The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 17 - The Lea Show - full transcript

Sophie takes Lea for a day full of luxurious wedding planning. After a near fatal oversight, Dr. Lim investigates what is behind nurse Villanueva's unprofessional behavior.

Previously on
The Good Doctor...

I'm producing a reality
wedding series for Hulu
about atypical couples.

You are not
a reality show person.

Have you guys thought any more
about doing my show?

There are people who need
to know you exist, Shaun.

When I was younger,
I would have liked
to see a TV show

about a man like me
lucky enough to marry
a woman like you.

We are going to be
reality show people.

You and Lea
and your relationship,

that is what
will give hope.

Is it time
for the surprise?

Shaun and Lea.


the first time
I met Shaun.

Um, he was wet and cold

and a bit like, um...

Like, I remember thinking
he was like a lost puppy.

So adorable,
but so helpless,

and definitely not a likely
source of medical insight.

Um, but he was the only one

who knew how to save
that little boy's life.

Pancakes are ready.


I'm supposed to pretend
you aren't here.

But you are also welcome
to my pancakes.

Even though
I really do not like

all of you being
in my apartment.

There are
11 chocolate chips
in each pancake.

So much to do
in just two days.

That is why Sophie
is the genius.

Each book
is a different theme.

We pick one and all
the decisions are made.

Flowers, decor,
food, music.

I actually feel
kinda great.

Oh. Someone
is at the door.

Oh. I heard there
would be pancakes

and a chance
to see my friend!


I'm so glad you're here.

Oh, I wouldn't have skipped
the wedding of the century.

And maybe I missed you
a bit too.

As much as you miss
the chai lattes
from Josefa Joe's?


Thank you.

You must be very proud
of Dr. Browne,

soon to be following
in your footsteps.

Oh, uh, they offered me

chief of surgery in Guatemala.

Wow, congratulations.

I haven't
decided yet, but...

Well, either way,
I'm, yeah, very proud.

Fifty-two hours
and counting
till wedded bliss.

Let's move.

Okay, the limo-bus
is outside.

Time for you
to get manicured,

massaged, and fitted
for your dream dress.

A limo-bus?


my soon-to-be husband.


Bye, have fun.

Ah, Lucho just landed.
Gotta get ready.


Does Claire
have a boyfriend?

Sophie will need to know
if he likes chicken or beef
or veg...

Not a boyfriend.
A patient.

Sophie offered me
a "plus one,"

and I decided to go for it.

Apparently I have
some leverage.

If you're gonna be
chief of surgery,

you'll have
a lot of it.

Do you think
I could cut it
as chief?


Oh, my gosh!
It's so good
to see you.

Buenos dias.

Buenos dias y gracias,

Doctora Claire!

Hola, Lucho!

Como estuvo tu vuelo?

I had pizza
and chocolate milk,

and I flew over the, uh,
Grand Canyon and Fresno.

You got the royal tour.

These are your friends
who are going
to save my life?

Si. Y si.

Doctora Claire nos
dijo que tienes tumores
en los rinones.

Si. Y si.





These tumors have been

growing for many years.

Lucho is from
a small village

with very limited
access to medical care.

I will play futbol again?

Ahora que viajaste
a Estados Unidos,

podemos ayudarte.

Your Spanish is impressive.

Turns out,
immersion works.

You did mispronounce




Your English
is impressive, too.

I teach Spanish.

Doctora Claire teach English.

He taught me
how to watch futbol.

How you say marcando?


El portero?

The goalkeeper.

El arbitro es un culo?

The referee
is a rectum.



What did his imaging show?

Guatemala, remember?

Closest MRI
is an 11-hour bus ride.

I'll catch up with you
in radiology.

Hasta luego, Lucho.


He's in V-tach.

We already tried
defibrillating him twice.

His heart rate
is over 180.

I'm giving him
12 milligrams adenosine.


Rhythm's normalizing.

His rhythm had
a retrograde P wave.

The beta blockers
were working perfectly
the last 48 hours.

What happened?

Patient didn't get them
last night.

Why not?

Who was covering
the floor?


Let me know when
her shift starts.


Have you seen
Claire today?

She's here with her
ridiculously adorable patient

from Guatemala.

Kidney tumors, right?

Not yet.
I've been slammed.

Then you'll be glad to scratch
getting Shaun and Lea

a wedding present
off your to-do list.

What did "we" get them?

A bread maker.
Do they even eat bread?

Everyone eats bread.

And the correct
response is,

"Thanks for
taking care of that.
I really appreciate it."

So happy
you're playing hooky
with me.

Girl, I'd take
a week off for this.

This is bigger than
my apartment.


Okay, come on.
You have to help me
choose my theme.

I'm so not Rustic.

Traditional feels stuffy.

Glam could be fun.

Too over-the-top.


I am definitely not wearing
a coconut shell bra.

As I said, Tropical,
hard pass.

What about Retro?

You would kill
in a '50s dress,

and I can see
Shaun going Buddy Holly.

Too Happy Days.

I'm thinking something

Then Nautical is out.

And Celestial,
whatever that is,
just, no.


Harry Potter?

Okay, well, one day...

...someone is gonna choose
Harry Potter.

And it will be glorious.

What about this one?

Ooh. Upscale Elegance.

I think I kinda love it.

Satin, crystals, candles,
and flowers everywhere.

It's more beautiful
than I could have dreamed.

Okay, now all you two
have to do

is choose between brut
and extra brut

before we get
to the spa.


How many ring options
did Sophie give you?


But they are all
very expensive.

Lea would rather have
a new laptop.

You sure about that?

An eternal symbol
of the unbreakable
bond of love

a faster processor?


Imaging coming up now.

Do you really think
I would make a good
chief of surgery?

Dr. Lim often leaves
before I do,

so it can't be
that hard a job.

Maybe that's me
making it look easy.


I think you'd be great.


But nothing.

Come on.
You hesitated earlier.

I want to know
what you really think.

Your opinion
matters to me.

Some days can be
very challenging

and you have to be prepared
to put your emotions aside.

Right, so you don't think
that I can do that?

You are the kindest,
most caring...

Oh, come on.

...and empathetic
person I know.

It's why I miss
having you here

so, so much.

But you may find,
running a department,

despite the short hours,
trickier than you think.

Sometimes you have to be
a real hard-ass.

Oh, this ring
is perfect.

Lea can sell it
and get two laptops.

There's the tumors.

Oh, marked vascularity.

Gonna be a high risk
of bleeding.

And look at that,
left atrium.

He has a tumor
in the heart too.

It's small, but it will
be difficult to access.

And one in his brain.

And that one is not small.


Rather than
bring us one case,

it appears Dr. Browne
has actually brought us three.

All complex,
all potentially
fatal surgeries.

So, I've assembled
three surgical teams.

Doctors Glassman, Browne,
and Murphy are on Team Brain.

On Team Heart,
Doctors Lim and Wolke.

And on Team Kidney,
Dr. Park and myself.

Each of our procedures
will be enormously impacted

by the other two.

We need someone to oversee
the entire process.

I'll do it.

I was thinking of someone
a little more...experienced.

You mean someone
a little more detached.

I think there's
an overlap there.

Not necessarily.

Take it away.


We now have the bouquets,
the centerpieces,

the music set list,

and the menus with
the extra brut.

You're amazing.

she was a documentarian.

Today, she's a field general.

Yeah. Deadlines
are my friends.

We have 48 guests confirmed
for your side,

and only nine guests
confirmed for Shaun.

No parents?
No extended family?

Well, his father
and brother
have passed,

and he doesn't
talk to his mom.

Oh. That's hard.


Eh, we'll just cover it up
with seat fillers.

Seat fillers?

Oh, yeah.
No one will know
the difference.

And we just
bumped your parents

up to first class
on their flight.


Oh! They're gonna
love that.

I will have a camera crew
waiting for them

at the airport
when they land.

And I believe, here come
the seaweed wraps.


Oh, my God.



Damn. Going again.

Have you decided
on Shaun and Lea's
wedding present?

You know how
I love a good cab,

so I'm giving them
a weekend in Napa.

It's a working vineyard
and dairy farm,

so Lea drinks wine,
Shaun drinks one percent.


Uh, a bread maker.

Morgan chose it.

Mm. I didn't know
they were into bread.

I'm sure they'll love it.

How's Team Kidney?

There's just too many
tortuous vessels.

We're never gonna do this
without excessive bleeding.

Right. So, what else
do we have?

Removing the kidney
is the safest option.

Putting him on dialysis
for the rest of his life?

It may be our only option.

Dialysis in Guatemala...

Lucho would be

You need to come up
with a better plan.

I like going through
the posterior wall.

It gives us
the best access
to the tumor.

We'd be cutting through
a massive amount of tissue.

Wouldn't that seriously
weaken his heart muscle?

Not as much
as the tumor will.

Hey. Making any progress?

Uh, you tell me.

Hmm. It'll decrease
his cardiac output.

Not as much
as the tumor will.

It's the same surgical plan
that I came up with.

Which is why
I've looked into
a non-surgical plan.

M.T.O.R. inhibitors.

Proven effective
at shrinking small tumors

like the one
in Lucho's heart.

Those meds
take months to work.

Months that
Lucho will have

because the heart surgery
won't have killed him.

His heart will still
be stressed during
the other surgeries.

He could have
a cardiac arrest
on the table.

Which is why we'll have
a non-surgical team,

Morgan and Asher, in the O.R.
watching for any arrhythmias.

What about Dr. Lim?

She's been promoted
to Team Brain.

Well, I hope it comes
with a raise.

I could tell you
everything that
was happening

with my boyfriend
last night,

but I know you don't
want to hear excuses.

I'm sympathetic
that things
are bad at home,

but a patient
could have died.

I understand
if you need to fire me.

Depriving you of income
isn't gonna help anything.

But I am gonna put you
on administrative duties.

Thank you, Dr. Lim.


You need help.

This is the director
of Bayshore Women's Shelter.

She's expecting
your call.

It's a really
great place.

It's complicated.

Simplify it for me.


Two years ago,
when my mother

was diagnosed
with liver cancer,

it was really tough.

She was a single mom.
I was her only child.

And when she passed,

I was alone.

And that's when
I met Owen.

I desperately needed someone,
and he was there for me.

And now,

he's...going through a lot.

Not that he should
take it out on me.

I know it must be hard.

But I also know
it's necessary.


I'll call her.

Thank you.


Look at that ventricle.

It's the size of
the Lincoln Tunnel.

That's where
we're gonna go in.

It still
may not give us
full access to the tumor.

To get full access,
we'd have to pop off
the skull

and then burrow
through his brain.

If we don't excise
all of the tumor,

your surgery will be
a waste of time.

Whaddya say, chief?

I'm going with
Dr. Glassman.

That would be
the correct answer.

Okay, we're all done here.

Let's close him up.

Lea chose
our wedding theme.

She texted me
a picture of what
I'm supposed to wear.

It is called
The Gosling.

Ooh, very debonair.

The cummerbund looks
very restrictive.


And that hairstyle
requires a lot of gel.

I hate gel. It makes
my head feel tight.

Well, then you need
to tell Lea

so the two of you can
figure something else out.

What do you think,
Dr. Glassman?

I think if, 30 years ago,
my wife had asked me
to wear that suit,

I probably wouldn't
have married her.

And if Debbie
had asked me
two years ago,

I probably would have
laughed her right
out of the room.

So I don't have
to wear the suit?

No, you don't
have to wear it.

I'm just saying that...

I don't know,
maybe my marriages
would have turned out

a little bit differently

if I had, you know,
worn the suit.

You think Lea
wouldn't want to know
how you feel about this?

It's your big day,

BP is 201 over 123.

He's having
a seizure!

The brain tumor
is obstructing CSF flow,
causing seizures.

It needs to be removed
as soon as possible.

After we remove
the kidney tumors.

If we go into his brain
while his kidneys
are impaired,

we risk hypertension,
AML rupture, cerebral edema.

If we go into his kidneys

while his brain
is under pressure,

then we risk
brain herniation, stroke,

anoxic brain injury.

Only in the case of
serious blood loss.

Have you seen
his tumors?

There's gonna be
some serious blood loss.

Well, we think
we have a better plan.

We ligate the feeding artery
before tumor resection.

And, if we do
the kidney surgery first,

we also
minimize the risk
of S.I.A.D.H.,

which could very easily lead
to long-term heart damage.

So, brain first,

safer, but more likely
to leave him compromised.

Kidneys first,

riskier, but more likely
to lead to a full recovery.

For the past four months,

I have seen Lucho
stare out the window
of his hospital room

watching the kids
play soccer
in the schoolyard.

If there is a chance
I can get him back
out there, I'll take it.

That's a lot of weight
to put on playing soccer.


We do the kidneys today,
the brain tomorrow.


Let's say
half-a-dozen oysters
per person.

Oh. Olympias or Kumamotos?

Uh...mix of both.

Mix of both, please.

I think this is the one.




You don't love it?

Oh, no. I love it.

I want to get married
and buried in it,
but that's me.

Just wondering
if all of this...

If it's you.

I picture you in something
more like...that.

Me, too, but, this is
what the occasion calls for.

When Shaun and I
decided to do this,

this became more than
just our wedding.

It's a chance to represent
atypical couples,

to show that someone
on the spectrum

can marry
a neurotypical person

in the most perfect...

Magical, frickin' awesome
wedding of all time.

And if Shaun doesn't like it,
he'll definitely let me know.

To a frickin'
awesome wedding.


the renal vessels.

Cerebral perfusion pressure
holding steady at 65.


Is there anything better
than the aroma of
fresh-baked bread?

Lots of things,

the feeding artery.

I try to avoid carbs.

Cardiac ejection fraction
is good.

How about you, Shaun?
You like your bread, right?

As long as
there's no cinnamon,
nuts, seeds, or berries.

Or sprouted grains.

You like to be
able to choose
your own ingredients.

Unless you're
sharing the bread
with someone else.

Then the ingredients
should be something
you both like.

Resecting away
the tumor.

Unless that person
went out of their way

to buy the ingredients,
in which case,

the other person might be
more appreciative.

You know, Jerome and I
are having a tiff, too.

I suggested we wear
matching suits
to the wedding.

He immediately dismissed it,
saying, "That's tacky."

And I know it's tacky,

but cute tacky,
not "you're trash" tacky.

Maybe it's not about
suits or ingredients,

but about
respecting a person
for who we are.

And we got a bleeder.
It's from the renal vein.

CPP is dropping.

Ejection fraction, too.

the renal hilum.

Brain perfusion
is under 35.

We need to repair
the vein.

There's not enough time.

We need to take
the whole kidney.



Satinsky clamp.


Give phenylephrine
to increase CPP.

Recheck T.E.E. and give fluids
to increase cardiac pre-load.

Barbed suture
on the renal surface.


CPP's back up to 65.

Ejection fraction's normal.



I'm a sucker for
an everything bagel.

the angiomyolipoma.

I think Guatemala
has been good for you.

Hmm. Thanks.

I do, too.

When you left,
you were about a two
on the hard-ass scale,

and now I'd put you
at a solid five.


Which is still
a couple short of being
a successful chief.

We never should have been
working on the kidneys
in the first place.

No, it was
the right decision.

He almost died,

in exactly the way we expected
when you made the call.

Audrey, I haven't
seen you in a year,
and I get this?

For considering
a patient's quality of life?

One of my nurses
is screwing up, badly.

And if I ask you
what happened,

do I lose a point
on the hard-ass scale?

She's a victim of
domestic abuse.

Well, that's terrible.

And she almost killed
a patient because

And I don't know
if she's gonna get
the help she needs.

So, this is
your object lesson?

To be a good chief,

you have to be able
to fire battered women?

When they endanger patients,
you may not have a choice.

I always admired you.

You know, the way
you prioritize your career,

even when it came
at a cost.

Choosing your job as chief
over your personal life.

Now, I admired that.

But I don't know
if it's Guatemala

or just another
year of life,

but now...

I'm not sure if I do
admire your choices.

Not in the same way.

When I left, you were
a fantastic chief.


I think you just could be

creeping too far
up the scale.


What's all this?

Huevos rancheros
con salsa verde.

But you hate
huevos rancheros.

It is repulsive,
but it's your favorite.


And if you're only doing
things you want to do,

you're not doing enough.

This is about your
wedding look, isn't it?

I know it's not
your style.

It's just that you would
look amazing in it.

But if you want
to try something
you'd like better...

Do you like your dress?

It's gorgeous.

Upscale Elegance
will make you happy?

I think everything
is gonna look amazing.

But I need you to be
okay with it.

I'm okay with it.




It's my resignation.

Last night, I sat
in the parking lot
for two hours

trying to call the number
you gave me.

It's been an honor
working with you, Dr. Lim.


Transcortical approach
during surgery

will avoid
white matter tracts

and preserve Lucho's
brain function.

Bit tight under the arms?

No. Thank you,
it's good.

Except the elbows
and thighs and calves,

and the cummerbund
is restricting the blood flow
to my rectus abdominis.

So, we let it out
a little bit. Vincent?

Great idea.

Which I did
10 minutes ago.

You didn't talk
to Lea, did you?

I did.
She is very excited
about this,

so I need
to make this work.

Let's just size up.

Well, the slim-fit cut
would look like
a-a tent-cut.


Shaun, Lea would not
want you to be
tortured like this.

No. I am doing this
for Lea. Okay?

Sir, I-I need for you
to stand still.

It is compressing
my external obliques.

You shouldn't have to...

I want to be
a good husband!

Shaun, it's okay.

We can just find
another tux and...



It's Lucho.


He's got
a bleed in his brain.

Hang frozen plasma
and clamp the drain.


He has
a blood clot obstructing
his cerebral ventricle.

It was our only access
to his tumor.

Dr. Lim was right.

We should have operated on
Lucho's brain first.

Yes, we should have.

If we treat it with meds,

we could clear the clot
in four months.

The tumor will kill him
in three.



What are you seeing?




Lucho is going to die.


Hable con tu mama y papa.

Ellos nos encontaran
al aeropuerto.

We're going home?


No more operations?

Por ahora no.

So, we'll come
back soon?

No lo se.

Lo siento.


- Three, two, one, cheers!
- Oh!

Murphy, drink up.
It's stag night,
a rite of passage.

Shaun, this time tomorrow,

you're gonna be
Mr. Lea Dilallo.

There is no safe path
around the clot.

No, there isn't.
Drink up.

Drink your tequila.

He's right, Shaun.

You brought Lucho here
so we could save him,

and I tried to,
but I failed.

And I tried to wear the suit,
and I failed at that too.

And I am going to fail
as a husband.

Shaun, you are not.

You're so open
with each other.

At least you tried, Shaun.

Trying doesn't matter
if it leads to failure.

No. Love isn't measured
by accomplishments.

It's measured by
how much you care.

And what shows
you care more

than trying to do
something that isn't easy?

You won't always succeed,

but...if you don't try,

you never will.


You're kidding, right?

Shaun, you know,
you don't have to...

You don't have to, uh...
You don't have to do this.

We can go to dinner
at the...

Wh-where do you
get the linguini?

Yeah. Where...



Intermittent photothermic
laser light therapy.

We've gotta go back!



I scared.

I am confident.

Using a laser combined
with chemical thrombolysis

to break up
the clot in your...


Lo se.


I had the operation?

Si. Salio de maravilla.

The tumor is gone?

Adios, tumor.

Muy pronto
vas a estar marcando
contra el portero.


Do you remember
when we first met?

I was very wet.

Yeah, and you saved
that little boy's life
that day too.

Why are you crying?

Because I'm so happy.

And I'm a little bit sad.

How can you be
happy and sad
at the same time?

Well, I'm happy for you.

For how far you've come

and for the joy
you've found,

the amazing man
you've become.


And I'm sad
because I miss you.

I miss you, too.


Oh. I need to go.

Oh. Shaun, you gotta
get married in...

Five hours!

I'm getting married
in five hours.

Wha... What are you
gonna wear?

I don't know.


Don't look yet.

I just need to flare out
the veil a little more.

And voila.



Meghan Markle
is so jealous right now.

They're the most adorable
couple ever.

Well, maybe second.

And what I really
admire about them

is that they
respect each other
for who they are.

Accept each other
as individuals.

There. I canceled
the bread maker.

What do you want
to get them?

Ah, something that
represents us.

Marriage counseling?


I've been totally shipping
Shaun and Lea.

Hashtag She-Ea.

Hashtag Le-Ash.

Uh, that spells "leash,"
so, no.


Oh, I should explain
about the matching suits.

For the record,
I think they're fabulous

and we look great
in them.

Thank you for saying that.

We look like
a couple of dorks.

I was wrong about
the matchy-matchy vibe.

I'm sorry.

Ah, I love a man
who can admit
when he's wrong.

And I may
look like a dork,
but I'm his dork.

And he's mine.



You look great.

I kept trying.

Last night, I wore it
for two minutes,

and then five,
and then ten.

I got up to
44 minutes.

So, 44 minutes
is your max, huh?


Weddings don't run like
a Swiss watch, you know?

I timed the service
at 42 minutes

if I skip
the redundant parts
of my vows

and exit the church
with Lea very quickly.

I covered the "In sickness
and in health" part

in my Hippocratic Oath.

Let's hope the flower girl
keeps up the pace, huh?

Oh, yes.


You ready?

I'm ready.

Yeah, you are.

We need to talk.


I'm not accepting
your resignation.

That's very nice
of you, but...

I can't.

Well, not on your own.

That's why I want you
to come stay with me.

With my boss?

With your friend.

Please say yes.


You look so handsome.

You look so beautiful.

Gosling and Markle.

But not Shaun and Lea.

I am so sorry, Shaun.

I knew the world
would be seeing us,

and I wanted to show everyone
how amazing you are

and how good it is to be
in a relationship with you.'re so uncomfortable,
aren't you?

I can only last for
another 39 minutes.

I love you so much
for putting yourself
through this.

But we shouldn't have to.

I can't wait
to marry you.

But not like this.


Not like this.

Everything okay?


But there's not
gonna be a wedding.


Not today.

I'm so sorry.
We ruined your show.

Wedding show
without a wedding.

Yeah, pretty much.

I thought this was bigger
than Shaun and me,

but it shouldn't be.

It's our day,
and this just isn't us.

Couldn't have
figured this out
45 minutes from now?

I know.


Go be happy.
Go be you.


Thank you!

Okay. Oh!

Hell of a twist.

You heading back

The cases will be
piling up.


You should take the job.

You'd make
a fantastic chief.

I don't know
about fantastic.

I do.

You made me
a better one.


We're losing

serious points, aren't we?

So many.


♪ Wake up, wake up

♪ Why are you not hearing me?

♪ Wake up, wake up

♪ Why are you not hearing me?

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh

♪ You're wasting time


♪ You're wasting time ♪