Story of My House (2021): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript



Yeah! Nice one, Bli-san!


Although I was just thrown into the ropes,

let me tell you about my family.

We had our own stage at home.

Do you give up?

My dad is one of Japan's
prominent Noh performers.

He's a living national treasure.

My dad, Jusaburo Miyama, is the
27th-generation head of the Miyama family.

He's designated as Important Intangible
Cultural Property.

He's the chairman of the
Japan Noh Association.

He has over 10,000 disciples nationwide.

Stop, Jugemu!

My dad never got mad at me.

Even though we both made a ruckus,

only his disciple Jugemu got in trouble.

"That's the angel's...

heavenly coat."

"That's the angel's..."

My sister, Mai, is a year younger than me.

My brother, Yosuke,
is seven years younger.

Our mom was kind and modest.

She was too modest,
so I don't even remember her face.

Do you give up?

Bli-san! Use your legs!

My dad planned on making me the successor
as I was his first-born son.

I performed for the first time
at age four.

I developed a gift for Noh
performance very quickly.

I was once called a child prodigy.

But my dad never praised me.

Don't move.

I practiced every day,

to impress my dad.

Bli-san, move!

Don't move.

You can move!

Why did you move?

If I had continued to practice,
I would have been...

Bli-san, focus!

I know.


There you go!
Here comes your Kotobuki Lock!

Tama, give up?

I really wanted to talk to my dad more!


my dad was always surrounded
by many adults.

They all wore traditional clothing

and hee-hawed like
"yo," "eh," and "anyway."

Those adults were
emotionless and unreadable.

Soon, my dad and I stopped talking.

Juichi, your father said,
"Sit up straight."

I grew up being sensitive
to my dad's moods.


What is it? What are you saying?

My rebellious phase...

Your menopause?

My rebellious phase came!

Break, break, break!


What're you doing, Juichi?

I got in trouble for that.

You're my successor.

You're the 28th family head.

So act like it already.

Why me?

Jugemu is better than me.

Why me?

That's just the way it goes.

"That's just the way it goes"?
I don't get it.

If I don't get it, I can't take over.

When I was 16, my mom died.

She was only 46 years old.

My dad won
all the theater awards that year.

When I was seventeen,
I left the world of Noh

and knocked on the door of pro-wrestling.

I was just...

one of the many trainees there.

Nobody gave me any
special treatment there.

I was yelled at when I slacked off.

My efforts were acknowledged fairly.

The chairman was our leader.
All of us were the perfect family.

I finally found the family
that I always wanted.

I idolized the monstrous wrestler,
Bruiser Brody.

I picked "Bruiser Juichi"
for my ring name when I debuted.


The blue corner...



Blizzard Kotobuki!

When I first appeared as Blizzard Kotobuki
they treated me like a teen idol.

My signature moves were the Kotobuki Lock
and the Blizzard Chop.

I got married the same year
I had my first match with Choshu

and bought a condo
after having a match with Muto.

Our son was born the year
I fought against Chono.

Hey! Hey!

Tama, that's too much.
You're going to kill Bli-san.

Die. Die. Die.

After that, I traveled to the US
on a wrestler's quest.

I won the Puerto Rican Championship.

But I was severely injured during a match.

"I can't perform Noh on stage anymore."

I thought about that for some reason.

When I returned to Japan,
my wife asked for a divorce.

I was already long past my prime.

I still had to pay child support
and a 20-million-yen mortgage.

Fortunately, Chairman Hori recruited me.

I started wrestling for
Santama Pro-Wrestling.

That's where I am now.

Are you okay?


One! Two! Three!


The winner is

Blizzard Kotobuki!


Thanks for coming, everyone.

I was able to win
for the first time in forever.

Please chant with me in your heart.

Long time no see, Blizzard!

Was the kick bad?

Not at all.

Don't worry about it.
Come at me at full force.

Don't be rude to your fans.


You hurt your back and knee, too?

Your entire body is hurting.

My entire body hurts.

That means I'm not in any pain at all.

Kotobuki, bad news!
Your dad is in critical condition.



Hey, did you call him?

As if. Jugemu must have.

Have a seat. Since you're here.


Is this my grandpa?

Why is he sleeping?

This is my son, Hideo.

Sorry, I only get to see him once a week.

He had a stroke two years ago.

Are you listening?
I'm talking to you, Juichi.

Oh, you're Mai?

Yes, I'm Mai, your sister.
It's been a long time.

Fortunately, he survived.

But he's paralyzed from the waist down.

Jugemu has been taking care of him.

Yosuke and I have been
taking turns checking on him.

Since we've been busy lately,

he's been going to a daycare facility
twice a week for physical therapy.

I'm Sakura from the daycare
Atsumare Yasuragi no Mori.

I looked away for a moment
during exercise class,

and found Jusaburo on the floor.

Worst-case scenario, he may never wake up.

- How old is he?
- He's only 72 years old.

But he's diabetic
and had heart surgery too.


You don't know anything, do you?
Aren't you the oldest son?

Excuse me... It's getting late.

We'll give you a call if anything happens.

Yes, let's go home.


Let's go. We have to discuss
what's going to happen from now.

Jui-chan! Welcome home!

What? Jugemu?

Long time no see!

Your chest is really big!
Just like a wrestler.

You look great!

- You too! Your eyes got bigger.
- My eyes?

Daisu, play with Hideo
in the practice hall.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

I can't believe Mai has a teenage son.

He's at a difficult age.
I'm having a hard time with him.

I'm having a beer.

Your eyes are huge.

Like a hannya.


Let's start.

You've really grown up, Yosuke.
What do you do? Are you single?

Are you trying to act cool?

You suddenly come home
and start reminiscing.

Don't you see his gold badge?
He's a lawyer.

I'm a tutor at a cram school.


What about Noh? Did all of you quit?

Since you just left abruptly,
we had to choose steady jobs.

But you're still practicing.
Both Mai and Daisu are talented.

Really? You think Daisu
can take over the family name?

That's not for me to decide.

You won't, right?

What? Well...

Anyway, we never know
what the future holds.

Let's make a group chat
and share information.

I'll invite you in, Juichi.

Buy a smartphone first!

Anyway, about our inheritance...


Nobody talks about it, so I have to.

How much is Dad's estate worth?

Get us the accounting book.

This house, land, masks,
costumes, and antiques...

Sell them all.

They might sell well online.

Daisu, this is an adult conversation.
Don't butt in.

Roughly speaking,
it'll be about this much.

Seriously? That living national treasure
title isn't too shabby!

Your father hasn't
performed in two years now.

The number of his disciples
has decreased by half.

Currently, he doesn't have
any income coming in.

That's why I told Dad to
privatize his business.

What are the advantages?

For tax purposes.
To reduce our inheritance tax...

I see.

Aren't you guys worried at all?


Dad's in critical condition.

He's hooked up to all kinds of
machines in the hospital.

How can you leave him there?

- Listen.
- Our inheritance and successor? How cruel!

Instead of exchanging our LINE accounts,

we should be gathering at his
bedside and cheering him up.

We should show our gratitude...

We did all that two years ago.

We've entered the next phase.


We're prepared in many ways.


We all witnessed your father collapse.


He was unconscious
for three weeks after that.

We all cried and said our goodbyes.


Yes, "phases" means "steps"!

Sorry, I just wanted to say that.

Why didn't you tell me?

I called your company,

but they said you were
on a wrestler's quest in Puerto Rico?

Don't be so hypocritical.
Do you understand?

We have to stay cold and calm
to get through every day.

You may think we're
taking the easy way out

by using a daycare service twice a week.

Every time I help Dad get
in the van in the morning.

Do you understand how that feels for us?

It feels really heavy.

Because he's your dad,
it weighs heavy on your heart.

He's not
a living national treasure anymore.

He's just a very heavy old man.

The 27th successor, Jusaburo Miyama,
died on stage that day.

He's alive!

Dad is still alive, idiots!


Playing the big brother
after all this time?

That's not how it works.

Wait, Jui-chan!

I shouldn't have worn my wrestling shoes.

You want to borrow my Crocs?

How can I...

face my dad at this point?

I see.

If you're going to the
hospital, can you take this?

It's your father's smartphone.

It's charged.

I'm a terrible son.

I was gone for 25 years.

Even so, I want you
to take over the family name.

I'm sure your father feels the same way.

I'm not qualified to do that.

What's being qualified?

I'm not taking care of your
father to qualify for something.

I practice here every day
because I love Noh.

I was adopted into this family
because I love it.

I've been waiting for you to come home.

You don't have to make a decision now.

Some day, let's dance together again
like we used to.



If you ask me with such puppy eyes,
I have to at least consider it.

Are you studying kanji characters?

Yes, but...


Hideo, what grade are you in?

He's in fifth grade.

Hideo was diagnosed
with a learning disability.

And, he's showing signs of ADHD.


Haven't you noticed anything?

Apparently, he often walks around
during class and leaves the classroom.

His teacher called me several times.



I tried to study with him
at least once a week

to help him overcome his condition.

Come on!

Try writing ten kanji characters
with the "human" radical.

Try it.

My dad never helped me study.

He never came to my sports days,
class observation days,

or even for graduations.

No, that's a "walking man" radical.

The only thing we had in common...

was pro-wrestling.

Bulldozer plays a heel role but
has a very good presence.

- His name is Bruiser.
- Really?

Is he going to drop him?

My dad was quiet and strict.

Only when we watched matches,

he got all excited and talkative.

He's bleeding.

I love pro-wrestling, Juichi.

They break rules and bleed a lot.

But they know moderation
and always stay classy.


Shall I excuse myself?

I've been thinking for the past 25 years.

Why me?

Because I'm the oldest son.

I was a fast learner.

I was obedient and honest.

I had strong facial features.

You still here?

Sorry. I'll excuse myself.

That's not all.

I'm sure there was a lot more as to why

I had to take over this family business
from you.

It had to be more original.

Like something only I had in this world...

Something like the
World Championship belt?

It had to be something like that.

I'm still not convinced.

You think so?


Isn't taking over your family
business the easiest?

Isn't that the easy route?

You just have to follow the path
your parents laid out for you, right?

Maybe you're overthinking?

Sorry. I'll leave.

"That's just the way it goes."

Is what you said.

Then let me say this...

Kids crave
their parents' attention and praise.

That's just the way it goes.

I wanted you to be proud of me.

I became a wrestler so
you'd be proud of me.


I thought you'd praise me
if I won the World Champion belt.

I tried really hard.

But I could only win the
Puerto Rican Championship.

Is this a real story?


What's the matter?

Where's my dad's phone?

Whatever. Dad.

I know it's too late, but...

I'll be the successor.

I'll take over the family business.

I'll do it for you.
I'll be the 28th successor.

Be proud of me, Dad.

This time, be proud of me, Dad.





I'll get his doctor.

I wanted to talk to you, Dad.

About me...

About you...

About our family...

I wanted you to say that
you were proud of me.

Darn it.


You're Blizzard
from Santama Pro-Wrestling, right?

Can I shake your hand?

Don't ignore us!

This will be today's main event!

It's Blizzard Kotobuki's final match
before his retirement!

It's a 30-minute match for one fall!


What are you going to do after you retire?

I'm taking over our family business.

I'm the oldest son,

so I want to do that for my dad
while he's still alive.

Don't you have debts? And a loan?

Well, I'll be able
to pay it off with my inheritance.

It might be a good time to quit.
You're 42.

No, Bli-san can still fight!

Pretty, we have to gather all our courage

when we take off our wrestling boots,
not when we put them on.

Take a hint!

What do you mean?

Don't go easy on me.

I know, Bli-san.

Bli-san, please tag
with me for your last match.

I'll pump up
Blizzard Kotobuki's final match.


Hey, Bli-san.



I've always wanted to
become a wrestler like you.

I've been training to catch up with you.

I can proudly say that I'll be
the successor of Bli-san-ism.

I want to catch up with you
and surpass you.


I love you, and you love me.

You're my stepping stone to my success!

Tag me!

I'll lead Santama Pro-Wrestling!


One! Two! Three!


You weren't supposed to end the match.

Sorry, I got too into it.

What do you mean, idiot?

Look at today's main star.
He isn't even sweating.

Good job.

That was the most awkward
retirement match.

This will be remembered for years to come.

Thank you!

It wasn't a compliment, idiot!

Choshu, I'm sorry!

What's worse, why did you say that?

Follow the path!

What'll happen?

You'll know when you go!

You copied Inoki's speech.
And you broke the microphone.


take good care of your parents.

Prioritize your family.


Thank you.

Sorry. I ruined your last match.

Don't worry. It was a good ending for me.

Kotobuki, listen! Your dad...

was discharged.

Hello, everyone!

Hello, everyone!
Thanks for coming. I'm very grateful.


Apparently, he suddenly
woke up this morning.

What's with your hair?


Oh, Blizzard Kotobuki!

- Dad!
- I saw your match.


Your last match was pretty terrible.

- Thank goodness you're alive!
- I give you a zero.

Are you okay?

The 27th family head has
returned from the brink of death.

I, Jusaburo Miyama, have good news

and bad news to tell.

I'll start with the good news.

I have six months left to live.


Well, doctors always exaggerate.

I'd say I have about a year.

I have better news!




You're so adorable.

You're just too cute. Come down here.

Excuse me.

Let her through.

Hey, let her through.


Come here.

One, two, three, four.

Hello, I'm Sakura.

Mai, Yosuke.

I'm marrying Sakura.


Not "What?" Call her Mom.

Also, Sakura...

You're supposed to be here!



Am I not too heavy?

I don't feel it at all
because I'm paralyzed.

What do you mean? How old are you? What?

How old is she?

Stop making out!

You're the head of 10,000 disciples.

Act responsibly.

About that...

that's stupid.

For the past 72 years,
I've never gone out drinking,

bought women, or gambled.
I had to hold back on everything.

I'll do whatever I like for my last year.

Thanks, guys!

- Let's go!
- Go, go!

What's the bad news?

Didn't I tell you? I see.

I'm leaving all of my estate
to Sakura upon my death.


You lot won't get a single penny!

- I said it!
- You finally did.

- I said it!
- Good job.

I said it.

It's cute!

- This kitty is taking a nap.
- I know.

I'll explain how they met
on behalf of your father.

He didn't like the gloomy atmosphere
at his daycare center.

I heard he tried to run away
several times.

Of course! I couldn't relax
with those old people.

You're an old man, too.

The facility didn't know what to do
and switched caregivers.

Nice to meet you. I'm new here.
My name is Sakura.

He stood up!
The Miyama family head stood up!

- He stood!
- He got up!

I'm embarrassed, but I stood up.

Oh boy, you did.

He doesn't mean it that way.

Sakura, we can't make dirty jokes
in this house.

Sorry, they're so uptight. Sorry.

Everything was different.

Sakura wrapped me up with her warmth.

She was very dedicated.

I did that just for you, Juju.

You let her call you "Juju"?

Then, Juju asked me if I could
take care of him here for twice my pay.

That was his marriage proposal.


Yes, because I could only see her
twice a week at the facility.

She's been coming here
five times a week since last fall.

What? That's nasty. In this house?

Actually, he collapsed
during his exercise here.

You guys are nasty! What kind of exercise?

Soon, he became more than a client to me.

Dad, I don't want to say this, but...

Kato-chan? Do you want to be like
Kato-chan and his young wife?

Idiot! Only Kato-chan can do that!

I love Jusaburo.

- Sakura...
- He's 72! Think about it.

You're kidding, right?
Are you listening, Dad?

No, I'm not. She said she loves me.

I can't hear anything else.

I'm like a broken radio.

You're a gold digger, aren't you?
You just want his money.

All right.

Let's talk about the inheritance later.

Who will be the successor?

Right! A caretaker can't take
over our family name, right?

Who's going to be the successor?

One person volunteered.

Right, Sakura?

I worked hard so that
you'd be proud of me.

But I could only win the
Puerto Rican Championship.

Is that a true story?


What's the matter?

Where's Dad's phone?

Never mind.

Dad, it might be too late...

but I'll take over the family name.

I'll take over the family.
I'll do it for you.

I'll be the 28th successor.

I don't mean to be rude,
but since it means a lot to all of you,

I videotaped his speech.

Thank you.

Are you serious?

Sorry about that, Juichi.

You won't make any money, though...


Dad was unconscious then.

You said that just because I was dying?

He thinks it's so easy.


You and I have practiced 365 days a year.

We never skipped our practice.

My prodigal son only has muscles.

Just because he's the oldest son,
he's trying to

steal it from us.

It's not like that!

You just wanted my money, didn't you?

You took advantage
because I was unconscious.


Then, don't be so condescending.

You should say, "I'll respectably
succeed our family name."

We can discuss
the details after you say it.

Say it.

I'll respectably succeed our family name.

"That's the angel's heavenly coat."

What's wrong? Did you forget?

"That's the angel's heavenly..."

Stop. Your voice is scratchy.

Is your throat a water drain?



"That's the angel's...

heavenly coat."

"That's the angel's...

heavenly coat."

"That's the angel's...

heavenly coat."

"You may not give it to a human...

so casually."


You're scaring Sakura.

I'm fine. I thought a weird
ceremony suddenly started.

It's Hagoromo. It's a Noh play.

Are you really Japanese?

Well, I'll decide who will
take over our family name.

I'll redo my will, too.

If you want your inheritance,
try not to make me hate you.

Take care of me, okay?


Did I make the right decision?

Needless to say,
I didn't volunteer to get my share.

But I won't make any money?

I was depending on it a little.

I'm mad at myself.

I made the right decision.

I sold everything I had.

I got a new phone.

I moved back
to my family home after 25 years.

To take care of my dad...

Are you farsighted?

Who are you?

My husband, he used to be a rapper.

I still am. I'm just taking a break.


My name is OSD. Nice to meet you.

It's Osada.

He owns four ramen shops in Tokyo.

I work in the kitchen six days a week.

He's a ramen shop owner but also a rapper.

That's what I like about him.

I have a lot of respect
for Japan's classic performing arts.

The colors are so lit!

It's the root of art.

It's similar to hip-hop to some degree.

Kan'ami and Zeami. It rhymes.

Don't worry. If you really listen,
he's just saying normal things.

That's why I love him.

- Dad!
- Oh yeah!

Give me a hug, my son.

Oh, no. No hugs yet! Fistbump!

Oh yeah!

May I start?

Yes, Yosuke isn't here yet, but...

Okay, please take a look at this.

"Juju's care plan"?

I'll try to be here
with him as much as I can.

But I'm not finished
with my nursing care seminar.

There are still things I can't do.


For example, bathing.

I need to be licensed to touch my clients.
Only families can.

That'll be so boring.

You can always touch me.

Can I? Did you hear that?

At-home nursing care is the best.

I want you to take turns and help him.

Ask me anytime, Dad!
Rely on us a bit more!

Really? Sweet.

How about Monday?

Sorry, I have to make my
soup for my Kannana shop.

Okay, I'll stay here with Daisu.
How about Tuesday?

I have a meeting at my Ikebukuro shop.

How about you?

I have other jobs for Juichi.

- I can't help you on weekdays.
- Don't worry, Yosuke.

How about Wednesday?

Sorry. I have a meeting in Waseda
and also have to prepare a soup.

I have classes until late.

I have 12 free counseling sessions
for overpayment.

I have an interview with
Ramen Walker on Thursday.

I have to taste
the new pork back fat on Friday.

Don't worry about it, ramen boy.


I'm not counting on you guys anyway.

If you don't want to help me,
just don't come around.

Leave me alone already.

- I'll do it.
- What?

That's why I came home.

I want Juichi to take charge
of bathing and OMT.

- "OMT"?
- Diaper changing.

Diapers? Are you wearing diapers?

Change my diapers. Thanks.

It was Jusaburo's request.

I'll let you know the
schedule later on LINE.

Why me?

Please take your father to the bath.

Come on! Support him.
Aren't you a wrestler?

That's right!
And Andre the Giant was a lot heavier.

I know that.

Support him.

Take it slow.

I'm gonna lower you.

Slowly will do... here.

Please start washing his feet.


- What are you doing?
- That was hot!

Check the temperature first!

Are you ready, Juju?

It feels good!

Please wash his feet.

What are you doing?
He's going to get cold.


Why me?

I told you. I'm not licensed
to touch his body yet.

I'm not talking about that!

I've been away for 25 years.

Why did you pick me again?

Are you crying?

Don't bring your emotions into caretaking.

I'm not crying.

Damn it.

You can't even take a bath by yourself?

This isn't cool.

Hurry up.

I'm going to catch a cold.

Give it to me! Move!

You're so pathetic!

You're his son, right?
You should be able to do this.

This is easy!

If you're not helping, leave.
It's too crowded here.

Because I'm his son...

Because I'm his son, I can't do it.

Damn it.


I'm the nursing care manager,
my name is Ryoichi Suehiro.


What? What's going on?

His hospital suggested

that he take this test since
we're taking care of him at home.

It's for dementia.


I told him that he was still really sharp.

You never know what'll
happen in the future, you know?

Nursing care is
categorized into seven levels.

We can suggest suitable
care for your father.

No thanks. We decided to do it on our own.

All of us have a right
to use nursing care services.

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Does Dad know about this?

I do!

- Of course.
- You know...

I don't mind.

Grandpa? Grandpa?

He can hear fine.


- Grandpa?
- Oh?

- You must be Juichi's son.
- I'm Hideo.

Do you want to see how smart I am?

I'll start. It's a simple test.

- I want to do it.
- No.

Why not? It's a test, right?
I want to try it with him.

This isn't for fun.

Let's go.
I'll help you with your homework.

I don't have any homework.
I want to do it with Grandpa!

Alright, I don't mind.
But I won't go easy on you.

Okay, write your favorite number
from one to nine.

Between one and nine? My favorite number?


That's it.

List some vegetables for me.

Vegetables? Really?

- Vegetables of all things?
- Yes please.

Are you making fun of us? Come on.


Listen here.
I'm a professional Noh performer.

I'm a living national treasure.

Yes, I'm aware.


Oh, jeez.



Napa cabbage.



What's wrong?

- Vegetables, Dad.
- I know.

Let's see.


- Onion.
- Can you take a break?


He has a learning disability.

Be quiet you. I get it.

Dad, you love them.

We make an animal using this
vegetable during the Bon week.



Grandpa, what was the number you wrote?



Grandpa, you wrote six. Right?

Six. You wrote six.


Let's run an official test
on a later date.

Did I win?

You said you wouldn't go easy on me.

- Uh... C-Can I try again?
- Sure.


- Eggplant.
- Lettuce.

- Napa cabbage.
- Broccoli.

That one...

It's juicy and...


We make an animal with
chopsticks during the Bon week.

You said that already.

You know...

- Eggplant.
- You already said that.

I won again!


- Why are you laughing?
- I'm not.

Stop lying. You just laughed.

Is it funny
that your husband is going senile?

Hideo looks happy. That's why I smiled.

Dad, I beat Grandpa!





What do you think?

I still remember all the Noh songs,

and the lines come out smoothly.


can't I remember any vegetables like
cucumbers and eggplants?

Who cares?

You're not running a produce store.

Let's take a bath.

You took such a long detour.

If you continued to practice,
you would have been able to

easily take over everything.

You're in debt and have to
take care of me in your forties?

Can you keep your mouth shut?

It's embarrassing for both of us.

- Are you itching anywhere?
- No.

I'll rinse it off.

You never gave me a bath
when I was little.

That's what Mom said.

You never changed my diapers.

Noh is a sacred performance
dedicated to the Gods.

I couldn't change your diapers
and dance right after.

I'll do it.

I'll do the things you didn't do for me.

I'll do everything.

You know why?

That's just the way it goes.

Open your legs.
I'll wash your private part.

- You don't have to.
- Don't be shy.

- Be gentle.
- Be quiet.

I can't help it. You made me say that.

What did you do?


Juju, are you going to eat in bed?

Dad wants to eat here.

It's too crowded.

Thanks for waiting.

Shall we eat?

Thanks for the food!


What's wrong?

Thanks for the food.

I missed hearing you say that.

It's nice. It sounds very brotherly.

I am the big brother.

The food tastes better.

It feels that way.

I don't know what else,

but Juichi saying "thanks for the food"
is the best, right Dad?


Juichi, just keep saying,
"thanks for the food."

He praised you, Dad.

You think so?











That woman!

Sakura, can you mix the natto beans?

- I'll do it.
- Don't touch it!

Why not?

This is...

the story of my family.

Juichi Miyama, will be taking over
the 28th family head position.

Huge chunks of their inheritance were
taken by her. They were all fooled.

What would you like for dinner?

My dad isn't a lonely senior.

He has me.

We'll show you the best
Miyama-style Takasago.