You're gonna remember.


I want to see Agent Hosty.

I want to see him right now.

Do you have an appointment?

Did he make an appointment
when he came by my home

to harass my wife while I wasn't there?

More than once.

Did he make an appointment

when he followed me
outside of my workplace

or to bug my house?

I thought that this was the
United States of America.

The right to privacy?
You ever hear of that one?

Please sign in. I'll see if Agent Hosty's
available without an appointment.

He's not here.

Oh, yeah. Oh, come on.

No, I know better than
that. Did you even look?

Sir, I'm sorry. May I
have your name again?

Don't... don't pretend that you
don't know who I am, okay?

Lee Harvey Oswald.

People here know me.

How might the Bureau be of
service to you, Mr. Oswald?

What was your name?

Mrs. Emily Baker.

I am making a note of that.

"Was very rude to a former Marine

who served his country valiantly."

On November 12, 1963, at 1100 hours,

I delivered to you a document
of the utmost importance

for Agent Hosty.

My expectation is that you
will deliver it forthwith.

Don't you want to log this officially?


You're gonna make real progress
when you get back to Jodie.

Now, Bill was... was helping me.

Why isn't he here now?

You two had a terrible argument.

He threatened you.

Maybe he's the one that beat me.

I can't believe that.

When you phoned, you said he was safe.

Maybe he went away back to Kentucky.

All right, young fella,

Doc says you can manage
the pain with these.

They're gonna make you groggy.

He wants to check on you December 3rd.

Thanks, Frank.

It's Deke, son.

Deke Simmons.

I know.

You're married to Miz Mimi.


I'm sorry. Did I get that wrong?

Miz Mimi passed.

- She died?
- Yeah.

If you just sign right
there, we can get going.

These forms will let you
officially commit Bill.

You okay?

I know where he is.
I know where Bill is.

Don't make any eye contact,

no sudden movements.

These are the pills for...

And do not laugh.

Laughing makes 'em go batshit.

How did Bill end up here?

This is for people who can't pay.

Dr. Moran didn't hear from you,

so Bill was transferred to us.

He's been on a course of
electroshock therapy,

and he's been quite pleasant.

Well, about the mix-up
that got him here,

I'm very sorry about that.

I was in the hospital myself,
but I'm here now.


Go ahead, step inside.

Well, here he is.

Hi, Bill.

Hey, buddy.


How are you feeling?

I'm having a very fine day today.

How are you?

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, Bill.

You're Jake? My friend Jake, right?

I'm... I'm your brother, remember?

And Sadie?

You remember Sadie?

Hi, Bill.

We missed you.

We get Jell-O today.

Sir, may we have a moment in private?


- I'll go get the release papers.
- Thank you.


We're taking you home.

Back to Kentucky? To Holden?

No, not... not just yet.

Bill, I was... I was beat up,

and I'm having a very hard
time remembering things.

So I need your help.

Do you remember what we
were doing together?

Do you...

do you remember who we were following?

We weren't following anybody.

That was all in my head... My sickness.

No, that was real.


Bill, we were on a mission
to save the President.


No, I... stop.

You're not... you're not real.

You're not here right now.

It's happening again.

They're gonna shock me if
I tell them about this.

I've got to be quiet.

It's quiet time now. Quiet time now.

- I'm real.
- Quiet...

I'm real. We just...

We want to take you home.

That's what you want, right?

People don't come from the future.

That's all in comic books.

I-I put all that away now.

Healthy people don't talk
about things like that.

You're right,

but a really bad thing is gonna happen,

and I want to stop it,

and you're the only person
in the entire world

that can help me.

So I need you to be my partner, okay?

Just be my friend, Bill.

If I was your friend, why
did you do this to me?

All righty, Mr. Amberson,

if I can just get you to sign these.

And, Miss Dunhill, if you
will witness the signatures.

- Bill...
- Don't be sad.

I assume you're prepared to
pay for the expenses accrued.

Yeah, of course.

Good. Cashier's on the lower level

by the admin office.

He's been out sick, but I
think he's back today.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place

in all generations.

Before the mountains were
brought forth or ever thou hast

formed the earth and the world,

even from everlasting to
everlasting, thou art God.

Thou turnest man to
destruction and sayest,

"Return, ye children of men."

For a thousand years in thy sight

are but as yesterday when it is past

and a watch in the night.

Deke, you want more coffee?

No, thank you, dear.

Jake, why don't we go
for a walk later on?

No. My head hurts.

It's like he doesn't want to be helped.

Maybe he's afraid.

I can hear you.

A man who's lost his purpose

is a man who's scared to death.

Every time I push him, he gets angry.

He's exhausted. I'm frustrated.

Well, he's gonna hide.

He's gonna dodge.

He's gonna do everything he can

to keep from admitting that he's lost,

but you're his only way back, dear.

You can't give up.

♪ I'll be true to you ♪

♪ Take my love with you ♪

♪ To any port or foreign shore ♪


the President's coming
to Texas on the 22nd.

That's in three days.

He's coming to San Antonio,
Fort Worth, and Dallas.

You said it was gonna
happen in November.

There's only two weeks left in November.

Do any of those cities ring a bell?


Does it have something
to do with the Russians?

When I heard that
recording at your house,

there was a man and a woman
on it speaking Russian.

I don't remember.

Well, what about the night
that you called me?

You said you had it all figured out.

You knew what you had to do.


Hey, Jake.

Jake, come on.

You think I like not remembering?

Maybe I could think and
remember something

if you'd just back off for a minute.

Okay, I'll back off.

You want these?

Stay on the couch for
the rest of your life.

Take 'em. Take 'em all.

I'm sorry.

I don't care about your "sorry."

I'm not gonna sit here and let
you forget about the reason

why you came here.

These pills aren't helping you.

A man is gonna be murdered, Jake.

You're the only one who
can do anything about it.

All right.

I need your help.

Just tell me what I said
on the phone to you.

The exact words.

I'm just worried.

I can't help it.

I am a grown man, Mother.

You are my boy.

And they are the FBI.

- They shouldn't be allowed...
- Oh, hush.

Don't start with all that.

You shouldn't have bothered them.

I want to show you something.

Look. Look right there.

What are you doing with my report card

from the second grade?

I carry it around to remind me.

Look what the teacher wrote.

"Lee's a pleasure to have in class.

He shows great potential in all areas."


Everybody knows that
about you, Lee, and I...

I know it better than anybody.

I want you to be happy.

Now, you know that, don't you?

That... that little boy had a smile.

Sometimes I just lie in
my bed at night and cry

'cause I want that little man

with the dirty fingers

and the missing tooth, you know?

Where'd he go?

He's still here.

He is.

♪ Now, when I say "hit it," ♪
♪ I want the big, strong M, ♪

♪ Erase it and back to the Madison. ♪

And then you're gonna clap,

and then you're gonna tap your
foot and then clap again.

- You just repeat that.
- Okay.

- You think you can do that?
- Yup.


- I got it.
- Now, loosen up a little.

Yeah, I was dancing
before you were born.

I think you missed a step.

Now get... bend... bend
your knees, just like that.

- Okay.
- Don't... don't hurt yourself.

I got it.

Hey, chicken.

Hey, son. Come get with it.

I want the big, strong
Cleveland box, and back...

To the Madison. Madison.


I-I think I lived on Madison Street.

Does this block look familiar?

- I think so.
- Let's go.

We're gonna knock on every
door and ring every bell

until we find someone
who recognizes you.

Every bell.

I wish I'd saved one of those pills.

You seemed so sure it
was Madison Street.

Yeah, I thought it was.


This seems kind of familiar.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, try...

- Let's try this one.
- Okay.

It's illegal for bill collectors
to follow you around.

Oh, I promise we're not bill collectors.

My friend here's just looking
for the place he used to live.

- He can't talk?
- Well, he can't remember.

He's recovering from a head injury.

He is, huh?

You two are a real pair.

I think this is it.

May we come in?

- No, sir.
- Why not?

Because maybe you think
you'd come into my place

and suddenly say, "Hey, you know what?

This is still our apartment."

That's ridiculous.

Go. To. Hell.

Want to try upstairs?

- Oh.
- Oh. Ha.

Hi. Hey, where have you been?

You know him?

Jake, he knows you!

We were neighbors.

- Which house did he live in?
- This one.

- Downstairs?
- Oh, my word.

When was the last time that you saw me?

Last month.

You and your brother,
you just disappeared.

Our landlord was pretty upset.

I figured you just headed
off to greener pastures.

May we come in? I don't want to impose,

but it would be so helpful if we
could talk just for a minute.

When the police found him,
he'd been beaten unconscious,

just lying there in the
middle of the road.

He's forgotten so much.

I thought if we found the
place he used to live,

something might come back.

Sad story.

What happened to your brother?

Oh, uh, he went back to Kentucky.

Funny guy.

You wouldn't happen to have
your landlord's number?

I'm just thinking, if we call him,

he might have some of Jake's things.

- Happy birthday, comrades.
- Na Zdorovie!

This is a bug. It's a fucking bug.

It's surveillance.

It's a fucking bug. What did I tell you?

The FBI have been following me.

Okay! I will kill you!

Lee Harvey Oswald...

I would've dropped the fucker.

That's what I want you to do.

The thing about landlords is
you need to know your rights,

which a lot of people don't.

May I have, um... may I have some water?

- Sure.
- Is the kitchen over there?

I can get it.

- Suit yourself.
- Okay.

So how long have you
lived here, Mr. Oswald?

Oh, it seems like forever.

A year, maybe two.

My wife Marina, she really hates it,

but it's okay, I guess.

Where is he?

Doo, doo, doo, doo.

Daddy's here.

Oh, what a little darling.
I hope we didn't wake her up.

No, she gets a little...

A little bit fussy after a nap.

It might be better if you guys go.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

It's just been a long day.

We made progress though,
don't you think?

Yeah, yeah, I do.

So we know you were following
somebody close by.

Maybe it was somebody across the street.

- Yeah, maybe.
- Well, we'll go back

first thing in the morning
and talk to the neighbors.


Look, I wouldn't have gotten
this far without you.

You've taken such good care of me.

You've been so persistent.

So thank you.

We're gonna find him.

Yeah, I hope so.

♪ There's a cabin on the hill ♪

You know, I think I need
to lie down for a minute,

take an aspirin.

Okay, I'll let you know
when dinner's ready.

All right.

I'll just be in there.

♪ And I can still remember ♪



I can deal with a lot of things, Jake,

but I can't abide a liar.

All right, I was lying.

Yes, I was leaving, but
it was for your own good.

If I hear that from a man one more time,

I'm gonna punch his teeth out.

Sadie, this is dangerous,
what I'm going to do.

What? What are you gonna do?

I'm going to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.

Tonight. That was him.

That man with the little baby?


- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

I remembered everything.

It all came back to me when
we were sitting in his place.

If Lee is really going to kill JFK,

then I guess we have to.

No, no. I lost Bill.

I'm not gonna lose you.

Jake, you can't kick me out.

I'm already in it.

You never would have
remembered about Oswald

if it weren't for me, okay?

This isn't just about you.

It's about me too.

I know from Al's file

that Lee keeps his rifle
at Ruth Paine's house.

If he doesn't have the gun,
he can't shoot Kennedy.

We'll go get it.

I don't want to talk
like this right now.

Marina, come on.

I wanted... I wanted to...

Shh... the babies are
sleeping in the next room,

and I promised Ruth that you
wouldn't visit at night.

Okay, I want it to go
back to like it was.

Remember that... you remember
those nights in Minsk?

No, no. You know what I
remember about Minsk?

Stale bread and my fingers always cold.

I mean about... I mean about us.

No, I want a new life, not old one,

not Minsk, not dirty apartments,
not slapping and pushing.

I said I was sorry, okay? I am sorry.

And I said good-bye, but you won't hear.

'Cause I love you.

I deserve better, and
I'm going to get it.

My life...

it's better from here on out.

- Now, see?
- I'll get her.

- No.
- I know what to do.

No, you think you do,
but you're always wrong.

Hi, sorry, ma'am, um...

I'm a friend of Lee's...
Lee Harvey Oswald.

Is he here right now?

Marina's staying here, right?

- Who are you?
- Sorry.

I'm Jake... Jake Amberson.

You were at his birthday party.

That's right, I work with
Lee at the Depository,

and he told me to meet him here
because he had something for me.

It's late already.


All right, well, is Marina here?

Can I at least speak with her?

No, you can't.

Wait, wait.

I'm so sorry to bother you, ma'am.

I know it's late and you're
getting ready for bed,

and I'm embarrassed to admit
this, but this is all my fault.

You see, Lee picked up a package
for me a couple of weeks ago,

and he kept telling Jake
he'd bring it to him

and he never did, and that's
why we're so rudely imposing.

Lee's... he doesn't stay here.

They're having troubles,

and Marina's asleep with the babies.

So... sorry.

Well, he said that the package

would be in the garage.

What's it look like? A box?

No, uh... probably wrapped in paper.

It's, uh... I don't know.

It's this high,

this long... maybe.

God damn it.

It's not here.

He probably already took it.

Took what?

Curtain rods.

We'll park here overnight.

And wait until Lee gets
here in the morning?

- Yeah.
- You can't just shoot him.

- You'll be arrested.
- I won't.

I'll tackle him, and you'll
call for the police.

I'll say I heard him threaten JFK.

Well, there it is.

This isn't gonna be easy.

The past is gonna throw
everything it can at us.

Oh, God.

Sorry, officer. We...

Save it.

All night long, I've
been dealing with y'all.

You love Kennedy.

Your mama went to school
with Jackie's brother

or some such, am I right?

I got to keep the streets
clear, so move on.

Well, there's no crime in just looking.

- Sir.
- All right, I hear you.


We'll go back there first
thing in the morning.

We could stay in a motel.

No, it's safer to stay as close
as we can to Dealey Plaza.

I don't want to take any chances.

Do you think this is safe?

Yeah, the cops won't bother us here.

♪ I forgot to remember ♪

♪ To forget her ♪

♪ I can't seem to get her off my mind ♪

Do you miss anything?

- About what?
- The future?

Anything you looking forward
to getting back to?


Sneakers are definitely better.


Tennis shoes.

In the future, they are great.

High-tech fabrics, better construction.

And what about people?

Friends? Family?

No, I mean, I should,

but... I don't.

It's like I met all those people here.

I just love Elvis.

What do you want?

Why are you following me?

To do something right.

I don't understand what's happening.

Are you... Are you trying to stop me?

I don't want any of this
to happen, not again.

You don't want what to happen
again, the assassination?

That's why I'm here.
I'm trying to stop it.

I only turned my back for a minute.

I could hear the squeaking
of her tricycle.

She wasn't anywhere near
the pool, not even close.

There was no splash, no sound at all.

I only noticed when the
squeaking stopped.

She was four. Four.

So I go back again and again,
but I'm never in time.

I'm there right now.

I see her.

There's always something in the way.

I've tried every variation,

and sometimes I try
to run to her mother.

Sometimes I call the
police ahead of time.

I stand and I watch her.

I never turn my back,

but still... there's no stopping it.

You can't stop the past.

She's in the water.

She's drowning.

She's gone, but I can't not do it.

I have to try.

So I go over...

and over and over.

It's a loop,

a trap I can't get out of
because I can't stand by and...

And let my little daughter die.

I can't.

So I have to see it.

How many times now?

She's... she's still drowning.

This is different.

Go home, Jake.

Just go now.

I can do this.

I can. I have to.

Mm, sorry.

I didn't mean to fall asleep
when you were talking.

You okay?



what if we let history happen?

Just drive away?

We could forget all this
and get a house in Jodie

with a big yard,

big enough for a swing
set and tree house,

and you can rule the high
school library and...

I'll be the cranky old English teacher,

and we can chaperone every dance.

We'll have four kids.

We can wear matching sweaters
like old people do.

You and me.

What do you say?

- We can't.
- Why?

You came here for a reason, Jake.

Now it's my reason too.

Oh, my God.

Is it morning already?

Oh, we got to go.

Are we out of gas?

No, it's happening.

The past is pushing back.

Couldn't it just be a dead battery?

No, come on, hon. We got to go.

Did you sleep at all?


Lee, maybe...

Maybe you could have
the morning with us.

We could go to the zoo.

I have a job.

Maybe I'm ready to talk now.

Not about Minsk.

About... about ourselves.

Me, you.


Don't leave.

I've got to go.

I told Buell to pick me up from here.


Kiss the girls for me.

Just find one that's unlocked.


I thought people kept things
unlocked in the '60s.

My daddy used to keep his
keys behind the visor.

Jackpot. Sadie, come on.

God damn it.

All right, I'm gonna hotwire it.

Bill taught me how.

You know, they got me working
the loading dock today.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

But Maynard said we could go
watch all the excitement.

What excitement is that?

You been living under a rock or what?

The President's gonna drive right by.

You know that I'm a Marxist, right?

Does that mean you're gonna
work while everybody else

- gets to take a break?
- Most likely.

I can't believe you're
gonna miss the motorcade.

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Resync by GoldenBeard
btsix www.addic7ed.com

♪ Solider boy ♪

♪ Oh, my little soldier boy ♪

♪ I'll be ♪

♪ True to ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ You were my first love ♪

♪ And you'll be my last love ♪

♪ I will never make you blue ♪