The Wild Wild West (1965–1969): Season 4, Episode 14 - The Night of the Spanish Curse - full transcript

Crossing the border into Mexico, Jim and Artie pursue a group of bandits posing as the ghosts of Cortez and his conquistadors.

( mysterious theme playing )

Gentlemen, I've studied
the terrain of your town.

Soledad is an even
easier target

than those towns
already raided.

Frankly, I'm surprised
you haven't been attacked yet.

But how can you defend against
men who cannot be killed?

Gray shadows
with helmets

and armor shining
in the moonlight.

They are the men of Cortez
and his conquistadors.

They have lived
for hundreds of years.

Gentlemen, if you're going
to believe in ghosts,

I can't help you.

They come, they kill,

and then they disappear.

Before they disappear,

they manage to empty your bank,
loot, and steal.

Now, gentlemen, how many men
can handle a gun well?

We've already
posted sentries

on every road
leading into the town.

What else can we do?

The defense of this town
has to be in the town,

not on the road.

( dramatic theme playing )

( woosh )

( action theme playing )

Accurate gunfire,
here and here.

If in the event they get past
this first outpost,

we'll have men here at the bank
and at the livery stable.

We're not soldiers.

Why don't the federal
government send men in?

Because the federal

cannot defend every border town
in the United States.

My partner and I
are trying to find out

where the raiders
are coming from.

They come from the past,
from the shadows of history.

Well, if that's
where they come from,

that's where
we'll find them.

( whistling )

The conquistadors,
they have come to kill us!

( screaming )

( upbeat Western theme playing )

We thought
they'd killed ya.

They all get away?

Robbed the bank and cleaned
out Judd Hamilton's gun shop.

Knew exactly
what they was doing.

Couldn't have taken them
more than three minutes

for the whole thing.

You saw them,
Mr. West.

I was right.

They are the men
of Cortez.

They were wearing armor.

They had muskets
and crossbows.

Which way were they headed?

South, for the Mexican border.

Thank you.


( man singing in Spanish )

( snoring )

You wish something, señor?

I'd like some food.

It is siesta.

No one eats during siesta
in Mexico.

Well, my stomach
has insomnia.

All right,
my wife will make some tacos.


( chuckles )


Hey, you are a stranger
in San Pedro.

Are you not, señor?

Hey, why don't you encourage me
to play for you?

( tings )

Consider yourself

( laughs )

For that kind of money, señor,
I even play for you in tune.

( laughing )

( playing guitar )

The raiders hit Soledad.

The reason they're not
killed off in those attacks

is because of the armor
they wear: it's bulletproof.

Must be some kind
of a special alloy.

Ah, I followed them
to a mountain near here,

and they just seemed
to disappear.

You too?

I was beginning to think
I needed eyeglasses

till I found out they had
some kind of a secret pass

hidden up there.

Did you see it?

No, one of the natives

gave me some
information about it.

It's called Vasquez Pass.

All that live within
miles of it,

they believe it leads
to the valley

of those who never die.

Cortez has been in his grave
over 300 years,

yet these people
refuse to believe it.

( man clears throat )

You do not believe
that he still lives, señor?

señor el capitán.

( speaking in Spanish )

I am Capitán Rojas
of the rurales.

There is something
on your mind, perhaps?

Yes, captain, bandits.

Ah. An old story, bandidos.

Up to an old, old game:
raiding American border towns.

I've traced them
to your area.

I see.
You're of the police?


But, you're aware, surely,
that you are now in Mexico,

on foreign soil.

( chuckles )

Signed by
our own Presidente Juarez.

Granting you permission

to take whatever steps
are necessary on our soil.

Our friend here was just
telling me about Vasquez Pass.

I-I-I only was saying,
señor el capitán,

that the foolish ones
try to go in there.

The wise ones, like myself,

we only talk about it,
and that's all.


Sí, sí, señor el capitán.
Con permiso.

For your sake, Señor West,

I would advise that you return
to your country immediately.

that's very disappointing.

I was expecting
your cooperation.

Many men
have tried to find out

what lies beyond
those mountain passes.

They have gone up there,
but none has come back.

Now is a good time
to find out why.

I have tried to warn you.
I can do no more.

It is quite likely, Señor West,
that you're a very brave man.

It is most unfortunate that,
in addition,

you're also very stubborn.

Did I hear you say

you're going to attempt
the Vasquez Pass?

That's right.

Please do enjoy your last meal.

( mysterious theme playing )

( rattling )

( whinnies )

Please do extend
your arms, señor.

Bandito, you would not have
me and my horse

had it not been frightened
by the rattlesnake.

I see.
Such is the way of life.

Come out.

Please, señor, I have a wife
and many children.

Take my few miserable pesos,

but do not leave me
for the snakes.


Yes, snake,
that's a horrible way to die.

Well...I could hang you.

Or I could
eliminate the snake.

( rattling )

Now, señor...

this little vial
contains acid.

And in a few hours,

it will eat
through the metal.

And you can feel free
to go home

and kiss your wife
and many children.

( dramatic theme playing )

( speaking in Spanish )

Hasta luego.

( gun fires )

( gun fires )


Yeah, he's dead.

Not that it
makes any difference,

but what's going on, Jim?

I don't know.

( galloping )

What do you say
we find out?

Señores, please do help.

My father is hurt.

The conquistadors,
they are dead?

Sí, señor,
as dead as mutton.

But they told us
they could not die.

You see, papa, they have filled
you and all the others

with nothing but lies.

Con permiso?

That is a very nasty
saber cut, señor...

Juan Ramirez.
This is my daughter, Cosina.


Why were those men after you?

Where did you come from?

We are from the village
of Buena Vista.

The far end of the valley,

in the shadow of Topoctal,
the fire mountain.

The fire mountain?

The volcano, señores.

I told her, it is no use.

I must go back.

The mountain will be angry.

It will kill all our people.

That is impossible, señor.

The mountains around here
have had no fire at all

for hundreds of years.

No, señor, believe me,
Topoctal is alive.

Soon the noise will come,
then the smoke.

Then the sky
will be all black.

And the flaming earth
will run down the mountain

and burn our village
to the ground.

Only I can stop it.


By returning.

This is why
I make him run away.

By tomorrow
he was to be sacrificed

to the god of that volcano.

My father will not believe
that the legend is a lie.

He does not have to go back.

Who is this god of the volcano?

The white god,
the spirit of Cortez.

And where do I find
the spirit of Cortez?

He lives
in the mountain of fire.

Qué dice, señor?
Inside the volcano?

Sí, this is what the rest
of my people believe.

The legend says
they cannot never be killed.

That even fire
cannot destroy them.

Where's your village?

Why, señor?

Maybe I can do something
about this spirit of Cortez.

If you only could,
but they are immortal.

Tell me, señor,
those conquistadors there,

are they immortal?

Our village is--
Is through those canyons

following the rising ground,

But it is not easy to find.

I'll find it.

Why don't I take these two
back to San Pedro, señor?

They can be safe
with the rurales

and I join you there.

All right.


The way is difficult.

Maybe I should lead you there.

No, no, it would be
very dangerous for you.

It is you they want.

Ah, papa,
I will be all right.


I have made my father

I take you to Buena Vista.

I appreciate that,
but I can't let you do it.

But, señor,
we are wasting time.

( adventurous theme playing )

( whinnies )

Why did you
do that, señor?

It's a marker
so my friend can follow.

Let's go.

There is Buena Vista, señor.

Is that the volcano
where they live?

Sí, that is Topoctal.

We better go on foot
from here.

( upbeat theme playing )

My house is that one,
on the other side of the square.

( snaps fingers )

Go to your house,
stay there.

I'll meet you there later.

Be careful.

( screams )

You have made
a serious mistake, Cosina.

Where have you taken
your father?

I am waiting. Where?

I have taken him
far away

where he is safe from you
and the rest of your killers.

You know the penalty
for breaking the law of Cortez.

Capitán Allesandro,
let him live.

He has only
a few more years.

Your father was chosen.

It is an honor
to die for your god.

He is not my god.

So it's too bad.

The god, Cortez,
has seen you.

In his eyes,

you are the most beautiful
girl in your village.

He would have given you
many favors.

( mysterious theme playing )


Don't bother going.
There's no one there.

They get the girl?

You know, uh, I've been doing
a little reconnoitering.

This character
calls himself Cortez.

He's got this whole town
under his heel.

It's like some feudal state.

All of those peons
enslaved to him and his men.

They're too frightened or too
superstitious to fight back.

And even if they could,
what could they do?

They're farmers.

Don't know how to handle
a thing like that.

Well, the old man
was telling the truth.

They do have some kind
of setup in the volcano.

I found the entrance.

What are you talking about?

Inside the volcano?

I thought it was inactive.

How do we know that
for sure, Artie?

You mean
like some dogs, huh?

All bark and no bite.

( drum beating )

Hang your heads!

Bend them.

Hang your heads
before the great god, Cortez.

Hang your heads.

Bend them.

No wonder these poor people
are terrified.

Hang your heads
before the great god, Cortez.

Bow your heads.

Bend them.

My children, your god, Cortez,
has found it necessary

to come among you
so that he may speak.

One of you has endangered
all your lives

by angering
the mountain of fire.

He was given the great honor

of offering his life
to mighty Topoctal.

But he chose, instead, to seek
the outside world of sin.

When he left your village,

he left you at the mercy
of the volcano.

Hear this from Cortez:

You have seen mighty Topoctal.

You have heard the great fury
of his voice.

If Cortez were not here
to protect you,

you would already
have been consumed

by his fire and molten lava.

But I, Cortez, have pleaded
with the fire mountain

to accept another of you
as the sacrifice.

The mountain has agreed.

Only because the sacrifice
is of the same blood.

Therefore, at dawn, when the sun
rises over the fire mountain,

the sacrifice
will be consummated

and her blood
will keep you safe

until it is time again.

Puts on a great little show,
doesn't he?

there's a lot to be done.

It all has to be done
before dawn.

( slow Western theme playing )

You were born with
the beauty of a goddess, Cosina.

A woman fit for a god.

You can choose to be exalted
to that position...

or you can die.

( snickers )

So, the great god, Cortez,
wants a woman, hm?

Just like any other man.

And why not?

Some day, Cosina,
I will go back to America,

where I will live out my days
in the splendor of a king.

You could go with me.


You are but a thief.

The blood of my people
stains your hands.

Shall I tell you
a secret, Cosina?

All the villagers
that mighty Topoctal

called forth for sacrifice,

they were never sacrificed.

And my father,
he would not have been--


No, he would merely have been
sent down into the mines

like all the others.

What mines?

Deep in this old volcano,
there are deposits of mercury.

Extremely valuable,

but difficult
and dangerous to mine.

Now, do things begin to seem
a little clearer?

Then this sacrifice,

this is the way you chose
to get your miners?

It was the only way, Cosina.

You see, what with
the great heat down there,

and breathing
mercury ore dust,

my miners don't last
very long.

That is why mighty Topoctal

has continued
to demand sacrifices.

And you think I would have
to do with such as you?

( spits )


What a waste.

You look as
a goddess should,

and to be nothing
but a stupid peon,

destined for the mines
like all the others.

Better the mines.

Let me tell you
about them first.

There's something about
the mercury-laden atmosphere

down there that plays
magic tricks on the poor devils.

Young men and young ladies,
as the case may be,

are transformed in a matter
of weeks, months at the most,

into mummies.

Living still, but with skin that
is now blotched and withered

like something out of the tomb.


But, you're--


No, Cosina, I am not hurt.

Set your heart to rest.

And say no more, Cosina.

Where did you find him?

We didn't.
He gave himself up.

So, the old fool
actually believes

he is destined
to be sacrificed, huh?

He said he wanted
to save his daughter.


We'll have to make sure
the mountain appears pleased.

Old man...

the god, Cortez, will be glad
to accept your bargain.

( gasps )

Hush, don't cry,
my daughter.

Do not cry.

There was no choice...

when I heard what had happened,

that they had taken you.

I had to do this.

I could not let you
die for me.

Of course, old man,
your life can be spared also.

It is up to the willingness
of your daughter.

But what does she--?

She knows the terms.

I will expect your answer
before sunup.

You make a sound,
I'll kill you.

Where's the old man
and the girl?

El dungeon.

( suspenseful theme playing )

Is there only one entrance
into the mountain?

It is the only one
I know.

Well, considering
the alternatives

Cortez has given you,

you've got just two things
you can hope for.

Two things?

Yeah. One, that Jim manages
to get inside,

or two, that the sun doesn't
come up in the morning.

( coughing )

( rumbling )

( men laughing )

( talking indistinctly )

( buttons clacking )

( loud rumbling )

You see, my dear, I'm not
the tyrant you thought.

You asked for an interview,
and it is granted.

Ask for anything
but your freedom.

If I am to be the woman
of the god, Cortez,

then it must
be with honor.

Promise me that my father
will not be harmed.

And I will marry you.

I cannot let you make

so great a sacrifice
for an old man.

This is Cosina's
choice to make.

You think I could possibly
make you a goddess,

unless I made you my wife?


My future bride
shall share my table.

No doubt another victim
can be found

to appease the hunger
of Topoctal.

Guards, seize him.

( ominous theme playing )

So you are James West.

Apparently, the United States
thought enough

of my little incursions
across the border

to send
its most famous agent.

my picture won't appear

in the criminal hall of fame

because you will never return
to identify me.

Quite an ingenious
little hideout.

Yes, it is,
isn't it?

I like your volcano.

Quite an achievement,
don't you agree?

To turn a dead volcano

into an extremely active
source of terror.

Complete with smoke,
noise and fireworks.

Quite an achievement, Mr...

Landon, William Landon.

Well, that name
doesn't ring any bells.

There's no reason
why it should.

You see, years ago,

I was one of the few obscure
American mining engineers

in Mexico.

Until I discovered the virtues
of this inactive volcano.

And some cutthroats...

and the superstitious magic
of a legend.

Ah, yes, the legend,
it provided me with manpower.

You mean slave power.

You don't need to shed any
tears for them, Mr. West.

They won't have to endure it
much longer.

Soon I will have enough wealth
to return to the United States,

where I shall enjoy
my well-earned luxury.

I wouldn't make
any bets on that.

( chuckles )

See that our friend, here,

is kept in good condition
until dawn.

Topoctal likes his sacrifices
in reasonably good health.

Till then, Mr. West.

Now, old man, since you must
live out your days down here,

you must
make yourself useful.

What can you do?

Señor patrón,
if you like good food--

I do.

Oh, I am the finest cook
in all of Mexico.

Everything flavored with your
abominable chili, I suppose.

Oh, no, señor.

I make many French dishes
from recipes

handed down
by my ancestors.


Very well,
you shall have your chance.

You will be assigned to cooking
for me and my men.

Gracias. Gracias, señor.

You will never regret it,
I promise you.

( clicking )

( clicking )

( knocking )

What is it?

It's your food, señores.

Is chicken?

Sí, señores.

No, no, this is chicken
in wine for you.

Sheer ambrosia,
if I say so myself.

I was told also
to feed the gringo

who is to be sacrificed
in the morning.

Where do I find him?

You're in the right place,
old man.

For him,
wheat cakes.

( laughing )

Hey, gringo.

Here's your dinner, enh?

Eat it carefully,
for it is your last meal.

( ominous theme playing )

They're out, Jim.

Thanks, Artie.

I'm setting the timer.

You got 12 minutes
before this thing goes off...

on the gunpowder.

( clicking )

( upbeat theme playing )

Ah, Morales, one of my eyes
to the outside world.

What brings you here?

I come from
San Pedro, señor

Captain Rojas
sent me.


Allesandro says
you are marrying

the daughter
of Juan Ramirez tomorrow.

So? Old Juan
has given his blessing.

That is why
Rojas sent me.

Juan Ramirez
is in San Pedro.

That's impossible.

It's the truth,

I saw Juan Ramirez
with my own eyes.

He's there
this very minute.

And the man
in the kitchen is...

Find him!

( clinking )

( clicking )

( clunk )

( speaks in Spanish )

( action theme playing )

Where's the girl?

Cortez gave her
a room of her own.

I gotta go get her.

Good, warn the townspeople.
Tell them to evacuate.

( boom )

Those are just some
diversionary bombs

I set off
all over the place.

Artie, some day they're gonna
dedicate a statue to you.

Thank you.
( boom )

I'm gonna find Cortez.

Good idea, because I set off
a few around here too.

You'll kill us all.

Your stupid explosives are
bringing the volcano to life.

Kill him!

The village
of Buena Vista dies, señores.

But now that it dies,
is born again.

My people thank you.

For when we build a new village,
it will be as free people.

( sighs )

Well, nobody
needs two fathers, so, uh...

is there any other relationship
you'd care to discuss?

I am sorry.

Hey, Artie, if you're not
doing anything,

maybe she needs
a couple uncles.

Oh, a niece.

( laughing )

( triumphant theme playing )

( upbeat Western theme playing )