The Big Bang Theory (2007–…): Season 12, Episode 20 - Episode #12.20 - full transcript

Oh, the... there's
a 7:15 at the ArcLight.

Well, that doesn't give
us much time to eat.

We can eat afterwards.

I'm not gonna eat
at 10:00 at night.

Who am I, Hemingway?

Why do you think
Hemingway ate at 10:00?

He spent a lot of time in
Spain. They eat dinner late.

He also spent
a lot of time in Florida.

Last time I was there,
people were eating dinner

at, like, 4:30.

You guys know

that Hemingway had
cats with six toes?

Six toes per foot
or six toes total?


It's official. We're never
going to see the Avengers.

Guys, just come on.
Make a decision.

I-I'm good with
eating after.

- Mm, I'm kind of hungry now.
- Yeah, me, too.

- Then we'll eat before.
- Okay.

So, then, we can see the 3-D
at 9:00 or the 2-D at 9:30.

If I'm gonna see Thor,

I want to feel like
I could lick those abs.

3-D kind of makes me queasy.

No, but we have to see it
in 3-D.

We saw part one in 3-D,
and the 2-D part two

is not the part two
of the 3-D part one.

He's got you there, Leonard.
Or he doesn't.

I don't really care anymore.

Okay, then,

- we'll go see it in 3-D.
- No.

Sweetie, you shouldn't do things
that make you feel bad.

Well, I'm doing this.

And of course he is.

He is a textbook satisficer.

That's not even a word.

Uh, yes, it is.

According to Nobel Prize-winning
economist Herbert Simon,

satisficing is a
decision-making strategy

whereby a person accepts

whatever available
option is satisfactory

rather than seeking out
a course of action

that would make him happiest,

as I just did when I explained
what satisficing was.

He's right.

No one wanted to hear at.

He knew it, yet
he plowed ahead.

I'm just trying to find a plan

that makes everyone happy.

Except you.

Yeah, Leonard.
What would make you happy?

I could tell you about
satisficing again.

You know,
what would make me happy

is if we just stop talking
about this

and see whatever movie
you guys want to see

whenever you want to see it.

Okay. But next time,
we get to pick.

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How's your headache?

It's better.
The throwing up really helped.

Mm. I'm so sorry you missed
the end of the movie.

Oh, it's okay.

Everyone talked about it
so much on the ride home,

I feel like I saw it.

Well, to be fair, you talked
about the bathroom so much,

we felt like we saw that, too.

I think I would've been okay

if we weren't sitting so close.

Well, then,
why did we sit so close?

Sheldon said, "Are these seats
good for everyone?"

What was I supposed to do,
say no, like a maniac? -

Sweetie, you have
got to stand up for yourself.

You know, maybe Sheldon's right.

Maybe you are that word he said.


Yeah, that!
That's the one.

Boy, sounds way more made-up
when you say it.

I mean, come on,
when was the last time

you did something
totally selfish without worrying

about what anyone else wanted?


according to my mother,

I took my sweet time being born.

How is that selfish?

Apparently, she had
dinner reservations.

And this is the telescope room

where I spend a lot
of my evenings.

Where's the telescope?


That's cool.

Yeah, so, you know...


What's that smell?

Uh, everyone has
their own theory.

Dr. Tibourgh thinks it's mold.

I think it's Dr. Tibourgh.

So, what am I looking at?

Ah, this is live information

from the Keck telescope.
It's pretty interesting.

So, I recently observed
some optical flashes.

It could be light bouncing
off a natural object,

but those tend to
be less reflective,

so could be evidence of
something alien-made.

Oh, this suddenly got exciting.

Oh. When you say "exciting,"

do you mean "go back
to my place" exciting

or "hold our breath
and do it here"?


Do I want to ask?

Oh, w... when I go upstairs,

Penny's gonna make me choose
what we're gonna do tonight

without taking her feelings
into consideration,

and I-I don't know
if I'm up for it.

Poor baby.
When I go upstairs,

Sheldon's gonna give me
a 25-minute lecture

about what Hulk would be like
if he were made of metal.

Part of his ongoing series,

"What If Hulk Were Made
of Other Things?"

I-I've always been
a people pleaser.

Is that so bad?
It's gotten me this far.

What, almost up four
flights of stairs?

Okay, if I go in there

and pick something I want to do
that she also wants to do,

she's gonna think I'm just
picking it to make her happy.

So I feel like

I have to pick something
I know she doesn't want to do

or she's gonna be disappointed.

What do you think?

Think I've got ice cream
in this bag

that's starting to melt.

I'm sorry.

It's exhausting
being in my head.

Look, when you wanted
Penny, you didn't care

what anybody else
thought or wanted,

including Penny.

That's true.

Yeah, yeah,
there was something I wanted,

I went after it and I got it.

Now you're hiding from it on the
stairs, so it all worked out.


I thought about what
I want to do tonight,

and I didn't take your feelings
into consideration at all.


I want to have sex.

Wow, sex with your wife.

You're really swinging for
the fences there, Hofstadter.

Yeah, we don't have to.


I like it.
Let's go.

Oh, o-okay.

And then after that,
we're gonna watch

Star Trek: Discovery.
- All right.

Well, just a warning, I might be
on my phone for most of it.

That's fine.

Wait, you mean
just the Star Trek...

Actually, I don't care.

And, with apologies
to Lady Gaga,

that's how a star is born.

Told you he was
gonna mention Lady Gaga.

At least he didn't talk
about how much he cried

during that movie.


if you haven't seen that movie,
you should.

I cried so much.

Well, that's the lecture
for today.

Uh, let's open it up
for questions.


Oh, you! Sir, yes.

You have a question?

Yeah. Actually,
I have a two-part question.

Are you sure? I get the sense
it's only one part.

No, no, it's two.

Part one: the new star

you were talking about--

how long did it take
that light to reach Earth?

And part two:

is it true you plant
your friends in the audience

to ask questions?

46,000 years.

And no,
I don't plant my friends,

because apparently,
I don't have any.

Uh, any other questions?

- Uh, yes. You, miss.
- Hi.

I read your paper on specular
reflections. It was great.

- Oh, thank you so much.
- In your conclusion,

you said you couldn't rule out
that light flashes

could be evidence
of alien civilization.

So does that mean
you think it's aliens?

I was just illustrating
that there are many unknowns,

and as scientists, we can't

preemptively rule out

So you think it's aliens.

- A-Actually, no, that's...
- I have a question

about the aliens you found.

That's not what I said, Howard.

Hold on a second.

Do you two know each other?


My sister was--

a-and this is her term--

Do you think those could be
the same aliens...

Okay, any other questions? Mm.

Not about aliens?


Do you still want me to
ask the one you gave me?

'Cause it kind of feels
like we're past that.

Ooh, Leonard,
I don't mean to alarm you,

but the Chinese food
smells funny.

That's because it's barbecue.

But it's Chinese food night.

Um, I picked it. You're
the one who told me

to stop being such a
satisficer all the time.

I did not.

I just pointed out
that you were one.

It's what I like best about you.

Well, that and those little
notes you leave in my lunch.

I leave those!

Well, that's disappointing.

I already know
that you heart me.

Now I don't know
if Leonard does.

Well, this is what
we're having for dinner.

You can eat it or not.
I don't care.

I guess that answers
the heart question.

I-It's fine.
We'll have barbecue.

Oh, of course.
I'm nothing if not flexible.

I'm sure that at some point

in the 3,000-year history
of the Chinese empire,

a cavalryman crossing

the Gobi Desert was forced
by hunger to eat his own horse

and roast it over a campfire,

hence, Chinese barbecue.
Let's eat.

Gee, I'm sorry, I didn't
watch the news today.

Has the whole world gone mad?

It's my house.

I'm tired of being told
where I can and can't sit.

You did this.

Amy, grab your meat.
We're leaving in a huff.

I'm sorry, if I don't go now,
it's not a huff.

Don't take this the wrong way,

but that was even more exciting
than the sex.

Don't take this the wrong way,
but yes, it was.

Leonard, where are you going?

Well, to work.

Just trying out
a different route.


If we cross the county line,
it's technically kidnapping.

Well, if you don't approve
of my driving, too bad.

This is the new me.
Get used to it.

Then this is the new me,

and he finds
the new you tiresome.

How is that different
than the old you?

The new me gives knowing winks.

Well, all these years,

I-I was afraid to say
what I wanted.

You know, even at work,

you know, there's things
I want to accomplish,

but I didn't want to ruffle any
feathers or step on any toes.

Feathers and toes?
Is the new thing you're trying

to accomplish ballroom dancing
with a chicken?

Look at that--
the new me is hilarious.

Always wanted to be
the principal investigator

on a plasma physics study.

Hey, look at that--
the new you's funny, too.

I'm serious.
You know...

I'm gonna put together
a proposal

and tell President Siebert
this is what I want to do.

If he doesn't let me,

there's plenty of other
universities that will.

Sure there are.

Of course you don't
want me to do that,

because you like it when
you're successful and I'm not.

No, you're confusing
causation and...

"Welcome to Alhambra."
Where the heck are we?

Now I'm some sort
of big joke.

I'm even on some
alien conspiracy blog.

See? "Caltech

finds proof of alien life''

Wow, that is not
a great picture of you.

That's not the point.

Dr. Koothrappali.

I'm surprised to see you in here.
Why is that?

Because the truth...

is out there!

You see? That's what
I'm talking about.

People have been doing
that to me all day.

They're just having fun.

Oh, come on!

See? It's fun.

Wow. Déjà vu.

Amy, you're a neuroscientist--

you know the latest research
into déjà vu suggests

it's nothing but
the frontal regions of the brain

attempting to correct
an inaccurate memory.

You telling me stuff
I already know

is definitely déjà vu.

How about telling me
something I don't know,

like why you're
sitting on the stairs.

How can I tell if I'm doing
something for a noble reason

or a selfish reason?

Try saying the thing
in your head

and see if you can add
the words, "That'll show 'em."

Leonard's about to demand a job

that I don't think
the university will give him.

I'm worried he's making
a giant mistake.

But maybe I only
think that because

deep down I don't
want him to succeed.

The fact that you're worried
about your motivation

supports the idea that you
genuinely care for your friend.

I do.

Thank you, Amy.

You know what?

After I've talked to Leonard,

you've earned yourself
a bonus lecture on Sponge Hulk.

That'll show me.

So, I spent the whole day
putting together this proposal,

and tomorrow I'm gonna
tell President Siebert

that this is what
I want to do.

Oh. Well, this...

looks great.

- You didn't even open it.
- Well, no,

it's got a nice, you know,

science-y heft to it. I...

Really proud of
you, sweetie.


- Hmm?
- Um,

I have been agonizing

over whether or not
to say something to you.

Aw. Let me help. Don't.

I have to.

I don't think that you
should demand to be in charge

of a plasma project.

Well, big surprise.

You can't stand the idea
of me succeeding.

No. I'll be honest.

New assertive Leonard is going
to take some getting used to.

But so did
cargo pants Leonard, hmm?

Who, for the record,
I miss.

He always had gum.

Sheldon, if this is what he
wants, he should ask for it.

I mean, what's the worst
that happens? They say no.

Well, I'm not
gonna let them say no.

If they don't want me to quit,
this is what it's gonna take.

Wait, you're gonna quit?

Yeah. It's like you said,
I have to go after what I want,

and if I can't get that
at Caltech,

there are plenty of other
universities in the world.

W... In the world?

I can't even get you
to go to the beach,

and now you want to
move to the world?

Well, I don't want to, but
if that's what I have to do...

Okay, don't you think

threatening to quit
your job is something

you should run by me first?

You said I shouldn't
worry about your feelings.

I meant feelings about things
that I don't care about!

Now, I'm not quite sure
when to jump in here...

- Not now.
- Okay.

Fine, you want to talk about it?
Let's talk about it.

I-I'm not loving
my job right now.

And this is something
that would make me happy.

Don't you want me to be happy?

Oh, I've been dinged
on this before.

Whatever you really think,
you have to say yes.

- Of course I want you to be happy.
- Well played.

Okay, I know this seems scary,

but I put together
a strong proposal.

It's good for me,
it's good for the university.

They're gonna give it to me.


I'm sorry, President Siebert,

but I'm not taking no
for an answer.

I speak a little Russian.

Will you take nyet
for an answer?

I'm serious.

Well, that changes everything.

- Really?
- Nyet.

I know a lot of people
have been having fun

claiming that I said
I found alien life.

I want to make it clear

that is not what I said.

I did say that was
one possible explanation.

I don't think
that's something to mock.

Right? It would be arrogant
for us to assume

that we are alone
in the universe.

And as scientists,
we need to remain open

to the possibility
that the truth may sound silly

or far-fetched.

Uh, the round Earth.
Germs that cause diseases.

Subatomic particles.

All these at one time
seemed fanciful.

So who's to say
what science fiction of today

will be the reality of tomorrow?

Will there be colonies on Mars?

Uh, matter transporters?

Perhaps the Loch Ness Monster
is real.

Who knows?
I'm just saying that...

the only way
science moves forward

is to follow the evidence
wherever it leads,

even if it makes us
sound crazy sometimes.

Hey, Bernie,
look at this.

"Caltech astrophysicist claims

Loch Ness Monster is real."

- Hey. How did it go?
- Great.

What, so you got the job?

I did not.

So you quit?
Okay, Leonard, I can't move.

I just bought a six-month
membership to SoulCycle.

Well, I-I didn't quit.

I said I was going to.

I walked out the door
and started crying.

You know, "Oh, my, God, oh, my
God, oh, my God, what'd I do?"

And then he called me back in.

Then he changed his mind?

He did not.

I'm really confused about

how to react to this story.

President Siebert
didn't want to lose me.

Even though
they couldn't make me

a lead investigator
on a plasma team,

there was an opening
for a co-lead

on a photon entanglement team.

How cool is that?

You're gonna have to tell me.

It's really cool.

Yay! Oh, I am so
happy for you.

I almost got what I wanted,
and it never would have happened

if you hadn't almost believed in me.
- Oh.

Let's celebrate.
What do you want to do?

Oh, please don't make me
decide another thing.

Hey, you want to go
to SoulCycle with me?

Give me a minute,
I'll think of something.

Now, I know what
You're you're thinking:

isn't Broccoli Hulk basically
just the Jolly Green Giant?

That is what I was thinking.

Let's never discuss it again.


- Are you hiding from Penny again?
- No. No, no, no.

I-I went to SoulCycle with her,
and my legs hurt so bad, I...

literally can't stand up.

Sheldon, why don't you
keep him company.

All right.

Hello, Leonard.

Have you ever wondered

what the Hulk would be like
if he were made of sherbet?

I give up.


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