The Wild Wild West (1965–1969): Season 3, Episode 12 - The Night of the Legion of Death - full transcript

Jim and Arte uncover an unscrupulous plot devised by an ambitious dictatorial governor who has plans to become President of the United States.

( dramatic theme playing)

(man grunting)

Aaron Addison,

do you have anything to say
before sentence is carried out?

inn... I'm innocent.

I'm innocent!

I admit I was sent
here to spy on you,

but I didn't kill anybody...

Make me believe it, Addison.


MAN: Tell me the name of
the one who sent you here.

(stammers indistinctly)


All right.

H... His... His name is...

(floorboard buzzing)

(knocking on door)

( suspenseful theme playing)

(all grunting)

(whistle blowing)



Sergeant, deploy your
men around the area.

Stop everybody. If
you're in doubt, shoot.

( dramatic theme playing)

( Western theme playing)

( suspenseful theme playing)

(horses gallop)

MAN: Get him!

(people yelling indistinctly)


Hello, I'm sorry.
Am I trespassing?

I think that depends
on who you are

and what you want.

Sorry for staring, but
I'm not used to seeing

something so lovely
in a garden house.

No, please forget
that I said that.

Oh, really?

I thought it was a
rather pretty compliment.

Yes, It was. But it's my last,

and you may quote me.


There's a lady in the wings,

isn't there?

There was a lady,

but I didn't know that
she had a husband.

(people yelling indistinctly)

By the sounds of things outside,

a very important husband.

MAN: keep a sharp eye out.

No, I think I can
tell you definitely,

those are not
outraged-husband noises.

Oh, you'll never know how
delighted I am to hear that.

Because I thought those...

Those troopers
with the green shirts

were after me.

(both laugh)

Uh, you don't know
about the militia?

You must be new
to the territory.

Yeah, as a matter of fact,

I'm just passing
through. Is that, uh,

Governor Brubaker's,
uh, private army?

The militia is more than that.

They're quite useful in
controlling the Indians

and maintaining law and order.


I don't think their
duties include

helping angry
husbands who are...

(knocking on door)

Yes, corporal?

Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Faure,

but there's a
killer on the loose.

We got orders to
look everywhere.

And you think
he's hiding in here?

Oh, No. But he's dangerous.

But don't you worry none.

I'll be here till he's caught.

(sighs): Oh, there's no
need for that, corporal.

Ah, I'm impressed. You
must be very important.


Would it restore
your faith in women

if I showed you a way out?

You mean there's
a way out of here?


How nice.

Every garden house
should have one.

Where does it lead?
To a service exit

in back of the
governor's mansion.

The thought just occurred to me:

Maybe the militia
is searching for you.

Thank you very much.

Don't mention it.

(trap door closes)

(people yelling indistinctly)


MAN: Nature and art conspired

to produce this most
perfect of governors.

I can easily believe that.

That is Governor Brubaker?

And I'm his secretary,
Deke Montgomery,

with a question.

A question? Yes.

How did you get past my office
and these so-called guards here?

Oh, I just walked in
and I was alone, and...

And didn't see anyone, correct?


Well, sir, as long
as you are here,

make yourself
comfortable and tell us

what we can do
for you, Mister...

Uh, West.


I came to plead for clemency

for Aaron Addison.

Oh, what a pity.
You're too late.

Uh, he's dead?

Uh, where may I find his body?

Where all bodies go

after our territory has
exacted the punishment

decreed by law.

To the morgue.

I should add, however,

that a sniper's bullet saved
our hangman the trouble.

Perhaps you heard.

No. No, I didn't hear.

I'd like to give the
body a decent burial.

(chuckles): Oh.

You're too late again.

Someone beat you to that, too.

In fact, Mr. West,

the only thing you
are not too late for

is the interrogation

that our Captain Dansby

is so justly renowned for.

Covering such points
as... who you are,

why you are so interested

in the late Aaron Addison,

exactly how much
pain you can endure.

Put your hands up.

( suspenseful theme playing)

(breathing heavily)



(crickets chirping)

Hello, I'm Catherine Kittridge.

Oh, jack of diamonds.
Do it to you every time.

What a run of luck I'm having.

I've come for Aaron
Addison's body.



Now, if you please.


(gasping): Oh, boy. (gasping)

I feel as if someone

stuffed the old
noggin full of tapioca.

Yeah, that sedative
had a slight overdose.

I'm sorry about that, Artie.

Thank you. We don't have time

for the effects to wear off.

All right, I'll give it
the old college try.


Say, would you mind looking down

and seeing whether
I'm moving my feet?

I can't feel anything.

Yeah, you're doing fine.

Hey, what's going on?

You got no right being here.

You know something?
The man is right.

Yeah, you are... You
are right. Let's go, Vernon.

Uh, wait a minute.

What did you fellows
do with the stiff?

If you have lost a
body, my good man,

you are unfit to
hold public office.

Is that right, Sidney?

Yeah, let's go...
N... Wait a minute!

Just a moment, Vernon.



You all right?
(breathing heavily)

Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Let's go, Artie.

Oh, excuse me.


Oh, thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.

I heard about the way some guys

go around sampling
embalming fluid,

but that guy's too much.
(man shouting indistinctly)



let me out of here...

I hear something.
That ain't a stiff.

Open this one.

(sighs): Oh...

( suspenseful theme playing)


Don't look now, Jim,

but there's a patch
of troopers back there

just busting their britches
to catch up with us.

Come on!

Hell, that makes it
sporting, doesn't it, Artie?




( suspenseful theme playing)


Hang on, Artie. We're
gonna hit that curb.

Let's get ready to jump. Go. Go!

Ah, thanks a lot, Jim.

Hey, that did it. Did what?

That knocked that tapioca
out of the old noggin.

(laughs): I feel great.

Hey, we better wait a minute.

Artie, how did you get
on the gallows, anyway?

That's playing it a
little close, isn't it?

No, listen, I didn't
have any choice in that.

It wasn't on purpose, you know.

That Brubaker's got
this state sewed up

like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Nothing goes on here
he doesn't know about.

More than we were advised, huh?

Believe me, it is.

I thought that, as
Aaron Addison,

I'd be above suspicion.

First thing I knew, I ask
a couple of questions

then, bam, those
troopers busted in on me.

The next thing I knew,
I was standing trial

for murdering somebody
I'd never even heard of.

Someone that probably
never existed too.

Yeah, they go through
all of the legal motions

before they hang you.

(sighs): Hey,

I got a little bone I
wanna pick with you.

Me? Yeah.

Uh, the next time...
If there is a next time

do you mind not hanging
around till the last minute

before letting me
know that you're there?

Hey, Artie, I showed
up as soon as I could.

(grunts): Well, it's
not that I don't have,

uh, every confidence in you,

you understand. Ah, thank you.

It's just that I don't even know

whether my message
got through, that's all.


It's not that I was
worried, you understand.

Hey, Artie... I mean,
not really worried,

you know.

Artie. What?

Who's that girl?


No, the one at the morgue

who came to claim your body.

Addison's body,
if you don't mind.

And I... can't remember.

Wait a minute, it has to be...

Cathy Kittridge.

She's the only
one I met out here

who stood up to the
governor and that legion.


We better get out of here.
Any idea where to go?

Indeed, I do.

The one port in the storm.

The one free harbor,
far from the raging storm.

Follow me.

( suspenseful theme playing)

(crickets chirping)

Another one of your
interminable searches, captain?

All depends on your point
of view, Miss Kittridge.

If you run with
enemies of the state,

you become an
enemy of the state.

And you'll be
treated accordingly.

On the other
hand, if you'd, uh...

be willing to be a little
more relaxed and, uh...

friendly towards the state,

maybe the state would
be a little more relaxed

and friendly towards you.

Search the place with a
fine-toothed comb, sergeant.

Charming room, Miss Kittridge.

My men have gone over
the rest of your house.

I've, uh, reserved
this room for myself.

Go ahead. I can always
have it fumigated afterwards.





I'm... I'm sorry I slapped you.


Yes, and, uh...

I've been thinking
about what you said

about being more relaxed...

and friendlier.


And I... I thought we might
discuss the matter later.

Later, why not, uh, now?


I have a headache.

Do you mind?

Well, later then.

But not too much later.


Come on out, whoever you are.

Who are you?

Well, my name is James West

and this is my partner,
Artemis Gordon,

better known as Aaron Addison.


I knew Aaron Addison.

Well, I was he.

(old man's voice): I'm innocent!

I've killed no one!

This is all a plot on
the part of Brubaker

to silence me!

But you were supposed
to be hanged or... Or shot.

He was shot by me.

It's a new drug that
puts him in a state...

resembling death.

That's the only
way I could save him

from being hanged by the others.

Well, who are you really?

We're special agents.

We were sent here
by President Grant

to investigate your
father's charges

of corruption and abuse of power

on the part of Brubaker.

I've come with a
warrant for Brubaker.

And to bring him
back to Washington.


You? Alone?

Well, Artie, you
will help, won't you?

Oh, sure.

There will be two of us.

Mr. West,

I don't know
whether you're joking,

or simply insane.

Don't you understand?

Governor Brubaker
is the absolute dictator

of this territory.

Anyone who opposes him

is either thrown
in jail or killed.

My father devoted
half of his life

to developing this territory.

And at this very moment,

he's rotting in prison
on false charges.

We plan to get
your father out of jail.

It would take an
army to do that.

President Grant won't send one.


Another civil war has to
be avoided at all costs.

And if Artie and I can
handle this situation...

Then everything
will be all right.

'Cause you just walk into
the governor's mansion

and serve your
warrant. Is that it?


Artie, you know,

that isn't a bad idea.

Well, you would have
the element of surprise

going for you, yeah.

(chuckles): Incredible.

You come here with
this warrant to arrest me?

Yes, that's right,
governor. Mm-hm.


Well, well, well.

Are we gonna let him
do this, Montgomery?

Here's the document
you asked me to draw up.

Ah, yes, of course. Well...

it so happens we have
one for you, Mr. West.

Dansby, you may serve this.

"We hereby place
you under arrest

"for the willful murder
of one Aaron Addison.

"It may be duly noted,
anything you say

may be used against you."

Never mind that. Take him away.

Uh, just one moment.

Governor, my warrant
is a presidential decree.

It takes precedent over
your, uh, territorial warrant.

(sighs): Oh, dear.
Well, now I'm...

I'm really in trouble,
eh, Montgomery?

Presidential decree?

What presidential decree?


By George, he's, uh...

He's really got you
there, Mr. West.


It's silly to let little
things bother you,


Uh, since we're not
barbarians, we'll give you a trial.

Oh, it's just a thought,

but you don't have any
evidence against me.

Evidence? Well, we don't
worry too much about that.

I'm curious.

What's Grant's strategy?

After we've hanged you,
what's his next move?

(sighs): Well, there's
always the Seventh Cavalry.

Yeah, the Seventh.

Well, it will be interesting.

Find out how good
they really are.

Personally, I think my legion
will give them a bloody nose.

Uh, if, uh... If you do that,

I will personally
notify your next of kin.


Put him in the hole.

Therefore, we will duly
prove that James West

callously, and in cold blood,

murdered Aaron Addison.

Mr. Reeves, you may
now address the jury.

I got nothing to
say, Your Honor.

(chuckles): Well, then I...

I see.

Uh... Uh, Y-Your honor, uh,
what my counsel means is,

with the court's permission,
uh, we move for a dismissal.

On what grounds, Mr. Reeves?

On the grounds that... that...

On what grounds?

On the grounds that no crime
has been committed here.

Oh, yeah.


The court will have
to be enlightened

as to how such a
conclusion was arrived at.

Well, very well, Your Honor.

Uh, you're familiar
that Aaron Addison

was a convicted murderer.

All I did was carry out
the sentence of this court.

Uh, Mr. Reeves will
submit on my behalf

that... no murder has
been committed at all.

Only a citizen's
execution, Your Honor.

Your Honor, Your Honor,

if it would please the court,

I now call to the stand

Mr. Deke Montgomery,

the secretary to Governor
Winston Brubaker.

What rabbit am I gonna

pull out of my
hat this time, Jim?

Oh, I don't know. You'll
come up with something.

As soon as I think of it.

Uh, Mr. Montgomery,

if you will, please
take the oath.

Do you solemnly swear

to tell the truth,
the whole truth

and nothing but the truth? I do.

Thank you, sir. Uh,
won't you sit down?

Uh, now, Mr. Montgomery,

tell us, please, in your, uh...

In your own words.

Well, thank you, Mr. Prosecutor.

Your Honor.

In the course of my duties

as secretary to a great governor

of this great territory soon
to achieve statehood...

(spectators cheer)

(mallet thumps)

I was called upon to
review the conviction

of Aaron Addison.

At the same time, new
evidence came to light

which convinced the
governor there had been a great

miscarriage of justice.

I rushed to the prison

with a full pardon and
a stay of execution,

only to see the man...

shot down before my eyes.

(sighs) Uh, what you're
saying, Mr. Montgomery,

is... that the deceased

was not a condemned murderer,

but a free, innocent man.

And therefore,
the defendant... did

in fact, in cold blood,

murder a free, innocent man.

MAN: If the court, please...

whispering indistinctly)

the innocent man in
question would like to speak...

and offer testimony in
defense of Mr. James West.

( dramatic theme playing)

( dramatic theme playing)

whisper indistinctly)

Gentlemen, be seated.

Members of the jury,

have you reached a verdict?

Oh, just sh... Sure enough.

Now, uh, before
you inform the court

of your findings...

With the courts permission

I would like to remind you...

that we're all loyal citizens

of a great territory...

grateful and responsive
to a great governor...

and to his..

Distinguished colleagues...

who remember...

and reward...

public spiritedness, when
it shows its shining head.

Now the verdict, if you please.

Y-Your... Your Honor,
uh, we find that, uh...

We, uh... Uh...

All of us together,
uh, agree that...

U-Uh, that, uh...

We find the defendant
purely not guilty.

And that's a fact.

(spectators clamor) What? What!?

Not guilty?

Wh... Your...

Your Honor, I... I move

that this preposterous
verdict be...

Be set aside.

Your Honor, if I may

interrupt the able prosecutor,

it would seem to me that
the people have spoken.

By that you mean,
of course that, uh...

Exactly, Your Honor.

That the verdict must be upheld.


It is so ordered,

and the defendant
is hereby freed.

It's winning the tough ones

that gives me the big pleasure.

Ah, you were
magnificent, counselor.

Now if you get into
any more legal hassles,

why you just let me know and...

Like I was saying, I
gotta be heading on.

Be careful.

My, my, my.

Never saw a court
empty in such record time.

Artie, it's almost like

people thought it was
unhealthy being around us.

I got a sneaking suspicion
they might have been right.

Reception committee,
Brubaker style.

That's some...

That's some
surprise, huh, Artie?

Yeah, shock of my life.

You could have
knocked me over...

with a 100-pound
artillery cannon.

Well, let's make
it difficult on them.

We'll, uh... We'll split up.

Good idea, James.

When you cannot
confound the enemy,

then you have

lost to them.

I am sure that you will
get around to the back,

and I can join you
there at that time.

The only problem
is getting around...

so that they don't
know who we are.

I think we can manage it now.

You all set?

I hope so.

( suspenseful theme playing)




It was silly arranging
for a meeting here.

Oh, it's silly maybe, but
it's safer than the streets.

Those troopers out there
are thicker than thieves.

Which isn't a bad analogy.

I saw Mr. Gordon.

Gave him your
message to meet him

in the garden house tonight.

Oh, thank you very much.

Would you excuse
me for a minute?

(horses galloping)

I see that Brubaker's
circus is in full swing.

No territorial governor

has ever been nominated
for the presidency.

He wants to be the first.


"Brubaker for president."

I hate to say it, but
it has a catchy ring.

My father first noticed his
mad obsession years ago

and tried to stop him.

But he couldn't awaken
the people to their danger.

Now that Brubaker
has the black legion,

there's no way he
can be defeated.

Oh, I don't know.
He lost a battle today.

No, not a battle. A skirmish.

You see, these trials

are only to give the
appearance of justice.

To pacify the people.

All he lost was a
few hours, while you...

You see?

How long do you think
you can keep this up?

(laughs): Oh, indefinitely.
I rather enjoyed it.

No, I mean the eternal
dodging and hiding.


Mr. Brubaker's gonna
kill you and Mr. Gordon.

Both of you!

You'll never get out
of this territory alive.

(sighs): Then I'll have
to arrest him, I guess.

Arrest him? Mm-hm.

(sighs): Uh, take him away
from this sink of corruption

and hustle him off to
Washington on the train.

(sighing): No, no, no. It's...

It's absurd. It's
out of the question.

It's a ridiculous idea.

Actually, it's a
rather good idea.

I'm positive that
Grant will never risk

the weight of Washington here.

So his two bright... young men

will try to take
you to Washington.

How can two men even hope
to get within striking distance

with all the... With all the
guards that surround me?

I don't know.


What... do you think, captain?

If there were some other way in

aside from the...
regular entrance.

Captain Dansby, you...


So you know about that too.

I have reason to suspect
that West does also.

I see.

So you expect me to... sit here

and act as bait for those two.

Bait in name only, governor.

I am reasonably certain
that West and Gordon

will try to approach
you via the tunnel.

So I have laid a trap...

with substantial amounts
of high explosives.


But I...

know how very busy you must be.

The captain and I will
detain you no longer.

( suspenseful theme playing)

(door closes)

(crickets chirping)

Oh, she's got it filled with
Celosia Plumosa, huh?


The red plants.

(chuckles): Oh, yeah.

That's brilliant. How
did you find that?

One of the
governor's constituents

showed it to me, Artie.


I suppose this accommodating
constituent was female?

And of voting age. A Miss Faure.

Whoop. Hold it, Jim.

I think you should know,

Miss Faure isn't
just another girl.

She's it.

The governor's first lady.
Underground, of course.

Well, then we can assume,
Artie, that she's told him

that I know about this
underground lovers' lane, huh?

I'd say so. I'd say
we can also assume

we've walked right into a trap.


( suspenseful theme playing)

( suspenseful theme playing)


There's an
inconspicuous kind of wire.


The kind that
might run to a buried

charge of explosives,
for instance.

Yeah, can be set off
from some distance

by remote control.

What are we waiting for?

They must be well into
the tunnel now, sergeant.



ARTIE: Well, there
goes that as an exit.

Well, they made a nice
tomb for somebody, Artie.

Come on.

It's strange how often
I've visited you here...


and how seldom I've
used the front door.

(sighs): Well, if you'd
stop being so stubborn

and marry me...

(sighs): No, the public
loves its image of you

as a dashing eligible bachelor.

There will be time
enough for that big wedding

in the White House.



I must hurry home and change

for your rally, dear.

He was... an
intriguing young man.

And an accomplished liar.



James West.

BRUBAKER: Oh, yes. I forgot.

You did meet him
once, didn't you?

Just a brief encounter.

(sighs): He seems to have
made quite an impression

for just a brief encounter.



But he would never
have become president.

That's the trouble
with you, Jim.

You have no political future.

Neither does Brubaker.


I heard the explosion
in the tunnel.

You should both be dead.

Sorry we didn't accommodate you.

Could have worked out that way.

And by the way,
you're under arrest.

You already have the warrant.
I know you'll go peaceably.

Now that that's settled,
back to Washington.

Oh, uh, I hope you don't
mind using the back door.

What with one
explosion or another,

it worked out that way.

( tense theme playing)

Take care of Miss
Kittridge, Vanover.

We'll take it from here.

( upbeat theme playing)

Let's go.

Wait a minute, Jim.
We got the wrong man.


Take a look.

(sighing): Don't...

No, don't take me away. Please.

Not to Washington.

They'll lock me up.

I never did any of those things.

It was the others.
They did it all.

I, uh... I didn't even
know what I was doing.

I... I just... I just
signed the papers.

They never even told
me what I was signing.

Believe me.

Uh, look, explain it to...

To... To President, uh, Grant.

I will. Uh, he'll understand.

I served with him in Richmond.

Tell him it was the
others, see? I will.

The other two!


Oh, what an empty man.

How could a weakling like that
possibly have been a caesar?

He couldn't wield power
for one day unless...

Unless he was being propped up.

Exactly. Now the big puzzle:

Who's the strongman?

MONTGOMERY: Gentlemen.

Right on schedule.

Over there.

Montgomery, of course.

The man behind the great man.

I must say, I missed
the connection.

(chuckling): Well, don't
feel too bad about it.

I've cultivated the
manner of the underling.

I play it very well
when it suits me.

You see, for a man like me

who's obviously... different,

the only way to
power is to be devious.

To play in the shadows
with the glossy, hollow ones,

like this one.

It's the only way.

How dare you say that about me?

You forget. I'm the governor!

You're not the governor.

You're a wonderfully
endowed face,

a commanding presence,

a bell-like silver voice.

You're a hollow,
tin-plated fraud,


I'm the governor. I made you.

I put you into office.

I created your black legion.

I write your speeches for you,

tell you what to
say, what to think,

what to reach for,

who to reward, who to execute.

You're a Greek mask...

that I...

speak through.

Don't ever forget that.

Any trouble?

Everything's under
control, captain.

The governor's
needed at the rally.

As soon as we leave...

dispose of our friends
from Washington.

My men will be
cleaning their guns.

There will be an
accident, all right?

( tense theme playing)

(all grunting)



CROWD (chanting):
We want Brubaker!

We want Brubaker!

We want Brubaker!

We want Brubaker!

(chanting continues)

(horses gallop)

(crowd cheers)

You hear that, governor?

They're waiting for you.

Waiting for that
golden voice of yours

to lift them to the drunken
heights of Olympia.

You remember your speech?

(sighs): Friends,

it is I who should
be cheering you.

Yes, that's good.
But with the old fire,

the old brilliance.

(sighing): It is I who
should thank you...

all of you...

for the faith...

uh... Faith.

Faith and... uh...


(gasping): Listen
to me, Brubaker,

don't quit on me now!

Pull yourself together, man.

Pull yourself together! (groans)

CROWD: We want
Governor Brubaker!

We want Governor Brubaker!

We want Governor Brubaker!

(chanting continues)

(crowd cheers)

CROWD: Where's
Brubaker? We want Brubaker!

Ladies and gentlemen...

Ladies and gentlemen...

tonight is a historic occasion.

At long last, we are met...

in one great common cause.

What do we want?

(crowd yells indistinctly)

Let them hear you in Washington!

James. Artemus.

Look at him.



We will march together...

you and I...

to our...

manifest destiny.

Brubaker was just
the face of authority.

The real power was always
lurking in the shadows.

Yes, we want statehood!

We have requested statehood!

We have pleaded for it!

We have even demanded it!

Grant and his
minions in Washington

can deny us no longer!

We want statehood!
Tonight is the night!

Statehood or independence!

My friends, we are in a battle.

A battle for our lives.

A battle for our survival.

(gasping): And in
every battle, there are...

There must be... casualties.

Now... I must tell you...

that the first...
warrior to fall...

in our struggle...
was our leader...

our great governor...

(voice quavering):
Winston E. Brubaker.

(crowd clamoring)

Less than an hour ago,

Governor Brubaker
was mortally wounded

in a blatant effort
to sabotage this rally

and destroy our hopes!

I ask you now, are you with me?!

Did Winston Brubaker labor

all his life, for
nothing? CROWD: No!

we going to fight on?

MONTGOMERY: You with me?

MONTGOMERY: Let them hear it

in Washington! (crowd cheers)

Now, tonight, we
make our decision,

either to go forward
or to fall back.

I ask you now...

are you with me?

Stand up and be counted!

My followers will be rewarded,

but my enemies
will be dealt with!

There are no neutrals!

The legion will deal with you!

All of you!

I am the power, I warn you!

Not Brubaker. Me!

(laughs): You fools. Bru...
Brubaker was nothing.

It was me!

His ideas were mine!
His speeches were mine!

Everything he did, I
was responsible for! Me!

Come back!

Come back!

I will lead you,
come back to me!


It was me!

It was me...


It was me.

Yeah, we know.


( dramatic theme playing)

It's wonderful to have you back.

It's good to be back. Jim!


I was afraid that
you weren't coming.

I try never to
miss a good party.

You look lovely. Thank you.

The party's almost over,

and Artemus says that you and he

are going to Washington tonight.

It's true. I'm afraid so.

Artie, why don't
you read this, huh?

Well, thank you.

Oh, this is marvelous.
Listen to this.

"Congress has
confirmed appointment

"as territorial
governor pro tem,

Daniel Kittridge." (gasps)

"Convey my congratulations
and gratitude."

Signed, "Ulysses S. Grant,

President, United
States of America."

Congratulations, sir.

Thank you.

Congratulations, governor.

Thank you.

I wanna talk to you.

Um... governor...

why don't we go out in the back.

There's a little something there

I'd like to show you. (laughs)

( tender theme playing)



Did you bully President
Grant into doing this?

You don't bully our
president into anything.

I just merely made a suggestion.

Which reminds me,
I have a suggestion

for the governor's
new secretary.

New secretary?

I forgot to mention
it. That's you.

(laughs): What's the suggestion?

( Western theme playing)