Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Price - full transcript

While Prince Arthur organizes a ball in Camelot, darkness rises in Storybrooke, to the search of a savior.

Previously on "once upon a time"...
Who's there?! I'm just a voice in your head.
Think of me as your guide.
Someone needs to watch me.
You're the only one who will do what is necessary.
I'm king arthur of camelot. We've come to find you.
Merlin prophesied your coming here a long time ago.
We're back. I was just walking into camelot.
-How long were we gone? -Six weeks.
Our memories are gone.
Why are you doing this?
Because i am the dark one.
[ tires screech ]
Leroy: Come on. Someone's got to see what this new curse does.
Any volunteers?
Happy: I don't want to turn into a monkey.
Sleepy: I like remembering who i am.
I'm afraid one of us is gonna have to dig down deep
And find the courage to see what happens
When we step over that line.
Not it. Not it. Not it. Not it.
I'll take your silence as bravery. Good for you.
Come on.
[ engine revs ]
[ siren wails, tires screech ]
Regina: Stop!
Sorry, sister.
We can't stay in storybrooke as long as emma's the dark one.
Snow queen, pan, trio of terror.
We can handle villains like that.
But emma?
She was one of us.
She knows how we beat bad guys --
Hell, she beat most of them for us.
So tell me -- how do we stand a chance against her?
If you're dumb enough to cross the line, be my guest.
Who's gonna save us if we stay -- you?
Go on. Do it.
[ whoosh ]
Now, if you'll excuse us.
[ rumbling ]
[ cracking ]
[ creaking ]
[ sighs ]
Oh, no.
Oh, well, that's new.
[ birds chirping ]
David: Wow is right.
I am so not dressed for this.
Man: His royal highness, king arthur.
And now allow me to introduce the loveliest creature
In all of camelot -- my queen, guinevere.
Your majesty.
The pleasure is ours.
We have been awaiting your arrival
From the moment we heard merlin's prophecy.
Well, we hope you haven't been waiting too long.
Only a decade or so.
[ chuckles ] ah, sorry.
I'll wager it's been worth the wait.
And as a bonus, it's given us more than enough time
To prepare a ball in your honor tonight.
Oh, see, told you we should come.
Look what we've been missing out on.
I like any party i don't have to cater.
So do we.
Is this really necessary?
You're lucky you're not locked in granny's freezer.
Take it off.
Or i tell arthur he just welcomed
The dark one into his --
What's that, sis?
I can't hear you.
No one here knows who we are, and it's gonna stay that way.
So you can either behave and pretend
To be my mute handmaiden
Or go back to granny's
Where you can rely on doc for prenatal care.
We don't have time to waste on a bloody dance.
I'm not going to go dark in one night.
I'm not willing to take that chance.
Your majesty...
When are we gonna start our quest to find merlin?
Wh-- find him? We don't need to find him.
We know exactly where he is.
[ birds chirping ]
So, the most powerful sorcerer in all the realms
Is stuck inside a bloody tree?
I said the same exact thing the first time i stood there.
And you think we can get him out?
Oh, we don't think -- we know.
Merlin's prophecies are never wrong.
Percival: Why are you so eager to free him?
Our home is being threatened by...
It's called the dark one.
The dark one.
Yes, we're well aware of that demon.
That is bad.
Well, i pray merlin can help.
But, first, we must free him from his prison.
It is said one of you is the savior.
So which of you is it?
-I -- -i am the savior.
Regina: I'm the one who's going to free merlin from that tree,
And then we can take care of the dark one.
And all go home.
[ door opens ]
Hook: True love's kiss.
I need to know why it didn't work
For you and the bloody crocodile.
Why, it did work, the first time.
It awoke the man behind the beast.
But rumple got scared of a life without power,
And he chose power over love.
He pulled away from me, and in that moment,
The darkness forever regained its grip on him.
You know, a curse isn't a curse anymore
When the afflicted wants it.
That won't be a problem with emma.
Killian, wait.
I know you think you can handle a dark --
I've battled him for centuries. I'm still here.
But you were trying to kill him.
And now, well...
It's far easier to hate a dark one
Than it is to love one.
Be careful.
Emma swan, emma swan, emma swan.
You don't have to be scared of me.
What happened?
Why are you like this now?
It's complicated.
I'm sorry, mom.
Whatever happened in camelot,
I'm sorry we failed you.
I know what i said last night, but, henry, you didn't fail me.
Everyone else did.
Get away from my son.
What's the matter, regina?
Are you afraid henry will learn the truth
About what happened in camelot?
If the truth is so important to you,
Why did you erase our memories?
It's a curse, regina.
I know, but what i can't figure out is why.
If i wanted you to know,
I wouldn't have erased your memories.
You know we won't stop until we get them back.
It's not going to happen, regina,
Because i did learn from you, and i built this curse
Without the one thing you need to break it --
A savior.
Well, we'll find a way. We always have.
Yes, with me.
Now you're on your own.
You can do it, mom.
You can be the savior.
It's not going to happen.
You don't think i have it in me?
I know you don't.
Well, you're wrong.
I can protect this town.
We'll see about that,
Because there's a problem headed to storybrooke
That only a savior can solve.
It's too bad there isn't one.
We just can't leave him there. He'll starve.
What do trees eat?
-Sunlight? -He liked tacos.
Yeah? How the hell are we gonna give a tree a taco?
Yeah. [ horse whinnying ]
Didn't anyone ever teach you
Not to mess with a dwarf and his pickaxe?
[ groans ]
Didn't anyone ever teach you to kneel before a king?
Now, tell me --
Where am i and how the hell did i get here?
A curse?
That brought you to our realm
And wiped the last six weeks from your memory.
Who would do that?
We weren't completely honest with you on the way to camelot.
Mary margaret: Our daughter, emma, was --
Is the dark one.
She cast the curse.
You lied to me?
You let me lead the darkest of souls
Into the heart of my kingdom?
We thought merlin would be able
To destroy the darkness inside her.
Well, obviously that didn't work out.
Where's the dark one now? -Emma.
She's here in storybrooke.
Well, then there's only one way to defeat her --
The dark one dagger.
Defeat isn't exactly what we had in mind.
She's our daughter, and...
Well, she has the dagger.
I'm afraid you and your knights
Aren't the only ones that emma dragged here from camelot.
Little john said he ran into some of your subjects in the forest.
-Are they all right? -They're a little shaken up,
But there may still be some of them out there.
I'm gonna round up the merry men and search the east woods.
I'll take the dwarfs. We'll start in the west.
Arthur, you're with me.
What is it?
These toy soldiers.
I could kill them all with a wave of my hand.
-Regina! -Well, i don't mean i will.
My point is, this can't be what emma warned me about.
She obviously brought them here for a reason.
She said we were going to face a problem
Only a savior can handle.
I'm telling you,
Something else is coming our way.
Merlin's tower.
There must be something in here to help get him out of the tree.
Never do that to me again.
Oh, now you're talking to me.
I don't know -- am i allowed to?
[ sighs ]
You gave this to me.
To protect me, not use against me.
I saved your life.
-By pretending to be me? -Oh, shut up and listen.
I can get used to this.
Look, if you told arthur you were the savior,
He would have asked you to free merlin.
You would have had to use magic -- dark magic.
Do you remember what happened last time you dabbled in that?
I lost control.
And you gave me this dagger so that wouldn't happen again.
But i wasn't lying.
I don't care what merlin's prophecy says.
I'm gonna figure out how i can get that wizard out
So you won't ever have to use dark magic again.
So, really, swan, you should be thanking me.
Thank you.
I mean it.
Thank you.
We covered the forest.
I think we found everyone who came over.
Regina. -Hmm?
Oh, i'm sorry. I was just...
What? What happened?
What did emma say to you?
[ sighs ]
She said nobody believes
I can protect this town.
That's not true.
Everybody knows how far you've come.
Well, they may not see me as the evil queen anymore,
But i need to prove to them i can be more.
Forgiving me is one thing, but...
It doesn't mean they're ready to be led by me,
Ready to trust me.
Oh, thank god you're all right.
I feared the worst.
Where is it?
Where is excalibur?
I'm afraid it was missing when i arrived here.
David: Don't worry.
If your sword's here, we'll find it.
You know of excalibur.
[ chuckles ]
In this realm, you're kind of a legend.
[ creature chittering ]
[ screams ] daddy!
[ creature shrieking ]
[ sighs ]
Where are you?
Don't make me summon you, swan.
You just did.
I was looking for you, too.
The new look comes with some other perks.
Where the bloody hell are we?
My place. Come on.
What do you think?
I think i'm surprised you invited me in.
Just because i'm the dark one
Doesn't mean we can't still be together.
[ whoosh ]
I still also know the fastest way
To a pirate's heart is through his liver.
There's an even faster way.
Now, there's the pirate i remember.
It didn't bloody work.
You've been talking to belle.
Why didn't it work?
It didn't work because there's nothing to fix.
This is who i am now. Why can't you accept that?
-Why can't anyone accept that? -Because this isn't you.
What the hell happened in camelot?
That seems to be the question of the day.
Then bloody answer me!
[ sighs ]
I wish i could.
You can tell me anything.
But that would be no fun.
I'm tired of talking.
Now, do you want to stay or not?
Sorry, swan.
This may be who you think you are,
But this isn't who i am.
David: This way!
There it is!
[ creature shrieking ]
You're not taking him anywhere.
[ groans ]
So, you want to do this the hard way?
Good, because i love the hard way.
[ groans ]
Mary margaret: Regina!
You okay?
I'm alive, if that's what you mean.
She needs help.
Leroy, get her to the hospital.
No, no, i have to go after --
I have to go after that thing, robin.
You have to get checked out.
You don't believe i can do this.
That's what this is.
We won't let anything happen to him,
But you need to let someone look at you.
My lady.
For me?
You are the savior, after all.
His majesty would be honored
If you would wear this to the ball tonight.
[ gasps ]
[ chuckles ]
I look forward to a dance this evening.
He's not the only one looking forward
To a dance with the savior.
Now, if he gets fussy,
He probably just needs to be changed.
Are you sure you don't want us to get granny?
If i go to the ball,
I'll just get stuck being grumpy's wingman.
I can watch him. I'm not going.
But you have to.
Everyone's expecting you.
I should be figuring out how to free merlin,
Not fox-trotting my way across club med-ieval.
-What? -The truth.
I can't go, all right?
I can't.
Because why?
Because i don't know how to dance.
Well, that can't be possible.
You and i went to dozens of balls together.
Where your father was more interested in dancing
With his precious daughter than his wife.
I doubt robin hood will mind if you step on a few toes.
This isn't about robin, is it?
People are expecting a savior tonight,
Not an ex-evil queen.
How will they ever believe i can free merlin
If i can't even convince them i know how to dance?
You can if we teach you.
[ scoffs ]
-Your majesty. -Wait, sorry.
The first thing my mother taught me about dancing --
You have to learn to move in a dress,
Not a sensible pantsuit.
It's a little... Scary.
What he means is if you want people to see you as the savior,
Maybe you should go for something a bit less evil?
Now, that is perfect.
And it even matches your necklace.
All right, follow me.
Just feel it.
Step back with your left. All right?
And -- oh, oh, that's okay.
That's all right. You're fine, you're fine.
And... One, two, three.
One, two, three. There you go.
[ both chuckle ]
Now, when we're done,
Everyone in camelot will believe you're the savior.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
[ chuckles ]
[ chuckles ]
I remember my first ball.
I was 8 years old, and my mother said
I was finally old enough to go.
It was magical --
All of the lights, the music.
And i remember thinking, "i can't wait to someday share
All of this with a daughter of my own."
I'm glad i get to share it with you, too, mom.
Footman: Presenting lady emma and lady mary margaret.
[ applause ]
Swan, you look...
I know.
Presenting the savior.
[ applause ]
You son of a bitch.
You made me like this.
You made me the evil queen.
You're the reason no one believes in me.
And i'm gonna prove you wrong.
I'm gonna prove them all wrong.
I just...
Regina, i, uh -- i found something.
Regina: A fury?
A demon sent from the underworld
To collect the unpaid price of magic.
Someone used magic in camelot and didn't pay up.
Yeah, but, regina, the fury doesn't come for just any price.
It comes when the price for magic is a life.
Y-you mean that demon is here to drag him to the underworld?
But the portal only opens when the moon reaches the zenith.
Then there's still some time to stop it.
It's -- it's not that simple.
I'm afraid there's only one way to save robin hood.
Someone has to give their life in his place.
[ indistinct conversations ]
You know what i see when i see that rose?
But every petal that falls brings rumple closer to death.
And every petal still on the stem
Is another chance to save him.
Thanks, leroy.
Would, uh -- would you care to dance?
[ chuckles ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
David, look.
Uh-oh, first crush.
I'm on it.
You know you could just
Walk over there and introduce yourself.
That's your strategy, gramps? Introduce yourself?
Think about it. You're from another land.
You're mysterious, intriguing.
Use it.
[ chuckles ]
You, uh, looked thirsty.
[ chuckles ]
You mean bored.
So, you're not having fun?
[ scoffs ] please.
We have one of these practically every night in camelot.
Uh, yeah, it's pretty lame.
What is that?
Just a gift from -- from the savior.
A gift from the savior? Really?
More like a token of appreciation
For saving the day when everyone was trapped
In an alternate universe.
Yeah, i did that.
[ chuckles ]
How heroic.
Are you a knight?
Better -- i'm a writer.
[ chuckles ]
[ chuckles ]
♪ looking from a window above ♪
♪ it's like a story of love ♪
[ chuckles ]
♪ can you hear me? ♪ i'm violet.
♪ came back only yesterday ♪
[ chuckles ]
♪ moving farther away ♪
♪ want you near me ♪
♪ all i needed was the love you gave ♪
♪ all i needed for another day ♪
♪ and all i ever knew ♪
♪ only you ♪
May i cut in?
It would be an honor to dance with the savior.
[ chuckles ]
I trust you're having a lovely evening.
Oh, yes.
Everything's --
Who's that girl talking to my son?
The better question is, who are you?
[ chuckles ] what are you talking about?
Let me tell you a story.
Many years ago, a boy returned to his village
In the enchanted forest to find it ablaze.
Villagers screaming, terror in their eyes --
His whole world burning like a funeral pyre.
The boy hid, praying for mercy.
But none came,
Only an angel of death.
And she slipped through the flames,
Relishing in the horror she wrought.
But before she escaped, she saw the boy.
And amidst the carnage, do you know what she did?
She smiled at him.
You were the boy.
And you were the evil queen.
Who else knows? Who have you told?
No one.
Why not?
Because arthur would have stopped me from doing this.
Robin hood: Regina!
No, swan! You can't use dark magic.
Robin! Robin!
No, no, no! No!
[ breathing heavily ]
Swan! Where the hell are you?
You know, it's customary to bring a gift for a housewarming.
Maybe a nice bottle of wine.
We need to talk.
I suppose we could bottle that rage and drink it instead.
You're right -- i'm not the savior.
Glad you finally caught up with the rest of us.
I don't have a choice.
I know the only way to stop the fury is to pay its price.
Then why aren't you off paying it? Because i know what it is.
A life.
I won't sacrifice someone else to save robin.
Now you're going to be heroic? Now life is precious to you?
Listen to me.
I know you.
The good you... Is still in there.
You of all people know
There are no good or bad versions of ourselves.
It is just me. -Then call the fury off.
It's your test. -No.
No? Let me make myself clear, regina --
I am done fixing your problems.
My problems?! You started this.
You called it here. -Oh, you think i did this?
Would i be here otherwise?
That's your problem, regina --
You're always looking for someone else to blame.
I did not summon that monster.
The price is not mine to pay.
-Then whose is it? -Yours.
You are the one who did not pay the price of magic in camelot.
You want to save robin hood?
You want everyone to believe you're the savior?
Then step up and do what needs to be done!
Can you heal him?
[ gasps ]
[ whimpers ]
Why didn't it work?
[ sighs ]
This sword was enchanted to kill me.
My magic can't heal him.
But maybe yours can.
No. No, we can't let her use dark magic.
Regina, this was the whole point
Of your pretending to be the savior.
The whole point was not for robin to die.
And i'm not asking you. I'm asking -- i'm asking her.
I don't know what will happen if i use my powers again.
I can use that dagger to make you do this, but i'm not.
I'm asking you.
I've lost love before, and i won't again.
Save him.
All right.
I'll try.
-What are you doing here? -I've told you --
I'm here to help you embrace the darkness.
Emma, who are you talking to?
No one.
This is too much for her.
I'm fine. I can do this. Not yet, dearie.
First, you must take a price for the magic.
I won't take one to save somebody.
Well, sorry, dearie, but these are the rules.
I didn't make them up. There has to be a price.
I'll pay it.
It doesn't work that way.
She asked for the magic,
She has to pay it.
It'll be different.
I'm the savior. -[ chuckles ]
Emma, who are you talking to?
What's going on?
It's okay.
I can do this.
[ gasping ]
Emma, you all right?
I'm fine.
I feel a little woozy.
I think i'll lie down for a bit.
You liked the power, didn't you?
I just did what had to be done.
Oh, well, if that were true,
Then why didn't your kiss stop that?
[ giggles ]
Tasty, isn't it --
The darkness?
[ wings flapping ]
[ fury chitters ]
[ sparkling ]
Mary margaret: There it is! Over there!
David: What is it? [ fury shrieks ]
No! Stop!
If you want a life, take mine!
[ fury shrieks ]
Regina, what are you doing?!
What i should have done in camelot!
You don't have to do this alone.
I'm with you.
Me, too!
Leroy: I've got you, sister!
[ fury shrieks ]
[ all gasping ]
Oh, my god.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
It appears you found a few believers.
How did you know that would work?
Lucky guess.
Regina, we weren't gonna let you go.
Standing up to that monster proved one thing --
If anyone's gonna save this town, it's you.
David: Uh-oh, here's another one.
You know, granny will give you a glass if you ask.
You tried to kiss her?
She didn't even flinch.
I'm sorry.
It's not over.
I spent over a century trying
To find a way to kill the bloody crocodile.
I can spend at least that long
Trying to save the woman i love.
What is this?
Is it magic?
Sort of.
We call it a jukebox.
If you feed it, it will sing for you.
[ "only you" plays ]
♪ looking from a window above ♪
♪ it's like a story of love ♪
You're not from here.
♪ can you hear me? ♪ our music takes some getting used to.
♪ came back only yesterday ♪ no, it's...
♪ moving farther away ♪
I -- i feel like i've heard this before.
♪ want you near me ♪
♪ all i needed was the love you gave ♪
I'm violet.
Henry. Hi.
♪ all i needed for another day ♪
[ both chuckle ]
♪ and all i ever knew ♪
♪ only you ♪
Mary margaret?
It's okay.
We're gonna get emma back, and we're gonna win this fight.
I know.
You're forgetting one thing, david.
If we win...
Emma loses.
♪ all i needed was the love you gave ♪
♪ all i needed for another day ♪
♪ and all i ever knew ♪
Arthur: I hope you'll accept my apology.
We don't normally try and kill our guests in camelot.
Percival's actions were inexcusable.
But he was right.
I am the evil queen.
Camelot is a place of second chances.
Who you were doesn't matter, just who you are.
And if you were able to save him with your magic,
Then you really are the savior merlin prophesied.
Thank you.
These strangers frighten me, arthur.
You know merlin's prophecy as well as i do.
They're meant to be here.
Merlin tells us what happens, but he doesn't tell us how.
Is dead.
Who knows what other trouble they'll bring?
They're here to destroy the dark one.
That won't be easy.
But helping them may be the only way
I'll ever get my hands on that monster's dagger.
Guinevere, if i don't make excalibur whole again,
We'll lose everything we worked so hard to build.
What's the matter, dearie?
Feeling left out?
What are you doing here?
I already embraced the darkness.
You did, but i'm back
Because there's more work to be done --
Something bigger than both of us.
[ door creaks ]
As long as the dark ones existed,
One thing has always held us back.
The pull of the family we were so desperate to protect.
The friendships that make it
Impossible to forget who we used to be.
The magic that threatens to undo our most evil deeds. [ sneezes ]
And, worst of all...
The love that refuses to give up on us.
You see, no matter how hard we try,
We can't escape the reach of the light.
But, emma swan, you can change that.
That's why you brought that sword here.
You can do what no dark one before you has ever done.
You can make that weapon whole again
And use it to snuff out the light...
[ giggles ]
Did you really think it would be that simple, dearie?
If you want that sword, you're gonna have to pay the price.