Longmire (2012–2017): Season 4, Episode 8 - Hector Lives - full transcript

When a former suspect in a rape case ends up dead in another county, Walt and Vic aren't convinced the death is an accident.

[chain rattles]


[Vic] Zachary?

What you doing?

- The drawers stick.
- [door opens]

- Not for me, they didn't.
- [Walt] Morning, Ruby.

[Vic] Sticky drawers.


- Um, you missed a call.
- Who?

- Ten minutes ago.
- Thanks.

Ruby, who was it?

- Hmm?
- Who was it?

None of your business.

[cell phone ringing]

This is Deputy Moretti.

[Eamonn] Hey. It's good to hear your voice.

- What's going on?
- Work.

Yeah, me too. Actually, that's,
uh... that's why I'm calling.

Looks like your department
put a flag on a Will Balint.

Name ring a bell?

Yeah, it does. Why? What'd he do?

He died.

[Vic] Sheriff Wilkins isn't at the office.

He's already headed to the
Cumberland County morgue.

Tell him we'll meet him there.

We'll meet him there.

[Wilkins] So, what brings
you to Cumberland County?

This guy.

[Eamonn] I called them, Sheriff.

I had to 'cause they never call me.

So, how did he die?

Oil-rig accident.

Overhead pipe slid loose from its chain,

struck him on the back of
the head, knocking him out.

Fell face first into some mud, suffocated.

How deep was the mud?

Three inches.


Well, if you're unconscious, that's
plenty deep to block your air passage.


Anyone see this happen?

[Wilkins] No.

They didn't even find the guy until
one of the next fellas came on shift.

By then, it was too late.

What makes you so damn
interested in him, anyway?

Will Balint is a suspect
in a recent rape case.

Seems suspicious he now shows up dead.

[Wilkins] Well, hell,
he's an oil rigger, Walt.

Newett Energy's actually got a
better safety record than most.

But with that drill turning 24/7,
there's bound to be accidents.

Remind me, Jim.

You still owe me a favor, or is it my turn?

I lent you Eamonn, so I reckon
the next favor comes from you.

Might have to make it two, then.

Would you mind if I looked
around that oil rig a bit?

It's not your county, Walt.

I know that.

But if this death is the result of
something that happened in my county,

I can't help but feel
some responsibility here.

All right. You go take your look.

But I'm sending Deputy O'Neill
here along as an escort.

I know how you get, Walt.

I don't want you forgetting that
oil company provides a lot of revenue

and a lot of jobs in this county.

[Walker] Will was a good worker.

Hell, he was better than
good. He was outstanding.

That's why I just promoted
him to assistant driller.

What was Will's previous position?


Are those the guys whose job it is

to physically force young girls
into having sexual intercourse?

Those charges were dropped.

Or does, uh, "innocent until proven guilty"

only hold true in, uh, Cumberland County?

Walker, we're all just
trying to do our jobs here.

And our friends from Absaroka, they're
here with Sheriff Wilkins' blessing,

so I need you to be as forthcoming
with them as you were with us.

Of course. My apologies.

Just a little unsettling
to lose one of your own.

You know how that is, don't you, Sheriff?

Who found the body?

[Walker] Trot Simic.


Get up here, tell 'em what you know.

Uh, I clocked in, and I walked
up here to start my shift.

And I saw, uh, Will laying in the mud.

- Was he dead when you found him?
- Yeah.

I mean, I tried to clear his airway
and do CPR, you know, just in case,

but, uh, I couldn't remember how
many breaths for each push and...

There ain't nothing you could do.

Don't beat yourself up on this one.

Yeah. [clears throat]

Where did this accident happen, Trot?

Trot found Will right down there,
30-foot pipe right beside him.

I don't know if he got hit down there
or if he got knocked off the platform.

So you just tossed Will Balint's body aside

so you all could just get back to work?

[Walker] Look, everybody knows
what they're getting into here.

It's a dangerous job. People get hurt.

That's why it pays what it pays.

But if we were to stop production every
time there was an on-site accident,

however sad,

we'd immediately start hemorrhaging
hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We'd all be out of a job.

Speaking of which, that's
enough gossip, boys!

Go on! Get back to work!

[Eamonn] Just so you know, we did
document the scene and take statements

before Sheriff Wilkins gave the okay
for production to start back up again.

[Walt] So you think it was an accident?

[Eamonn] I do.

Clearly you don't.

What is it? Just the
coincidence of the timing?

Walt doesn't believe in coincidence.

There was also the
matter of that promotion.

Well, sure.

Guy's new at his job, he's
more likely to make a mistake.

Especially if he leapfrogs all the way up

from roughneck to assistant
driller in one day.

Is that weird?

Me and Henry spent most of our
20s working rigs up in Prudhoe Bay.

All those years, I never saw anybody
get made up from roughneck to A.D.

without being a derrickman
for at least a couple years.

So, what's so special about Will
Balint to make him the exception?

Well, let me take a look at these guys'
work records and performance reviews.

That might explain things.

How you gonna manage that?

I'll just tell them they can comply
with Cumberland's modest request,

or I'll sic these two
Absaroka hard-asses on them.


[car door closes]


Hello, Cady.

You look nice.

Thank you. You don't.


Car trouble.

So, what is the occasion?

I'm going to meet a client from one
of the case files that Mathias gave me.

Someone set fire to
Collin Burnside's house,

so I'm trying to push the
feds to open an investigation.

Knock 'em dead.


[Ferg] Wait, so what
happened to Gab's rapist?

He got promoted, and then he got
knocked out in a work-related accident

and suffocated in three inches of mud.


Some coincidence.

You think someone was trying
to get revenge for Gab's rape?

Well, if there was, we need
to figure out who knew enough

to even identify Will Balint as a rapist.

There's Gab, of course, her mom, Linda.

Yeah. May Stillwater, Gab's friend Mandy.

And us.

You can't take anything for granted, right?

I mean, a badge and a gun
doesn't make you flawless.

- You're right.
- He is?

[Walt] Malachi.

His badge didn't keep him from
being a corrupt tribal police chief.

Malachi also knew about Gab's rapists

after Mathias and I took a look
at the casino security footage.

Walt, you missed two more calls.

[Walt] I'll have to try back later.

You know, it's also possible

that this didn't have
anything to do with Gab's rape.

Vic said that Will Balint
was just promoted, right?

Maybe one of his co-workers
had a hard time with it.

Professional jealousy, you know?

Brings up hard feelings.

That's true.

Vic, I want you to drive back to Oden and
see if you can find, uh, Archer Loftus.

Who's Archer Loftus?

[Walt] He's a roughneck
I met at the casino.

He's a whistle-blower,
uh, conspiracy theorist.

If Ferg is right and this is about
internal politics at Newett Energy,

Archer will know about it.

Why do I have to go? It was Ferg's theory.

[Walt] Well, if memory serves,

you and Eamonn had the best
working relationship of any of us.

Zach, Ferg, I want you
two to put together a list

of all of Gab's close
family members and friends,

anybody that may have been motivated
to see her rapists punished.

[Ferg] On it.

How about you?

I think someone needs to talk to Gab.

She deserves to know
that Will Balint is dead.

Thanks for coming.

Wanted you to be here
when Gab heard the news.

[Henry] What news?

One of her rapists was killed.

[knock on door]

[television playing]

[Walt] Thank you for talking with us.

Gab, is your mom at work?

She quit last week.

What's she doing now?

Taking a vacation somewhere.

She bought this TV before she left.

When's she coming back?

Check the freezer.

How many Lean Cuisines?


Six days, then.

What do you want?

We came to tell you
that Will Balint is dead.

Who's Will Balint?

He's one of the men who raped you.

Which one?

The taller one.


Back already.

You must have really missed me.

Walt wants me to talk to an
oil worker named Archer Loftus.

- You know him?
- Uh, well, I've heard about him.

He's not the most popular guy around here.

Yeah. That'd be you.

- What are you talking about?
- Nothing.

Vic, come on.

Obviously, you're pissed off about
something, something about me.

No. No, I am pissed off at
myself 'cause I'm so stupid.

- I thought you wanted me to call you.
- I did!

Really? Then who's the girl who answered
the phone when I actually did call?

When did you call?

Jesus. How many are there?


- [sighs]
- Who the hell is Maddie?

She's our Ruby, except she's 22
and she's got a huge crush on me.

Wow. Have you always suffered
from self-esteem issues?

She has told me to my face five times.
Every time she's had more than one beer.

What are you two doing back here?

Looking for Archer Loftus.

So am I.

[door opens]

This is Archer's bunk.

Co-worker reported him
missing just after y'all left.

When's the last time anyone saw him?

9:21 a.m. That was what
was on his, uh, timecard.

Less than an hour into his shift.

He ever split like this before?

Nope. But it was right after we found Will.

It happens.

Guys see death up close and personal,

it brings it home how
dangerous it is out here.

They freak out. They go AWOL.


As much as I'd like to stick
around and do your job for you,

I'm now two men short, three
hours behind production.

Don't let her take anything.

[Eamonn] Archer Loftus takes off
right after they find the body.

What is that now? Three coincidences?

So... boots, jeans, a few tools,
nothing too out of the ordinary.

Cyrano Caballero. What is that?

A Big Sky matchmaker for lonely hearts.

Which is exactly what I need.

What you...

[tires screech]

What's going on with this?

With what?

You were with me when that
veteran insisted Hector was alive.

Now this.

Hector is dead. We both know that.

So why does his name keep coming up?

Why does it never seem to surprise you?

This is what I look
like when I am surprised.

People are telling stories of
Hector coming back seeking revenge.

This car, for example,
belonged to Jack Mule Deer.

Jack was a drunk with a bad temper
who abandoned his family and sold meth.


Somebody kill him?

Jack died last week of a heart attack,

but some people choose to believe
that Hector made it happen.

Because out here,

a death like that feels like justice,
the kind that Hector used to bring.

And so, in many ways, yes.

Hector lives.

As an idea... and a hope.

Is it also possible that
somebody's taken up Hector's mantle?

If it is, Gab's mother might have
paid them off to kill Gab's rapist.

Anything is possible.

[Zachary] So now that we
got names and addresses

for most of Gab Langton's family,

should we combine our
lists, figure out a route?


Okay. Uh, where's, uh, Old Kanaskat Road?

It's on the Res. Can't go there.

[Zachary] Okay.


418 Bramble Street?


No go.

Couldn't we just ask the... the Res
police for... for permission or...

Yeah, good luck with that.

Would you rather I started
making more mistakes?

Would that make you feel more
comfortable about yourself?

Or, uh...

Or I could just, you know, keep quiet,
let you answer all the questions.

[door opens, closes]

How you two coming with
that list of Gab's relatives?

That's not a rhetorical question.

Uh, Zachary... why don't you go first?

Okay, uh, I think we have
a somewhat complete list

of her relatives in the area.

- [Walt] Let's hear them.
- [Zachary] Okay.

Lem Langton, Cordell
Atherton, Emily Strong Oak,

- Sam Poteet, Freddie and Janice Lang...
- Wait, wait, wait.

You say Sam Poteet?

Yeah. Yeah, why? It says
here he's Gab's father.

- Why? You know him?
- Yeah. We know Sam Poteet.

And given the kind of business he's in,

just the kind of guy
you ought to get to know.

Why don't you come along?

Yeah, yeah.

[door closes]

Think child-bearing,
homemaking, lovemaking.

Show me all that in one picture.

Well, that is just as
sweet as the day is long.

- [camera shutter clicks]
- Yeah.

We're both consenting adults.

Congratulations, but I'm actually looking
for one of your johns... Archer Loftus.

I'm not a fan of that term. I run a legal,

certified matchmaking service here with
a very highly respectable clientele.

You are running an escort service,
and you and I both know it.

- I beg your pardon?
- Archer's contact information.

Hand it over.

Whoa, whoa.

If I granted access to my
clients' personal information,

it would be a betrayal of their trust.

- Trust?
- Yes. Hello.


Do you think that your female
clientele is gonna trust you

when they find out that you've been
setting them up with murder suspects?

What on earth...

Bianca, don't even begin to listen to that.

I-I screen my clientele very carefully.

Archer Loftus was recently questioned
in connection with a local murder.

A young woman's body was
just found in a duffel bag

with Archer's luggage tag attached to it.

Now one of his co-workers has been found
dead, and he is suspiciously missing.

Do you really think that
that's the kind of guy

that Bianca here wants to be set up with?

Probably not.


If you can provide me
a proper search warrant,

I promise I will not put up a holler.

But until then, I am legally obliged
to protect my clientele's... privacy.

I do not have time for a search
warrant. I need the information now.

You know what you need? You need a
man in your life, is what you need.

Excuse me?

I couldn't help but notice you
don't wear your wedding band anymore.

I can only guess why that might be.

Okay. You know what, Cyrano Caballero?

You're right.

I need your services. Sign me up.

I have standards.

And I have a cousin who works for ICE.

- That's Immigration, Customs, and...
- I know what ICE is.


Well, then you would be motivated
to start me a dating profile

and send it to Mr. Loftus.

[clears throat]

[sighs] If you insist.

You might want to take off
your little deputy costume.

Slip into something a little
more... you know, feminine.

- [camera shutter clicks]
- Who's a pretty girl?

Well, look what was under
that big bear outfit.

Just give me the shirt.

[Nighthorse] You see, Walt?

How civilized this can be, no
warrants, no guns, no threats?

I just want to go about
this the right way, so...

It must be you...

- [Zachary] Zachary.
- Zachary.

You have a rather, uh,
calm energy about you.

Quite different from your predecessor.

That energy must be
rubbing off on your boss.

Have a seat.

[sighs, clears throat]


You want to go about what the right way?

I'd like to speak to Sam Poteet.

Now, I went by his
house, but he's moved out.

There's no forwarding address.

I know he's done some work for you,

so I wanted to ask your
permission for us to talk to him.

I assume he's still working on
the casino hotel construction.

Why do you want to talk
to one of my plumbers?

Well, I have reason to believe that Sam
Poteet might be involved in a murder.

It has nothing to do with your casino.

It happened up in Oden.

I see.

Well, I appreciate the
show of respect, Walt.

I do.

But no.

Why are you protecting him, Jacob?

He once stole a dead body for you.

Is he doing other work for
you? Is he your new mercenary?

Is he the new Hector?

Oh, I don't know anything
about a new Hector.

No, I'm protecting Sam Poteet because
you have a badge, a gun, and power,

and Sam is a Cheyenne plumber...
with no one else to look out for him.

So now you're protecting the powerless.

'Cause last week, you were preying on them.


You got Malachi and his thugs running a
loan-sharking operation out of the casino.

And they rob the people that owe
them money so they can't pay it back.

Well, your calming influence
seems to have worn off.

As has my patience.

Great to see you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Now get the hell out of my home.


[footsteps approach]

Oh. Oh.

[cell phone ringing]


Hello, Zachary.

It's me.

I need you to call the
Cumberland County morgue,

find out if they've done the
autopsy on Will Balint yet.

[Ferg] Sure.

Uh, looking for anything in particular?

Yep. Missing teeth.

[Zachary] So, you were thinking
that Sam Poteet was the new Hector.

Mind if I ask who was the old Hector?

Well, Hector was a former
boxer who lived on the Res.

Whenever the Cheyenne needed justice,

didn't feel they could
get it through legal means,

they'd hire Hector to knock some teeth out.

And you?

I thought Hector was a sign
that the system was broken.

Which is why I think there may
be a copycat version involved now.

He tried to follow the law,

but we couldn't get justice
for Gab after her rape.

So someone stepped outside of the
law, and one of her rapists is dead.

So, where we going now?

To the casino, to talk to Sam Poteet.

You know, I did try to do
this the right way first.

[door opens]

About what you saw earlier...

[clears throat]

I, uh... I didn't see anything.

Uh... yeah.

Neither did I.

Uh, can I get a room for tonight?

Just for yourself, or
are you expecting company?

Just me.

I'd like a quiet room,
away from the construction

'cause, uh, I'm a light sleeper, so...

Well, it looks like they're still
doing construction on the fourth floor,

but I can get you into the second floor.

And I'll put you in a king-size
bed in case your luck changes.

[elevator bell dings]

They're installing plumbing in one
of the luxury suites down the hall.

[Walt] Think a wrench like that

could loosen up a length of
drill pipe from a derrick chain?

Devon, tell Malachi Sheriff
Longmire is trespassing.

Pipe on a derrick chain.

Is that a riddle?

I want to talk to you about your daughter.

I don't have one.

Okay, bye.

So Gab Langton isn't your daughter?

Sorry. I thought we were talking white.

In our culture, aunts and uncles
are also mothers and fathers.

We all have a responsibility of
taking care of all the children.

So Gab's your niece?

No, she's my daughter.

Either way, you know what happened to her.

Yeah, I do.

And I also know the white men who raped her

went unpunished by the white man's laws.

Now one of those rapists just died in
an oil-rig accident in Cumberland County.

Now I see.

A young Cheyenne woman is
raped. Your hands are tied.

But when a white rapist is
killed in another county,

suddenly you're on the warpath.

What's any of this have to do with me?

I was wondering if Gab's mother
sent you to kill that rapist.

She came into some money.

Maybe she paid for some
justice, Hector-style.


I don't know what that means.

Well, they say there's a new Hector
working on the Res... and off.

And you do have a history of
doing illegal favors for people.

Hector was a Band-Aid.

You can't solve our
problems one tooth at a time.

If we're going to reverse centuries of
genocide, we don't need a strong man.

We need an army.

Sam, where were you last night?

Sitting behind the moon.

Sheriff, if you're so concerned
about protecting these rapists,

you should hire a security detail
for the one who's still alive.

Because if our army has
already taken the field,

that asshole's not going to last long.

[radio chatter]

We've been instructed to remove
you both from the premises.

Mr. Poteet, we apologize
for the interruption.

What's that?

That is rent money.

I was only supposed to be
here for a night or two, so...

Look, I know I'm supposed to say
something like, "I can't accept that."

But frankly, I really
need it, so thank you.

What's going on?

[Cady] I got a client.

That's a good thing, right?

It is, but photocopy costs and
trial fees are starting to add up,

and I cannot ask my dad for money.

So, speaking of your
dad, um, how's his health?


He's just been getting calls
at the station from a doctor,

and he never calls back,

so I'm just trying to figure out
if it's 'cause he doesn't want to

or if he's just caught up
in the Will Balint case.

Will Balint?

Gab's rapist?

You don't know?

Uh, he was found dead
over in Cumberland County.

He suffocated in a pile of mud.

We're thinking it was a revenge killing.

So, questioning all the, uh, people
who knew the identities of the rapists.

It wasn't you, was it?

- No. No.
- Perfect. Awesome.

[Cady] No, it wasn't me.

Check that off my list.

When did it happen?

- Mm, earlier this morning.
- [cell phone ringing]

- I got to take this.
- Yeah.

[clears throat]

This is Vic.

Victoria. Victoria.


Oh, hi. How are you?

Tonight? Yeah, no, of
course. Yeah, that sounds fun.

Yeah. Okay. I'll see you then.

All right, bye.

[chuckles] Who was that?

That was a guy named Archer Loftus.
He's one of our murder suspects.

And I got a date with him.

[door opens]


Must be important for you to
drive all the way out here.

[sighs] Yeah, it is.

Unfortunately, Sheriff Wilkins has
ruled Will Balint's death an accident.

That was quick.

[Eamonn] Well, Jim didn't find any
compelling evidence to the contrary.

Plus, he was getting
pressure from Newett Energy

to wrap up the investigation.

Newett Energy happen
to be a campaign donor?

[Eamonn] They are.

And they paid for recent department
vehicle and weapon upgrades.

Now, for all we know, this
actually was an accident, but, um...

But what?

You were right to question that promotion.

I looked at Newett's employee reviews,

and Will Balint was completely
unqualified for that position.

The promotion should
have gone to Trot Simic.

The guy who found the body?

Archer Loftus have
anything to say about that?

Well, not yet. We can't find him.

But Vic seems to think she has a lead.

Where is Vic, anyway? She's
not answering her phone.

I don't know.

Why don't you try her
on her new home number?

I'm sure she'd be glad to hear from you.


Anyway, sorry I don't have better
news, but figured you should know.

- I appreciate it.
- Yeah.

Oh, uh, Ferg wanted to know if
Will Balint was missing a tooth.

He was.

Must have got knocked out when he fell.

- Do you have that autopsy report?
- Uh, no, it's not in there.


I probably shouldn't do this, but I
can have the coroner fax over a copy.

Thanks, Eamonn.



[Henry] I hope you still like
fry bread tacos and catfish pie.

[television playing]

So, Gab, did you ever
try writing to Hector?


For justice.

[Gab] There's no Hector.

There's no justice.

There's just good luck and bad luck.

That is not true.

Hector lives.

- I promise you.
- Really?

Then why is one of those... men still
walking around like nothing even happened?

Perhaps you could change this
man's luck from good to bad.

Tell Hector what this man did to you...

and where he can find him.

I'm not leaving the house.

I can't.

I can't.

If you write to Hector...

I will deliver it.

[Gab] "Hector, I don't
know why I'm writing to you.

But here's what I know.

There were two of them.

One didn't speak.

The other told me to
scream as loud as I wanted

because no one cares enough to listen.

He was right.


[country music playing]

♪ Fired from my job,
workin' for the man ♪

♪ Drove me to the limit
Well, I do the best I can ♪

♪ I never liked him anyway
Now it looks like I'm free ♪

♪ I'm so happy, I could sing ♪

♪ Ain't no bad time for a good thing ♪


Archer, hi!

Oh, hey!

- You Victoria?
- Yeah.

[Archer chuckles]

Oh, look at you. All right, all right.


You're even prettier than your picture.

- What was wrong with my picture?
- Oh, nothing.

I-I wasn't saying that.
I was just saying that...

- I shoulda never opened my mouth.
- [laughs]

It's all right. My daddy
always said I was too sensitive.

You go ahead and you say
whatever it is you want to say.

Well, all right. I do like to talk.

What do you want to talk about?

Why don't we talk about why it is
that you fled Newett Energy oil field

less than an hour after
a dead body was found?


Get away, get away!

[crowd gasps]

[rock music playing]

[Cady] Hey.

I'm looking for Henry. Is he around?

Uh, I think I saw him wheel the
mop and bucket to the bathroom.


We need to talk.

In here?

Vic just told me that one of
Gab Langton's rapists died.

Under suspicious circumstances.
You hear about that?


I was with Walt when he gave Gab the news.

Oh, okay.

Hey. Piss outside!

Vic also told me that
they're looking for anyone

who might know enough to target these guys.

I didn't tell them that you came and
asked me to look at their pictures.

Cady, I may not be a lawyer, but I think
I know an accusation when I hear one.

Will Balint died this morning in the mud,

the same morning that you came
to work late covered in mud.

I'm not an idiot, Henry.

What's going on?

What is going on?

You mean, besides the car trouble
I've already told you about?

For one thing, I used to be the proud
owner of a bar I built from scratch.

Now it is owned by a man I despise.

I barely know who I am some days.

And I would have thought
that you of all people

would understand how difficult it can be

to have a calling and
not be able to follow it.

Cady, I have too much respect
for what you and everyone else did

to get me out of jail to
risk going back there again.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

[Walt] So, Archer...

I take it you're the kind of worker

who calls OSHA about
unsafe work conditions.

But this morning, when one of
your co-workers died on his shift,

you... you didn't call OSHA.

You ran.


[Eamonn] We already know
you clocked out at 9:21 a.m.,

just five minutes after
Will Balint was found dead.

[Vic] And you left without
collecting your things.

And then this evening, when I
showed you my badge, you fled.

Or you tried.

[Walt] Now, if you don't have
an explanation for all of this,

we're gonna have no choice but to
charge you with Will Balint's murder.

If you did arrest me, how long
could you keep me in custody?

Up to 48 hours.

Here or back in Cumberland?

Well, it could be here.

All right, then. Arrest me.

[clears throat]

Actually, now that I think of it,

it might be better to release you
into the custody of your employer.

No, I'd prefer to be kept here.

Strongly prefer it, actually.

- Because you killed Will Balint?
- No.

[Walt] 'Cause you're afraid
of someone at Newett Energy?

Sheriff, if... if you want an
answer to a question like that,

you've got to lock me up in that cell.

And I don't want a Cumberland
County deputy in the room.


Thank you.

So, I went to work
yesterday. Normal morning.

And I hear someone yelling
out in the mud pits for help.

By the time I get there, Trot
Simic is giving Will mouth-to-mouth,

but you could tell it was too late.

He was already dead.

So I kind of freaked out and I left.

Why'd you get so scared?

Will Balint came to me last week
and wanted to know where to go

when you don't feel comfortable
talking to your supervisor.

Who's your supervisor?

Walker Browning.

What'd you tell Will?

[Archer] Well, I told him to speak
to someone in human resources.

Next thing I know,

he gets made all the way up from
roughneck to assistant driller.

You worked rigs. You know
that just doesn't happen.

So I figured, hey, they
must have bought Will off.

That is, until he got killed and
I realized what really happened.

They set him up in order to silence him.

That's quite a conspiracy.

You mean like a pretty blond cop

conspiring to entrap
someone on a dating service?

Yeah, I guess it is.

Crazy me.

Whatever Will told these
guys got him killed.

And for all I know, they
think I know what Will knew,

so I got the hell out of there
before they silenced me, too.

Who were you afraid
would try to silence you?

Walker Browning?

[chuckles] Walker doesn't
get his hands dirty.

Who do you think did this, then?


I don't know.

But Walker takes care of
those who take care of him.

Bonuses, promotions.

I would be willing to bet, though,

that whoever did kill Will is enjoying
a run of stupid good luck right now.




Here we go, gorgeous!


Squeeze on in there. Squeeze on in.

Here you go.

No speeding, no drinking.

- Understood?
- Gotcha.

Don't stop till you get to the Reservation.

- Yes, sir, Mr. Browning.
- All right.

Be careful tonight, fellas! These
ladies look awful frisky to me!


[indistinct shouting]


[engine turns over]

Looks like some lucky guys.

I don't know.

Right place at the right time.

That really luck?

I suppose not.

So, putting up that dating
profile to find Archer, he's right.

That might be considered entrapment.

Please. He was just thanking me.

I have never seen anyone so
excited to get locked up before.

He's clearly scared
shitless of Walker Browning.

Doesn't trust Eamonn.

Maybe he... he just
doesn't trust Eamonn's boss.

Apparently, Newett Energy
urged Sheriff Wilkins

to rule the death an
accident, which is strange.


Because a workplace accident opens up
the company to a big OSHA investigation,

uh, wrongful-death lawsuits, hefty fines.

But a simple murder is outside
of the company's liability there.

Free and clear.

So why insist on ruling it an accident?

Unless you're trying to cover up a murder.

Finally got Will Balint's
autopsy to print out.

How old is that fax machine, exactly?

An autopsy report just made
a two-hour trip in seconds.

That's pretty good.


What is it? Something to
do with that missing tooth?

No. No, it's something else.

Shall we beg you to tell us?



That clears it up.

There was mud in Will
Balint's esophagus and stomach.

Well, that doesn't happen if he suffocated.

No. No, it doesn't.

If he inhaled mud, that
means he was conscious.

So, he had his face in the mud.

Someone was pushing him, and
he was trying to fight back.

So much for a drilling accident.

I also found out who got
promoted after Will died.

- Trot Simic.
- [Eamonn] Yep.

That sounds like a run of stupid good luck.

He also get a bonus?

Well, if he did, he's
out spending it right now.

Apparently, he went out to
celebrate his promotion tonight,

so I'll have to wait for
tomorrow to talk to him.

Maybe not.

Think I may know where he's celebrating.

Let's go.

[upbeat country music playing]

Put it away, Heflin.

- This one's on me.
- The last one was on you.



Look, I owe you one.

I should, uh, be making
things easier for you...

not making you feel like you
got to tiptoe around my ego.

No, no, man, it's... It's... It's cool.

I get it. You guys are like a family.

Small, dysfunctional family.


I know it can't be easy trying to figure
out how to fit someone new in that.

All right, man.

- [cell phone rings]
- Ooh.

One second.

Hey, Ruby.

Where are you?

[Ferg] Oh, uh, Sheriff.

Uh, sorry. I'm at the Red Pony.

Been drinking?

A little.


What... Uh...

[cell phone rings]

Hello? Yeah.

No, no, just a couple
of non-alcoholic beers.

I-I don't actually drink, so...

[clears throat] Casino?

All right.

Okay, who... Who am I looking for?

Trot Simic. Okay.

All right, I'll be right there.

Sorry, man.

[shouting, cheering]

[rock music playing]

Who needs a beer?

You want a cigarette,
don't you? There you go.

Here you go.

You got one?

You doing all right?

Looking at the stars.


The Pleiades.

[Tyler] Oh, oh.

My grandma used to tell me the legends
of their mother and her seven pups.

Well, you know, there's a
clearing back in the woods a way.

You can see the whole sky from there.

You want to, you know, grab these beers
and go over there, and tell me the story?


- Yeah.
- Yeah?

All right.

[Eamonn] Think we're crossing about
five jurisdictional lines right now.

[Vic] You learn to get used to it.

Just focus on taking Trot
Simic into custody if he's here.

We'll sort out the details later.

How much further until
we reach the clearing?

Well, we're already here.

We are?

There you go! There you go!

- Come on, a little dancing.
- [music stops]

- Come on!
- [Walt] Everybody stop where you are!

Put your hands in the air.

This is bullshit.

- You got no authority here.
- Put your hands in the air now.

[Walt] Congratulations on
your big promotion, Trot.

Too bad Will's not here
to celebrate with you.

Maybe we ought to move things to
the station, talk about why that is.

[handcuffs click]

Stop it! What are you doing?!

What do you think I'm doing?

- [Girl] No! [grunting]
- Hey, hey.



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'll get off her. Just
leave me alone, all right?

- Scream all you want.
- Oh!


No one will care enough to listen.



If you ever step foot on this
land again to hurt another woman,

I won't just take your teeth.

I'll take your life.



- Did you hear that?
- Stay here.

[Tyler groaning]



We have to run.

I'm sure someone heard the gunshot.

We have to run.

- Gab!
- [gasps]



- Give me the gun.
- [breathing heavily]

I-I dropped it back there.


Sheriff's Department!


Stop or I'll shoot!