The Purge (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Hail Mary - full transcript

People risk it all to settle scores and do what's right on Purge Night, if only they can survive.

on "The Purge"...

Whoever's in my house,

you're not getting out alive.

What have I done
to make you hate me so much?

You killed my wife.

I'm the one
that's gonna kill you.

What about
the backup chamber?

Can you extend the range
on that?

‐ You built two?
‐ Just in case.

‐ I need another favor.
‐ [sighs]

Wait, he doesn't know?

He knows that I'm working
with the Foundation.

He just doesn't know
the endgame.

Case 20854 is now closed.

Execution will be carried out
on the next Purge Night.

Let's go get our boy.

Who's going hunting
with me tonight?

[blade plunges]

[device beeps]
‐ What did you do?

[tires squealing]

Listen up... another Purge
is about to begin.

Remember, there's a tagged
suspect on the loose.

[sirens blaring]

[dramatic music]


[all chattering]

All right, boys and girls!

Let's have some quiet time now

and think about our feelings.


So I've been having
some worries lately...

and worries can be hard
to talk about,

even for grown‐ups.

That's why, in America,
we have a holiday

that helps people
get their worries out.

Do any of you know
what it's called?


something tells me
you know.

The Purge?

That's right.

The Purge allows grown‐ups

to deal with their bad feelings

by giving them one night
to do whatever they want.

They can stay up
as late as they want?

‐ All night.
- [all gasp]

Can they kill people?

[all gasp, murmur]

Yes, they can.


The Purge
gives your mommies and daddies

the freedom
to accomplish things

they never thought possible.

What if something happens
to my mom

or my little brother?

‐ Oh, Zoe.
- [giggles]

Whatever happens...

you and your brother
will be perfectly safe.

And if your mommy or daddy
decide to Purge,

mm, that's their decision.

That is their right
as Americans.

You know how sometimes
you may want to scream or cry

or punch a pillow
because you are so angry?

Well, the Purge
is just like that.

But for adults only,
so there's no reason...

[voice fades]

Ben! Ben!



It's time for lunch, honey.

What are you watching?

Blessed be
our New Founding Fathers

and America...

a nation reborn.

[all laughing]

[dark music]


[static crackling]

[dramatic music]


Season 02 Episode 09

Episode Title : "Hail Mary"

Sync corrections by srjanapala

[suspenseful music]

Smile, Turner.

Purge has officially started.

It's time to celebrate.

Please, Ben,
just let Scott go.


This is between you
and me.

You're right.

No, please.

Please don't do this.

- [tape slams]
- Please!

Look, I get it, man.

You've been through a lot
this year.

We... we could
still get you help.

Oh, I know
it seems scary now...


But I'm trying
to give you a gift.


So here's the deal...

if you finally pop
your cherry...

and kill little Scotty here...


I'll let you live.

So, either one
of you dies...


Or both of you die.

Your choice, bruh.


[sirens wailing,

[gunfire, horns honking]

[indistinct chatter]

I know
it's Purge Night, people,

but remember, Esme Carmona
is our number‐one priority.

[computer chirping]

[engine rumbling]


[engine stops]




About time.
Starting to wonder.

[indistinct chatter]

[lock snaps]

[indistinct chatter]

Transfer the money
before the sirens,

or I will send the photos
to everyone in your contacts.

[computers chirping]

Speaking Korean...

Yo, Skye.

Looks like CryptoCash
is the winner.

- I'm almost in.
‐ Sweet.

Keep an eye on your event logs.

So much crime,
so little space.

Foundation makes more
on Purge than we do all year.

So final warning:

I think your plan's insane.

‐ Noted.
‐ But I like insane.

We'll be waiting outside
for you to send the footage.

Then we'll blast it
to every screen we can access.

But based on what you told me,

in order to get into
the surveillance center,

I need to
turn you into a ghost.

- [keys clacking]
‐ What does that mean?

You'll see.

[sinister music]


Have you ever Purged before?

Yeah, once in college.

Wait, you have?

‐ Um...
‐ What's wrong?

Nothing, Clint.

- Uh, just...
‐ Purge jitters, that's all.

Let's go.

[indistinct chatter]

[truck door closes,
engine turns over]

[engine revving]

[tires squeal]


[alarm wailing]

Hey, they got past
the outer door.

[wailing stops]

‐ Look, we tried to
reason with them.

If we have to fight back,
it'll be self‐defense.

‐ Hey, hey, hey,
they're making a move.

Do you see this?



[bottles clinking]


Babe, just promise me
that no matter what happens

that we won't
turn into one of them.


‐ Okay.
‐ All right.

[suspenseful music]

Come on.


[lighter flicks]


[gun cocks]


- This place fireproof?
‐ As much as possible.


‐ [screams]
‐ Get back!

Stay back!


We're on borrowed time
in here!

They're gonna smoke us out!

[buzzer blares]


Prisoners for tonight's hunt
have landed.

Copy that.

[brakes squeak]

[air hisses,
door creaks open]


Nice night for a hunt.


Come on, let's go.


What's this?

I thought we were supposed to
be getting auctioned off?


Hey, what we supposed to do
out here all alone?

Now move it.

[indistinct chatter]

[chains jingling]

Move. Move.


Come on, go!

Hey, hey,
we're still chained up.

How are we supposed
to fight back?

They don't want us
to fight back.

They sold us
to a bunch of rich assholes

who want to Purge
without the danger.


It doesn't have to end
like this.

I got a friend
who's gonna get us out of here.

And how do we know
this friend is gonna show up?

Ryan's never
let me down before.

You got to trust me.

We all have to stick together,

or we're not gonna make it
through the night, okay?

Yeah, sure.

Officers, move them forward!

[indistinct radio chatter]

Here's your head start.

Follow me.
Come on, let's go.

Welcome to the hunt.

[festive music playing
over speakers]


Reservation for Dixon
plus two.

Thank you for your donation.

[indistinct chatter,
dishware clinks]


[no audible dialogue]


So glad we dressed
for the occasion.

We paid our admission
like everybody else,

so they can't complain.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we have a surprise
for all of you.

Tonight's sponsor...

the Daughters of the NFFA...

have planned a special treat.

In honor of our heritage
and our traditions

that trace back
over 200 years...

which form the bedrock
of the NFFA...

tonight's hunt
will consist only...

of weapons used
by our ancestors.

- [all gasp]
‐ Wow!


‐ They got to be kidding.
‐ This is so fucked up.

[indistinct chatter]

Careful with this one, sir.

Here you go.

You can pick your weapon up
at the coat check

on your way out, sir.


Hey, we got more firepower
in the Humvee,

so let's just make do.

Yeah, but what if we have to
take some of these assholes out

in the process?

It's not ideal, but I'm not
gonna shed a tear over it.

- Are you?
‐ No way.

[lively classical music

Let's make our way
up front.


Thank you.

[suspenseful music]


Everybody grab one.

Clint, our fight
is with Marcus.

- There's other people in there.
‐ That's not my problem.

You're talking
about burning them alive!

Yeah, I am.

They tried to burn you.
What's the problem?


Unless you still have feelings
for Michelle.


No, I don't.

[door clattering]


[door clangs]


If you're sending people out,
we'll hold our fire!


Go check it out,
Mr. Bleeding Heart.

Tell them they can
send the rest out safely

if they give us Marcus.

No. No.

[gun cocks]

Clint, don't!

‐ It's okay.
‐ Jesus, Clint.

I'll go.
I'll go.


That's what I like to hear.



I'll help you get over
your Purge jitters.






I'm here to cut you guys
a deal.


Guys, help me!

Guys, help me!

- [grunting]
‐ Sam!

‐ [grunts]
- Aah!



P‐please don't Purge me!

[grunting, gasping]

Holy shit!

I'm not gonna Purge you, Sam.

I was forced
to pull the trigger

a lot of years ago,
and that shit sticks with you.

[tense music]

- Pour this on there.
‐ Okay.

Okay, and then put it
on that laceration.


‐ No, wait.
- [hollers, grunts]



This... this whole thing
has gotten way out of hand.

No shit.

Clint wants
to smoke you guys out.

He won't stop
until you're dead.

I hate to say it, Marcus,

but maybe it's time
for us to change tactics.

Honey, if we fight fire
with fire, then we lose,

and that's not who we are.

There's got to be another way.


this is gonna hurt like shit.


[grunts, screams]


I told you,
I'm not gonna do it.

I'm not a killer, man.


[grunts, whimpers]

But you will be.

No, please.
Come on, man.

Ah, come on!
[both grunt]

Let me go of me, man, please!



- No!
‐ No, no, no.

Oh, shit. Ben...

‐ Do it...
‐ Please don't.

Or I will fucking Purge you.

I can't, I can't...
[hollers] No, no, no, no!





- [whimpering]
‐ [grunting]


- [hyperventilating]
‐ [gasping]

[dark music]


You did it.

You did it, man!


[breathing deeply]


[indistinct chatter]

All right, Silas.

So I asked around.

Nobody knows the guy.

You sure it was him?

I'm sure.

Those are the ones
that broke into my house.

Well, I sure would
hate to see him

have an accident
out there in the dark

on Purge Night.

I don't know.
He looks pretty clumsy to me.

Might trip and shoot himself
right in the head.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the festivities
are about to begin.

Now, remember,
mind the fences.

- They're electrified.
- [laughter]

You have an hour limit,
and unlike last year,

trophies will be awarded.



Now, if you'd like to follow me
to the starting line.

[excited chatter]

All right, everyone,

please remember,
be courteous

and watch out
for your fellow hunters.

All right, on your mark...

get set...


[flare fires, hisses]


‐ Oh...
‐ Faster, guys.

Stay out of the light.

[dark music]



[computer chirping]

We don't want guards
at the door,

so we got to give them
a reason to leave.

I saw Tupac live on tour
in Tokyo last year.

It was almost
as realistic as this.


Well, that's creepy.

Right now
you are walking down a street

near that NFFA building,

and there's absolutely no way
they can tell it's fake.




[computer chirps, beeps]

Sir, I've got another ping

on Esme Carmona
three blocks away.

‐ Can we confirm positive ID?
‐ Look.


That's her.

Why the hell
would she show her face?


She's moving away.
We're gonna lose her.

Yeah, okay.

Dispatch security.

Nearest team
is 15 minutes away.

Send them from our building.
First floor only.

On it.

[phone line rings]

Hook, line, and sinker.

Props to my deep‐fake ladies.
Nice work.

‐ All right.
‐ All right, let's roll.


All right, ten minutes
to the bridge.

Keep your eyes peeled.

‐ Copy that.
‐ Hey, hey, hey.

Any other hunters see us
helping the prey,

they're gonna be all over us.

We got to be careful.

- [gunshot]
‐ Oh, shit.

Who's firing at us?

Hey, we're hunters, too!

Hold your fire!

[suspenseful music]

[bullets rattle]


Man, you're not
gonna believe this.

It's the guy
from the plantation.

We can't lead him to Tommy.

We got to shake him.
Is he alone?

He's got a friend.

Hey, let Doug and I
draw their fire.

Yeah, do it
while they're reloading.

Go, go, go.


They're making
a break for it.

You know what?

Screw the rules.

What is that?

- Is that a tranq gun?
- [gunshots]


‐ Paul? Paul?
‐ [wheezing]

Paul, hey.




[door clangs]


Clint, let's drop our weapons
and finish this man‐to‐man.


Up against the wall.
Up against the wall.

‐ Okay.
‐ Tuck in and don't move.

Oh, shit.
All right, shh.

Somebody's coming.
Fuck me.

- [all holler]
‐ No, thanks.

Oh, jeez.

Did you, uh...
did you lose weight?

Oh, you obviously haven't
been skipping any meals.

‐ All right, get a room.
- [all chuckle]

‐ [grunts]
- Ah.

‐ How'd he get the keys?

We used to be cops.

I can leave them on
if you want.

Oh, no, no,
I'm not complaining.

- I'm not complaining, no.
‐ Oh, thank you.

- Thank you.
- [gunshot]

Go, go, go.

- Keep low, keep low, keep low.
‐ Go, go, go!

Keep moving, keep moving!

- [dart whizzes]
‐ [grunts]


[high‐pitched ringing]


[body thuds]

You must think
I'm a sucker, Marcus.

Look, Sam is inside...

and he's safe.

I have no intentions
on hurting anyone else.

You should listen to him.

He's lying.

As an act of good faith,

I'll trade Sam for Clint.

‐ No.
‐ We'll take it.

[all murmuring]

He killed my wife!
You don't get to decide!

What happened to Maisy
was horrible...

but you don't get
to endanger my husband

or the rest of us.

‐ No.
‐ That's right.


You said we had
to do this ourselves.


Goddamn traitors.


All right, I'm coming in.
[gun clatters]

Come on.




[breathing heavily]

- [groans]
‐ Are you okay?

‐ I got you.
‐ Come on.

‐ Yeah.
‐ [gasps, groans]


[door slams]

A few more blocks.

Should still have
a couple minutes

until that
security team returns.

Just get me as close
to a back door as you can.


- Can you go around?
‐ Mm, yeah.


‐ [gasps]
- Careful!


[tires squealing]

[engine revving]


Thought this was
supposed to be man‐to‐man.

‐ It is.

He's clean.

You've got all the guns,
and I've got none.

That appears to be the case.

[chair clatters]

Have a seat.


how do we get past this?

You think
it's so fucking easy.

No, I don't.

You can never make
amends, Marcus,

You know, you're right.


When two people promise...

to grow old together,
they should get to.

And I wish...

that I can change that...

but I know I can't.

But look, Clint...

this violence...

it's... it's not
gonna solve anything.


They say Purging

is supposed to
make you feel better.


Nothing's gonna make me
feel better

about losing Maisy.


So what's the goddamn point?


We can start
from a clean slate...

you and I.


Thank you.
Thank you, man.

Let's open the door

and let them know
we worked this out.


Michelle! Michelle!


[both grunting]


You took away the only person
I ever loved!

‐ [grunts]
‐ So I took away yours.

Do it!

- Purge me, motherfucker!
‐ Fuck you!

Do it!
You know you want to do it!

Watch him!

‐ Marcus!
‐ [gasping]


Hey, baby.

‐ I'm sorry.
- [gasping]


Her lung is collapsing.

Get me my medical kit
and as many towels as you can.

‐ Okay, okay.
‐ It's okay, baby.

It's gonna be okay.



It all comes out
with a little dish soap.

Here, dry off your hands.
We'll be ready to go.


Yeah, we're gonna go out
and Purge together.

Got to stay sharp.

[jug shuffles]

Here, have some water.


Got to stay hydrated.

Lot of hours left.


I'm so glad we get to do this.


Don't worry.

The more you Purge,

the less afraid you'll feel.

Come on, drink up.


You ready?


I need... I need a mask.

Oh, you're right.

I almost forgot!

Got to have one of your own.

There's got to be one
in here somewhere.



[door opens]

Son of a bitch.


[woman screaming,
horn honking]

‐ Hold on.
‐ [continues screaming]


[muffled screaming continues]





[door thuds, grunting]


[door clatters]

[indistinct shouting,
clatter in the distance]






[indistinct shouting]


[breathing heavily]


‐ [snarls, hollers]
‐ [screams]

[suspenseful music]


[device beeps]

[static crackling]

[electricity humming,
devices beeping]

[indistinct chatter]


Are you kidding me?

‐ Please be advised...
‐ Come on.

The security protocols
will be disengaged

during the reboot.

Everyone, hey, listen!

Stay calm, please.

The system will reboot
in 60 seconds.

We're fine.

[computer beeping]


‐ [panting]

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.





[generators clang,
computer beeps]


[device beeps]

[pounding on door]


Oh, God.


[indistinct shouting]

‐ Oh, shit.
- [women cheering]



[lights clang]


[women shouting]

[tense music]


‐ [coughs, groans]
‐ Okay.


Look, there's nothing else
I can do for her here.

She needs blood
and a permanent air valve.

‐ The hospitals are closed.
‐ I know where to take her...

- the triage centers.
‐ We can't just drive around

all night
looking for 'em, Marcus.

No, it's okay.
I know where they are.

They ask the doctors every year
to volunteer,

- and every year I say no.
‐ Let me help you carry her.

No, no.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, you guys stay here, okay?

With Clint of commission,
the house is secure.

- Everything is safe.
- No,

‐ no way.
- You really think we're gonna

- let you do this alone, Marcus?
- No.

The only question is,
your neighbors gonna let us

off this street?


We'll see about that.



I am unarmed!

I thought
I made peace with Clint...


But he stabbed my wife
in cold blood.


She never had anything
to do with it,

but he didn't care.

I had the right

to purge Sam...

and Clint...

but I spared their lives.

Now, I'm getting in...
in that truck.

You can stop me,

but my wife's blood
is on your hands.

Now here's your chance.


You want to Purge me,
Purge me.


[car doors close]

[engine turns over]

[tires squeal]


This isn't over.

Yes, it is.




[gate rattles]



[strange whistling]


[bell tolling in the distance]

What's up, guys?

[animals howling]

Welcome to the party.


Uh, hey, no...


No, hey, hey,
I'm... I'm with you.

No, no, hey, look...

I'm on your team.
I'm like you, see?


It's okay.

[knife slices]


[blade slides]



[tense music]



[coughing continues]


Now that you're awake,

you can answer some questions.


First you break into my house.

Now you show up
on Purge Night.


What the hell do you want
from me?

You were
just a random target.


Tonight was just bad luck.



you're telling me

that... my brother died
for nothing.


Eat dirt, motherfucker.


[phone line rings]

I'm in.

The system reboot has
everyone distracted for a bit,

but you have to move fast.

Yeah, I'll see you in five.

Better make that ten.







‐ Ryan!
‐ Ryan!


Who's got eyes on Ryan?

‐ I got nothing.
‐ Me either.



Oh, shit.


- Both: Oh.
‐ You see him?

You see him?
‐ Ryan! Ryan!

Right there, right there!
‐ There.

‐ Ryan!
‐ There he is.

Grab him.
Get him on that side.

- Be careful, be careful.
- [both grunt]

Pull him up!

Oh, shit.

Ryan? Ryan?

- He's not breathing.
‐ Oh, fuck.

Turn him over on his side.
Come on.

- Come on.
‐ Open his mouth.

Ryan? Ryan?


You're not dying
that fucking easy, Ryan!


- Let's go!
‐ [coughs]

‐ Oh.
‐ [coughing]

All right.


‐ [laughs]
‐ [coughs]

You know, I thought you guys
came here to rescue me.

[all laugh]


So what's the plan?

Drive around all night
until Purge is over?

No, we still got work to do.

What are you talking about?

I thought the heist was bust
'cause of Ziv?

Ziv's dead.

I had to kill one of her guys
before Purge started.

Then you're dead

unless we get you
out of the country tonight.

Not without our money.

‐ And where is that?
‐ The Jackals have it.

The Jackals?
What the hell?

Ryan tipped them off.

Why would you do that?

So they would steal
the money from Ziv

while we got you out of prison.

‐ That's not half bad.
- [laughs]

I mean, it's crazy,
but I'm not complaining.

There's still time.
Let's go get our money.

You in?

Let's go be thieves.


[engine revving]


Hang in there, babe.

- We're almost there.
‐ She okay?

‐ Look out, look out!
‐ Oh, shit.

[tires screeching]


- [groans]
‐ Oh, shit.


What you want to do?


Come on, come on.
He's still alive.


All right, watch his neck.
‐ [grunts]

We're taking you
to a triage center.


[both grunt]

[door closes]

[tires squealing]


[♪♪] Sync corrections by srjanapala