The Wild Wild West (1965–1969): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Night of a Thousand Eyes - full transcript

After several ships are lost with all aboard, Jim and Arte's investigation leads them to a blind former river boat captain who wants complete domination of the American rivers.

Vino, bartender.

Seaweed will mark his arrival.



Cower before his
coming, do you hear?

From out of the vasty deep
the mighty leviathan will rise

to visit upon transgressors

the terrible
judgment of the sea.

Hey, I told you don't
do that again. Get out!


even a Cassandra must live.


What was that all about?

Local fixture.

Seagoing evangelist
type, name of Daniel.

Why all the gloom around here?

Well, most of this
town are members

of the Portuguese
fishing colony.

Naval authorities in the
area have forbidden them

to go out on the water. Things
have gotten very tough for them.

Well, maybe that's why
Bartlett wanted to meet us here.

I don't know. I've never known
Dave to be this upset before.

Claims he couldn't
even tell the admiral

what he discovered till
after he talked with us.

Well, we'll know for
sure soon. He's here.

Hiya, Dave. Hi, Jim.

Gee, thanks a
lot for meeting me.

Where's Artie?

Right here, Dave,
under all this alfalfa.

Good old Artie.

Listen, I'm sorry
for all the secrecy,

but it got to the point where I
can't trust anybody anymore.

Come on, relax, Dave.
You're among friends now.

Yeah, what's this all about?

I'll have to tell you quickly.

There isn't much time.

It may sound weird to you,

like... Like a nightmare,

but you must believe
that it's not something

I imagined or dreamed.


There's less time
than I thought.

You know those men, Dave?

No. They've been
following me for days now.

Listen, there's a jetty
in back of this place.

Give me five minutes.

I'll walk out with you.

Think that was five minutes?


Let's go.

What is that?

Frankly, gentlemen,

Lieutenant Bartlett was
an undisciplined young idiot.

He also happened
to be a friend of ours.

I'm aware of that.

I'm also aware that he
went way out of channels

when he went to see you.

Now, I don't know what deep
dark secret he had in mind,

but I can tell you, if
I were the admiral...

I am Admiral Hammond.

You're from the secret
service, I understand.

Yes, sir. James West here,

and my colleague and
partner, Artemus Gordon.

Gordon. Admiral.

Now, you've met my
aide, Commander Beech.

Oh, yes. Yes, sir.

Now, then,

tell me why Lieutenant
Bartlett sent for you.

Afraid we don't
know that, admiral.

He was murdered
before we could find out.

Well, I hardly think murder
is an accurate description

of what happened
to Lieutenant Bartlett.

What do you mean by that, sir?

I mean a kraken.

The fantastic monster that
lives in perpetual darkness

miles below the ocean's surface,

in constant cold under
tremendous pressure.

As strange and alien a creature

as you'd properly expect to find

on the dark side of
the planet Uranus.

Kraken. A giant squid?

Let there be no doubt
about it, gentlemen,

as a result of some
convulsive disturbance

in its natural habitat,

the giant squid has been forced

to the surface
waters of Crown Point,

and is now visually
engaged in a killing spree.

During the past two weeks,

three Portuguese fishermen
have been torn from their boats,

their boats smashed to kindling.

That's why you ordered
the ban on fishing.

Well, there are three
Portuguese fishermen

and a naval lieutenant now, sir.

What do you intend
to do about it, sir?

I've ordered a top-level
oceanographic commission

to be convened here

to investigate, advise,

and suggest the best way

to dispose of this
fantastic creature that...

Oh, Charles.

Oh, I was sure you were alone.

It's quite all right, my dear.

Mr. Gordon, Mr. West, my wife.

How do you do? How do
you do, Mrs. Hammond?

Morning, Commander Beech.

Don't forget you promised
to take me riding after lunch.

Oh. Of course, Mrs. Hammond.

Sir, if I may remind you
about your staff meeting.

Call it to order, Beech.
I'll be there presently.

Yes, sir.

Well, if you'll excuse me.


What a dreadful,
horrible creature.

You know, I
don't think I'll ever

get used to the sight of it.

Oh, Mr. West, Mr. Gordon,

will you be staying for lunch?

I'm afraid that's impossible,
Mrs. Hammond, thank you.

The admiral's busy, I tell you.

You can't see him.
I must see him now!

Sorry, sir. There
was no stopping him.

It's all right.

Gentlemen, meet José Aguila.

He speaks for the
fishermen in the area.

What do you want, José?

Señor, I have come to ask
you once more to lift the ban.

When you told
us to stop fishing,

you said it would be one week.

Already now it has been
more than one month.

We must fish to earn
money to buy food.

My children are hungry.

Better they cry for food

than for a dead father, José.

Then you refuse
to lift the ban, huh?

I'm sorry.

You must try to
understand my position.

I understand only
one thing, señor:

With all this talk,

I must fish to earn
money to buy food.

One way or the
other, I will do it.

Sounds like he
means that, admiral.

I'm afraid he does.

I think for his own sake,
we'd better arrest him.

Lieutenant, you'd
better bring him in.

Yes, sir.

Gentlemen, I have
a staff meeting.

You will have to excuse me.

Of course. My dear.

If, uh, you'll excuse
us, Mrs. Hammond.

Yes. We'll be on our way.


Artie, I wonder
if that fisherman

believes in giant squid.

Good hunting.

While you talk to him,
I think I'll drop around

and take a look at Dave
Bartlett's quarters, huh?

All right.

Buenas noches.

Uh, buenas noches.
Uh, vino, por favor.

Por no.

I'm looking for a
man named Aguila.

No entiendo, inglés.
Sé nada inglés.

Yeah, I know you don't
understand a word of English,

but when you see Aguila,

tell him James West
is looking for him.

No sé nada inglés.

Why are you look for Aguila?

Otro vino, por favor.

You must be looking for trouble.

No, I was looking for you.

We do not like government
men around here nowadays.

Admiral Hammond's
ordered your arrest,

but I wanted to talk
to you first. Salud.

Yeah, I think you are
maybe too late, señor.

Hey, if they were
not government men,

I would give them a good fight.

But I have too much respect
for these weary bones.

Why you look so funny?

Is it you they are after or me?

I think they're
after both of us.

Unless they've reissued
Civil War uniforms,

those sailors are
as phony as $9 bills.

You guys are coming
with us, one way or another.

Hey, a good fight like this
works up a good thirst, huh?

I hate to ask you
to drink and run,

but the real U.S.
Navy's after you.

Now, why would Dave hide
a key in his own quarters?

Unless he was sure somebody
was going to come after it.

I'll take that key, mate.

Key? What key?

The key you just
found. Hand it over.

Oh, you mean this one, eh?

Here you are.


Señor, you are a good man.

I want to thank you very much
for a most beautiful evening.

Now I must go find the boat.

Wait a minute.

We're going back
to the naval authority,

this time the real article.

Ha! And turn myself in, eh?

No, thank you.

Uh... Uh, now, wait a minute...

I don't care what the
admiral say. I go fishing.

Then, from out
of the vasty deep,

the mighty leviathan shall rise!

Will lay the weight of
his terrible judgment

upon all who shall
be found wanting,

upon all...


The Good Samaritan,

the one who saw my
need and had compassion.


Have need again.

When will the, uh,
leviathan arrive again?

Ah. Soon, and from out yonder.

From out yonder the
mighty leviathan will rise.

It will rise to settle the score

of all whose sins
and transgressions

cry loud for retribution.

The mighty leviathan,
I tell you, will rise!


He will rise. Adiós, señor.

See you tomorrow.

You want to fish, right?

I still want to talk.
Now, let's talk.

Your pleasure.

Well, señor,

now it is time to fish.


What was that?

I do not know.

We are in many fathoms of water.

It's a new kind of diving
helmet for deep-water work.

Really something, isn't it?

Help me off with that.

Thank you, Jim.

Okay, we can set it right here.


I tell you, it's remarkable.

Completely self-sufficient,

self-contained filtered air flow

attached to two oxygen tanks.

I tell you, that Dave
really built himself

a hunk of diving apparatus.

Do you have any idea why
he went to so much trouble

to keep it a secret?

I don't know.

He must have been onto
something, that's for sure.

Artie, I think this is
what he was onto.


It's just a piece
of gutta-percha.

Vulcanized rubber around
a hollow core, that's all.

I cut it off the tentacle
that got Aguila.

Oh, boy.

That really blows a hole in
Admiral Hammond's theory

about undersea
monsters, doesn't it?

Doesn't it?

I'm gonna be very anxious

to see the admiral's
reaction to that.


But it's... Yes, sir.

It's made of gutta-percha.

Has a hollow core,
as you can see.

Probably operates on
some kind of compressed air

or hydraulic system.

In either case, a very
efficient instrument for murder.

With the admiral's permission,

we've only got their word

for this ridiculous story, sir.

At ease, commander.

That will be all.

Yes, sir.

What's this all about?

Can you tell me?

We don't know, sir.

All we know is someone
made a kraken's tentacle.

Which not only looks
like the real thing,

but, operated from below,

can reach up and
kill like the real thing.

There must be some
reason for all this

beyond the killing of fishermen.

Just read this.

"Admiral of the fleet Farragut
arriving in your area July 27."

That's tomorrow, sir.

"Board U.S.S. Missouri

to conduct inspection
tour of area."

The Missouri.

That's our new ironclad.

Our greatest piece
of naval architecture

and as a target, the
biggest prize of them all.

You're gonna have
to stop them, sir.


Bradley, take a signal.

"To admiral of
the fleet Farragut,

"urge you to change
itinerary to avoid Crown Point.

Possibility security
has been compromised."

Bradley, I want you
personally to deliver that signal

to the communication center.

Clear? Yes, sir.

I've brought you
some port, dear.

And I'm commandeering Mr. West.

I insist on showing
off our prize daisies.

Consider yourself
commandeered, Mr. West.

My pleasure.

Mrs. Hammond.

Well, it's not generally known,

but I... I'm called Dolores.

Mrs. Hammond, is there
something that you'd like to tell me?

Well, you'll think
I'm being silly.

I suppose it... It's
nothing definite.

It... It's nothing I can
really put my finger on,

but for the past few days,

I've had this terrible
feeling of impending doom.

Something terrible
about to happen.

And not only that,
I... I know Charles

has the same feeling, and...

Though he'd never admit it
to me in a thousand years.

I find myself quite
distressed by all this.

I'm beginning to believe
that I may know the key

to all this mystery.

Yes, sir?

There's something I want
to show you and Mr. West.

Until now, I didn't think it
could've had any connection.


Artie, what happened here?

booby-trapped that bottle.

Oh, help him!

Somebody help
him! Put this fire out!

Please! Please, help him!

Oh, no! Oh, no!

Take care of the admiral.


Just before the explosion,

he said he thought he had
a key to the whole thing.

Like what?

He said he wanted
to show us something.

I got a feeling I
know what it was.

Hey, Artie. Now try it.

Oh, hi, Jim. Did you see her?

No, Artie. She's still
under heavy sedation.

Doctor says she won't come
out of it for a couple of hours.

We still don't know
who rigged the explosion.

Go ahead, Artie.

Well, now, we're both
agreed that this is a model

of something that
actually exists.

And we should do an
on-the-spot investigation. Agreed.

I am firmly convinced
that this has to be

an underwater
installation of some kind.

First of all, the air lock
in that low-level conduit,

the massive
structure of the sphere

make that perfectly
clear. Agreed?


So that this is, in
essence, nothing more

than a bubble of air trapped
beneath the surface of the sea.

In which case, that
has to be a conduit

leading down to the bubble
from some fixed shore installation.

Puzzle: find the
shore installation.

I've been doing some
thinking about that too

and I remembered something
that I paid no attention to at all

at the time it happened.

Remember that saloon, uh, on
the wharf where we met Dave?

Oh, yeah. I remember.
The Mermaid.

Yeah. Well, during the fracas,

I landed against a
portion of the wall there

through which I felt heavy
vibration and pounding.

Like a big compressor?

Exactly. The kind of compressor

that would be essential to
maintain the oxygen level

of a large underwater

I think it'd be very rewarding
if I went back to the Mermaid

and did a little nosing around.

Good idea, Artie.

This, uh... This is
gonna be my target, Artie.

Through the submarine air lock.

Wait a minute. What are
you talking about, Jim?

That has to be 100 feet
beneath the surface of the sea.

That's about what I figure.

Well, you haven't any idea

where to place the exact
position of that thing.

Oh, I think I do, Artie.

Rough guess:

Uh, the water level at
the Mermaid Tavern,

about, uh, 40 feet?

Right. I'm with you so far.

Which means that
this, uh, represents

a scaled-down
length of the conduit.


So that if we convert inches

to feet,

we could place the position
of that second conduit

right about there.

Which, by an odd coincidence,

is where the phony
kraken tentacle got Aguila.

Artie, I'll bet you that's
where our bubble is.

Listen, you're
probably right, Jim,

but how do you propose
to get down there?

That's over 90 feet
below sea level.

You can't get down
there and stay alive.

Artie, you estimated
that this oxygen tank

would last, uh, 12
to 14 minutes, right?

You're talking about Dave's
experimental diving helmet?

We don't even know
whether that thing works.

Artie, you... You
know as well as I do

there's no time like
the present to find out.

There you go, Jim.

If I'm not there on time,
you start without me.


It's all set.


Poor Commander Beech.

True to Charles to the end.

Even after Charles died?

Poor Charles.

Truly brilliant mind,
but not enough ambition.

And, of course, you have
ambition enough for two.

More than you can
possibly imagine.

Oh, no, I... I think I can.

This is, uh, the admiral's,
uh, design, of course.

Oh, of course.

His "underwater
military fortress,"

as he used to describe it to me
in our warm intimate moments.

Why was it
necessary to kill him?

Why was it necessary
to kill poor Charles?

Because the fool
was about to reveal

the secret of the installation.

We're much better
off without him

and the inquisitive
Commander Beech.

He would have
been pleased, really...

Flattered, even, to have
seen his sketches come to life.

But I fear he would have
objected strongly to our use

of his underwater missile.

Underwater missile?


You didn't know about that?

Michael. James. Johnson.

This is a self-propelled missile

with a rather unique
aiming device.

A powerful magnet
inside the nose.

It seeks out

and finds metal ships.

Like an ironclad, for
instance. But why?

Dolores and I are in the
process of making a sale

of the design of the
fortress of the admiral's,

but, uh, we promised
the purchasers

a very convincing demonstration
of the fortress' military value.

Like sinking a ship, I suppose?

The Missouri?

Oh, better than that.

Complete with Admiral
Farragut himself.

It's too bad that there's
been a change of plans.

Oh, you mean the telegram

advising Farragut
to cancel his plans,

the one we intercepted.

"To admiral of
the fleet Farragut,

suggest you cancel
plan to visit Crown Point."

well, but that's enough of that.

Tie him up.


I'm ready to go to work.

So go to work.

Why, you thundering fool.

I'm here to fix the compressor.

What compressor?

Uh, listen, you want to play
hanky-panky games with me,

that's all right with me.

I'll turn right around
and walk out of here.

So help me. I don't care
whether that compressor

burns out its bearings or not.

Now do I go to work or don't I?

No one tells me
nothing around here.

They send someone
out to fix the machinery,

why don't they tell me about it?


He's using me for a
patsy. That's all I'm doing.

Hey, what are you
doing in here, anyway?

No one's supposed to be in here.

It used to work beautifully.

One naval lieutenant and
four Portuguese fisherman.

That's not a bad
catch for your kraken.

Until you had to puncture
it with all those bullet holes,

not to mention
the horrible things

you did to it with your knife.

The idea was to frighten
the fishermen out of the area,

wasn't it?


And I don't think we
could ever have gotten

this darling fortress
built without it.

It's time, Dolores.

I think you're going to enjoy

what's now about
to happen, West.

Prepare missile for surfacing.

Flood the chambers.

Twenty seconds to release.

Five seconds to release.

Fire the missile!

Fire the missile!

Get him! Catch him!


Clear out!

I'm gonna go out and
stop that mine, Artie.

Good. I'll get her.

"At this angle and depth, the
stress on the beam at this point

would be 300 pounds
per square inch."

All right.

"Now, if we were to
extrapolate a compound curve

on the structure here..."

The structure
here? Where's here?

I tell you, there must still be
some books of Admiral Hammond's

I haven't been able to find yet.

All the information is here,
but there are no diagrams

of the structure of
that underseas dome.

I've never seen that
book. Anything in it?

Hm? Oh. No, no, Artie.

Well, what is it?

Oh, it's just a book
that someone gave me.

Oh, really? Who was that?

You remember, uh, the
millionaire Irving Moore?

Well, yeah. The
playboy millionaire

who got married
last week? Of course.

He sent his invitation
to us, didn't he?

Yeah. Well, he...
He sent this book

along with the invitation.

Ooh? Ooh, uh, that, uh,

that book wouldn't by
any chance happen to have

the names of, uh, any of
his past dates, would it?


Some of the girls he used
to go out with, maybe?

Well, maybe a few.

May I see it, please?

Artie, look at all
the books you own.

This is the only one I own.

I tell you what I'll do.

I'll trade you for it.

How about a book on
underseas installations?


How about a book
on diving equipment?


How about a book on
how you'll live to regret it

if you don't let
me see that book?

You dog.