Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 4, Episode 12 - Das letzte Match - full transcript



That's it!
You're not concentrating.

Anything wrong?

Everything's fine.

I don't think so.
Pull yourself together.

There's more to come?

Yes, if you talk when you're
drunk. You're in this too.

If anyone finds out about it
I'll give you heaps of trouble.

If you want champagne
you know where it is.

Thanks but not today.

I'm off. Please lock up.

- I will.
- Take a leaf out of her book.

Your boss has strong nerves.

Talking about it again?
Just forget it!

Don't tell me.
I've forgotten about it.

If you talk to anybody
you're fired.

I hope he doesn't cause trouble.

Don't worry.

- Well?
- Great!

Come on, Rex.

I'll show you.


How many points?

I got 156,
Rex 155.

- Why so few, Rex?
- He refused the pipe.

So Rex will pay
for the ham rolls.

I got 210 points.

We're lucky...

You're paying-

Yes, you're paying.


All right.


We'll leave right away.
Sleep well.

The night shift rang.
Death in a tennis club.

May I finish my coffee?

- Hello, Doctor.
- Hello. You're late.

We only just heard about it.

The night shift asked us
to take over.

I see.
They wanted an early mark?

The dead man is Fritz Breuer,
the tennis coach.

The cleaning woman found him
at 6.30 a.m.

She called the police and also
the lessee of this club.

Her name is Heidi Schulz.
She's over there.

- Make sure nobody leaves.
- I will.

- And how is Rex?
- He's well, he's over there.

He knows he isn't allowed
near the scene.

This isn't where it happened.

The blood trail shows that
he was stabbed in the shower

and dragged himself
to this spot.

Beck, Crime Squad.
Please step back.

Mrs Schulz, some questions.

I turned him over to check
for livor mortis mobility.

Still mobile. So he died
about six hours ago.

Right. Rigor mortis
has already set in.

That's when
the body temperature dropped.

The livor mortis is pale pink,
hardly visible.

So he bled internally.
We didn't find much blood.

- Do we have the weapon?
- Yes. I wrapped it.

It's a simple kitchen knife
but very effective.

Often used
in domestic arguments.

- How many wounds?
- Just one.

If you don't need me any more
I'll leave.

We agree he was murdered
at one this morning?

Give or take an hour.
More after the post-mortem.

- He must have tried to get help.
- There was nobody.

The lessee said she left here
with a Mr Habermann

shortly after midnight.

Breuer stayed back by himself.

Was the hall locked when
the cleaning woman arrived?

Yes, it was Breuer
who locked up.

So anybody who knew
the club and Breuer's routine

could have come in
and murdered him.

That's what I thought.

The club has at least
200 members.

We must find the one
with a motive.

Excuse me.

The door was open.
Brandtner, Homicide.

My name's Schulz,
I'm the manager.

- Does the dog disturb you?
- No, he can stay.

We assume that Mr Breuer was
murdered after midnight.

Who would do such a thing?

Who was the last person here
last night?

Mr Breuer, Mr Habermann
and myself.

What can you tell me
about Mr Habermann?

He's been a club member
for many years.

He owns
several sports shops.

That Habermann?

- Where can I reach him?
- He should be at his office.

- I can give you his number.
- Thanks.

My colleague said you and
Mr Habermann left together.


But we parted
in the parking lot.

You can't take it.

Thank you.

Any more questions?
Allow me.


How well do you know
Mr Habermann?

Another ten.

I saw your last game on TV.
Really great.


You've got a big match
next week, haven't you?

Yes. Are you interested
in tennis?

Mainly as a spectator.

Anything wrong with
your right arm?

A pulled muscle. It will
be fine for the next match.


- Were you here yesterday?
- Yes, I work out every day.

How long yesterday?

My daughter and I left here
towards evening.

One more.

Can you imagine
why anyone would kill Breuer?

He was liked around here.

- Would you mind leaving us?
- Sorry... that's it.

You're the only one here today
who feels like working out.

A really professional attitude.

It's bad enough for her
that she can't play tennis.

- So I'm working on my legs.
- I understand.

Best of luck
for your next match.


Where did you go from here?

I was at my local pub
till two in the morning.

- Then I drove home.
- Any witnesses?

At the pub, yes.

After that, no.
I live on my own.

Have you...

seen this knife?


could be from our kitchen.

- Who has access to it?
- Every club member.

Does your girlfriend usually
pick you up?

Yes, and we generally go
for a drink afterwards.

That way I don't have to
drive myself.

Of course.

Your girlfriend can confirm
that she met you last night?

Yes, any time.

You know where to contact her.

That's it, Mr Habermann.
Thank you.

You're welcome.

I hope you don't intend to travel.
We might have more questions.

If you have to...


Mrs Schulz and Mr Habermann's
alibis don't stand up.

He's so tall.
How could he be the killer?

The stabbing was done upwards
so we don't know the height.

She went to her car
which was parked here.

He was met by his girlfriend
who was waiting for him there.

Either could have gone back
unnoticed and killed Breuer.

A difficult case.

The tennis star's father
told me Breuer was popular.

Yes, with Mrs Schulz.

Here are the private
telephone calls

made by Mrs Schulz,
Breuer and Habermann.

Last week she called Breuer
nearly every night.

- And before that?
- Not at all.

How long were the calls?

About 20 to 30 minutes each.

Mrs Schulz is taking
strong tranquillisers.

I saw them on her desk.

Maybe they had an affair
and he wanted to end it.

Hello. I'm Brandtner.

Do you know Mrs Schulz
from the tennis club?

Yes, she buys ointments
and vitamins for the club.

- She bought tranquillisers.
- I can't remember.

Strange. Your sticker is
on her pack.

We have lots of clients.

if I understand you correctly

you remember ointments
and vitamins

but not a strong
prescription drug.

Now I remember. I gave it
to her without a prescription.

She promised to bring that later.

I was surprised. She'd never
taken those drugs before.

- When did she buy it?
- About a week ago.


Two mineral waters, please.

Of course.

What happened to Breuer
is terrible.

Who do you think did it?

Why do you ask me
of all people?

How would I know?

Well... the police will find out.

I hope so.

Mr Brandtner,
what can I do for you?

Tell me why you spoke
to Mr Breuer nearly every night.

- Who told you?
- Your itemised call list.

Mr Breuer had been drinking
more than usual.

I wanted to help.

At two in the morning?

We couldn't talk here

He was rarely home
before then.

Do you know why he drank?

He seemed to be unhappy
with his life.

Why are you taking

- It's none of your business.
- It is.

After all,
this is about a murder.

I have financial problems.

Debts, you understand.

I'm trying to.

Were you having an affair
with him?


It wouldn't do for me to have
an affair with the coach.

You seem to be
enjoying yourself.

It takes my mind off things.

Are you afraid?

Why are you here?
We're closing soon.

I want to talk to you.
In your office.

- Why are you here?
- What did you tell the police?

That Breuer, you and I
were the last ones left.

What else?

That you and I drove off
and Breuer stayed back alone.

I told them the same thing.
I have an alibi.

- We left at the same time.
- I didn't see you.

I'll be quick. I don't want
to lock up by myself.

I'm in no hurry.

Take your time.

- Get lost!
- What's wrong?

You're not usually prudish.

How dare you take
such liberties?

Don't forget I lent you
a lot of money.

And we know a lot about
each other.

You got me involved.
It won't ever happen again.

Don't dare say anything
to the police.

Have a nice evening.

Yes, Rex.
Breakfast's on the way.

In a hurry, are you?

I'll be right back.

Morning, Christian.

What happened?

We'll soon be there.


Not bad.

From now on you'll make
your own.

Morning, Christian.
Who found Ms Schulz?

A worker from
the building site.

He went to get a key.

Let's have a look at the body.

- Hello, Mr Brandtner.
- Hello, Doctor.

Looks similar to Breuer.

But it wasn't necessarily
a murder.

Why not?

it could have been suicide.

No sign of a struggle.

She was sitting up.

The angle's right
for a right-hander.

- Her blouse is pierced.
- You're right.

Suicides push
their clothes aside.

There are exceptions.

Let's assume she died
late last night.

More after the post-mortem.

Does our doctor feel insulted?

Look who's watching us.


Mr Klein.


- Coaching your daughter?
- Terrible, what happened!

- The cleaning woman told me.
- Where's your daughter?

I sent her home.
No point in training now.


you seem to know
your way around here.

Any idea
what's going on?

- People are talking.
- About what?

They say Ms Schulz had
an affair with Breuer.

- There were other women too.
- Who?

I don't know, but there are
plenty of opportunities here.

Does anybody know more
about this supposed affair?

I heard the rumour.

I forgot who told me.

She's been very nervous lately.
She might have killed herself.

And who do you think
killed Mr Breuer?


She may have killed him
out of jealousy

and then herself.

An interesting theory.

We'll talk again later.
I know where to find you.

Thank you.



The police think
it was murder and suicide...

I want things
kept quiet too.


- Who found Ms Schulz?
- I did.

Let's agree on this version.
It's best for all of us.

You're lucky to be getting out
of it this easily.

You could have ended up
like the other two.

Everything all right?

She died of a stab wound to
the heart, or cardiac tamponade,

a rapid accumulation of blood
in the pericardium

which leads to a compression
of the heart.

- Any fingerprints on the knife?
- The dead woman's.

But smudged
and held the wrong way.

She'd have held the knife
like this before.

- So she didn't kill herself.
- I agree with you.

There are no trial stabs
or blood stains on her hand.

Besides, she had the tablets.


Women who kill themselves
prefer poison.

So we're dealing with
two murder cases.

- How did you and Rex get on?
- Very well.

- What's that?
- We fought over a ham roll.

- I see, and who won?
- Guess.

The doctor and I agree that
Ms Schulz didn't commit suicide.

I talked to Habermann.

Not only does he own
sports shops,

he's also a big shot
in the tennis association.

He has an alibi.

Klein is strange too.

He tried to convince me
Schulz and Breuer had an affair

and that it was a murder
and then suicide.

We'd better have
a closer look at him.

Look at this.

The photos are ready.

Very good.

- Notice anything?
- The trophy is damaged.

The glass table's broken.

Looks like a fight, but no signs
of a struggle on the body.

The damage isn't new.
This is already tarnished.

There was a fight,
but it wasn't last night.

Your struggle
was definitely today.

I didn't see you, sorry.

- Mr Schober, everything okay?
- Yes.

Someone hit the table...
the cup fell down like this.

That's how the glass table
was damaged.

The elephant like this...


It might have looked like this
after the fight.

The furniture's in place.

But nobody thought of repairing
the damage.

Looking for old blood stains?

If they've been removed
Luminol will make them visible.

Could you darken the room?

I knew it.


The sofa's been cleaned.
Hopefully the floor hasn't.

We have something here.

Good bye.

Fine, Mr Schober.

Did you drive my car
from the basement?

Where outside?

I see... fine.

Lock up.
I'll be leaving soon.

Have a nice evening.

What's going on?

- May I ask who you are?
- Habermann, the owner.

We had a call. The back door
was broken open from inside.

I want to have a look.

It seems the burgler had himself
locked in

and fled through this door.

Is anything missing?

I'll have it checked.

But it looks as if nothing
is missing.

It looks like vandalism,
but not much is damaged.

- We must report it.
- A damaged dummy?

You don't know yet
what's missing.

I told you nothing's missing.

Have you found out anything
about Stefan Klein?

He's a tennis dad, manager
and coach all in one.

He only thinks of
his daughter's career.

What's this?

We must have
a fresh-air fanatic here.

Madness in this cold weather.

- I've nothing against him.
- The fresh-air fanatic?

- No, the tennis dad.
- I see.

She earns so much money now.

It provides a good living
for both of them.

Every window seems
to be open.

Found out anything about
the girl?

She's ranked 24th
in the world.

The experts say
she'll have a great career.


What's with Rex?

The office blues, maybe?
Who knows?

I've been feeling like that
for months.

Any news from the lab?

The footprints show four people
were involved in the fight.

Well... somehow I'm missing
a ham roll.

I can't think who
might have taken it.

Can a dog that steals ham rolls
be a police dog?

Only if he pleads self-defense
on grounds of starvation.

Interesting. A break-in
at Habermann's shop.

I wanted to talk to him anyway.

Photos of the shoe prints.

Why do you need
my tennis shoes?

To check something.
Please come with me.

Please come in,
Mr Habermann.

What's this?

How it might have looked
after the fight.

We know four people
were involved.

My colleague will find out who.

- What have I to do with it?
- We'll find out.

- I can't wait.
- This is not for your pleasure.

This is about two murders.

Last night your shop
was broken into.

The police felt you showed no
interest in resolving the case.

Want to tell us anything?

The shoes fit one
of the prints exactly.

Mr Habermann?

Ms Schulz and I had a fight.


I'd lent her a large sum
so she could lease the club.

She needed a deposit.

That was a while ago. She made
no effort to pay me back.

And then?

Breuer got involved.

He took her side and then
a harmless fight started.


About ten days ago.

Who else was present?


Was anybody hurt?

Breuer might have had
a nosebleed, I'm not sure.

Why didn't you tell us
straight away?

The incident embarrassed me
and I thought it unimportant.

The other two are dead.

I wouldn't kill anyone
over money.

Thank you. You may go.

I agree, Rex.
A pack of lies.

How does Rex know?

He can smell it. Under stress
the body odour changes.

There was a fourth person
in this room.

Look, I found something about
Karin Klein.

She had a car accident recently.
But look at this.

It happened at normal speed
on an empty street.

And she's a good driver.

- When was it?
- Ten days ago.

Her jumper's on all wrong.

Looks like she got dressed
in a hurry.

It could have been the day
the fight took place.

We'd better speak
to Ms Klein.

No earlier flight?
Book it, then.

No, one way. First class.

On the day of your accident

a violent fight took place
in the club office.

You were involved.

What makes you say that?

We found your footprints

and blood
from your blood group.

And we found this.

The toggle of a zip.

We found it
between the sofa cushions.

Ms Klein, we can prove that you
were involved in the fight.

What happened that night?

I know it's difficult for you
to talk about it.

But try.

Breuer and Habermann called me
into Ms Schulz' office.

I thought it was about
a sponsorship.

He'd made me an offer before.

He also hinted at wanting
some special favours in return.

He thought he could buy me.

They were both drunk by then.

Was Ms Schulz there?


Breuer and Habermann...

dragged me onto the sofa...

and while one held me down
the other raped me.

She didn't stop them.

Ask Hollerer to bring
Habermann here.

Ms Klein...

I find this difficult,

but it is possible
that you took revenge.

I can understand that
but I didn't do it.

My father did.

So you confided in your father

and he decided to kill
the men involved?


Did he also try
to kill Habermann?

Ask him that yourself.

Mr Klein...

did you kill Fritz Breuer
and Heidi Schulz?


Those bastards deserved it.

They destroyed
my daughter's career.

She may never play again.

Well, well...

you're not planning a trip,
are you, sir?

Please come with me.


- Is your arm better?
- What else do you want?

- My father confessed.
- Yes.

To save your career.
He didn't commit the crimes.

- So you're saying it was me.
- I can prove it.


I want you to exchange
your racket for one of these.

Don't touch it!

We found smudged fingerprints
of other people on the knife.

So you wore gloves.

Yet my dog can tell whether
you held the murder weapon.

You held it. We'll repeat it
just to be sure.


Put the racket
in a different place.

My arm injury was a cut
not a pulled muscle.

It happened that night.

I told my father everything.

He didn't want anyone to know
about the rape.

A scandal like that
could ruin my career.

They all kept silent.

So I had to avenge myself.

What about Habermann?

He got away last night.

Let's go.