11.22.63 (2016): Season 1, Episode 6 - Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald - full transcript

It's October 1963, and the gathering storm of threats in Dallas continues to build. Jake must take drastic action to establish the full dimensions of the threat to Kennedy. And amidst it all, he's hit with an unexpected death and a bitter betrayal from one of those closest to him.

Previously, on "11.22.63"...

Lee's back,

which means we have to get
his place bugged tonight.

We need to find out when
Oswald starts talking

about General Walker and who he
starts talking about him to.

That's George de Mohrenschildt.

This might be the start
of the whole thing.

- Who are you?
- Uh, I live downstairs.

We're neighbors.

Have you ever read any Karl Marx?

So all we got to do is see
if Lee was really alone.

Sorry to bother you.


what happened at Walker's house?

Was Lee there? Did... what'd you see?

I screwed up, Jake.

I'm sorry.

I missed everything.

Johnny Clayton.

Sadie is my wife.

He's not gonna give me the divorce.

Why are you so upset?

I would like to, you know,

continue our little chat.

Jake, don't come!


Oh, Jesus Christ.

You saved my life.

I have to tell you something.

I'm from the future.

What qualifies you for this position?

Sir, I work hard.

I come to work ready to get
it done, whatever it is.

What efforts have you made in the past

to exceed the expectations
of your superiors?

Well, I think it is important

to have respect for your employers

and for them to have respect for you,

and I do my best to improve
every job situation, sir.

Bonnie Lee?

That's Bonnie Ray, sir.

Not Bonnie Lee.

That's what I said.

Take Mr. Oswald here over to payroll.

He starts this week.

Welcome back, Lee.

I have never been here before.

I mean back to Dallas.

You were away.

How do you know?

What was your favorite place,
New Orleans or Mexico?


You're the agent that's
bothering my wife.

Agent Hosty.

I only talked to her
because you were gone.

You make me sick.

Say "Hi" to Marina.

You have her new address, right?

Hi, Lee.

She here?

Of course. They're out back.

You know, I shouldn't
have to ask permission

to see my own wife.

It's not like that, Lee.

It was her decision to leave.

I'm just being a friend.

I got an early birthday present.

Who gives you presents?

You're jealous.

Fine, don't tell me.

I got a job.

That's the present.

I do not understand.

They know your birthday is
soon, so they give you a job?

No, no, I was... I was making a joke.

- Christ.
- But you got a job?


The pay's okay.

Texas School Book Depository.

You love to read.

It's... it's, uh, moving books.

Not reading them.

I want you to come home.

You shouldn't be taking charity.

You shouldn't be staying here.

You should be home with me.

Ruth is kind.

I need people who are kind.


Please come home.

Do you love me?

We're married.


I love Junie, I love you,

and I love whoever this is.

I don't know.

You don't have to know anything.

You just have to come back
home, Marina, Christ.

- It's simple.
- I have to lie down.

- Marina...
- My head aches.

I think about it.

Stay right there.


Give her time, Lee.

She'll come around.

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Hey, Bill.


Hey, wake up.

Big day.

Lee got his job at the Texas
School Book Depository.

It'd be great to see you around here

more than once a week.

I'm going crazy.

Well, I've been taking care
of Sadie. You know that.

I don't know why you can't
let me place some bets.

Pass the time.

Because we have to be careful,
and we can only make small bets.

We don't want to draw
attention to ourselves.


Hey, Bill.

It's George.

He's back.

Hey, come on. Come on, come on, come on.

- Come on!
- Yes, Haiti.

Some oil leases.

The travel was tedious but necessary.

I did a little travelling myself.

Oh, yeah? How do you looking so calm?


How did you miss Walker?

I thought you were a true marksman.

What are you talking about?

Lee, didn't you go fascist hunting?

I wouldn't waste my time with Walker.

Oh, no?

It made the news. General shot.

That wasn't you?

Well, that's a funny thing to say.

Well, let's go for a drive,
fascist hunter.

No, no, no, no. Just stay. Stay.

I'll take you to my house.

You can say hello to Jeanne,
and we'll have a drink.

Yeah, okay.


What the hell was that?

Was Lee playing dumb?

George sounded like he was kidding.

Why would he do that?

Why would he come over,
say that, and leave?

He's careful... and he knows.

I mean, he's the one
who put Lee up to it.

I've been thinking.

Maybe Lee shooting the President,

- maybe that's not gonna happen anymore.
- What?

We never hear him making any plans.

Didn't you say that thing
about butterfly wings?

- The butterfly effect.
- May... yeah.

Maybe, somehow, just
living underneath him,

we've already changed the future.

No, Bill, because we
didn't interact with him.

So nothing's changed.

If we don't alter his
life, then we're fine.

If you're positive that it's him,

then why don't you just off him today?

Because I'm not positive,

and if I kill Lee and
George is involved,

then he'll have time to
recruit another assassin,

and we... we still don't know
if there's a second shooter or not.

- This again?
- This again.

This is a thing.

I'm not gonna kill him in cold blood.

I've already killed two people.

Who deserved it.

And it feels like shit.

You know what?

We don't tack this whole thing
down by the end of the month,

then we'll just kidnap him.

Kidnap him?

- Then what?
- I don't know.

We just keep him incapacitated
on November 22nd.

We could lock him in a car trunk,

or give him sleeping pills.

Sleeping pills.

You're the boss.


And the final card is the 9 of clubs.

So I'm gonna raise you 50.

So what are you gonna do, Sadie?

You can either fold, or you can raise,

or you can call.

Um, call?

Okay, then put $0.50 in.

Match me.

Then we lay 'em down.

Oh! Trip 9s?

I'll be damned.

I had you at two pair.

Look at this,

I'm shoving all my money at her
and she's not even gloating.

Not natural.

I'm sorry, Deke, I guess I'm
not very good company today.

You should come back to school.

It'll cure those blues.

And Jake,

when're you gonna make an honest
woman of this girl, for Chrissakes?

- Marry her!
- Deke, leave him alone.

Jake, you're an idiot.

Well, it's past lunchtime.

Better get back to school
or there's gonna be hell

to pay with Miz Mimi.


Oh, come on by later, Jake.

She wants to talk to you.

All right.


Hospital called.

Plastic surgeon's in residence.

They want to move up my last
facial surgery to tomorrow.

Sure you don't want to wait?

I need to be done with hospitals.

What I'm not sure about is
how much it's costing you.

I told you not to worry about that.

But it's $8,000.

How do you just get $8,000?

I'll be careful.

It's a calculated risk.

Then we'll have all the
money for the surgery.

End of story.

As if there is such a thing.

Tell me one more thing about the future.

Sadie, you said you weren't
gonna ask about that anymore.

Oh, come on, please? One thing.

Do pantyhose ever get comfortable?

I don't know.

My guess is it gets worse.


And when's the shooting
supposed to happen?

In a month.

But I'm not gonna wait that long.

Well, can't you just call
the police? Anonymously?

The Dallas police blew
everyone away by how badly

they screwed everything up,
so I can't trust them.

Sadie, I want to tell you everything.

It's just not safe.

I know.

I'm just scared about tomorrow.

I know.

It's gonna be okay.

Miss Dunhill is sorely
missed at the school.

Please tell her we are
all thinking of her.

She misses being here.

She's been having bad dreams.


You know,

Deke thinks that I should
ask her to marry me.

He has expressed that opinion to me.

Yeah, I just can't.

I don't want to hurt her.

I have cancer.


I'm told the tumor's
the size of a lemon.

I don't have much time.

Is there anything you can do?

Mr. Simmons, Deke,

he heard there are experimental
treatments in Mexico.

He wants to take me there.

Well, maybe you two should go.


That's just borrowing trouble.

In any case, Jodie is my home.

"We shall not all sleep, but
we shall all be changed."

Corinthians 15:51.

Mr. Amberson, you're not crying, I hope.

I wish you'd call me Jake.

I wish you'd told me sooner.

There are two things you can
do for me after I pass.

First, I hope you'll
be a friend to Deke.

I hate to think of him all alone.

Of course.

Thank you.

What's... what's the second thing?

You believe me when I tell you
I love Deke and he loves me?

Yes, ma'am.

Deke and I have spent our
lives next to one another.

Not with one another.

You love Miss Dunhill.

Yes, ma'am.

Don't wait. Don't wait.

Uh, boxing match.


And you want bigger action,
like, couple hundred?


Sam, you're gonna want
to handle this one.

Hi. I'm Jake Amberson.

Charlene says you're on the up and up.

What do you do, Jake Amberson?

English teacher.

Watching kids crap on the
language day in, day out?

I'd shoot myself.

Oh, yeah.

Um, so what kind of odds
can I get on Rodriguez

going all ten rounds?

McClure's a college man,
feels more your type.


Well, Rodriguez is a pogo stick.

I guess I could do four to one.

Yeah. I'm in for 800.

Good luck, son.

You win this, you're
taking me out for a drink.

Okay, Charlene.

Put some champagne on ice.


- Surprise!
- Happy birthday, brother.

For he's a jolly good fellow.

For he's a jolly good fellow.

For he's a jolly good fellow,

which nobody can deny.

Bill, thank you for coming.

Of course I'd come, Marina.

I'd always come if you called.

Happy birthday, Lee!

Happy birthday, Lee!

Hi, uh, I live downstairs.

Is my brother here?

Do you have cigarettes?

No, sorry.

Come in.


You look lost.

I'm looking for my brother.

Would that be Bill?

You know Bill?

Everybody knows Bill.

- No, no.
- Okay, try it again.

Try it again.

Na zdorovie.


Na zdorovie!

Look what Junie made me.

Oh, isn't that darling? Look at that.

I'm the king.

Who is that?

You don't even know your own neighbors.

That is typical.

Come on, Ma.

Dance with the king.

I'd be delighted.

Bill, Bill! Come on.

How often have you been coming here?

Jesus. Have a drink.

It's a party.

Do you... you realize how badly

you're messing things up right now?

How do you know I'm not
making them better?

You don't.

I've come up here a couple of times.

Talked books with Lee.

Had a beer.

I wanted to know if he ever
said anything about Kennedy,

and guess what.

He hasn't.

You mess with the past, it messes back.

Ah! Oh!

Are you all right?

Let's get you to the kitchen.

- It's not... not... not time yet.
- You sure?

Maybe, maybe you should take
your wife to the hospital.

Bobby, you heard her.

Women know.

She's not having it yet.

Where is the man of the hour?

Happy birthday, Comrade.

And the lovely girl from Minsk,
how are you feeling?

Sir, I think we need to
get you another bourbon.

- Am I right?
- No. We're leaving.

No, you go.

We are leaving now.

Don't be such an asshole.

I made that real clear in case
you want to listen to it later.

All right. Now come on.


Lee, I just broke your lamp.

- I'm sorry.
- I'll help you.

That's fine, that's fine. Just...

No, I knocked it with my arm.

What is this?

- What is what?
- This.

What is this?

- I don't...
- Do you know?

Do you know? Because I do.

This is a bug.

It's a fucking bug. It's surveillance.

- Come on, let me see that.
- Look, Bobby, look.

Lee, what in the world?

Mother, what did I tell you?

- The FBI have been following me.
- Oh...

No, they... they follow me.

They listen in on what I say.

They harass me. They harass my wife.

No one is harassing anyone.

Who would bug you?

The fucking Feds!

Lee, you have to stop talking now.

Hey, Lee! Lee! Lee!

Land of the free?

Home of the brave?

This is such a crock of shit.

Lee, this is very dramatic.

Hey, come back. Lee.

- Don't leave, Lee.
- No, Marina, get off me!

Lee! Lee.

Bill, we need to go.

I'm gonna stay.

Help clean up.


Fucking idiot.

Fuck were you thinking?

Shut up! You shut up!

You shut up! Shut up, huh?

Shut up. I love her, and she loves me.

- You are so fucking dumb.
- Yeah?

If I'm so fucking dumb,

how come you never noticed
I was seeing her?


And you know what else? Lee likes me.

I'm his best friend. Now how dumb am I?

Lee doesn't boss me around all the time.

What is she gonna say when she finds out

you've been surveilling
her for two years?

Don't act like you care about her.

You listen to Lee beat
on her all day long.

Bill, she is not who we're here to save.

I'm not trying to save anyone.

That's over.

Now, if you get in
between me and Marina,

I will tell Lee everything
you've been doing.

He saw the bug. He knows.

I'll show him exactly
how we wired the place.


Do you hear me?

You are fucking out of control.

I did everything you told me to, always.

I'm not scared of you anymore.

If you ever try and tell
me to do anything again,

for the rest of your
life, I will kill you.

- Yeah.
- You don't mean that.

You go live with your
scarface girlfriend.

The one it's okay for you to have.

Go. Go!

This is my place now.

Don't come back.

Fuck you, fuck your
mission, and fuck JFK!

$1.50 to shoot.

I could rake the field for shells.

Work off the difference.

Do you think Bill would
ever try to hurt you?

I don't know.

I'd say no, except he
had a gun in my face.

Well, call the police.
Have him arrested.

Sadie, I can't call the police.

That would just make things worse.

Does this affect what's gonna
happen to the President?

I don't think so. I mean... no, no, no.

Sadie, I'm...

I'm sorry. Let's not talk
about this right now.

Let's just take care of you, okay?

As soon as you're in the recovery room,

I'm going back to talk to Bill myself.

Time to go to Parkland.

I hear there are some doctors
there that want to have a look

at what real beauty looks like.

I don't feel sorry for myself.

I know.

I just don't want to look
at myself and see him.

That part of my life's over.

You know what Deke calls you?


A new kind of woman.

I can live with that.

Tell me one more thing about the future.

People walk around with their phones

in their hands all day.

Something real.

I love you.

Now, and in the future.

I love you.

Told Miz Mimi we'd visit later today,

after we see how Sadie's doing.

Yeah, of course.

Mimi sure has seen too many
of these places lately.

I'm sorry.

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey!

Looks like we're locked in here.

I think something's wrong.
I got to get to Sadie.


Let's begin.

Miss Dunhill, I'm gonna try to make
you as comfortable as possible.

Levels good?

Yes, they're right.


What in God's name has
gotten into you, son?

We got to get to Sadie, okay?

I don't think she should do the surgery.

Well, somebody will come...
What are you doing?

- Just give it a minute.
- I don't have a minute.

When you wake up,
everything will be fine.

I'm gonna count backwards from ten.

Why backwards?

That's just what we do.


What the hell?



What's wrong with you?

Just calm down!




- Stop! Stop now.
- You can't be in here.

- Stop!
- Please.

- Jake?
- What's the matter with you?

Look, we... we have
to stop this surgery.

- What's going on?
- Please.


Dr. Gelberg, we have a
technical issue here.

She wasn't getting any oxygen.


It's settled.

I'll be a woman with character.

You're perfect.

Jake, I want to ask you something.

Will you be honest with me?

Of course.

Am I in the way of what you're doing?

Your mission?

You're not gonna get
rid of me that easy.


Hey, look at that.

- Huh.
- Wow.


You ever shoot?

I'm from Kentucky.

You find a man from
Kentucky who doesn't shoot,

I'll give you a dollar.

Ha. Right.

Bam! Unh! Bam!


Second shooter.

- Not bad.
- Jesus Christ.

Not bad at all.




I told you to get the hell
away and never come back.

I know.

Look, I was just at the
hospital with Sadie.

Marina was there. She's
having the baby right now.

- What?
- And she's alone.

All right? Lee's not there.

Bill, she was asking for you.

Marina is asking for you.

Right now. Right now!

Let's go!

Excuse me.

- Where are we supposed to go?
- Uh...

Where is she?

This way. This way. Come on.

Where's the women having babies area?

Is this your brother?

Y-yes. Yes, sir.

Hey, where's Marina?

Bill, hello, I'm Dr. Moren.

Would you like to come
with me, to sit and talk?

What the hell? Where's Marina?

Your brother is worried about you.

Bill. Bill, I'm sorry.

Look, this won't be long. I promise.


Okay, yeah, I'll come with you.

- Go!
- Get him!


- Bill!
- How about this?

You gotta be fucking kidding me!
I'll tell them everything!

I didn't think it'd be like this.

- You're doing the right thing.
- I'll tell them everything!

You'll go to prison! You'll fucking rot!

- Come on!
- I saw Jake Amberson kill a man

with an electrical cord!

He's been spying on our
neighbors for two years!

And he's not even my fucking brother.

He's not even my fucking brother.

He's from the future, okay?

He's not... oh, fuck!

Fuck, you fuckers are so fucking dumb!

I'm not the one. I'm not
the one who's trouble.

Let us take it from here.
We'll take good care of him.

It's him. He's the one.

- He needs help.
- Clearly. Obviously.

He's gonna kill a man.

I'm not the one who's
trouble. He's the killer!

Now, these forms will let
you officially commit Bill.

We'll start a thorough
mental evaluation today.

All right, I might be
back in three, four days.

See if he's calmed down.

Maybe this will be over fast.

- We'll have to see.
- Okay.

And he... he can't sign himself
out without me, right?

Heavens, no.

He's not competent.

All right.

Thank you.

- No, go ahead.
- Thank you.

- Ah!
- Put your hands down.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Put your hands down, God damn it!

Be quiet.

Put your fucking hands down!

Now, if you look back here,

if you make any noise,
I will strangle you,

and then I will go to your
house and I will kill Jeanne.

Do you understand?

Now, tell me about your friendship

with Lee Harvey Oswald.

We aren't friends.

I know him.

A semi-educated hillbilly.

Do you know who I work for?

We spoke with you at El Conejo.

We know about Haiti.

We know Duvalier.

Do you expect to keep your
oil leases if you lie?

Now, tell me about Lee
Oswald and your plan.

I don't know any plan.

I don't know any plan.

We know you told him to kill Walker.

We know this. We heard this.

But I told you.

I was winding him up.

Implying big things.

I thought, "Who knows what happens?

Who cares?"

But after the shooting happened,

he said nothing.

I reported all this to my handler.


- Please! I told you.
- All right.

So you recruit Oswald and then what?

Lee is not a recruit. I...

I told my handler.

I said, "Walker could maybe happen."

You all said, "Waste of time."

I don't understand.

I report everything.

And what was in the envelope?

- What was in the envelope?
- What envelope?

The fucking envelope
that you gave him today.

What was it for?

For watering my grass.

Lee waters your fucking lawn?

Don't fucking lie to me.

Why would you give him money?

- Not for...
- Why?

Not for him.

I want to help Marina.

She's from Minsk, like me.

She has nobody.

I can't give it to her directly.

It hurts his pride and he beats her.

Who else is involved in
the plan to kill Kennedy?

What? I don't know!

Why should I believe you?

Tell me.

Jackie calls me Uncle George,

and Kennedy is taking on
those communist shits

who took over my country!

Why should I kill him?

I don't know any plan.

There's no plan.

No Kennedy plan. No plan!

If Lee was set up,

then George was the only guy
who could have done it.

You need to cross off that possibility.

All right, and if I do that, then what?

Then you kill Oswald.


I mean, isn't there some way

I can stop Oswald without
having to kill him?


All right. Shut up.

Shut up. Shut the fuck up.

Now, listen.

You will never talk to Lee Oswald again,

and if you tell anyone about this,

you will be killed.


Hey, honey.

Jake, are you all right?

Yeah, it's all gonna be okay now.

I know everything.

The man I was... was following,

I know now he... He's acting alone,

and, you know, Bill... Bill's safe.

He won't be a part of it.

So all I need to do is...

do what I came to do,
and then it'll be over.

What you came to do?

Are you gonna do it now?


And then you'll come home?


Jake, hurry.



will you marry me?

You did not just ask me to
do that over the telephone.

Deke's right, you're an idiot.

I know.

But just tell me you'll marry me,

and that you'll never leave me,

and that you'll come
to the future with me.

Tell me one more thing about the future.

In the future, we're married.

I like the sound of that.

Is that an answer?

Come home, and I'll give you an answer.


Charlene says, "Hi."

- Hey! Go!
- Go around!


Go ahead now. Get him.

- Come on. Come on!
- Get up!

How you like that, boy?

Little more for you.

Look, is this... Is
this about the money?

The fact is, I-I have some.

Oh, I know you do, 'cause
you took it from me.

You thought you were being so clever,

making all those bets all over Dallas.

But you know those different places?

They're owned by what you
might call my franchise.

So suddenly, the Rodriguez-McClure fight

cost me $15,000.

I was ready to let your bets go,

but the thing is, your
brother, Bill Amberson,

made the same bet,

and he did it in three different places.

Now, that is just insulting.

No, no, no, no.

And for you and for you
brother to rook me?

He needs a lesson.


I'm sorry.

Look, I'll give it back.

Oh, I know you will.

It's just, you see, that I'm
professionally obligated

to make an example of you.

- Yeah, huh.
- Let's go.

You're gonna be okay.

I'm right here.

I don't...

I don't know... What?


He's okay.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.



Doesn't even recognize me.

Doesn't even know my name.

He's had a traumatic head injury.

You need to give him recovery time.

But he's been like this so long.

How long's it gonna take
for him to get better?


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