Longmire (2012–2017): Season 4, Episode 9 - Shotgun - full transcript

The shooting of Gab's remaining rapist has unintended consequences. Walt tries to figure out motives for the deaths and continues spending time with Dr Moynihan. Henry takes Gab to a medicine woman. Zack has a stalker.


- Everybody just calm down!
- What the hell was that, gunshot?

All right, that's enough.

Help. Help.


Put your hand on it.

- Yo, where's Tyler?
- Tyler Malone was here?

He went off into the woods with some girl.

Shut up! We don't tell
these assholes anything.

We're on the Res.

In fact, you can't even arrest me.

You ain't getting away with this shit.

No, that's right. They
ain't the law around here.

You ain't keeping me here.

- I'm gone.
- Everybody, just stay where you are!

Hold on.


Come on.

There is no time to rest. Run!

I hope you brought backup, 'cause we
ain't going nowhere till you let him go.

- Vic!
- Eamonn!

- Vic, I need your help!
- You got them?

Yeah. Go.

Everyone back up right now. Sit down.


- Where's the girl?
- What girl?

His friends said he came
back here with a girl.

I don't know. He's bleeding pretty badly.

I need you to keep pressure
on the wound while I carry him.


Come on. Let's get you up, Tyler.

Did you find the gun?


Did anybody see you?

I do not know.

Is he dead?

Get in.

Vic, go get the Bronco.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, is that Tyler?

What'd you do to him?

Trying to save his life.
Get 'em out of here.

Eamonn, take Trot Simic to the station.

- What about the rest of them?
- Just remember their faces.

- Now go! Go!
- Come on, come on, come on.

Tyler, who shot you?

Where's the girl you were with? Did
she have anything to do with this?

Walt, he can't answer.

I don't think he's gonna make it.

He has to make it.

He has too much to answer for.

So, where are you taking me?



What do we have?

Gunshot victim.

Tyler Malone. He's a worker
from the Oden Oil Fields.

He's also a rapist.

That's your department. I'll
do my best with the gunshot.

Eamonn got Trot Simic back to the station.


Is it?

Because we thought that
Trot killed Will Balint,

but he couldn't have shot Tyler.

Maybe we got the wrong guy in custody.

Or maybe we're dealing
with two different killers.



Wake up.


What happened?

I'm not sure.

I think I passed out.

Are you all right?


What happened?

I believe I have a
.30-caliber slug in my thigh.

We will need to get it out.

How are we supposed to do that?

The old-fashioned way.


Give me some suction. It's hamburger here.


Oh, Jesus.

You need to go to the hospital.

Every hospital in Wyoming will be
looking for a man with a bullet in him.

Gab, you have to do this.

There's too much blood. I can't.

Gab... you can.

You remember what I used to tell you
to do before shooting free throws...

...to calm you down?

I'm not that girl anymore.

All I need is for you to hold this.

Dr. Weston's having a hard
time stabilizing the patient.

He said he'll call you tomorrow
if Mr. Malone pulls through,

but "don't hold your breath."

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.


Walker Browning.

That was fast.

Where is he?

- Where's Tyler?
- Still in surgery.

One of my guys called, said he'd been shot.

- Who the hell did it?
- We're finding that out.

I found him alone in
the woods. No witnesses.

Really? That sounds awful familiar.

Sheriff Longmire with a
man shot, no witnesses.

Hey, back off, asshole.

- Vic.
- I just find it disturbing

that right after you had to release
my guys for lack of evidence,

they both get hunted down.

I thought Will Balint died
in an oil-rig accident.

Well, if you believe that's true, Sheriff,

then why is Trot Simic sitting in
your jail cell charged with murder?

Seems you always find a way to get your
facts to line up with your theories.

Now, excuse me. I got
another mother to call.

I did the best I could.

Why are you still here?

You should have taken off.

I thought about it.


I couldn't leave Hector here to die.

I am not Hector.

What you said when you
were beating that scumbag,

I wrote that in my note, word for word.

If you're not Hector, you
should stop reading his mail.

Well, I guess now we both have
secrets we need to keep for each other.

How did you know what kind
of bullet you were shot with?

The man who shot me is my best friend.

The sheriff?

Yes, which is why we
need to leave immediately.

Get in the truck.

What's the point?

The point is that you shot a man,

and I could not tell
whether he was alive or dead.

I don't care.

Gab, if he is alive, he can identify you.

If he is dead, they will
come after you for murder.

I do not think, given what you have
been through, that that is fair.

I have been in prison.

You do not want to go there.

Where are we going?

I have no idea.

But wherever it is, we are
going to need a functioning car.

First Will Balint, now Tyler Malone.

I don't think there's much doubt
that this is about Gab's rape.

Question is, is it someone from the
oil company trying to shut them up

or somebody from the
outside avenging her rape?

Well, there'd have to be an incentive for
the oil company to murder their own guys.

Corporate liability?

But nobody even brought charges.

According to Archer Loftus,
Walker Browning runs a tight ship.

This could be about somebody
stepping out of line.

Maybe Walker had somebody else
do it for him, like last time.

Eamonn, how many roughnecks were
out at that bonfire last night?

Uh, Trot, Tyler, five others.

Ferg, why don't you see if that
squares with Trot Simic's recollection?


So, if this shooting
isn't about Walker Browning

trying to punish or silence his own men,

it must be about someone
close to Gab avenging her rape.

You know, when we spoke to Sam Poteet,

he said that no one would be able to
protect Tyler once the army mobilized.

Maybe we're back to
your "new Hector" theory.

Maybe. But the time for subtlety is over.

Why don't you go arrest Sam Poteet?

I'm sorry, uh, "new Hector"?

Am I missing something?

A copycat vigilante seems to
have started working on the Res.


About the Res...

Yep. Mathias.

We got to call him, smooth things over.

Well, Mr. Simic didn't want to talk to me,

but apparently he had quite
a bit to say to Archer here.

I know where to get another car.


Follow me.

I thought we had a deal, me and you.

That was like the opposite of protection.

You threw one of the very fellas
I'm trying to steer clear of

into a jail cell with me.

And we're sorry about that, Mr. Loftus.

You ain't sorry.

You're in the pocket of the oil
company, you and that boss of yours.

Nobody here is in the
pocket of the oil company.

What did Trot say to you just now?

He called me a rat.

Said I turned him in. But I
didn't say boo to you about him.

That's true.

Did he admit that he was
involved in Will's death?

What'd he say, exactly?

He punched me, exactly.

All right.

We're trying to narrow down
who was with Trot last night.

Can you tell us who his friends are?

Feathered and locked
in a room with Walker Browning?

We're all sorry about the
misunderstanding with Trot Simic.

- Now, it's been a long night...
- Stop right there, Sheriff.

My helping-you days are behind me.

Clearly, you busted someone else
for the murder of Will Balint.

So if I'm not under
arrest, I'm out of here.


Miss Victoria, guess
this just wasn't our time.

Sheriff, you told me to remember the
faces of the other men at the bonfire.

Before I forget them, why don't
I head back over to Newett Energy,

see if I can put some names to those faces?

- Thanks, Eamonn.
- Yeah.

If you need anything else, call my cell.

Oh, and if, uh, you can't
get through, try again.

Ferg, call Mathias, let
him know what happened.

Meantime, Vic and I will
head to the hospital.

Hope that Tyler's awake.

And after Mathias is done complaining,

maybe he can help me I.D. the
Cheyenne girls from the bonfire.

I know what they look like. I
don't know where to find them.

Keep your head down. She did not see us.

Or perhaps she did.


Thank God. I have been looking
for Bowstring Road everywhere.

And it's not on my map.

And I... I'm late for a
meeting with a new client.

Is that Gab Langton?

We were taking a walk.

How is she?

- Better.
- Good.

Look, I... I know she
doesn't want to press charges,

but if you could just tell her that
I'm starting my own pro Bono practice,

in case she changes her mind.

Bowstring Road is not on your
map because it is not paved.

Keep going the way you were going.

Take your first left
after the power lines stop.


Stomach, spleen, small intestines.

I took ten copper pellets
and three slugs out of him.

Multiple shots?

Or a personal-defense round...
slugs and shot in one shell.

Nasty stuff.

So, you think he's gonna
regain consciousness today?

- W...
- Doctor.

There's, uh, always a chance, but in
this case, I'd, uh, classify it as "slim."

I didn't notice the bruising
on his face in the dark.

Looks like he took some
punches before he got shot.


Will Balint was made to
look like an accident.

A beating, a shotgun blast.

Sure seems more personal to me.

So it's like you thought...
two different assailants.

Well, it's hard to tell until we get
to take a look at that crime scene

in the light of day.

Hopefully, Mathias isn't too
mad, he'll let us take a look.

You think Tyler here will
mind if I use his bathroom?

I'll see you at the elevator.

And I want to up the dose of Risperdal
from eight to ten milligrams, okay?

All right. Great.


Oh, hey, Walt.

Uh, what are you doing here?

A suspect got shot. He's,
um... He's down the hall.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Thanks.

- Well, he's not such a great guy.
- Oh, right, yeah.

Um, listen, I was actually
just about to call you

on that cell phone that you don't have.

But I'm not gonna be
able to make it tonight.

- I'm sorry.
- Actually, I'm kind of glad.

Not that you can't make it, but, well, it
would have been tough for me to make it.

So I'm glad you had to cancel first.

Well, this is not a competition.

No, but I think I'm in front.

So, what are you doing here?

I have a patient who
attempted suicide last night,

so I just feel like I need to be here.

- Of course.
- Yeah.

And you? Is your suspect
going to pull through?

I don't know. He was shot in the gut.

There's a lot of bleeding.

Maybe we should, uh, keep that dinner date.

This would make great dinner
conversation, wouldn't it?

Um, I hope I can get a rain check.

- Absolutely.
- Okay.

So, where was I? I think
what we're gonna have to do...

Isn't that the, uh, psychiatrist
who ran the PTSD support group?


Look who's back from the dead.

- I need to borrow your car.
- Take Linda's.

Linda split. I don't know where she is.

She's probably on her knees somewhere.

So, can I have it?

No, sorry. I-I got shit to do.

Dude, we're out of Apple Jacks.

You're still with him
after his friends raped me?

He's not like that.

- They're all like that.
- You know what? Screw you.

Go back to zombie land.

Give me the keys, or I'll
say there were three of them.

He'll end up dead just like the other two.

I need it back before tomorrow night.




I was just heading upstairs to call you.

A few hours late.

Yep. About that...

No, no, I get it. It was dark.

It's hard to see boundary lines
in the middle of the night.

I guess you already heard from Ferg.

Didn't have to.

There was a representative of Newett Energy

waiting for me when I
got to work this morning.

Let me guess... Walker Browning?

Yeah, that's the guy.

Well, his men are the
ones who raped Gab Langton.

The one I have upstairs
in my cell is a murderer.

I'm sure he is, but you're
gonna have to let him go.

You know, you can't compel
me to do that, Mathias.

I'm not trying to compel you.

I'm advising you that Walker
Browning knows his way around the law.

He knows exactly what he
can and cannot do on the Res.

I promise you, he'll use the
circumstance of that arrest

to get whatever case you have thrown out.



Release Trot Simic.



You know, last night happened pretty fast.

I had a hunch our suspect would
be partying at the bonfire.

I didn't want to lose him.

I got a phone.

You think I would protect some
white oil worker partying on the Res?

See you assholes later.

Hold on, Trot.

You're now in Absaroka
County. That's my county.

You're under arrest.

Take him back upstairs, Ferg.

What the hell?

You can't do that.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you...

How long you think that's gonna hold, hmm?

Long enough.

We will take a right just up ahead.

Where are we going?

Somewhere no one will
think to look for you.

Hello, Walt.

So, Tyler Malone, the other man who
raped Gab, was shot last night on the Res.

Near that bonfire.

Is he dead?

Not yet.

It's not looking good.

Do you know who did it?

I think a guy from the oil company.

Walker Browning had Will
Balint killed to silence him.

It's possible he tried the same with Tyler,

but, um, the nature of the
shooting seems more personal.

Which is why I'm calling.

Gab Langton's mother, Linda,
has been missing for a week.

Linda hardly seems like a vigilante.

What about Gab? Have you seen her
since you and I last spoke to her?

When I saw her yesterday,
she seemed beyond caring.

Mathias has agreed to let me
take a look at the crime scene.

Hopefully, something turns
up that makes sense of this.

Keep me posted.


Stop here.



Hey, Walt.

So, Mathias was no help I.D.'ing those
Cheyenne girls from the, uh, bonfire,

but I've got some ideas
on how to locate them.

Such as?

Well, the easiest would be to get our hands

on the security-camera
footage from the casino again.

That bridge is pretty well burned.

We're gonna need a warrant if we
want to view any more of those tapes.

Okay, so let's get a warrant.

Judge already thinks I've
got it in for Nighthorse.

You kind of do.

Mandy Plitt, uh, mentioned that she
and Gab were gonna meet somewhere,

some dive bar off the Res.

Uh, the Blind Tiger.

Maybe some of those other
girls hang out there.

Okay. I'll go check it out.


Sheriff Longmire.

It's Zach. I just left the casino.

Sam Poteet disappeared yesterday,
right after we spoke to him.

Right before Tyler was shot.

Any other ideas where I might find him?

Mathias is gonna meet
us back at the bonfire.

Why don't you join us?

He may know something about
Sam Poteet that we don't.



You want something from me?! Huh?!


Got something you want to say to me, huh?

It's okay.

Not everyone is following you.

Not everyone is following you.

Tyler was shot there.

And I fired from here.

So not only did you come
out here without permission,

but you also discharged your weapon?

Just once.

But I didn't hit anybody.

Actually, that might not be true.


And over there.

So you hit him.

If I'd have hit him
directly, he'd have dropped.

Bullet ricocheted off this rock.

I'll send this to the lab
and try to get a match.

Start with Sam Poteet.


That enough of a blood
trail for you to track it?

Oh, I can track from the footprint alone,

but the blood will make
it that much easier.

Good. Let us know what you find.


Sheriff, over here.

What do you got?


That's a .410 shotshell.

Probably from a Snake Slayer. It's
a yard gun, small, like a derringer.

Fires these little shotgun shells.

You got to eject the shell
manually to reload it,

which means the shooter
planned on taking a second shot.

So, a shell this size
caused all that damage?

Well, it's a self-defense round.

It's got three slugs, a
bunch of pellets in it,

which is consistent with what
Doc Weston found in Tyler.

Now at least you know
who you're looking for.


Someone with a Snake Slayer pistol
and a .30-caliber slug inside them.

Wait. We're going onto
the Crow Reservation?

Nobody will think to look for you here.

Because Cheyenne aren't
exactly welcome here.

We will be welcome.

There is a medicine woman who lives up in
the mountains far away from anybody else.

A medicine woman?

You believe in all that old magic stuff?

She has a reputation for
making people disappear.

I don't want to disappear.

I just want to go home.

I know, Gab.

But even if you did go home, you
would not be able to stay there long.

You have to understand that.

You can never go home again.

We will have to go the
rest of the way on foot.

But you can't do that, Henry.

You've been shot.


But given the location of the wound,
I would rather walk right now than sit.

She's a cop.

How's my favorite witness?

No, no.

I ain't no witness.

Yeah, we didn't get a
chance to talk last night.


What do you want?

I want to talk to the girl
that was with Tyler Malone.

I don't know any Tyler Malone, so how
am I supposed to know who he was with?

I'm gonna get another beer.

Want one?


Tyler Malone is the guy
that was shot last night.

Mm, wish I could help you, but
I don't know anything about that.

- See, I think that you do.
- Hmm.


Laila, run!



God damn. Laila!

Come on.

Why don't we take my truck instead?

Found the girl that was in
the woods with Tyler Malone.

Her name is Laila Bixby,
and she's in your office.

She's not limping, too, is she?

No, why?

I was just wondering if
she had a bullet in her.

So, why'd you invite me along, Philly?

Because she keeps making
all these weird references,

and I figured maybe you could translate.

She said she was in the woods with
Tyler. He was forcing himself on her.

And a spirit appeared and saved her.

- A spirit?
- Yeah.

He didn't have a face.

Laila, are you sure
about that? It was dark.


He was all black, like part of the night.

But with something red
tied around his neck.

He was fast and strong.

I'm sure he was Tsitsistas.

She's saying the man who
attacked Tyler was Cheyenne.

"Tsitsistas" is our word for ourselves.

Do you remember anything else
about the man who attacked Tyler?

As soon as Tyler's arm was
off my throat, I just...

I just ran.

Did you hear a gunshot?

Yeah, about 30 seconds later.

Hey, Philly, why don't you take
Laila and get her something to drink?

I don't take orders from you.

Vic, that sounds like a good idea.

Come on.

I think I know who she saw.

- It's gonna sound a little crazy...
- Hector.

I saw the graffiti.


Well, there's more to it.

People have been leaving notes at
Hector's wall, asking for his help.

It's how I found out about
those casino muggings.

Not long after Gab's rape... I found this.

This basically calls for the
execution of the two men who raped Gab.

So I guess we need to
find who wrote that note.

And the man they wrote it to.

Let's start with Gab and her family.

We're coming in!


What are you doing here?

We wanted to talk to Gab, but,
uh, this is a pleasant surprise.

Are you working with him now?

We've been looking for the both of you.

Where you been?

My sister was in Billings. I
had to pick her up. She was ill.

Strung out, more like it.

Why are you looking for us?

We'll get to that.

But for right now, we need
handwriting samples from each of you.

Look at her. She's
incapable of tying her shoe.

Yeah, but you look okay, so why don't
you give us a handwriting sample?


Just out of principle.

You cannot come in here
and order us around.

Actually, I can.

On what grounds?

Suspicion of hiring Hector
to kill Gab's rapist.

Or being Hector yourself,
like we chatted about earlier.

Get a warrant.


So, where's Gab?

I don't know. If she's not in front
of the TV, she's probably in her room.

What's this in the sink?

Laundry. Linda threw up on
the drive back from Billings.

Don't touch that.

Get... a warrant.

Gab's not here.

Linda, you ever, uh, have any
problems with mice or rats or snakes?

- What?
- Linda, do not answer his questions.

Ugh, shut up, Sam.

Linda, do you keep a gun handy
to deal with pests in the yard?

Yeah. It's over the fridge.

.410 shotshells, just
like we found in the woods.

Looks like a handful are missing.

So's the Snake Slayer.

Sam, take off that shirt.

Are you crazy? Why would I do that?

Sam, just take off the shirt,
then I promise we'll leave.


If it'll get you of here.

- What happened to your arm?
- None of your business.

One of Gab's rapists was shot last
night with a .410 Snake Slayer.

This is not my house.

That is not my gun.

The shooter was hit with a ricochet
from my bullet when he was fleeing.

Take off that bandage, Sam.


You said you would leave if
I took my shirt off. I did.

Now it's time to leave.

And we will, but you're leaving with me.

I haven't done anything but drive
to the Super 8 in Billings...

and help my sister.

I hope that's true, Sam.

So, I tracked that blood
trail almost a half mile.

Then it stopped by a dirt road.

So the shooter had a car waiting.

Yeah, the blood stopped
right by a set of tire tracks.

Ferg, check with the Super 8 in Billings.

See if Sam Poteet or Linda
Langton were there last night.

You think one of them did it?

Well, we found matching ammunition at
the house and an empty Snake Slayer case.

I'll call the hotel right now.


You know you're trying real
hard to avoid the obvious?

Gab is missing. So is the gun.

She more than anyone had a motive to shoot
Tyler, and she knew where to find him.

Let's wait to hear back from Ferg.

Why are we at the hospital?

You need to get that ankle looked at.

Are you wearing a new shirt?

I guess I am.

Why'd you change in the middle of the day?

Felt like it.

Are you seeing someone?



I'll walk you in.

No, that's okay.

I'm fine on my own.

I'll be back in an hour to pick you up.

We will have to swim across.

You think Linda ever signed
me up for swimming lessons?

Gab, do not give up now.
We have come this far.

Why are you risking all this for me?

It'd be better if I drowned.

A lot of people have let you down, Gab.

I know that.

It is about time somebody helped you.

Do you know the story of the Bear Helper?


Well, Cliffs Notes version...
I will help you across the river.

Now, put your arm around my neck.

Okay, not so tight. You will drown us both.


You're kidding.

What kind of teeth?

When I get out of here, I'm
gonna look up your sister.

'Cause you know I'm getting out of here.

Will Balint's death was
officially declared an accident.

How about we officially
declare you a rapist?

They don't seem to be
faring too well these days.

You two, my office.

So, Mathias finally convinced Sam
Poteet to take off the bandage.

Wasn't a bullet wound.

What was it?

Linda bit him.

Which syncs up with the report I
got from the Super 8 in Billings.

Linda left with a man who claimed to be
her brother, and she did not go quietly.

So, given the missing gun
and the missing person...

that leaves Gab.

Except that Laila was sure
that it was a man she saw.

Maybe she made a mistake.

It was dark.

She was probably traumatized.

Or maybe she knew it was Gab and she
lied just to throw us off the scent.

Both Gab and Laila had
reason to hate Tyler.

You said there was a blood
trail leading to a car.

Gab doesn't have a car.

Maybe she had help.

It's also possible that someone other
than Sam Poteet is the new Hector.

I thought you knew where to go.

I do.

More or less.

- Are we lost?
- Of course not.

But I may not be at my absolute sharpest.

Henry, we should go back.

You need a doctor.

We cannot go back.

The good news is that we are
going to see a medicine woman.

Here you go.

Uh, Victoria Moretti?

She left about 20 minutes ago. I
think her husband picked her up.

Her husband?


Uh, as long as I'm here,
could you page Dr. Weston?

- Sure.
- Thank you.


The doctor's with a patient.

Would you like to wait?

I'll be right over there.


Cookies for dinner?

Oh. No, dessert.

Dinner was Cheez-Its.

Coffee or tea?

Uh, tea, please.



So, how's your, uh, gunshot victim?

Not sure. Still waiting to find out.

I could, uh, sure use a few words with him.

How's your patient?

Uh, good. We, uh... We finally
got to talk about an hour ago.

It's just a very complicated situation.

How's it complicated?


Well, my patient's suicide,
uh, it was because of me.

So, what happened?

Have you ever heard of transference?

Is that when your patient
falls in love with you?

More or less, yeah.

Occupational hazard, I suppose.

I don't know.

Any of your suspects ever fall for you?

Hope so.

Hey, um, I thought I might see you
here, so I brought you something.

John Donne.

I know you're busy, but
you said you enjoyed him.

No, I didn't. I-I-I said I
had to read him in college.


Give it back.

No, it's mine. You just gave it to me.

You know, you didn't have to pick me up.

Oh, no, I was on my way over
already. I, uh, got an update.

All of Walker's crew is accounted for.

I either I.D.'d them from the
bonfire or they were on duty,

so no one left to be in the woods.

Except, of course, Walker Browning.

You know, it's possible that, um...

that Gab was waiting
for Tyler in the woods.

Oh, really?

You think the rape victim did it?


Listen, we can talk about this inside.

You've come all this way, and the least
I can do is make you a home-cooked meal.


Thank you.


So, um, I have a confession to make.

What's that?

Um, there's no food in the house.

And this isn't my house.

Open the goddamn door.

I know you've been
following me. Open the door.


What, is this because Walt
didn't give you the job, huh?

- Or you some kind of Lee Harvey Oswald?
- No, I'm not.

But I know all about you.
Walt Longmire hired a nut case.

Just one more example of
his questionable judgment.

Hey, you can't touch that!

You're going down... you and your boss.

You have no idea what's coming!

Well, you have no idea
who you're dealing with.

Pack up your shit, Monte, or else.

You heard that, right?
He just threatened me.

You heard that, right?

You should get a cell phone.


Because they exist and they're convenient.

I like not getting phone calls.

No kidding.

Do you have any idea how many
messages I've left with Ruby?

A couple.

I can see how hard you're
working to find who killed my man.

Shot, you mean.

No, killed. He coded
upstairs ten minutes ago.

Was there anybody with you?

Any witnesses?

You just wait till you were all
alone so you could finish the job?

You serious?

- You own a Snake Slayer pistol?
- Don't make this about me.

You locked up an innocent
man, got another man killed.

You think I'm gonna sit back and do nothing

in the face of your recklessness...

you don't know me.

He's got some issues.


I got to go.

Um, there's something I've
been in denial about all day.

I got to go deal with it, so...

I understand, yeah.




Is Henry around?

Uh, no. He has the night off. What's up?

I need to talk to Gab Langton. I
was hoping he'd know where she is.

I just saw her this morning.

You saw her this morning?


Why are you looking for her?

Well, I didn't want to believe it at first,

but, um, she's become one of my primary
suspects in the murder of Tyler Malone.

Oh, my God.

He's dead, too?

Yeah. Shot in the woods last night.

Just died at the hospital.

Where'd you see Gab?

Walking on the Res.

- Where was she headed?
- I don't know.

She with anybody?


Thanks, Pumpkin.

It's going to get dark soon.

I believe we are here.

It is a medicine wheel.

I know what it is.

When I was nine, I went to see one
of these with my mom and my grandma.

They were like you.

They thought it was some big deal.

To me, it was just a bunch of rocks.

So I kicked one of the rocks.

Ever since then, nothing
in my life's been good.

Gab, what happened to
you was not your fault.

And medicine wheels do not bring bad luck.

They are places of healing.


I have been shot at enough for one day!

I am Henry Standing Bear,
and this is Gabriella Langton!

We know that a powerful Crow
medicine woman guards this place.

And we need her help!

Okay, you got one minute to explain
to me why I shouldn't shoot you.

We've come from the Cheyenne reservation...

Your minute's up.

Subtitle sync and corrections
by awaqeded & Stevo