Legion (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Chapter 16 - full transcript

David gets a lead on where a certain person's body might be, and he has a crazy plan to get there.

(wind whooshing)

♪ ♪

SYD: The monk is dead.

So how are we going
to find Farouk's body?


I'm thinking.

Someone else must know.


What about me?

In the future.

- No.
- Hmm.

You asked her?

No, but we... we're done.


we... did...

did we get in a fight?

No, but we're...

me and her, we're not seeing
eye to eye right now, so...

- So we got in a fight.
- Syd.

- Should I be mad at you?
- No.

We just need... we just
need to find the body fast

and finish this thing.

Are we helping him?


What about the end of the world?

One thing at a time.


Hey, hey.

(indistinct conversation)


(indistinct electronic chatter)

(indistinct electronic chatter)

(bells chiming)

that you're reading?

"Everything is unheimlich

"that ought to have
remained secret and hidden

but has come to light."

Is there a place we could talk?

In private.

I was a student here once,

a lifetime ago.

The world was...

not innocent

but more so.

Our thoughts were our own.


Do you understand?

Not so now.

There are listeners, watchers,

creatures from science fiction,

telepaths who
can read our minds,

steal our secrets.

We're vulnerable,

you and I...

our secrets.

But more important,

senators, presidents.

And so there is a plan.

Create a mind
that can't be read.

One of our own.

The secret keeper.

Why are you telling me this?

Because of your tests,

the boy who's never been sick,

who heals.

You have a gift.

You are a gift.

On your application,

you wrote you'd do
anything for your country.

- (echoing): Was that a lie?

BRUBAKER: Then do this.

(echoing): Keep our secrets.

(indistinct electronic chatter)

DOCTOR (echoing):
How old are you?


(indistinct electronic chatter)

may not see it now, '

"said the Princess
of Pure Reason,

"looking knowingly
at Milo's puzzled face,

"'But whatever we
learn has a purpose

"'and whatever we do affects
everything and everyone else,

"'if even in the tiniest way.

"'Why, when a
housefly flaps his wings,

"'a breeze goes round the world;

"'when a speck of
dust falls to the ground,

"'the entire planet
weighs a little more,

"'and when you stamp your foot,

the Earth moves
slightly off its course.'"

"'Whenever you laugh,

"'gladness spreads

(echoing): "'like the
ripples in a pond,

"'and whenever you're sad,

"'no one anywhere
can be really happy.

"'And it's much the same
thing with knowledge,

"'for whenever you
learn something new,

the whole world becomes
that much richer.'"

(echoing): You're in here, too?

(digital screeching)

(monks throat-singing)

(indistinct electronic chatter)

(electronic static)

(glitch buzzing)

(tone sounds)

(man speaking
Japanese over P.A.)

Is there something...?



It's me. Ptonomy.

Not funny.

I don't know how long I
can-can-can keep control.

Wait, are you alive?

I exist in their
machine, preserved.

Is that alive?

The Monk.

He hacked the Admiral's mind.

The mainframe.

Remember? The wires.

Well, the mainframe
hacked him back.

And I saw him,
here, in the computer,

his memory.


I know where to five...


Five... find-find-find
Farouk's body.


A place called...

(glitch buzzing)


A place called...?

Le Désolé.

Le Désolé. Le Désolé. Le Désolé.

(Morten Lauridsen's "En
une Seule Fleur" playing)

(choir singing in French)

(music continues faintly)

FAROUK: Your mind's
eye, can you see me?

In my true form?

DRIVER: It-it can't be.

As you were m-many years ago.


No way to plan for such things.

The professor?

Is not here.

My body.

Where did you take it?

If I tell,

will you give me
the one and only?

("Non Piangere Maria" by
Domenico Modugno playing)

(man singing in Italian)

When you dream,
this is what you see?



I miss this.


Radio on,

windows down.

♪ ♪

Can't you see?

It's there, up ahead.

When does the dream begin?

♪ ♪

(birds chirping)

DAVID: Right.

Le Désolé.


(wind gusting)

DAVID 1: We know where it is.

We need a plan. Should we tell?

DAVID 2: No, if we tell, then
Farouk can read their minds.

DAVID 1: Okay.

Who should we use?

("Comanche Moon" by
the Black Angels playing)


DAVID 2: On your mark,

get set, go.

♪ We're tired of all
this bad fortune ♪

♪ Been fighting
for all of our lives ♪

♪ We'll reach into your socket ♪

♪ Rip back your
scalp as you cry ♪

♪ We'll fight ♪

♪ We survive ♪

♪ Inside out, upside down ♪

♪ All around, underground. ♪

(fingers snapping, echoing)

♪ ♪

DAVID: You awake?

I'm not sure.


Don't do that.


Look at me like I'm in a zoo.



(laughs softly)

How are you?

Who cares?


- I always cared.
- Hmm.



Amy did that when
she was nervous.

Look, man, I... it
wasn't my call, okay?

I know, I just...

Is there anything left in there?

Of her?

Tell me something.

And don't screw with me, okay?

Am I...?

Am I really here?

'Cause if I'm not, and I wake
up back there, with him...

No, you're here.

Hey, you're here.

With me.

And I won't let anything
bad happen to you.

MAN (over P.A.):
Announcement two:

- know your symptoms.
- (moans)



Repetitive sounds.

If you feel any of
these symptoms,

- tell your mental monitor
at once.
- Hey.

This won't hurt.

MAN (over P.A.):
Repetitive sounds.

If you feel any of
these symptoms,

tell your mental monitor

at once.

(paper slides)

(water bubbling)

DAVID: Gone to kill the monster.

(teapot whistling)

(wind whistling)

(wind continues whistling)

♪ ♪

A poem.

"America, I've given you
all and now I am nothing."

"America, $2.27,

January 17, 1956."

"I can't stand my own mind."

"America, when will
we end the human war?"

SYD: She never married, my mom.

It was just boyfriend,
boyfriend, fling.

Sometimes they were younger.

Sometimes they were married.

"Joan. Oh, Joan.

Please, Joan."

She was the tragic lay.

The one they couldn't touch.

And what does this
have to do with...?

I'm saying maybe it's my fault.

Maybe I...

pushed him away.

Or maybe the universe just
has a sick sense of humor.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Untouchable Barretts.

No, that's not funny.


Or maybe it's him.

Or maybe it's him.

Did he leave again?

Yes, he did.

Did he tell you
where he was going?

No, he did not.

Has he done that before?


Off the record.

Just girl talk.

All right, if you're
saying something,

you got to say it out loud.

I'm going after him.

I loved a boy in the army
who kept jumping out of planes

to get away from me.

And then?

Well, and then one day
his chute didn't open.

- He's just different now.
- Mm.

In the hospital, it was
so romantic meeting him.

I needed that.

To be seen.


And then we escaped
and went to Summerland,

and it was addictive
and intense and sweet.

He's a good... person.

You know?

He tries so hard.

But can we agree
that he's unwell?

What does that mean?

You tell me.

♪ ♪

Maybe he doesn't know...

Go on.

The difference

between things
real and not real,

right and wrong...

So he's delusional,
you're saying.


(wind whistling softly)

I don't know.

Have you ever seen him lie?

- CLARK: No.
- I know. Me neither.

But I think he lies...

all the time.

What about?

What he does.

What he knows.

And yet...

And yet...

(laughs softly)

Who teaches us to be normal
when we're one of a kind?

♪ ♪

You don't trust him.


That's not...

I love what we were.

I'm just not sure
we're that anymore.

All right, I feel like I
need to say out loud

that your boyfriend

is an extremely powerful mutant
who could potentially destroy

the world if he wanted to,

or if, say, you hurt
his feelings real bad.

I'm going after him.

Because of what I just said?

Because love is
what we have to save

if we're gonna save the world.

I'm just not sure
that's what he's doing.

♪ ♪

(footfalls approaching)

DAVID 2: On your mark.

Get set.

WOMAN (over P.A.):
Reminder... a loss of meaning

is not normal.

♪ ♪

DAVID 2: Go.

(door creaking open)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(engine starts, revs)

♪ ♪

Is he following?

A day behind, maybe more.


Ah, sacrement.

I know this place.

We have been here before.

My body.

So... we're close.

Time and space is relative here.

Sometimes by the hour.

It's part of the trick...

To keep me from myself.

- (Farouk chuckles)
- (men grunting)

(thunder rumbling)

OLIVER: And David?

FAROUK: Our lost boy
will wander this no place

for the rest of his life

unless... he figures
out the secret.



(jet passes overhead)

(jet's roar fading)


To be fair, I left
a note this time.

- "Gone to kill the monster"?
- I believe I also wrote

- "I love you," but yeah.
- Is this because of something

I said in the future?


Maybe. A little.

We definitely got in a fight.

You have a plan,
okay, in the future.

Help Farouk now so
that he can help us later.

But there's got to
be another way. Ow!

- I'm... on your side!
- Aah. Aah.


Whatever some maybe
me in the future says.

- Got it?
- Yes, ma'am.


- (exhales)
- Now...

What is this place?

Le Désolé.

DAVID: Really hurt.

SYD: So, where's the monastery?

DAVID: I saw it, but
I think it's moving.

SYD: How can a building move?

DAVID: I don't know.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

FAROUK: Hustle up, my man.

We are almost there!


NARRATOR: And now we come
to the most alarming delusion of all.

The idea that other
people don't matter.

Their feelings. Their needs.

Imagine a cave
where those inside

never see the outside world.

Instead, they see shadows

of that world projected
on the cave wall.

(monkey chattering)

The world they see
in the shadows...

MAN: Three, two, one, liftoff.

NARRATOR: But it's real to them.

If you were to show them
the world as it actually is,

they would reject it as...

Now what if, instead
of being in a cave,

you were out in the world,
except you couldn't see it.

(overlapping voices on phone)

Because you weren't looking.

(phones chiming)

Because you trusted
that the world you saw

through the prism
was the real world.


(camera clicks)


(phone chimes)


But there's a difference.

(phone chimes)

You see, unlike the
allegory of the cave,

where the people are real
and the shadows are false...

here, other people
are the shadows.

Their faces. Their lives.

This is the delusion
of the narcissist,

who believes that
they alone are real.

- (phone chiming)
- (typing)

(phone chimes)

Their feelings are the
only feelings that matter

because other people
are just shadows,

and shadows don't feel.

Because they're not real.

(horn honks)

But what if everyone
lived in caves?

(laptop chiming)

Then no one would be real.

Not even you.

Unless one day you woke up

and left the cave.

How strange the world would look

after a lifetime of
staring at shadows.

(typing, phones chiming)

(phone chimes)

(thunder cracks)

(thunder rumbling)

Let's get inside!

(Syd panting)

DAVID: They're...


DAVID: Let's get inside!

(Syd panting)



I wonder what
happened to them...


out here.

Nothing good.

This place.

Some kind of
geographic disorder.

Is that a thing?

A crossroad of possibilities.

When this is over,
we'll go home.

Home? Where's that?

We'll get a place.

In the country. Quiet.

Grow old there.

And die, like them.

Every story ends the same.

I don't believe that.


Hmm, that's sweet.

Do something for me.


When the time comes,

prove me wrong.

(wind howling)

You better have a plan.



DAVID (echoing): Find the clock.

Of the Long Now.



(man speaking
indistinctly over P.A.)


(Melanie grunts)

OLIVER (echoing):
Sunflower. Sunflower.


(Melanie grunts)



(man speaking
backwards over P.A.)



- ♪ My Bonnie lives
over the sea ♪
- Sunflower.

- ♪ My Bonnie lives
over the ocean ♪
- Sunflower.

♪ So bring back
my Bonnie to me. ♪


It's done.

She's ours.






MAN: Now I get it.

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