Knots Landing (1979–1993): Season 2, Episode 15 - Man of the Hour - full transcript

That's Mrs. Ward. She's expecting.

Expecting what?

- A baby. Expecting means pregnant.
- Oh.

Come on.

- Hi, Mrs. Ward.
- Hi, Olivia.

- This is Amy.
- Hi, Amy.


- Need some help?
- Oh, no, thanks. It's just one bag.

You don't wanna do too much.

It's not heavy.

Oh, my sister Cindy must be here
with some friends.

No, it's just Eric and his friend.

Hope they don't blow out their eardrums.

- See you later, Olivia.
- Bye.

- It's nice to meet you, Amy.
- Bye.

Hey, Olivia,
do you want to sleep over tonight?

No, I can't.
I'm spending the weekend with my dad.

Oh, I spend next weekend with mine.

- Divorce is tough on friendship.
- Mm-hm.



Before I forget...

- I don't wanna cramp your style, but...
- What?

I don't wanna cramp your style...

but do you think
that we could turn this down?

Well, I gotta be going.

Oh, don't leave on my account.

- Here, take these home.
- Take what?

All right.

Why do you want me to hold these?

Nothing's safe in my house.
My mom doesn't trust me.

Tell me about it. Why do you think
I come down to visit my sister so often?

- But...
- Come on, Eric.

You're the kid least likely
to have the stuff.

- That's why you have to be the one, right?
- Right.

- All right. I'll pick you guys up at 7.
- Okay.

Hey, what's on your agenda
this weekend?

A party.

Oh, yeah? Tonight?

It's gonna be great.
See you guys later. At 7.

Hey, Cindy,
help me put away the groceries.


I just love Disneyland and Marineland.

- Aw. Honey, you look great. You going out?
- Yeah, a little later.

- You gonna need the car?
- No.

- Danielle and Ellie are gonna pick me up.
- Okay.

Where are you going?
You just got finished eating.

Oh, but, Mom, that was 20 minutes ago.

Yeah, Mom.
Weren't you ever a growing boy?

- Where are you going with that?
- I wanna watch the playoffs.

- House rules, Michael.
- Come on, Mom, it's the playoffs.

- Playoffs.
- Thanks, Mom.

- I'm all heart.
- Ha-ha-ha.

- Watch it.
- Unh.

I'm sorry, Eric.

I really am sorry.

Oh, Michael.

It's okay, Mom. He said he's sorry.
Besides, I might get hungry later.

- Take it off.
- Oh, it's not that bad.

No, you can't wear it.

Besides, I just got your windbreaker back
from the cleaners.

- You going out with Jill, pal?
- Uh, no, Cindy.

- Cindy?
- Yeah. She's Ginger's other sister.

- I didn't know she had another sister.
- Yes.

- Look, I'm really sorry, Eric.
- No problem.

- Uh, Michael.
- But, Mom.

Don't press your luck, son.

Get me a damp rag.

- It's about two sizes too small.
- It's fine, Mom.

- He's a growing boy.
- Well, see you later.

- Have a good time, pal.
- Good night, Eric.

Oops. I'll do that. I'll do that.

Thank you.

Oh, dear.

Why do we have to go
the whole weekend?

Because that's the only chance
we get to spend with Daddy, right, Mom?

Well, every other weekend, yeah.

Why? Don't you kids have a good time?


Yeah, but I don't get to see
any other kids.

- Brian, do you wanna take this book?
- No, it's too long...

and Daddy reads too slowly.

I'll get it.

- Hi.
- Hi, sweetheart. How are you?

Good to see you. Hi, champ.

- Hi, Jeff.
- Hi, Abby.

Sorry to keep you from your date.

You're not keeping me.
It's not even 8:00 yet.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Your dates would be
kind of late these days, wouldn't they?

Well, everything's here.

Got lots of warm things?
I mean, coats, sweaters, socks?

It's been pretty warm lately.

- It may get cold in the evenings.
- I'll get them, Mom.

- Bring lots of things, Olivia.
- Okay.

Lots of things?
What weather forecast did you hear?

Doesn't hurt to play it safe.

I could always buy them some more.

Why be so extravagant?

There's no such thing as extravagance
where my kids are concerned.


- What have we got there, champ, huh?
- Here they are.

Oh, good.

Here, give me them.
Come on, I'll put them right here.

Here you go.

Here's a couple of jackets.



- When are you bringing them back?
- Oh, Sunday evening.

Quite late, probably.

Well, not too late.
They've got school Monday morning.

Don't worry.
I keep their interests in mind.

- Give Mama a goodbye kiss, huh?
- Okay.

Goodbye, sweetie. Bye, baby.

Hey, come on,
you can do better than that.

Give your mother
a real goodbye kiss, huh?

Bye, sweetie.

- Goodbye, baby.
- Bye.

Let's go.

Bye, Mom.



Nothing. Have a nice weekend.

- You know?
- We should still work on that.

Just because he likes you
doesn't make him a goon and a nerd.

I didn't say
it was just because he likes me.

She said he happens to like her and he
also happens to be a goon and a nerd.

I understand perfectly. SID:
He's a good and a nerd with good taste.


One more dance,
then we'll get to the other entertainment.

- Right.
- All right.

You got the goods?

All right.

Mom, that wasn't fair,
snooping through Eric's pockets.

I wasn't. I go through pockets
before I send things to the cleaners.

The issue is not who went through whose
pockets, the issue is this thing here.

- Joint, Daddy.
- Thank you, very much.

Where's the party?

I don't know.

How can we find out?

It's at a friend of Ginger's sister.

- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna call Kenny and Ginger.


To bring Eric home.

- Daddy, no.
- Cool it, Diana.

- But, Mom.
- Take it easy.

No answer.

Why are you so calm?

Don't you think this is serious?

Of course it is.

Then how the hell can you be so calm?

And I'm going to visit my grandmother
in a suitcase.

Visit your grandmother in a suitcase?

Okay. And I'm taking an armadillo
and a boring baby...

and a case of cookies.

- A case of cookies?
- Yeah.

And a happy, hungry, hysterical,

- high hippopotamus with horns.
- Hey, Eric.

- Got the goods?
- Oh, all right, sure.

I got an edible elephant...

What'd you do, Eric,
treat yourself to one?

See, I told you he wasn't as straight
as he seems.

Hey, I didn't smoke it.

- I must...
- Eric.

I'm in a lot of trouble.

Hey, come on, you guys.
You're breaking our concentration.

Come on.

- So what?
- I was wearing a different jacket.

But my brother spilled something on it,
so I changed.

- But I thought I had all three.
- Where's the other joint?

- Still in the other jacket?
- Well, it has to be.

It's in my living room.
I've gotta get home.

What are you gonna do, walk in,
say you forgot something...

grab the joint and split?
You can't do that.

Nobody's gonna go searching
through your pockets. It'll be okay.

Then you'll have one for yourself.

- Hey, what's going on here?
- Not much.

You're not planning on doing those

- No.
- Then let's get started.

Don't worry about it.

Come on, before Luke polishes that thing
off himself.

Its okay. Here.

You take this one, huh?

- I don't know.
- You don't have to try it out...

until we get it tested.

Hey, save some for the source.

- Hey, would we start without you?
- Thanks.

Ladies first, right?


Still not home.

Well, they're probably out
for the evening.

Even if Kenny and Ginger knew
where the party was, what would you do?

Get Eric home.

Dad, you can't do that.
It'll embarrass him.

Eric's pride is the last thing
I'm worried about.

You know, you make it sound so freaky.

Everybody does it.


Have you tried that stuff?

Yes, I've tried it.

And I don't like it, but lots of
kids do, and they handle it fine.

How do you know that? Have you tested
them in your laboratory, doctor?

Marijuana's not addictive
like cigarette smoking or drinking.

You don't even know that, either.

Does it come with a list of ingredients
on the label?

You don't know what junk
you put in your body.

- Or doing to your head.
- Gary.

No, I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Well, I... Look, all I can tell you is
what happened to me.

No, listen, I think that this is
really more of a family time...

and maybe we ought to just...

you know, go on home.

- Sid, if you need me for anything...
- Thanks, yeah.

Well. Huh.

- I'll talk to you tomorrow.
- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- I wish Ellie would get here.
- I don't. I'd like to clear the air around here.

This isn't Diana's problem, Sid.

- You just heard her say that she tried pot.
- She didn't like it. Let's count our blessings.

- Why? Because she didn't happen to like it?
- Yes.

Daddy, it's not that big a deal.

It's a very big deal. The more I read
about the stuff, the worse it comes off.

It slows the reflexes,
dulls the intellect...

What is Michael doing right now?

- Michael?
- He's upstairs watching television.

That's right. And it takes 11 joints
to equal the brain damage...

caused by three hours of watching TV.

Where in the world
did you get that statistic?

I made it up. But I'm sure it's true.

Listen, can you guys go easy on Eric,

- Diana.
- Uh, Sid, just let her go.

This isn't about her.

I'm just going out to get some pizza.

- Come back early.
- Goodbye, Daddy.

Goodbye, Diana.

Look at the music.

I've never seen it like that before.

Did you hear that?

- What?
- The potato chip.

It screamed. Ha-ha-ha.

That's the ocean outside.

Is that what that is?

Some ocean.

I feel hot.




No, I don't mind at all, really.
Just stay there and wait for the tow truck.

And I'll come by to get you in about...

10, 15 minutes. Okay?

All right.


Hello, this is Jeff.
I'm not at home now...

but leave your name,
number and the time of your call...

I'll try to get back to you
as soon as possible.

Wait for the beep, please.

Sid, let's not put the cart before the
horse. We don't even know what happened.

It's not as if we haven't taught the kids
moderation. We have.

You and I drink sometimes
and we know when to stop.

How do you know moderation
with that? The kids sure don't.

- I agree with you...
- When I was a kid...

we were taught that marijuana
led to drug addiction.

Then the pendulum swung
the opposite direction.

Everybody called it harmless.
Now they're coming up with new studies.

They're showing possible chromosome
damage, psychological problems.

With prolonged use.
I don't think Eric is into it.

- We don't know that.
- Well, we don't know that he is.

Besides, it is against the law. You wanna
let him go out and break the law?

When you and I met in the '60s,
I was out on freedom marches, on sit-ins.

- That's different.
- No, it is not.

Yes, it is. Because you were taking a stand
on principle. You were willing to go to jail.

This is a new generation.

- You can't impose your values on them.
- Fine.

When he reaches the age of legal responsibility
and is taking care of his life...

then he can go out and carry marijuana
banners in the street if he wants to.

He can light up, he can shoot up, he
can blow cocaine in the president's face.

But as long as I'm responsible
for his life...

I'll see that he's sent out
into his adulthood...

with his mind and body
reasonably intact.

If I have to tie him down
and sit on his chest to do it.

I'm hot.

Cindy, come on, you're okay.

What's with her?

- Bad trip.
- Bad stuff.


Cindy and I shared.

- What'd you do to it?
- Nothing.

- What'd you do to it?
- Just a little...

Just a little what?

- What's happening? What'd he put on it?
- Get off me.

Hey, get off him, man.

Angel dust.
You sprinkled the joint with angel dust.

I'm burning up.

- Hey, what should I do?
- That's gonna happen to me.

No, take it easy.
If it hasn't happened yet, it won't.

- Jamie, Carol, call my parents.
- No parents. We'll get in trouble.

Call my parents. I'm gonna go
after her. - Parents mean cops.

- It's a bad one, man.
- No parents.

- No.
- Call!

Okay. Okay.

Hello? Mrs. Fairgate?

Let's get out of here.

This is Carol.

Um, there's been some trouble.

Oh, my God. We'll be right there.

It's not Eric. It's Cindy.

She ran off somewhere,
Eric ran after her.

- What happened?
- I don't know.

- Come on, let's get going.
- Well, I'll get my things.

- Hey, you two, where are you going?
- You'd better come along.

- Where? Why? What's wrong?
- I'm not sure, but it's the kids.

- Cindy?
- Yeah, Eric too. Come on, get in.

I'll explain as we go, huh?

Cindy. Stop. Wait for me.

Cindy. Cindy. Cindy. You're okay.

- I'm hot. I'm burning up.
- No, you're not. It's the stuff you smoked.

Okay, Cindy. Okay.
Now, everything is all right.

We'll go now
and everything will be okay.

I'm hot. I'm hot.

Cindy. Cindy, no!

Cindy, come back.

Cindy, wait!

Cindy. Cindy.

Cindy, I can't see you.

What did they take?

I'm not sure.

Was it angel dust?

Come on, tell me. Was it angel dust?
Was it PCP?


- What about Eric?
- No.

He wasn't stoned or anything.

Cindy and me, we shared the bad joint.

- You don't know where they went?
- She ran out on the beach.

Eric ran after her.

- Which way did they go?
- Down, I think.

I don't think Ginger's up to this.

What do you mean, I'm not up to it?
That's my sister out there.

Over here.

Oh, my God.

I'll go get an ambulance.

Dr. Rubinski, office.

Dr. Rubinski, call your office.

- Son.
- She's dead.

- I know she is.
- Hey, you don't know that.

- We don't know anything yet.
- I know. I can feel it.

Well, let's wait and see
what the doctor says, okay?

- What's the matter, honey?
- It's cold.

- Could you get Eric another hot chocolate?
- I don't want another one.

- You can't drink it cold.
- Karen, he said he doesn't want it.

- Is she dead?
- No, but...

- She's all right?
- No, but she's...

- What's the matter with her?
- Let the doctor say what he has to say.

- She's comatose.
- Oh, God.

What's that mean?

It means she's in a coma.

Her breathing stopped. You restored it,
but her brain hasn't started working again.

- What are you doing about that?
- There isn't much we can do...

except to watch her and wait
and help if she shows signs of activity.

You seem a lot better.

Oh, I'm fine. What happens now?

We wait.

Not you. You gotta get home
and get to bed.

Look, all of you should go.

We can't tell how long this will take.

How long can she stay in a coma
before it does permanent damage?

We've got plenty of time
before we start worrying about that.

Please, we'll call you
if there's any change.

- I'm staying.
- Honey, do you think you should?

There's nothing wrong with me.
I'm just pregnant.

And that's my sister in there.

We're gonna stick around.

I think he's beyond shock now.

Keep him warm. If he's still
jittery, give him one of these.

What about the girl?

I can't say.

I don't know what we're looking at
in there.

A coma induced by near-drowning.

A coma induced by drugs.

Maybe a little of both.

But, look, whatever chance she's got,
she's got because of your son.

And that's a better chance
than no chance at all.

Rough, isn't it?

You did what you could.

You were in a jam...

and you did your best.

- Bravely.
- She could die.


But she has a good chance of living too.

If it weren't for you,
she wouldn't have any chance at all.

She'd already be dead.


I don't even remember pulling her out.

I don't even remember going in for her.

That's not bravery.

Yes, it is.

I'm okay, Mom.

I wish...

Aren't you gonna speak to Eric
about this at all?

There's plenty of time for that.

You're so angry you could smack him.

I'm not gonna hit him.

Well, not talking to him,
not looking at him, that's worse.

Is it? Good.

Why can't you admit
that your son saved a life tonight?

If Cindy dies, it's not gonna be
because Eric didn't try his best.

- I can't believe what's happening here.
- Happening? What do you mean?

I'm just facing facts, that's all.

The main fact,
which you refuse to face...

is that our son took those joints
to the party.

Well, I mean, yes, that's true.

That's absolutely true,
but he didn't lace it with angel dust.

But he contributed
to the whole tragic event.

You know how I feel?

I feel...

that you carry our kids around
in your own body.

And you do whatever you can
to take care of them.

You eat the right foods, you don't smoke,
you give up drinking...

and after they're born,
we take care of them as best we can.

And sometimes it gets pretty tough.

You know what I feel like,
sometimes it's like...

Like you're rowing your family
across rough and choppy waters...

and you're bailing like crazy,
just to keep them afloat.

And you turn around,
and one of your own kids...

is chopping a hole
in the bottom of the boat.

It's a betrayal.

I feel betrayed by my own son.

Hello, this is Jeff.
I'm not at home now...

but if leave your name,
number and the time of your call...

I'll try to get back to you
as soon as possible.

Wait for the beep, please.

Jeff, this is Abby.

Give me a call as soon as
possible, all right? Thanks.

It's about 11:00.


Hello? Mother Cunningham?
It's Abby.

No. No, of course.
All right. Mrs. Cunningham.

I was wondering if you knew
where Jeff was? I need to talk to him.

No, no, no, he has the children.

I just forgot to tell him something.

I'm not checking up on him.

I just want to tell him something.

I'd prefer to talk to him myself.

So if you see him this weekend,
ask him to give me a call, all right?

I really would just rather talk to him

It's not a matter of not trusting you.
It's just that...

Just never mind.

Thanks a lot.


Hi, darling.

- Did you go to the hospital?
- Yeah.

- And?
- Well, nothing new.

You know, just waiting.

- Ginger's mama was there.
- Uh-huh?

How's Eric doing?

Oh, he's dazed, confused, guilty.

Sid isn't helping. He's really angry.

Well, darling, it'll pass.

Sid is usually such a softy.

I've never seen him so furious.

He won't stay angry, you know that.

I mean, he just can't.



I'm scared.

I don't think things are ever gonna be
the same between Eric and Sid again.

Darling, I can't imagine that.

You didn't see him.

I've never seen him like that before.



Can I come in?


Can you believe the way Mom and Dad
are carrying on about this?

I mean, I think you should have the right
to decide about this stuff for yourself.

The way they're carrying on,
you can't even talk to them about it.

Any word from the hospital?


Eric, it's gonna be okay.

Well, how do you know?

I mean, don't you see? Nobody knows.

Nobody knows
what's gonna happen to her.

Well, why don't you tell them
it's not your grass?

What difference would it make?

You're not a dope pusher,
handing out drugs to kids in playgrounds.

I mean, you were just holding that stuff
for Jamie.

Well, then they'd blame Jamie.

You've gotta make them understand.

Eric, you don't even use drugs.

- So what?
- So stick up for yourself.

Why should I?
Is it gonna change anything?

- No, but...
- Then what's the point?

It happened. Okay?

I can't act like it didn't happen,
because it did.

You weren't there.
You don't know what it feels like.

But you're taking all the blame for
something that has nothing to do with you.

- Just because Daddy thinks that...
- I know what he thinks.

You don't have to tell me.

Eric, he's not gonna stay mad at you

Well, you said it yourself.

He thinks that everything that happened
to Cindy is my fault.

Deep down inside,
he doesn't really blame you.

What have you been talking
about this whole time, then?

You know that he blames me.

- But...
- Diana...

the way he looks at me...

He wouldn't be so angry with you
if he didn't love you so much.

I know he loves me.

If I didn't know it,
it wouldn't hurt so much.


- Oh, hi, Abby.
- Um...

Richard, I need some legal advice.


- I'll leave you two alone, okay?
- No.

Laura, please stay.

Richard, this is probably gonna sound
kind of silly...

and I don't even know
if there's anything to it yet...

but I think that Jeff stole my kids.


I just have this terrible, nagging feeling
and I have no way of finding out for sure.

Did he take them for the weekend?

Yeah, he came by last night
and got them...

and he said a couple of things, he...

Well, his whole attitude.

He made them kiss me goodbye
like they were never gonna see me again.

- Did you call him?
- Yeah, this morning. There was no answer.

I left a message on his machine, and his
mother doesn't even know where he is.

- When's he supposed to bring them home?
- Tomorrow night. I just don't...

- I don't know if I can wait that long.
- Well, what else can you do?


would you let me handle this?

What else can you do?

I mean, does he ever take them sailing
or skiing or anything like that?


Of course, there's no reason
why he couldn't have this time. But I...

Oh, I don't know.
It's just... It was his attitude.

Well, there's nothing you can do
until he fails to bring them home.

Which he won't. Fail to, I mean.

I can understand you being paranoid.
The whole business with the custody suit...

but there's really nothing else to do.
I'm sorry.




I'll get it.

Oh. Hello, Mrs. Kilman.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

Sid, you know Mrs. Kilman...

- from San Francisco? Ginger's mom?
- Good evening.

- Jana, please.
- Jana.

Jana. Um...

Come on in and sit down.

Were you at the hospital?
Is there any change?

I was there.

Cindy's holding on,
but she's still as she was, in a coma.

Can I make you a drink?

A glass of wine would be nice.

- Sherry?
- Thank you.


Yeah, I'll have some.

She doesn't look odd at all.


She's got good skin color.

Her face even moves a little.

Nice skin tone.

She always had good color.

Well, she's a very pretty girl.

Cindy's the smart one of the three
and Jill's a beauty.

They're all very attractive.

Where is your boy? Is he here?

Oh, yes.

Eric has been in bed all day.

He said he's gonna shower and get dressed.
He'll be down any minute.

I'd like to meet him.

I hear he saved Cindy's life.

If she lives...

he'll be the man of the hour.

Well, I don't think
Eric wants to be a hero.

Eric, this is Mrs. Kilman.

Hello, Mrs. Kilman.

We were just saying that if Cindy
gets better, you'll be the man of the hour.

I only want her to get well.

I know you do.

Because if she dies,
you won't be the man of the hour, will you?

What will you be?

I don't know.

Eric, why don't you get yourself
something to eat?

Oh, yes, Eric.
Don't feel you have to entertain me.

Handsome boy.

What will he be if she dies, I wonder.

Eric, you're the one who brought the things
to the party, didn't you?

The marijuana cigarettes?

But it wasn't the marijuana.

Somebody put PCP
in one of the cigarettes.

So Eric had nothing at all to do with it?

He admits his part in it.

It doesn't matter, though.

I mean, what difference does it make
who brought what and who sprinkled what?

Kids will be kids.

This is a pretty room.

Nice home.

My husband died a long time ago.

Ginger was still in school.

Cindy and Jill were babies, almost.

Ginger got married.

And now she's having a baby
of her own.

Ginger and I didn't always get on
so well.

Neither did Jill and I.

But Cindy and I are more alike.

So we understand each other better.

She's a sharp girl.

- Don't you think so?
- Yes, ma'am.

He thinks so.

If she lives, you'll be the
man of the hour, a knight.

A hero who saved the maiden.

If she dies...

you'll be her killer.

Either way,
you'll be the man of the hour.

Please, Mrs. Kilman...

I wish it had been you.

- You deserved it.
- Now, wait a minute.

Not her.



- She's right.
- No, she's not right.

Yes, she is.

But I'm okay.

I know what I am and I'm okay.

- Does it help?
- What?


Does it help blow off steam?


Did you hear anything yet?

I just talked to Kenny.
There's no change.



- what Mrs. Kilman said...
- I don't wanna talk about it.

I think we should.

Mom, please.

I don't wanna talk about it.

- Eric.
- Mom, leave me alone.

Whatever happened to
"let the punishment fit the crime"?


You've been proselytizing so much,
but I haven't heard that from you.


Don't patronize me, Sid.

Our son is suffering.

He needs us to help him through this
and we're not there for him.

This is a crisis...

something that could scar him
for the rest of his life.

And his life matters to us.

I tried to tell him that just now,
but he didn't wanna hear it from me.

He needs to hear it from you, you're
the one who passed judgment on him.

Well, enough's enough.

To hell with the law.

To hell with moral responsibility.

To hell with your simple, simple view
of right and wrong.

To hell with everything except
what's going on inside that young boy.

Our son.

Tell him.



What's the matter with you?

- You're going too far. I don't understand.
- Too far?

That little girl has been in a coma
for 36 hours now.

And for 36 hours,
your son has been suffering.

Is that so bad?

When you take part in a tragedy,
shouldn't you suffer for it?

Isn't that the way we learn
from our mistakes? By suffering for them?

Well, where do you draw the line?

What if she dies?

What if she stays in a coma?

Then I'll stand beside him...

and I'll help him in anyway I can.

No matter what happens,
I'll let him know that I love him.

But what about now?

He needs us now.

For now, just let him feel what he feels
and let me feel what I feel.

Let me be angry and let him feel guilty.

I'm thirsty.



Oh, hi, Kenny.

What? She is?

Oh, that's wonderful. That's terrific.
That's the best news.

No, don't be silly.

Come over first. Tell us all about it.


Love to Ginger, love to Cindy.

Goodbye. Okay.

She's out of the coma.

- Thank God.
- They have to run some tests...

but it looks good.

Oh, Sid.

We have to tell Eric.

You tell him.

- Hi.
- Oh, hello.

We had a great time.

- I was bored.
- Oh. Well, where were you?

- In the mountains.
- Big Bear.

Well, I was worried.

- Why?
- I tried to call, and I didn't get any answer...

Wait a minute. Why were you worried?
I could've taken them anywhere.

Next time you ought to let me know
your plans.

Good. I'll let you know our plans
when you let me know yours.

So why'd you call?

It wasn't important.

What's the matter, Abby?
Afraid I'll steal them?


Good night, Jeff.

Bye, kids.

Bye, Daddy.

Be real easy, wouldn't it?

Good night, Jeff.

Good night.

I got two fives in here.

- Oh, no.
- Is that good?

- No, you gotta shake it.
- One, two, three, four...

- five, six, seven.
- I'll get it.

- Okay.
- Oh.


- Oh, hi, Kenny.
- Hi.

- Hey.
- Mwah.


- Hey, Eric.
- How is she?

Physically, she's a hundred percent.

In other ways, you know, it'll take time.

Listen, my mother-in-law told me
about last night...

- and she wanted me to tell you...
- I had it coming.

That's not what she told me. Cindy told us
that Jamie gave you the grass to hide...

and that it really wasn't your fault at all.
So I guess Eric's a hero, after all, huh?

No, he isn't.

Eric didn't become a hero that night.

He became a mature human being,
which is a lot more rare...

because he took the responsibility.

You know, I think maybe I'm too tolerant

I like to see all sides of things.

Yeah, my mother-in-law
goes the other way and that's worse.

She's got rules and regulations
and those rules become a prison.

That's why Jill and Cindy
wanna come and visit us...

because they have to escape.
They've gotta get freedom.

I guess they just get so tied up
that when they do break away...

it gets out of hand.

- There's gotta be a balance somewhere.
- There is.

We have it right here.

- You hungry?
- Yeah.

- Me? Yeah, I'm starving.
- Yeah.

Okay. Let's go into the kitchen.