Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 5, Episode 1 - The Dark Swan - full transcript

Immediately after becoming the Dark One, Emma disappears and the heroes must band together to save her, but first they have to find her, which will require the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, Emma struggles to resist her dark urges as she searches for Merlin in the hope that he can stop her transformation. Along the way to Camelot, she gets help from the plucky and brave warrior princess Merida, as well as King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

Woman: Okay, fine. Everybody stick together.
[ indistinct conversations ]
Arthur: Archimedes, look.
[ cash register beeping ]
Merlin, look, i'm a squire!
Archimedes: Oh, uh, very nice, boy.
Yes, indeed.
A fine monkey suit for polishing boots.
A stooge for that big lug kay.
It's what all the squires wear.
And i thought you were going to amount to something.
I thought you had a few brains.
Man: Don't.
[ sighs ] i'm sorry.
I wasn't talking about the candy bar, emma.
How do you know my name?
I know many things.
And i'm here to tell you don't do it.
I don't understand.
When you do something that you're not supposed to do,
Even if you do it for the right reasons,
Bad things will happen, emma.
Bad things.
One day...
You're gonna have a time...
...You'll have the opportunity
To remove excalibur from its stone.
Huh! Watch it, boy!
But you mustn't.
Leave the sword alone.
Girl: Shh!
You're gonna have a time pullin' it out.
Better leave it alone.
But kay's got to have a sword.
[ sword shimmers ]
[ electricity buzzes ]
[ horse whinnies ]
[ horse whinnies ]
[ horse whinnies ]
Arthur: Is this the place, lancelot?
Have faith, arthur.
Merlin's prophecy was quite clear.
This is it.
But the prophecy isn't what i'm worried about.
Someone beat us here.
Sir kay: You're too late.
Sir kay, do not give in to dark temptation.
That sword is not yours to take.
Why not?
Because of some prophecy from some old wizard?
So i should accept you as my king?
No, thank you.
I just need to take what i want,
And then i shall be the greatest king in all the realms.
[ grunting ]
Your turn.
I suppose it is.
Where's the rest of it?
This is all there is.
How will you take the throne with half the sword?
What will you tell the people?
All they need know is they now have a king.
In the meantime, we have a new quest to begin.
We must make excalibur whole.
We must find its other half.
How could she be so stupid?! Regina!
Well, there had to be another way.
There wasn't.
That thing was going to kill you.
She saved your life.
Don't you think i know that?
And now she's the... Dark one.
Now she's a problem -- for all of us.
She's still good.
Regina: I hope so.
It's not like she rode off on a unicorn.
She got sucked up by a vortex of evil.
Where is she? W-where's she gone?
It doesn't really matter.
Mate, don't.
Get out of my way.
If we can't find her, i can damn well bring her to me.
Dark one, with this dagger, i command thee...
[ wind whistling ]
Dark one, appear!
[ sighs ]
Put that thing down before you hurt yourself, guyliner.
I thought you knew the dagger's rules.
With it, i can summon the dark one
From any corner of the world.
Well, there's your answer.
She's not in this world.
[ birds chirping ]
Where am i?
[ man whistling ]
Who's there?!
You're supposed to be in storybrooke.
You were in a coma.
[ laughs ]
Ah, yes, i am.
Or, uh, rather, uh, he is.
What are you?
I'm many things.
I'm the voice in your head,
The dark one's powers inside you,
Inside all the dark ones.
Rumplestiltskin is but one of many.
Perhaps i can be another. How about gorgon the invincible?
[ roaring ]
Gold! Stop!
Yes, probably easier this way.
Now, are you ready to begin?
Begin what?
Well, learning to be the dark one, of course.
Think of me as your guide,
But only till you've learned to embrace your powers.
I will never embrace the darkness.
Ah, they all say that!
Everyone who sips from this well enjoys the taste too much.
The only way to stop is to be stopped.
This is the fate of all dark ones.
You can't just walk away from it.
[ sighs ] i'm in the enchanted forest now,
Which means merlin can't be far from here,
And the apprentice told me he can destroy the darkness,
So i'm going to find him.
Merlin? Oh, you're better off with me.
No, i'll never be like all of you!
I'll never hurt the people i love --
The people who love me.
Apprentice, that monstrosity took emma.
Where did they go?
She is now where all darkness is born --
In your realm.
Well, take us there.
I am too weak now.
But this...
...Will help.
It is a gift from the sorcerer, from merlin
[chuckles] on the day i became his apprentice.
In it is all the light magic.
It can take us to our daughter?
Not on its own.
Apprentice: In order to cross realms,
It must be wielded as it was forged --
With both sides of the coin --
The light...
...The dark.
Guess that's my cue.
[ crickets chirping ]
Enough, you're gonna embarrass yourself...
Ohh. ...And waste our time.
Watch it. I know what i'm doing.
Well, that's not enough. You heard the man.
It needs darkness. You've gone soft.
You want to see soft?
Why don't i use that hook to show you your intestines?
Well, you've got the fire, love,
But not the blackness, not anymore.
How's this for irony?
You've done too much good.
We need someone wicked.
No, no, not my sister.
That witch is more than wicked. She's deranged.
For emma, it's worth the risk.
She sacrificed herself for you, your majesty,
Because she believed that an evil queen could be good.
Don't you think you owe it to her to repay the favor?
[ grunting ]
Excuse me!
I need help!
I need directions to camelot. Do you know the way?
Of course. It'll only cost you...
Two pieces of silver.
I, uh, don't have any silver.
Three pieces now.
I'm in a hurry. Four.
Just tell me! [ gurgling ]
[ strained ] what are you doing? I'm not doing anything.
But of course you are.
It's not me doing this, deary.
It's you.
[ breathing heavily ]
Rumplestiltskin: So, did you enjoy it --
Your first taste of darkness?
You should go and help them with emma.
You're resourceful.
They could use you, even if they don't know it yet.
If he goes, i want to be here with him.
This rose is now linked to your beast, belle.
As long as it still has petals, he lives.
Now go.
[ door opens ]
Regina, dear, i'm trying to meditate.
It's good for the baby.
Please go. You're ruining my chi.
We need your help.
[ laughs ] wow.
You must be really desperate.
Unless, of course,
Someone was just looking for an excuse to come and see me.
What is it, then?
Something's happened to emma.
Emma: Leave me alone. I don't need you.
That maple tree ahead --
We've passed it three times already.
You're going around in circles, deary.
Now, i can help you -- if you let me.
I'm not using dark magic.
I didn't say i was gonna use magic.
If you want to find merlin, just ask,
And find him you shall.
Fine. How do i find merlin?
I'm glad you asked.
There's a magical force
That can lead you wherever you need to be.
Now, if you'll allow me, i can show you where to find it.
I'm listening.
Imagine a mirrored lake,
A tall tree with low-hanging branches that loom over it.
Above it, a beautiful blue sky.
Now, picture it in your mind's eye.
Picture it clearly.
Okay. I'm picturing it...
I said don't use magic!
I didn't, deary. You did.
Congratulations on your first magical transportation.
You tricked me.
[ chuckling ] of course i did! I'm a dark one.
Go away.
Ah, i don't think you want that.
The will-o'-the-wisp.
Now, if you want to find merlin, i would catch it.
Well, that is quite a mess.
Help us.
We can rid the world of this darkness once and for all.
Don't you want that for our child?
My child, and mine alone.
I'm doing all the work.
You were just an unwilling pawn in its creation.
Quite unwilling.
If it makes you feel any better, i didn't enjoy it.
You know, i'm not sure what you see in him.
You know, you can still deliver a baby without a tongue.
Enough family squabbling.
Are you gonna help us find emma or not?
Of course.
Well, pregnancy's changed me, dear.
I'm going to do whatever i can to free emma of the darkness.
Just let me see that wand.
Don't worry.
This little love bracelet you put on me neutralizes my magic.
I am powerless.
[ sighs ]
Ah, yes, so simple.
You simply need an object
That guides the portal to its destination,
Something that belonged to emma, something...Meaningful to her.
That we can do.
No, you can't.
Your magic isn't powerful enough.
Can you make it work?
I believe so.
There's just a teeny something standing in my way.
[ chuckles ]
She really holds a grudge, doesn't she?
You know, you should talk to her
Because i may be your only way to find emma.
Hey, i need that!
[ groans ]
[ scottish accent ] back off, lassie.
My aim is true. Don't test me.
I wasn't trying to hurt you.
So that was just a wee magical love tap?
Oh, i've met my share of witches.
I know one when i see one, witch.
No, i'm not a witch.
I was just cursed with dark magic.
And the difference is...?
I want to be rid of it.
The will-o'-the-wisp is the only way.
You want to be rid of it?
I know what that's like.
It's a terrible fate to be cursed.
Just be glad you're not a bear.
Oh, never mind.
Look, i wish i could help you,
But i need the wisp, too, for my kingdom, for my family.
I'm afraid you're gonna have to fight me for it.
I'm willing to fight fair if you are.
No magic.
Rumplestiltskin: I like her spunk.
Break her neck.
I'm not going to fight you.
You're not?
Why not?
Magic or no,
That's giving in to the darkness, and i won't do it.
Go on, take it and get on your way.
It's yours.
Don't be trying to sucker-punch me.
I'm not going to. Just go.
Thank you.
I'm merida.
You're in dire straits, aren't you, emma?
You could say that.
Well, it wouldn't be fair to leave you.
I can help.
I don't think so. Well, maybe i can.
You don't know much about the wisp, eh?
They're born in a magical place --
The hill of stones.
They answer your question when you bring them back home.
It's about a day's trek from here.
If we go together, i can get my help from the wisp,
And maybe...
I can give it to you and you can get yours.
[ bell jingles ]
Henry, you can fix this.
You're the author now.
Use that pen.
Write the darkness out of emma. Bring her back.
I broke it.
You what?
It's too much power.
That's how the last author got in trouble.
He stopped recording history
And started using magic to change it.
My mom wouldn't want me to.
She'd want me to be good.
Ah, honor.
So, you won't break any rules, then?
What if there was a way -- dangerous way --
To help your mother?
Something your other mother wouldn't like?
I don't need her permission.
I'm not a kid anymore.
Because our best bet is the person regina hates most.
That's right.
We're gonna break out the wicked witch.
Emma: You ever hear the phrase, "slow and steady wins the race"?
I don't have time for slow.
What exactly is your hurry?
Why do you need the wisp?
My brothers --
They were kidnapped by the united clans of my country.
Just three wee, innocent boys.
'cause of me.
My father is -- was the king.
And when he passed,
The clans no longer approved of me being queen.
In my land, people -- well, men --
Don't think a woman can lead.
Oh, not just in your land.
Well, i'm gonna show them.
I need the wisp to take me to my brothers,
And when it does, i will save them, no matter the cost.
If it's war the clans want, it's war they'll get.
[ breathing heavily ]
You won't do your brothers any good passed out from exhaustion.
When's the last time you slept?
What month is it?
Fine. We can make camp.
But just until first light.
[ crickets chirping ]
[ owl hoots ]
Can't sleep?
[ gasps ]
Worry not.
Dark ones don't need sleep.
That's why i spun straw. Passes the time.
You need a hobby -- something to take your mind off
All the terrible things you're gonna do.
Do you like knitting?
In case you haven't noticed, i'm doing good here.
I'm helping merida,
And then when she's done with the wisp, it'll be my turn.
The wisp isn't a toy you can share.
She can't just give it to you.
The person who whispers to it becomes its owner forever.
So if i let her use it, i can never use it?
Not while her heart beats.
You want me to take it for myself.
I want you to start behaving like a dark one!
You knew this would happen. That's why you led me to her.
You wanted me to betray merida.
[ beeping ]
[ buzzer ]
Well-done, lad. How'd you know the code?
My mom's good with magic.
Not so much with passwords.
She uses my birthday for everything.
You'd think she'd change it after a bank statement or two.
So, what's the plan now?
How do we get to her? The old wookiee prisoner gag?
I never use the same trick twice.
I've got another idea.
[ door opens ]
Hey, nurse ratched, is my mom here?
You with the mop!
Nurse: A little help!
I'm -- i'm -- i'm... Ohh!
...So sorry.
It was an accident.
I'm so sorry. [ sighs ]
It -- it was an accident.
[ sighs ] what do you want?
I want your help with the wand.
Ah, so this is a rogue mission.
I like it.
Go on, then. Take it off.
Well, i'm gonna need some assurances first --
That you're not gonna do anything...Unexpected.
On my unborn child's life.
Afraid i'm gonna need some real assurances.
What's that?
This is a potion your sister gave me a long time ago.
To do what? To rip out a heart.
And why would she give you that?
Because she wanted me to take your mother's heart.
You can't be surprised your family's troubled.
Now, then, this is probably gonna sting.
Aah! [ chuckles ]
My family may be troubled, deary,
But we all know that a heart is a precious thing.
And i cast a protection spell on mine eons ago.
So you're gonna have to do better than that.
Oh, it appears you were right.
It did sting.
Now, then, do you want to see something really painful?
[ grunts ]
What the...?
[ breathing heavily ]
Much better.
You should have listened to my sister.
You let her out?!
Technically, i let her escape.
Moron! Watch it, your majesty.
At least i'm doing something to save emma.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, maybe you like being with henry alone.
Maybe you like not having emma around.
Maybe you like having a hook.
Maybe you'd like another.
Zelena's out.
That is what matters, but not as much as emma.
Mary margaret: Emma kept us united,
And that is exactly how we are going to remain.
Come hell or high water, we are going to put our nonsense aside
And find my daughter, okay?
Where would zelena go first?
I know exactly where.
Or more accurately, who she's after.
Robin. Robin: Shh.
I finally got him asleep.
I'm sorry.
I was just worried.
Why, what's wrong?
Zelena. She got out.
Come on.
We have to get roland and go.
The others are waiting.
No, just i like when you're concerned about me.
[ chuckles ]
You really do love her, don't you?
Funny that you couldn't tell
When i was glamored as marion, though.
What do you want?
Why, you, dear.
See, you're the key to everything for me.
Hello, sis.
I see you've fixed the clock.
It would be a shame to break it again.
Although, it might be fun
To see robin fly like one of his arrows.
You lay another finger on him --
Oh, i'm not here to hurt robin.
I'm here to trade him for the apprentice's wand.
What the hell do you want with this?
I am tired of losing to you!
You continue to get everything!
But now -- now i have someone to love me and only me.
See, this is my future,
And i am not letting anyone take it from me
Or turn it against me.
So i am going as far away from you and robin as possible --
Over the rainbow, where you can't follow.
Back to oz?
I may have been feared and despised there,
But at least i was free.
At least i was in control.
So if you want your forest-smelling boyfriend
To live through the day, you will give me that wand.
Don't even think about it.
You can't, regina. Please.
[ gurgling ]
I have to. [ laughs ]
[ gasps ]
Now, all it needs is a little direction.
A trinket from home.
Now see me do what you weren't powerful enough to do yourself.
[ whoosh ]
[ thunder rumbling ]
Ohh! [ breathing heavily ]
What the hell happened?
What happened is i'm not stupid.
I knew you could open that portal,
But i also knew it would weaken you.
See, there's one thing our family does well, sis,
And that's exploit pain.
Now we're gonna take your portal,
But we're not taking it to oz.
We're taking it to emma.
[ birds chirping ]
No, no, no.
Oh, yes.
Where is she?
Doing what you should be doing --
Taking care of herself first.
If she gets to the hill of stones
And whispers into that wisp, it's all over for you, deary...
Unless you kill her.
I'm not killing anyone.
Ah, you don't really mean that.
What does the hill of stones look like?
You're not thinking of magicing there, are you?
Tell me.
I thought you didn't want to use dark-one magic.
What does it look like?
Well, if you insist...
Please -- please take me to my brothers and save them.
Do you have any idea what you've done?
Aye. That i do.
I don't know what kind of witch you are
Or what strange voices are in your wee head,
But i heard everything.
What's she saying?
Accent's a bit much, no?
You don't know what you heard.
I can explain.
I don't need your lies.
I need this wisp and i need my brothers,
So turn around and go.
She's daring you.
Now get out of here.
Kill her.
Don't test me, witch!
What are you waiting for, dark one?
You know what you have to do.
Now go ahead...
And rip her heart out.
[ wind howling ]
Granny: Floyd, shut down the fryers,
Secure the condiments!
Don't move.
I'm not sure my insurance covers this place going airborne.
We'll be fine.
Well, your majesty, it's coming.
How do you suggest we get this cyclone
To take us to emma and not to oz?
By using this.
Emma's baby blanket.
I, uh, couldn't very well carry her yellow bug.
[ whoosh ]
Mary margaret: Leroy!
It's okay.
We summoned it.
You did?
It's taking us to emma.
Out, dwarves. Adults only.
No! No?
We're staying.
We are?
We've been on the sidelines too long, sister,
Missed too many adventures.
Now it's embarrassing.
How do you think it feels
When everyone asks you how the adventure was,
And you got to say that no one asked you to go along,
That you weren't needed?
We're not turning our back on you again,
Not even in the face of certain death.
Thank you.
[ rumbling ]
Hold on tight, everyone!
You did it.
Rumplestiltskin: Now's the time.
You want the wisp?
There's only one way.
Now do it.
I'm not going to kill her.
You got that right.
Go on.
Use your anger.
Use your power.
[ exhales sharply ]
I can talk to her.
You're a crazy woman. I don't want to talk.
You need to find merlin, dark one.
You need that wisp.
Please, don't.
Kill her.
What are you waiting for?
Kill her.
[ gasps ]
[ gasps ]
Now...Crush it.
[ gasps ]
Hook: Swan.
What? How?
It doesn't matter how.
Has anything ever stopped me before?
You don't know what's happening.
This is the only way to find merlin.
He's the only one who can stop the darkness.
Quite right. Crush it.
The only way to protect all of you.
But to stop the darkness, you're going to let it consume you.
You don't know that.
We're not going to take the chance.
No, wait. You can't do that.
This has to be her choice.
[ heart beating ]
Don't listen to them.
They don't understand what's at stake.
You don't understand what's at stake.
If i don't find merlin,
The darkness will destroy all of you.
Emma, please. No.
The dark one destroys everyone near it.
Look at gold.
I can't do that to my family.
And to you.
[ heart beating ]
She has to die. She has to die.
Hook: Listen to your words.
It's not you speaking, emma.
We can find another way together.
Look at us -- heroes and villains
Together for you, because of you.
And if we can overcome it -- if we can overcome our demons...
[ merida whimpers ]
...Then so can you.
[ beating continues ]
[ gasps ]
[ breathing heavily ]
You okay?
Oh, for someone who just now
Had their heart outside their chest, grand.
Thank you for... Well, sort of understanding.
No, thank you.
For what? I nearly killed you.
Thank you for showing me the darkness in you.
Reminding me i've got darkness in me, too.
I was on my way to kill the people who took my brothers,
But maybe...
Maybe i'll show them mercy --
Mercy that can heal my divided land.
But someone's gonna get a right good punch to the gut
For putting me through this.
Then mercy.
[ wisp whooshing ]
Mom, dad, this is too dangerous.
You shouldn't have come.
We had to.
You're our daughter.
Well, you don't look like a crocodile.
I guess i lucked out.
We think you should have this.
Take it.
You'll be able to control yourself.
Emma, think about it.
If it falls into the wrong hands,
What it could do -- what you could do...
The fight to control my darkness has just begun.
It's too much power.
Someone needs to watch me.
Are you serious?
I saved you.
Now save me.
And if you can't save me,
Do what no one else will willingly do.
You're the only one who will get past their feelings
And do what is necessary --
Destroy me.
It won't come to that.
I know, kid.
So, are you guys gonna tell me how y'all got here?
Well, it might be easier to show you.
You brought granny's...
Backup generator's working, but the fryers are shot.
...And granny.
Terrible news! No onion rings!
And leroy.
There's no shortage of people who want to help you.
[ horse whinnies ]
What now?
[ horse whinnies ]
Stand back.
[ horse whinnies ]
Who are you, and what do you want?
I'm king arthur of camelot.
We've come to find you.
Find us?
My lord, they think their arrival is a surprise.
You were expecting us.
It was merlin.
He prophesized your coming here a long time ago,
Just as he prophesized many things.
Merlin. Where is he?
We were told that he's been missing.
For years, yes.
But not for much longer because according to his prophecy,
You're destined to reunite him with us.
Now, then, if you'll all follow me...
Why, camelot, of course.
[ fanfare plays ]
Well, sheriff, i love how quiet the town is.
Oh, that's 'cause i know how to sheriff.
[ chuckles ]
[ thunder crashes, tires screech ]
[ all groaning ]
What are you guys doing here?
What happened?
We're back.
Bloody hell.
This doesn't make any sense.
We were just walking into camelot.
What the hell are we wearing?
Sneezy, what happened? How long were we gone?
Six weeks.
Our memories -- they're gone.
Where's emma?
[ whoosh ]
Emma: Relax.
I'm right here.
What happened to you?
Isn't it obvious?
You went to camelot to get the darkness out of me.
[ gasps ]
And you failed.
[ sneezes ]
What the hell are you supposed to be?
There's no savior in this town anymore.
Emma, stop. That's enough.
Or what?
Or i'll do exactly what you asked me to.
Looking for this?
[ thunder rumbles ]
Nobody's gonna touch this dagger but me.
Now, for what you all did to me...
You're about to be punished.
Why are you doing this?
I am the dark one.