The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Welcome to Gitmo - full transcript

Chandler and his crew head to the U.S. Military base at Guantanamo Bay in hopes of collecting food, medical supplies and fuel replenishments.






We'll need another
20 amps for a new circuit,

at least 3 more laptops,
and 4 external hard drives.

- Yes, ma'am.
- You can leave that right there.

- Thank you. - Yes, ma'am.
- Well?

They're gonna get us
what we need.

If you mean to do this,

we're gonna need a much more
comprehensive cooling system

for the specimens.

And I have told them as much.

Vials, syringes...
We're running low on everything.

Quincy, I know.

We will replenish
once we get to Guantanamo Bay.

I'm going to ask you a question,
and I want you to listen to me.

Go ahead.

You're working 20 hours a day,
you're not sleeping.

This is a marathon,
not a sprint.

Let me
go off-ship this time.

I'll think about it.

Ready! Up!





Ready! Halt!

Head shot!

Weapons on safe!

Like I said,
keep that right arm locked,

and make sure you lean
into that recoil.

Yes, sir.

- Next group!
- How they looking?

Janowitz has an eye, Harris
and Cossetti have the balls.

Depends on what we're gonna need
out there, sir.

We need the balls.

Yes, sir.

Tac Team 1... advance!

Tac 2, let's go!


Damn it, Miller!

Muzzle down!

Sorry, sir!

Sorry's not
gonna do nettles any good

when you shoot his head off
at Gitmo!

Now Tac 1, Tac 2 reset!
Do it again!

It's gonna take time, sir.

Time is something
we don't have.

Every day we don't come home
with a vaccine

is a day another
half a million people die.

I just want to make sure
they're ready.

You'll get them there.

Yes, sir.

Tac Team 1... advance!

You will operate on three-man
watch teams, 10-hour shifts.

Captain wants a complete log
of every transmission.

You may be hearing
emergency broadcast

and ham-radio distress calls
from around the world,

but we do not,
under any circumstances,

respond or transmit.

Strict EMCON.
Our position must remain secure.

So the Russians
are still following us.

We don't know that.

Well, somebody shot a nuke
over our heads outside France.

You been in CIC
the last five days?

Yes, ma'am.

Were there any surface
or subsurface contacts?

No, ma'am.

Then let's not start
spreading rumors.

They can be
as contagious as the virus.

This room
will be restricted access...

comms specialists only.
Got it?

Yes, ma'am.

Chief Engineer,
give me a status!

Sir, the fuel
from the cruise ship

is absolutely filthy
and just keeps degrading.

If we don't hit pay dirt at Gitmo,
we might as well break out the oars.

All right, well, we don't want
to burn through our nozzles.

Better take
a couple engines offline.

No can do, sir.

CO's ordered flank speed
all the way to Gitmo.

And he's up to date
on the condition of the fuel?

He is, sir.

Here you go, boy.

How's training going?

Well, I don't know exactly
what we're training for.

Just gonna find
a bunch of corpses.

Must be tough, having to train
someone to replace Frankie.

I'm getting sick of this crap.

I hope we find something
other than mashed potatoes

and cling peaches in Cuba.



You're not dealing.

Frankie's dead.

So are my parents, probably,
and so are yours,

everyone else's
in the whole damn world.

So what exactly is the
proper way for me to be dealing?

We're low on food, low on water.

We need help.

We're in a warehouse
off of Route 17.

I'm with my two boys, so... voice.

We need medical assistance,

We are right off...

I don't really feel comfortable

speaking in public, but...

I just wanted to say something
about my mother,

who's in Iowa, somewhere,
I hope.

God, please look over her
and keep her safe.

What's her name, son?


Barbara Miller.

This is her.

I'd like to say a prayer
for my boyfriend.

His name's Mickey.

Well, his real name's Morris.

Uh, he...

he hates having
his picture taken, so, um...

I've just got this one.

It's a... it's a selfie.

This is my father, Paul,
my brothers Nate and Ronnie.

Couldn't get through to them,
so I don't know where they are.

Like most of us, I guess.

But, um...

what keeps me going is the idea

that we might be able
to help them somehow.

You know,
maybe there was a reason

we were out there in the Arctic
all that time.

Maybe this is God's plan
for us.

Amen to that.


The rules of the virus
are these...

it's airborne,
which means you can get it

from anyone who's a carrier...

anyone manifesting the disease,
even a recently deceased corpse.

Typical symptoms
are lethargy and a cough,

followed by bleeding sores
and hemorrhaging,

ending in dementia
and total blood loss.

How long
is the incubation period?

Three to five days.

At least,
that's what I understood

from my last contact
with the CDC.

And when was that?

Three weeks ago, when we
were still up in the Arctic.

A-are you saying the incubation
period can change?

The virus has been mutating
for some time,

although I believe that now that
it's been artificially altered,

it's been stabilized.

You "believe"?

What about animals?

If you're concerned
about Halsey,

dogs happen to be immune.

Other animals
can contract the disease.

They just can't transmit it
to humans.

Thought the birds
from the Arctic

were the original carriers.

The birds
were the original carriers.

The virus jumped,

probably from their feces
to a mammal

before mutating
and landing on us.

After several mutations,
it was artificially altered.

It is that version
of the mutated strain

that is currently
devastating our planet.

So, CBR gear at all times,
except outside in open spaces,

masks can be off
to preserve your oxygen.

And inside?

One infected person could
jeopardize this entire ship...

simply by breathing.

Question... Before we send
our men into a hot zone,

if the virus keeps mutating

and you haven't heard
from homeland in almost a month,

how could you be sure
of what you're so sure of?

If I had any doubt
about what I was saying...

I would tell you.

I would hope so.

I see you've cooled off.

I'm fine.

What was that?

Just asking questions.

You were undermining her
in front of the officers.

I know, Mike.

She lied to us for four months.

Yeah, and while she
was talking to home every week,

we didn't even get a chance
to warn our families.

We're just supposed to
get over that?

Yeah, we are.

Well, she's got a long way to go
before she earns my trust.

That's all.

What about me?

There's no Navy,
no infrastructure,

no food or fuel supply.

We don't know what
we're gonna find anywhere we go,

and we're gonna have to
improvise every step of the way.

I'm gonna need my XO...

To fall in line?

To execute...

whether or not he agrees
with my decisions.

Now, I'm gonna ask you one time
and one time only...

Are you with me?

I took an oath, and I still
respect the chain of command.

That wasn't my question.

I'm with you.

You really think
she can do this?

She's the only hope we got.

Coming over Gitmo now.

Negative visual contact.

Negative movement.

Where is everybody?

Same on thermals.

We have zero, copy,
zero ground movement.

There were 9,000 people
stationed there.

The food warehouse and the
hospital are pretty spread out.

Fuel rig's
all the way up there.

That's why we're gonna go
with three teams.

I'll take the food warehouse.

You'll get the hospital.
Fuel team ready?

We are, sir.

Stay frosty.

Something about this
doesn't feel right.

Yes, sir.

You're absolutely the most
obstinate person I've ever met.

You know that, don't you?

Well, I don't know everyone
that you've ever met.

It's insane.

If I let you go,
you'll be out there all week.

You're too meticulous, Quince.

What if something happens
to you?

He's right. We can't risk
you leaving the ship.

Thank you.
I'll get my suit.

Not so fast, Dr. Tophet.

We can't risk
either one of you.

That's flattering, but...

How do you plan
on getting us the supplies?

I mean, not to underestimate
your men's capabilities,

but it's highly unlikely
they're going to be able

to identify what we need.

We can knock an ICBM
out of the sky.

I think we can handle this.

An officer
will escort you both to CIC.

And what about you, Captain?

What if something happens
to you?

The mission will go on

in Commander Slattery's
very capable hands.

After last night's performance,
I'm not so sure.


we're all out on a limb here,
aren't we?

Vulture Team is feet dry
on the east beach.

Proceed to first objective.

Approaching the south gate.

Cobra Team
is approaching the hospital.

Over here.

We've attached a helmet cam
to Lieutenant Green.

We can see everything he does
and communicate to him by UHF

so you get
exactly what you need.

It'll be fine.

That's my chair.

Look, I understand

that people aren't particularly
thrilled with me,

but I had orders
from the Pentagon.

We understand orders.

We follow them every day.

Let's go.

Whoa. Whoa. Masks on. Masks on.

All right, mask up.

We got 60 minutes of air,
max conserve.

Chief Lynn, XO... Fuel Team's
approaching the rigs.

Expect to receive fuel
within 15 minutes.

Roger, XO.

We need
to find the valve wheel.

Couldn't have gone far.

Vulture Team
heading through south sector.

All's quiet.

Well, you're bucking for a
silver star, aren't you, Miller?

Can't teach courage like that.

Follow our lead.

We'll be in and out
in less than an hour.

Too much?

Just enough.

Don't touch that.

You discharge that,
you'll flood

the whole engineering room
with poisonous halon gas.

Uh, my stateroom is freezing,

and I was told
one of these levers

might shut off the AC
to my space.

By who?

I don't know.

One of the enlisted men.

just do us a favor...

don't touch anything
on the ship, okay?

Of course.

You need help, you ask for it.

Of course.
Very sorry.


Eyes in front of you.

You do not puke in your mask.

Is that what it was like
on the cruise ship?

None of them want
to talk about it.

That's because
there are no words.

Nathan James, Tiger Team...
we're all set.

Copy that.

We are ready to receive.

CCS, Bridge...
your Martini is on its way.

1, 2, 3!

One more time.
We got it.

1, 2, 3!

Bridge, CCS...
fueling commenced.

We're in.

you're looking for steroids,

Interferon, Ribavirin,

any broad-spectrum antibiotics
you can find.

We need plastic wear, monitoring
equipment, culture plates.

Show me the whole room.

Bring it 'round slowly.

Over to the right.

Back, back, back!
Back to the left.

Move forward, closer.

That's it!

That's a centrifuge.

No apparent activity
in sector Charlie 5.

Vulture Team proceeding
directly to objective.

Copy that, Vulture 1.


I'm an American!

Get the hell out of there!

Stop! Stop!

Stop it!

Get the hell out of there!

Get up, get up! Get going!


Take it easy! Easy!

I'm friendly!

I'm friendly, American!

This is Vulture 1, under attack
by unknown number of hostiles.

Stand by for fire mission.

Set general quarters!
Threat warning red!

Weapons tight!

General quarters!
General quarters!

All hands,
man your battle stations!

Light off mount 5-1.

Shift to local ready surface.

Vulture 1, Nathan James...
do we have a target?


Cobra Team, Tiger Team...
be advised...

hostiles operating on base.

IEDs are being employed.

Set FIPCOM Delta.

Copy that, Vulture 1.

Master Chief, we need guns
up on the perimeter!

I'm on it. O'Connor!

This is Cobra Team.

We're a half-mile

from your port ops.

Say the word
and we will provide backup.


I don't want you walking
into an ambush.

Stay on mission.

Yes, sir.

Back up!

Jesus, guys, I'm on your side!

I said back up!

I'm not sick!

Even the assbags who tried
to kill you are not sick!

All right, set cover,
but let him come.

All right, step forward!

Hey, hey, hey!

Keep it slow!

Moving slow.

Everybody just take it easy.

That's far enough.

Okay, Commodore, you want
to get the lowdown or not?

Let's start with the assbags.

They're Al-Qaeda.

- What's left of them, anyway.
- How many?

14 altogether,
but they're spread out now

to make you a welcoming party.

Nobody's sick?

We were all
in Section 7...

isolated part of the camp
for high-level detainees.

We had our own food stocks,
own facilities.

None of us came in contact
with the virus.

Everybody else was evacuated.

We had the run of the place.

- "We"?
- Me and six other guards.

private security.

That point, we figured,
no governments, no politics.

We let them go.

And they turned on you.

That's what's left
of my best friend.

Other guy's MIA.

I'm the last man standing.

So where the hell are they?

Most of them went
to guard the food warehouse,

but at least three of them
peeled off towards your ship

with rocket launchers.

You're just
telling me this now?

You're the one
asking the questions.

Nathan James, Vulture 1...
be advised,

hostiles are armed with RPGs

and appear to be en route
to your whiskey.

Tiger 1, Nathan James...
cease pumping.

- Shut it down now.
- Secure fueling.

So, what can you tell me
about this food warehouse?

I can tell you
how to get in there,

but it's gonna mean
getting your hands dirty.

I've dirtied them before.

Tom Chandler,
CO Nathan James, US Navy.

Tex Nolan.
Welcome to Gitmo.

Man, only got 15 PSI.

Shit. I'm at 9%.

All right, guys, listen to me.

We got a job to do here,
and we're not finished yet.

No supplies, no vaccine.

No vaccine, no going home,
no seeing your families.

Lieutenant Green, please don't
take any more chances.

Follow my lead.

We'll be out of here
in less than 10, got it?

Let's do this thing.

Did he hear me?

He heard you.

Bridge, CCS...
We're still taking on fuel.

Tiger Team, what the hell's
going on down there?

The valve is frozen!
We're working on it, sir!

Come on!

Ma'am, stand back.

XO, recommend disengaging
the fuel hose on our end.

And spill the oil into the
harbor while they have RPGs?

Hell, no.

TAO, Bridge...
We have hostiles incoming.

Find me a target.

Again. 1, 2...

Nathan James,
the valve stem is shot, sir.

We cannot stop the fuel.




Nathan James, this is MPA.

The Chief Engineer's been hit.

We need the doc up here, ASAP!

give me a targeting solution

- on that fuel-maintenance terminal.
- Aye, sir.

OS 1, range and bearing
to the terminal?

Rough bearing 220,
approximately 1,500 yards.

They're going
for the fuel tank.

They're gonna blow
the whole ship!

CIC, Bridge...
Where's my target acquisition?

Slew left 30.

Roger that.
30 degrees.

Bridge, Surface...
Target acquired.


Tiger Team, Nathan James...
Doc Rios is en route.

ETA five minutes.

Vulture, Cobra, Nathan James...
all known hostiles neutralized

in the vicinity
of the fuel pier.

Vulture Team, copy that.

So, where are they gonna be?

Oatmeal and baked beans...
it's the new women and children.

They're holed up
in that warehouse.

They're gonna make us
come in and get them.



Revenge is best served cold.

Let's eat.

Lieutenant Green,
you have everything I need.

Please get out of there now.

Cobra 1, copy.

Proceeding to extract.


Sir, Cobra Team's
trapped inside the hospital!

They're running out of air.

You're looking at the shooters
outside the hospital?

- Do we have a target?
- Negative, sir.

Patch me in to Green.

- I'm out of air!
- 2%.

Almost nothing.

Couple of minutes, max!

I'm gonna peel off Vulture

to give you reinforcements.

No, it's a negative, sir.
They're too far away.

They will never
get here in time.

- But I got an idea.
- Copy that.

Vulture Team preparing
to hit the warehouse.

Lead the way.

Where are they?

Aah! Aah!



Cruz, what's your status?

We're on the stairs
approaching the roof.

10 seconds out.

We got this, boy.

No worries.

Troops are on the ropes.

Extracting now.

We're in position.

Stand by to engage.

Get them!




Man down! Man down!

Damn it!
We need the doc out here!

Sir, he's still with Tiger 1
by the fueling station.


I worked a year in a trauma ward
in Mogadishu.

Gear up.



Aah! Aah!

Stay with me, Cruz.

Just stay with me.

You get him stabilized,

you get the hell off the beach.

First whiff of hostilities,
you are out of there.

You got it?

I read you loud and clear,

TAO, I want 5-inch and CIWS
in surface mode

all focused on that beach.

Aye, sir.

- What have we got?
- What're you doing here?!

- Where's the doc?!
- He's up at the fueling tank.

Your Chief Engineer was injured,
as well.

Lay him down.

Get him down.

Here you go.

- You, hold that.
- Set up a perimeter.

All right.

Yes, sir.

Come on.

He's gonna bleed out.
Just wait!

- Somebody get the doc!
- Don't have time to wait!

There's nothing a medic can do
for this man that we cannot,

so if you want
to help your friend,

just hold him still and listen
to every word that I say.

Hey, come on.
Stay with me. Look at me.

Stay with me.
You're gonna be all right.

Let's go! Come on!
Blood pressure's dropping!

Hold that!

Going back in.


Hey. Come on.
Stay with me. Look at me.

Stay with me.

If you do not close this artery,
he's dead.

Got it!

He's stabilized.

Hey, Commodore.

Don't give them a damn thing.

This here is Amir.

He's a big fan of IEDs and
mutilating American soldiers.

Amir, my name's Tom Chandler,
US Navy.

You don't want to do this.

Tex is the man who let you go
from your cells.

He is no different
from the others.

Hey, feeling's mutual,
you dirty...

Vulture Team, Nathan James...
I need a status update.

Vulture Team, Nathan James...
What is your status?

Nathan James, Walter 1...

We're at the food warehouse.

Just, uh... trying to deal
with a little hostage situation

- over here.
- Who are you talking to?!

I'm answering my ship's call.

Otherwise, they'll panic,
start shelling the whole place.

He wants a diversion.

That's all we're doing
is talking.

Let's not get anybody else
killed here.

No more talking to them!
You talk to me!

Prepare the 5-inch.
Focus fire on Building 35.

Stand by for exact coordinates.

Nishioka, eyes on.

You will leave all food
on this side of the building.

Ain't enough
of you bastards left

to eat that much
in 10 lifetimes.


Amir, it's a new world now.

There's no good guys
and bad guys.

Doesn't matter which side
we thought we were on.

We're all just trying
to survive.

We don't want to hurt you any
more than you want to hurt us,

but you know I'm not leaving
here without my man, so...

- When you let Tex go...
- If I let him go!

When you let him go,
we'll be on our way.

I'll decide how much food
we leave you with.

Enough of this!

Listen to me, Amir.

You want the entire southwest
corner of the warehouse.

Focus fire at Building 35,
southwest corner.

That's almost half the food
in the entire place.

Is that gonna make you happy?

You will leave all the food

on this side of the building
or he dies!

Well, now, see, we got a bit
of a problem with that.

Because there's one thing

from the old world
that still applies today,

that will never change.

Target acquired.


We don't negotiate
with terrorists.




Good work, good work.

I don't know how you feel
about the water...

but we sure could use
your services.

Where you headed?

We got some things to do,

but when we're done,
we're going home.

Yeah, I'll sign up for that.

Nathan James, Vulture 1...
Hostage situation resolved.

Thank you for the close shave.

We are inbound.

Now go to your stations,

all Special Sea
and Anchor Detail.

Nathan James
will get underway at 1700.

All departments make manned
and ready special reports

to the XO on the bridge.

Captain's on the bridge.


We're loading up the RHIBs
and the SDV subs.

Trucks are bringing over
all the food.

Suppo thinks it's gonna last us
five, six weeks.

And fuel?

We lost suction on the tank
at 96%.

Oh, and Chief Engineer
took some Shrapnel.

She's gonna be okay, though.

Tough as nails, that one.

Well, push comes to shove,
they all are.

Gentlemen, apparently,
one of the machines in the lab

somehow got tipped over.

Dr. Tophet is insisting
he needs time to secure

and recalibrate the machines
before we move the ship.

How long?

He says three to four hours.

Where's Dr. Scott?

Still in medical.

Was a tough call.

We did good today.

Captain, I'm picking up
a contact headed for the harbor.

Negative electronic signature.

They're not operating
their radar.

Cannot make a positive ID.

Vessel 21 miles southeast,
Guantanamo Bay,

this is US Navy Warship 151
hailing you on channel 16.

Identify yourself, over.

This is British Naval Vessel

HMS Suffolk...

Confirm that.

...hull number 525, IMO call
sign Whiskey Echo Bravo 236.

None of us have been infected,
but we're running low on food.

We've been searching for weeks

for a place to replenish
and repair our radar.

Confirmed, sir.

This is Commander Tom Chandler,

Commanding Officer,
USS Nathan James.

We welcome you
to Guantanamo Bay,

although we wish you would've
been here a few hours ago.

We could've used the help.

I assure you that next time,
we will be there for you,

should you choose to accept
an association.

Well, we'll put
some pot pies in the oven

and some fish and chips
in the fryer.

Come on in.

We can't go anywhere
till the lab's fixed.

Let's prepare
to greet our new friends.

XO has the lead.


Oh, that stings.

It's supposed to sting.
I'm cleaning it.

I don't need it cleaned.

Yes, you do.

This is gonna sting a little.


How you doing, Eng?

All right, sir.

Doc says I'll be on my feet
soon enough.

No rush.
We got it all under control.

She saved him.

She's gonna save us all.

Dr. Scott?

Well, hopefully,
we'll save each other.

Real soulful, this one.

You never mind them good looks,
that brassy exterior.


I know...
Don't do it again.

You don't have anything
to prove...

if that's what it was about.

And don't do it again.

Hey! Nursey!

I need a cold compress here.

Spoils of war.

You know, I should be getting
this stuff ready for his family.

But, uh...

there's nobody even
to give it to.

Captain's on the bridge.

They in sight?


I hear they serve Guinness
on board.

Sir, E-Dub can't confirm
the signature on that vessel,

but they don't think
it's British.

It's the Russians.

Set general quarters now!

General quarters!
General quarters!

All hands,
man your battle stations!

Bridge, TAO...

SCUNK Alpha just energized
fire control radar.

We're in their cross hairs.

Captain Tom Chandler?

This is Commander Chandler.

Identify yourself immediately.

I am sorry to have made
such a rude introduction,

but I believe you have something
that I want.