Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 4, Episode 6 - Starship Down - full transcript

A damaged Defiant must play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with two Jem'hadar ships inside a gas giant.

Captain's Log, Stardate 49263.5.

At the request of
the Karemma Commerce Ministry

we've brought the Defiant

to a remote system
in the Gamma Quadrant

to discuss problems
that have surfaced

our recent trade agreement.

When we first agreed to use
Ferengi as intermediaries

we did it because
we knew the Dominion

would never tolerate
direct trade

between us and the Federation.

And we're glad to be of service

and I'm happy to say that
not a single Ferengi vessel

has been stopped
by the Jem'Hadar.

Unfortunately, we have found
there is very little profit

in doing business
with the Federation.

In order to comply
with all your commerce laws

we have had to pay
a series of taxes and fees

that have made
the costs too high.

What sort of taxes and fees
are you referring to?

For example

on a recent shipment
of Karemman fleece

a four percent surcharge
was added

to inspect the cargo
for changeling infiltrators.


You never know
where they might be hiding.

And a six percent tariff
was imposed

to help offset the lost income
of Tarkalian sheepherders.

Hardworking people.

You have to feel for them.

Need I go on, Captain?


I think you've made your point.

These are the results
of the last weapons drill, sir.

These response times
are unacceptable, Ensign.

They are a little high, sir

but not if you take
into account that...

I want these response times
reduced by 15 percent.

Schedule another drill.

Yes, sir.

Want one?

I'm fasting.

Today is Ha 'mara.

Ha 'mara?

It's the anniversary

of the Emissary's arrival.

We fast to show our gratitude
to the Prophets

for sending him to us.

Last night, there was a festival
of lights in the capital.

Sounds beautiful.

Sorry we missed it.

Something tells me

the Captain scheduled
these negotiations

so he wouldn't have to attend.

Benjamin's never been one
for ceremonies

especially where
he's the center of attention.

Oh, I understand
how the Captain feels.

Still, it would have meant a lot
if the Emissary had been there.

After being stuck
in the Mess Hall all morning

with Quark and Hanok,
I'll bet he wishes he had gone.

Two ships have just entered
sensor range.

They're Jem'Hadar warships.

Red Alert.

Captain Sisko to the Bridge.

All hands, battle stations.

The Jem'Hadar are powering
up their weapons systems.

They are targeting
the Karemma ship.

They're here to punish us
for meeting with you.

If I give myself up

and assume full responsibility,
they may spare my ship.

I'm not about
to turn you over to them.

Open a channel.

This is Captain Benjamin Sisko
of the USS Defiant.

Stand down,
or we'll be forced to...

Return fire!

The Karemma ship
is coming about.

They're moving away, Captain.

Tell your people
to hold position.

We can't protect them
if they run.

The Karemma aren't responding
to our hails.

The Jem'Hadar
are changing course.

They're going
after the Karemma ship.

Move to intercept.

What are they doing?

They're hoping
that the Jem'Hadar

won't follow them
into the atmosphere.

They'd be smart not to.

That's a Class-J gas giant.

I'm reading wind speeds

of over 10,000
kilometers per hour.

23 of my people are on that ship
and they're going to die

because I was foolish enough
to defy the Dominion.

They're not going to die,

Not if I can help it.

Sisko to O'Brien.

Go ahead, sir.

I'm taking the ship
into the atmosphere.

I know she wasn't

built for it, but I think
the ship can handle it.

Aye, sir.

I'll see if we can get
more power

to the structural
integrity field.

Adjusting shield geometry
for atmospheric entry.

Transferring auxiliary power
to the forward shields.

Take us in.

Five seconds to atmosphere.

There is so much interference

our imaging systems
are practically useless.

We've hit a crosscurrent.

Head into it.

We've slipped between
two thermal layers.

Wind velocities are
a little more manageable here.

Hold this altitude.

Any sign of the Karemma
or the Jem'Hadar?

No, but sensor range
is less than two kilometers.

There might be a way
we can increase it.

Let's do it.

Mr. Hanok, I think it'd be best

if you returned
to the Mess Hall.

As you wish, Captain.

Mr. Worf.


What's the status
of our weapons systems?

The cloak is not effective
in this atmosphere

and the interference will jam
our torpedo guidance systems.

What about phasers?

We'll have to target them

Benjamin, we have an idea.

It's a little trick I learned
during the occupation.

Sometimes we'd evade
the Cardassian ships

by hiding in the Badlands.

Sensor range was limited,
so we learned to use

an active scan system
to navigate.

It works by echo location.

We send out a modulated
tetryon pulse

and if it reflects
off the hull of a ship

we can approximate its location.

But won't these pulses give away
our position as well?

We'd have to alter course
and speed after every one.

Good news, Minister.


I think I found the problem.

I made the mistake
of letting my brother Rom

execute these contracts.

Your brother?


I'm ashamed to say it,
but he's an idiot.

You see, the Federation
and the Karemma

have very different laws
governing commerce

and I think poor Rom
must have gotten confused

by all the legalism.

Now, I will be
more than willing

to make up any losses
you might have encountered.

In fact, I will pay them back
with interest.

You cheated me, Quark,
and you haven't

even got the courage
to admit it.

If we survive this

I'll see that you never work
in the Gamma Quadrant again.

Nothing within
10,000 kilometers.

Ahead at one-quarter impulse.

Try again, Major.

There's something
400 kilometers below us.

It could be the Karemma.

I can't tell at this range.

Close to ten kilometers.

We're crossing into
another thermal layer.

Holding position
at ten kilometers.


From the size of it,
I'd say it's the Karemma.

I'm picking up two more ships.

Shields at 60 percent.

Return fire!

The Jem'Hadar
are breaking off their attack.

Are they going
after the Karemma?

I don't think
they've spotted them.

Captain, impulse
power is off line.

We're losing altitude.

Try using thrusters
to stabilize.

It's no use.

Hull pressure at two million GSC
and rising.

Sisko to Engine Room.

We need impulse power.

The primary ODN lines
have overloaded, Captain.

It'll be a few minutes.

Chief, if you can spare someone
to meet me in Jefferies tube 4

I'll try to reroute the power
through the secondary couplings.

Muniz, you go.

Yes, sir.

Hull pressure at nine million
GSC and still rising.

If we keep losing
altitude at this rate

the hull will collapse
in less than six minutes.

Sir, the phaser couplings were
overloaded during the attack.

It'll take at least two hours
to repair them.

Well, the Jem'Hadar
aren't going to let us

tractor the Karemma out of here
without a fight.

Right now, it seems
like we're the ones

who need to be
tractored out of here.

One thing at a time, Major.

Sisko to O'Brien.

O'Brien here.

How many atmospheric probes
do we have on board?


Could they be rigged
with warheads

from quantum torpedoes?

Well, we'd have to pull
the imaging systems out

to make room
in the casings, but...

I don't see why not.

How long?

20 minutes.

You've got ten.

You okay?

I'm all right.

The Captain's gotten us out
of tougher spots than this.

Last year, when the Romulans

tried to invade
the Founders' homeworld

we went up against
a dozen Jem'Hadar ships.

I know, Chief,
uh, you've told me the story.

Oh, yeah? Well, unless you
want to hear it again

you better get down
to the torpedo bay

and start working
on those probes.

I'm going.


I'm going to need
a dualitic inverter.

There's one in the cargo bay.

Right, Chief.

Hull breach on deck two.

An emergency force field
is in place

but it won't hold up long
against this pressure.

How many people are down there?

Half a dozen in Sick Bay.

Dax and Muniz
in Jefferies tube 4.

We've got to get them
out of there.

If we don't seal off
that deck now

we'll lose the entire ship.

Easy now.

Sisko to Bashir.

Go ahead.

The emergency force field
won't hold much longer.

We've got to evacuate that deck,
so we can seal it off.

Aye, sir.

Let's get everybody
past that bulkhead.

Dax, are you finished?

Not quite.

Get out of there
as soon as you're done.

In about 30 seconds, we're going
to have to seal that deck.

Bashir to Bridge.

I'm sealing the bulkhead now.




The force field is down.

Doctor, close that bulkhead.

But Jadzia's still in there!

Now, Doctor.
That's an order.




She did it.


Take us to a higher altitude.

O'Brien to Bridge.

One of the atmospheric probes
is armed and standing by.

We'll have the second one ready
in a few minutes.

Very good, Chief.

All right, Major.

Now that we've got something
to defend ourselves with

Iet's start looking
for the Karemma.

We're gaining altitude.

How can you tell?

Oh, I've got the lobes.

You've got them, too.

It's an old Ferengi expression.

Usually when we say
that someone has the lobes

we mean that they have
a keen business sense.

That's you.

I'll admit it--
you had me fooled.

I thought you were
just another easy mark

but you saw right
through my little scam

and taught me a thing or two

about doing business
in the Gamma Quadrant.

I guess I've gotten lazy.

I'm used to dealing
with the Federation.

If you thought
I was cheating you...

oh, you have no idea
what I was doing to them

and they still
haven't caught on.

If someone like me
could put one over on them

think what someone
like you could do.

Someone with my... Iobes?


And I'm just the man
to help you do it.

We could become rich.

Rich beyond our dreams.


are despicable.

I hate the Gamma Quadrant.

Sir, I have something.

It's a Jem'Hadar ship.

Just one?

They must have split up
to search for the Karemma.

It's about 70 kilometers
above us

on a roughly
perpendicular course.


Come about
to course 075, mark 4.

Let's fall in behind them.

You think they detected us?

I don't know, but let's make it
harder for them.

Shut down
all nonessential systems.

It'll minimize
our power signature.

All stop.

Program the probe to home in

on the first metallic signature
it finds.


If it does not locate anything
within 50 kilometers

the probe might turn back

and home in on the Defiant.

What if they changed course
or moved out of range?

Something tells me they may be
closer than you think.

The probe is ready, sir.


O'Brien to Bridge.

Try the com panel.

Engine Room to Bridge.

Bridge, please respond.

Save your breath.

I don't think there's anybody
left alive up there.

Are you all right?

I think so.


Computer, lights.

Bridge to Engine Room.

Boyce and Peterson are dead,

Try not to move.

You took a bad blow.
Get me a medkit.

Bridge systems
are completely off line.

We're not getting any power
to these consoles.

The bleeding's stopped.

He's got a concussion.

Subcranial bleeding...

We need a medic.

The com system's down.

I'll go below
and try and find one.

It's stuck.

We will have to force it open.

I'm afraid
if he loses consciousness

he may slip into a coma

but I don't think I can risk
using a stimulant on him.

You have to keep him awake.

Talk to him.
Give him something to focus on.

All right.

I will attempt
to reach the Engine Room

and take over the ship
from there.

Good luck.


Everything's going
to be all right

but you have to try
and stay awake for me.

I'm just going to keep talking,
all right?

But you have to listen.

It's very important
that you listen to me

beca... because there's
going to be a test later.

How do you feel?


That's not surprising
considering you took in

a few lungfuls of fluorine.

Remind me to hold
my breath next time.

I take it we're stuck in here?

I thought of trying to climb
up the turbolift shaft

but it flooded with gas.

I've had enough fluorine
for one day.

Maybe we should just stay put

and wait for someone
to come get us.

They probably don't even know
we're in here.

Our com signals can't cut
through the interference.

Is there anything else
I should know?

We only have a few hours
of breathable air.

Thanks, anyway...

for trying to rescue me.

A lot of good it did you.

I mean it.

It's funny.

A year ago, if you'd done
something like this

I would have thought you were
just trying to be a hero.

And now?

Now that I know you better...

I realize it was just
a really stupid thing to do.

Ah, you're welcome.

You're taking this
too personally.

Okay, I cheated you.

I cheat everyone.

It's business.

You see what you
can get away with

and you got to figure

the other guy's doing
the same to you.

That's not the way
the Karemma conduct business.

Oh, come on.

You can't tell me
you never padded an inventory

or pawned off a load
of substandard merchandise?

No, I haven't.

The Karemma believe
that merchandise has a set value

determined by the raw materials
and the labor

involved in creating it.

Factor in transportation costs
and a reasonable profit margin

and you arrive at a fair price.

You make it sound
so antiseptic.

Where's the bargaining?

Where's the scheming?

Where's the greed?

Greed leads to misjudgment

and that can result
in a loss of profits.

If there's no risk,
there's no thrill!

Your way is just barter.

If you want to win big

you got to be willing
to play the odds.

It's like gambling!

Gambling is the last
recourse of the desperate.

Only a fool would risk losing
what he has to chance.


am I glad to see you.

The Captain is injured

and all Bridge functions
are off line.

We're trying to route
command functions

to these consoles.

All right. I will
take command from here.

Who configured
these helm controls?

I did, sir.

They are not laid out properly.

I realize they're not
the same as on the Bridge

but I had to make
some changes, because...

I need to be able

to ascertain our
status at a glance.

Reconfigure these controls
to their standard layout.

Aye, sir.

Mr. Stevens, you will operate
the echo-location system

we've been using
to track the Jem'Hadar.

I'll do my best.

I expect nothing less.

Let's get to work.

So, l, ah, I was thinking

that we could go
on a four-shift rotation

because that would give people

a little more flexibility
with their time.

Th-There is a down side,
because that would mean

that every shift would have...

What am I doing?

I'm supposed to keep you awake,
not bore you to tears.

I'm sorry.

I don't know why
this is so hard for me.


All I have to do is talk to you.

I mean, what do we
usually talk about? about...


You're right.

That is
what we usually talk about...

even when we're not working.

I get the feeling
it's not that way

between you and Dax, or...

you and Chief O'Brien

but then you're not a revered
figure in their religions.

I know.

You don't like it when I talk
about you as the Emissary.

That's how I think of you.

And maybe that's why

it's hard for me
to relax around you.


Y-yes, sir.

Tell me a story.

All right.

All right. Um...

Um, do you know the one
about the three brothers

who go to Jo'kala?


Uh, they, um,
they were kava farmers

and one day,
they go into their field

and they see
the biggest kava root

that, uh, they've ever seen.

It's as big as a house.

"Well, that's going to make
us rich," says the oldest.

So, they decide
to sell it in the city.

Sir, I have something.

They're too small to be ships.

They're closing fast.


Hard a-port.

I'm modulating the deflectors.

It might confuse
their guidance systems.

Second one's still closing.

Range 100 meters.




I suggest we leave
this room immediately.

And go where?

If that thing explodes

the entire ship
will be destroyed.

No. Maybe we should try
and diffuse it.

I think we should wait for help.

All right, but what if no one
can get to us?

I don't like the sound of that.

It's up to us.

Ah, there must be

an emergency tool kit
around here somewhere.


The arming mechanism
must be somewhere in here.

I'm going to have
to remove this casing.


There's no lock
that can't be picked.

Looks like the torpedo
hit somewhere in here.

Problem is, we're cut off
from that part of the ship.


But we'll have
to think of something.

Mr. Stevens, recalibrate
the structural integrity field

to minimize the strain
caused by the torpedo.

The field generators are
already at their limits

compensating for the hull breach
on deck two.

I am aware of the situation.

If you cannot
carry out my orders

I will find someone who can.

That won't be necessary, sir.

Can I have a word with you, sir?

Of course.

With all due respect

I think you're riding
the men a bit hard.

You have to understand,
they're out of their element.

They're not Bridge officers.

They haven't been
to Starfleet Academy.

They're engineers.

They're used to being
given a problem to solve

and then going out
and figuring out how to do it.

What are you suggesting?

Well, give them a little slack.

Ease up on the reins.

Let them do what they're good at

and give them a little
encouragement now and then.

I will take it
under consideration.

I'm so cold.

These walls aren't
that well insulated.

It's going to get even colder.

Come here.



Just remembering something.

Tell me.

When I first got to the station,
I used to have this fantasy

that you and I went off
on a runabout together

on some mission.

Something went wrong
with the ship

and we ended up
drifting around for a few days

until they sent someone
to rescue us.

If you don't mind
my saying, Julian

that's a very strange fantasy.

It seemed the only way

that you and I could spend
any time alone together.

You were always avoiding me.

Oh, it's just that...

you came on so strong.

You never really
gave me a chance

to get to know you.

Well, you're right.
I didn't.

Well, don't worry, Jadzia.

It's been a long time

since I had
that particular fantasy.


You sound disappointed.


That's right.

You enjoyed being chased
and now you miss it.

That's preposterous

and if you start
chasing after me again...

Oh, don't worry, Jadzia.

Now I know you liked it,
I don't need to, do l?

I require your assistance.

I need a weapon.

We still have
one atmospheric probe.

No, if my plan is going to work,
the probe will not be available.

I need something else.

The phasers are
out of the question.

The emitters
are completely fused.

But the phaser generator's
working fine.

The deflector array.

With a few modifications

we could use it
as a phaser emitter.

It might not be
what you have in mind, sir.

And there is one problem.

It will overload
after the first shot.

I only need one shot.

How long will it take you
to make the modifications?

20 minutes?

Ten if we bypass the safeties.


I think we should route
the generator output

through the secondary
power grid.

We'll have to recalibrate
the ODN manifold.

That'll overload
the whole system.

What a mess.

Ah, we'll worry
about that tomorrow.

Yeah, that's easy
for you to say.

It's your day off.

Don't count on it. the three brothers
started arguing

about how to divide the money
for the kava root.

The oldest said
that, uh, he should get more

because it was his idea
to sell it in the city

and the youngest objected

saying he was the one
to till the...

This can't happen!

You can't die!

You're the Emissary.

There's still so much
for you to do.

I don't know if this is
the right thing to do or not

but I'm going to give
you a stimulant.


I know my beliefs

make you uncomfortable
around me sometimes

and... maybe that's why
you keep me at arm's length.

But I don't care
about that right now

and I am going to pray

because I don't know
what else to do.

I'm losing you
and I can't let that happen.

Jia 'kaja

tre 'nu'tol'a rem...

La'por i'lanu kos...

I'nar tan'a 'tali nor...

Everything's ready, sir.

We can target
the deflector from here.

Good work.

Take your posts.

Mr. O'Brien.

Nothing within
scanning range, sir.

The Jem'Hadar are out there.

You can be certain of that.


All right.

Now... what?

One of these diodes

connects the warhead
to the power source.

The other one
is the firing mechanism.

How do you know that?

I saw a design schematic once.


At the Ministry of Trade
on Karemma.

We sell these torpedoes
to the Jem'Hadar.

I thought you said

you never sold
substandard merchandise?

This was supposed
to explode on impact, wasn't it?

Maybe I should
offer them a refund.

We'd better do something
about this torpedo of yours.

We have to remove
the firing diode...

only I don't know
which one it is.

And if we pick the wrong one

we die!

Oh... it's not funny.

We just have
to pick the right one.

It's fifty-fifty.

Better odds than you get
at the dabo table.


Yes. It's a game.

If we get out of this,
I'll teach it to you.

Choose one.


It's a gamble.

Go with your instincts.

You're thinking too much.

You just have to reach in and...

pick one!

Ooh! Oh, oh.

I think we have a winner.

That was... exciting.

Feels good, doesn't it?


That's how it works.

The bigger the risk,
the bigger the win.


You know...

there's another risk
you could take.

Staying in business with me.

You never give up, do you?


I tried to cheat you and I lost

but that doesn't mean
I'm going to give up the game.

Come on, Hanok.

What do you say?

You want to keep playing?

Let's talk about those
Bolian currency fluctuations.

Jia 'kaja, tre 'nu'tol'a rem...

La'por i'lanu kos...


Jia 'kaja, tre '...


Yes, Captain?

What happened?

The Jem'Hadar hit us pretty bad

and Worf went down
to the Engine Room...

No, no, no.

What happened
to the three brothers?

They... gave all the money away

and went back
to the farm where they belonged.

It's good.



Tell me another story.

I'd love to, sir.

I've got something, sir.

It's the Jem'Hadar.

They've locked on
to the tetryon pulse.

Stand by, Mr. Stevens.


What do you say
we find the Karemma

and get out of here?

Defiant Log, supplemental.

Damage control teams are
repairing the ship's systems

and medics are tending
to injured crew members.

We have located the Karemma
ship deep in the atmosphere

and are moving to assist.

It appears that it
will have to be abandoned

and its crew brought back
to Deep Space 9

until transportation
can be arranged

to the Karemma homeworld.

It's going to be a levy.

-A levy?
-A levy.

Where do you.....?
I don't see any levy.

Right here.
Put the levy right there.


Pass five.

Too bad-- you lose
half your stake.

You can either quit now or...

try to double it.

My advice is to take

what latinum you have left
and walk away.

Just because one loses a bet

doesn't mean
one gives up the game.


May I suggest

placing your next wager
on double down.

Put it all on triple over.

Oh, I think
that's a big mistake.

Triple over.

Nothing personal, Quark.

Of course not.


You're really catching on.


17 brothers and sisters.

Well, now...

that's quite a family.

Excuse me, Morn.

It's your turn.

For what?


That's right.

I'm sorry, Morn.

It's been, uh...
nice talking to you.

Thank you for rescuing me.

Now we're even.

Excuse me, sir.

Here's the repair schedule
we drew up for the Defiant.

With your approval

we thought we'd start
by tearing out the ODN lines.

They're shot.

It'd be easier to get
to the manifolds

that way, and then we figured...

Proceed at your own discretion,
Mr. Stevens.

Thank you, sir.

How long will the repairs take?

16 hours.

Oh, you can do it in 12.

12-- sure.

No problem.


You can give them a little slack

but you can't take
your hands off the reins.

The Karemma transport
will be here at 1800 tomorrow

and the Defiant should be ready

to escort them back
to the Gamma Quadrant.



it occurred to me
that we might consider

going to a four-shift rotation.

I think the crew might

appreciate more flexibility
in their schedules.

I'll look into it
first thing in the morning.


what are you doing
for the next few hours?

Well, I'm... going off duty,
so I thought I'd just relax.

Would you like to go
to a baseball game?

I'd love to, sir.


Meet me at Holosuite 3
in half an hour.

I'll... I'll see you there.


You need one of those.

You can get
the hot dogs from Quark.

Hot dogs?

Oh, he'll know.