Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 5, Episode 2 - Furchtbare Wahrheit - full transcript



- Coming to play soccer?
- My mum's coming.

- I'll go alone, then.
- Okay, bye.

Goodbye. Thank you.
Please come again.

Do you mind cleaning up?
I said I'd pick up Maximilian.

All right.

Lock up when you leave.

This is a hold-up.
Put everything in the suitcase.

Stay calm.

Are you crazy?

Don't do this.

Please don't.

Come on, Rex, give it to me.
We can't keep everything.

Look, here's a new one.

Come on, we'll clear out
the living room.

Got used to your new ball yet?

Where's the old stuff?

You're cleaning up this,

An officer will get the details
of the dead and injured from you.

- It's really horrible.
- Yes.


Hi. Who found the body?

Mr Holt. He owns the shop.


No, I asked the neighbours.
No one saw the killer.

- Was there only one?
- Yes, I saw the security video.

You wait here.

Look, there's a camera,
another over there.

- Can you get the owner?
- Sure.

One shot to the heart.
She died instantly.

- Any signs of a fight?
- No, I didn't find any.

She was killed in cold blood.

- And the other employee?
- She was lucky.

The brooch helped to lessen
the impact of the bullet.

- Can I talk to her?
- No, she's unconscious.

The doctor said she'll survive,

but she lost a lot of blood
and she's in shock.

- Thanks.
- That's all right.

- Brandtner.
- Holt.

- Can you list the stolen items?
- Sure, but it will take time.

- What did you have here?
- Mostly the cheaper goods.

I guess these are less cheap?

They're custom-made.

Why did he only take
the cheap stuff?

- How much was in the till?
- Just a second.

May I?

63,512. Not bad.

The names
of your employees?

Eva Kordes, who survived,
has been here 5 years.

She's divorced and lives
with her son Maximilian.

- And the dead woman?
- Sophie Neff, she was single.


Let me go!

Please stay here.

Are you Maximilian?
That's not your mother.

- You're lying.
- No, that's Miss Neff.

Where's my mummy?

Your mummy's in hospital.

- It's not true, you're lying.
- I'm not.

Ask Rex,
if you don't believe me.

dogs can only bark.

Don't be so sure.

Come on.

Only bark! Him!

- What do you say now?
- Not bad.

Call back soon, Mr Kordes.
Thank you.

No chase, hey Rex?


Back in a second, okay?

His father's not home.

Should I take him
to Child Minders?

He can stay with us.

His father will be
at the concert hall later.

- Are you hungry?
- Yes.

- Pizza? Hamburger?
- Got any ham rolls?


Welcome to the club.
A cola with it?

Yes, please.

Brandtner here, can I have
five ham rolls and a cola?


Did you see that?
Rewind it a bit.

- Looks like a dictaphone.
- It is a dictaphone.

I guess he didn't want
his voice recognised.

And he knew
where the camera was.

We'll concentrate
on the owner.

- Where was he, actually?
- He says in a café.

Can you follow it up?
I'll watch the other tape.

Can't Höllerer do it?
Damn, he's on holiday.

I've told you already.

It was just before twelve.
I went straight to my shop

to get the day's takings
before going to the bank.

I found the two women
and called the police right away.

But the waiter said
you left at 11.30.

Earlier than usual.

He's wrong.

Maybe you are.

I'll show you again.

Press red three times...

and green once.

Right, now it's your turn.

Bravo, Rex.
You're a real talent.

Here's your reward.

"Practice makes perfect"
my dad says.

Hi, there.

Do you want to be a musician,
like your dad?

I think so.
You should hear him play.

The hospital called.
Your mum's okay.

- Are you going there?
- We're going.

Don't worry too much.
The doctor said she's fine.

- Is she in pain?
- No, not at all.

- She gets painkillers.
- How long will she sleep?

I'm not sure.

But sleeping
helps her get well.

Can I go in there?

No, not yet.

Tomorrow, the nurse said.

Come on.

He must really like you.
He always sits in the front.

Thanks, Rex.

- Are we going to my dad?
- Yes.

You'll be impressed.

- Doesn't he play well?
- Wonderfully.

Wait, the piece
is almost finished.

You weren't hired to play,
but to tune the piano.

- Is it ready yet?
- Soon.

Don't forget
the rehearsal pianos.

He didn't always
tune pianos.

- No?
- Daddy!

what are you doing here?

Of course
I'll look after Maximilian.

Do you know your son's
very proud of you?

Proud, of me?

I just tune pianos.
My concert days are over.

How did that happen,
by the way?

An accident.

I have to ask you a question.

Of course, it's your job.

- Where were you at 12 o'clock?
- At home, as always.

- I was playing the piano.
- It sounds better on the piano.

Rex, you must practise,
practise, practise...

I'll show you again.

- Did she say something?
- Rewind it again.

Sorry, I can't tell.

Too bad I can't lip-read.

- Thanks, Christian.
- Thanks for what?

Get the Deaf Institute
to send us someone who can.

I'll get it enlarged.

What about him?


I only just found out
from the police.

- How is she?
- Not bad, considering...

Don't worry,
she's in good hands.

- When can I talk to her?
- Tomorrow, at the earliest.

When can I see her?

Please... tomorrow.
Now go home and don't worry.

I'd like to know what
that woman is saying.

No problem.

- Can you rerun it?
- Yes, of course.

She said "Are you crazy?"
"Don't do this."

- She recognised him.
- Yes.

The jeweller was close
to Mrs Kordes.

It could be him.

Thanks very much.

- Bye.
- That's okay.

He looks quite nervous.

He looks really strained.

- I'll question him.
- Yes.

If you play like that
you'll tune pianos too.

- What's that?
- F sharp.

- What did you play?
- F.

- What's that?
- E.

- What did you play?
- F.

How long do you practise
a day?

An hour.

An hour?
Only one hour?

I told you to play for at least
three hours a day.

Mummy is just too lenient.

You want to be a pianist,
don't you?

You want to be
a great pianist.

Then you must practise,
practise, practise!

You're thinking about Mummy,
aren't you?

I'm sure
she'll be all right soon.

We'll visit her tomorrow

and then I'll go to her flat
and get your things.

You'll stay with me
until she's well.

All right?

Right. Now let's play
something together.

- It wasn't me!
- Stop screaming!

It's all right, Rex.

From the café to your home
is about a five-minute walk.

You left the café

so you had enough time
to change and do the robbery.

That's absurd!

- What did you do then?
- I left the cafe later!

The waiter disagrees.

This is a trap.
You've got no proof.

And the video?
She recognised you.

I don't know
who she recognised.

Definitely not me.

We'll know tomorrow
when we interview her.

Well, until then
you're our guest.

Thanks very much!

Did you notice his eyes?

Alcohol or drugs...

Assume it was him.

He comes into the shop,
shoots the camera over the till,

and much later the second one.
Why? He knows where it is.

Maybe he hired someone.

What's wrong, Rex?

What are you doing?

What happened here?

- Rex, careful.
- I'll have the exits blocked.

You've done
all the work again, Rex.

- Take this off me.
- All right, all right.

My colleagues
won't like this mess.

If you're innocent,
why did you run away?

I just don't know
why I did.

You have to believe me,
I didn't do the robbery.

Please let me go.

- You need a hit, right?
- No.

I need a bit of heroin.

Tell us the truth
and you'll see a doctor.

The waiter is right,
I left the café at 11.30.

- Where did you go?
- I met an acquaintance who...

- Who sold you some stuff?
- Yes, but...

Name, address
and telephone number.

Soon you'll have a real bed.

- Will you tell me a story?
- Of course.

- Like you used to?
- Sure, I'll think of one.

Will you and Mum make up?

I'll look after you now.

I'll make you a real pianist.

Please tell me
the story now.


Once there was...
a small piano.

It had its first big concert
and it was very nervous.

It stood on the stage
with the orchestra

and waited for its cue.

All the others were playing,
when suddenly

the drum and the trumpet
made an incredible noise.

It got such a fright
it missed its cue.

it's 4.30 in the morning!

You'll make it
to the Philharmonic.

No more practising.

Rex, please let me sleep.

If you don't stop now,
there'll be no more ham rolls.

She didn't have
any problems overnight.

When can I talk to her?

Not before the afternoon.

Only Maximilian's allowed
to see his mother briefly.

Come on, Maximilian.

Bye, Mum.

I put some sandwiches
in your backpack.

And don't forget
your piano lesson.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

Was Mr Kordes
at home yesterday?

Of course, I heard him.
I've complained about him.

What happened? Nothing!

Do you know
how annoying that is?

- So you heard him playing?
- Yes.

- When?
- He started around midday

and thumped on
till about 2 p.m.

- What did he play?
- Something classical.

I prefer folk music myself.

Did you see Mr Kordes
come in or leave afterwards?

I don't spy on people.
What do you think I am?

- I'm sorry. Goodbye.
- All right.

The dealer denies
having sold heroin to Holt.

What did you expect?

The jeweller isn't our man,
he had no motive.

I called Taxation.

His shop is doing well,
why should he rob it?

Drug money.

So why did he leave
the good stuff?

Have you seen Kordes yet?

He wasn't home,
only his strange neighbour.


- He only heard him playing.
- And Kordes's motive?

What are you doing here?

That man said
children aren't allowed here.

Why did he shoot them?

Mrs Kordes recognised him
and he lost it.

That's possible.


What if we've got it
all wrong?

Perhaps the robbery
was just a pretext.

That might explain why
he left the expensive stuff.

- Where have you been?
- At school.

I'd like to ask you
a few questions, okay?

- About your dad's finger...
- We went skiing.

He fell and Mum couldn't brake.
She ran over his finger

with her ski.

- Was your dad angry?
- Only after the operation.

He screamed at her

and said it was her fault
he couldn't play well any more.

- And then?
- They always argued.

Daddy moved out,
but now it will be okay.

- That's what he said?
- Yes, he did.

He wants me to be
a great pianist.

- I must see Mrs Eck.
- Eck?

My piano teacher.

- Will you visit us again?
- Sure, bye.

There's a possible motive.

The little finger's bent.

- It's Kordes.
- He wants the child.

He faked the robbery
and shot her.

I'll call someone
to pick up Maximilian.

- Which ward?
- 5.

Ward 5, quickly.

I don't believe it!
They've put me on hold.

I'll buy you flowers.
Lots of them. Narcissi.

I know you like them.

You gave me Maximilian.

I'll nurture his talent.
I'll look after him now.

He'll play
in the finest concert halls.

Pity, you won't witness
his fame.

You never believed in him.

Thanks for the good times...

the few.

Sleep well, darling.

Rex, wait here.

Call a doctor.

No, that's a 16th.
Start again, and pay attention.

The middle voice is too strong.
Play it more evenly.

Don't slow down,
nice and even.

Very good, Maximilian.

That's it for today.

You'll get three gingerbread
as a reward.

Can't I stay
and keep practising?

I'm sorry, you can't.
The next pupil's waiting.

But you can stay and watch
if you like.

No, watching is boring.
I'll wait next door.

- I've got a surprise.
- What?

Go and get your things.

Rex has lost the scent.

Mrs Kordes must have
a guardian angel...

Where was the nurse?

In another room.
The oxygen tube came off.

- I've got a man guarding her.
- Great.

Stay in the flat, please.

Maximilian has left
the piano teacher's.

His father collected him
and they've gone.

Or he thinks he's safe.
Come on.

Close your eyes.

Leave them closed.

- Can I open them now?
- No, not yet.

No cheating.

- What is this?
- You'll see.

Open your eyes.

For me?

This is how it will be.

You make your entrance...

and then
bow to the audience.

Do a bow.

And then,
you go to the piano.

- How does it feel?
- Really exciting.

May we begin?

You're right.
He's quite sure of himself.

We have to get the boy out.

I'll try on the left side.

You try round the back, okay?

Bravo, Maximilian.

Can you wait outside?
I have to talk to your dad.

Maximilian stays here.

I don't have secrets
from my son.

- Isn't he talented?
- Please send him outside.

why should I go outside?

- What do you want?
- I was at the hospital.

- Mummy!
- No...

It's okay, your mum's fine.

You're under arrest.

We'll see.

- Dad!
- Stay there, hands off the gun.

Dad, what's going on?

I'll explain later.
It's all a mistake.

Let the boy go.
You don't want to harm him.

Call him off!

- What did you do?
- Don't scream!

- Give up, Mr Kordes.
- No one takes my boy away!

- We won't do that.
- Stay there!

I'm taking Maximilian.
Don't do anything rash.

Let's go.