Story of My House (2021): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Stand up, Zeami Machine! Stand up!

It might not look like it,
but I'm pretty busy.

I practice Noh during the day.

I take care of my dad at night.

And I turn into Super Zeami Machine
on the weekend.

Super Zeami Machine
is here to see you all!



Blizzard Kotobuki.
Your real name is Juichi Miyama.


Kid, Zeami Machine doesn't speak Japanese.

- Really?
- Zea...

Zea, zea!

He's a Zeami alien who came by UFO
from the Zeami Planet.


Sir, don't make up stories.
Zeami is Japanese.

I'll tell you. Zeami is really Japanese.

He even left the saying,
"Don't forget your first resolution."

The story isn't important.
People will find out anyway.

If my dad finds out, I'll get kicked out.

The caregiver, Sakura,
who comes five days a week.

Dad still believes she's his girlfriend.

So scary!

It's not scary at all.
Juju is always nice.



Hey, Dad. What's this?

Stay over there.

It says here, "Settle things with Jugemu"?

- Who knows?
- That's your handwriting.

"Settle things with Jugemu"?


Before your dad got sick,

we went to a girls' bar
in Hakata together during our tour.


Hakata is really nice!

- Let's exchange our LINE info.
- Show me your QR codes.

We kept in touch with the girls
on LINE after we came home.

But one day,
the girls quietly left the chat group.

I asked them why,
and they said that he sent this to them.

It's Ukifune. It's about a woman
who's approached by two men.

She becomes mentally unstable
and throws herself into the river.

That's creepy.

- A girls' bar in Hida Takayama...
- Girls again?

Most women are young girls to him,
you know?

You're cute.

The next day, he sent them this video

of his Miyasudokoro role
where she's mad with jealousy.

That's creepy.

He's upbeat in person,
but he gets creepy on the LINE app.

His sticker use is very unique, too.

Excuse me. Hideo is here.


If it's okay, can I see Dad's LINE?

Jui-chan, that's too much.

Here you go.

Dad is on the left side?



It might sound weird coming from me, but...

Can you reply to him more?


But your father is aware of everything.

Please continue to act
like my girlfriend in front of my kids.

I want to stay cool for them.

You're kidding.

He also said he didn't know how to die.

How to die?

That's why he started
his bucket list, but...

As he wrote,

he felt that he really wanted
to live longer.


He's not answering!
Why aren't you picking up, Daisu?

Shall we start?

I'll wait for him.

Hideo, you really like Daisu, huh?

Do you want to perform with Daisu?

Here you go. This is from last year.

"Yes! Noh for Kids"?

Our cram school sponsors
this event every year.

It's mainly for foreigners and children.

Yes! Noh for Kids?

It has to be easy to understand.
Right, Jugemu?

We'll show highlights
of the most popular titles.

And, we'll do short dances
and kyogen comedic shows.

Yes! Noh for Kids?

Yes, it's a pun of "no" and "Noh."
Don't focus on that!

What do you think, Hideo?

I'm in if Daisu is.

He says, "Yes."

This is the story of my family.

Since the notebook incident,
Dad's been acting strange.

He starts crying just looking
at an old family photo.


Then, he takes his anger out on us.

Your Dojoji is too corny!

Your leg movement shows
your bad upbringing.

Your legs!
I wish I could see your parents!

And suddenly, he pretends to be senile.

- Gorilla!
- It's about fish.


Are you doing this on purpose?

This man is even more unstable
than Dad is.

Mai, did you see the photo I sent you?

Look! Did you?


Yeah, I saw it. What about it?

She had cosmetic surgery, right?

Is this from her yearbook?

Yes, I bought it from
her high school friend for 30,000 yen.

Look! Her eyes were slanted,
and her nose was lower.

Who cares?
She's not in showbiz or anything.

Are you saying a girl who fixed her face
will alter Dad's will?

That's biased.

Anyway, I don't trust women like that.

So, in case something happens to Dad

I put a GPS on his wheelchair.

Do you have feelings for her or something?

- Don't say that.
- What? Really?

Who would pay 30,000 yen for such a photo?

Stop it! Saying stuff like that
will make it awkward for me.

Sorry I'm late.


That's a lovely skirt.

Thank you.

What's the matter?

Nothing! Leave me alone.

What is it?

I don't know anything about Noh, but...

He's really bad at it, right?

Exactly. He has no appeal either.

Let's start practicing.


But he already was.

Hideo, I'll teach you Kosode Soga today.


Daisu, teach Hideo.

What? Whatever,
but I bet he'll be fine on his own.

Daisu, stop talking like a punk.

Sir, shall we perform Dojoji at the end?

Huh? Whatever.

Dad, don't talk like Daisu!

Please play the role
of Kane Koken, Jui-chan.

Kane Koken?


Kaneko Ken?
He's a Japanese TV personality.

He's also an actor and a former fighter.

Hey, this isn't funny right now.

Kane Koken is the role of a bell handler.

Dojoji's bell will be hung
from the ceiling by a rope using a pulley.

I'll be pulling the rope to lift the bell.

It's an important role.

Thanks. I can't practice this
at home because our ceiling is low.

Don't worry.

Lift it up! It's part of your training!

Lift it higher!

Good! Stop here!

Tie it to the corner post.

What do you do next?

When the song goes,
"this bell is terrifying,"

the woman goes under the bell.

- I'll let go.
- To capture the woman?

Yes, and a monk chants and lifts the bell.

He finds the woman turned into a snake.
And the snake goes ballistic.

That sounds cool!


Why don't we use that
for today's main event?


Here he comes!

Zeami Machine turned into a large snake
inside the bell!

They'll find out someday.

If I do this, they'll definitely find out.

I have to draw a clear line
between Noh and pro-wrestling...

And between Juichi and Zeami Machine...

We can't really rehearse
the bell dropping.

So we just go through the steps
during practice.

I can't be 0.1 seconds too early
or too late.

Jui-chan, I'm going to jump after "un."

Breathing is important.

Jui-chan? Jui-chan!


Too late! I could get really hurt!

- My life is in your hands!
- Yes, sorry.

- You too, Osada!
- Welcome!


Daisu. What's wrong with you?

What do you mean?

- Don't move your neck.
- It's not moving.

It is! You watch too much K-pop on YokMok!

YokMok... I meant TikTok.

I said that on purpose, of course!

Calm down. Relax, Daisu.

One, two, three, ah...

"Ah" is unnecessary, right?

Isn't that why he's off?

Juichi, you can't think outside the box.
That's seriously uncool.


Daisu, don't worry. Go with the beat.
One, two, three, ah...

- How's your new school?
- It's okay.

You know?

I can see myself in Daisu,
it's kinda tough.

I was like that, right?

You started after me,
but you got better than me really quickly.

I completely lost face.

Juichi, stop wobbling!

It's not that I wasn't capable,
I just didn't apply myself.

One more time.

I had to believe that,
because of my self-doubt.

Is that why you ran away
and became a pro-wrestler?

Ran away?

Well, I guess you could say that.

If that was the case,
you ran away too early.

Your stage presence was overwhelming.

I didn't realize that about myself.

I was in a so-called rebellious phase.

I never thought it'd take 25 years
for me to come back here.

Being able to run away is a talent, too.


I wasn't talented or courageous enough.

So, I had to make the effort.

Providing an escape
is our job as an adult, too.

In reality, Hideo is more talented.

Daisu, I'm going home.



You can look at it if you want to.


Oh, jeez!

You only look at it
when I don't want you to see it.

You want me to look at it?

Never mind.

Give it back to me.

What? Which is it?

I kind of want you to see it.


"Be carried like a princess"?

Not that one.

"Visiting the filming
locations of Beautiful Life"?

That's Sakura's favorite TV drama.
Do you know it?

The wheelchair one? I know of it.

Her birthday is coming up soon.

I was thinking about taking her
to the locations in that drama

and make it a surprise gift.

Listen, Dad.

But your father is aware of everything.

Okay, I got it. I'll do some research.


It's amazing.
You're ready to perform on stage already?


It's a special event. Hideo is talented.

You'd say, "Yo! Sorori, sorori," right?

That's from Kyogen, ma'am.
Many people think that's the same as Noh.

Oh, wow! He's scary. Let's go, Hideo.

"Sorori, sorori."

If he wants to continue,

we'll have to make
the proper custody arrangements.


Yes, his last name is Miyama right now,

but who knows what he'll choose
in the future, you know?

I never even thought about that.

I thought I'd be Hideo's father forever.

But legally, there could be some changes
in the near future.

Oh, I told you, right?
This is my partner, Hayakawa.

He'd been standing there for a while.

I wasn't focusing
on her partner at all, but...

Nice to meet you, right?

I've seen you once before. Being all
lovey-dovey in front of her apartment.

I've been dating Yuka for about a year.

I never allowed you to do that.

Hideo and I get along very well.

I never allowed that either!

She's expecting a new life with me.

You sound really awkward.

Come on, Yuka.

How could you date a boring guy
like bland hospital food after me?

That's unusual, Bli-san.

You gonna wear your mask for training?

I'm Zeami, not Bli.

He's testing out his newly-sized mask,

To make matters worse,
that chubby teacher said...

Hideo, you have two dads today! Lucky you!

I'm Hideo's only father!

Kotobuki, you have a phone call.

- Zea!
- Zea?

Oh, Yosuke. What's up?

Something's going on with Dad.
I'm checking his GPS location.

He's going around and around
in Omotesando.


Beautiful Life?

You have to play Kimutaku.

Sure thing. Let's go around one more time.


Sakura? What?

Sakura? Sakura?

Are you okay?

I'm fine. I'm just a little dizzy.

Oh. The battery died.

What should I do? Sakura? Sakura?





Where are you, Juichi?

Are you here?



Thank you very much.

Are you a foreigner, Zeami?

Where did you come from?


Excuse me, I can walk now.

Sakura, you're awake?

Excuse me.




- I'm home.
- Welcome home.

- Juichi?
- Yes?

You know a lot about pro-wrestling, right?

Yeah. Kind of. I used to be wrestler, so...

- Then, do you know Super...
- No.

I don't know anyone named Su.

Good night.

Sorry, Hideo.

Why isn't he coming straight to practice?

Hideo, do you know where Daisu is?


Hideo, are you sure?

Come on!


Who's that? Do you know him?

- Uncle Juichi.
- Hey, Daisu.

What's that?

This? I thought color gang members
might mess with us.

I brought this to protect you.

You sound so old.

Thank you for being good friends
with my nephew.

I'm Juichi Miyama,
a trainee of the Miyama school.

- Where are you going, Daisu?
- To practice, right?

Let's go eat ramen.

This is good!

Our dance team ranked tenth
in the popularity contest.


The final competition
will be live-streamed on Sunday.


I won't be able to participate
in Yes! Noh for Kids.

I haven't told anyone, though.

Don't worry. I'll go.
Hideo is working hard.

He likes Noh, doesn't he?

More than Noh itself,
he's having fun practicing with you.

I can't beat someone like him.

I'm doing it just because my mom makes me.

She says, "You can make a living
in the world of Noh if you want to."

Who cares? I don't even know
what else this world can offer.

Running away is a talent too, apparently.


I ran.

I wanted to experience a different world.

I even traveled to Puerto Rico only to
realize how big the world really was...

Why did you open a ramen shop, Osada?

Sorry, don't talk to me right now.

Manager, can you die for this soup?

No, I can't.

The manager at my Waseda shop
can die for his soup.

The difference is showing
in the ratings on the Tabelog site.

- Try again.
- Yes!

I thought you were Natsuhiko Kyogoku,
but it's you, Juichi.

Why did I open a ramen shop?

Let's see.

Because I didn't like ramen?

I force myself to eat it.
I can't eat pork back fat.

I prefer pasta. How can I put it?

Only ramen lovers can understand
each other's feelings.

That's why my opinion matters. Right?


- Welcome!
- Welcome!

I hate you, you dirty old man!


What's wrong, Yosuke?

That... dirty old man!


This is Sakae Sugawara.

She used to work as a maid
at this house before.

- Juichi?
- Yes.

Wow, you're all grown up.

What? Do I know her?

Juichi, do you remember we had
a head clerk in our house?


Koikeya, right? Jugemu's dad.

Sakae was Koikeya's wife.

In other words, she's Jugemu's mom.

I see.

Where's Jugemu?

He's attending a meeting about Sunday.

What's she doing here?

I invited Sakae here...

to settle some matters...



Juichi, around the time
when you were born,

the Miyama family had three maids.

Sakae was the youngest,

and she was very pretty.




Stop singing! Talk normally.

Your mom decided
to go home for childbirth.

You were still a baby.

Your mom went back
to her parents' home with you.

We took turns taking care
of your father and this household

while your mother was gone.

- Daisu, take Hideo home.
- I need to talk to you.

I don't have time today.

Go now!

We were both young.

We were all alone
in this mansion one night.

I think a typhoon was approaching.


The rainstorm...


In short, he messed around
with a young maid

and got her knocked up.


What did you do?

I turned into
a nightly living national treasure.

Juju, you shouldn't joke about that.

Be more serious.

I just tried using some humor

if you would allow me to do so.


I'll go insane from a sense of guilt.

In any case, how did you keep
such a secret from us for 40 years?

I'm so disgusted.

Did you tell Mom?

I did.

Your mother was enraged.

But she agreed to stay married.

But she didn't allow me

to acknowledge the baby as my own.

I didn't know what to do.

And I desperately asked
our head clerk Koikeya

for his help.

I said, "My girlfriend is pregnant."

I asked him to marry her.

What is that about?
Is that like Kamata Koshinkyoku?

No, I was first.
Kamata Koshinkyoku came out in 1982.

It was before that.



I'll do anything for you, sir.

I really like Sakae, too.

Sorry about this.

Sakae, I'll make you happy no matter what.

Your father held
a very nice wedding for us.

I took maternity leave and had a baby boy.

Your father is a very nice person.

He couldn't acknowledge his child

but asked that I use the character
for "kotobuki" in his name.

I named him "Jugemu."

What? What do you mean?

Hold on. What? Wait.

You're Jugemu's mom?

I told you that in the beginning.

That's not how you said it.

That has a different meaning now!

Y-You're Jugemu's dad?

That means Jugemu is...

Jugemu and I are...

You two are half-brothers.

What is that about?

What do you mean?

That is where I left, too.

Damn it! I hate you, you dirty old man!

What is this all about?

We heard that three times today.


He started practicing Noh here
when he was in first grade.

I know that. We were always together.

Because he came every day.

I hated it at first, but...

We started playing together,
and it became more fun.

We became best friends.

No, Jugemu!

I didn't get yelled at because
I was the family head's oldest son.

That's what I thought, but...

Both of us are actually your sons?

Hold on. Koikeya died pretty young
of an illness, right?



as is the tradition

I officially adopted Jugemu
as my disciple.

Juichi ran away from home.

That was the only way for me...

to make Jugemu my successor.

What do you mean?

For our family name again?

You'd do anything
to protect the family name?

Is it really okay to destroy
a kid's life like that?

Why aren't you saying anything?
Say something!

"That's the way it goes"?

I'm sorry.

You shouldn't be apologizing to me.

Only Jugemu

welcomed me back when I came home.

Welcome home, Jui-chan!

He was adopted
to take over the family name.

But he welcomed me home
before anyone else did.

How much does Jugemu know?

Are you going to tell him at this point?

Is that what you have to settle?

You're so selfish.

He's late, isn't he?
Does the meeting take that long?

It's not a meeting.

He's working at night.


Thank you.

On stage,

he can only make one tenth
of what Dad used to.

He's secretly delivering food
to help with the finances.

That's how he always lived in this house.

He never ran away from home like I did.

He took in everything.


What do you think?

I think...

he should tell him.

Your father has dementia.

If it progresses, he might not be able
to recognize Jugemu in the future.

He won't be able to regret it.

Only Jusaburo can tell him the truth.

Now is the only chance
to talk to him, I think.

I'm home.

Thank you, Sakura.

Not at all.

Sorry I'm late. The meeting went long.


Is a hot pot okay? Sorry, it'll be quick.

Don't worry about it, Jugemu. Have a seat.

It's been a while.

You look great!

What? What's going on?

He hasn't come out yet.

Jugemu is a broad-minded person.

Unlike us.

Jugemu just listened
to my dad motionlessly.

He learned the secret of his birth.

My dad apologized about his infidelity.

Jugemu took it in.

He digested it.

He listened to
what they needed to say until the end.

And he only said one word.

I understand.

The next day, and the following day...

He seemed unaffected.

And Hideo will be performing
for the first time today.


Thank you.

Hideo, stretch, okay?

Daisu, you chose to come here after all?

Did you talk to your mom?

Everybody loves Noh in this family.

Noh lovers only understand
each other's feelings, right?

So, it's no use telling her.

We need you, though.

We need a guy like you.

Daisu, your hakama isn't straight.

Everyone's going to be focused
on Hideo anyway.

What are you saying?

I'm always your biggest fan!

This is Juichi's.

Don't run, okay?

This is great, isn't it?






I can't find Daisu. He must have left.

Oh, jeez!

What's next?

I've been too strict
so I said something nice earlier.

What now? What should I do?



The show will be starting soon.

Please take your seats.

It's Yes! Noh for Kids 2021.

It'll be starting very soon.

We can't start. What are we going to do?

I have an idea.
I'll dance to one song for you.

Let's push back the starting time.
That's better.

What's going on?

I think I can dance to Kosode Soga.

Jugemu and I danced it together
when we were little.

Hideo, do you want to dance with me?

- Okay.
- Yeah? Good.

Huh? Where's Jugemu?

Dad, talk to the audience while I change.


I'm the 27th head
of the Miyama family.

My name is Jusaburo Miyama.

I wasn't supposed to be on stage today.

I felt it was a great opportunity.

I'd like to update you
on my current health condition.

Thank you for worrying about me.

I'm doing really well, actually.

Thank you.


Thanks for waiting.

Are you ready? Let's do this!

- Yes.
- Let's go.

Please enjoy a simple dance first.

This famous title is categorized as
a part of the Tale of the Soga Brothers.

Two brothers are supposed to dance
together for their mother.

However, it's going to be
a father-and-son duo today.


Oh, no. They're making me cry.

That's right. Back then...

we were dancing together as brothers.

It's over, Daisu.




Look, Hideo.

Daisu won the championship.

- What?
- Look.

Here's the video.

Wow, that looks awesome.

He's really good at running away
after all.


Who's this then?

Is someone inside?

A hakama?

Juichi, Jugemu is gone.

- Shh!
- What?


What's the matter? Are you okay?


Show us an amazing Dojoji!

Shut up, dirty old man.

Wait, Zeami!

How did she find out?


I'm planning a family vacation.

I never said that I want to go.

It might be Dad's last trip.

But don't you feel sad?
Is this our best memory?

Don't you want to have something better
than this photo?

If you want to become the family head,
beat me in Noh!