The Purge (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - 7:01am - full transcript

As Purge Night rages on, Esme, Ryan, Marcus and Ben fight for their lives and their loved ones.

Previously, on
"The Purge"...

‐ Be careful.
- When we bottle up

our feelings,
they can come out

in other ways
that might be scary.


I'm sorry.

There's the coward I know.

So you think
you can take down the NFFA?

They're killing
innocent people off‐Purge

and I think I found the proof.

About Esme:
whatever she was up to,

chances are she'll make some
sort of move on Purge Night.

I'm in.

The system reboot has
everyone distracted for a bit,

but you have to move fast.

Get in the back!

Glen, let's finish this
man to man.

Michelle, Michelle!

Look, there's nothing else
I can do for her

and the hospitals
are closed!

I know where to take her:
the triage centers.

Oh, shit!

Come on, he's still alive.

Officers, move them forward!

I got a friend
who's gonna get us out of here.

Shit, go, go, go!

‐ Go, go, go!
‐ So what's the plan?

Drive around all night
until Purge is over?

‐ Not without our money.
‐ And where is that?

The Jackals have it.

Ryan tipped them off

so they would
steal the money from Ziv

while we got you
out of prison.

Sounds like the Jackals
were right on time.

Let's go get our money.

We have installed speakers
throughout the city

every, uh, 3.7 blocks

as the NFFA has recommended.

New Orleans is ready
for the Purge, sir.

Have you tested the sirens?

Uh, yes, sir.

Think we, uh, freaked out
a couple neighborhood kids

and scared their parents
a little bit.

They'll get used to it.

Sir, a lot of folks
seem to think

that this is just a stunt.

They... they don't believe
that regular people

will actually go out
and commit crimes.

Our research indicates

that participation
will be very high.

Great, that is...

that is so great.

Anyway, we, uh, have
verified the Wi‐Fi

and, uh, cell phone signals,

installed 2‐inch‐thick

laminate, uh,
bulletproof glass,

and, uh, even upgraded
the security door.

rotating keycard encryption.

Only the operators
and managers can get inside.


And, uh...

Hang on a second.

Sometimes it's a little...

So you don't have access

in or out of this room.

Have I got this right?

I think it's probably
just a glitch...

Because this room is
our only way of communicating

with the public on Purge Night.

Yes, I know that,

and I take that
very seriously, sir.

Do you?

Because if you can't
do your job,

the NFFA will take measures
to replace you.

Uh, no need
to take measures, sir.

I am, uh, gonna
make a phone call.

I'll get right on top of it.

‐ Hello?
‐ James.

Hi, buddy, listen, uh,

having a little issue
with the system you installed.

Well, why don't you tell me
what's going on.

What's going on is that

my regional inspector is here,

I can't get the damn door open.

Okay, okay.

I want you to know,
most of the time,

this does come down
to operator error.

That's great.

- Are you blaming me right now?
‐ No, no, no.

I'm just saying, is it possible
that maybe the last time

you used the door,
you forgot to swipe the card?

- Possible?
‐ I don't know, maybe, um...

Yeah, well, there's
your problem, right there.

Just engage and disengage
manually and it'll reset.

Everything will be fine.

‐ Yeah, it better be.
‐ It will.

This is the same system I use
to protect my own family.

You've got nothing
to worry about.

Season 02 Episode 10

Episode Title : "7:01am"

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Jackals already blew through
the meeting point.

Now they're heading west
on Interstate 10.

Just as we expected.

We knew they were
never gonna hold up

their end of the bargain.

I've got a plan
to cut them off.

Good, I won't let
those assholes get the cash.

Not after what they did.

Yeah, they already tried
to kill Doug last year.

Yeah, took that
into an account

when I was doing
my shopping this year.

Multiple reports of an
explosion in the Super Dome.

En route.

Any word on Esme?

She should be inside
the command center.

Hopefully, she'll find
the video she's looking for.

Who's "Esme"?

She helped us
with the airport plan.

Yeah, and her and Ryan
kind of had a thing.

Damn, I missed a lot
on the inside.

Heads‐up, we've got
some traffic up ahead.

Looks like two cars
coming in hot.

‐ What do I do?
‐ Don't slow down.

Punch it.

Good job.
We're clear.

Let's find a way
to get off of this.

All right.
Take the next exit.

Bridge on Eleven is out.

It's non‐op.
I repeat: no‐go.

Eleventh's out.

Okay, that means
they're taking the parkway.

Let's roll.

‐ Marcus...
‐ Hang on, babe.

We're almost there.
Andre, man, come on.

You gotta drive
a little faster.

‐ Help us!
‐ Don't slow down, babe.

There's nothing you can do
for them.

Get us out of here!

Please, please help!

‐ Help!
‐ Help me!

‐ What are you doing?
‐ Help me, please!

- Help!
‐ Do something!

Right up here on the right!

Hey, hey, hey,
I need some help over here!

My wife, she's been stabbed,

and I got a patient
in the back!

‐ What you need?
‐ Give me a gurney.

We have a class five weapons
activity spike

on sector three.

All personnel, please report

to the surveillance center

We have a class five weapons
activity spike

on sector three.

All personnel, please report

to the surveillance center


Holy shit.

I knew it.
I knew it, I knew it.



Doctor, she's urgent!

She's got a stab wound
right upper chest.

I decompressed her
about ten minutes ago,

but she's gonna
need a chest tube.

‐ You a physician?
‐ An ER doctor.

I trained downtown.

Good, we're low
on doctors tonight.

You guys stocked
in O‐negative?

‐ Yeah, we are.
‐ Okay, I need a set of hands.

Best I can do is
a third year pre‐med student.

‐ I'll take it.
‐ Go.

Hey, hey.
You're safe here.

I'm just gonna check
your lungs.

Doctor Moore?

I'm here to assist you.

All right, we need to
perform a thoracostomy.

I've never done this before.

I don't know
that I'm qualified.

You haven't even taken
the MCATs

and you're spending
your Purge Night here.

You know what that tells me?
‐ No.

You're gonna be
a great doctor.


Okay, tell me
what you need me to do.

All right, I need you to get
100 milligrams of ketamine

and a bag of O‐negative.
‐ 'Kay.

Baby, I'm scared.

I got you, okay?

I promise...

There is no way in hell

that I'm gonna let you die.

I love you.

I love you.

It's me, it's me.

Did you get to the servers?

The official footage
was deleted.

But that mail truck camera?

It caught them breaking in.

It's proof the NFFA
killed her off‐Purge.

So now The Foundation's
gonna blast it out, right?

Uh, the file was protected.

I couldn't transfer it
outside the closed system.

Don't tell me
this was all for nothing.

Of course not.

I'm gonna make sure
everyone sees this.


I could transfer the file
within the system, so I did.

To the broadcast room.

You would be
a sitting duck in there.

I know, Vivian.
I know, and I'm gonna do it.

So I just need a manager's
key card to get in.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Stop, stop, stop!

‐ Shit!
‐ What the fuck is that?

It's a trap!
Back up, back up!

Get us out of here!


‐ You okay?
‐ Yeah.

Yeah, we're in position.
‐ 10‐4.

I'm moving into position now.

Tommy, you got our six.

Come on, man, let's go!

‐ Fuck, fuck!

‐ What's wrong?
‐ It's blocked!

I can't get a shot!

Ready to blast
in 60 seconds.

Oh, shit.

What's going on?
Did the Jackals come back?

No way.
Those assholes are long gone.

Did not come all this way
to get fucked up by some rando.

More Purgers inbound.

Doug, your ten!
Behind the crate!

We're trapped.

You think they're gonna
come back for us?

Would you?

‐ Alley's clear.
‐ Reloading!

Sara, up top on your seven!

We're clear.

I hate Purge Night.
‐ Last one.

All right,
everyone in the van.

Let's blow this thing open.


Feel like a kid at Christmas.

Detonation in three, two...

Holy shit.

Is there
any other way upstairs?


Let's go.

Excuse me.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on...

‐ Uh, everyone?

Uh, everybody, I just, um...

I just want to say thank you
for making my first year here...

year here so wonderful,

and, um, let's not
miss anything this year.


Yeah, okay.


Director Anders?

Let me have the clamp.

Come on.


Got it.


Esme, there's a dozen
officers on their way.

Set the gun on the stairs.

I'm not gonna do that.

Vivian, why are you
helping her?

What has she got on you?
‐ Nothing.

I'm just trying
to do the right thing.

It's your job
to enforce the laws

- to uphold this country.
- What if the laws are wrong?

Listen to me:

the NFFA targeted
and killed innocent people

who questioned them
last Purge Night.

People like Professor Adams.

Not only that,
there's proof in this building

that they're killing citizens

‐ That's impossible.
‐ No.

I thought so, too,
but it's true.

Come on, Curtis.

You haven't
pulled that trigger yet.

There's a reason.

You have doubts too.

You have to let me do this.

It's the right thing to do.

We're gonna
keep walking now, okay?

Come on.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.


Vivian, can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

I'm gonna get you out of here.
‐ Please just... you have to go.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

- Come on, come on.
‐ Please.

Just tell everyone.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

She's stable.
You did great.

‐ Thanks.
‐ Monitor her vitals.

I should get out there
and help.

If anything comes up,
find me.

‐ Okay, I got this.
‐ Thank you, Lindsey.

Dr. Jason, how can I help?

More victims came in.

Take her.

Hi, I'm Dr. Moore.

Possible explosive device.

Requesting additional
surveillance on grid E‐7‐Q.

Cameron 1‐1‐1‐6,
please advise.



They're all loaded up
like that?

Oh, holy shit!

We'll be living large
in Panama, baby.

‐ Oh, yeah!
‐ Oh, bye‐bye, America.

Not gonna miss you.

Ah, but you two are gonna
have to teach us Spanish, okay?

‐ No problem.
‐ Priority alert.

District two command center.

10‐29 on Esme Carmona.

Suspect last seen
heading up south stairwell

towards level four Broadcast.

Give me a second, baby.
Watch them.

Requesting special response.

Termination protocol

- That's a hit squad.
‐ What the hell is Esme doing?

She's taking down
the whole fucking system.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna take it down
with her.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's not the plan, Ryan.

I can't leave her.

‐ Then we're going too.
‐ No.

‐ Back you up.
‐ No, wait, wait.

You've got a family.

You need to be there for them.

I'm going alone.

We'll wait
as long as we can.

If anything happens...

Your mom
will be taken care of.

We got her no matter what.

We'll see you on
the other side, man.

Let me get you a booster.


Jason, where's the vaccines?

Yo, hold on,
I'll be right back.

Dr. Jason?

Hey, where's Dr. Jason?
‐ Haven't seen him in a while.

‐ What about his cell?
‐ Didn't pick up.

Dr. Jason?

Hey, guys, have you seen
Dr. Jason or Lindsey?

No, no one came in here
and she's doing fine.

Something weird is going on.

I need you guys
to stay with her.

- Of course.
‐ Yeah, yeah.

Excuse me.

Calm down.
You're okay.

Calm down, calm down.

You're in a safe place.

Come on.

You're okay.
Take a deep breath.

Ca... deep breath.
Calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down.
You're okay.

Oh, my God.

What happened?

He's killing everybody.



Keep going, move.


Go, go, go.

Move up!


‐ Wait, what is this?
‐ Get down!

She's on this level.
Shoot on sight.


You were in the truck.

We brought you here.

Guess you shouldn't have
done that.


These... these were good people.

They were just trying to help.

Help who?

Not Purgers.

What do you mean?

By treating
those people out there,

you're robbing Purgers
of their rightful kills.

No, man.

Your patients...

they're supposed to be dead.

‐ Look...

We're just trying
to get through the night.


you're trying to play God.

But you're not God.

I am.

Nice shot.

I had a good teacher.

What are you doing here?
‐ I think you know.

I have the proof.
I need to broadcast it.

I can buy you some time.

I thought you would
try and get me to run.

Look, I didn't come here
to save you,

and I didn't come here
to talk you out of this...

Because you're right.

People need to know
the truth...

and you need to tell them.

Marcus, I can't believe we're
just gonna leave him out here

after what he did.

I'm not gonna kill him, man,

but he's too dangerous
to keep inside.

Let's let the Purge
take care of him.

This glass is bulletproof,

but it's not
gonna hold them forever.

Not with their firepower.

I can push the video
to every phone in range,

and I'll broadcast
as long as I can

before 7:00 a. m.

Let me see the keycard.

Wait, what...?


Get back inside.
They're almost here.

I'll stall them
until after the sirens.


That way,
they can't shoot you.

They'll have to arrest you.
‐ Ryan, no!

Don't do this.
No, Ryan, no.

Don't do this.

Don't... don't do this.
Please, don't.

Get back in here!

I'm right where I need to be.


Ryan, listen to me.

Let's blow the doors.


People of New Orleans,

my name is Esme Carmona.

You've seen my face
and heard my name.

I'm here to tell you:

the Purge doesn't work.

I knew a woman...

a professor.

She was researching
the effects of Purging...

how it changes our brains.

She ran a scientific study

looking at regular people
like you and me.

You know what she found?


Proof that Purging
doesn't take away our anger,

our hatred, and our fears.

It fuels them.

The NFFA was furious.

So they decided to silence her
and destroy her evidence.

Last Purge Night, the NFFA
systematically killed her

along with dozens
of participants in her study.

They targeted innocent people

to hide
their own terrible truth,

but last Purge, they couldn't
get to one woman:

Olivia Hughes.

So they killed her off‐Purge

and they made it
look like suicide.

The reason I'm being hunted

is because I discovered
the truth.

The video you are seeing now

shows the NFFA
breaking into her house.

It proves
our system is corrupt.

Watch the video.

Start asking questions.

The truth is the only thing

more powerful than this regime!

Demand the truth...

No matter the cost.

Your lives depend on it.

Speaking Spanish...

‐ Clear.
‐ Clear!

Go, go, go.
Esme Carmona, come with us.

Sir, we're post 7:00 a. m.

Orders stand.

You see?

It is a lie.

in foreign language...

It's a great place.
Good choice.

Are they?
But are they?

‐ What's going on?

‐ You're late.
‐ Old habits.

‐ Keep the change.
‐ Gracias.

Ryan would have
hated this place.

‐ Too bright.
‐ Too loud.

‐ No decent whiskey.


‐ So...

About his cut.

Have you guys thought about
my proposal?

We have.


Let's do it.

It's what he would want.


I'll stop by the bank later.

To Ryan.
‐ To Ryan.

‐ Hey, Vivian.
‐ Yeah?

I can build a backdoor
into the NFFA's mainframe,

but they're always
changing protocols.

Well, luckily, you have me,

and I still have
my inside sources.

Hey, Viv,
you remember how you said

we didn't have
enough funding

to reach out
to rural communities?


Yeah, well, we just received
a wire transfer

from Esme's friends in Panama.


It's way more
than we

had hoped for.

They said it's gonna be
the first of many.

Darren, it's time to start.

♪ Bury the tongue ♪

♪ Between the teeth ♪

The NFFA is trying to say
what happened to Esme Carmona

on Purge Night was fake news.

‐ ♪ Open the jaw ♪
‐ But it was very real.

♪ And sink in deep ♪

They shot her
after the sirens.

Our own leaders
broke their own rules.

Our government has created
a virus for violence,

and it is spreading.

♪ And claw the grip ♪

I knew Esme too.

She was my sister.

Esme's sacrifice
was not in vain.

She got me
and all the rest of you

to show up today.

Changing the world,

it starts right here,
right now, in this room.

That's right.

So, no, we won't just stand by
and continue

to let our leaders trample
over our right to free speech.

And, no, we won't just stand by

and let our government continue
to murder innocent citizens.

The Purge death toll is at
the highest it's ever been,

and no amount of thoughts
or prayers or grief boxes

will ever be enough.
No, we don't deserve that!

Our country deserves better.

♪ Sever in two ♪

♪ And fuse to gold ♪

♪ Down throat ♪

♪ You let it go ♪

- ♪ ..go ♪
- ♪ Don't let it hold you down ♪

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