The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - We'll Get There - full transcript

The ship suffers mechanical issues with their generators and engines. This also affects their RO water system. They ship is down to approximately 3,000 gallons of fresh water and that must last the estimated 6 days that it will take them to find land using their one good engine. The Captain and XO realize that they only have 4 days of fresh water, even using the strictest of rationing. It also affects their ability to cool the ship which results in major problems for the lab where the doctor is trying to find a cure. A former enemy now must be relied upon to help with the virus research but he has his own demands first.

Yes sir. I understand completely, sir.
Things go that way sometimes.

Yes, sir, I will. You can count on me.

Kids, come on out.

- Time for deployment gifts.
KIDS: Coming.

Photos, videos and playlists.

Not as good as a warm body in your bed,
but it'll have to do until I see you again.

Darien, I'm not going to the Med.
Navy's sending us to the Arctic.

The Arctic? That's crazy.

Some cold weather test on a new weapons
system. It's all classified. It's happening fast.

We're going to be at complete radio silence.
No e-mails, no calls.

For how long?

Six months, maybe five.


It's my last tour for a while. Then I'll be around
so much you'll be sick of me. I promise.

Sit down.

- Did you wrap this yourself?
- I did.

It's from the championship game.

Keep it next to your bed.

I love it, buddy.

It's really great. Thank you.


- It's beautiful.
ASHLEY: It's not regulation...

so I know you can't wear it.

How about I keep it in the front pocket
of my uniform, right over my heart.

I need help if anyone out there can hear me.

I'm just outside...

WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: My children
need help, please. If you can hear me...



Sent the guys on a break.

Figured I'd see what's going on
in the outside world.

It's a lot of static.

Whatever you might hear out there
is not going to be particularly uplifting.

My dad had an old ham radio set
in his cabin.

I thought maybe if Darien was...

It's our anniversary.

You never come down here.

- I don't think Christine's looking for me.
- Come on.

Before we left, things were
pretty ragged between us.

When I finally got her on the phone after
we lifted EMCON, she told me about Lucas.

Losing a son is one thing, dealing
with it on your own is just...

There was nothing you could do.

That is not what she wanted to hear.

I'll leave you to it.

There's still a chance, Mike.

For all of us.

MAN 1: Jordan!
MAN 2: Oh, yeah. Sharp!


MAN 3:
I'm open!

Exactly what I want.
Come on, Miller, I thought you could hoop.

- Yeah, I can.
- You can, huh?

Oh, man. That was our last ball.

Nice, buddy.

So why Costa Rica?

Dr. Scott's going to need primates
to test her vaccine.

Apparently there's a monkey reserve

But she doesn't have the vaccine,
does she?

She's working on it.
Meanwhile, we move forward.


You think there'll be a beach?

I could really use a beach right now.

What? What the hell is this?

Wasn't this on the list to be rebuilt?

Yes, sir. The chief engineer put the HT's
on it, but we're out of parts.

They're cobbling everything from scratch.

She's in medical. It's on me now if the gasket
blows. No one gets off watch until it's done.


Does anybody hear that?

- Hear what, sir?
- She's not purring.

This is the mess decks...

for the enlisted in here. You'll probably
take your meals in the wardroom.

Man, these are some cramped quarters.
I don't know how you all do it.

Four months you've been on this ship now?

- Almost five.
- Five? Wow.


Whoa. She is tasty now. Is she not?

Oh, lighten up dude. I'm just saying.
It's the end of the world, right?

Nothing wrong with spreading
a little love around.

- I ain't Navy so...
- Yeah, well they are.

Which means no fraternizing, period.

Well, I get it. Hey, um...

where's the lab?

I'm going to pay a visit to that scientist.
She's a civilian, right?

- Can't believe I have to bunk with you.
- Heh. Seriously, where's the lab?

I need to finish the sequence analysis
of three virus strains...

primordial, Egyptian, and the sample
from the cruise ship.

Do what you gotta do, but do it alone.
I'm not letting him back in that lab.

Believe me, Quincy is that last person
I want to see, but I need him.

And we're right on the verge here.

That man tried to infect this entire ship.

You're not listening to me.

This is one procedure
that I cannot do alone.

What about Doc Rios?

I'm sure that he
is an excellent ship's doctor.

But I need a highly trained expert
in bio-informatics just for a few hours.

I promise that I won't let him near
anything that could endanger the ship.

What do you want?

I manage the sequencing.

All three strains.

Wasn't sure I was gonna be able to do it with
the equipment on hand, but the data is in.

And you need me to analyze it.


Look, Quincy, I am sorry for you
and for your family. For Kelly...

and Eva, of course.

I know there's nothing I can say, but I also
know you understand the world needs us...

Please don't preach to me, Rachel.

I've had it up to here
with your high-mindedness.

I'm not preaching...

The world needs you,
that's the way you like it.

Quincy, what are you talking about?
I know you're in pain here but...

I told you we should share information,
that sneaking off to the Arctic...

wasn't the way to do this, but you loved
the whole "top secret" thing...

- That's not fair because...
- Go it alone and show how smart you are.

SCOTT: Quincy,
where is this coming from?

This plague is the best thing that's ever
happened to you. Rachel Scott saves the day!

- This is not my fault.
- No, it's mine.

For following you.

I mean, what were you risking really?

You've got no family. You've got no friends.

Truth is, you don't have any
skin in the game.

You have no idea what I have lost.

A guy who pops into town
for a twice-monthly screw doesn't count.

You don't know about loss, because
you don't care about anyone but yourself.

Where the hell do you get off thinking
your pain is greater than anyone else's?

There's a whole ship full of people
out there who've lost just as much as you...

and yet they keep finding a way to
march on, but you...

you're a coward. Nothing more.

Probably a great deal less.

Diplomacy not necessarily your strong suit.

I can't even look at him.

You said you can't do it without him,
so we have to get him on board, right?

You do it. You talk to him.
I'm not that good with people any...

What on earth is that?

Bridge, this is MPA. We've got high
temperature on one and two generators.

Commencing stage one load shed.

Tell Captain Chandler that we need A/C
and power, or everything will be lost.

And hurry! Damn it.

No, that's not it! Trace the line.

- Can't run at this temperature, we'll overheat.
- Pull the filters. Let's see what's going on.


Damn it!


Fire, fire, fire. Class Bravo fire,
Main Engine Room Two.

Away the at-sea fire party,
provide from repair five.

DCA, it's the captain. What's the status?
I say again, DCA, what is the status?


Mr. Chung! Everybody okay?

- Yes, sir. The fire's out.
- What's our sitrep?

It started in the seawater
surface system intake, sir.

Something must've torn off the filters...

- and sea life bloom got in...
- That's on me. We cut it tight out of Gitmo.

- Corals knocked off the filters. How bad is it?
- It's too soon to tell, sir.

But with the intakes down, we've lost our
ability to cool the engine oil for the mains.

What about the generators?
Did they survive?

Just generator three, sir. And we're lucky
it was offline during the time.

I want all the electricity diverted to the CIC
and Dr. Scott's lab under any circumstance.

She needs that room cooled.
You understand?

- Aye, sir. Sorry, sir.
- Don't be sorry.

- Let's just get it fixed.
- Yes, sir.



Thank you. Thank you.

- Captain's on the bridge.
- Reports.

RO systems down for now,
let's initiate conservation.

Salt water shaving only, no showers. Water
strictly used for cooking and drinking.

It's gonna be 100 degrees today. I'd like to
reduce manning at all watch stations...

and suspend all non-essential activities.

Good. Meanwhile, I've got other fish
for you to fry.

Good. I didn't wake you.


A hot one, huh?

Reminds me of August in Chicago.

It's where I'm from. You know that?

Yeah, I was a cop. Homicide. South Side.

Was good at it too.

You mind if I smoke?

- Please don't.
- Mm. Mm-mm.

You ever hear of keelhauling?

- Can't say that I have. No.
- Really?

Back in the mid-1800s, if a sea captain
encountered a particularly problematic sailor...

he'd have him bound with rope,
thrown over the side of the ship...

dragged underneath the hull.

Poor bastard would bounce and scrape
along the keel, barnacles and such.

But when he'd come up on the other side,
if he wasn't drowned or decapitated...

he tended to be a lot more cooperative.


Off the top of my head, I can think of about
200 sailors that'd like to try that out on you.

Captain Chandler would never
allow such a thing.

Hmm. Maybe.

Maybe not.

I never found torture that effective in my
line of work. I told you I was a cop, right?

- You did, yes.
- Yeah.

See, I always found that if you just laid
out the facts for a guy...

treated him with respect, give him a chance
to redeem himself, earn something back...

he'd make the right choice.

You can't force me back into the lab.
I won't do it.

Well, suit yourself.

Remember we got a hard and fast
rule on this ship:

Anything that doesn't serve a purpose
is gone.

Ain't no fat on the bone here.

Hope you can hold your breath.

I want sunlight.

And someone to play chess with.

Someone good.

- Did you reset the electronic controls?
- Three times. They're wiped.

Did you try to rig casualty power cables
from main one?

- There's no way. The main cable riser's melted.
- Mr. Chung...

you qualified EOOW faster
than anyone I've ever seen.

And you could rebuild most of this power
plant with your eyes closed.

You're going to handle this.

I'm guessing the gene sequencing
showed a high degree of variation.

You're having trouble distinguishing what's
causing the enhanced pathogenesis...

- and what's just background noise.
- Right you are, as usual.

Let's get to it. Shall we?

It's going to take a week, maybe 10 days
at all-stop to repair the engine damage, sir.

- A week?
- We can run one of the turbines at manual...

the seawater system's fried.
We can't cool the engines.

- How long can we run without overheating?
- Maybe an hour.

Another five to let them cool down. I'll have
to wash down the engines before we can try.

What's the issue? The RO systems?

The circuit breakers in the load centers. They're
burnt out. We can't make fresh drinking water.

- How long to fix that?
- Also a week, sir.

That's the real problem.
When we were in Gitmo...

we weren't filtering water
from the harbor...

because we didn't know
if it was contaminated by the virus.

So we're down to, what, 3000 gallons
of fresh water?

Just about, sir.


SLATTERY: Costa Rica'll have to wait.

We'll have to dead stick until we
get that one engine online.

We've got an hour every six to make
as much distance as we can...

and find the safest place
to get fresh water.

I'm recommending we head here,
Serrana Bank.

It's uninhabited, meaning it should be
untouched by the virus.

It gets over 100 inches of rain per year.

We can anchor there until the engineers
get us online.

ETA? Given our limitations
with engine output?

Taking into account projected winds
and current...

six, six and a half days.

- There's gotta be someplace else.
- Area's been well-charted, sir.

Maybe we can find an abandoned ship
with a fresh water supply.

Send the UAV, widest possible range in all
directions. If it finds any water, I wanna know.

- Aye, sir.
- Set course for that island.

- Let's get that engine back on line.
- Yes, captain.

Six days?

Even at our most severe rations, we're going
to have to travel the last two without water.

- Day three...
- Day three, people start to die.

Surface search radar off standby.
Gain set to low. No sign of land, sir.

UAV's got nothing either. Keep looking.

Careful, don't spill that.

All that water in the ocean, almost impossible
to make it drinkable. Hence, the stills.

Oh, yeah. I am dying over here.


Heard of water into wine?
This is beer into water.

That is enough to make a grown man cry.

Tell me about it.

Sir, 10 seconds until engines up.

Light off engine in five,
four, three, two, one.

- Starboard engine ahead full.
- Aye, starboard engine ahead full.

Starboard engine ahead full, aye.

CHUNG: We've got one hour until engine
shutdown. Let's make some time.

Hang on, sweetheart.

Sector three is negative.

- No vessels, no land.
OFFICER 2: UAV to sector four.


- Mr. Chung!
- I know, she's too hot. We're pushing this.

Engine shutdown in five, four, three, two...

Chung, how are we looking?
We got any wiggle room?

The engine is piping hot!
We can't push it any further!

E-stop One Alpha GTM.
Let's shut it down and let it cool off.

E-stop One Alpha GTM.

- It's dark. Why hasn't it gotten any cooler?
- It's hotter inside.

Hell, I'll sleep outside
standing up if I have to.




I suppose you'll want to
triple-check the results.

When you look up at the night sky...

just know that wherever I am,
I'm looking at the same stars.

And I'll be thinking about you...

and you.

So no matter what, we'll always be together.


What's this?

Well, you said you wanted
a rain check on the tea.

Sorry I'm not quick with finger
sandwiches or scones.

I'd have thought you would have...

used your water on a colder drink.

This can't be tea.

It's Camellia sinensis. It's an organic green.
I actually save it for special occasions.

Such as?

The breakthrough
that I've been working towards.

It's happened.

I have a vaccine prototype
and it's time to test.

I would have brought champagne, but...

This will do just fine.

Sixty seconds until we have to power
down the engine again, captain.

TAO Bridge. What's the status on the UAV?

No sign of land or other vessels at sea...

in 360 degree search.

Ten seconds, sir.

Current destination is best option for water.

We've got a problem in the lab.

CHUNG: That's all we have?
LYNN: No more breakers. That was the last one.

- Tell me the virus is secure.
- Everything's sealed. What's happened?

The relay switch overheated. It shorted
out the breakers on the last generator.

- Well, is it beyond repair?
- Afraid so.

Without power, the temperature
inside my cooling units are rising.

If they go above 41 degrees,
we'll lose the primordial sample...

the sample from the cruise ship
and the experimental vaccine.

- What about the portable generator?
- That seized up during maintenance.

Every time we run the engines,
we get power to the lab. I made sure...

Power for one hour every six
is not sufficient.

I need the virus at a constant
low temperature.

- We can throw it overboard.
- Throw what overboard?

All your work into the water to cool it down.

We're in the tropics.
The water must be 80 degrees.

Not at the bottom.

Well, even if the water is cold enough,
the pressure will crush the glass containers.

We could rig something for that.

- Can't we, lieutenant?
- Yes, sir.

I appreciate that, but if you sink
the samples, there's no way...

to move the ship forward
without raising them to the surface.

She's right. We'll be stuck in place
until we get the engines repaired.

We're already running out of water.

If we can spin the propellers, we can
generate electricity to cool the lab, correct?

But how can we spin
propellers without the engine?

Rig the case now. Get your samples ready
to put them in the ocean.

SCOTT: Please be certain they're secure.
CHUNG: It's good to go.

Easy! Gentle.

Captain, we only have a small window to
make it to the island on the water we have.

The hours we spend doing this
we will not be able to make up.

Gator checked the barometer. Said there's
a low front coming in from the east.

We get the winds we need, we can do this.

- Relying on the winds?
- Our entire mission is in that case.

I have to say this, sir. If the winds
don't blow our way, we kill our crew.

SCOTT: Are you sure it's going to hold?
CHUNG: It's going to hold.

Ten feet from the surface. Almost there.

Okay. It's in.

Shouldn't the temperature
be dropping faster?

It takes a moment for the thermostat
to catch up.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Come on, come OH, come on.

- We've hit bottom.
CREWMAN: All right, tie off the line!

Forty-two, 41. Come on, come on.

Forty. We did it.

Thank God.

Dear God.

Well, you got your sunshine.

Never seen a day as windless.

I'm a gambling man myself. The captain's put
all his chips in the middle of the table here.

Sure hope he's got an ace up his sleeve.

Sir, the boatswain's mates are loaded
pilot chutes into launchers.

A strong breeze and we'll shoot
them high and engage the larger chutes.

That should give us enough speed
to turn the prop and get electricity.

- It won't help us make water, but...
- So where's the wind?

Gator said the wind was coming.
It's got to come, right?

I'm guessing the Navy told you about
my car accident.

Yeah. Yeah, they did.

Well, there's something they don't
even know about.

It was my fault.

Tried to pass a car on a curve.
Didn't see the oncoming truck.

I killed my wife and my girls.

I was in the ICU for 82 days.

Seven times I coded,
seven times they brought me back.

In between I had plenty of time to think and
to wonder, "Why did God leave me here?

Why did he spare me?

There must be a purpose. Some reason."

That's what I told myself.

That's how I woke up every day and put
one foot in front of the other. It was faith...

that got me through.

But these past weeks, that faith
has been replaced with certainty.

I am here for a reason. As are you,
as is everyone aboard this ship.

You are here to lead us. And we are here
to follow, to execute your vision.

I don't have a vision.

You do.

When you stuck your hand
in that engine fuse...

when you turned us away from home,
when you got us out of Gitmo...

There's a voice inside you.

Maybe it's your highest self, maybe
it's the voice of God. I don't know.

But it's a voice of hope.

You've listened to it so far.
All you have to do is keep listening.

Our journey does not end here.

"And Moses answered the people,
'Do not be afraid.

Stand firm and you will see the deliverance
the Lord will bring you today."'

The Lord will fight for you.

You need only be still.
Trust that there's something else out there.

Something bigger than ourselves.

Something better.

Because right now we feel very, very small.

We're not too proud to say we need help,
and we need it right now.

So we bow our heads together.

And we lift this prayer to you,
and ask that you...

protect us so that we may do good
in the world that you made.

- Amen.
ALL: Amen.

Boats! Prepare to launch the chutes!
Portside, on my mark!

Three, two, one. Fire!

Second gun.


Third gun. Fire!

- Holy shit.
- Hell, yeah. Heh.

Set modified condition three.

- Bring up that case!
CREWMAN: Aye, sir.

Okay. Gently does it.


Central, this is MPA. Close load circuits on
the impeller alternators. Let's do this thing!

Bravo Zulu, Mr. Chung.

This is U.S.S. Nathan James...

hailing any vessel in our vicinity.

We are operating without radar.

We believe we are approximately a hundred
miles east-northeast of Serrana Bank.

We've been over two days without water.

Hailing any vessel...

in the vicinity of Serrana Bank.

We are in distress and require assistance.

Sails still holding, sir.

Wind from the north-northeast at 14 knots.

Making four knots over water, sir.

How long until engines up?

Four hours.


- X.O., I've got 10 more down.

I think it's time to stand down
non-essential watch stations.

Copy that. Proceed.

I'm sorry.

I thought we'd make up more time.

All right my friends, you're going
to be just fine, okay? You're all right.

Head up. Just sip. There you go. Keep still.


Keep still.


Take small sips, careful. That's good.

Can I join you all?

You kidding me?
Bring it here, right beside old Tex.


We're not gonna make it, are we?


Captain? Incoming low,
slow-flying objects 20 degrees relative.

Identify as seagulls.

Birds mean land.

Radar's still down, sir,
but that sounds pretty good to me.


We made it.

We made it, sir.



I believe there are a few of you
who have earned some R and R.


- Piece of cake.
- Never doubted it, sir.




- Guess we got a beach after all.
- We sure did.


Fire it up!

I don't see a cup of water in your hand.
Take this one too. Take this one too. Okay.

Mr. Chung!

Figured you could use this.

- Fresh from the island.
- Thank you, sir.

I, uh, got the auxiliary power up.

At least we can keep the doctor's work
on ice while I make the repairs.

You did well, lieutenant.

I don't know. Maybe I could have prevented
that fire if I'd checked the filters better.

Maybe. But it was your idea
and ingenuity that saved the virus.

I'm looking forward to the chief
engineer getting back on her feet.

Well, you're finding your way. We all are.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Let's see what you got.

- Are you watching?
- I'm watching it all right, I'm watching.

- The hands...
- Hands, I'm all hands. I'm all hands!

Hey there, Mary Poppins.
You want to get in on this?

- Uh, maybe another time.
- I'm an excellent teacher.

- I have no doubt...
- Show you how to move those hips.

- I bet you could.
- Where you going?

- Need an escort?
- Uh, maybe I'll take a rain check.

- All right. Dude, rain check!
- All right.

Lock and load, ladies. It's hula time!

Little bit of coconut milk and a little bit
of something-something.

- Something-something?
- Well, it's water.


It's better than rum today, right?

- Yup. Cheers.
- Cheers.

♪ I was born by the river ♪

♪ In a little tent ♪

♪ Oh, and just like that river ♪

♪ I've been running ever since ♪

♪ It's been a long ♪

♪ A long time coming ♪

♪ But I know ♪

♪ A change gonna come ♪

♪ Oh, yes, it will ♪

Let me guess. I'm not going to the island.

Let me guess. You're the asshole
I'm supposed to play chess with.

You have a name?

People call me Bacon.

- Why is that?
- You got a nose, don't you?

I work in the galley.

- So that's what that is.
- Let's just play.

It's been six months since I touched dry land.
And I ain't interested in becoming friends.


♪ It's been a long ♪

♪ A long time coming ♪

♪ But I know ♪

♪ A change gonna come ♪

♪ Oh, yes, it will ♪

♪ Then I go to my brother ♪

♪ And I say, brother, help me please ♪

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Radio transmission
out there, anyone? Can you hear this?

Our radio's almost out of batteries...


♪ Right back on my knees ♪

Not in the mood for celebrating?

Just tying up some loose ends.

- Thank you.
- For what?

- For believing in me.
- I didn't have much choice.

I think you've had quite a few choices.

From the beginning, you could have docked
at Norfolk and gone back for your family.

We'll get there.

♪ It's been a long ♪

♪ Such a long time coming ♪

♪ But I know ♪

♪ A change gonna come ♪

♪ Oh, yes, it will ♪