The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Phase Six - full transcript

CO CDR Tom Chandler and his crew find themselves in a whole new world when the ship's scientist passenger, Dr. Rachel Scott, reveals that the entire planet is in their hands.

U.S. military escort CDC team...

requesting permission
to enter Egyptian airspace.

Permission granted.

PILOT: Dr. Scott,
off to the right, take a look.

He's on approach.

MAN 2 [OVER RADIO]: Visibility's good.
Time to target, three minutes.

PILOT: Roger that. Two-two-zero.
MAN 2: Roger that. I see you.

Status, green.

Dr. Scott, prepare for landing.

Putting down close to the LP.

Twenty feet, 10 feet...

Wheels down.

Doctor, you've got five minutes.


MEDIC: This way.
There are 6000 quarantined in this camp.

We have 387 dead.

My staff is down to six.
I thought you were bringing more doctors.

These are the latest
to come down with the virus.

Once the spots come, they die in two days.


I'm sorry.

Make sure those snowmobiles
go to starboard Hangar F.

Chief Spurling, Chief Lewis, we are getting
underway at 1300. Let's pick up the pace.

Yeah, I know all about
the Naval Mountain Warfare Unit...

but never heard of a dog
setting foot on a destroyer.

- This isn't just a dog. This is Admiral Halsey.
- And he's a mean operator.

Yeah? Well, so is the captain.

You can just put that down over there.

Be careful. That's delicate equipment.

I take it you're my new houseguest.

I'm Commander Chandler, ship's captain.

Rachel Scott. Sorry we had
to take over your helicopter bay...

but it was the only space large enough
to accommodate our lab.

I got 217 men and women on this ship.
Anything I should be concerned about?

Oh, this? Uh...

This is just so we don't contaminate the work.
Not the other way around.

What exactly
are you gonna be studying up there?

- Birds.
- Birds?

We are virologists...

tracking obscure microbes
in hard-to-get-to places.

Pretty boring stuff, actually.

We really do appreciate your assistance,
Captain Chandler.

We're here to serve.

Welcome aboard, doctor.

Hit it.

Roger that. Red deck.

Bird's chocked and chained.
Heading to the barn.

Damn, it's cold. I can't feel my face.
Granderson, tell me, do I still have a face?

Yes, sir. Though it looks like
you could use some lip balm, sir.

I should have taken that desk job in Miami.

It is cold.

Captain's on the bridge.

XO Slattery, let's see
if we can get your frozen ass back to Norfolk.

- TAO, Bridge.
- Bridge, TAO.

CHANDLER: Helo just dropped the target
for our final missile test.

Target's 5 feet long, 2 feet wide,
and in the icy water has no heat signature.

Let's find it and kill it.

Scanning for target. Scanning zone.

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Kill track 5205.
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Target acquired.

- Target acquired. Break.
- Kill track 0845, aye.

MSS, kill track 0845.

Missile ready to fire.

KARA: Missile clear.
SIEGLE: Two-two-zero-30. Thirty thousand.



- Boom.
SIEGLE: Target confirmed, kill.

Good afternoon, Nathan James.
This is the captain.

After four very challenging months
at the top of the world...

we have just passed our final test...

and I'm proud to say
you did it with flying colors.

I'm asking the Pentagon if we can break
radio silence today to make calls and e-mail.

Bravo Zulu to each and every one of you.

Enjoy your success,
because we're going home.


Gonna drop to 50 below.
Get them off the ice.

Aye, sir.

Dr. Scott, come in.

Dr. Scott, are you there?

Please respond.

Dr. Scott, come in.

You have got to be kidding me.

We're so close. We need to make sure
the isolate isn't contaminated.

- We need more samples.
- It's all right. We can come back tomorrow.

Ma'am, we've been trying to reach you.

CO wants you back on the ship.

You can tell the captain
that I'll return when I'm ready.

It wasn't an invitation, ma'am.

Right now.

Captain's orders.

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Landing checklist
complete. Gear down and locked.

Twenty feet, 10 feet, wheels down.

- We can make it back for the Series.
- You don't think the Cubs are in it?

It's the weakest division in baseball.

- We were six games up when we left.
- That was June.

And they're the Cubs.

Captain Chandler, you had no right
to pull me from my work.

- I'm gonna go check on the, uh...
- Yeah.

Those men are here to support me.
You don't send them to bring me in.

- Those men are sailors in the U.S. Navy.
- I say when I am done and ready.

- I have finally found what I am looking for...
- Doctor.

First of all, thanks for checking in.

Think this is the first time you've said more
than three words to me since we left Norfolk.

I am sorry
that I haven't had you over for tea.

You know, your attitude was mildly charming
back in June, in Virginia...

but up here at 50 below, when none of us
have talked to our families in four months?

Not so charming.

- Yeah, well, charm wasn't exactly my pri...
- Still talking.

Now, I think I've been more
than a gracious host.

Taxied you and your assistant around here
so you can chase after your ducks.

- Arctic terns.
- Need to wrap it up.

Our mission's done,
and we'll be heading back.

I'll take a rain check on the tea.

- Benzo, eat some fruit.
- Oh.

Mr. Chung, it's our last night
at the North Pole.

You got big plans, but don't you ever
get your head out of that book?

- Nope.
- Okay.

- Lieutenant.
- Lieutenant.


Danny, whoa.

- Don't do that.
- Do what?

- You know what that smile does to me.
- All's fair in love and war.


- Kara.
- We'll be home soon enough.

Hello, are you reading me?

Come in.

No, I cannot wait.

This is Dr. Rachel Scott.

I need to speak
to the National Security Adviser right away.

You don't understand.

My mission is being compromised.
I need more time to collect samples.

We have a noisy channel.
I repeat, mission objectives achieved.

We are ready to come home. Over.

That's a negative, commander.

- The mission has been extended. Over.
- Extended? Why?

Maintain radio silence and current position
until you receive further instructions.

Transmission terminated.


What the hell is that woman doing?


I think we've got it.

Sorry, man. Did I wake you?


Doc told me to keep my distance.

The admiral's scaring off the birds.

- Sure it was the dog and not your breath?
- Heh. Whatever.

Man, we should've been out of here
days ago.

- What the...?
MASON: Aircraft to position...

- Zero-five-nine-decimal-five-eight-east.

I have three... Make that five...

unknown aircraft approaching,
range 24 nautical miles, 80 knots.

Those are not ours, man.

No. They're Russian.

- Come on!
RACHEL: We have to save the samples.

- Help me!
- Leave the box. Let's go.

Rachel, leave the box.



Let's go right now!

Come on! Let's go! Come on!



Drop them. Drop them.



- Set General Quarters.
- General Quarters. Man your battle stations.

Transit up and forward starboard side,
down portside.

Unknown aircraft approaching.

MAN [ON RADIO]: TAO, Air. New air contact
80234 at 015 at 36,000 yards. Inbound.

TAO surface manned and ready.

Deploy SCAT. CIWS to AAW Auto.
Hold fire on.




Take him alive.

- All engines ahead flank.
- Hard left rudder. All engines ahead flank.

United States Naval warship.

Identify yourself and alter course
or you will be subject to defensive actions.

Evaluate inbound missile.

- Recommend launch chaff. Brace for shock.
- All hands, brace for shock.

Take them out.

Go to the 5 inch.

- Surface TAO, kill track 5024.
KARA [OVER RADIO]: Surface, aye.

Guns. Kill track 5024.

Guns, aye.

You Okay?

- Clear!
- Come on.

CHANDLER: Where's Dr. Scott?
- She's banged up pretty good.

Doc's looking at her in Hangar 2.



What did he say?

The cure.

He wants the cure.

All are accounted for. Are we at war?

Get me Fleet Forces. Get me NMCC.
If they don't answer, get me SECDEF.

SLATTERY: Supposed to be radio silent.
- Not anymore.

I told you I'm fine. Just hurry up.
Where's Quincy? I need my samples.

You don't get your samples
until you tell me what's going on here.

You have no authority over me.

Everybody out.

You need to hand that case to me.

We may have just gone to war with Russia,
and they were after you.

No more secrets.

Tell me about the cure.

I can't say anything.

I swear to God, I will throw this overboard!
I want answers!

You want answers?

Seven months ago, outside Cairo,
there was an outbreak.

A virus of unknown origin.

Its genetic structure
was like nothing any of us had ever seen.

It swept throughout the village,
killing everyone that it infected.

Egyptian officials claim
the outbreak was contained, but it wasn't.

Instead, it continued to mutate and spread.

The CDC and the WHO
wanted to sample the virus...

and the victims to create a vaccine.

But nothing worked.

It was my belief that we needed to find
the primordial strain here in the Arctic.

The birds.

They're just the carriers.

They pick up the virus
from the melting permafrost.

We finally found their feeding ground.

- You have what you need to stop this thing?
- I won't know until we get it to the lab.

We're running out of time.

The virus is moving quicker
than any of us could have imagined.

How would you know that?
We've been radio silent since Norfolk.

Because I have my own satphone.

We were at EMCON
so no one would know our position.

We were at EMCON
to protect my mission, not yours.

Orders came from the White House.

Well, you led the Russians right to us
and endangered my entire crew.

It was imperative I stay in contact
with the labs back home...

to keep them informed of my progress.

I don't think you understand
what we're talking about here.

- Enlighten me.
RACHEL: When we left Norfolk...

the virus was at phase two...

limited to small clusters in Asia and Africa.

We are now at phase six...

global pandemic.

Eighty percent of the world's population
is infected.

The world is sick, Captain Chandler.

Very sick.

Are you telling me the whole world is dying,
and they sent two people to save it?

It took weeks to convince the government
to even send me here.

- Most of my colleagues think that I'm insane.
- Are you?

I told you...

that what's in that case
might be the only hope that we have.

Captain? We have the president
of the United States on the vidcom.

I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

Can I have my samples now?

Stand by for the president.

- Good morning, commander.
- Ma'am.

I know, the last you heard
I was Speaker of the House.

The president died two months ago.

The vice president a week later.

What's left of the federal government
is holed up 200 feet below the White House...

and communication is getting spotty.

So we need to know now:

Does Dr. Scott have what she needs
to make a vaccine?

She thinks so, ma'am.

We are sending you the coordinates
to a secure bio-lab...

on the coast of North Carolina.

Ma'am, we were just attacked
by the Russians.

Russia no longer
has a functioning government.

From what we're hearing, a breakaway force
is operating on its own authority.

We're still trying to ascertain all the facts.

Ma'am, our families,
how do we find out if...?

I wish I could tell you, captain.

Most of our population,
including our Armed Forces, is dying or dead.

We have no allies.

We have no enemies.

Just a world of sick, desperate people.

Your ship was fortunate enough
to be out of the hot zone these past months.

If Dr. Scott has the makings of a cure,
you have to come home now.

MAN 1 [ON TV]:
Supply chains are completely broken.

Food is in short supply. Hospitals are...

Chinese government has detonated a bomb...

on its own people
to stop the spread of the virus.

WOMAN 2 [ON TV]: With possibly half
the world's population dead or dying...

rumors that the U.S. is hoarding a vaccine
continue to swirl.

MAN 2 [ON TV]:
Urban services are overwhelmed.

In most cities, entire power grids are down,
making communication next to impossible.

MAN 3 [ON TV]: The people are asking,
"Where is the government?"

The virus has no treatment, no vaccine.

- So this whole weapons test...
- It was all just a cover.

And EMCON Alpha, keep us in the dark
about what was going on at home.

There's an unmanned refueling station
off the coast of France.

If we operate at trail shaft,
we should just make it.

How do we know they have fuel
to get us across the Atlantic?

We don't.

- What will we tell the crew?
- Everything.

We tell them everything.


The crew's assembled.

Ship's company, attention.

I have news...

from home.

MASON [OVER RADIO]: Any station this net,
this is Nathan James transmitting...

in the blind on FLEETSAT one,
two and three. Over.

Is anybody out there?



Due to widespread system failure...

the number you are calling cannot be reached.
This message will not be updated.



DARIEN: I can't believe I'm gonna go that long
without hearing your voice.

I miss you, Daddy.

Captain's on the bridge.

Sir, we're 50 miles off the coast of Europe...

and still no contact
with French Naval Command.

We've got extra watch and guns
at the ready.

Were you able to reach home?

No, sir.

I think only four people got through
to anyone...

and the news wasn't good.

Last time we made port in France...

I promised my girlfriend we'd come back
and see Paris together.

With everything,
that's all I keep thinking about.

Well, that's the stuff that matters.

XO's on the bridge.

I got through to home.

My boy's gone.

Oh, Mike.

Christine is up in Deer Park,
some sort of safe zone, for now.

The girls are with her.

- Why don't you take a break?
- No, no.

I'm not gonna sit around my cabin
staring at the walls.

- This is where I need to be.
- Sir? We have a fire order.

It came across all channels, but it's garbled.
They cannot authenticate.


CHANDLER: Lieutenant?
SIEGLE: Confirmed order. Target's unclear.

Vampire! Vampire! Vampire!
Missile incoming high and fast.

Spin four tomahawks.
Hold for target location.

Coordinates don't make sense.

SIEGLE: No response.
- ECO, aye. Break.

MM1, align four echo missiles
and place in the reload pool.

CHANDLER: Do we have a target ID?
- Now, five-one and trail.

KARA: Missile fired from a surface ship
in the North Atlantic.

MAN 1 [OVER RADIO]: Ballistic missile
traveling at 9700 miles per hour.

Confirmed, we have a nuclear bird in the air.

KARA: We have no chance to intercept.
MAN 2 [OVER RADIO]: Batten down.

Officer at the one, seal the ship.
Prepare for nuclear detonation.

This is no drill.

Sir, the missile overshot us.
Headed for land.

MAN 1:
Detonation in 12 seconds.


MAN 2:
Crew on the bridge, shield your eyes.

God help us.

CHANDLER: I need a status report
on the switchboard and generators.

- Who's that?
- Chung, sir.

CHANDLER: Anyone hurt?
- No, sir.

What's our engine status?

Sir, the electromagnetic pulse
from the bomb blew our grid.

Engines won't spin.

No propulsion.
Emergency lights on battery power.

JETER: Captain?
- That you, master chief?

COMMO says the radios are down.
No way to get messages in or out.

Move this ship away from the blast zone.

let's get those engines back online.

Yes, sir.

- What temperature are we at?
- 41 degrees. We've lost negative pressure.

- Damn it. We're gonna lose everything.
- Okay, get the ice.

Fuses in. Open valves three, four and five.

Shut valve to auxiliary engines
and emergency air.

- Fuel lever on start.
- All right, give it a kick start.

Sir, we only have one more fuse.

Jet stream's pushing everything

We got a cloud of radiation
about to drop right on us.

Give it to me.

- Sir, it won't hold.
CHANDLER: It'll hold.

- Captain, let somebody else do this.
- Rip it.

- Get your hand out.
- Captain, don't.

- Sir!
- I said, rip it!

Bad-ass, captain.


ALISHA: All engines ahead full.
Left full rudder. Steady on new course 270.

- What's our fuel percentage?
- Eleven percent, sir.

Even at max conserve,
we'll run dry in six hours.

- Any contacts on surface search?
- No, sir, 30-mile range.

- What is that in the radar shadow?
CHANDLER: Change range scale.

Looks like a ship.

Calculate a course to intercept.

Markings indicate the ship is Italian.

- Bridge to Bridge operational?
- I think so, sir.

Vessel in vicinity 48 degrees north,
15 degrees west...

this is U.S. Navy Warship 151
on your starboard bow.

Acknowledge and identify yourself. Over.

Smith, Rowler, Benz, Green,
you're on provisions.

Master chief,
you'll assist Chung with the unrep.

We get as much food and fuel as we can,
and we get out.

Let's move.

RACHEL: Remember, if the ship has been
impacted by the virus, it's airborne...

and highly, highly contagious.

Even from a recently deceased corpse.

You must keep your helmets on at all times.

You trained for this. You can do it.

Send Naval Warfare to the kitchen.

Get as much food and supplies as you can.

DANNY: We got the stock rooms.
Benzo and I will make our way to the galley.

JETER: Get that fuel line across and pump it.
- Sending the pull line.

Sending over the hose.

Feed the line.

Engineering, Bridge.

MAN 1:
Engage fueling.

System online. Commence fueling.

MAN 2: Ship's clear.
No one alive, Commander Chandler. Over.


Dr. Scott!


He wants help.

The only thing that can help him
is morphine.

Let go.

Let go.

Oh, shit!



Damn it.

- Put your mask on.
- No, it's off!

Oh, shit.

Frankie, hey.

Frankie, it's all right.

Look, get up.

Get away, man. Get away!

Master chief, we're running dry here.

- Engineering, Bridge. Disengage.
JETER: Yes, sir.

- They've got it, Chung. Let's get out of here.
- Yes, sir.

DANNY: You're gonna be fine.
FRANKIE: Get away.

Just take the food
and go get the hell out of here.

- I am not leaving you, Frankie.
- I'm a dead man.

Just get out of here.

No, man. I'm not leaving you.

You tell him.

He's been exposed.

We put him back in his suit
and we quarantine him on the ship.

You can't risk it, sir. Mission comes first.

I'm not too interested
in dying like these people.

Give me the gun, sailor.

Frankie, don't be stupid.

I am giving you a direct order!

Put down that weapon!

Frankie, no!


Lord God, by the power of your word...

you stilled the chaos
of the primeval seas...

made the raging waters
of the flood subside...

and calmed the storm
on the Sea of Galilee.

As we commit our brother,
Franklin Edward Benz, to the sea...

grant him peace and tranquility...

until that day when Franklin
and all those who believe in you...

will be raised to the glory of new life...

promised in the waters of baptism. Amen.

Left face.

Present arms.











These people depend on me.

I'm in uncharted territory here.

We all are.

Not you.

You saw this coming.

I never thought it would spread so fast.

But now I know why it did.

I compared the blood that we took from the
Italian to some samples I took before we left.

The virus has an extra gene now...

which could have only been added
with human intervention.

So it was weaponized.

Maybe, or maybe it escaped
from a lab somehow.

But I think I know how to stop it.

All the virus cares about is replicating.

The engineered version lets it do that,

So it no longer needs to mutate...

which makes it stable...

and easier to defeat with a vaccine.

Then why hasn't anybody done that yet?

Because they didn't have
the primordial sample.

We do.


Bridge, COMMO. Get me the captain.

Sir, we finally got the comms up.
This came through.

A message from POTUS.

- This is five days old.
- Transmitted while radios were down.

We need to confirm these.
Get me the Pentagon.

- Sir, I've been trying, but there's no answer.
- I'll try the lab. Get the presidential bunker.

North Carolina's not safe.
President wants us to change course.

There's a lab in Jacksonville that's secure.
No answer there or the Pentagon.

Sir, nothing from the bunker.

Signal's not getting out.
Checked the transmit side?

That's not the problem.
Their phones are ringing.

Sir, I have another message
coming through.

It was transmitted at the same time
as POTUS: It looks like a much bigger file.

- It's an mpeg, sir.
- Play it.


We're at your father's cabin.

He thinks he has a way to get this message
out through his contacts at the Pentagon.

I have no idea
when you might be seeing this...

or where you are.

We're all healthy.

We managed to get out early and have been
up here for a couple months already.

We haven't heard anything
from your brother or sister for a while.

My, um...

My sister didn't make it.

But, honey, we're fine.

We really are.

And I really hope that you are too.

Oh, uh...

Kids. Come on out here.

It's a tape for Dad.
Come on. Come. Come say hi.

Daddy, where are you?

We miss you.

We love you, Daddy.

Just get here if you can.

We love you so much.

Okay. All right.

Let's turn it off.


I don't know what we're going home to.

No radiation detected
within a hundred-mile radius, sir.

If America was nuked, it wasn't here.

We're home.


You said you have what it takes
to make the vaccine.

If you had to, could you do it here
on the ship?

The lab wasn't built for that.

- It's for collecting data.
- But if you had to, could you?

The expeditionary team will forward deploy
and secure the area for the next group.

Hopefully, we'll find support.

Gotta be prepared for anything.

Everyone carries their own bio-hazard suit.

We do not engage unless we are engaged.

Prepare your people, await further orders.


Still no answer from POTUS
and nothing from Mayport or the lab.

We can't even get an FM radio signal.

If the power grid's down, everything's down.

We'll know more
when we get boots on the ground.

Mike, we're not going home.

What are you talking about?

The lab's 200 miles inland.

You saw the news footage.

- We'll fight our way in there if we have to.
- And then what?

Generators run out in a couple of weeks.
Maybe civilian population tries to overrun it.

- Too many variables.
- What do we do, we stay on the ship?

Dr. Scott says she has what she needs here.

We have standing orders from
the president of the United States.

From five days ago.

In the absence of command structure...

I decide what's in the best interest
of our mission.

And we have enough food here
to last us, what, a week?

- How much fuel?
- We'll find what we need.

- We'll die out there.
- No, we will not.

Tom, I appreciate what you're trying to do.
It's not gonna work. People wanna get home.

And who exactly gets to go home...

when we have 80 bio-hazard suits
for 216 people?

- We draw lots.
- I can't think like that, Mike.

Give people a chance to get back
to their families, to say goodbye.

I'm not letting anybody on this ship give up.

- It's not your call. You don't get to play God.
- I'm still the captain of this ship.

Now, I've laid out our mission.

I expect you to fall in line.

Captain's on the bridge.

Left full rudder. All engines ahead flank.


Left full rudder. All engines ahead flank.

AYE, aye.

Left full rudder. All engines ahead flank.

MAN: Left full rudder.
All engines ahead flank, aye.

This is the captain speaking.

[OVER PA] We have no contact with home,
and I have good reason to believe...

the American government
is no longer functioning.

The country we all hoped
we were coming back to no longer exists.

We left these shores four months ago
as members of the United States Navy...

but now we are more than that.

Now our duty is to the entire world.

On board this ship is the hope...

for our futures, for our families,
and for all humanity.

Because in that lab in our helo bay...

are the ingredients for a cure...

and this is the safest place on Earth
for our scientists to do their work.

On a 3-billion-dollar piece of machinery
protected by 216 sailors in the U.S. Navy.

Our mission now is simple.

We do whatever it takes to stay alive at sea
until they find that cure.

There's an unmanned food and fuel station
outside Guantánamo Bay.

For the moment, that is our destination.

We've lost so much already...

but this is the most courageous
and resilient crew with whom...

I have ever been privileged to serve.

We will come through this together,
and we will prevail.

Carry on.

Attention on deck.

Lieutenant Granderson,
permission to salute the captain.

Permission granted.

And salute.