Legion (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Chapter 15 - full transcript

A delusion starts like any other idea .. But ends in disaster.

Ostensibly on Legion...

NARRATOR: A delusion starts
like any other idea, as an egg.

From the shell, you'd never
know anything was wrong.

It's what's inside that matters.


You're still working for him.

- The Shadow King.
- Okay,

I'm not not working for him.

How are you real?


Whose body is that?

LENNY: I'm not sure
Farouk found his body.


I think he found mine.

(crying): No, no, no, no.

♪ ♪

(hammering nails in distance)

NARRATOR: Moral panic is
defined as "public anxiety or alarm

"in response to
a perceived threat

to the moral
standards of society."

The road to moral panic

has several stops.

The first is concern.

(flash bulb clicks)

This concern, limited at firs,

spreads from person to person...

amplified by cultural forces...

(indistinct voices over radio)

until rational concern

becomes irrational fear.

(excited chatter, shouting)

People come to believe

something terrible is happening.

Something they cannot see.

That they can't control.

It has come for others.

It will come for them.

(distorted): Witch!

Get her!

or not the threat is real,

the response certainly is.

And it is often excessive.


(rope creaking)

Ask yourself:

what's more terrifying,

fear, or the frightened?

(tools clinking, whirring)

(powering up)


(stops whistling)

(electric buzzing)



DAVID (over
megaphone): Amahl Farouk,

tapeworm, parasite, shit beetle.

I'm calling you out.

♪ ♪

You're upset.

(speaks French)



(clicking tongue)

Use your words.



Oh, please.

She put you in l'asile,
like a crazy person.

I was sick.

You were a joke, something
to laugh at with her friends.

David the dancing bear.


She was trying to help
me, and you killed her.

Did she?


Or did you wish horrible
things for dear sister Amy?

Terrible things.

No secrets.

Those were just thoughts.

They were...

You hated her.

You wished her dead
for calling you insane.

Her foot always on your
back, stopping you from being

who you are, what you could be.

And now, it's time
for them to pay.



Remove your mask.

Show them your face.

You could be beautiful.

I'm not like you.

I don't hide behind masks.

(Farouk laughs softly)

(sighs) I'm tired
of the boo-hoo.

Do what you want.

Take what you want.

Gods make rules.

They don't follow them.

I'm done.

You and me, we're not friends.

I'm not helping you anymore.

I'm gonna find your body,
and then I'm gonna burn it.

And if you're lucky,
that's all I'm gonna do to it.

You feel me?


It seems I was wrong.

You're not ready
to sit with big boys.

Back to the kiddie table.

I will miss you, my friend.

But I'm sure we will
see each other again,

when I'm back in my body.

My temple.

On your mark,

get set...

(speaks German)


(glass ringing)

(speaking French)



It's not true.

What he said.

I didn't want this.

I didn't...

(crying): I'm sorry.

(Farouk's voice laughing)

(silverware clattering)

DAVID: Don't laugh at me.

Stop it.

Stop it!


(laughing stops)

DAVID 1: Stop it.
We can't torture him.

DAVID 2: Why not?

DAVID 1: Because
first, it's horrible,

and second, he's just a
mind. Does he even feel pain?

SYD: Do you want
to talk about it?




He wants you
distracted, emotional.


I know.

You can't let him.

I know.


What does she say about it?

Me, in the future.

I don't know, we
haven't talked about it.

Maybe you should.

Talk to her.

If you're not gonna talk to me.

That wouldn't bother you?


If you talk to me?

In the future? Why?

Oh, no reason. Just...

Well, I wouldn't want
you to be jealous.

Of myself?

Why would I...

David, why would I
be jealous of myself?

No, no reason. It's...

I-It's weird, okay?

Y-You're you and she's also you,

and I'm not...

It's not like there's
a handbook.

Are you physical with her?



See? You are jealous.

I'm not.

I just...

You're right, it's weird.

So let's...

why don't we make some...

ground rules?


You can talk to her.

And if she needs a
hug or something...

I know it doesn't
make sense, but...

It's-it's how you feel.


I love you.

Are you gonna say it, too?

(whispers): Shut up.

I love you.

♪ ♪

(liquid burbling)





(low crackle)

(low crackle)

- How...
- You think he is

the only one who can
outsmart the universe?

Our David?

(distorted): He told you.

He... he won't help.

(chuckles) You
think I need his help?

He kills you.

In my timeline, the
race ends and you lose.

So, yes...

I think you need him.

♪ ♪

Do you play craps?

Roll the bones?


A game of chance.


But it can be rigged.

You mean you can cheat?


That's a legal term...

which means: under the law,

the property of an individual

reverts to the state

if the individual
dies without an heir.

I don't understand.

All I'm saying is...

who writes the law?

The state.

So you see...

the game is rigged.

And, baby...

I am the state.

So even when I lose...

I win.

(low crackle)

You can't hurt me here.

You know that, right?

Are you sure?

But no, mon amour.

Why would I hurt you?

We are allies.

We both want the same thing...

For me to live.

Now, I know why this

is what I want.

The question is:

why is this what you want?

We need you.


I need you.

To stop the world from ending.

And who will end the world?

Tiny humans with their bombs?

Or World War III?


♪ ♪



Stop it.


For centuries...

everyone said, "Amahl Farouk

is the villain."

Year after year,

they came... the heroes...

with their blue eyes
and their white skin...

to kill me.

They thought by killing me

they will save the world.

And now you're telling me

that the opposite is true.


the villain...

is the hero...

and the hero...

is the villain?

(Farouk chuckles)


Maybe we're all vill-villains.


If you're the Earth,

the birds...


"When two tribes go to war...

a point is all you can score."

Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

If David doesn't help me...

you will.

And together,
we'll rule the world.

Save the world.

From him.

(snaps fingers)


(snaps fingers)

- (electrical buzzing)
- (screaming)

(snaps fingers)

(muted screaming)

(screaming in distance)

(pounding on door)

Isn't it weird that we
were both inside David?

Mentally, I mean.

I know what you're doing.


Shaving my armpits?

You're not Lenny.

And you're not Amy.

You're the song they play
outside a hostage crisis

to keep criminals
from thinking clearly.

(chuckles softly)

I hear what you're saying.

And I agree...

We're gonna be best friends.

It's not gonna work.

None of your crazy shit.

Whatever Farouk
told you to do...

your secret plan...

it's just noise.

He raped me.


Over and over again.

Kept me in the
basement of his mind.

Like one of those Amish girls

snatched from the
side of the road.


you know, whatever.

Um, bros before hos, right?

(chuckles): Girl power. I guess.

(Lenny snapping
fingers repeatedly)

(continues snapping fingers)

(distorted, whispering voices)

(distorted, whispering
voices continue)


(echo fading): Hello?
Hello? Hello? Hello?

(distorted, whispering voices)

(liquid burbling)

(whispering voices continue)


- (bed creaking)
- (rustling)

(Ptonomy panting)

What do you want?




Help! Aah!

♪ ♪

indistinct whispering)

indistinct whispering)

♪ Dime si tu sabes ♪

♪ Si has visto mi mujer ♪

♪ ¿Has visto mi mujer? ♪

♪ Por la calle y allá ♪

♪ ¿Dónde está mi mujer? ♪

indistinct whispering)

♪ Por allá y por allá ♪

♪ ¿Has visto mi mujer? ♪

indistinct whispering)

♪ En el club ♪

♪ En la disco ♪

♪ ¿Has visto mi mujer? ♪

indistinct whispering)

indistinct whispering)

♪ Oye, dime si tu sabes ♪

♪ Si me has visto mi mujer ♪

♪ Pelo cotro, en la orilla ♪

♪ Un clavodil ♪

♪ Oye tu me hablas ♪

♪ Me hablas de sexo, de amor ♪

♪ Que ninguno, no
sabe comprender... ♪

(music stops)

♪ ♪

(music stops)

♪ ♪

(music stops)

♪ ♪

(music stops)


PTONOMY: I need you to
listen to me very carefully.

Am I losing my mind?

Admiral Fukyama. He's a...

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

(whispering): He sees
and hears everything.

It's not safe here.

How long have you known?

Long enough. But it is
not safe, not anymore.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(child laughing)

(low crackle)

DAVID: Did you know?

(distorted): I'm
sorry. Stay focused.

She was my sister.

I'm s-sorry. I'm sorry.

You have to stay focused.

On what?

Preventing some
maybe apocalypse?

He killed her.

Don't you understand?
He mutilated her

and turned her into...

And how do we know
Farouk can stop-stop it

if he does get his body back?

We don't.

But I know we lose without him.

You're not Syd.

Not my Syd.

I want to be.



I understand.

I can't.

I promised.

You should go

if you don't want to help.

- I do. I just...
- No, no.

I understand.

It's too much.

I'm asking too much.


(low crackle)

I'll be okay.

The w-world.

Just... live.

Make good choices.

Maybe things will
turn out different.

Syd, I just...

It just feels
wrong, helping him.

I know.

I shouldn't have asked.

(low crackle)

I'll miss you.

Could we say good-bye?

SYD: Sometimes in a dream

you remember you've
had this dream before.

But that memory is
just part of the dream...

the dream memory of a dream.

When in truth, it's all really
happening for the first time...


- (rhythmic ticking)
- Encoding perceptions.

Enter resting state.


- (ticking stops)
- Shh.


What is happening to me?

All I have are rumors, whispers.

People go to Admiral
Fukyama's pedestal

- and they don't come back.
- What does he do to them?

He eats them.

VOICE: Symptom
alert. Fixating despair.

- VOICE 2: Symptom alert...
- That's not gonna happen to us.

(overlapping voices):
Symptom alert...

- Symptom alert...
- Symptom alert...


Fear of terrible things.

Kill or be killed.

- Doubt.
- Never. Dominate.

- PTONOMY: Panic.
- SYD: Angry now.

- CLARK: Terrified.
- SYD: Everything.

- Paralyzed.
- Woman up.

- Vermillion?
- Destroy.

♪ ♪


(elevator bell dings)



Pupils dilated.

Heart rate's elevated.

Physical conflict likely.

Chance of victory?

Sixty-eight percent.

Cocky bitches.

(muffled gunshots)

VERMILLION: Regenerating.

- Regenerating.
- Regenerating.



♪ ♪

(mechanical whirring)


CLARK: We know.

No more hiding.

Take the basket off. Show us.

(gunshot, casing clatters)


♪ ♪

What are you
waiting for? Kill it!


What are you doing?

(footfalls approaching)

- Traitors.
- Working in service of
the Shadow King.

No, it's... something else.

- (screeches)
- (Syd gasps)

- (screeching)
- (gasps)

What is it?





(guttural groaning)

- Organism unknown.
- Institute containment

(alarm blaring)

(monster screeching)

(screeching in distance)

(screeching, growling)

Oh, crap.

(alarm blaring)

That's a bad idea.


Stay here.

He's dying.

We can save his mind.

Take him to the mainframe.

(birds singing)

♪ ♪



You made my friends sick.

Yeah, hey.

Hi, hi.

Can you understand me?

You picked a really
shitty time to attack us.

I'm not saying it's your fault.

I mean, it is, but...

the timing, it's-it's not good.

I'm dealing with a lot here.

With the Shadow King.

And, well, this...

this isn't helping. So...


I was hoping you could

appreciate my situation

and maybe, I don't know,

be on your way.

Go back to where you came fro...

Otherwise, I have to kill you.

Are you, are you
understanding this?


Guess not.

(low growling)

(monster shrieks)



Remember, I was
gonna let you go.


♪ ♪


what have we learned?

That a delusion is an idea.

That an idea can be contagiou.

That human beings are
pattern-seeking animals.

By which, I mean we
prefer ideas that fit a pattern.

In other words, we don't
believe what we see.

We see what we believe.

And when we are stressed

or our beliefs are challenged-

when we feel threatened...

The ideas we have
can become irrational,

one delusion leading to another,

and another,

as the human mind struggles
to maintain its identity.

And when this occurs,

what starts as an egg

can become a monster.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(fan blades whirring)

- Shh.
- (whirring quiets)

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♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

MAN: Now I get it.